Follow the Witnesses Trevor Browne!

The following was posted to the Unionists BEWARE! blog on the 8the December 2018.

Caswell Franklyn
A prison officer was caught stealing diesel from the prison. He is now suspended pending his own trial and now he is one of the persons accusing Browne of maliciously endeavouring him away from his duty. Another is a female prison officer who married a former inmate. Her case is pending for years. It is a dismissible offence for a prison officer to associate with former prisoners.

At present, I do not know what the prison authorities have holding over the heads of the other two but I am certain that they did not report this matter of their own free will.

Browne is charged for allegedly inciting prison officers away from their duty. But why is no one being charged for impregnating a Jamaican prisoner. I suppose that the woman, now safely back in Jamaica, would keep quiet while the blackmail money continues to flow.

Wade Gibbons
Wade Gibbons Caswell Franklyn I remember the prison officer ‘lady’ very well….covered that situation years ago when she got impregnated by an inmate, married him on his release from jail, all contrary to the Prison Act, and still kept her job. She is not a credible witness and if the others are cut from the same cloth Browne has nothing to worry about. Apart from being Judases, this must be their way of currying favour from the authorities to remain in the system. And then Bajans have to be subjected to people in suits sitting down around a table in parliament [remove yourself from that bogus gathering, CF] on some select committee talking cnut about corruption in Barbados. Lilliput is alive and well!

Although the blogmaster is pleased to read of Trevor Browne release from prison on $1,000.00 bail the circumstances surrounding his incarceration remains a concern. His matter was adjourned until 18 February. Something smells rotten in Denmark. This is a brief comment is to remind all parties- including the DPP and AG- that Barbados is a nation of laws!

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  • @Bush Tea

    You need to stop!

    Praising people for taking a principled stand?

    Where is the logic in it.


  • LOL @ David
    Is that an order…?

    Have you ever checked a gardener who just cut a lawn?
    …after brutalising the grass – both good grass and weeds – with the whacker,
    one is able to look back at the nice lawn with admiration…

    Of course you done KNOW that some shiite devil grass ( Maripoka Cynodon dactylon)
    will quickly raise its brass bowl head to spoil the perfect picture….
    But the whacker is always ready and waiting…
    ha ha ha


  • caswell,

    What you say makes perfect sense and though I don’t have your insider knowledge what I do know is human nature. A military man would obviously carry his military style into his non-military workplace. The reports I have read from the beginning of his tenure clearly confirm this.

    My foolish questions are –

    Why is no-one being held to account for ignoring the orders of the Court?


    Why should the boys on the block that get sent up to Dodds respect authority?


    Why should the prison officers respect authority?

    If Gabriel wants to speak about anarchy he should speak to that.


    There are many others like us. They just need to be activated.


  • Redguard,

    Aren’t you capable of following through on your suggestions?

    Just asking!


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