Big Brothers Flow and Digicel?

digicel“Great News!! Cable and Wireless have partnered with the Wikimedia Foundation to allow mobile customers to surf and enjoy Wikimedia Services websites while at their home markets for FREE. This means once our mobile customers surf the Wikimedia websites their data usage will not deplete and they will NOT be charged data rates. What our mobile customers have to do? Just surf the Wikimedia websites!! A banner “Learn something new with Flow” will appear on the top of each page of the zero-rated mobile website.”
Source: Flow website

“Deep packet inspection (DPI, also called complete packet inspection and information extraction or IX) is a form of computer network packet filtering that examines the data part (and possibly also the header) of a packet as it passes an inspection point, searching for protocol non-compliance, viruses, spam, intrusions, or defined criteria to decide whether the packet may pass or if it needs to be routed to a different destination, or, for the purpose of collecting statistical information.”
Source: Wikipedia

Of-course, Flow is not the only provider that employs these kind of technologies. Digicel appears to be no stranger to DPI and DPI-like technologies. Several months ago Digicel deployed technology to block ads on its customers’ phones. What is the motive behind this? It seems like O’Brien wants a piece of the revenue pie that content providers enjoy.

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  • Violet C Beckles

    How long is free until the numbers goes up? Please try to remember how free is free until you hook up and get hooked on the service, Nothing is free for long in Bim or with SLIME,


  • @Suck Salt

    Thanks for sharing. Now that we have become hooked on the Internet does anyone care abut Big Brother? We need our fix!


  • The Independent@Independent 5m5 minutes ago

    This is how much personal information you give away when you ‘like’ a Facebook page



  • What we really need Big Brothers FLOW and DIGICEL to do for the safety of Barbadians and visitors alike is to donate 10 Drones each to the Royal Barbados Police Force. These can be used for policing Bridgetown, St Lawrence Gap, Oistins, Silver Sands and other crowd intensive venues (including Kadooment events, Bushy Park and Kensington oval) along with free streaming. Just think of the discouragement this will provide to the criminally minded. Beach patrols and Boardwalk included!

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  • @Fearplay

    Good suggestion!

    It took awhile for them to share info to stop the stealing of cellphones.


  • @David,
    People may not know it but there have been surveillance cameras (hidden in trees) along St. Lawrence Gap for years. The Police have been using Drones for a while now, and there is a private company that has been utilizing Drones at the Car rally.You never know when you are being watched.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Alvin Cummins July 6, 2016 at 10:09 PM

    That’s a load of codswallop emanating from the mouth of a blind fool.
    How come these same cameras and technologically sophisticated surveillance equipment cannot identify the numerous “patriotic” citizens who daily litter, piss and shit in the overpoweringly stench-filled alleys and the other ‘well-monitored’ places of Barbados?
    What about the drivers who break the speed limit as par for the course while driving around in vehicles carrying neither legitimate road tax certification nor mandatory third party insurance?
    You, Alvin, are always putting your extremely large foot in your partisan mouth controlled by a brain befitting a yard-fowl bedecked in cowardly yellow and depressingly blue plumage.


  • So Digicel , like Bank Breweries, Light and Power, and pretty soon, statutory corporations, is embarking on a restructuring programme. In other words, there will be many layoffs. Some employees have already gone home.
    These companies depend heavily on their Barbadian clients to assure them of high profits annually, but their loyalty is not with the Bajan client, nor the Bajan employee, but to their mostly overseas shareholders. And we keep pumping our money into these blood sucking entities.


  • And look what has walked under those same cameras in broad day light. And if you happened to be around at nights, you will see open drug vending, open harassment of visitors and cussing and fighting among the same salesmen,in a ZR operator’s style. And you tell me that these cameras are working? If they are ,are they being monitored?


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