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After studying the IMF reports for Barbados and realising that Barbados was facing economic ruin, a careful in-depth analysis of Barbados’ economy was carried out.  A workable economic plan was then designed, which did not include any external borrowing or austerity (public suffering) measures.

After repeated attempts to share it with the last administration, the then prime minister indicated to Peter Boos, another person trying to offer advice on the economy, that only those who chose to enter the political trench had standing to offer such advice to the government.

In response, Solutions Barbados was formed, and the economic plan was published on 1 July 2015 for rigorous public scrutiny.  For the next 3 years, it was explained to whomever would listen.

One group who we tried in vain to engage was the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).  Since business persons would be most affected by Solutions Barbados’ plan, a meeting was repeatedly requested with its members in order to obtain their feedback.  However, their leadership would block every attempt.

Eventually the BCCI issued a ridiculous order that only Members of Parliament could speak to BCCI members about the economy.  They will likely regret that short-sighted decision, for in inventing such a desperate measure to disqualify Solutions Barbados from speaking to BCCI members, they also disqualified many other persons.

Under the BCCI’s new rule, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur is disqualified, so are economists Jeremy Stephen, Shane Lowe and Marla Dukharan.  Then there are the former governors of the Central Bank, DeLisle Worrell, Marion Williams and Winston Cox, and the current governor Cleviston Haynes.

Even union leaders like Sir Roy Trotman, Toni Moore, Cedric Murrel, Dennis de Peiza, and Akanni McDowall are disqualified.  Not only have they disqualified all Prime Ministers of CARICOM states, but leaders of all other countries like Justin Trudeau of Canada, Emmanuel Macron of France, Theresa May of the UK, and Donald Trump of the USA.  Actually, they have also disqualified Christine Lagarde of the IMF.  Or dear.

The collateral-damage list of persons is truly extensive.  The BCCI has excluded every single person inside and outside of Barbados who was never a Member of Barbados’ parliament from speaking to their members about our economy.  As of the writing of this article, that would be 7,641,321,903 individuals.

The BCCI members can rest assured that the BCCI leadership does not have the temerity to do any such thing.  They will certainly find a way around their new regulation.  Like in South Africa under the apartheid system, those favoured persons who the BCCI wants to invite, but are disqualified under their new system, may be granted some honorary status in order for the BCCI to maintain their unconstitutional political discrimination against Solutions Barbados.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reacheed at

9 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – Honorary Members

  1. under BDS 2000 standard, your leadership style and personality is receiving a failing grade.

    give up the leadership of SB, revamp it and starting hitting the road in a new constructed party. the door is opened with the dlp/dumbville saga.

    strike while the iron is hot.

    • Grenville has made public that he is leader based on a democratic process adhered to by the party. So what is your point John2?

  2. This makes NO sense. You mean you couldn’t have invited any group of people to listen to your proposals, and forget the BCCI umbrella. Surely most are also members of several other bodies.

  3. @ David

    OA was leader of the BLP based on a democratic process. Not only that, he had led Barbados though a period of economic success. he had more pluses and experience then Glenville.

    Do I need to say more?

  4. “Eventually the BCCI issued a ridiculous order that only Members of Parliament could speak to BCCI members about the economy.”

    So MoneyB…is this when all the “extortion” AND “bribery” takes place. The private sector should NEVER have any easy access to parliamentarians, any meetings should ALWAY be in a public setting for the PUBLIC to see and hear what is being discussed by these two groups about the public’s economy.

    Hopefully with the private sector former head on a trafficking charge and a former minister on bribery charges, this easy access by the private sector to taxpayer paid parliamentarians must end permanently eliminate temptation.

  5. John 2,

    Owen Arthur was prime minister for 14 years. Plse detail the years of economic success during which he led the country?

  6. John 2,

    I am anxious to learn. Plse tell me what to Google. I want to know the period of outstanding economic performance during the 14 years of Owen Arthur’s prime ministership? Plse engage in a proper discussion.

  7. Owen and Mia were a fraud failed government and Mia will also be alone with 29 will also fail,, using fraud Ponzi laundering and gun running is not how to support the government, When 3 million in drugs are now 500,000 you have to understand the level of corruption we are dealing with , stop long talking and deal with facts finding, the leadership style can fit this, rule of Law will make all things clear to fools looking to speak to people with no ears in the dark, can’t even read lips, Stay focus on the crime level from the government and Oath of Office, Lock them all up until the money returns only deal TO BE MADE,
    !, Lock them all up bail set at 15 Billion$$ for the Minister, lawyers, and businessmen, the Banks in Barbados holding 24 Billion$$ we only want the 15 billion$$, in Bajan money, not even USD$ CASH ONLY

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