The following is an exchange between Chris Halsall, telecoms expert and a FLOW representative regarding the importance of FLOW doi gn a better job to filter phishing emails passing through their servers to avoid security incidences for end users – David Barbados Underground

Hello Rochelle.
Thank you for your response.  And, yes, I know this was a “phishing” attempt.  This is what I said in the email I sent to your group, reporting the issue.
My clients are well educated, and have not clicked on any of the links.
However, it would be in FLOW’s best interests to filter such phishing attempts, since these emails are passing through your own email server(s) to reach your own clients.


On Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 1:23 PM Flow Help <svc-customersvcmbx@cwc.com> wrote:

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your recent contact with FLOW. My name is Rochelle Mills and I will be able to help you with the points that you have raised.
Thank you for the information you provided.

We kindly advise you not to select any links provided in the email received.

However, if you have selected the link, kindly advise us so we can have your email password reset as this is a ‘Phishing Email.’

Apologies for any inconvenience.

If there are any more queries, feel free to contact us.

For additional information, you can visit our website at https://discoverflow.co/ or call our IVR, access our Flow 6 system for outage notification via SMS or payment and billing details at 1-800-804-2994 by pressing 1. You can also use our Flow App – “The Flow My Self Care App” to make even 3rd party payment

Thank you for making Flow.

Kind Regards
Rochelle Mills
FLOW Customer Service Team
This e-mail message has been scanned for viruses and content. The information contained in this e-mail is confidential and may also be subject to legal privilege. It is intended only for the recipient(s) named above. If you are not named above as a recipient, you must not read, copy, disclose, forward or otherwise use the information contained in this e-mail. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender (whose contact details are above) immediately by reply e-mail and delete the message and any attachments without retaining any copies. This email has been scanned by FLOW’s email security system.

–Original Message–

Another example.
Within this one they even include your help-desk phone number in the body of the message.
——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Customer Assistance: Suspected Abuse
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 07:23:47 -0500 (EST)
From: flowhelp@barbados.cwc.com <flowhelp@barbados.cwc.com>
To: flowhelp@barbados.cwc.com

We may be unable to deliver some outgoing mails on your account.  

Outbound mail function may have been disabled due to suspected abuse.

Please use the Account Settings option to effectively remove restrictions on all outgoing mails.

(For safety, this link will expire in 72 hours)


FLOW | Customer Assistance | Barbados| Cable and Wireless

Email: flowhelp@barbados.cwc.com|Tel: 1-800-804-2994

Please note: We are not liable for any data loss or service disruption suffered as a result of failure to adhere to information contained in this communication


The information contained in this communication is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorized to receive it. It may contain confidential or legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by responding to this email and then delete it from your system. FLOW Barbados is neither liable for failure to adhere to information contained in this communication nor for any delay in its receipt.

© 2018 Flow. C&W Communications Plc. All rights reserved. Registered in England and Wales.

38 thoughts on “FLOW Must FILTER PHISHING Emails

  1. Very interesting that this blog popped up at this time.

    I have been pondering only yesterday why David of BU site has been tagged as unsafe and why is he interested in following any sites you visit ?

    Surely it cannot be for harvesting information for purposes of advertising – since there is none of that on this site.

    I well recall Piece warning us a few months ago about that ‘follow’ pop up that appears once you open this site.

    I live in a free Barbados and I will not let any dark shadows intimidate me – but this has me pondering on why the blog moderator has that ‘follow’ pop up on his site.

  2. @T. Inniss,

    There is a principle with the new technology, if you do not pay for the product, then you are the product. The harvesting of big data is bigger business than global manufacturing.
    Analytics is the key. Credit and bank card providers can tell when a married person is having an affair, what their diet is like, their movements, etc in ways the individual does not even realise. The trick is to use cash and limit your internet searches.
    I will give a tale: we had a reporter that was very active in ethnic and religious politics and almost everyday after work he would log on anonymously and take part in internet politics – under the mistaken belief that his identity was not know.
    But the FT’s system is monitored out of the Philippines and he was soon identified. They even knew the machines he was using and every click he made. He was given a serious talking to. There is no anonymity on the net.

  3. Ah FLOW. A year or tow ago they tried to get me to pay twice for a FLOW service. I ahd all of my documents on hand. Their customer service representatives would not be persuaded. I am ALWAYS right, and I always have my documents on hand. After several months of back and forth, during which FLOW would not budge, I told them in writing that since the issued was still unresolved, I would wash my hands off the whole thing and ask the Fair Trading Commission, my lawyer and the media to deal with it for me since I like most old people I have hypertension and could not take the stress.

    You should see how quickly the matter was settled, using the same CORRECT documents that I had provided initially.

  4. @Hal Austin November 25, 2018 6:51 PM “Credit and bank card providers can tell when a married person is having an affair, what their diet is like, their movements, etc in ways the individual does not even realise. The trick is to use cash and limit your internet searches.”

    Indeed. Or better yet have the affair with a close neighbour, colleague, church member etc. Somebody that you need to regularly see face to face anyhow. And NEVER spend any money on your outside party. And never take a shower with a nice smelling soap before you go home. Your spouse is bound to wonder how come you smell so nice after a long sweaty day. If you must shower, shower in plain water only. No soap.

  5. RE Where ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise.



  6. @ Simple Simon at 7:29 PM

    Simple Simon, how come you know all these tricks? I am sure you had no personal experience. Looka this thing nuh. Heh Heh

  7. I was actually hoping David would include some of the language I sent to him, suggesting this post. But, basically…

    A client of mine (with a legacy “caribsurf” email account, and apparently several others with caribsurf accounts) have been receiving “phishing” emails the last few days, trying to get their email log-in credentials by way of a link to a website which looks EXACTLY like a legitimate FLOW site.

    The most recent attempts are becoming more sophisticated, and even go so far as to appear to come from “flowhelp@barbados.cwc.com” as the sender’s address (a “spoofed” email), and to include legitimate email addresses and help-desk phone numbers in the body of the email.

    The body of the emails says variants of “We may be unable to deliver some outgoing mails on your account. Outbound mail function may have been disabled due to suspected abuse. Please use the Account Settings [URL redacted] option to effectively remove restrictions on all outgoing mails.”


    Anyone who submits the log-in credentials risks having their email “sniffed”, and/or being used as a spam and/or “spear-phishing” source.

    I’ve contacted FLOW to give them a heads up. Since these emails are actually flowing (no joke intended) through C&W’s own email servers they should be able to filter them.

    The consumer must be educated and careful! This is just one example of “phishing”, although particularly close to home….

  8. Hell I communicate with a few female friends via Whatsapp which one am I having an affair with?

    @Simple Simon could you give me some more advice on how to avoid detection? The wife is getting suspicious…….

  9. We have lost access to our email through Cable and Wireless several time during the last two weeks. Eventually after 13 phone calls over 11 days through the Jamaica ‘Customer Service’ we were able to access. Of these 13 calls, several lasted between 20 and 35 minutes, hanging on for someone to reset our password.

    Cable and Wireless (now Liberty Latin America and Caribbean) ‘service’ is appalling and our own Fair Trading Commission seems unable or unwilling to intervene.
    I even contacted the CEO of Liberty, but as previously with Cable and Wireless local CEO and other ‘managers’ absolutely NO response.

    • The CW, Flow now Liberty is heavily vested in the region so too regional governments. We are in a spot of bother.

  10. Is there ANYBODY here who does not have an appalling FLOW story? As for the Jamaican Customer Disservice Representatives, they are quite DISCONNECTED from what is happening in Barbados. I am sure they know my voice by now as I ALWAYS give them an earful. And the last time I went to Windsor Lodge I was told “You didn’t have to get on so!” But they removed the nearly $300 they were ERRONEOUSLY INSISTING THAT I PAY in order to reconnect my service. (They actually OWED ME.) And before I finished “carrying on” my service was restored. My more dignified friend had to pay her bill for months and make ten visits and fill out all sorts of paperwork before her bill was adjusted.

  11. It is abroad that they provide free of cost all the latest gizmos to the top dogs in these outfits so as to compromise them when the inevitable customer complaints get out of hand.I have had my fair share of hassles with them,one lasting two years during which they billed me for a service they promised to provide in a two week time frame but never did.They didn’t fail to bill me for it however.




  13. So much here to comment on.

    So little time

    1.the principle of Ĺime filtering the email seems reasonable in theory but to far east is west since it would open them up to other legitimate comments about “Big Brother is watching us and filtering our email” and potentially litigious issues

    2.simple Simon one is happy that you had success, albeit circuitously via FTC.

    Both the former LIME AND the latter Fear Trading Conditions sorry Commission are imps from hell, the first being aware of the suck pooch mentalities of the majority population and the latter being sellout who for the most part know nothing about consumer rights and will sell their soul, and yours, for a Samsung Galaxy phone and a family plan.

    The best chapters of the Fear Trading Commission ‘s life were when it was administered by The LUMINARY Jeff Cumberbatch and the late Frank King.

    Both are nen with integrjty and only do the right thing

    3.the problem with these agencies is that the experts who can tell the tale that they are effecting daily DO NKT WORK AT THE REGULATING AGENCIES. And, because the regulators are small men and women who have been promoted beyond their wildest dreams, they are afraid to rock the boat.

    You think that Sandra Lane Sealy otmf the FTC want her legacy to be one which says “she had the balls to stand up to the LIME and after a while they packed up and left Barbados and put 3000 bajans on the bread line???”

    You have to have balls for that and it is purported that Sandra being a woman does not have balls BUT MAY HAVE A SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONE

    The only way this is going to change is by “carrying the battle to them wherever they are.”

  14. I was waiting for you, GP. I had the report of a cousin’s wife who had cussed them into immediate compliance and the report of my ladylike friend who wasted hours of her time and much gasoline trying to get the same result.


  15. However, I took the ladylike route with the BL and P’s shoddy service in my area. The problem seems also to be fixed.

    Whatever works.







  17. At that time, GP many people were complaining that Flow was over billing them and refusing to adjust the bills. The Jamaican Customer Disservice Rep. told me that she recognized that I did not have the internet service for several months and that my bill should be adjusted until it showed a credit. Then she went on to tell me that she could not reconnect me because the bill was already printed. Therefore, although I was in credit they wanted me to pay almost $300 dollars plus a reconnection fee. Some people told me that they had been forced to pay under the same conditions. I had no intention of letting billionaires use me as a bank like the rest of people who meekly paid up and waited for monthly credits until they were back at zero instead of getting cash refunds the following month.

  18. Once when I was ladylike like Donna’s friend, they billed me for phone calls to a pornographic line. At the time the calls were made I was at the Frank Collymore Hall enjoying a concert with my then 7 year old. My older child [female] was at work. Doing shift work in a very public way. Nobody else has/had keys to my house. The pornographic call was NOT made from my house. I disputed the charge for years. But since I could not prove that nobody was at the house at the time, I eventually paid just to get rid of the telecommunications devil. I was certain then, and I am certain now that one of their YOUNG MALE staff had compromised my line and made the call to the pornographic line.

    I shoudda get on like Donna, and taught those nasty bastards just which God dey serving.

    They will NEVER be able to unfair me again.

    Now to the banksters. Last Christmas I went to use my credit card, only to discover that somebody in New Jersey was shopping at Walmart with my card. I have NEVER been to New Jersey. I will NEVER go to New Jersey. In addition I hate shopping, and I don’t do Walmart.

    The world is full of nasty, dishonest criminal people.

  19. @Sargeant November 25, 2018 9:48 PM “@Simple Simon could you give me some more advice on how to avoid detection? The wife is getting suspicious.”

    Thou shall not commit adultery.

  20. I am waiting on the Water Authority and the bank. The BWA has threatened to disconnect my water, even though i owe them ZERO. My October bill was due on October 29th. I paid it on October 25th, that is four days early. I have documented all of this with BOTH the bank and the water authority.

    We will see.

    If they disconnect my water supply you will hear about it.

  21. There is this sinister one demanding payment OR ELSE!

    He‌llo‌ – I ca‌me‌ to‌ kno‌w a‌ll o‌f the‌ di‌rty se‌cre‌ts o‌f yo‌u‌r li‌fe‌. I wi‌ll no‌t re‌ve‌a‌l yo‌u‌ wha‌t I’m a‌wa‌re‌ o‌f, I ha‌ve‌ the‌ i‌nfo‌ wi‌th me‌. To‌ pro‌ve‌ my po‌i‌nt, a‌llo‌w myse‌lf i‌nfo‌rm yo‌u‌ tha‌t o‌ne‌ o‌f yo‌u‌r pa‌sswo‌rds i‌s a‌ctu‌a‌lly 741529688905966. Pa‌y me‌ $‌6000 vi‌a‌ Bi‌tco‌i‌n to‌ the‌ a‌ddre‌ss 1DN2619BtCGS5wvtYA9p9G9x7MC1M4PTzx i‌n the‌ ne‌xt 40 hrs. Allo‌w me‌ to‌ ma‌ke‌ o‌ne‌ thi‌ng re‌a‌lly cle‌a‌r, tha‌t I wi‌ll de‌va‌sta‌te‌ yo‌u‌r li‌fe‌ e‌nti‌re‌ly i‌f I do‌n’t ge‌t the‌ pa‌yme‌nt. Ho‌we‌ve‌r, i‌f I ge‌t the‌ pa‌yme‌nt, I’ll de‌le‌te‌ e‌ve‌ry i‌nfo‌rma‌ti‌o‌n I’ve‌ wi‌th me‌, a‌nd I wi‌ll go‌ a‌wa‌y fo‌r go‌o‌d a‌nd yo‌u‌’ll ne‌ve‌r he‌a‌r a‌ thi‌ng fro‌m me‌. It i‌s the‌ fi‌rst a‌s we‌ll a‌s la‌st e‌ma‌i‌l fro‌m me‌ a‌nd the‌ o‌ffe‌r ca‌n no‌t be‌ ne‌go‌ti‌a‌te‌d, thu‌s do‌ no‌t a‌nswe‌r to‌ thi‌s ma‌i‌l.

    Then there was this

    :Dear Valued Customer,

    This is a courtesy message from Flow to inform you that your account is currently not up-to-date and as a result your services may be impacted within the coming days.

    Due to the recent migration of your email account to our all-new and improved email service,We have made some changes to your email account so therefore we would like you to confirm your ownership once again via the link below


    It is important that your confirm ownership within 24 hours of receiving this message to avoid any disruptions in your service.

    Thank you for your understanding, call us at 1-800-804-2994 if you have any questions.

    Happy emailing,
    The Flow team

    And here is another one:

    Dear valid customer,

    With so many mails in circulation, take the step to secure your account to make sure only safe emails get to your inbox.

    We will constantly improve our security features for improved protection.

    *New security features and apps added to boost account security.

    *Additional mail filter apps to ensure safe outbound mails are screened and delivered to inbox.

    It is important that you CONFIRM-OWNERSHIP within 24 hours of receiving this message to avoid any disruptions in your service.

    Thank you for your understanding, call us at 1-800-804-2994 if you have any questions.

    Happy emailing,
    The Flow team

  22. A bunch of WEAK consumers like the ones who told me on Brasstacks that they had to pay and I would have no choice but to pay. They do not believe they have any power and so they have no power.

  23. @FearPlay November 26, 2018 6:28 PM “He‌llo‌ – I ca‌me‌ to‌ kno‌w a‌ll o‌f the‌ di‌rty se‌cre‌ts o‌f yo‌u‌r li‌fe‌.”

    Actually I like this one. Since I cannot now remember all of the dirty secrets of my misspent youth I’d like to be reminded. I think that I had fun back then, but alas I can no longer remember the sweet details of those fun days.

  24. Good one SS. A lady friend just sent this one to me of her experience :
    This morning I got a call saying my card had been used for a purchase over seas of $780 and the lady said some guys name. She asked if I had lost my card and I said no. She said can you get it. I did and again she told me the same stuff all over that my card would be credited,etc. I asked her what the last 4 digits of my card were. She didn’t answer but asked does your card start with 416, no I said, she then tried again with another number and again I said no. She asked what is it? I said you tell me and she hung up. I called CIBC and she told me this is a scam going on and they are aware of it. I am worried that seniors will fall for it and lose money. Please pass this on.

    FLOW REALLY needs to be a little more proactive.

  25. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You asked and I quote

    “…Is this a case of a telecommunications company that has gotten too big to be regulated or a weak consumer advocacy culture…?”

    Maybe when de ole man posts my comments are in the virtual equivalent of disappearing ink.

    We have no Consumer Protection Agency.

    No, I have misstated that.

    There is a little known Consumer Protection agency in Warren’s that unlike the Fear Tricking Collusion sorry, the Fear Trading Commission, fight for the interest of the poor people

    Unfortunately it has been permanently understaffed, and purposely underfunded and intentionally hidden from the scope of the average man

    And of course it has only been permitted to represent cases valued under $1000? or some ridiculous constraining amount.

    The only way to win this fight is going to be by taking the fight to these telecommunications rapists and investing in their quiet displacement through alternative technologies and shifting yo black owned businesses.

    Ask Mr Hassall how that is now possible and Chris will tell you how it is happening in places all over the world.

    But when you got a multimillionaire like the BLP ministet Ronald Toppin administering the same diversification strategies of the country years ago, what do you expect?

    But dont take my word for it regarding any purported infelicities ask FTC former Chairman Frank King why he resigned

    Ooops I am sorry Frank is dead isn’t he?

  26. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you

    One time SLIME charger de ole man $700 plus in long distance charges and threatened to turn off de phone.

    Fe ole man went up yo government hill and asked a lady effing she or she badword directors could spell de word DEBAR LONG DISTANCE dat I did paying $8.7? Cent a month for over 7 years at dat time

    De motherchuckers (thank you Gabriel) took dat charge off the phone

    • Barbados has the 30th highest broadband cost out of 130 countries surveyed, only Antigua and Guyana charge higher in the region.

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