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Afra Raymond, Citizen Advocate


In writing on the extent to which Public Money is stolen or wasted and the need for proper standards, I offered this equation for the reality check –

Minus    Transparency
Minus    Accountability

My previous articles have been focused on the gaps in the available information on the current proposals for the large-scale Tobago Sandals/Beaches resort,. This article will examine those proposals from the other perspective, by listing the facts which we do know.

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11 thoughts on “Property Matters – Sandals Splinters

  1. So…from certain investigations and it is not good news for the population as a whole that Sandals with its uppity destructive to the people owner Stewart is in Barbados with 40 years if concessions at the people’s expense. …his reputation for ripping off small islands precedes him….but now it is revealed on FACEBOOK. ..that…

    Leodean Worrell
    George Payne
    Mia Mottley
    Elliott Mottley
    Dale Marshall

    And more connected to this government still to be revealed are in the Paradise Papers database…

    Worrell is already known because she pissed of one of her fellow Trini people and he talked years ago..

    They are ALL worth watching very closely.

    Thieves of a feather tend to flock together.

  2. “Commercial Arrangement
    The State is to fund the design, building, fitting and furnishing of this large-scale resort to the specifications of Sandals which will operate the complex under a Management Agreement. Only Public Property and Public Money are being placed at risk in this arrangement. No private funds or lands are being committed, so there is no case, in my view, for any concessions to the hotelier.”

    Stewart is obviously a trump wannabe, but the “ingredients for corruption” Caribbean style are in your face and difficult to miss.

  3. What Sandals appears to be expert at is bullying small island states to give up its patrimony in exchange for a few waiter and maid jobs at the expense of diverting much needed development revenues making its way into the consolidated fund.There is need to have a regional stock exchange and there is the concomitant requirement for companies such as Sandals with a regional reach to be publicly traded if they are to benefit from government negotiated concessions.Similarly,the Barbados government should require all those local hotels now eligible for the same concessions Sandals got, to be brought under a controlling corporate body and publicly traded on the Barbados Stock Exchange,for a start.

  4. A few years ago the BBC Outside Sources programme quoted Trinidad and Tobago as the most unfriendly place for tourists to visit.Butch Stewart just stated Trinidad and Tobago is a very difficult country with which to negotiate and gave the impression that that Tobago deal is heading for the rocks.We all know T&T is an”up with this and down with that” republic with an indo trini component that points to nuff insider trading and experts in corrosive corruptive politix.

  5. What they need is legislation in all small island states that mandates bullies like Stewart/Sandals have their properties seized when they terrorize the country in exchange for low paying starvation wages jobs.

    … what Browne from Antigua outlined Stewart did to the government, collecting taxes and refusing to pay it into the treasury as was agreed by contract is criminal and he should never get away with it..

    Stewart has always been bad news for the Caribbean 40 years of concessions from the DLP jokes and then decides he has a right to say how much welfare the average bajan should or should not get….of course the DLP clowns always attracted criminals to Barbados, pure riff raff….just like themselves/

    • Some people see the commas others do not for different reasons. You have been on the blog long enough to appreciate that one size approach does not fit all situations.

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