Jagdeo and the PPP Mafia Sold-out Guyana’s Security Apparatus To Criminals

By Richard Millington, Research Assistant – George Washington University Law School


Outgoing President, Bharrat Jagdeo

Details are emerging about the contempt US government officials developed for Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo. Apart from his obvious criminal associations, officials were incensed by Jagdeo’s People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government’s 2006 audacious attempt to use US law enforcement to emasculate the role of then Police Commissioner, Winston Felix. “They aggressively employed draconian measures to undermine Mr. Felix to protect their criminal axis and sought our assistance to enable that subversion,” a US diplomat contends.

Jagdeo’s alleged criminal associations are so far-reaching and alarming that it motivated a senior official of the Colin Powell State Department (DOS) to regard him as a “Mafia” Head of State. Then US Ambassador to Guyana, Ronald Bullen, in a 2006 cable to DOS stated that Guyana was believed to be “a narco-state” and that “If Guyana is a narco-state, then Khan is its leader” – An indication that Jagdeo was compromised and had surrendered governance of the country to Khan’s criminal enterprise.

Felix drew the ire of Jagdeo over his aggressive pursuit of drug lords connected to Jagdeo’s ruling PPP, including now convicted criminal and accused murderer Roger Khan. Currently serving a 15 year sentence in the US for exporting and distributing narcotics in the US, Khan was Jagdeo’s ally and financier of the PPP. The Guyanese President has condemned his arrested in Surinam and extradited to the US, via Trinidad and Tobago, as “another US “rendition.”

Guyana’s former no-nonsense Police Commissioner Winston Felix

Jagdeo has offered facile denials of any association with Khan, which strain credulity. There is at least one tape, reportedly in the possession of US officials, which purportedly shows him meeting Khan. Moreover, a Guyanese businessman informed US officials that on one occasion when he had an appointment with Jagdeo at Guyana’s Presidential Complex, he was made to wait for hours. He added that he was flabbergasted and got a stomach ache when he saw Jagdeo emerged from his office with Roger Khan. The sight of the President meeting with the country’s most notorious criminal incensed him and forced him to relocate from Guyana.

Around 1999, Khan, at the urging of some members of Jagdeo’s regime, form a gang nicked-named the “phantom death squad.” The phantom gang unleashed a reign of terror on the Guyanese nation. It received governmental support through Jagdeo’s then Minister of national security Ronald Gajraj. Telephone records show Gajraj was in constant communication with gang leaders before and after major murders and executions. It was later discovered that Gajraj was the co-leader of the gang.

The phantom gang committed over four hundred murders for hire and executions of mostly young African Guyanese men. It is also responsible for hundreds of kidnappings, including that of a US diplomat. The gang also assassinated then PPP Agriculture Minister Sash Shaw as well as anti-PPP journalist Ronald Weddell. Shaw was locked in a bitter skirmish with Khan when he was killed. Waddell, a television talk show host, believed Jagdeo governed by ethnic supremacy and was unrelentingly critical of the PPP’s association with Khan. Jagdeo had also accused him of forming an alliance with Buxtonans who were resistant to the PPP government.

The melee between Khan and Shaw stemmed from Shaw’s abrupt cancellation of a land deal that was signed between Khan and corrupt PPP appointees on the Forestry Commission, which fell within Shaw’s ministerial portfolio.  The deal awarded a large concession of lands to a company owned by Roger Khan, much to the chagrin of the US government. The US had harshly condemned the deal in its international Narcotics Control Strategy Report.

Phantom gang murder victim former Agriculture Minister Sash Shaw

A Canadian citizen, Shaw was himself no stranger to crime; having been convicted of passport fraud in Canada in the 1980s. He, his security guard and two siblings were slaughtered when heavily armed members of Khan’s gang invaded his La Bonne Intention home during a family dinner and opened fire with machine guns. President Jagdeo rejected an offer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to assist the Guyana Police with the investigation. Shaw’s family has accused Jagdeo of complicity in his killing. Some members have defected to the opposition Alliance For Change party while his wife has reportedly been rewarded with a diplomatic posting ostensibly to quell further family demands for a commission of enquiry.

Ronald Waddell was gunned down as he left his home in suburban Georgetown on January 30, 2006. During Khan’s trial in a New York federal court, Selwyn Vaughn – a former associate of Khan turned DEA and FBI informant, testified under oath that Roger Khan ordered Waddell’s execution. Vaughn testified that Khan sent him to be the lookout man to see when Waddell arrived home, where he kept surveillance. He said he observed Waddell arrive home, leave his car idling in the driveway and go into his residence. He called and informed Khan that Waddell had arrived home.

According to the witness, shortly after his call to Khan, he saw four other named phantom gang members, all former Guyana Police officers, arrive in a Burgundy Toyota car, license number AT 192. He said all four gang members were armed with automatic weapons and opened fire on Waddell as he reentered his vehicle. He testified that after the shooting he and the four murderers rejoined Khan at his Blue Iguana nightclub.

According to Vaughn, Khan, while in their presence, telephoned Guyana’s Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy and

Ronald Waddell

informed him that Waddell had been shot and had been taken to the government-owned Public Hospital Georgetown (PHG). Khan then instructed Ramsammy to order emergency room doctors at the hospital to let Waddell die. No one was ever arrested for Waddell’s murder.

It was also established in court that Ramsammy had, on behalf of the Guyana government, written a Florida company – “The Spy Shop” advising that the government of Guyana had granted approval for Khan to purchase and high-tech surveillance equipment for importation to Guyana. Khan imported the equipment which he used to intercept his targets’ cell phone calls and to track their location before executing them.

In March 2006, then Police Commissioner Winston Felix, and Army Chief of Staff Edward Collins, directed a joint services operation which targeted Khan. The Operation comprised officers from the criminal investigations division and tactical services unit (a SWAT team) of the Police Force. They were supported by members of the Defense Force intelligence unit. Several of Khan’s business establishments were raided, including the “Blue Iguana,” from which millions of dollars, believed to be drug proceeds, were recovered.

Khan eventually escaped as he had by that time infiltrated the Police Force and was tipped off. It is believed that Henry Green, Felix’s deputy at the time and current Police Commissioner enjoyed a friendship with Khan.  The US subsequently abruptly revoked Green’s US visa, ostensibly because of his criminal associations with drug lords.

Former Guyanese army Chief of Staff Edward Collins

The operation against Khan was conducted without the knowledge of President Jagdeo and national security minister, Gail Teixeira, “for fear it would have been compromised,” a confidential Police source told CAF Blog.  The source said that law enforcement officials had information that Khan had a personal relationship with Jagdeo. Following the raid Khan threatened to “bring down” Jagdeo and his government if they didn’t get Felix “off his back.” The source said that Khan then instructed Jagdeo to get rid of Felix.”

Within days of the operation, Khan, who had gone into hiding, published a fullpage ad in the Stabroek newspaper boasting of being head of the “phantom gang” and claimed he was “working in close association with the Jagdeo government to “fight crime.” Khan also announced that he had bugged Commissioner Felix’s telephone presumably using the surveillance computers which he had imported, and would release a recording with Felix.  In a move that suggested that he was in collaboration with the criminal to dismantle the country’s security infrastructure and defeat Felix, Jagdeo, as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, ordered Army Chief of Staff Edward Collins to disband the military intelligence unit.

The criminal enterprise of Guyana was now out to get Felix. The following day, Khan, seemingly working in partnership with Jagdeo and his government, released a CD containing an alleged recording of a conversation between Felix and opposition PNCR Member of parliament and Attorney at law Basil Williams. The alleged conversation was doctored to give the impression that Felix was suggesting that a woman who was connected to Guyana’s opposition leader and who had allegedly committed grand larceny could be planted with drugs at the airport as she attempted to leave Guyana. Both Williams and Felix immediately challenged the source and authenticity of the recording and dismissed it as being bogus.

It was here that President Jagdeo tipped his hand. Instead of condemning the bugging of the Police Commissioner’s

Roger Khan under arrest in Suriname

telephone as a dastardly breach of national security and ordering an investigation, Jagdeo publicly backed the criminal, claiming that if the voice was indeed that of Felix, then Felix had committed a crime.

Jagdeo’s comments outraged Felix, who questioned whether persons in the government were complicit with the wiretap of his telephone. Felix’s reported comments led to a confrontational meeting with Jagdeo on March 21, 2006. The President purportedly demanded that Felix retract statements implying Government of Guyana’s complicity with the wiretap and suggested he take an early retirement, but the Commissioner, also an Attorney, flatly refused.

Disgraced former National Security Minister Ronald Gajraj

As the sordid episode unfolded, then national security minister, Gail Teixeira, who had just inherited the portfolio from her disgraced predecessor Ronald Gajraj, tried desperately to salvage her government’s criminal image by ingratiating herself to western diplomats, specifically to win the confidence of the American, British and Canadian governments – referred to as the ABC countries. She attained measured success by keeping them apprised of modest crime fighting efforts and by leaking details of internal PPP wrangling to then Charge D’Affaires of the US Embassy, Michael Thomas.

Thomas dispatched several cables to the US State Department detailing his conversations with Teixeira. One stated that Teixeira seemed to be fighting a “lonely, uphill battle in the government against fraud and corruption,” and hinted of Teixeira’s vain confirmation of a disturbingly convenient marriage of interests between Jagdeo and Khan.   Another said that at a meeting with ABC Ambassadors on March 20, 2006 she agreed that the government must give consideration to the dubious origins of the Felix recording and likelihood that it had been doctored..

Leaked  US government cables indicate that Teixeira complained to the diplomats that if Felix were to be removed his apparent successor would have been next in line and current Commissioner Henry Green, who would be bad for the country because, as they has previously discussed, Green was corrupt and had allegedly been benefiting financially from Roger Khan. Teixeira, Thomas said, then asked the Ambassadors to leak this information to the press, as well as the fact that it was Khan who had bugged Felix’s phone.

A State Department source said that Teixeira, acting on the direction of President Bharrat Jagdeo, requested the assistance of the United States government, through the FBI, to determine if the “voice in the Khan recording was that of Police Commissioner Winston Felix.” The source added that Teixeira provided a CD with the alleged recording and another recording with a speech Felix had delivered to his officers for FBI analysis.

Guyana’s incumbent Police Commissioner Henry Green who US visa has been revoked for alleged criminal associations with

The FBI summarily rejected the government of Guyana (GoG) request for a voice analysis, indicating that neither of the two tape recordings provided were original copies and thus, their authenticity was dubious. A US official pointed out that even if the tapes were original copies, the FBI would not have proceded with the analysis because they were fully aware that “President Jagdeo was attempting to use the US to legitimize his attempts to implicate the Police Commissioner who was attempting to bring down one of Jagdeo’s alleged criminal associates.”

By the time GoG request got to the FBI, it had already come under a barrage of withering attacks from Rickford Burke, the influential President of the New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID). Burke dispatched a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, through New York Governor George Pataki, detailing Jagdeo’s alleged criminal association with Khan and called on the Bush administration to distance itself from Jagdeo who he claimed was harboring Khan – a fugitive from US law. At the time, the CGID was leading an international campaign against Jagdeo’s government for its false imprisonment of journalist Mark Benschop on fabricated treason charges, and to expose Jagdeo’s apparent complicity with the Guyana’s violent criminal enterprise.

Burke told CAF Blog that in 2005 he and New York State Senator, John Sampson, led a CGID delegation to the State Department to discuss the situation in Guyana, including Jagdeo and Gajraj’s criminal associations.  He said that the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Caribbean affairs in the Western Hemisphere Division advised the delegation that the US government had severed all communication with Gajraj and was engaging Felix directly on law enforcement and national security matters. He said that they were assured that security assistance and cooperation with GoG had been pulled from the Ministry of National Security and channeled directly to the Police Force.

Pressure from CGID and the political opposition in Guyana forced the US government to issue a statement on April 12,

CGID’s 2005 delegation at the US State Department

2005, condemning Gajraj’s reappointment following the release of the findings of an inquiry into extra-judicial killings. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher said in the statement that “the United States is concerned by the Government of Guyana’s decision to reinstate former Home Minister Ronald Gajraj…. A Guyanese commission of inquiry looking into his links to the so-called ‘phantom death squad‘ has found serious procedural irregularities in his official conduct related to his involvement with individuals who allegedly carried out extra-judicial killings…. We believe significant questions remain unanswered regarding his involvement in serious criminal activities…”   The US position forced Gajraj to resign but Jagdeo immediately appointed him as ambassador to India and whisked him out of Guyana under cover of diplomatic immunity.  Jagdeo then appointed Teixeira to replace him.

Teixeira, who had previously served as Health as well as Youth and Culture Minister, was reassigned to the National Security ministry by Jagdeo under the guise that she would clean-up Gajraj’s mess. She had the rug pulled from under her as it became obvious that she was intellectually moribund and out of her depth. Ultimately she was removed from the cabinet and made a presidential advisor on governance.

Referring to Teixeira’s recent comments that Felix had dropped the ball on crime because he was obsessed with Roger Khan, Burke said those comments reflected her pedestrian thinking and a stunning inability to grasp the facts and causations of the crime spree. “It was Roger Khan and his gang that committed 90% of the crimes, so who else should the police have been targeting, if not the rats in the sewage system?” Burke questioned.

“It is obvious that this woman lacked the intellectual heft to manage the country’s national security portfolio. Her demotion to a so-called presidential advisor position was justifiable and in the best interest of the country,” Burke said. He observed that her most useful purpose during her tenure was that of a gossip mill for western diplomats who gleaned from her a clear insight into PPP corruption and complicity with criminals.

Guyana’s former National Security Minister Gail Texeira

In May of 2010 Teixeira blatantly lied to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. Responding to a question from Canadian Ambassador Jeffrey Heaton on a fifteen year-old school, Twyon Thomas, whose genitals had been burnt by Guyana Police while they tortured him, Teixeira told the council that the government had compensated the child and provided him with counseling and medical treatment, and had brought the perpetrators to justice – a blatant falsehood.

As the November 2011 elections approach, Guyanese are required to take stock of the myriad of abysmal failures of governance the PPP regime under Jagdeo. It must also consider the blatant associations with the criminal enterprise and the criminally influenced leadership Jagdeo, Gajraj, Green, Texeira and others; including the bungling intellectually challenged Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, whose US visa has also been revoked.

The total failure of the government in its responsibility to provide security to the Guyanese citizens is consistent with the mediocrity emanating from the minimal ethics and competence of the tragicomic and embarrassing triumvirate of Jagdeo, Teixeira and Rohee. Will the Guyanese people vote to dispatch the PPP mafia, who sold out the country’s security apparatus to criminals, to the halls of justice? The verdict comes on November 28!

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  1. This is very disturbing. It is clearly written from a position of bias but it is clearly mostly true. God help Guyana.

  2. There is no bias when the facts of a situation is recounted. I am positive that if the President of Guyana was black, and these things had been written about him, it would have been accepted without question. Somehow or the other, even among the descendants of the enslaved in the Caribbean island of Barbados, this Willie Lynch like predisposition to view experiences through he eyes of others rather than ourselves, still endure.

    Roger Khan escaped to Guyana from the US with a third strike warrant after his behind. With no money and no business and intellectual assets, he became the richest man in Guyana in a few short years. He was responsible for the greatest and most egregious campaign of lynchings of black men in the Americas in one hundred years. And somehow or the other, given the historical nexus between this act and the experience of the black man in the Americas, the response is that it is biased.

  3. ‘I apologise’

    -Health Minister sorry after verbally abusing rights activist



    Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsarn Monday verbally abused rights activist Sherlina Nageer and he was recorded during the encounter saying that he would slap her for the fun of it and have her stripped in a public place.

    Repeated efforts by Stabroek News to reach Ramsaran yesterday were futile but he later issued a statement in which he apologised for his comments during the confrontation, which took place outside the Whim Magistrate’s Court. “It was unfortunate that I was provoked into anger and uttered harsh words at her for which I now regret,” he said in a brief statement.

    In the recording, which was circulated yesterday on social media, Ramsaran can be heard calling Nageer a “piece of shit” and an “idiot” before asking her to get out of his face. She was at the time confronting him about the deaths of women and children in the health care system under his watch.

    Sherlina Nageer

    Sherlina Nageer

    Ramsaran had journeyed to Whim to support former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who was expected to attend the court to answer a private charge filed against him by attorney Christopher Ram.

    The confrontation occurred after the minister labelled Ram a “wife beater” while being interviewed by reporters.

    Nageer interjected and asked if Jagdeo did not have issues with his wife as well, at which point the minister asked who she was. Nageer also questioned why he was there when he was the Minister of Health and when women and children were dying under his watch.

    Telling Nageer to “get out of my face,” Ramsaran then defended the government’s track record, saying that there are less maternity deaths now.

    “We are going to win the elections and do better. Get the hell out my face,” the minister shouted but Nageer retorted that as the minister he has a responsibility to the people of Guyana.

    She also added that his being at Whim was a waste of taxpayers’ money, to which Minister Ramsaran is heard saying, “I am a candidate for the PPP. F-off!”

    He is later heard calling Nageer “a little piece of shit,” after which he called on a police officer to remove her as he claimed she was harassing him.

    After Nageer was led away from where the minister was, he was then overheard saying that he would slap her “for fun” and have her stripped.

    “I would slap her ass, you know, just for the, just for the fun, no, no, no just for the fun. No, I can have some of my women strip her here,” he said.

    At the time, there were more than 60 women among a group of about 100 protestors who had turned up at the court in support of Jagdeo and who were taunting Ram and his supporters.

    Speaking to Stabroek News yesterday, Nageer said that she was shocked at the manner in which the minister spoke to her because she has never been spoken to in such a way. After she observed the minister being interviewed, Nageer said she stood and listened and felt the need to interject when he called Ram an abuser.

    “I was taken aback. I really didn’t expect to be cursed. We can disagree but someone in public office, to do this… I am not in any party; I am just a private citizen who is interested in accountability…,” Nageer said.

    Bheri Ramsaran

    Bheri Ramsaran

    She recalled that last Monday she had stood in front of the Ministry of Health with relatives of two children who died in the public health care system under questionable circumstances and who wanted to meet with the minister for answers.

    “And now this Monday the Minister of Health is heckling people at Whim,” she pointed out, before adding that she was within her rights to confront him.

    “I was not threatening him. My hands were behind my back. I was not being abusive and I was engaging him in a public space,” she pointed out.

    “We have a right to bring issues up and to get cursed and called a piece of shit is horrifying. I was never spoken to like that in my life and coming from a minister is worse,” Nageer added.

    In his brief statement last evening, Ramsaran stated that during an interview with two journalists he was rudely interrupted by a woman, whom he said kept shouting and interrupting him throughout.

    “I shifted away on several occasions in an attempt to avoid her but she persisted in interrupting the interview,” he said, while adding that he was provoked into anger and uttered harsh words that he had since regretted.

    “I therefore wish to apologise for uttering those words,” he added.

    Ramsaran’s apology is not typical of the administration’s response to recent recordings of government officials making offensive statements.

    In one recording, President Donald Ramotar was heard calling an Aishalton teacher “stupid” during a public meeting in the Region Nine. Following the release of the recording, the Office of the President (OP) had stated that the contents of the recording would have to be authenticated.

    The recording had been released 27 days after John Adams alleged that he was slapped by a presidential guard after he heckled the president during a speech at the same event.

    In the recording, the president was heard bashing the opposition. There was a brief gap before he was heard saying, “You don’t know anything ’bout Jagdeo. If he been hey, he might have slap yuh cause yuh stupid.”

    Another recording the government had promised to authenticate was one involving Attorney-General Anil Nandlall, who was overheard speaking about his knowledge of criminal activity and his use of government funds for personal expenditure. Nandlall has not denied that it was his voice on the recording and had said that the conversation was a private one between himself and a longtime friend, Kaieteur News reporter Leonard Gildarie.

    There has been no word on the efforts to authenticate the two recordings.

    A transcript of the exchange between rights activist Sherlina Nageer and Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran on Monday outside of the Whim Magistrate’s Court

    Nageer: And Bharrat Jagdeo hasn’t had any issues with his wife?

    Ramsaran: And you my dear, who are you?

    Nageer: Minister Ramsaran, why are you here? Why are you here (inaudible) you’re not doing your job

    Ramsaran: I am here, I am here. Which job? I’m a candidate, I’m a candidate

    Nageer: You are the Minister of Health

    Ramsaran: Shut yuh mouth and get out my face, out of my

    Nageer: You are the minister, you have children dying

    Ramsaran: No, no no,

    Nageer: You have children dying under your watch

    Ramsaran: No, no, no, just please, please

    Nageer: Don’t touch me

    Ramsaran: I’m not touching you, I’m not entertaining, please, oh yes my dear

    Nageer: You have children dying under your watch, women and children dying under your watch

    Ramsaran: We have less maternity deaths now. You idiot, we have less maternity deaths now

    Nageer: What are you doing here? Wasting time

    Ramsaran: I’m a candidate leading these people. We are going to win the elections and do better. Get the hell out my face

    Nageer: You have a responsibility to the people of Guyana, ok, the health ok, of the people of Guyana, it’s your responsibility

    Ramsaran: Please, please I’m having a private discussion, please

    Nageer: This is a public road

    Ramsaran: No, no

    Nageer: This is a public road

    Ramsarran: Well I’m having a private discussion

    (something about recording by unknown person)

    Nageer: This is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars ok

    Ramsaran: I am a candidate for the PPP, F-off

    Nageer: My money is paying your salary

    Nageer: He just told me to F-off

    Ramsaran: Yes, yes I did

    Nageer: This is the quality of politicians, that is the quality of politicians ‘F-off, F-off’

    Ramsaran: Little piece of shit

    Nageer: I’m a little piece of shit?

    Ramsaran: Yes, yes

    Nageer: Well, you’re a bigger piece of shit

    Ramsaran: Idiot

    Nageer: If I’m a little piece of shit, you’re a bigger

    Ramsarran: Officer could you stop this woman harassing me

    Nageer: Oh I’m harassing you?

    Ramsaran: Ok, please

    Nageer: (inaudible) look where my hands are

    Reporter: How many persons were in the

    Ramsaran: Officer, I’m a candidate, I’m a candidate of the PPP and I’m here to support the activity legitimately ok, good

    Nageer: (inaudible) women dying under your watch

    Ramsaran: Less women and children dying than under the PNC

    Health Minister  Ramsaran:

    I would slap her ass you know, just for the, just for the fun, no, no, no just for the fun. No, I can have some of my women strip her here.

    Ramsaran’s description of Nageer as a “little piece of shit” and someone whom he considered slapping for fun and arranging for some of his women to strip as “unacceptable and an affront to women.”

    In the recording Nageer is heard repeatedly asking Ramsaran what he was doing outside the Whim Magistrates’ Court during the hearing of a private criminal charge against Former President Bharrat Jagdeo by government critic Christopher Ram. She suggested that he was wasting taxpayers’ money while women and babies were dying in hospital.

    Eventually, the Health Minister told her “F-off” and urged her to remove from in front of him.

    Harper said “This incident is not an isolated case; it is symptomatic of the way our society can still be at times despite the huge strides we have made in advancing the rights of women.

    It reinforces my own personal intention and commitment to championing the cause of the vulnerable in our society."

  4. Guyana with tremendous mineral resources,the formerly hailed breadbasket of the Caribbean now ruled by the descendants of enslaved Africans,indentured Portuguese and indentured lower caste East Indians.As is the case in Trinidad,corruption and crime abound however the lower caste uncultured East Indian such as Jagdeo,Nandlall,Ashni,Ramsaroop,Ramotar and others have brought the Guyanese people to a level of poverty,given its vast mineral resources,to a level of poverty unheard of in the Western world resulting in such depravity that those who have had connections with the Guiana we once knew can only pray that come May 12th a new government is sworn in to take the place of the thugs aforementioned.

  5. And if we are not careful, some day this too may be our fate. 70 men ‘laid” at BL&P,and more to follow and who is the chief spokesman, still with a job, and defending the Company’s retrenchment programme? Yea! No Bajan, not even a Canadian, but a Trini.

  6. Gajraj has tendered his resignation as Ambassador to India.I wish in the not too distant future that with the assistance of the USA,UK,and Canadian authorities that the new Guyana Government investigate all these glaring examples of crime,corruption and cronyism,and pursue the likes of Jagdeo and Gajraj and all their lackeys.For a start review all their pension entitlements and divide the spoils among the ctizens of Guyana with decent pensions,salaries,housing,public amenities,improved health care etc.Prison for these coolie bastards and some Afro lackeys like Kwame McCoy

  7. These kind of injustices need to be published by more sources especially those that can’t be doubted like this one

  8. I am utterly ashamed to call myself a Guyanese because of all the barbaric act by those who were at one time charge with Governing this beautiful country. It is ashamed and I believe that the United States government should capture all of then and they should be incarcerated for the rest of their life including Jagdeo, Khan and all the others involved in the slaughter of innocence Guyanese citizens! They are the scums of the earth and should be stripped of

    • Part of the failing of the Caribbean has been the inability of Guyana and Jamaica to step at two of the countries in Caricom blessed with natural resources.

  9. @Oliver don May 23, 2015 at 4:27 PM “I am utterly ashamed to call myself a Guyanese because of all the barbaric act[s]…”

    And when you read this you will be even more ashamed:
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3094318/Ex-convict-accused-murdering-CEO-family-DC-mansion-used-work-welder.html#ixzz3b0f4YdUH

    Court documents reveal that WINT, WHO WAS BORN IN GUYANA, moved to the U.S. in 2000 at the age of 20 and settled in Maryland where his family were. Records show that in September 2001 Wint joined the Marine Corps Recruit Training or ‘boot camp’ – officially known as ‘entry level separation’. But while he started intensive basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina on July 24, 2001, he was dropped on September 28 – four weeks before the 13 week program ended. By 2005 Wint had experienced his first of 39 brushes with the law; most are traffic offences, but the sheer volume shows a long standing disregard for the rules. Other arrests include for assault, malicious destruction of property, and a protective order has been carried out against him.

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