When Justice Blinked for 10 Rh Years

One definition of a symptom is defined as a sign of the existence of something, especially of an undesirable situation. In the last 72 hours this blogmaster found a more lucid meaning for the word. A man that stole a bag and contents including $1,000 cash with a total value of $9,230.30 on the 27 March 2009 – as a result of the act he spent 10 years on remand at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

This story immediately evoked embarrassment in the mind of the blogmaster. It ranks up there with the time raw sewage spewied onto one of our most popular streets on the South Coast.

Barbados Underground has posted voluminously about the dysfunction that defines the Barbados Judiciary. If you are in doubt click on the link at the top of this page – File Complaints Against Lawyers.

Successive governments have paid lip service to the problem. There was great hope when outsider Marston Gibson was recruited to fill the post of Chief Justice. However, without the financial support and the will to penetrate an entrenched culture his job was never going to be easy. Some also question his competence.

Recently Attorney General Dale Marshall announced that the government is in the process of recruiting  additional judges to help with improving how justice is dispensed in Barbados. It is interesting to quote Marshall explaining why the search for new judges is being advertised outside of Barbados :-

… to attract the highest calibre of individual to the Bench…I have been a lawyer for almost 30 years and there have been days when I would wake up one day and see in the paper that John Brown is appointed to the Bench. There was no advertisement…None of these were transparent arrangements, but any vacancy for judge in our judiciary, whether High Court or Court of Appeal, will be advertised in Barbados, in the Caribbean, in Caricom, in the Commonwealth, as far as Australia; everywhere in the Commonwealth…

Dale Marshall, Attorney General

The drive to recruit judges from outside of Barbados is interesting because of the huge number of locally trained lawyers educated at great expense to taxpayers.

Winston Adolphus Agard

Winston Agard

How can an educated people go about its daily business if the majority of the population- including those responsible- are not motivated to feel and express outrage at what occurred to Winston Adolphus Agard?

Attorney General Dale Marshall issued a sympathetic statement on the Agard matter as he is politically obligated to do. The question we have to ask is how many more define the revised definition of symptom? How many more human beings are sitting at Dodds prison on remand- forgotten by the system?

Screenshot 2019-06-08 at 07.49.24

Floyd Downes

Barbadians everywhere thank prison warder Floyd Downes for his civic minded act. It is reported he whispered to court officials including Justice Randall Worrell about the horrific miscarriage of Justice Agard was being made to suffer by the Barbados justice system.

Why, why, why so long? How many more?

This blogmaster urges AG Dale Marshall to direct Superintendent of Prisons John Nurse with immediate effect to audit all inmates on remand at the Dodds prison and report findings. The information that will be of interest is the length of time those on remand. We have to address the symptoms until a more incisive cure can be implemented whenever that may occur.

98 thoughts on “When Justice Blinked for 10 Rh Years

  1. Come on….. surely someone (or persons) did not do their job. Why is there no investigation to determine “why did this happen”??? When those responsible are found (if ever), deal with it!!! The state should compensate Mr. Agard.

  2. Justice blinked!
    What blinking justice?
    The blogmaster is asking where is the outrage that something like this could occur.
    We have been doing similarly to juveniles for years particularly during the period where a particular judicial officer,now “championing”childrens rights,
    Locked up poor peoples children, giving maximum sentences for trivial offences.
    If we do this to our children, why is it surprising that we could forget a “nobody” in Dodds on remand.

  3. He must have passed through the hands of a lot of judges if he was asking for bail!!

    None of them twigged?

    Was this the first time before Worrell J.?

  4. Injustice system failing. Call out the Knights to champion the cause of justice! Wait! There are already there!

  5. He is entitled to financial compensation. That is a miscarriage of justice. In fact, it is not justice.

  6. Mr Agard was failed by the entire system. He passed through the prosecution authorities, court officials, prison officials (they must check that they have the right person in custody), the presiding magistrates and judge(s), his family and friends. He slipped through the system because of his social background. Had he been Charles Herbert the world and his cousin would have noticed.
    Barbados is a failed state.

  7. Nurse at Dodds is a useless, uppity nuisance himself.

    Worse thing ever is to give black people positions of power over each other, they always find a way to turn it into human rights violations, the jackasses i Barbados are famous for this…idiots.

  8. It is time for Mr. Nurse to be pressured into making a statement for what has occurred under his watch. How many others have fallen through the cracks? The above ground press must take action to uncover this information.
    Now that we all know what is occurring the greater injustice would be to let this matter remain unresolved.

  9. There is a software the prison uses to track prisoners in the system. It is hard to imagine it does not generate management reporting to alert about date entered, reason for entry, court date due, etc.

    Explanation please AG Marshall!

  10. I read that he has to return to court be sentenced. As a layman, this does not make sense. Surely, the man should have been set free at once.To even decide that he has to come back to be sentenced, reminds of CCJ ruling (if a man who was remanded for ten years, is then given a fifteen-years sentence, the time to be served is five years, not ten plus fifteen which is twenty-five: the latter was being enforced locally).These pompous idiots( walking around in wigs and black cloaks should really go and read Planck’s law on black bodies and heat absorption) we have here didn’t seem to understand that.

  11. @ David,

    In my layman’s opinion

    Tracking prisoners on remand could be the responsibility of the Director of prosecutions office.

    • @Hants

      They all have a responsibility to manage prisoners in the system to ensure justice is dispense.

  12. @ Hail Austin June 8, 2019 9:08 AM

    I have been admonished for saying Barbados is a failed state. I thought of using the term a banana-boat republic. The latter term is incorrect since we are not even a republic and we don’t produce a lot of bananas. I am at a lost for words to describe the level of blundering incompetence this country as reached.

  13. @ Hants at 10 :42 AM

    Surely it must be the court which sent him on remand and which has to determine sentence.

  14. Way ahead of you Hants on another blog.

    The man was held without trial for an unreasonable period of time which also exceeded the maximum sentence for his crime.


    • @Hants

      Do you see the number of related departments that should add up to justice being done in Barbados?

      Associated Departments

      Principal Legal Adviser to the Government
      Legislation, including Law Reform and Law Revision
      Court Administration
      Legal Aid
      Legal Affairs
      Process Serving
      Court Process Office
      The Magistrates' Courts
      The Registration Department
      The Supreme Court
      The Community Legal Service Commission
      Rehabilitation of Offenders Board
      Director of Public Prosecutions
      Financial Intelligence Unit
      Anti Money Laundering Authority
      Family Law Council

  15. This is another indicator of non linear thinking. It is not my fault syndrome.
    Family and friends did not care.
    Lawyers did not care.
    The law court did not care.
    The DPP office did not care.
    Did the Judge’s clerk keep a roster?
    Do we really understand what independence means?

  16. Barbadians take note. This shit could happen to ANYBODY. Even those who have committed NO CRIME AT ALL!

    This is a VERY BIG DEAL!

  17. How is this prison industrial system any different than institutional slavery.

    We have called for the abolition of all prison systems in these not so former slave states.

    For everywhere a prison or jail exist slavery is with us still.

    Afrikans never had such a tradition. There were any words for prison or jail until ….

  18. All a set of crooks, act like they dont know and run stories , Just like the High Court at like they dont know when cases are to be posted, Holding cases in Chambers doing nasty deals and not in Open Public Court like the rest of the World. For each person get a different deal base on more crime in the courts, Name, Rank, and Party , Let see if they forget to Leave Vonda Pile of She-it in there for 40 years to help match the money she took,

  19. David
    Create another cultural ethos.
    Restorative justice
    Build a more equitable society
    Remove the conditions which suborn ‘crime’ of all types
    Reparative justice
    Stop being ‘punitive’
    Truth & reconciliation

  20. David

    The people who argue for the sanctity of life and the ‘Criers for Freedom’ have no narrative when we see cases like this one. But they would want us to believe that ‘to destroy one live is to kill the whole of humanity’ (sic) but not practice this maxim.

    And most of the rest of us feel that once we are not so ensnared the world is well. That something has to be wrong with detainees. Never seeing this issue as fundamental to our own existences.

    How many people on BU support political prisoners in jails throughout the world.

    In the United States, for example, there are many ‘political’ prisoners languishing in jail 40 and sometimes 50 years on.

  21. lol this fella coudnt get a lawyer to get him out but now that their may some financial compensation they will be crawling all over each other to represent him

  22. David

    How does the family of a murdered father get justice from this system, by locking up somebody else? And how is his family served?

    How does the wider society benefit from this criminalization, incarceration and destruction?

    When would we learn that there is no benefit to anybody?

    In the USA even the fascist Koch brothers and other far-right oligarchs have come to see that the prison industrial complex impinges on their own personal human rights, freedoms and are putting some of their money in that direction. But they still doing real shiiite including this attempted putsch against Venezuela.

    Have we not reached the stage where there should be a radical rethinking of all the social systems around us?

  23. Donna

    The only way they’ll take us seriously is if we came with a pocket full of money and offered to buy Dodds!

    Also armed with a proposal from a top 4 accounting firm

    Money talks ………………………… the other thing walks. LOL

  24. Somebody just whispered that the GDP goes up every time there is a murder


    But is that the best society we can have?

  25. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that it is time for a thorough examination of ALL our beliefs. This tinkering is a waste of time. This is why I do not participate in discussions that do that. It is our entire worldview and paradigms that need examination We are spinning top in mud otherwise.

    It’s never going to be perfect but there has to be a better way. Right now even the rich people don’t look happy. Not really.

  26. Native Indians don’t believe in prison. In some part of Canada offender is released to the Elders. There is significant Elder respect in native communities. They counsel and lecture the offender, give him tasks to do and meet with him regularly until they think he has reformed. They are of the opinion that prison blights the spirit and the person is wasting their life locked away.

  27. I wonder if this long suffering Auditor General understands that the Mottley government is NOT INTERESTED in addressing any matters that negatively impacts the majority population who pay all their salaries, including their shite consultants. A very clear indication that NO JUSTICE will be proffered by this government for the people, just get their BACKSIDES GONE come next election, they are as useless as we suspected..

    Both governments have known for years that their consular officers tief big..


  28. Dame Bajans


    But what most people don’t know, or want to accept, is that the so-called native peoples were originally Afrikan populations of the Western Hemisphere.

    It was only 15000 years ago that some light skinned Asiatics came with superior weaponry and subjugated, inter-married with, largely displaced, etc the populations of Afrikans in this hemisphere who were here for over 100,000 years before. Even today we can still find such evidences. And some so-called natives are as Black as mid-night!

    There was never anything natural about prisons, or jails or any of this artificial anti-judicial systems we have around us. The sooner it can be dismantled, the better!

    And the longer we keep it, the faster social decay will be wrought.

    In short, the so-called native customs were, and are, Afrikan traditions of philosophy, law and real justice.

  29. David 12:05

    Unfortunately, yes!

    Everybody tends to see what we have as ‘normal’ or the highest level of the evolution of our social and legal systems.

    We are all wrong!

  30. David 12:57

    Of course not.

    Unless it is being bought in order to immediately close it down.

    We are set against the whole of the prison industrial complex, money making or not!

    We have twice dumped stocks with the slightest investment in those systems,

    Companies which outsource their production to prisons, use prison labour, etc

  31. Dame Bajans and Pachamama. You should tell us more. Some of us wish to know. And some of us will spread the word. It will not happen overnight but planting a seed cannot hurt.

    You know, there are prison reality shows that people enjoy watching but I could never stomach them. I find no joy in watching human beings behind bars.unless they are psychopaths. It offends my senses, really. Makes me cringe. Another thing that offends my senses is when I see the prisoners with chains on their feet and hands coming to the QEH for treatment. I can’t even look at them. Even though I know they have done wrong I still do not feel comfortable.

    But Pacha, what do we do if there is no respect for any elders and the person is intent on continuing in their criminality. What about those intent on committing further violent acts? How would the system work then?

    Please enlighten.

  32. Mia is a WICKED DEMON..she is in the UK telling endless lies to Bajans in the Diaspora, these people need to speak to their relatives in .Barbados…or Mia’s many hands…will tief their money and properties.

    the only heavy lifting anyone politician/minister/lawyer EVER DID in Barbados….IS TIEF FROM THE PEOPLE.

  33. Donna

    Your Afrikan ancestors did not even incarcerate the so-called psychopaths

    Instead, they used drums and other spiritual methods to heal what we today call psychiatric illnesses. There you go Georgie Porgie!

    Donna, you maybe underestimating the power of positive societal pressure. Have you ever noticed that the ‘baddest’ man in any society behaves differently when in the company of one or two persons, and even if those persons may themselves be so-called criminals. But their respect for others like themselves presents an opening for healing.To break the cycle of violence.

    Most ‘law breakers’ don’t even understand the magnitude of their actions. This writer has seen big, tough men, cry like babes when you sit down with them and calculate the enormity of their actions, how many people are suffering, the kinds of suffering. We have to teach these thing before our young people become teenagers. We know well how to prevent certain behaviours, but lack the will.

    For those who we deem to be violent recidivists, there could be a number of causal reasons for that behavior. As a family, community, society we have to uncover the underlying reason and respond meaningfully. We certainly have failed by pretending that we can throw away people in penitentiaries and pretend the problem exist no more.

    This writer got interested in prison issues when the late Tim Hector’s wife was murdered. Hector when into the court and told the judge that he did not want the state to commit murder in his name. And that his wife would not want that either. This was deeply moving, a departure form the norm, so we wanted to understand his thinking.

  34. Mia is so damn evil, she has no clue how well Rwanda is doing, she is too damn DANGEROUS and LYING.

    from she released a white tourist sexual predator from UK who assaulted a black woman, she is very dangerous and cannot be trusted for any reason at all…and SHE HAS TO BE REMOVED, she cannot be allowed to stay.

  35. “For those who we deem to be violent recidivists, there could be a number of causal reasons for that behavior. As a family, community, society we have to uncover the underlying reason and respond meaningfully. We certainly have failed by pretending that we can throw away people in penitentiaries and pretend the problem exist no more.”

    ypur black leaders are DUMB…whatever white racist countries throw at them, they immediately unroll it on their people, no vision, no intelligent thought.

  36. Waru

    How well is Rwanda doing? Are they still stealing the vast mineral resources from the Congo? Is their CIA agent for a leader still colluding with western mining companies in that regard? When will the genocidaire Kagame ever be brought to book for murdering 6 million people between the late 1990’s and the years thereafter? If the so-called Jewish holocaust was that, how can 6 million Afrikan people be mass murdered and nobody wants to know? And what about the western criminals making it all possible, people like stinking Bill Clinton, his wife and others?

    More specifically, just a year ago you, in your haste to get the rid of the last regime you were more than supportive of this present crop, although we warned you that they were unlikely to be any different.

    What happened!

  37. The events of the past week have increased my faith in my fellow Barbadians. Whilst I would be glad if we could make bold steps, a few timid steps in the right direction are greatly appreciated.

    **An attorney being remanded and sent to prison.
    Let us hope this is the start of a trend. It is my hope that they can get her to cough up a check for the amount owed. Let’s try to repair the victim and not just seek vengeance.

    **The refusal of a judge to deport the 64 year-old man back to Canada
    Thought this is the correct action, it came as a shock to me. I did not expect Barbados to stand in the corner with one of its sons.

    **The release of this man from prison after 12 years.
    Someone pointed out that the man plead guilty to the charges, but after spending 12 years and not seeing a judge he would have been a fool to plead “Not Guilty” and prolong his engagement with the system for possibly another 12 years.

    ** The Auditor General
    This man is charged with a task and tries to do his best. I try, but I cannot imagine the run-around, the unanswered phone calls, the hang-ups, the un-returned calls, the missed appointments ….. But I may be wrong, I am certain that someone will point out that organizations/people perhaps are just dying to give him the information that he wants. Mia, you don’t have to change the constitution to have this man on your honors list. I am certain that he has pissed off both B and D.

    **Andrew Pilgrim and Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch
    These two gentlemen should also be on a list of national rewards.
    Andrew Pilgrim for his pro bono work for the gentleman who stole the finger nail clip. He probably saved us the embarrassment of reading about this man being freed in 2032 (12 years from now).
    Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch for telling the Canadian representative “NO”. Was a bit disappointed he did not order the arrest and deportation of the representative.

    ** Wanted Man: It seems as if some effort has gone into describing wanted men. At one stage it appeared that we were using some offensive descriptions (that of run-away slaves) to describe the “wanted men”. I am hoping someone saw the light.

    Yes, these are signs of life returning to our judicial system. Let’s hope that the tree continues to grow.

  38. TheOgazerts

    Why always Afrikan countries, their leaderships.

    Hillary Clinton and her crime family are alleged to have ‘stolen’ between 600 billion and one trillion dollars.

    At his current rate Donald John Trump will certainly surpass that all time record, especially when he gets his second term, as we predicted.

    Those African leaders and their co-conspirators in Barbados are mere petty thieves when compared. Mere boys when compared to the old grand daddies of thieffing.

  39. “When will the genocidaire Kagame ever be brought to book for murdering 6 million people between the late 1990’s and the years thereafter? If the so-called Jewish holocaust was that, how can 6 million Afrikan people be mass murdered and nobody wants to know? And what about the western criminals making it all possible, people like stinking Bill Clinton, his wife and others?””

    Any country that can get their agriculture upstream and rocking, is successful.

    Ya just cant get away from nasty, tiefing corrupt NEGROS…,just look at the DBLP SCUM…or greedy tiefing whites like the lowlife Clintons.

  40. Pachamama,

    Quite similar to what I was thinking. Seems like they forgot to pull up my African roots. Didn’t know that psychopaths were curable though.

    You should be introducing those thoughts to the wider society. How about in the month of February when they are interested in hearing about things African. You have to start somewhere.

  41. Mia actually believed she could fool the bajans in Diaspora UK…tief their money…and give it away to the nasty, thieving parasites, Cow, Bizzy, Maloney, Bjerkham, Tempro and all the RACIST THIEVES ON THE ISLAND…

    she is actually telling herself that bajans in the diaspora will give her 20 million dollars to give away to her stinking masters…..goddamn criminal, it’s not ENUFF…that Black women and children are now at risk from predator tourists…she looking to tief for her masters too.


  42. @Pacahamama
    I full agree with all that you said. I would have been glad if you specifically mentioned the Clinton organization and the money collected for Haiti.

    To me, stealing from the poor and oppressed is a much greater evil than stealing from others.

  43. Wanted: Paper trail
    Article by
    Colville Mounsey
    Published on
    June 8, 2019

    President of the Barbados Bar Association, Liesel Weekes, is calling for the establishment of a criminal registry to safeguard against cases like Winston Adolphus Agard’s, the petty thief who languished in prison on remand for almost a decade. His case drew national attention this week when he was brought to court and later released from custody.

    Weekes told Barbados TODAY that given the manner in which the systems currently handle records, she would not be surprised if there are more forgotten persons on remand.

    “In the civil side of things there is a registry, they take documents, they log documents, you know when the matters are due, and you know when the dates are coming. In the civil system you can actually follow a file from the date it starts to the date it ends. In the criminal jurisdiction of the court there is none of that,” said Weekes.

    The Bar association president contended that it is not enough for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to be the sole recordkeeper of criminal cases, especially since it is the courts and not the DPP that bears the brunt of the blame for backlog in criminal matters.

    “The prosecution of criminal cases is handled by the DPP and there really needs to be an independent registry where judges are able to see which cases have been in the system for however long and bring them forward. This way they can organise the business of the court, and since it is the court that gets the backlash for the backlog, then they should have control of the cases in the criminal jurisdiction,” she said.

    Weekes added, “We do need that criminal registry so that we could keep track of all of the matters in the system and if we had something like that it would solve a lot of matters. It is a very real possibility that there are others like him [Agard] in the system.”

    The attorney-at-law explained that under the current system violent crimes are given high priority and therefore it was easy for those accused of petty crimes to fall through the cracks.

    “It wasn’t a murder; it wasn’t rape and you would find that there is some kind of priority when it comes to those matters. He stole a handbag, which may or may not have had a $1000 in it. So he and people like him will get lost because there is nobody identifying that as a priority issue because it is not a violent crime. We have brought in plea bargaining system and while that is fantastic, you still have to bring them to court so that you can inform them about their options under the plea bargaining system,” she stressed.

    Agard got his day in the No. 2 Supreme Court on Wednesday thanks to the actions of Prison Officer Floyd Downes who informed court officials and Justice Randall Worrell that the now convicted man “fell through the cracks” and had not been before a judicial officer since 2012. Agard pleaded guilty to stealing a bag and contents including $1,000 cash belonging to Connie Young on March 27, 2009. The total value was BDS$9,230. He had been arrested months later and remanded in January 2010.

    In her interview with Barbados TODAY, Weekes lamented that Agard was essentially denied due process and noted that there is little that could compensate the 50-year-old man for the time he lost.

    “People have rights, at the time he was only accused, he wasn’t tried and convicted but he was not given the chance to plead guilty and get out. That is ten years of his life and I don’t think that is easily compensated, even if there is a monetary compensation,” she said.

  44. It would be interesting to find out whose handbag it was this men stole!

    Some years ago, a car washer in Carlisle Carpark stole a VCR tape from a car he was entrusted to clean.

    That car washer was found dead sometime later.

    It will be interesting whose bag he stole and why he was punished for this by the flagrant denial of his constitutional rights BY AT LEAST 6 GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.


  45. All the money collected for Haiti was handed over to the Clintons to administer. The Haitian president said he saw little of it. Canadians in Ottawa were incensed and there was a call in program on the matter. The white people felt that black people could not handle that kind of money and nothing was done to help Haiti and the Haitians. No one knows where it went and we who donated are still looking for it.

  46. Pachamama June 8, 2019 11:25 AM

    How is this prison industrial system any different than institutional slavery.

    @ Pacha, this slavery will be further institutionalized if the government does not keep it’s promise to have the referendum to legalize marijuana or expunge the convictions of those incarcerated for it, but allow companies to profit from the sale of marijuana.

  47. The Judiciary, like all public services, is crying out for better management. We are 20 years behind, since both BLP and DLP rejected the international management standard. Who in their right minds rejects a proven international standard without explanation?

  48. The People’s Party for Democracy and Development is the newest political party to join Barbados’ political fray.

    Atherley disclosed that the party was created on November 1, 2018. He presented some of its members to the public including Senator Crystal Drakes, Senator Caswell Franklyn, Scott Weatherhead, Bruce Hennis, Paul Forte, Maria Phillips, Sylvan Greenidge, Paul Gibson, Reverend Paul Leacock, Harvey Barrett, Akil Daley, Dr Philip Corbin, Rosaline Corbin and several who were not present.


    • @Hants

      What explanation is there for members of the new party not being present at the launch?

  49. Mr Blogmaster, several of your comments seem amusingly, exceedingly sarcastic!

    I’ll start at the end where you state: “This blogmaster urges AG Dale Marshall to direct Superintendent of Prisons John Nurse with immediate effect to audit all inmates on remand at the Dodds prison and report findings. The information that will be of interest is the length of time those on remand…”…. Your sarcasm cuts deeply.

    As part of your voluminously postings on this broad subject of law reform you wrote in February 2010 that “.. In recent days the length of time persons have to remain in prison on remand has been the subject of hot debate. Last week retired jurist Sir Frederick ‘Sleepy’ Smith contributing to a radio call-in show called on the powers that be to do something to ameliorate the situation; ideally a society concerned with justice should want this problem to be nonexistent.”… so WHY embarrassment now! …Mr Agard was remanded but ONE year prior to that post, not so !

    And then last year Jan you noted “[t]his is the perfect case for the newly installed Director of Public Prosecutions Donna Babb-Agard QC on the eve of a general election to send a loud message to those with ears to hear, there is a new sheriff in RH town!”.

    All that to say senor that this is entrenched, deliberate incompetence and negligence…and YOU have chronicled it for years now.

    Do you really want us to believe that this AG in his second coming is awaiting an inmate log to know the ridiculous remand problem in St.Phillip… or that Ms. Babb doesnt have effective records, you think they don’t know who they got up there, who convicted and who awiating trial? fah trute…well than I got a bridge to sell you!

    And taking about bridges let me span some water and put this cruel remand problem in a different perspective…just like Bim…just worst!

    About three years before Agard was accused and sent on remard a young fellow of 16 was accused of the theft and just like Agard with NO conviction (and no guilty plea) he too was sent on remand. He remained there for three years (at Rikers island prison) …two of them in solitary confinement presumably as a form of protection because when he was in general population he was allegedly sexually, mentally and otherwise physically abused.

    In his case eventually publicity effected his release after the case floundered for lack of proper evidence – butTHREE damn years later. This innocent lad was deeply traumatised by the ordeal and eventually killed himself soon after his release.

    Tragic. Hopefully Mr Agard did and will not suffer the lad’s fate…whose family were eventually awarded a hefty settlement from the state of NY… I don’t hold out much hope that Agard will get any damages for his rights being breached, however!

    Wherever we are, social status (and lack of money) will always condemn us to a harsh reality of beaten down victims.!

  50. Pacha….first of all..i wanted to give Mia 4 months to at least appear to make changes on the island

    We thought she would at least:

    start by DISMANTLING the racism and apartheid practiced by her minority racist masters against the black majority for decades, racism and apartheid both governments allowed to practice because it lines all their pockets….racism and apartheid that is a steady diet in the lives of the last 3 generations of black bajans…ya would think she would have been glad to remove permanently the dirty cows and bizzys etc out of the lives of the people and out of the treasury and pension fund…but no, her first act upon being elected was to pick up black people’s money and give to these vile racists..

    AND…Mia got in UK yesterday and LIED ABOUT THE RACISM IN BARBADOS…and telling herself she fooled the people..

    for the last 60 plus years black bajans could get NO JUSTICE in that vile, corrupt supreme court or the magistrates court for that matter as we see a white UK predator was allowed to walk after assaulting a black woman…

    Well Mia could not even mention that yesterday because she knows her whole government should have been removed for that act of criminality against the black female…again, she could only mumble a reply.

    What Bajans don’t know is that the UK had a fight to REMOVE 2 or 3 of their most dangerous PEDOPHILES = UK child rapists… from Barbados…not too long ago….the government could have made it easier to remove these vile rapists,,,but both black governments prefer keep their sex tourism in play, against the island’s children..

    A female asked Mia about children’s rights being violated on the island…and she could only mumble a reply..

    Another female asked her about the elder fraud and elder abuse on the island, she knows she has at least 2 demons for lawyers in her cabinet who steal land and money from the elderly, especially from female., but all Mia could do was refer the female to one of the same crooks, her AG is seeing after that…of course he is, still stealing from the elderly.

    As i said…Mia is not a quarter intelligent as she pretends to be and she keeps telling herself that black people like herself are too dumb to understand what is going on, just as our ancestors were…but right there she is making a bad mistake because people’s eyes are open and can CLEARLY SEE THE EVIL in this government.

    Black women and children are truly in DANGER from this wicked government.

    If those who deal with this sort of thing in a professional way can see it, you know the population on the island has a problem, let’s hope they understand, take it seriously and protect themselves. AND THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

    If your leader can see nothing wrong with black women being assaulted by white men…you have a serious problem.


  52. “Why would Freemasons seek to avert justice??”

    There is obviously a lot that you are quite oblivious to…you have no idea of the EVIL THAT RESIDES IN BARBADOS….it can be truly called RESIDENT EVIL…

    if i had my way, i would GAS ALL OF THEM..

  53. What pisses me off is the justification…oh, but it happens everywhere..

    that is little comfort to those being victimized by a corrupt system and 2 corrupt governments..

    ya got child rapists everywhere, but it does not mean Barbados should be flooded with white pedophiles while calling it tourism and allowing these pedophiles to rape black children because ya dont want to upset white child rapists…

    ya got rapists everywhere, but that does not mean Barbados should be flooded with sex predators to assault black women and then calling it tourism because you do not want to upset white sexual predators by imprisoning them…

    so the usual dummy justification about ..it happens everywhere, won’t cut it when ya have the power and resources to STOP IT from happening in Barbados..it’s just the nasty sexual predators in parliament getting off on seeing black women and children being raped and assaulted…while they line their pockets from these crimes against the people….and still call it TOURISM.

  54. I would urge those responsible to call for a list of crimes for which the value of an offense was less that $2,000.00. Then go through that list, look at when the crime was committed, at the sentence (if any) and if the offender is in or out of prison.

    A theme that I have seen here is having judges distributing extremely severe punishment for ‘petty’ acts: e.g. stealing a loaf of bread, a drink or for something just as petty. In my opinion, the punishment are a violation of the rights of those who are hungry, poor, the weak, and vulnerable. This is “judicial abuse”. It is incumbent on every Barbadian to actively defend and protect the rights of those less fortunate than ourselves and to protect the rights of those who fall on hard times,

    We have to let those who administer swift justice for some and injustice for others know that we are watching them. Quite lately I have been seeing, Barbadians would not know of this or of that. This is too difficult for a Bajan to do or understand, so we need to get a foreigner for the job. The strange thing about injustice is that everyone (except the judges) can recognize it. I do no know if it is a “feel” or an “odor”, but injustice is immediately recognizable.

    I sit and I wonder what motivated the prison guard to bring the injustice to the attention of his superiors.
    What was his tipping point?
    Did he reach a point where he was unable to sleep in the face such injustice?
    Did he establish a friendship with the man and at some point the obligations of a natural friendship and the need for justice for his friend outweighed all other considerations??

    But we cannot simply wait on this “Damascene moment” from prison guards. Fairness must be built into any system of justice. We cannot wait util we have failed and then pat ourselves on the back when we correct grave injustices.

    Publish the list of all crimes committed wit a value of less than $2000.00;
    Publish the name of the perpetrator, the name of the crime, the date of the crime; the date of appearance in the court; the fine/sentence; and the scheduled/actual date of release. Let us throw the national spotlight on this piece of judicial nastiness.

    Since we are unable to track who is in, how long they were in and if they saw a judge, I am beginning to wonder if we know who is out and should they still be in. Let do justice and not lucky or unlucky.

  55. Hopes you can get past typos and verbs and subjects disagreeing
    Heads will roll …. .

  56. “This is “judicial abuse”. It is incumbent on every Barbadian to actively defend and protect the rights of those less fortunate than ourselves and to protect the rights of those who fall on hard times,”

    That is why …despite all the stupid background noise on BU from fools who know no better…some of us have been calling repeatedly..FOR BLACK BAJANS TO STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS…stop ALLOWING 2 evil, corrupt governments and a corrupt judiciary to victimize them into another 3 generations…their children and grands/great grands will also be victims because YOU DID NOT BOTHER TO STAND UP AND ASSERT YOUR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS…

    you cannot continue to be afraid of evil black governments and a couple white parasitic racists…there are not enough of them …you can remove them out of yours and your future generation’s lives…PERMANENTLY…you have the numbers, over 200,000 strong black people…THEY DON’T have those numbers…AND NEVER WILL.

  57. Now we will hear the lip service from all of them when:

    there should have been a criminal registry in place in the last 40 years..

    there should have been a sex offender’s registry in place in the last 40 years, which Dale Whistleblower the known land thief DON’T WANT, and he knows why, he plainly said that rapists should be protected…that demon.

    so in reality…the lowlifes in parliament don’t see crimes committed against black people as crimes at all, that is why come next election…TAKE AWAY THOSE DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS..from all of them in the parliament…and WATCH the fallout..

  58. “Wherever we are, social status (and lack of money) will always condemn us to a harsh reality of beaten down victims.!”

    especially bad when ya are beaten down and victimized by ya own…the house ni**as in the parliament who love nothing more than to pretend they white, when given titles and positions by the same black people..THEY HATE.

  59. Whaddayaknow we have our own gulag, some clever student should come up a la Solzhenitsyn with an article “A day in the life of Winston Agard”, there would be no shortage of material, they have at least 3650 days to choose from.

    Where does the buck stop? We know there is no buck so life will continue inside as well as outside, for those returning the familiar face is gone, for those on the outside its time to renew acquaintances, some things haven’t changed the pudding n’ souse is on us.

    • @Sargeant

      What we have here as Jeff described in the blog above was a catastrophic failure, the blogmaster suggests it was systemic.

  60. You do know that the Barbados Labour Party seems to be plagued by these Agards.

    Do you remember Maria Agard?

    The MP for Christ Church West?

    The lady whom I believe also had the big C, and was tossed to the curb by Mugabe Mottley?

    Though it is noted that Santia who is similarly challenged by the Big C has been embraced!

    Why is that?

    Could it be that, Santia represents INTERNAL BLP SUPPORT FOR MUGABE while Maria does not?


    And now a nex’ Agard?

    And the totally clueless Teets talking bout “UNBELIEVABLE “?

    You got to be RH kidding me right?

    You mean dat Mia and she government get de RH machinery of government in place to mek she RH fadder a knight, even when she was in opposition, but she nor she ingrunt Attorney General cannot so manage the RH job of AG and see who lock up for 10 RH years?

    You mean dat Mugabe and Dale can remember to RH hire back Dottin from 10 RH years ago BUT YET SHE AND HE CANT REMEMBER to Lego a citizen after 10 years?

    You mean dat Mugabe and she AG can forget to arrest and indict any cocaine drug lords for the 20 buff years ago dat she was AG, and he was she side kick, BUT DEM CANT SEE WHO LOCK UP FOR TEN?

    Here be a nex’ prophesy.

    All these colossal ef ups going form a collage of the building list of incompetencies of ghis Mugabe regime

    Watch and see!

    Leh Mugabe keeps fvcking up the affairs of the “small man” like Agard, the Sanitation Worker, the Pensioner and WUNNA WATCH SND SEE WHAT GOING HAPPEN AT THE POLLS IN 2023

  61. @ WARU

    You do not play chess, do you?

    Remember these few words that de ole man says in response to your remarks

    “…WURA-WAR-on-U June 9, 2019 8:45 AM

    Bajans have to be on their Ps and Qs with these fly by night political parties..”

    De ole man has spoken in 2019 AND IT IS SUFFICIENT UNTO THIS DAY…

  62. Sometimes incompetence is worst than corruption. And we like to proclaim to the world that we are the best manage black country on the planet. If that is the case, our standards are really low.

    • @fortyacresandamule

      Agree with you this is more about getting it right more than being corruption focussed. Think about it, Barbadians have to stand in a line for upwards to 2 hours to show an insurance document in order to get a free sticker from government department to affix to ones vehicle.

  63. This is not a B or D thing.
    It pains me to invoke the imagery of Guantanamo when discussing the case of Mr. Agard. In fact, some will claim that I have gone too far as we have never water boarded anyone. But if we have some of the failing attributes of the system at Guantanamo and we if can only point to the lack of torture to so as differentiate our system from that in Guantanamo, then our system is in a state of failure. It should be pointed out that, like Mr. Agard, some prisoners were released from Guantanamo without trial.

    Mr. Agard is our canary in the mine. A signal that citizens can be made to disappear or have their human rights violated without ‘anyone’ noticing.

    Richard Delisle Arthur had a physician who stated that “It is not in [his] best interest to be incarcerated at this time.” It is highly probable that Mr. Agard probably suffers from the same illnesses as Mr. Arthur, but Mr. Agard lacked (1) the family connection, (2) the political connection, (3) a medical; doctor who would testify on his behalf, (4) a press that would follow his case and make it a national story and (5) the resources or Mr. Arthur In fact, his crime was that lacked the $400,000 of the accused drug smugglers or the $150,000 that Mr. Arthur used to make bail.

    Can we accept a justice system that would hammer the poor out of existence? Can we accept a system that can make people disappear ? Should it be in the hands of a prison guard to determine (1) your length of time in jail and (2) if you receive a trial?

    We need to drive a stake into the heart of this vampire of a system. It does no suck blood, but it dehumanizes the poor who it comes into contact with; it strips them of their dignity Let those who run the system know.. we don’t want apologies, explanation or promises of new technology. We want a system that will work for the rich, the poor and those in-between.

    Do you still think that I have gone too far or does it pain you to look at this injustice, or of this failure of a caricature of a judicial system?

  64. https://barbadostoday.bb/2019/06/08/shut-it-down-3/

    “In fact, his attorney Angella Mitchell-Gittens, who appeared pro bono as a friend of the court, noted that he had spent more time in prison than the maximum penalty for his crime.”

    It seems as if some lawyers are helping the poor. Angella Mitchell-Gittens go to the head of the class. Keep up the good work.

    “But today, another defence criminal lawyer, Marlon Gordon told Barbados TODAY he was currently trying to get a decision in an appeal case for a client for the past three years while he remains jailed on a lengthy sentence.”

    “The defence attorney noted that worse yet, is that accused are now lining up to plead guilty out of frustration and being tired of sitting in prison for lengthy periods without their cases being heard.”

    Must a man surrender his dignity and pride to escape the clutches of and injustice system?
    What a way to beat a man.
    Drive home the realization that he is an expendable pawn.
    Drive home the realization that his destiny is not in his hands.
    I call upon those who are in charge of this injustice system to send psychiatrist into the jails.
    Without a doubt, you have broken the spirit of some and driven others crazy.

    Stop the wickedness. Stop the madness.
    I now understand why you want to work with the church.
    Where is your humanity?.
    Stop the wickedness..

  65. @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    What is going on here on the Western Front?

    I know that you are a crack shot

    I know that you have the Gatling gun with you but…

    Commander you here telling these people you going give them $60 for software?

    My man, dem is definitively WORDS OF SEDITION!!!

    Mugabe going sent extradition orders for you in Canada!!!

    She has forgiven you talking bout the Injustice perpetrated against Agard for these 10 years.

    She has forgiven your several dissenting remarks

    But Theophillus what she cannot forgive is this your most egregious remark!

    $60 for software to manage the prisoner registry

    The next thing you going offer is software to harmonize the court cases so that plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers and judges can all be in the court at the same time!!!

    I know what it is though

    It is all the cordite that your are inhaling from the Gatling

    It was bound to happen after a time.

    The cordite mixed up with the fragments of leather from the Whip of correction that you have been using to beat those two Rented donkeys Hee Hee and Hee Haw

    Licks like peas in dem crutch half killing dem scvunt

    Commander Theophillus I begging you to tell Mugabe dat you did not mean anything bout the $60 offer.

    Say dat you was tired beating she 2 jackasses and in a fit of ingrunce you write down dat statement.

    Commander de ole man cant lose you down dere in the middle of the Battlefield with dem swine

    So as soon as you tek you finger off de trigger, write to Mugabe and tek back you $60 dollars

    Plus she liable to feel dat you paying she $10 more to do de Wild thang being dat she into dat White Whores ting

    You remember that song?

    “For $50, I make you holler? ”

    Wild Thing by Tone Loc

  66. https://barbadostoday.bb/2019/06/12/back-dated/

    “A High Court Judge is clearing his court’s calendar to hear the matters of some prisoners presently on remand at Dodds Prison and who may not have had a hearing for a protracted period.”

    “Veteran Attorney Angella Mitchell-Gittens who is representing Springer as a friend of the court, gave the judge the thumbs up for the move.”

    It is heart warming to see the response of this judge and this attorney. In fact for the past two weeks, I have seen some positive activity in out courts. Whilst we must hammer them when they fail us, we must also compliment when they tackle an issue head on and try to resolve it.

    Justice Randall Worrell and Attorney Angella Mitchell-Gittens you have made my heroes list. You made my day.

    @Justice Randall,
    In the remainder of the article, I noticed that there are two folks who are giving you support but their support is lukewarm.
    Ignore them.

  67. Another shooting death in Barbados. i think the number for this year may exceed Piece’s prediction for which he was lambasted as not being patriotic and wanting the worst for the island. We will see at December 31st.

  68. @ Dame Bajans

    Dat feller Piece seems to have a way with words though!

    He opens he mouf and says that the murder rate will increase AND NEEDS TO INCREASE and he gets singled out for plotting the murders!

    The sad thing about this is that the country seem to be unwilling or incapable of shaking off this shooting and violence curse it is beseiges with.

    And whereas we should be getting endless suggestions from everyone about what could work, all dem can do is cuss out people who are calling the facts like they are

  69. Do we know how many people are on remand for an unreasonable period?

    We have been hearing conflicting communications from AG Marshall and one lawyer who has taken the challenge to represent these forgotten people.

  70. What about those on bail? How about police officer Gittens, who shot his neighbour? When is he going to be tried? How about the woman who claimed she was kidnapped and taken to an ATM? How about the man who assaulted Ninja man? Our criminal justice system is not fit for purpose. Barbados is a failed state.

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