The Grenville Phillips Column – The Road to Hell

As a teenager visiting the Plaza cinema to watch Kung Fu movies, there was always at least one unruly person who put his feet on the chair in front of him and behaved badly. During those times, I would wonder where the adults were.

I remember promising myself that when I reached 30 years of age, I would be the adult whom I expected to intervene. Since reaching that milestone, I have tried to keep that promise in defense of others. It is one of the reasons why I entered politics, and is the main reason why I write these weekly articles.

During my career, I have witnessed much wickedness in high places. The level of corruption is so shocking that anyone reading about it could not be faulted for concluding that it was fiction.

In 1995, Transparency International (TI) published their first Corruption Perceptions Index report, which exposed the extent of corruption globally. They published their second report in 1996. The Caribbean was not included in these early reports, but it was only a matter of time before TI would focus on the Caribbean.

In an act of pure coincidence, in 1997 our parliamentarians effectively discouraged any public discussion of corruption by passing the Defamation Act. Under this act, anyone who revealed genuine cases of corruption, with incontrovertible evidence, could be found guilty of defamation and punished accordingly. However, the Act protects politicians if they talked about it in parliament.

Not long ago, I attended a committee meeting of a statutory corporation, where some members were formally discussing giving a no-bid contract to a contractor. I stated that what they were proposing was corruption. There was a very heated exchange – the fellow actually rose to his feet to fight me. They seemed completely unaware of what corruption actually was, but were highly offended at being associated with it.
The corrupt operate in the secret political economy, which is normally exclusively reserved for political supporters in exchange for bribes. The way of corruption is for Ministers to instruct that no-bid contracts should be awarded to specific companies.
Inexperienced Ministers tend to deceive themselves by their good intentions. They tend to stumble onto the path of corruption by trying to justify allowing no-bid contracts. The current BLP administration has many inexperienced Ministers just waiting to stumble, and I am trying my best to prevent them from falling.
A root cause of our economic problems is the corrupting practise of Ministers directing no-bid contracts. The DLP made themselves highly offensive with that deplorable practise over the past decade. Shockingly, the BLP appear to be carrying on where the DLP left off, but in an even more brazen manner, as if that were even possible.
Last week, many BLP parliamentarians delighted their supporters by accusing the last DLP administration of gross corruption. Ironically, during the same week, the BLP appeared to play the hypocrite by announcing several major no-bid contracts, and they had the gall to boast about it. No! No! No! No! No! and ten thousand times No! We simply cannot go down that road again. All of this austerity cannot be in vain.
Has the BLP learnt nothing from the DLP’s unconscionable behaviour? Why is the government persisting, even more brazenly, with this corrupting political economy? Why is the government intentionally disqualifying competent companies from tendering for tax-payer funded projects? Why is the government shielding politically favoured companies from competing? Are the Ministers aware that when they give no-bid contracts, the public tends to pay many times over for the resulting bad work and bad advice?
Let me write directly to the BLP’s inexperienced parliamentarians. We have been here many times before. We are sick of the ‘good intentions’ excuses that have been used to justify keeping a political economy for the exclusive use of the Party’s politically protected companies. The end never justifies the corrupting means – ever.
I implore you to reject the political economy and the way of the corrupting no-bid contracts. Those who go down that road rarely find their way back, since they sell their souls to the master corrupter who will not easily let them go. Expect some political supporters to demand their pre-paid share of the political economy from you.
They will pressure you to award them no-bid contracts with the typical excuse of urgency. Once you have been tricked into starting down that dark road, the nation will suffer. Companies who bully their way to the trough of the political economy, knowingly disqualify the most competent companies from tendering on government contracts. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
You will also be pressured into believing that it is specialist work that only they can do. Unless they own the patent, or have an exclusive-use contract for the technology, then that is a well-worn lie from the very pit of hell. Why not challenge their ridiculous assertion by allowing a competitive tender? What is the possible benefit to yourselves or the country of disqualifying the country’s most competent companies from tendering? I expect an answer to this question from each of you.
There is no right way to do wrong things, and giving no-bid major contracts is definitely wrong. Further, giving no-bid contracts in a depressed economy is so far beyond wrong as to qualify as satanic.

I implore you, repent of this evil and do right things. In your manifesto, every one of you promised, on your sacred honour, that you would provide a Contractor General to review government contracts and those of State Owned Enterprises. You have had enough time to establish this critical post, yet you have failed to do so. What happened? Was this another initiative that must be a sacrificed casualty of the unnecessary BERT austerity plan? Have you even read that secret plan?

Your options are simple. Either repent and terminate those corrupting no-bid contracts and allow a fair tender process, or be deceived with your ‘good intentions’ and continue down the road to hell.


Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

276 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – The Road to Hell

  1. “WARU is cut from the same cloth as the lawyers and politicians she rails against. WARU introduced the source off funds to the argument in a poor attempt to suggest a larger conspiracy involving the IDB.”

    Now this is called IGNORANCE..ya should be damn glad ya have someone on BU who can think just like ya scum lawyers and ministers….there is a STARK difference between myself and whom you mentioned….I DO NOT ROB BAJANS, I don’t rob the elderly either…but they all do…so watch when ya are comparing..

    IDB is a BANK…giving loans to GOVERNMENTS…as NEEDED….they only issue LOANS that are REQUESTED and they fully expect the money to be USED as APPLIED FOR…so where is the “larger conspiracy involving IDB” in that…it is all in ya HEAD….

    Whether the loan is from IDB, ABC or GGG….both DLP government and Innotech NEEDED LOANS to get that project off the ground, they could not begin to start the project WITHOUT LOANS, no matter their corrupt intent…

    ..ah hope the grown idiots on BU understand that now…

  2. “If politicians and public figures are to be held accountable then their actions and decisions must be judged on the merits and not on some personal vendetta or crusade.”

    And just where were you all the years that the MORE SERIOUS AMONG US have been tirekessly exposing these many wrong doings by both governments, the scum lawyers and the corrupt business people.., we have been consistently saying the same things, no deviation…while being attacked by jackasses like yaself,.

    so who are you to decide who has personal vendetta and who is on a crusade, without incontrovertible EVIDENCE…. …deal with the issues AT HAND….not focus on the messengers…. like those who are NOT SERIOUS on BU.

    ….we know who they are, they live to pick at petty shit and tell themselves they are doing something of vast importance when all they succeed in doing is making themselves look mentally ill…you fit in well.

  3. “@ Artax
    Don’t allow your disdain for WARU over wunna different styles to lead to ridiculous arguments. It is a damn SCAM. Who gives a shit where the funds came from?”

    I don’t under the logic in any of that…it does not matter the loan was from IDB…it was a damn LOAN…that has to ne the same FOOLS…who think WHERE the loan came from really matters.

    Ah cant believe grown ass people can be that petty.

  4. “Now the BLP has taken control, …and they have taken a SHIITE approach to the situation
    – by trying to negotiate with these damn criminals.
    What they SHOULD have done is to have PROSECUTED the scamps – and have them scrambling to offer to reverse the criminality in exchange for leniency….like the Americans did with ICB.”

    That is incontrovertible EVIDENCE that the BLP government is WEAK…they only have killer instinct for the vulnerable population who elected them.

    …..from the time Marshall and Mia came online gushing about that same contract…they should have had the Innotech CROOKS hauled before the courts with that corrupt scam contract and not given another dime of taxpayer’s money.

    But they are just as weak as their yardfowls…no depth, no substance.

  5. This govt is notorious for not paying it local obligations
    Now to here people proposing or indicating that the debt owed is because of past govt is ludicrous
    Govt is a continuum and when a new govt takes office good and bad goes along
    Hence was the case with the Al Barrack issue and the new govt of the day had to make good on the court order to pay Barrack which had balloned into the millions because of interest

  6. BTW..Enuff in Wonderland, Prescott is a MINISTER and not a candidate, ah had to find that out for meself, yardfowl ya ain’t no help at all..always ready to jump at Roleric

    So why is Prescott, minister of government, director of Prestige Printing & Trading getting the contract for doing the job of the Government Printery.., who hired employees for years….

    .,,..will those employees find jobs at the minister’s new business??…

    ….why is that business being diverted to a sitting minister’s pockets..ya see the scam here, the conflict of interest..??.

    The optics here is…public funds being FUNNELED to a minister……

    How many other such scams will be developed for sitting ministers going forward, DIVERTING PUBLIC FUNDS to ministers??

    That is what should occupy ya waking moments…not if a, b or c was the lender.

  7. This govt is playing fast and loose with the health of it’s citizens
    By law a person or group has a right to retrieve its property because of nonpayment
    This issue can cause a stalemate between govt and Innotech having the people caught in the middle
    Yesterday Abrhams retort was one to villify Innotech unfairly
    This govt did not stand up to the international financial institutions out of fear of not being able to get a loan and took what ever measures necessary for repayment even to the detriment of causing pain and suffering on the people along with passing law which compound increasing pressure on retirees acess to their investment savings
    Yesterday outlandish outburst of drivel coming out of the mouth of Abraham brings home the insensitive nature of this govt and a dont carish attitude in the way they plan on resolving outstanding debt to local investors

  8. @Robert Goren,

    You can re-negotiate debt, that happens every day, but you cannot order a creditor to a meeting to discuss a reduction in repayment. If this were the case, then why do we have so many mortgage repossessions when all the borrower has to do is plead poverty? A good debt adviser will write to the creditor explaining the situation the client is in and ask to renegotiate. This is allowed under consumer protection legislation, not contract law.
    There is a difference between pleading with a creditor and ordering a creditor to a meeting to discuss a reduction. after taking an arbitrary decision to default on payments.. You cannot be wrong and strong. But this is Barbados.

  9. More info on the IDB loan…the loan was given to fix the BWA infrastructue and the loan LIFE was from 2009. to 2013….

    Innotech apparently got a loan from an offshore company, UCC Incorporated in 2010 A Turks & Caicos company. ..

    Innotech is a shell company…99% St. Lucian owned. 1% owned by the DaSilvas in Barbados….this is a scam company

    December 3, 2009
    Barbados to improve water resources management, agricultural health and food safety standards with new IDB loans for US$70 million
    The Inter-American Development Bank approved two loans for a total of US$70 million for Barbados. The first loan seeks to improve the management and sustainability of its water resources, and the second loan aims to strengthen its agricultural health and food safety standards.

    Both operations are expected to benefit the local population and the island’s crucial tourism industry.

    The IDB recently confirmed its strong support to the Government of Barbados with the announcement of a new Country Strategy for 2009-2013”

  10. Then there is the other news source…

    “At the beginning of January, our own CBC was saying that the BWA had previously announced it was hoping to source funds from financial institutions, and possibly from the Caribbean Development Bank to build a new 40 million dollar headquarters for the Barbados Water Authority.

    My information is that the source of that financing is NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    My DLP friend says that Despite the high level of liquidity in the Barbados banking system the project is a PFI – Private Financing Initiative. Innotech Services Limited is financing the project with offshore money by the Unitrident Capital Corporation. (UCC)”

  11. How the hell Michael Lashley et al…allowed Innotech to MAKE THEM TENANTS…while taxpayer’s dollars is in the build….

    …where is the logic?

    how does crap like that happen, maybe yardfowls can explain, am sure it make sense to them.

  12. Guess what folks..yall asses are definitely going to lose that will end up being sold to Canada o someone else…just like SOL….but this time, the water is yours, but ya will miss it when it’s gone.

    …..if ya think ya THIRSTY NOW…JUST WAIT…

    tick tock…

    yall are squatters..

  13. Jeff,

    “Under this act, anyone who revealed genuine cases of corruption, with incontrovertible evidence, could be found guilty of defamation and punished accordingly. However, the Act protects politicians if they talked about it in parliament* (Grenville Phillips Column)

    “I will say it again, Grenville needs a legal advisor, and not only to serve as AG in any unlikely Cabinet of his. If there is incontrovertible evidence of the imputation made, the defense of justification will absolve any defendant in a defamation action ,And there are defenses even to criminal libel-” (Your response)

    The defence of comment and the defence of privilege (whether absolute or qualified) shall extend to a prosecution for criminal libel as they respectively extend to an action for defamation. (Defamation Act I presume)

    Look Jeff, if he cannot afford a legal advisor he could hire me real cheap, because even I could have told him that his comments were ludicrous. The only place that conclusion could have made sense is in Wonderland with Alice, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare at the tea table.


  14. Everyone makes little mistakes. It is always better to admit them. Wuh if Grenville can prove my last post wrong I will admit it. But if the Defamation Act is written in such a way as to disadvantage somebody who has INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence then Barbados is not just a failed state. It is Wonderland.

    But Bushie has valid points. Waru’s final assessment was correct. The BWU fiasco was a scam from the beginning. No matter what the means, the ends were the same.

    Also he is right about the reality on the ground being different from the laws written because they are probably not being correctly applied. That however does not mean that the law allows it but that the persons responsible for administering the law allow it.

    And finally, I was about to post that if criminal acts were committed in the pursuance of the BWA deal then a renegotiation would be a luxury for the perpetrators. Bribery of government officials is criminal, is it not? But Bushie beat me to it.

    That was a good whacking!

  15. @ Redguard
    …the spat between Artax and WARU is not so trivial and is indicative of a larger issue played out constantly on this forum
    Artax argues using evidence, WARU argues with a preconceived agenda and will twist facts or create them if needed. WARU is cut from the same cloth as the lawyers and politicians she rails against.
    Good point.
    However it takes all kinds to make an effective movement.
    Artax is unbelievable with facts and details, but when it comes to EMOTIONALLY leading change, it is mostly persons of the ilk of WARU (with all her hyperbole) that gets the brass bowl masses moving.
    These two actually COMPLIMENT each other.
    So the bickering (while fun at most times) is not mostly helpful.
    The IDEAL response from Artax would be to nicely point out the FACTS ….and WARU should appreciate the support – and move on… instead of spending so much time trying to justify THEIR own particular slant.

    @ David
    you agree the government has grounds to call Innotech to the table?
    Bushie agrees that the Government has grounds to prosecute MANY persons – at innotech, in the BWA – and in the Public service
    Who HAD to break our LAWS in order to allow this scam.
    That is…
    But we all know that they DON’T, and CAN’T …. because THEY have too many skeletons in their OWN closets.

    This explains our dilemma….

  16. LONG ago Bushie pointed out that the COMMON DENOMINATOR in all this BDLP corruption HAS to be in the Public Service.
    Who do you think advises the ministers about what is the ‘best path to take”?
    These are the SAME people who advised the last lot.
    …and this lot before them…

    What advice do you think would be given by someone who has FULL knowledge of what transpired with Dodds and the Barrack scams, etc to someone who has to make decisions about prosecuting the BWA scam?
    …and what advice do you think they gave to the DLP idiots in terms of the ‘arrangement’ with innotech?

    “Man this is what *** did and this is how it was done…. so you can do it too.”
    So who will they prosecute now?

    When the beans start to spill …we would have an empty house…. no public service… no lawyers…
    and Dodds would house our whole list of ‘who is who’.

  17. Bushie understands group dynamics. As I said before WARU can only play her part. All parts are necessary.. I have never met Artax but I feel like he is my brother. I have never met WARU but I feel like she is my sister. As for Bushie, I don’t know what to call him….LOL

    P.S. Grenville, I will do as you say. You will find me always to be reasonable. There is no point in being anything else.

  18. Grenville,

    I have read the convoluted language and the ‘loophole” you highlighted. I think that they are referring to proving only part of the allegations rather than the whole. I will read it again, as I often have to with legal language, when I am more in the mood. And I will check in for Jeff’s opinion. Give him time.

  19. “More info on the IDB loan…the loan was given to fix the BWA infrastructue and the loan LIFE was from 2009. to 2013….”

    OLD NEWS!!!! I POSTED that information YESTERDAY.

    I believe one should present factual information to this forum so as not to deliberately or intentionally mislead readers.

    If people believe challenging untruths and information that cannot be substantiated or verified….. is petty….. then…..
    so be it.

  20. @ Artax
    It is about what works to achieve positive change.
    If you want to get technical we can debate what are ‘facts’.

    Do you think that something is a ‘fact’ because it is published on IADB’s website?
    …or because it is a quote from a minister?

    Bushie would be surprised if you did… cause you are a man that understands REALITY.
    These people ALL spin the ‘facts’ to suit their various agendas.

    Government ROUTINELY borrowed money for X (where easy loans are available) , put it in the consolidated fund… and then spend it for Y (where Y suited their political purposes).

    EVERYBODY (including the lending agencies) knew this.

    So whether a ‘loan was given to BWA to fix infrastructure’ or if the funds used were actually proceeds from the ill-fated shiite tax is neither here nor there…

    What then are the FACTS?
    …what the Central Banks said…?
    …what the IADB said…?
    … what the PS KNOWS to be the reality…?
    …or WARU’s hypobole?

    As far as Bushie is concerned, shiite is shiite is brass bowlery…. and your details DO complement WARU’s alarmist preaching – whether you admit it or not boss…
    Wunna on the same team…


  21. We seem to be ignoring one option is for the BWA is to pay the Innotech consortium a lump sum, and acquire (title).

    @WW&C ….in boLT, bLot, Ldo etc etc, the “L” stands for LEASE. It is fairly standard. You don’t hand over Title to others UNTIL you have been paid.

  22. NO..ah got all that, the vey first time, how well is it working out though…

    The agreement needs looking at before all that,…

  23. The point being, it is HIGH TIME government stop using these broke ass companies whose only claim to fame is they got a direct line to some corrupt government ministers and that contract allowed them to access a bank loan…those in the minority community play tag and line up for this scam with government ministers every election cycle…

  24. BushTea
    So let me get this straight, I am juvenile for expecting serial posters (who are always posting emotive garbage and untruths) to get their information right especially when that info is central to their argument? I guess calling me a yardfowl and juvenile rather than addressing my posts is adult behaviour. Y’all ain’t ready for me. #iamnoac

  25. Ya are worse than ac, ya got here pretending to be so intelligent and the first batch of koolaid got passed around, ya got poisoned…don’t know who ya trying to fool, Bushman or yaself…

  26. The BWA can only convert the sums already paid to equity if the OWN. In other words, the BWA have an existing down payment in any deal. Where? You find it.

  27. This deal was hush, hush..hence it is now a pile of shit, these governments got into serious trouble before with these types of contracts, but did they learn anything, nah, they are not capable.

  28. Am I lost or is the Salemite still confusing the loan for infrastructure with the cost of building the HQ? Lawd put a hand!

  29. ya always lost, am I the one scrambling to get water to the people…no??? well ya are definitely the one who is lost…

    ya getting tied up, ya always getting tied up with me.

  30. So Enuff will Mia Borrows pay for the BWA building, ya got all the answers, except for Prescod, ya are afraid of that one.

  31. @WW&C
    be real…..we are talking about a group of buildings, which currently house the BWA…..not the water supply.

  32. NO…it has not been even 48 hours yet since Innotech locked off or removed water tanks…completely affecting the water supply to the vulnerable..I think I saw somewhere that 100 water tanks were moved..

    yeah…the water supply was impacted because DLP had NO right RENTING water tanks from Innotech and giving them CONTROL of ANY water supply…am sure they were the ones filling the tanks too..

  33. I “believe” the renting of the tanks and the BWA HQ are two SEPARATE contracts? [or are they?] Was the BWA in a non-payment situation with the water tanks, and why? Surely because of issues related to monies on the HQ contract, Innotech could not remove tanks for which payments were up to date? There is more to what is transpiring than we know.

    • They are two separate contracts. Interesting to hear this evening that Innotech was at the negotiating table this morning.

      In related news the business community has donated tanks to replaced those removed.

  34. Thee is always more to what is transpiring, Abrahams is hinting that they are two separate contracts which Innotech has now broken the tank rental contact…as long as we don’t have access to the contacts…we will not know the EXTENT of the SCAM…what monies were spent and by whom…ALL THE PLAYERS are nasty and dishonest, shades of the Cahill scam..

  35. @ NorthernObserver
    Innotech could not remove tanks for which payments were up to date?
    You probably live in a jurisdiction where blatant stealing is not the order of the day….. YOUR political crooks at least HIDE and take bribes.
    You OBVIOUSLY have not yet come to grips with our situation …where ministers of government sit down with these private sector goons …and DEVISE schemes to enrich themselves AT THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE…. shiite they even drove the peoples’ damn vehicles.

    So you have an arrangement where taxpayers moneys are used to fund a ‘facilitated contractor’; to provide a building and various utility equipment …and then agree to a CHARGE of ridiculous rents that are designed ONLY to fund their personal whims and fancies.

    It is not a question of just PAYING this extortion.
    It MUST be ended … and the scamps make to pay.
    ..or we will make the BLP pay…

    The damn DLP idiots should be prosecuted for the very IDEA of taking the country BACK to standpipes and toilet pits (injection wells) in a world of high tech tertiary level sewerage systems….. and then putting us in HUGE debt in the process of these BACKWARDS steps..

    What a bunch of JA’s

  36. How one Keyboard warrior sees it…..

    “On Tuesday, the company started to remove the community tanks from critical water-scarce parishes, including St Joseph, St Andrew and St John, leaving many residents upset.”

    Removal of community tanks from water scarce parishes is a threat to national security. Indeed, the people living in those are should stop being docile and resist confiscation of these tanks. A “cut-ass” should be given to those who engage in this activity and the people should protest vehemently.

    Government officials should have condemned this action and ask for police intervention in this matter.

  37. Excellent article.
    Sometimes the path is laid out in such a simple manner that those who are looking for complicated solutions might miss it.

    “Shockingly, the BLP appear to be carrying on where the DLP left off, but in an even more brazen manner, as if that were even possible.”

    Most people seem to think that the BLP is a new broom that will sweep clean. They ignore the fact that the island was piloted for the past 62 years by both the BLP and the DLP. These new guys are the mirror image of the the DLP and having been doing the same thing for just as long as the DLP..

  38. @BT
    it will take more than a few elected politicians.
    As you penned elsewhere, there are only one of the several common denominators.
    It requires a monumental shift in attitudes.

  39. This is crazy shit. Imagine people beliving any thing that comes out this govt mouth. A govt that made promises to help the poor and now have the poor eating salt
    Well in the real world when a person is owed a debt the creditor has a right to confiscate
    Right now in barbados barbadians households have been taken hostage by IMF policies a form of confiscation( in order to pay govt outstanding debt) and govt agreed

  40. @BT
    You probably live in a jurisdiction where blatant stealing is not the order of the day….. YOUR political crooks at least HIDE and take bribes

    Hide? This is about Bim but Northern lives in a place where the politicians make sure the “T”s are crossed and the “I”s are dotted but politicians still reward their buddies. E.G someone just dumbed down the requirements for a position as Chief of the largest Police force in Ontario and wonder of wonders who got the position that he was not previously qualified for under the old requirements? None but an old friend of the present Premier who just happened to run the detachment in the area that the Premier’s personal home is located. Did I mention that he is 72 years old and despite 50 years of policing never rose beyond the rank of Superintendent?

    The rot exists in many places…….

  41. @ac
    lol…were is your social consciousness? how could the company remove water tanks from, what did your refer them as….the poor and vulnerable? When your boys (cause de girls were senators) couldn’t balance a budget, all I heard was ‘protecting the social environment’. Who magnetized your social compass?
    Seriously….you could pen some sh!!te which I enjoy. How anybody could have such poor sentence structure is beyond me, but you can produce it multiple times each day.

  42. The poverty card lies squarely on the backs of govt to whom barbados govt has a sworn and constitutiinal right to protect
    Therefore govt in their negilgence to pay a debt forfeited that right as a sworn protection and security for the people which gave Innotech a right to secure their property

  43. How can a govt find money to hire a 26 cabimet with advisors and technocrats at tax payers expense ( who for the most part in times of crisis isnt worth what paddy shot at) but cant find money to secure the nation health from being compromised
    Cant blame innotech for securing its interest because of govt negligence

  44. “shiite they even drove the peoples’ damn vehicles.”

    And that is another thing, people were complaining for years that Lashley and Lowe, at least 2 ministers were driving around these Innotech cars, people spoke of the conflict of interest but those two governments though infested WITH LAWYERS do not abide by their ethics courses and training, neither do they recognize conflicts of interest….so why were ministers driving around Innotech cars for years..

    Case in point, why we can accuse the last remaining blight for a government of being just as uncaring about ethics or conflicts of interest …we are STILL yet to hear a REAL reason for the CLOSURE of the government printery but have since found out that it was diverted to a government minister’s print shop.,,

    …..more than cause for concern, given Piece’s revelation that the government Printey had checks and balances in place, which is very RARE in those out of control government departments, will this minister Prescod employ the same checks and balances in his printery, will he even employee the same workers who actually knew what they were doing…I will not hold my breath…

    So knowing the low class mentality in ministers/lawyers…I will advise the Mia government to DISABUSE itself of any fancy or delusion that it will funnel taxpayer funded state entities and the public funds they generate to it’s sitting government ministers…diverting public funds to THEIR OWN POCKETS…and when POVERTY HITS THE MAJORITY POPULATION……due to austerity… off to the international countries for financial aid and handouts…while blaming their corrupt actions and the accompanying poverty on the exiled, corrupt DLP government….while their offshore bank accounts are once again inflated with taxpayers money and the old pensioners NIS social security….don’t think for one second that we forgot Leslie Haynes is sitting on NIS pension board infecting it…he is the king of LACK OF ETHICS and conflicts of interest.

    it will not hold water this time running off complaining about DLP corruption without doing anything about it …there will be a. well deserved…boomerang effect..

  45. The SOONER the Mia government puts in place legislation to stop these broke ass, minority companies from presenting a tissue of lies on paper to get a taxpayer contract in order to get a LOAN to build a SCAM that taxpayers ALWAYS END UP OVERPAYING FOR….and that INCLUDES COW & BIZZY WILLIAMS, MALONEY, BJERKHAM etc,,,,the SOONER these scams against the people between government ministers and minority thieves WILL STOP, be brought to an END..

    They would be better off HIRING TRADESMEN from the MAJORITY POPULATION and paying them a FLAT decent salary, BUT facilitate their access to LOANS FOR EQUIPMENT ONLY…and get rid of the MINORITY thieves off the Barbados landscape once and for all…they have become a major embarrassment for the island….and the total disregard Innotech has SHOWN for black people’s lives, picking up life saving water and removing the water tanks FOR THW WHOLE WORLD TO SEE…….most of these people struggle with small children and to also have to deal with THIRSTY CHILDREN AND ELDERLY….if none of this moves the Mia government to open their eyes and ACT to prevent minorities from ever bullying or extorting government contracts ever again, they are just as SAVAGE as the THIEVES OF INNOTECH.

    Northern…really. I am all for paying people who ARE OWED, but in this instance Innotech should not get another DIME..not one.

  46. The high drama unfolded as the state-owned water agency faced a lock-out of its own $44-million complex after it defaulted on the lease payments for several months. Innotech had entered into a BOLT arrangement – the build, operate, lease and ultimately, transfer ownership of the BWA’s headquarters.

    In such arrangements, the builder also financed the construction.

    Since then, it emerged that the BWA had failed to pay up some $18 million in debt owed to Innotech over a 14-month period for its services.

    The unpaid money was said to include arrears for the tanks in water-scarce communities which the BWA leased as much $51,000 per month for five years and rental of the BWA headquarters building in the Pine for $1 million a month for 15 years

    Yet in a letter on August 24, obtained by Barbados TODAY, and verified by both parties, Innotech offered to forego close to approximately $1.2 million or $51,000 per month for at least 24 months of the initial five-year contract if the authority paid its outstanding debts from 2017 and 2018.

    BWA Chairperson Leodene Worrell confirmed they received the offer but explained there were several issues and Innotech did not come to the table.

    Said Worrell, “A lot of it did not make sense so we needed to have a sit’down.”

  47. So…that is what as we have been saying that the integrity committee is legislating, turning corruption into law, making it legal to divert public funds and state funded entities to government ministers and lawyers, that is what Leslie Haynes, David Simmons, Dale Marshall, Ralph Thorne and all the other half wits were legislating and writing laws for to tun corruption into law…and cover their own asses and offshore bank accounts…

    It was as plain as day.

    Well Mia…ya better deal with Innotech FIRST…and then have the crooks for law makers ERASE that SHITE draft legislation…AND START FRESH…with legislation that actually locks up corrupt CROOKS and LAWYERS for ministers in the parliament.

  48. Mariposa……Innotech should still not get another DIME..let this act as a deterrent to the current CROOKS IN WAITING…ya know, the minorities now waiting with hands and tongues stretched out for taxpayer funded contracts worth millions and millions of dollars..with their SCAM BUSINESS PLANS in tow. hoping to use them to get million dollar LOANS…let them leave the island and go look for REAL work instead of being such PARASITES…in the lives of the majority population.

  49. “Since then, it emerged that the BWA had failed to pay up some $18 million in debt owed to Innotech over a 14-month period for its services’

    So Lashley and Lowe were driving around Innotech cars FOR YEARS…FAILED TO PAY their BWA landlords for 14 months….were they paying for the cars, are yall sure these inflated amounts owed are not for the cars the ministers were driving..

    Bear in mind the Mia government has only been in office 7 months…why did Lashley and Lowe leave that debt UNPAID??? for 14 months??

    Even though government is a continuum…why did the previous government NOT PAY Innotech in that time period when they were still in parliament…

  50. So now you are psychiatrist…but ya not even a successful yardfowl..

    What more revolutions are yall tying to HIDE…THAT YA TRYING TO GET ME COMMITTED SO EARLY THIS MORNING…

    and what are ya doing up so early pimping behind my comments anyway…

    We will find out though, don’t worry…ah know the Prescod revelation got ya good, ya did not even go after Piece for that one…feeling any shame yet????

  51. The people affected by the the stand off are hoping mad say they do not want to hear any excuses
    Govt issued warnings a few months to cut off water service if people did not pay the levy tax
    So people are adamant on receiving the water service for which they were being threatened by govt to pay
    This know all govt in six months have proven they know nothing
    The mantra stated by Mia “many hands make for light work” only applies to those at the top which is basically a political payback to friends and family
    Furthermore all these hands are turning out to be useless having nothing or bring nothing to the table to ease the heavy tax burden laid upon the people shoulders of the people at brek neck speed by the govt

    • Your comments are empty, Innotech has agreed to renegotiate according to reports. What you wish for will not occur. The contracts were not in the interest of Barbadians – read AG reports – and they know it. Innotech’s reputation has been harmed by their action in the market it which it operates.

  52. What losers.

    This is NOT about paying innotech, it is about pursuing JUSTICE.

    In what kind of country do the brass bowl citizens argue about honouring clearly illegal, one-sided contracts that are obviously designed to rob the public treasury? …only in Lexicuntry.

    Who the Hell buys a $44 million dollar building at the rate of $1M per month for 180 months? ….and this AFTER making significant deposits and contributing the VERY VALUABLE land to the contractors?

    Lotta shiite…!!!

    If this government fails to bring charges against multiple persons who were involved in this shiite …then ALL Bajans deserve to have their donkeys misused without any kind of vaseline…..

    @ David
    Did you follow that exchange between Caswell and that Johnny from the senate?
    Caswell is a MAN among shiite hounds boss….
    Did Bushie call that right or what…??!!
    ha ha ha

    • @Bush Tea

      Have it cued. Christmas activity has gotten in the way. Do not underestimate anyone whose heart is correctly located.

      The DLP people will see this as an issue to retrieve a diminishing position post May. Your substantive point stands.

  53. So…Enuff the it true, ah see where another commenter said that Innotech inflated the contract amount to 171 million instead of 51 million a month is it o was it 44 million a year??? is any of that true..

    ….what kind of dummy would believe that a small island population of less than 300K population less than 150K taxpayers could afford 44 million, 51 million or 171 million payments to CROOKS…they displayed all the attributes of PARASITES in the lives of the majority population…and should be dealt with accordingly…

  54. Now if these bottom feeding parasites fo business people and the dumb government ministers who facilitated them had stayed in school and actually studied, they would know, ya cannot milk that type of money from a small population and expect consistent payments…they are too damn greedy…time to end this corrupt arrangement between minority thieves in the business community and government ministers…PERMANENTLY……….let them all go to UK, US and Canada and LOOK FOR REAL JOBS and stop LIVING OFF THE MAJORITY POPULATION.

  55. “So Lashley and Lowe were driving around Innotech cars FOR YEARS…”

    The SUVs were “leased” from Trans Tech Inc…….not Innotech.

  56. Well thanks for the correction…so who is Transtech…ah can’t keep up..we all thought it was Innotech..don’t tell me Transtech is MORE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION…with government ministers and business people..

  57. “Therefore govt in their negligence to pay a debt forfeited that right as a sworn protection and security for the people which gave Innotech a right to secure their property…..”


    You also wrote: “Since then, it emerged that the BWA had failed to pay up some $18 million in debt owed to Innotech over a 14-month period for its services.”

    So….. since you acknowledge the BWA was indebted to Innotech over a 14 month period, you’re actually blaming BOTH the former inept DLP administration and the current BLP administration for “their negligence to pay (the) debt?”

    “You are correct….. keep the pressure on.”

  58. WARU

    More false information and obfuscation. You first need to get your source of funding for the building RIGHT. I just don’t get your fascination with me, stay in yuh RH lane. You are no match!! I repeat listen more and talk less.

  59. Mari”soonbussabloodvessel”posa

    You mean like how your DLP government did not pay Innotech for 7 months, but cut a million+ dollar cheque for a party operative 2 days before the election on top of what that person received before? What about the other million plus paid to another lawyer for work relating to the same BWA while owing Innotech? What those two earn in those two cases alone could pay 16 current ministers for a whole year! So the “Cabinet too large cry” only appeals to the simple minded. What would be a more cogent argument would be a comparison of the overall expenditure of this current government and value added versus 2008–2018. One good indicator is the regularity of parliament sittings and the number of bills being debated. Keep going Mia and the Bees!

  60. Good morning to you as well, Bushie.

    Trans Tech Inc. is “a different kettle of fish.”

    Several Transport Board buses were sent to Trans Tech Inc. for transmission repairs, when such repairs could have been undertaken by UCAL for a “FRACTION of the cost.”

    The irony of this situation is….UCAL often had to “re-repair” the transmissions.

    Rather than bore us with the “political public relations and propaganda,” the Mottley administration should “take a serious look” at the previous maintenance and repairs arrangements between government and Trans Tech, as it related to the Transport Board and Sanitation Service Authority.

  61. Enuff…I get better results…what have you done yet to EXPOSE CORRUPTION IN BLP???

    We…on the other hand…got yall SCRAMBLING…

    Ya still don’t get it…get us a copy of the contract let us see how much taxpayer’s money WAS involved in the INNOTECH SCAM…make yaself useful…either

    IDB loans, which had a shelf life of 4 years from 2009-2013 when the contract was signed with Innotech o some other loans taken by the retards in parliament in the people’s names wee involved…..initial payments were definitely made…in taxpayer’s names…

    AGAIN…it is the TAXPAYERS…paying for that SCAM…not you and the ministers singularly…..and definitely not me no matter what I post..

    beefing with me is not useful, I will milk it to the max and ya will still get exposed…you and ya masters…and it will be still entertainment for me…a win win…

  62. I think Estwick was the minister for Water Resources who oversaw this deal with Innotech. Lowe and Lashley likely did not have any involvement but who cares about getting facts straight.

  63. 104 water tanks at $10,000 = $1,040,000

    Did the water tanks cost more than $10,000 a piece ? How much more?

    Why would be renting water tanks?

    This reminds me of the equipment we were renting at the landfill. Artax you need to compile a list of all these things and post it. You’d do it in a flash whereas it would take me much longer. If the population sees it all in one place at the same time I’m sure they would rise up like they did at Kensington Oval when the Australians deliberately knocked down Sherwin Campbell. I was there. It was organic.

    Australia had a good cheating run. But now they are done. They have been put in their place.

  64. The IADB US$50M loan to the BWA, as outlined in Operation BA-L1015/Loan Contract No. 2255/OC-BA between the Government of Barbados and the Inter-American Development Bank, was for the purpose of financing the Water and Sanitation Systems Upgrade Project.

    The funds were to be disbursed to finance the following components of the project:

    Reorganization and Modernization of the BWA – US$6,400,000
    Rehabilitation of Potable Water Supply – US$35,600,000
    Wastewater Treatment Action Plan – US$3,450,000
    Auditing – US$300,000
    Monitoring and Evaluation – US$200,000
    Contingencies – US$2,800,000
    Financial Charges – US$1,250,000

    The original contract was signed on March 21, 2010 by then PM David Thompson and Luis Alberto Moreno.

    The original contract was subsequently amended and an “Amendatory Contract” was drafted and signed on September 4, 2013 by the IADB’s representative in Barbados, Joel Branski……. and on September 13, 2013 by former finance minister, Chris Sinckler.

    The Project Execution Unit of the BWA was responsible for the planning, monitoring and reporting on the performance and progress of all project activities, over the project period 2011 – 2016.

    I am yet to source information that identifies Innotech as the company contracted to undertake the project……. or that any representative of Innotech signed the IADB loan contract…..on behalf of that company.

  65. “Lowe and Lashley likely did not have any involvement but who cares about getting facts straight.”

    Who cares indeed, particularly now there is a Transtech involved complete with leased government cars to ministers and hundreds of millions missing from Transport Board, with all the EQUITY in that taxpayers entity…tied up in a DEAD SUPREME COURT in personal injury….LITIGATION….. that MOST BAJANS knew nothing about..

    indeed..who cares?

    another subject that has been beaten to death on BU for years..

  66. “The funds were to be disbursed to finance the following components of the project:”

    But…is that where it went, they were very desperate as far back as 2012 to rush though this BWA building project…although people are saying, there was nothing wrong with the building in the Pine,

    Keep in mind that these are people who INFLATE invoices to the tune of millions and hundreds of millions…to their own end..robbing taxpayers…

    alright…recently Lashley was accused of approving another scam housing project with Maloney or some other loan artist …HIMSELF …through NHC ..he did not even take it to cabinet for APPROVAL..

    … when they go all lone wolf like that…you do not know what money they touched…..that was meant for OTHER PROJECTS..they do it all the time, it’s not like they got consciences or anything….or ya won’t have the shite demon statue at Garrison..and raw sewage running in the streets..

    They got money for vital projects and misused the funds for less important things, that is why they are literally up shit street…..they spend the money on what tickles their fancies in their heads…not on what is most important.

    If you have ever spoken to the people who they get theri loans from…ESPECIALLY FOR AGRICULTURE…ya will know the wicked things these ministers do…they really DO NOT…spend the money on the projects the money was intended for.

  67. “Lowe and Lashley likely did not have any involvement but who cares about getting facts straight.”

    And we have not even gotten to LOWE and the SSA scam CONTRACT yet…is that with Innotech too…or is that one Transtech.

    No new garbage 10 years …no garbage collection for weeks on end…but they got a brand new building. somewhere about….we still got lots of time to get to that one..

  68. Innotech actions brought govt to a realisation that Innotech had enough of their stone walling and as a result govt took the correct and proper move on engaging with Innotech on the terms Innotech had previuosly proposed to govt
    It is amazing how govt can make bold moves to cut Corporate tax with out even having a dimes worth of proff that corporate would do all that is necessary to help rebuild the economy but fails short on its duty to protect the citizens from its failure to fulfill obligations from local investors

  69. “But…is that where it went, they were very desperate as far back as 2012 to rush though this BWA building project…….”

    Surely you jest.

    Even before the first disbursement of the loan, the BWA had to satisfactorily provide the Bank with evidence that the Project Execution Unit and Project Steering Committee were established; Project Manager was hired and the Project Operating Manual, previously approved by the Bank, has been approved and adopted the BWA’s Management and Board of Directors.

    Also, the following information gives us an idea why it would be difficult for the BWA to use the funds other than for its intended purposes.

    “SECTION 3.05 Revolving Fund. The reports on the execution of the Project which the Borrower through the Executing Agency shall submit to the Bank, in accordance with Article 7.03(a)(i) of the General Conditions, shall include the financial-accounting information about management of the Revolving Fund resources, and of the special bank accounts used for the Financing and the local counterpart resources as the Bank may reasonably request.”

  70. And yet…and yet…even after over 140 million dollar in loans…check out the myriad problems at BWA, can you truthfully say with knowledge, since everything is always done in the DARK by ministers…that loan was used as intended..???

    it was a 140 million dollars disbursed over a four year period in 2 or three tranches…..where. is the evidence..

  71. “Innotech actions brought govt to a realisation that Innotech had enough of their stone walling and as a result govt took the correct and proper move on engaging with Innotech on the terms Innotech had previously proposed to govt….”


    So…. you’re actually ADMITTING that, taking the 14 MONTH PERIOD of INDEBTEDNESS into consideration……

    ………. “Innotech had enough of BOTH DLP and BLP administrations stone walling?”

    Then………..“You’re correct once again, Mariposa…….. Keep the pressure on.”

    BTW, talking ‘bout debt and payments………..wunnuh pay de $106,609 wununh owe CBC for broadcasting wunnuh political propaganda?

  72. Also, the following information gives us an idea why it would be difficult for the BWA to use the funds other than for its intended purposes.
    Et tu Artax?
    Don’t fall for that shiite brother.

    These ‘rules and guidelines’ ALL sound official and impressive boss…
    But NONE of them work – otherwise we would have audited accounts for all our agencies, and the Auditor General would be hard pressed to find anything to write when the year comes…

    That is just a roll – designed to give work to lawyers and to impress the gullible.

  73. Come on… don’t be difficult.

    The BWA had to satisfy certain contractual conditions and submit evidence to the Bank BEFORE the funds were disbursed. And obviously, the Bank would have their representatives in place to examine and verify the financial and project information the BWA submitted.

    Unless you’re suggesting the IADB’s officers were in “cahoots” with the BWA to undermine the contractual agreements and assist the BWA in diverting the loan funds away from its intended purposes.

    Even when one receives a mortgage from the bank to build a house, the loan is disbursed in phases. For example, the bank may disburse funds for “phase 1” which may be for digging and constructing the foundation and “phase 2” for constructing from foundation to ring beam.

    The mortgagee must be satisfied the mortgagor has completed “phase 1” before disbursing the funds for “phase 2” and often sends a quantity surveyor with the loans officer to inspect the property.

  74. We know about all the checks and balances in place for people who borrow , even governments…what Bushman is trying to tell you…there is ALWAYS a way AROUND THAT..

    ….that is why Mia is going to be untangling the mess at NHC that Lashley created for a very long time…note I said Mia and not PAIN…he has already ADDED to that mess…let’s hope they do not ALLOW any taxpayer’s LOANS, to go his way..

    you obviously do not know, in all innocence…what these criminals are very capable of…

  75. Come on, Bushie….. you, of all people, should know better.

    This is not a case where the BWA misused disbursements from the Consolidated Fund and refused to submit audited financial statements to the Auditor General.

    You’re dealing with an INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTION that insists certain requirements must be fulfilled and requests financial-accounting and project management information…. BEFORE disbursing loan funds.

    And do you believe the IADB’s CONTRACT was DRAFTED by any Barbadian lawyer?

    Unless you’re suggesting the IADB is mediocre?

    If you were to read the Auditor General’s BWA special audit report and the Auditor General’s 2015 and 2016 Reports, he has not expressed any concerns or identified discrepancies or “financial anomalies” as it relates to the Water and Sanitation Upgrade project.

    And what does knowing about lawyers have to do with this? Seems we like to blame lawyers for every shiite. Yesterday, I had to wait almost 15 minutes to pick up an item that was previously ordered. I guess I’ll have to blame a lawyer for that inefficient service.

    But….. what the heck…… who am I????

  76. Okay….. now I understand…..

    The BWA’s management worked their around the system by submitting falsified information to the IADB indicating the loan disbursements were used for the water and sanitation upgrade project……

    ……..when in actuality, they used the disbursements to build the BWA new headquarters.

    So…… what will happen when the IADB discovers that the loan was not used for its intended purpose? Perhaps they won’t, because the information submitted to the Bank was enough to convince them it was authentic.

  77. Art..leave IDB or whomever out of it…..leave them out of Barbados’ government corruption…

    ….they would tell ya themselves, they thieves, if they were not STILL trying to use the same methods for the newest scams…for 2019…

    They only need ONE BUSINESS PERSON to get it done , ONLY ONE…ALTHOUGH THEY GOT A LONG LINE OF CROOKS in the business community TO CHOOSE FROM….the line crooks available is never ending because they do not want to do not one day of honest work outside of living off taxpayers….and the majority population..

  78. Everbody keeps going around the mulberry bush
    So were in the agreement does it state that govt can renege at will
    Wether the agreement was dis- advantageous to govt is water over the dam
    Govt has committed itself and by so doing those commitments must be met
    The govt just signed agreements with the IMF which includes punishing the people to borrow monies to pay ourstanding debt
    Our people have now been subjected to becoming collateral damage because of govts mistakes

  79. “Wether the agreement was dis- advantageous to govt is water over the dam.”

    What are you SMOKING..

    the agreement is DISADVANTAGEOUS TO to the people of Barbados, the vulnerable taxpayers and whether it his Lashley, Estwick or Lowe..the ministers AND LAWYERS involved should be held accountable for being such sell outs..

    and that is only because I ran out of describing words for those incompetent asses who blighted the parliament….cause I would really love to see those 3 and more formER ministers locked the hell up, I would go on vacation once that happens..

    Ya cannot have lopsided CONTACTS to benefit THIEVES.. signed by MINISTERS in the people’s name…fiRst of all it is a CRIME when ministers do not make SENSIBLE agreements in the BEST INTEREST of the PEOPLE.. who elected them..

    what level of fools could ministers be to draw up CONTRACTS that benefit business people AND NOT THE PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES… the majority population..

  80. AND…a disadvantageous CONTRACT…should be CHALLENGED in COURT…Mia would be foolish not to challenge the Innotech CONTRACT AFTER really perusing it THOROUGHLY..

  81. “Everybody keeps going around the mulberry bush…”


    I believe you’re mistaking “everybody” for YOU.

    And I also of the opinion that you believe everyone in this forum is stupid.

    You are trying your utmost best to lay the blame of Innotech not being paid for fourteen (14) months squarely at the feet of this current BLP administration, while attempting to absolve the DLP any involvement in the issue….. by purposely and conveniently forgetting the 14 month period included at least 7 month under your beloved inept DLP administration.

    You wrote: “Govt (through the former inept DLP administration) has committed itself and by so doing those commitments must be met,” which is TRUE. (you’re correct again, Mariposa…… keep the pressure on).

    We know or have some idea why the commitment to Innotech has not been met by this BLP administration……

    ……… however, we DON’T KNOW the REASONS WHY the former inept DLP administration DID NOT meet the commitment to Innotech for 7 months.

    Hence, you argument is “one-sided” for political purposes.

    Perhaps you may want to shed some light on this issue before you continue any further.

  82. “……….the agreement is DISADVANTAGEOUS TO the PEOPLE of Barbados, the VULNERABLE TAXPAYERS and whether it his Lashley, Estwick or Lowe……the ministers AND LAWYERS involved should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for being such sell outs………”



    I could not have written it better myself!

    The contract is DISADVANTAGEOUS to the PEOPLE of Barbados. And it was a CONCERN expressed by the Auditor General in his 2015 Report.

    It is the VULNERABLE tax-payers of this islands that must pay for the INEPTITUDE and GREED of the previous inept DLP administration.

  83. @Artax
    allow me to hazard a guess. Based on all else which is slowly coming to light, the GoB was BROKE. It had no cash flow, but by racking up large A/P bills to the NIS and whomever else they could string along, like payments due from the BWA etc, they could divert cash from these to the “social economy” and meet payroll.
    ac is a boss. As long as the focus is on ‘terms of a duly executed contract’ it detracts from the alternative, which is focus on those who executed the contract, and its content.
    The solution is to out employees who had involvement, incl jail time and fines. And maybe then these folks will squeal. [The Mueller approach] As BT has concluded, there are certain common denominators. When you need to fell a tree, the clean way is to start trimming from the top down. But if you cannot reach the top, sometimes you must just insert the saw down low, and cut away.

  84. My original question still stands, although I have heard many others in the last few days expressing the same concerns…why did the last government and the CURRENT government…outside OF all the corruption which is NO LONGER A SECRET…ah wish someone would keep shouting that to the Mia government….why do they still need minority crooks to STILL be involved in EVERYTHING the government does…and are supposed to be DOING…for their OWN PEOPLE..

    ya mean they can’t IMPORT garbage trucks without Simpson Motors, can’t import cars for government departments without Simpson Motors..they are a damn government…with departments designed to handle imports so they can get them at government rates..

    why do they need some broke ass crooks like Innotech to import water trucks for BWA…..there ae government depts to handle that…

    why does Mia need crooks like Cow to pave roads that do not need paving, while ignoring the roads that will soon be IMPASSABLE..

    Why are these two archaic groups of politicians from DBLP SO BLIND TO THE FACT that they are being DESTRUCTIVE to their OWN people, with their BACKWARD style of governance..

    What will it take to make them see that it has all come to a sudden stop and that they cannot continue in that style..


    mira, Mariposa……look who is being disadvantaged by Innotech’s scam contract signed off on by wicked government ministers and lawyers..have. a look and see who is feeling it, the people are unable to fight back with ministers involved in this level of corruption..but ah hope yall enjoying the exposure..

  86. Why do they need Innotech or any other broke fly by night operation to supply water tanks and water to these suffering people…this should be SOLELY a government operation with no private companies involved..

    And ya know how hardheaded these government ministers are…we hope to NEVER HEAR that Innotech has possession of a taxpayer funded CONTRACT in Barbados EVER again..

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