To Help a BLACKman of the Soil, but MONEY Prevails Overall

Submitted by SSS

Alden Blackman has been pleading for 15 years for help involving flooding in his native home village in Barbados known as Clarke’s Gap. The story can be found on Barbados Underground, where Mr Blackman has provided a detail account of the events leading up to the floods that threatens his property.

What should be of interest to readers, but well known to almost every Barbadian, is that as long as you are wealthy in Barbados, you are entitled to certain privileges, freedoms, exemption from penalties, and even special treatment in matters related to the law. That is because the law that is practice in Barbados is a big respecter of persons.

This is a known fact because stealing has two different classifications depending on what status you hold in the land of the cou cou and flying fish. For example, a lawyer stealing thousands of dollars of his client’s money is treated differently then a government clerical officer who steals a similar amount. One would be given a private hearing and told to get a lawyer or a simple slap on the wrist penalty outside of court proceedings, while the other would face the courts of Barbados, charged for theft and face possible incarceration. Depending on who you are again, you can go for years without paying millions in taxes and do not have to worry about prosecution, period, whereas a normal citizen owing a few hundred in taxes would not be so fortunate.

This is the Barbados that many Barbadians have come to know for its shenanigans and double standards. That is why we have to wonder why successive governments in the form of BLP and DLP have not lend ear to Mr Alden Blackman’s plea.

Could it be that deals where struck and money passed permitting this rich woman to do as she please in a known water course that the locals in Clarke’s Gap know far better than she? Could it be that the reason why Mr Blackman has not seen resolve or aid in this matter is because he is average in status and have no bargaining power the likes of which money in Barbados provides?

What is clear in this matter is that Alden Blackman is suffering as a son of the rock , while a non native of the rock is living in comfort and without fear after permitted to build an access road that is diverting the natural flow of water in the water course towards his property.

The matter should draw the attention of the newly elected BLP party Prime Minister, Mia Mottley because it was under BLP leadership that this matter was birthed. A son is asking for your help, Ms Prime Minister. Its been 15 years and a few elections later and still no redress to this matter. The same way how the elected Prime Minister can change the constitution to get her friends into senate positions in the government, grant tax amnesty to those owing millions in taxes without penalty, and refusing to conduct investigations into a DLP she described as operating in the shade and under cloak, she can now show Barbados that her interest also lies in helping out the common man.

The ball is in your court Ms Mottley. Help one! While you are contemplating if you should help this small fella or not, look into the charge that senior civil servants are coercing clients into paying cash sums for expediting paper work and the granting of permissions. I will implore any Barbadian who have proof of this to come forward with it.

So what will you do Prime Minister Mottley? Remember that you were up in arms over the Mark Maloney Coverly obstacle that you rightfully removed. Let us see if you will do the same to help Mr Alden Blackman versus the rich white who is using the permissions given to her to do as she likes. #WhataboutAldenBlackman?

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  1. @SSS

    Mr. Blackman and I thank you for the support . Madam Prime Minister knew about this dangerous situation When she was MP Mia Mottley, no response since 24 May 2018. who care with a result of 30-0

  2. Watchman

    You are welcome. You may use the poster as you will. Post it on Facebook and on Instagram. I have already sent it out to Imgur and its up at 1600 views already. You might not get many comments on here but the write up was meant for all others outside Barbados Underground to bring them here to read your case. But its more about the poster.

  3. You cannot judge the quality of a post by the number of comments it attracts. This post is well written and very easy to understand.
    If it is above my head, I usually send up smoke signals, but if it is within my understanding and I agree then I remain silent.

  4. My Dearest SSS

    I join with my tag team members, ( of whom you are most assuredly one) to congratulate you on this newest one of your posters.

    You are most assuredly at the top of the list especially since you have addressed your concerns (euphemism ofr dissent) against the lead despot Mugabe Mottley.

    To my friend Theophillus Gazerts I would say that these numbers, while not indicative of support, is indicative of one’s viewership and social clout.

    More important than the numbers is the hours that the item was up!! you would look at the uptake and subscription to the concept withing the time.

    Finally, you have to appreciate that SSS is in the market of the EU, and this is why the Nameless ones #1 calls her MM of the EU, but he is respectful in his comments to her

    De ole man, rather me grandson wukking pun a ting dat going give all dese political entities dat saying dat dem all in dey a likkle for umphhhh

    Friday, or so de grandson tell me

    1600 views in

  5. Can someone draw a map of the area showing the houses and where the waterway was diverted so better see the problem.

  6. Another relevant document:

    From: alden blackman
    Sent: Monday, 18 March 2019 14:53
    Subject: FW: Requesting an Urgent Remedy, To A Created Dangerous Situation in a Watercourse at Clarke’s Road St. James

    From: alden blackman
    Sent: Monday, March 18, 2019 2:49:14 PM
    To: mark.cummins
    Cc: william.duguid; miaamormottley
    Subject: Requesting an Urgent Remedy, To A Created Dangerous Situation in a Watercourse at Clarke’s Road St. James  
    Mr. Mark Cummins
    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of Transport ,Work and Maintenance.
    March 18, 2019 
    MTW * Ministry of Transport, Work and Maintenance

    Sir, I am requesting an urgent rectification of a created dangerous situation. I am also repeating what you may already know, I am advice, to address, and repeat the circumstances of this unjustified, dangerous situation to the PS of MTW&M.  
    This created dangerous situation of which MTW Technical Officers noticeable inactions to remedying for the past 15+ years.( Which is detail below) “even though, said Officers  knew the encroachment is illegal”, but noticeably encouraged the actions of the perpetrators.
    Sir, I lived at the top of dead end Clarke’s Road, adjacent to Natural Watercourse from 1982. This said course never overflowed. There was never a through public or private road from Appleby, across this course to Chapel Gap. No foreseeable flooding risk. 
    Then in 2002 a British ex-pat, by the name Pat Brayshaw appeared, took the liberty to across an open lot from Appleby, and altered said course (with used of heavy equipment), by levelling down both edges, creating a road across said course.
    Later in 2002 further altering to the watercourse was done, by placing boulders within and along the centre of course to joined the across road, thereby forming a private road, that caused the first flooding in 20 years, and continued to caused yearly flooding, resulting in damages to my family home and surrounding.
    Sir, I complained verbally to Top Officers at Drainage Unit from 2003, also Top Technical Officers at MTW from 2004. All the said Officers (that can be name) told me the placing of a boulder wall private road is illegal, and will be removed. Not one of the said Officers ever, to this day, told me I must make my complaint in Writing, but in 2006 one such Officer, told Roy Morris of the Nation, the actions of the Ministry to address this Dangerous situation, await a written complaint from me.

  7. Watchman

    I am going to commit myself to produce one or two more posters to help you with your cause. If you can provide me with a timeline of events, I will get my boys to do a curve timeline to capture has this matter unfolded. For me, a picture is worth a thousand words and many do not take kindly too much reading. If you have any relevant photos of Clarke’s Gap before the rich settler came upon her land, I will appreciate if you can send them to David. Also, if it is possible to take photos of a large segment of the Watercourse please do so as well. A resolution of above 500 to 1000 (even better) would be good. Also, provide dates for the timeline.

    My Sweet Piece

    Thank you for your kind words. I know you have the SSS’s back as I have yours. Ours is a shared understanding and a fight for what is right.

    The OGazerts

    Thank you for your kind words, but the SSS cares nothing for comments. I wanted to just let Watchman know that they would not have been much comments to this post because it is about creating readership and awareness and that he can use the Poster in his cause.

    • @SSS

      The last part of your comment answers a question often posed to the blogmaster, our target audience. Some blogs are not targeted at the BU family at all. You will understand this point SSS.

  8. Indeed I do, David, after it is all about… the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance and the good that [BU and those who want Barbados to operate on the right path with the right principles] can do.

  9. My Sweet Piece

    Surprised that you have not deciphered the code in the poster. Take a go at it. There are hidden messages. A lot of them

  10. Ms EU SSS Freedom Crier certainty Stands for the rights of an individual whether White or Black Rich or Poor so how do you feel about the Eu’s move to brow beat Barbados and other Caribbean Nations into Submission?…

    ‘On 12 March, the Council of the 28-nations European Union (EU) placed 15 small territories on a list of what it calls “non-cooperative jurisdictions”. What the EC considers these territories to be “non-cooperative” about reveals the raw exercise of power by the strong over the weak. In this case, the firm intention of the EU is to impose its tax policies upon other nations through strong-arming’, that includes Barbados.’

  11. Dullard

    But lay off the Ms EU thingie ok. I love Sunshine Sunny Shine better known as the SSS. We all talk on here, you, me. David, my sweet piece the entire possie of talk bloggers. Imagine if we turn words into action, you think we can achieve a turn around in this unfairness and corrupt activity?

  12. Freedom Crier

    The EU only holds interest for me as long as my keep is earned and my earnings come every month. IOther than that, my heart is always towards home. The EU will continue to function as a dominant force because it is a dominant force. It once held most of the Caribbean territories under its supracist white rule mentality as slave colonies. Many of them continue to provide aid to those colonies therefore who you think will dictate the pace of the Caribbean? Certainly not the Caribbean as long it remains dependent. Barbados cannot call any shots where the EU is concern because it remains a dependent and its economy is to fragile to operate alone. That is all I have to say.

  13. But lay off the Ms EU thingie ok.

    No worries. The ordure of Enuff must have got stuck to the bottom of the Dullard’s shoes.

  14. The EU will continue to function as a dominant force MAINLY because FROM IT WILL COME THE TEN TOES OF DANIEL’S VISION OF DANIEL CHAPTER 9.

  15. Dullard

    Puffy, I really do not know what to say on his behalf, but I like him. He is no clown, quite intelligent, but blindsided by his loyalty.

  16. SSS you have come up with a Miss Mash based on Accusations and you have implored Barbadians to go to the Authorities with evidence, but in all the Miss Mash of Accusations Please present Your Evidence otherwise all is futile.

    Why I implored about your Employees is that you seem to think it is justifiable to stand for one sun of the soil but appear to turn a Blind eye to all the rest because you get a Salary out of the EU.

    They are always engineering solutions to problems like this to which you are addressing, engineering solutions do not cause flooding they are meant to alleviate flooding. Nothing in the previous Article on BU gives the full facts. They are still areas in Barbados that are prone to flooding and they have had many areas where flooding has been alleviated.

    The Images shown on BU does not show any blockage. One does show water flowing through the Street , unless you have been and seen you should Refrain from making Accusations.

    The EU is an UN-elected Bureaucratic Body dictating to the Sovereign States within the EU their World View. The EU is in danger of being broken up and with the Advent of BREXIT they are looking for ways to get more money. They are Jealous that by the International Rules that were created by the Big Countries that some small States and that include Barbados have Out Manoeuvred these Big State Blocks in getting Revenue that the EU does Not Control.

    So please let’s put the Picture into Perspective in caring for one individual in Barbados, one has to consider looking at the EU trying to Rip Off our Nation for Taxes that is already Under Water and Drowning. Those are the Real Boulders that will Cause the Floods to Encompass Barbados. Wait until tomorrow after the budget I hope Bajan’s have an Ark ready and waiting!

  17. Freedom Crier

    Ahhh, hmmmm, am I missing something here? You mean to tell me that helping one man peeved you so much that you attack me just because I am in the EU? You would have to speak to the policyholders responsible for their targeting of Small Island Developing States. I have no contact with any of them nor do I care too.

  18. I have nothing to say.
    Well Hal you might have just clean bowl that cricketer and knock the stumps out as well.

  19. Clean bowl?

    Why not ask for her name as well?

    People posting anonymously and you all want ASL. Not a dating service.

  20. “Speak fuhself dont ask me to do your dirty work”

    A very good spin of what I meant.
    Brain cells are multiplying.
    Hope your memory c comes back as well

  21. Yeap my brain cells are functional
    You seem to have a broad nose for sticking your nose where it does not belong.
    In bajan terms mind yuh own business

  22. @ Mariposa

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but was Austin’s question directed to SSS….. and NOT you?

    When you responded to that question with “I have nothing to say.
    Well Hal you might have just clean bowl that cricketer and knock the stumps out as well,”

    ……….don’t you agree that you also stuck your broad nose where it did not belong and should have minded yuh own business as well?

    So why hassle TheO when, just like you, he has a right to express his views.

  23. @ Dearest SSS

    You said earlier “…Surprised that you have not deciphered the code in the poster. Take a go at it. There are hidden messages. A lot of them…”

    I saw the hand(s) the woman’s hand cupping the object, the fingernails of the one hand are those of a woman but am unsure as to what is in it, it has more than five fingers, there is an “eye” in the index finger, i am unsure of the object in the hand

    I therefore am seeing a bird

    I see Pat, her house, the BLACKman’s house and i see the numerous rocks heheheheheheh being tossed at the Parliament Building and I also see the forms heheheheheheheh

    I see the wearer of the white shirts with their face blurred and distorted.

    Given the party’s proportionality i dont think that it is Mugabe

    I see the distinctive eyes in several places in the object in the softer feminine hand.

    That object seems like a man’s hand, a big man rather he has big hands

    I see that you purposely mispelt Talked so that noyone can say you defamed a feller

    I see the seated man with his head separated from his “body?” but that is not a body

    You have lovely fingernails and exquisite hands but then again de ole man

  24. @ my Dearest SSS

    You note that you have attracted the commendations of the Nameless Ones #1 who sarcastically remarks (twice) that you stick to posters and relinquish your verbal licks that you deliver to Mugabe heheheheheh

    Any commentary on this Matter of Mr. Blackman will attract the interest of the poochlickers Nameless Ones #1 and 2

    And of late, particularly at 12.36 Boring Goring, he is learning that you are a strong willed individual while the other one is also entraced by your stunning beauty so he comes and speaks in a nicer tone.

    He was told who you are no doubt

    But not to the other two detractors here

    You have attracted a most unlikely pair in the form of Mariposa aka ***, my badword designation and the erstwhile Sand N** who has taken the name of Freedom Crier

    Your cardinal sin is to have offended a personal friend of both of these ladies so the one comes with her babble bout Blackman ent no engineer like Grenville while de other one incredulously concatenates the European Union, with your employers, and your masters and socialism and your prosecuting this matter, and Socialism and a whole set of botsie

    But then again Dearest SSS whereas you are the essence of Nubian Princess, she is not Nubian nor Arabian princess

    You know when they are vexed because they come and talk pup like de ole man heheheheh

    the rocks have been morphed very craftily, I commend your artist. I can barely make out the letters that spell ***

  25. Hal Austin

    Indeed you are correct, Europe is not exactly Barbados with 11 Parishes. After I tell you which European state I am residing at, then what?


    One can tell that you are not a cricketer, but clearly, you are positioned as always in silly mid-off. Go figure and let my bitch remain dormant. You know our history AC.

    The OGazerts

    AC knows clearly that I have remained dormant towards her and others on here for a long time. To resurrect my mean means that I would harass her ass for months on end as was the case before I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, Remember AC, I am still the SSS, and I have no regard for stinking pooch lickers, especially those who think the DLP remains the best thing since sliced bread. I only respect one licker on here and that is my Puffy. He is sweet.

  26. One more thing Mr Hal Austin

    You have anything to contribute towards Alden Blackman’s concerns besides trying to find out where I am in Europe? You think you can use your vast knowledge and experience to piece together this situation so that the series of events can be made even clearer? Our is your contribution here only meant to cast doubt on create questions on my location such as you have done in the mind of the Mariposa nitwit?


    Pat Brayshaw the British expat, house is within the chain link fence on the left, in 2002 she placed this illegal private botch boulder road within to the middle, along, and across this once natural watercourse, that never overflowed before 2002. The tallest fence pole on the left of picture, mark the blocked middle of the original course, that caused floods flows to redirect over Blackman open back yard causing erosion.



    Mr. Clarke house above, the results of removed upstream rocky edges, where floods flows emerges. that caused the flooding to spread out over the created private road across the course to Blackman’ open back yard and down to the residential area of Clarke’s Road, on the right. In front of Blackman’s house.



    This is Mr. Blackman’s house at top of Clarke’s Road on the right of picture, below the now destroyed watercourse. People just imagine from 2002, the yearly flooding results, I have had to endure.

  28. My Sweet Piece

    hahaha, you are killing me hahaha. Good attempt but you missed a few things. First of all, it seems to me that the rocks are coming from the parliament building and landing in the middle of the road in front of the seated missing a neck man. Not the other way around. As you can see one boulder landed kicking up dust and stones in his face. This represents obstacles, a directive that you are blocked and total disregard and disrespect for you and your concerns. Hence the reason why there is a long road leading to the parliament building and why Alden Blackman has been waiting 15 years for an explanation to the consent given for this rich woman to do what she has done in this watercourse area. The seated man conveys the most meaning. He is waiting to be heard and he is also waiting until he is washed away by the one thing he fears and predicts will happen -waves of water on both sides destroying him and his property. He is also making the point that he will remain on the road path until he reaches parliament and that he is not prepared to get off of it until his last breath. The road that leads from the waves right up to the parliament points to the ones responsible for this mess. They are far removed from it and to ensure that it does not reach them, they have pelt all sorts of shite excuses at him so they can remain distant and he can keep silent. Note that even if the white rich woman behaves like she mek she self, she is not responsible for creating this mess. She is simply taking advantage of the permissions given to her that led to the mess and since consent was granted, she constructed accordingly and the mess followed. That is the reason she is not the main feature in this poster. The images on the left and right of the seated man are his memories. The stone structures on both sides means he is walled in from two fronts of wickedness. DEMBEES. The shaking hands in the water represent a hidden deal but obscured in a way that you are seeing different things coming out and are left up to the imagination. There are no eyes in there unless my boys did not point that out. I never told them to put in any eyes so where are you seeing them eyes again?

  29. David

    The last picture with the house and the man is that Blackman’s house. Also, the well that is sunk in the middle of the water flow going toward what looks like a gully area was that constructed by MTW to capture surface runoff? I need to be clear on all of this because the next ones are in the making.

  30. My Sweet Piece

    Do I seem bothered? Do you sense fear in me? There is more to me than what goes on here. I am only back on BU because Mottley showed some of her rogue-works that she sweetly and skillfully fool a lot of bajans with her fork tongue. Remember, I said I will leave her alone and will not comment until she shows up her shite? After all, she is rogue, and one cannot pretend to be good for too long because the wickedness inside always wants to come out. If Alden Blackman has a legitimate case against a government that consented to wrongdoing, I think it continues to represent what we all know to be true of these two parties. The goal posts are only changed for those who hold the most interest for them. The common man is only good when it matters and that is at election time. As I said, I want to come back home and settle again, but there is so much unfair shite and going on there that we see Barbados paying now for all the lies, cheating, thieving, and deceitfulness that these two political parties have dished out.

  31. @SSS

    What look like a gully, is a rock face where the floods emerges, “the original watercourse ran to left of the well”. that was sunk years later. MTW/Drainage Unit Officers in they haste to accommodate the 2002 altering of the course, by the illegal private road, overlooked the fact, that the course edges were already levelled down to formed an across road, that caused the floods flows spreading over to Blackman open backyard and Clarke’s Road. “No need for a well there then”, edges beyond the well were removed in 2010, worsening the dangerous situation. Mr. Innis at Drainage Unit friend, sunk the well.

  32. Watchman

    Thank you.

    Can you provide Chronology without too much details. FOr example

    -1982 until 2002 no resident has ever complain of flooding from the water course
    -2002 a house was constructed by blah blah
    -2002 six months after concerns were raised blah blah

  33. @SSS

    In 1981 a chattel house was where Blackman backyard is now , a part of the foundation is still there, the course was deep and never overflowed. not even on the day of Carew flood. Blackman rented house spot in1978, built a chattel house,1980-82, started to lived there from 1982, purchased the whole lot in 1997. Most of the houses in Clarke’s Road including Blackman’s is low, and never had a flooding problem until the course edges were levelled down and made road

  34. Dear Ms, SSS Freedom Crier is Not your enemy, my words to you were an Admonition by way of Discomfiting you and even if seemingly harsh was in no way meant to be Condemning. You see Freedom expected a higher standard from you as reading your Stance on Race Previously and was taken aback to see you Pen an Article and to get your point across by using Race and Class to make your points.

    Why I drew the Comparison of The EU was to pull your attention to the understanding that Executive Taxation no matter by who, is Thievery…and in this same vein used the Boulders in Reese Road as the Symbolism of Taxation that if unchecked will allow when the Torrents come and the Floods encompass us that we will surely Perish.

    So please except what I said as a Principle especially examining ourselves and the Glass Houses we Live in before throwing Boulders.

    You see SSS Freedom will rather Walk alone and often does, than to Court those Going in the wrong Direction.

    @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right
    March 20, 2019 1:42 AM

    “We are doomed by man’s hypocrisy and self righteousness”

    To that I agree and yours is on Display for all to See.

    The Problem is Mr. Pieces you obtain favour by using others to win their applause to Deflect away from your third party Socialist Utopia even if it means siding with an outright Racist as in 555DubSteet AKA KIKI and appeasing a Bright Woman like SSS by making Derogatory remarks about Freedom Crier to do so.

    Even if unrealized because of you lack of understanding of the Perils of Socialism you seek for Power and Control even if it mean the Demise of others by Propping up and Advocating a Failed System as long as you put in place people who you think would help you accomplish your end Goals as in ‘the end justifies the means’…I have asked you more than once what Policies that keep our Nation In Economic and other forms of Servitude would you change? You’re Response “Crickets followed by Insults”!

    I can understand when you are out of your Depth as you describe Socialism to SSS as [“Socialism and a whole set of botsie”] Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right March 20, 2019 1:07 AM

    So Mr. Pieces I actually feel sorry for you that in all your acquiring of knowledge you have not gained UNDERSTANDUING of what Socialism really is and that it is Communism with Patience.

    Your inflated Ego, Hypocrisy and Self-righteousness will not allow you to see and you prefer to Sacrifice a Nation rather than to Learn how to avoid its Pitfalls.

    I have been ringing the Alarm Bell for a few years now about the Threat Against Individual Sovereignty by the Ideology of the Herd Mentality [Socialism]. The Cost of Freedom is not Free it comes at a High Price, it calls for the Engagement of the Individual and all Citizenry to Guard Against those who Seek to Degrade, Compromise and Take away Our Freedom.

    Freedom Criers Spouse, “You know how Absurd Freedom must Sound to those who are Comfortable in Slavery?”

    Here is one of my Favourite Quotes by Harriette Tubman… “I Freed A Thousand Slaves and Could Have Freed A Thousand More, if Only They Knew They Were Slaves!

    Voluntary Servitude is one Without Physical Chains.

  35. Watchman

    Gotcha. It would be good if you can get others testifying to no floods prior to 2002. The more persons who can attest to this fact the more viable is the case against the government for permitting this woman to do the unjustifiable. I am not at all interest in what this woman has done. What I am interested in is the persons who consented to her doing what she did. Those are the main culprits and criminals in this case. The woman in my eyes is innocent regardless if her behaviour is not. If her money was the influence then the government are the ones who committed a crime since they said it was illegal to encroach on the watercourse but still allowed additional work to be carried out. The government must rectify the problem they created by retrofitting the watercourse with engineering solutions. I think that is the ultimate solution and not bringing this woman to Christian feelings. Do you agree?

  36. Freedom Crier

    Clear! However, provide, with comments, where Race was my main front runner. On here I have condemned, while at the same time defending those whites who exhibit not a single thread of racism. That was my stance but yet I tear a new a-hole into the whites in Barbados who are closet racist and at times show clearly that they are. I condemn racism and I hate racist, with a passion. if you want me to start a protest against former White Colonial masters in the form of the unjust EU sanctions, ask me to, and I certainly will, but only if Barbados is not part and parcel of what they accuse the island of doing.

  37. Robert Goern

    Who nominated you to be the official Umpire
    Watch there is a spinner heading towards your way.
    Ouch !

  38. @ Freedom Crier

    I personally do not know you but I know if you from former employees at both place that you ran 10 years ago

    I take insult over your use and abuse of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman when I recall the treatment you and hubbie meted our on people like me, Tubman and Douglass

    You should never use their names to prop up your anti socialist crap.

    I get you point about freeloaders, I get your point about taxing the rich disordinately to feed freeloaders but I have a belief that to whom much is given much is expected

    For your knowledge I, while I believe fiercely in repatriation DO NOT HOLD THE OPINION THAT CASH IS THE ANSWER, at least not in the conventional sense that is being bandied about

    But there is a place for eclecticism where capitalist practices and socialist policies can coexist for the benefit of all God’s creatures

    I don’t do rants when it comes to people’s lives

    I however understand human nature very well and can emote policies or actions that I verily believe are in keeping with Worshiping my God

  39. @SSS

    You have anything to contribute towards Alden Blackman’s concerns besides trying to find out where I am in Europe? You think you can use your vast knowledge and experience to piece together this situation so that the series of events can be made even clearer? Our is your contribution here only meant to cast doubt on create questions on my location such as you have done in the mind of the Mariposa nitwit?(Quote)

    In reply to your first point, let us crowd-fund a legal challenge to the council-estate white woman and a judicial review of the Town and Country Planning. Also let Symmonds know that he is unlikely to be re-elected.
    On the substantive point of where you live, there are 500m people in the EU.

  40. @ SSS

    Even the US has Low Tax Areas doing the same things that we in Barbados are doing but they wouldn’t say anything about that. To give a practical Example of how money flows, Texas and Florida are no Income Tax States and they are gaining Population Growth by People moving from the Higher Tax States to Lower Tax States. This means that people move their money to Lower Tax Areas. Why should you work to give Government more money than they already get? Their Appetite for what is not theirs is Insatiable. They will take anything under the Guise of Law and not what is Right or Morally Right but what they want using the Heavy hand of the Law.

    Fast Forward to Today…New Laws have been introduced Recently in Barbados concerning Civil Asset Forfeiture that will require no proof to make the accusation to take a man’s property, under the penalty of law this cannot be right…You must prove a man guilty before he is guilty and what they have not told you is that they may take under the law all your family’s Properties and Assets all by mere accusations.

    They have turned our Juris Prudence upside Down making the accused guilty before he is found guilty. This Law being Asset Forfeiture the Government is under no Obligation to prove you Guilty to take everything that you and your family own. That is like Saying, “We know Stuartie Tief so let’s lock him up, teck everything he and he family got and tell him prove that we wrong”, with no money to hire a Lawyer.

    This is not the Rule of Law this is the Rule of Dictators. If you Know that Stuartie Tief prove it in a court of law and then lock him up if he is guilty and if you do not have the proof SHUT UP and leave your innuendo for when you are on the Campaign Trail!

    Here our Government is Guilty of wanting to extract money from someone who has not been proven Guilty in a Similar Vein to what the EU is doing to the Caribbean Countries. We must Resist all efforts to make our Citizens Guilty of anything without the Burden of Proof and the Guilty Judgement first, that is our Heritage that is our Constitution that is our Culture and that is our Juris Prudence. The Subversion of that is a MONSTROUS CRIME that will Subvert the Very Rule of Law by the IMPOSITION of an UNJUST LAW.


  41. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine,

    The boulders that were placed in the watercourse and the road that was built on top of and adjacent to the boulders caused the

    PROBLEM of increased flooding that potentially endangers the life of Mr. Blackman and others in Clarkes road.

    PRIME MINISTER MIA AMOR MOTTLEY did not create this problem but she has the POWER to solve it.

    She can instruct the Minister and the Minister in the ministry and the consultant and the others needed to ” hold the ladder and screw in the light bulb”

  42. @SSS

    People of Clarkes road testified to MP Kerrie Symmonds in 2008,2013, 2018.what does he care about a Poor Barbadian Black man and Black Barbadian Residents, 2023 is far away.

    Town and Country Planning have nothing to do with this. From 2004 this case lies with MTW,CTO Thornhill and or DCTO Philip Tudor, who simply escalated they unfairness from 2008 to 2018 to a Poor Barbadian Black man, who happened to be Alden Blackman. Its a part of they job, to unfair who they think is poor and defenseless.

  43. Hants

    Mia Amor Mottley, the first lady Prime Minister of Barbados did not create this problem but she is certainly condoning it by her inaction. She and her party condone it when it started under their watch and she and her party aided and abetted in it when those senior civil servants gave consent towards the construction of the road. According to Alden Blackman, he did not start complaining today or yesterday; he was complaining the moment that the white rich woman decided to build an access road under what can only be the advice of the Ministry of Transport and Works, since they approved it, endorsed it, and let it continue up to this day. Either there knew that doing so would have caused flooding in Clarke’s Road or they willfully ignored that under directives from on high or due to money being passed. The Watchman said he has not heard from the Prime Minister since she won the elections, so I am assuming that he was hearing from her before she won the election. The watchman would have to verify that. Therefore, I cannot exonerate Rogue-Works from this matter. She is an accessory to this unjust act by the association of knowing, and not doing.

  44. Almost every BLP MP included the PM knows about this Watercourse. from next Week they will be reminded every two days

  45. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine,

    PRIME MINISTER MIA AMOR MOTTLEY has the POWER to solve the PROBLEM whether she ” is certainly condoning it by her inaction.”

    The point of this discussion is to PERSUADE Prime Minister MIA AMOR MOTTLEY to SOLVE the PROBLEM.

    All “roads” ultimately lead to the PM .

  46. Hants

    What type of persuasion, more than what Mr Blackman has done so far, would be necessary to get her to come to the aid of a son of the soil? He has written letters; he has brought his matter to social media after they gave him the silent treatment; he has turned to the press; and as the cycle of the same thing comes around to yet another BLP elected government, 15 years has past and he is still trying to persuade using the same mediums. Sounds to me like this matter and Mr Alden Blackman has become persona non grata because he took the highway towards public domain and the politics of vengeance is playing out in his case. Maybe you can suggest a more amicable course of action that would persuade the newly elected Prime Minister to give this small matter her attention, since all roads, rather good or bad, bumpy or smooth, legal or illegal, leads to her.

  47. Hal Austin

    Thanks to your first point
    The second, then if there are so many people in Europe, where I am in Europe is of no importance then. Let us simply leave it at that.

  48. Freedom Crier

    We are talking about Europe so what the US does is not of any interest here. Provide examples of other European states that are doing what Barbados is doing. My point, which I will reiterate again, is that as long as you function as a dependent, as long as you require and get EU aid, you must sing to the tune that piper plays. Barbados is not in any position to tell the EU to kiss where the sun does not shine. And I certainly cannot make a difference in their big headed decisions being a non significant antagonist without numbers.

  49. Not pick a noise specialist but certainly suck-a-pooch heheheheh

    How is your lower lip healing from the load Mugabe is dropping in the HoA?

    You better had vo back to your job


    I ent even listening to de pop causing de newspapers and Barbados Underground going distill de pup for me

    I heah wukking wid de grandson pun dis ting fuh Friday

    Hold strain Nameless Ones Number #1, your reward comes soon

  50. @ My Dearest SSS

    Go to the site or net do ole MSN forgets which one

    And download the free version of xmind.

    It will permit you to do a timeline, either vertical or horizontally for Alden.

    A wishbone would be too condensed.

    Watch all of dem gather to that site now heheheh

    David I see that you are using the other site alot nowadays.

    While I dont like how you got it, of late I am loving what you are doing more proactively here on BU.

    I will try to create one or two of those things specifically in the way you preferred and will send soonest

    Just really busy recently

  51. @ Dearest SSS

    You asked brother Hants the following question

    “…What type of persuasion, more than what Mr Blackman has done so far, would be necessary to get her to come to the aid of a son of the soil? …?

    May I answer you my Dearest?

    Go to the records of the Immigration Department and do a records check for the naturalization of Zarina ***

    That should not be a hard thing to do.

    Ask your local people to use their contacts to trace back the details of the applicant, the referrals, the lawyer who submitted the form, the officer who approved the application, the expedited time for ghd approval, where she worked AFTER THE APPROVAL, the type of home the Immigration Officer who approved the application lives in, their salary, the state of their mortgage…

    Are you with me darling?


    This is why Rawdone has been inserted in the mechanism because Leighton cannot grace the code.

    And this is why all the records are bring digitized, because the evidence that exists now.



  52. My Sweet Piece

    You are dangerous and so am I. Wait until you see the next poster because it is suggestive of the very same thing you mentioned in your above post. Traceability will reveal a lot relative to this case. I would like also to know if she was a regular visitor to the island before she decided to settle on the rock. What association prior to her decision did she have with political figures? I am going to help Mr Blackman with painting the pictured scenario, but he must provide valuable details such as verifications from more people relative to no flooding in Clarke’s Gap until the illegal encroachment. Pictures showing the before and after would be good so that the case can expose the government’s hand as criminal in this matter because the law was broken by their decision. I am not interested in this white woman at all. You get my drift. She will become the focus when the government removes the obstacles or rectify it by engineering inputs.

  53. The boulders and the tar road built in the watercourse created the flooding experienced after 2002.

    I hope that PRIME MINISTER MIA AMOR MOTTLEY will use her POWER to instruct Dr. Hon. William Duguid to do good.

  54. @ My dearest SSS

    this morning de ole man spoke to a colleague in arms

    I tired to tell her that this cannot be a war fought about simple issues and self ELSE WE WILL BADWORD LOSE!

    Almost every one here has bee unfaired by or knows someone who has been unfaired by these vagabonds. If we get bogged down by the single incidences THEN PEOPLE GOING SEE IT AND IGNORE IT, cause it is all about you!

    You have to give facts and show people details and slowly what they recognise is that your evidence exposes ALL THE DETAILS for them to see

    People doan like de ole man cause every badword ting dat i talk I GOTS PROOF OF IT, I got hardcopy.

    Once a fellow can come and show specific verifiable information den you gone clear

    This is not about ranting and raving about the same thing over and over again, this is about factual information.

    e.g. the Chief Immigration Officer X, who earned Y was able to acquire 4 cars for each chile, send all 4 to Englant, buy 4 houses and an apartment building in St Thomas, and he got an outside woman with 2 pickni who he sending to St Ursulas

    But he only earning $y!!!

    After a while, these verifiable reports become something that the voting public want to know why de Commissioner of Police or de DPP or de AG or whomever is not investigating!!

    And there is where I will put my efforts Dearest in anonymizing information and Using technology to broadcast that information

    You feeling me my dear?

  55. I feeling you babes. I feeling you all the way. So more than likely we can apply the same scenario to MTW posse and determine what changed their minds from an illegal encroachment to one that is now legal for 15 years. We need also to throw in Hudson in the mix because more than likely, he received several X’s and a few Os to go along with what he already got free. Should Kerry Symmonds be thrown in there as well. Or is he basically covering for his fellow BLP colleague whom he might have known received X’s and Os? Where does Granville fit into all of this with his recent disclosure on Clarke’s Road? Does the dots go all the way up to him as well? This will make for a very nice sequence of events.

  56. My Dearest SSS

    From the time that Watchman and Blackman have been prosecuting this matter with any minister i would include that person in the chart

    as i would have mentioned go to and download the free version or the paid version of the software

    Time is against me but a mockup of their matter would carry NAMES OF THE MINISTERs, and the CTO and the DTCO, their pictures and dates of meetings.


    Then export the output to a png and post it to imgur

    The facts speak for themselves for the people who are going to receive these documents

    Then what you have to do is the presentation

    People have a short attention span so de grandson like to give them fancy stuff dat does catch dem attention

    So say like your picture above, de grandson would brek dat out into a storyboard with 6 panels, 6-8 seconds each, MAXIMUM of 10 words on a panel REMEMBER THAT YOU DEALING WITH SHEEPLE more sheeple than people and just tell the story

    Do not fool yourself about this campaign

    People are coming to the BU site and following the articles

    Observe how the new Honourable Blogmaster now is adjusting most of his stories to carry a graphic of a particular size at the top of most stories?

    You think that it is not noticed how you doing your thing?

    Look at the transparencies one time his images were just one picture but, just the other day when he was featuring Santia Bradsahw did you not notice the Cancer Emblem in solidarity with all women (people) who suffer from cancer and her image in the background

    The numbers are telling him that the site is expanding in its reach

    People want to hear and see the truth SSS, they want to get the messages straight up without all the flax so do your ting

    Your images are works of art.

    You are a lady, and therefore NOT BEING CHAUVANIST HERE, when you say a fellow is a pooch licker, even Nameless Ones # 1 and #2 sit back and absorb that insult like sugar.

    When I or any other male on the Mugabe dissent team say it, dem does come to lik we up and tell we bout be muddah, and how we want suing, or we want kicking in we head, or we is treators, or seditionists, and we want killing, or dat we ent got nutting to do in we retirement, and how we need we tablets, and how de Aluminum too tight bout we head and all sorts uh tings

    So you go “high” and de ole man and me granson gine remain heah in de gutter wid dem in guerilla warfare stance heheheheheh

  57. Lol. You are hilarious

    I hope people can connect the dots. I am not into all those fancy sites you mentioned. I believe my graphics boys got all them things at their disposal since we pay big bucks for graphics software and other stuff. That is not my forte. I just provide the concepts, show them the pictures and how I want them and they just sliced them together to produce these things. It’s amazing how fast they can do it. So I am going to get them to do a timeline.


    That is why I ask Watchman for a few more pics. The ones he sent is basically highlighting the flood. I need pics for a before and after effect. as well as those flood pics. I need pics showing Mr Blackman’s house before the guard wall and then after the guard wall. I need pics showing me how the road, passage whatever it is called before the road and boulders where place. Watchman if you read this I need this info asap. If there are other names besides the names mentioned in your write up I would like those as well. This will take some time to put together because it must be factual as possible showing when things happened so logical conclusions can be drawn. At the moment there is no proof to link the white rich woman to paying any bribes to senior civil servants or even ministers. But this is Barbados and we know that money does talk loud amongst these people who say they are not corrupt. So Watchman, can you provide what I am asking for?

  58. I just provide the concepts, show them the pictures and how I want them and they just sliced them together to produce these things.

    Why you done leave the men do the people wuk?

  59. When you are finished with the documents My Dearest SSS send the pdfs to me.

    I will get my grandson to do a lil something with the items to spruce it up.

    De boy got a lil talent heheheh

    Get my new address from the new Honourable Blogmaster

    Write me there and we will do the usual things so that you know that it is me and I know that it is you with one new addition

    De fellers real frighten bout we hooking up again heheheh

    So we have to be careful

    Get a second phone and install Telegram

    Once you install it and it recognises the Telegram disable the SIM card by putting a code on it and bypassing it when it asks for the code.

    Once you are up and running we will communicate there

    There is much to show you

    But the preliminary steps need to be done

  60. Dullard

    Those men work for me and are more than happy to help me out with graphics. After all, I am their boss and they know with me their times are flexed. Right now I am in a hotel in Switzerland, and they are out in the field taking plenty of photos for a client to whom I am to meet tomorrow morning for a breakfast meeting. In 4 hours we will sit down together tonight in the lounge and put together a concept for a presentation tomorrow morning. We all know our stuff and are highly professional. No bluffers and powder puff sweet talkers. Get it?

    My Sweet Piece

    Will get back to you shortly

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