• Here is the submission again

    @ the Author of this Piece

    Periodically Mr Hal Austin speaks out about investigative journalism, OR THE LACK THEREOF, in Barbados

    Just as a matter of passing interest de ole man would just wish to know if you Honourable Blogmaster, has made any outreaches to any of the 3 substantive parties herein referenced.

    For example did you try to speak to Derek Alleyne the former? garrulous director? of the Commission?

    Or Mr Cummins? the man whose qualifications are in questions like the PPK Slimeball’s are?

    Maybe even made a call to Ralph Thorne?

    Whu, after all, this article has shed some uncomfortable light on Mr Thorne the Honourable MP WHOM MIA HAS MADE IT HER BUSINESS NOT TO GIVE HIM A PORTFOLIO!!!

    Hmmmmm de ole man wonders why not?

    Mottley gave Kerrie Simmonds, the man who was so proud of his philandering in the Pine, the Ministry of Toruism AND HE IS NO QC!

    She gives Dale Marshall a Ministry even though he is embroiled in that Ermine Atwell estate thing!!!

    She gives George Payne a Ministry, AND MAKES HIM DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER heheheheh and he is neck deep in that estate thing.

    She makes Eddie Hinkson (the purported Whore House Muff Diver) Minister!

    But she does not give Ralph a Ministry?

    Why is that?

    Could it be that Kerrie “Ratted” on RALPH, oh dear, is there no honour among thieves?

    But these are all Honourable Men…


  • Tried 3 times t post it but no success heheheheheheh


  • Tinkering with the plant to produce more THC and less CBD has an agenda.
    BE ADMONISHED….video @ 25:00


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