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The Debt Holder Bill is currently being debated in Parliament.  It is an attempt to make the Government’s plan to restructure some of our national debts legal.  What is this restructuring all about?

The Government normally spends more money than it receives in taxes.  One method of making up the short-fall is to invite persons and institutions to lend the Government money for a fixed period.  In exchange for this loan, the Government promised to pay investors a fixed amount of interest every year.

To give investors sufficient confidence that they would get their money back with interest, the Government guaranteed that the loan and interest payments would be paid from the same fund that pays parliamentarians, namely, the Consolidated Fund.  Should that fund become insolvent, then Government assets were promised to secure the loan.

With these ultra-low-risk terms, individuals and institutions were encouraged to enter into binding contracts to lend the Government money, and the Government agreed to repay the loans, with interest, under the specified terms.

The Government now wants to change the terms of repayment.  That is not unusual since borrowers typically want to renegotiate repayment terms if they encounter adverse economic circumstances.  However, rather than negotiate with the other party to the contract, the Government is planning to pass a law, to allow a vote, to make the repayment terms less favourable to investors.

The Bill notes that if at least 50% of eligible voters participate in the vote, and 75% of the participants agree to the new terms, then the vote will be binding on all loan contracts – both of those who agree to less favourable terms and of those who do not.

Our Parliamentarians are using a very crude method of getting their way.  There are far more elegant solutions that they could have considered.  However, they seem too terrified of their economic advisors to consider any other solution.  Let me identify three principal concerns with this approach.

First, to justify their planned actions, the Government declared that it did not have the ability to repay the loan as agreed.  This declaration of insolvency causes investors to lose confidence in the Government.

Tragically, the declaration was unnecessary.  The Consolidated Fund reportedly has severe leaks, including the mismanagement of public services, excessive wastage and gross corruption.  Why not patch those leaks before declaring an inability to pay.

Further, since the Government claims that it cannot pay investors from the Consolidated Fund, then why did our Members of Parliament vote to increase public worker’s salaries (including their own) by 5%, if they knew that the Consolidated Fund was insolvent?  Does this mean that our Parliamentarians were not paid last month?  If they were, then clearly the Fund is not insolvent, and we were misled.

Secondly, the Bill appears to give power to the majority of voters.  However, a voter is defined in terms of the size of the investment.  So, it is not the number of voters, but the size of the voter.  Therefore, one large voter can have more weight than 1,000 individual voters.  Let me explain.

Approximately 85% of the National Insurance investment fund comprises approximately $3.5B lent to the Government in Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes and Debentures.  It is unlikely that 1,000 pensioners’ individual investments are anywhere close to this amount.

The votes of the NIS, banks and insurance companies exceed the 75% limit for the measure to pass.  If the NIS is excluded from the vote, votes of the banks and insurance companies still exceed the 75% limit.  Since these entities are all-aboard, it makes the vote farcical – but it is good public relations.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the idea of crudely legalising changes to a contract between two parties, is concerning.  If the Government wants to change the terms of an existing contract, then they should simply renegotiate, which is a normal business action – not dictatorially pass a law to unilaterally make it so.

The Constitution of Barbados recognises contracts.  In my opinion, the Government’s intended action is unlikely to survive a constitutional challenge.  However, who will bell the cat now that the former cat-beller appears to have been offered spillage?

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

161 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – The Way of the Dictator

  1. As i have been saying and will cob2tinue to say that Intellectual Corruption has taken a foot hold on the so called. Intelluctuals of this country
    More and more everday all would witness the swaying of lies and decit coming form the backers of this govt
    Sorry to say this country has lost its lost

  2. Waru

    Do you know what position I took where the others were concerned ? No

    So don’t make assumptions – deal with what is before you.

    The argument made by some that you did not say anything at the last govt is stupid – since they don’t know and that argument is wearing thin now.

    Its the message not the messenger.That is why I can agree with some of Miller’s points,Northern Observer,Mariposa,Piece,G.P.,Hal Peter Thompson and sometimes even the blog moderator.

    I look at the content of what is being said.

    I can find good in either side but it is the hypocrisy that is now prevailing – where everything that people here and elsehere railed at the last govt for – they now find very palatable.

    That I find disgusting because that is not going to take us anywhere.

    For me right now – flawed as he was – I really wish there was some way Owen could take over the reins of this administration

  3. “I can find good in either side but it is the hypocrisy that is now prevailing – where everything that people here and elsehere railed at the last govt for – they now find very palatable.”

    If I were you I would focus only on dismantling the Mia government…wishing for Owen is to continue to invite MORE OF THE SAME…into the lives of the already beleaguered people..

  4. @Dr. GP.
    I don’t read the blogs as much as before. Too political for me. As I am abroad I have less interest in the local goings on. However, I have not finished my harvesting. I still have to bring in my sweet potatoes and some peppers. I also have eggplants and okras to pick. It is raining but I have to go today and bring in most as we expect our first frost tonight. Tomorrow I can dig the potatoes. I hope the Africans have not taken all my sweet potato vines. They eat the leaves. They also eat pumpkin, zuccini and bean leaves. I tried the potato leaves, but you know how we in the Caribbean are. In a pinch with nothing else, yes.

  5. They are ALL the talk the town in London

    The small island, small time former and current ministers are all now famous as thieves, abusers of the elderly, the most vicious, deceitful lawyers, judges etc…all worth staying well away from, they all managed for years to get the majority population to suffer the crimes they committed against them in silence and keep it hidden and a big secret for DECADES, but no more, their names and all the evil criminal things they do to the people using the Supreme Court and the small island shithound power they have…is now well known worldwide.

    They are in the big leagues now and should be measured to be outfitted for handcuffs and ankle bracelets.

    Happy to see that one Leslie Haynes’ name ringing out in London, finally, he did much damage to people on the island, from as far back as 2005 when he sat on the board at click, he was known for taking personal injury cases AGAINST CLICO, the same insurance company where he was a director …and his clients NEVER knew he sat on CLICO’s board of criminals.

    … these victims of Haynes always wondered why their cases could never get anywhere, they never knew this filthy skunk was making sure they never got compensated for their injuries by telling them lies for years on end and manipulating the court using bribe taking Judges to make sure their cases never move, stay backlogged in the Supreme Court until they die…

    …..AND Mia knows all this about that evil, dishonest Haynes, yet she takes him and puts him on the board of the NIS Pension Fund..that says a lot..

  6. Mia also knows about Payne N Marshall
    What she does! put them in charge like cats to watch the canary
    The social media platform can’t get enough news to hear about them two
    Today a poll was taken as to who should get the dumbest Award for the year and Marshall got it 30- 0
    You could hear the applause rippling across social media
    The man is such a duffus that he should easily get a job as the Mascot with egg all over his face

  7. There will be no economic recovery under this govt
    The Patient was on life support but was flat lined in less than 100 dayd
    The doctor recommended.high doses of taxation tripple with high a volage induced by thiefing of the elderly savings

  8. Can’t tell you the last day I was so happy to see people like Haynes et al exposed…and the big UPSIDE…him and his ilk of nasty snakes have so destroyed the function of the Supreme Court that all their paper trails of crimes against injured people, the elderly and others are just sitting there waiting to be exposed even more..

    … NOTHING is moving at the Court so they cannot hurriedly RESOLVE or CLOSE any of the cases.. OR hide the evidence because people affected are making sure they have ALL their paperwork to share online for the world to see how they are victimized by dirty lawyers and even dirtier insurance companies IN Barbados…..WHEN THE RIGHT TIME COMES..

    Caswell…the way things are going it looks like you too will be reading about those CGI Insurance cases I was telling you about, online the same time the rest of the world will be reading them, won’t want you to be treated the way you were when they pulled you into their shit to mislead the people re the part those demons in Parliament and at the Supreme Court all played in the theft of the Stewart Estate and then it turned out it was not reality…they lied, they all know what they did and should pay for it.

  9. @Grenville
    Very measured .
    One could point out that when the last party wanted to restore their 10% cut, the opposition was opposed to the restoration.
    They took the wheel and in less than 100 days they were screaming for a salary increase and shortly afterwards they took a 5% increase

    Smoke and mirrors
    Groundhog day
    Alice in wonderland
    Animal Farm

  10. Might be the other way around this time. The way some of the 30-0 posse were bawling

    “Salary increases for public sector workers float or sink with increases for MPs ”


  11. I have a great deal of respect for the blog master and admire his effort in keeping the discussion going… but sometimes …

  12. In the interest of sound progress,

    PM Mottley, you must act NOW and call all those persons in a meeting and call for their resignations or be fired. Those who hold public office, whose names are in the public domain that have been identified in alleged allegations.


  13. This blog eh. A real mob-think. On one point though, I guess the government should consider buying some helicopters, boats or hovercrafts for when the island floods; or buy some robot police, nurses, firemen and other essential workers. Tek win🤣🤣🤣.

  14. A Very Interesting Exchange on A Recent Call in Program:

    Caller : The pensioners and those who have bonds and thing going to lose their money

    Moderator: People lose they money in CLICO too

    That’s where we are as a nation no empathy or sensitivity for our fellow man or woman.
    Imagine a moderator can dismiss a caller like that. In other words the moderator is saying to the caller: “ So what “

  15. What sort of parroted remark us that about politician salaries rise an fall with that of public servants?

    You have a situation where the government changes the constitution to bring back three bajans and make dem senators!

    You got a situation where a law gets changed to deny repayments to government bond holders!

    And you mean that a simple provision by way of a scale could not have been appended to said salary raise, LIKE IT WAS USED TO TEIF BOND YIELDS?

    Seriously nothing could have been implemented to show how concerned wunna is about a bloated 26 buff minister count?

    Yeah effing right!

    • Why was the politician salary pegged to the public sector salary?

      By the way, are government MPs still donating the 10% restored by the last government?

  16. Piece de CS
    But you ain’t argued “Mao” give in one hand and tek it back with the other. Or them MPs exempt from taxes? Jokes graanmurh🤣🤣🤣! If my numbers are correct, that 5% increase for Ministers does not work out to be as much as we think because the new tax structure eats up the increase. Unless their allowances are tax free. But I deal with evidence not bluster. #waitingtoseethenumbers

  17. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You asked and I quote

    “…Why was the politician salary pegged to the public sector salary?…”

    Because, as was shared with Colin ? the BLP MP from St Peter, MPs are public servants incredibly.

    Some of these politicians who are incredibly also public servants, earn $17,000 a month and 5% of that is not the same as 5% of the scale Z28 public servants who clean offices.

    As to your second question which was “…By the way, are government MPs still donating the 10% restored by the last government?…”

    You said still?

    Ammmmm de ole man would caution you about using these words that imply (a) a verifiable commencement date (b) a verifiable recipient and (c) an authorized recipient.

    I shall explain for your benefit category c.

    Say I’m a politician who agreed to that 10% but I am donating that 10% to my maid and my gardener or my girlfriend.

    Is that really a donation?

    And was that public relations hullabaloo really seriously effected?

    That is like Charles Herbert ‘s supposedly reporting go a Police Station every Wednesday. You been checking? What about PLT or Hal?

    One must liken these politician promises to the less known sexual position of “the 68”. Yes you would have heard if the 69 but the lesser known “68” means “if you do me now, I will owe you one later!”

    The remarks of a fellow who does get “68” regular by Chairman Mia can be seen at 10.39 PM i lie? heheheheh

  18. Barbados is the only place in the world where a pay raise results in no increase in take home pay or was argued earlier in a decrease of salary.

    Yet it boggles the mind that everyone still wants a pay increase.

    An increase may push you into a different tax category, but I suspect the rates are graduated so that all or a portion of the INCREASE comes under the new tax rate.

    As an example suppose a guy earning $20 was tax at 10 % he would pay $2,00 and take home $18.00
    If a guy earning $25 was taxed at 40%, He would not pay $10 in tax and thus take home ($15.00) less than a lower paid worker. It would or should be 10% of $20.00 and 40% of $5. A total of $4.00 and take home $21.00.

    This may seem elementary, but some about here make it seems as if a pay increase is a punishment, Forget the out of two sides of the mouth talk. and leave that for
    Enuff in wonderland
    Animal Farm
    Smoke and mirrors
    Groundhog day

    I did not say that you said …

    • You are simplifying the matter, you want to see it from the perspective of the government and a political party. Austerity measures cannot be successfully implemented without keeping key constituents ‘happy’. Before you and others suggest the blogmaster does not understand the point…

  19. “Moderator: People lose they money in CLICO too.”

    That is the lack of knowledge, backward idiocy and yes lack of empathy, lack of critical thinking skills you find in the idiots passing themselves off as “educated” on the island..

    ,,, from the parliament, to the judiciary to every corner of the government coming down to spill over into the general population will have that same useless thinking…..their intellectual skills do not extend any further than the absurd.

    So don’t expect to find anything better in the halfassed media… radio, online, nor news print…they don’t even know how to properly report an event or a story as a strong DEFENDER of their OWN people’s basic human rights.

    …. ..nothing happens or is SAID without the yardfowl element….and not one of them will say, depending on their yardfowl affiliation that the DLP government was wrong to allow their tiefing skunk friends at CLICO like Leroy Leper to ROB the policyholders without consequences. …or …that the BLP was wrong to allow their thieving skunk friends like Leslie Haynes a then Director at CLICO to collude to ROB the policyholders at CLICO…without consequences. . are all nasty, just like their political masters.

    They were ALL…both then governments during the CLICO era involved in that robbery…they never miss an opportunity to fill their own pockets at the expense of the same population who pay their monthly salaries complete with perks, ungrateful negros that they are…they would tell you everyone around the world is a thief, every government steals …just to justify their nasty actions and their many crimes against the people …….and their empty headed yardfowls will tell you the same thing.

    The island is a disgrace and fast becoming a failed state.

    … Mia has quite the battle on her hands, but given the nuisance clowns with their one tracked minds only there to fill their OWN pockets …the same clowns and dishonest cruel, vicious lawyers and others she has surrounded herself with AND foisted on the people….do not expect any better, the only way you MAY get any better is because of their FEAR…of outside intervention…now that they have seen…through Donville…that it is a REALITY….and that they can be EXPOSED worldwide every damn day.

    And ah telling them now, I know their brains are incapable of thinking in straight lines because it is so WARPED IN CORRUPTION…and get rich quick scams and schemes against the people….


    … neither US nor UK plans to add 275,000 people in Barbados, a whole island population, onto their welfare roles as dependents for international aid because of a corrupt black government infested with thieving lawyers…these countries have their own massive problems… if Mia believes surrounding herself with thieves and abusers of the elderly is cute because they are all friends and partners having each other’s backs and dirty criminal secrets keeping tight, tight, tight …these countries will not be in the least bit amused, not one little bit….something like how I am right now.

    Both governments, the Bar Association of lawyers AND JUDGES OPENLY abused and misused the Supreme Court for decades to ENRICH THEMSELVES ONLY. ..making sure that the PEOPLE whose taxes fund the court and pay them their monthly salaries…NEVER get justice….until the Supreme Court CRASHED..under the weight of both DLP and BLP corruption…and they are appearing NOT to know how to get the Court up and functioning again.

    So yes when Marshall told the US Ambassador the Supreme Court is crashing under its own weight, he should have been more honest…the Court crashed under the weight of THEIR CORRUPTION…with him and his sidekick crook and thief of old people’s Estates Payne as two of the main culprits and criminals involved in its destruction and collapse..

  20. “Forget the out of two sides of the mouth talk. and leave that for
    Enuff in wonderland
    Animal Farm

  21. “The remarks of a fellow who does get “68” regular by Chairman Mia can be seen at 10.39 PM i lie? heheheheh.”


    Enuff in Wonderland. .

  22. Piece
    Show the RH numbers or shut up! You are telling half the story. The Z28 public servant is also not paying tax at the higher level. But as usual, the brayers braying without evidence to prove me wrong. Tell BU the level of increase for the Ministers, the impact on this increase and their alkowances with the imposition of the new upper tax, the net income, how it compares with Perm Sec pay with and without the 5%?

  23. Piece,

    17K / month are peanuts. You cannot run a big Mercedes SUV with it, you can neither buy a Miele kitchen nor build a proper mansion. 17K is just enough for paying the gardener and the maid, not even enough for an original set of new break pads and discs for a Mercedes SUV.

    No wonder so many native lads in the last gov were on Baloney´s paylist. Their parents had lived in some poor dwelling or cave and the younglings wanted to live like the high men of the North. That won´t happen with 17K Barrow´s faces.

  24. @ Theophillus
    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Theophillus you do these numbers every day so I am surprised at you!

    The point you have made WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTABLY AND NOTICEABLY CORRECT , if it had not been concatenated with the rampant WATER, LIGHT, GAS, COST OF LIVING “IF YOU TAKE ANOTHER BREATH” taxes that the draconian leader has administered on dem same Z28 scaled bajans that Mia Cares about.

    I, unlike many of the sheeple, once the “image” goes in my head, as a dual track stereo, cannot be shifted by the presentation of a mono track argument.

    That is what these people are committed to doing

    Wearing down the Opposition by constantly shifting the goal post.

    Soon de ole man expects that Mia Mao Mugabe Mottley will have the new government pringery run by Prescod brother publishing little red pamphlets that will say

    “…in 2018, early in the Chairman’s regime, the peasants, sorry, the people of Barbados were so moved to the recovery of their cuntry, that every sheeple, sorry, citizen started to contribute to the treasury by giving in inordinate contributions of their income.

    This is why the history of Barbados is being rewritten before your eyes and the constitution is being changed once a month and laws rewritten every Tuesday & Thursday

    While all uh we applauding

  25. I will be sitting in parliament gallery and watching how all this intellectual corruption would continue to make way across all sectors of the media and into the minds of the bajan people

  26. So..Enuff of Wonderland…or 68 or both, what do you think is going to befall ya buddy Peter Vivek Harris of barbadostoday and CGI Insurance, along with his vicious lawyer buddy Leslie Haynes of NIS/Social Security Pension Fund…while they have all those Personal Injury cases belonging to CGI Insurance backlogged and unmoving in the dysfunctional Supreme Court they all maliciously created…..and Claimants of those cases cannot even get a court date because of the unmoving Supreme Court.

    Would ya like to take a guess, ya have all the time in the world, no hurry, we got time, time is longer than twine.

  27. Where is Dr. GP…

    ……the scam artist offshore medical schools have started with their human rights. violations..the lowlife government ministers were so proud to have them, and saw it as hitting the jackpot…but look now.

    “Police escorted chief executive officer of the Washington University of Barbados, Gopi Venkat off the University’s premises earlier t

    This action occurred just after a meeting with officials from the welfare department and Labour and the Ministry of Education.”

  28. @PUDRYR
    Of course you are correct. My calculations did not take the new ‘adjustments’ into consideration.

    But I doubt Enuff of the Mugabites (you like that …. bites) would be referencing these adjustments

  29. This is exactly what we expected from the last government of FRAUDS…more fraud they allowed into the island..more shame on themselves, am sure there is much more fraud waiting to uncover itself from that gang of clowns who used to squat in the parliament at taxpayer’s expense..

    .Jackass Jones and useless Fruendolittle were not known as complete idiots for no reason.

    These soft headed governments need to keep the disgusting Ram Merchandani out of these things with her filthy slum hotel.

    “Fraud U.’
    Article by
    Katrina King Published on
    October 6, 2018
    It was in the waning months of the Freundel Stuart administration, three months before a general election, that Minister of Education Ronald Jones boasted that the island was making great strides as a hub for medical education. Among the earliest and brightest jewels of the adminstration’s thrust was the Washington University of Barbados, housed at the repurposed Casa Grande Hotel, owned by entrepreneur Ram Mirchandani.

    But the gem became a tarnished dud on Friday as police escorted Washington University’s chief executive officer, Gopi Venkat Rao, off the Oldbury, St Philip campus, a wanted swindler.

    Gopi Venkat Rao
    The head of the medical school turned out to be an alleged wanted fugitive in India, sought for bilking thousands of dollars from hundreds of students with promises of admissions into foreign medical universities.

    Approximately, 200 students, mostly drawn from India, were gathered this afternoon for nearly three hours as a high-level Government team broke the news.”

  30. @ Theophillus

    It is purely a game of sleight of hand where, EVEN THOUGH I AM PULLING YOUR SHORT AND CURLIES, because it is being done while i am showing you the middle page of Playboy Magazine Special Edition, as opposed to a picture of WeJonesing in a negligee, you are able to ignore the pain because of the eye candy and MORE INCREDULOUSLY, the false beleif that you will be getting some playboy one day.

    I unfortunately cannot separate the commingled offer and what you said at inception.

    Here is a reminder for you of those increased expenses which the Mugabiites (2 “i’s” instead of one since one will absorb the emphasis on Mugabe heheheheh)

    Keep an eye out for the whole series of Conspiracies that will be coming soon

    @ Grenville Phillips II

    De ole man “prophecied” here that this article of yours would elicit a high count for you since you usually get 15’s and 20’s

    De ole man also prophecied that YOU, in your inimitable style of patented stupidity WOULD NOT RETURN TO YOUR VOMIT

    Yet you would want ingrunt bloggers to run to your platform when you enter the fray again knowing full well that you ARE NOT A PEOPLE ORIENTED PERSON and do not have time to engage your electorate

    Again, the ole man congratulates you on a job well done


  31. Lmao, more imagined numbers–cartoons are not evidence. This is a grown up debate. Your original argument was that David of BU was wrong to contend that the Ministers’ salary increase is about maintaining parity, and instead it could have been amended via constitutional change. I raised the point that the new tax structure eats into the 5%. I asked for numbers and am still waiting.

    TheoGaz – What about the Z28 worker that no longer has to look for the $6000 in UWI tuition fees annually over 3/4 years for themselves and/or child(ren). Go do some research, analyse the extent of the impact on householders taking into consideration the new taxes, pay raise and free tuition. Then argue, it is not as simple as is being portrayed by the cartoonist. I have never once argued that the medicine isn’t bitter for some, I just don’t buy into the agenda-driven alarmist commentary. I deal with evidence-based info, but when the Salemites’ stakes are ready their sole focus is illuminating that stake with human flesh. #wunnacontinuetogather🚒🚒

  32. Enuff October 6, 2018 9:12 AM /”…TheoGaz – What about the Z28 worker that no longer has to look for the $6000 in UWI…”

    Because the debt holders will pay that – some may even die doing so

  33. @PUDRYR

    Guess you haven’t heard that Rwanda has criminalized cartoons that humiliate Gov’t officials and I know that you are fond of associating the name of a certain African dictator with the image of a Bajan politician. Yuh never know if the laws of the above named African nation can make its way over here but with a 30-0 whitewash anything can happen.

    We don’t wish “David’ and you to be cell mates inhaling the salubrious sea breeze in St. Philip.

    A word to the wise is sufficient 😊 .

  34. Wait Sargeant has it gotten so bad that everyone should be trembling in their boots
    Has the meaning of 30- 0 taken on such a scary effect that voices opposing by any means necessary should cower in fear
    Given your esteemed observation.i therefore shudder to think what the next four years shall produce under this administeration as your observation lends itself to fear

  35. @ Sargeant

    If Mia Mao Mugabe Mottley were to be stupid enough to invoke any such laws in Barbados that would bring her regime of the Mottleyian regime to a close FASTER THAN ANY ONE OF THESE STOOPID POSTERS COULD!


    Let me explain the construct and science of these cartoons.

    Drip, drip, drip!!!

    Each cartoon carries it’s small from package of truths to the viewer.

    Every single day.

    Is its content lies?

    Did she not change the Constitution for Rawdone, McCunny & Wigfitting? Yes or No?

    Is the Constitution for that type of fickle behaviour? Yes or No?

    Has she not increased politician salaries? Yes or no? Is not the cuntry in dire straits? Yes or no?

    If the response to the series of stoopid Cartoons is yes THEN WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU TRY TO ARREST AN ANONYMOUS BLOGGER BEHIND A SPUN UP HYPERVISE?

    Let us run with this for a while Sargeant

    BARBADOS UNDERGROUND does not validate IPs so my stated name can be anything I attach to my chosen email. This is why Jack Boreman can periodically post what he likes.

    Are you with me?

    Are you going to seek to arrest an ANONYMOUS blogger and his grandson based on an imputation of who the person is?


    I know that that last one will throw for a loop but all she and smiley tweets and Edmund can do is hope that along the line a compromise of sorts is met where de ole man gives them easement and they give me what is mine.

    Speaking of that idiot Dale Marshall did you see his interview on YouTube where he and Eddie are touring the flooded areas?

    You heard the idiot call Mia Mottley “the substantive Prime Minister?”

    Do a search for this freudian slip Sargeant that forever records what his deep dark thoughts are…

    Your warning is noted…

  36. @ Mariposa

    Imagine that you, she who is most often abused for your dissenting opinion have noticed the stated objectives of the Mottleyian regime

    Does de ole man say anything about Mia Mao Mugabe Mottley, she who cares, that you don’t say here?

    Is there any difference in my pronouncements and the words of T. Inniss, or Guest, or Northern Observer or Bush Tea or She Who Has Left Me (because de ole man grew ill?)

    Has de ole man said anything contrary to the Enablement Act sorry the Integrity in Public Service Act of 1933 sorry 2018 ? anything that differs to what Grenville Phillips II said or what the LUMINARY Jeff Cumberbatch has been saying every week?

    Oooops den does down use Stoopid Cartoons that put faces nor words to the inane pronouncements do they?

    Nor do they refer to the authors of these hitlerian policies as Mugabe do they?

    Punishment is as follows:

    100 lines forthwith

    “…i must not speak ill of the Lèse Majesté Mao Mugabe Mottley law incorporated into the Enablement Act of 2018 since it is an offense against the Mugabe sorry the monarchy, and an offense against Barbados’ national security since May 25th 2018…”

    I going get de grandson do a poster for that later today and post it 100 times or see if it gets 100 views

  37. There were two submissions Honourable Blogmaster where is the one for Sargeant?

    I guess that given its content that might be held longer?

  38. @PUDRYR
    I was being just a tad mischievous when I wrote the piece but just a few years ago when the BLP was being flogged by the blogs the “substantive PM” 😊 mused about putting a metaphorical collar around the necks of the blogs but now we are in a honeymoon period all has been forgiven but who knows what two or three years will bring and one should never say never.

    “David” used to be a lot bolder, the blog that made me sit up and pay attention a few years ago was when he wrote that Rayside Co might have been “hammered because of his affliction for making withdrawals from the hairy bank!”
    Dem was de days of the Wild Wild West.

  39. @ Sargeant

    Much earlier in the day de ole man had commented thusly.

    And had said “…@ Sargeant

    If Mia Mao Mugabe Mottley were to be stupid enough to invoke any such laws in Barbados that would bring her regime of the Mottleyian regime to a close, FASTER THAN ANY ONE OF THESE STOOPID INCESSANT POSTERS COULD!


    Let me explain the construct of and the science about these Stoopid Cartoons.

    Drip, drip, drip!!!

    Each cartoon carries its “small form” package of truth for a viewer.

    Drip, drip, drip, Every single day.

    Is the content of a Stoopid Cartoon lies?

    Lets examine this closely. Did Mia Mugabe not change the Constitution for Rawdone, McCunny & Wigfitting? Yes or No?

    Is the Constitution of Barbados for that type of fickle behaviour? Yes or No?

    Has Mia Mugabe not increased politician salaries for 26 of her ministers? Yes or no?

    Is not the cuntry in dire financial straits? Yes or no?

    If your response to the above and by extension the series of Stoopid Cartoons is yes, THEN WHAT IS YOUR ASSESSMENT WHEN THEY EITHER ARREST A BLOGGER FOR THE TRUTH OR CLOSE DOWN BU OR SMOTHER IT?


    Let us run with this for a while Sargeant.

    BARBADOS UNDERGROUND does not validate used IPs.

    so my given name can be anything I attach to my chosen email. This is why Jack Boreman can periodically post what he likes here on BU with a false email address.

    Are you with me?

    Si is this caring government of Mia Mao Mugabe Mottley, which ran on this accountability and transparency platform, a government that is out there begging everyone for National indicative Programming, going to seek to arrest an ANONYMOUS blogger and his grandson?

    And how is it going to do that, based on an imputation of who the party is? Whu Tron and NineofNines write in a similar style heheheheh like lawyers!


    I know that that last one will throw for a loop but all Mugabe and smiley tweets and Edmund can do is hope for something along the lines of a compromise of sorts, a place where de ole man gives them easement and they give him what is his.

    Speaking of that idiot AG Dale Marshall did you see his interview on YouTube where he and Eddie are touring the flooded areas?

    You heard the idiot call Mia Mottley “the substantive Prime Minister?”

    Do a search for this freudian slip Sargeant that forever records and presages what his deep dark thoughts are…

    Your warning is noted…”

  40. Ah hope they know that the Constitution…created, drafted and RATIFIED…not by any house negro in the parliament…but by the BRITISH…DOES NOT RECOGNIZE DICTATORS…

    So if anyone in the present government has plans to become a dictator to further blight the lives of the PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM….the majority population …the british will have to be immediately notified that their house negros owned by THE CROWN are projecting dictatorship on the people contrary to THEIR CONSTITUTION….

    …and that also includes Grenville with his dumb shit also..

    One of the first things I said when first reading the Constitution given to the island by the british is that it should remain in place a little longer, not because of any sentimentality. ..BUT because it gives the island time to get rid of the nasty politicians and ministers of BLP, just like the people got rid of DLP…AND gives the people…the majority population more TIME TO WAKE UP.

    Now I am not accusing Mia of anything…but just so she and those with their shit plans know….that they are ALL being watched …very, very carefully.

    Those present squatters in parliament would be a hell of a lot better off just doing the job the majority population elected them AND ARE PAYING THEM TO DO….and get the hell out of the parliament…when they are KICKED OUT.

  41. Sargeant,

    The politicians destroy one another’s reputations more than any BU poster. And these days there is video. have you ever been to a political meeting in this place?

  42. And then they are found at one another’s funerals praising the one they trashed.

    The word to the wise should be to the politicians. WE GOT VIDEO.

  43. I have never seen anything like it before …the politicians/ministers/lawyers in Barbados are the true definition of..HARDCORE CRIMINALS.

    Not only do they trash each other mercilessly as it suits them despite being partners in crime, but they would steal from each other…as long as there is enough to steal…steal from each other’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren….help each other along to an early grave…if they could….and STILL attend each other’s funeral and sing praises with absolutely no fear whatsoever that the church would burst into flames and CRISPY CRITTER all of them.

    They are ALSO the true definition of DEMONS.

  44. When will the people realize that government has never been in the business of improving the social, political and economic conditions of the masses, because decade after decade government continues to grapple with the same problems over and over again? We have to sit down and seriously contemplate what it is about power that cause honest men and women to undermine the collective-will of the people after assuming elective-office.

  45. I love certain aspects of American judicial system and the reason I love certain aspects of American judicial system is for this simple reason: if you violate the law you can be prosecuted at both the state and federal level. In other words: if the state doesn’t win a conviction then the federal government can take up the same case and prosecute you as well.

  46. “because decade after decade government continues to grapple with the same problems over and over again? ” is decade after decade the dumb governments continue using the same stupid solutions to fix the same problems over and over despite those solutions NEVER working..

    These foolish governments continue doing the same things over and over while expecting very different results.

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