A Heather Cole Column – Forward Ever, Backward Never!

In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope and it was the winter of despair we had everything before us, we had nothing before us we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the other way.”

All these things seem to encapsulate Barbados now.  Having a change of government does not mean that the problems facing the island will instantaneously disappear.  The era of Fruendel Stuart did indeed shock us who were adults prior to 2009 and what occurred was not the Barbados that we had grown to know.  Our winter of despair is upon us as the IMF has not only knocked at our door, but it has entered where we dwell setting conditions under which we must live.   It is still a season of darkness as stifling taxation is still upon us.  It is the age of foolishness as our wanton youth have lost the discipline associated with growing up under strict parentage in Barbados.  For most, it was the worst of times as all they could see was that we were going the other way, backwards.

Yet now, we are in another season, a season of light in which we will aspire to create the best of times.  For having learned the hard way, this season is our age of wisdom in which we will make decisions, even complex decisions to correct the past.  This season is now our spring of hope to go forward and lay a new foundation for Barbados that entails all that we dreamed of and more.  We must build a new foundation for Barbados not only for economic prosperity but to redefine ourselves as a people.

What Dickens did not say is that in the worst of times, the vision for the best of times is formed.  We now have a golden opportunity to build a new Barbados.  It cannot always remain a dream to have one Barbados and not two; where governance is steady and pragmatic not chaotic; where laws are not discriminatory; where the place of our birth or where we live determine our place in society and where there is generational wealth for all not only the rich. We can dismantle the stranglehold of the old colonial vanguard with its discriminatory laws, its limitations for wealth creation for the poor and its stagnant education system.

After finding ourselves at the crossroads, twice in 88 years, it makes one wonder if we have not learned that economic success is the key to our well-being.  However, it was the politics of the post-independence era that failed us this time.  Does this mean that we can only adequately plan for 30 year spans or that each generation will have a fundamental crisis at hand?  One thing that we must realize is that even in our darkest hour, there is an opportunity, but we must have the capabilities to discern it.

On the 4 corners of our foundation must underlie values that our success depends upon, namely Integrity, Accountability, Leadership, Equality and Justice.  Political service must be viewed as a sacred trust that the people have in those who govern them, never expecting betrayal.  However, on the other side of that trust must be the highest levels discipline in our workforce both public and private and; now more so than ever to execute the rebuilding of Barbados.

We need a new model to create and redistribute wealth.  The present model with a few minority business men owning all the wealth is to the detriment of Barbados.  With their billions of dollars earned off the backs of the tax payers, none of them have offered to rescue the economy and prevent the country from undergoing the harsh conditionalities that will be brought by the IMF.  A national bank is required, so too the further growth or expansion of the credit unions, building of cooperatives in every industry and other means.  The working class must transform their vision from owning a piece of the rock to owning a business on the rock.  Government also has a role to play in the creation of an enabling environment that all may prosper.

There must be a business plan for Barbados which not only includes financial targets to manage our debt but targets for investment, investing in our workforce, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, transforming our public transportation system, creating a sustainable environment, transforming our educational system, renovating and expanding our healthcare system, transforming the delivery of social services, revolutionizing all aspects of housing, removing poverty from the landscape, ultimately the creation of a new constitution, empowerment of the people, the power of recall for politicians, a well-regulated court system, access to and affordability of technology and transforming our communities to redefine the people.  Finally, we must not forget to build the bridge that has been missing for over 300 years, the bridge to Africa to reconnect to our distant past.

We must all arise and build not only economically or politically but socially as well.  Society and the family structure is in turmoil.  We have persons who came to age in the last decade that know more about feting and with more time on their hands than is rational.  Some of them do not know the last time they saw the inside of a church, read a bible or even had guidance from a family member.  We have a big problem if these are to be the elders of the next generation.  We have seriously missed the opportunity to shape their minds and someone else has shaped it in lawlessness. One thing that I have learned from Hitler is that the youth must be a focal part of any political agenda.   I lament that in the country’s darkest hour that there are people feting away.  Is the revenue to be earned form Corp Over and its activities more meaningful than preventing societal decay?  Where is the church?

We must put a political, social and economic system in place that not only survives turmoil in the next 30 years but the next 100 years and beyond.  To achieve revolutionary changes in Barbados, the task for the present government is not to reshape the country in its present mold but to rebuild Barbados on a new foundation.  To achieve this, we need the best in every field metaphorically, the best surveyors, architects, builders and building materials.  We also need visionaries, leaders and legal minds to achieve this massive feat which is to produce not another gem but a metropolis in the Caribbean.





  • William Skinner

    @ Georgie Porgie
    Quite the opposite. This is pure test cricket not Twenty 20. We can’t swipe this ball out of the oval. We are in a five day test series of five tests. Remember: Before the Gales took over ?
    So on many evenings Lance Gibbs will be bowling and the shadows will lengthen ; the batsman has to watch the delivery before he hit it(Gabby)
    “ She tell me hit it…. you used to brag before…….
    But when ah went forward for off break it was googly
    If you could handle me , hit it and let me see…….
    Somebody gone get stumped before the day out
    Series now start…..,


  • Hal Austin
    July 20, 2018 4:28 AM
    A prime minister (or president) taking all the key decisions is usually called a dictator. Do you see symptoms of this emerging in Barbados, a mild, if popular form of autocracy? Check out Trumpism? or Erdogan?”

    You omitted that when Obama was president he said all he needed was a Pen and a Phone, did you consider him a dictator? And when Trump enforces the Laws that are already on the books, do you consider him a dictator?

    Leadership is important it may not be the only form of Government after Israel crossed the rover Jordan they were ruled by Judges but they also had many prophets. Since no one in the world wants to be ruled by Judges anymore we have to settle for Dictators, Prime Misters, Presidents and other forms of leadership even in your work place. Every form of leadership that manifest itself in a leader can either be good or bad…It has always been up to us the people to choose what kind of leader we will follow. This is also True in the Spiritual Realm.

    You say “have a look at the nearly 200 countries affiliated to the United Nations and see how their economies are performing, then look at their forms of government.”

    Barbados is affiliated so what is your point? The UN don’t Own any Countries or do they Manage a Country.


  • It is Mark St. John who taught at Cupertino.
    This is him speaking.
    “I started out as an engineer, then I moved into finance and accounting. My first jobs were as a power systems engineer, and at my last job I was head of worldwide accounting and finance for Intel,”


    Do you see what STEM does for you?

    You can move seamlessly into other disciplines and operate at the highest levels.


  • @ William Skinner July 20, 2018 8:52 AM

    @ Georgie Porgie
    Quite the opposite. This is pure test cricket not Twenty 20. We can’t swipe this ball out of the oval. I AGREE WITH YOU SIR

    RE the batsman has to watch the delivery before he hit it TRUE A VIRTUE NOW LACKING IN BOTH CRICKET AND IN OUR NATIONAL LIFE……..EVERY BODY LIKE THEY SWIPING
    indeed Somebody gwine get stumped before the day out

    “ But when ah went forward for off break it was googly” SEEING THAT A GOOGLY IS ESSENTIALLY AN OFF BREAK bowled by a legbreak or chinaman bowler LOL


  • Maybe now they will start taking the earth’s power seriously..


  • Yet one more Display of Detraction… What the …. has this got to do with with the Conversation of Governance…some people will Do and Say anything for Attention!!

    Back to the Topic before the Derailment Syndrome Struck!!




  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Freedom Crier July 19, 2018 12:17 PM
    “Neither I nor my spouse was born rich, we each were brought up under very humble circumstances so were those who presently own that Company. Unfortunately the Director conveniently forgets his roots because he is swimming in greed and conveniently overlooks that my spouse made him a very Rich man. He also seeks to rewrite the Company’s History that only he was responsible for its success. No wonder
    his initials are AH!!”

    How come you are always extolling the international benefits of Capitalism and how it can work wonders in lifting the poor out of their poverty but refuses to condemn Chefette for not leaving the confined economic shores of Barbados?

    Did you or your rejected and now down-in-the-dumps spouse ever worked hard in pursuing the goal of making Chefette, at least, a regional brand name in the fast food chain?

    If that top of the Bajan fast food chain business- of which you and your dispossessed spouse were the backbone- cannot spread its wings overseas, what does that make it other than a spoilt socialist feeding in true parasitic fashion off the skin and bones of a captive market called Barbados?

    So Freedom Crier, the friendly socialist in personal business dealings, you need to cry your heart out in trying to convince Chefette to spread their fried chicken wings and to set up some NCDs dispensing outlets in some offshore jurisdictions in order to earn more forex.

    In that way they would be justified in seeking a work permit for a non-national to be the handyman for its Barbados operations.


  • To Whom it may Concern…


  • William,

    I was once told by a very senior Barbadian politician that ministers were not tutored when taking up office. I asked because in the UK (remember the Westminster/Whitehall model) ministers and senior public officers (including members of the Royal family) are given private tutorials on key issues – and this has been going on since the 1960s. They do not operate in total ignorance.
    This is a function that senior lecturers at UWI, central bank and NIS staff can easily do as a public service. We have ministers who may have paper qualifications, but no experience taking high office. The end result is that the people suffer. Talk is cheap and Bajans, especially lawyers, know about everything. Where is the vision? Where is the roadmap to recovery? Plse provide evidence of the many wrongs the DLP committed in office and how the BLP would reverse them. Some of us know PR nonsense when we see it, but where is the beef.
    We are already seeing signs of an autocracy at work. There will be tears before bed time.


  • William Skinner

    Georgie Porgie

    Don’t forget that Gabby has poetic license….he could sing on any topic but I hear he is a good cricketer..so give him a little break. Everybody deserves a long hop from time to time. Bat and pad brother ..bat and pad , Lance Gibbs bowling and outside getting dark. Already ah hearing appeals fuh light.


  • Already ah hearing appeals fuh light.

    No truer words spoken.




  • The clichéd “elephant in the room” here, obviously, is that a regular contributor to Barbados Underground, Heather Cole, has suggested the Hitler Youth as a model for Barbados government policy.

    The historical and moral illiteracy can only take your breath away.


  • William Skinner

    @ Michael Myers
    Obviously Ms. Cole was carried away by her own literary exuberance!!
    Don’t worry I once was told by a young white guy, that Hitler was a great motivator…….. oh well it’s Friday and we must fire one at least ……


  • Propaganda and Children During the Hitler Years

    (Typically, the horrors of Nazi propaganda are viewed in an adult context. Examining the propaganda that targeted children can provide students with an immediacy that, hopefully, will help them understand that prejudice is not something that is inborn; it is something that must be carefully taught.)

    No single target of nazification took higher priority than Germany’s young. By 1937, 97% of all teachers belonged to the National Socialist Teachers’ Union. Every member of this union had to submit an ancestry table in triplicate with official documents of proof. Courses and textbooks in Nazi schools reflected the aims of Hitler. Of the topics that teachers were required to treat, the most important was racial theory and, by extension, the Jewish problem. In The National Socialist Essence of Education, a German educator wrote that mathematics was “Aryan spiritual property; .. an expression of the nordic fighting spirit, of the nordic struggle for the supremacy of the world…”[1] An example of racial propaganda in a math problem is the following: “The Jews are aliens in Germany–in 1933 there were 66,060,000 inhabitants in the German Reich, of whom 499,682 were Jews. What is the per cent of aliens?”[2]

    In the course of my discussion, I shall first describe the Jewish problem within the Nazi curriculum as it appears in Die Judenfrage im Unterricht (The Jewish Question in Classroom Instruction) and then comment upon the following propaganda picture books that targeted young children: Trau keinem Fuchs auf gr?ner Heid und keinem Jud bei seinem Eid (Don’t Trust A Fox in A Green Meadow Or the Oath of A Jew); Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom); and Der Pudelmopsdachelpinscher (The Poodle-Pug-Dachshund-Pincher).

    In the introduction to Die Judenfrage im Unterricht, which was published in 1937 by Der St?rmer, Julius Streicher made the following statement: “The National Socialist state requires its teachers to teach German children racial theory. For the German people, racial theory means the Jewish problem.”[3] The teacher’s manual on the Jewish problem maintains that German children have an inborn aversion to Jews that is intensified by references made to Jews in the newspapers, conversations, and songs sung by members of the SA and HJ. Intermarriage between Germans and Jews is portrayed as unnatural because it does not follow the Nazi perversion of the natural biological order, which does not allow for intermixing. Storks mate with storks; swallows mate with swallows, etc. The Nuremberg Laws are depicted as a return to the natural order that God intended, and the Jew is thus shown as a threat to God’s order.

    From this point, the projection of the Jew as an enemy of the German people is a quick and easy step. He is conveyed as an infiltrator, who, upon gaining entry into German society, has usurped the political and economic power of Germany and focused his attention upon the destruction of the German people. Because the Jew is deemed such a threat to German society, the Nuremberg Laws are viewed as a justifiable means of self-defense. In order to make the status of the Jew as a deadly enemy of everything German as concrete as possible to German children, the teacher’s guide suggests that pictures of Jews (which, of course, are ugly or distorted) be posted on the board next to pictures of the ideal German type. From the visual differences, other differences are inferred. “The Jews walk differently than we do. They have flat feet. They have longer arms than we do. They speak differently than we do.”[4]

    Read More @



  • The Success of Socialist Propaganda Indoctrination… Imagine how we are witnessing the Indoctrination of the Youth right up through School, to Colleges and Universities programmed in the Socialist Doctrine and we see the fruit of these teaching where they are Violently Anti-Free Speech in Support Socialism because they want a Free Ride and Entitlements off the backs of those who Produce… In Reality they have no Concept that Socialism/Communism has Killed Millions!!

    Indoctrinating Youth
    Shaping the Future: Indoctrinating Youth
    “These boys and girls enter our organizations [at] ten years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the Hitler Youth, where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete National Socialists, they go to Labor Service and are smoothed out there for another six, seven months . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] will take care of that.”
    —Adolf Hitler (1938)

    Read More @



  • Forgive me Freedom Crier for interrupting your train of thought to a veritable “intellectual Auschwitz”.

    But de ole man would again ask you that question for the second time Freedom Crier.

    What would you suggest as active engagement programs for our errant youth here in Barbados as opposed as opposed to those in the motherland?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright July 20, 2018 7:22 PM

    “What would you suggest as active engagement programs for our errant youth here in Barbados as opposed as opposed to those in the motherland?”

    Mr. Peace my Motherland is Barbados…Born and Raised and probably will die here…Even got ma spot choose out…

    My thoughts recently have been in the Direction for Barbados Improvements trying to see where I could contribute to the bettering our Nation.

    One thing I know is that Barbadian are Gifted Musically…We have a few renowned Classical Musicians, Steel Pan Musicians, Singers etc…We may concentrate not only Academically but in the Arts as well. I am speaking from personal experience that my understanding was not given to what was taught in books at school and actually the first Books I ever read from cover to cover several times were the scriptures which I taught to the youth and then to adults. Then my Knowledge and understanding grew in unimaginable ways.

    Unfortunately there were not much in the way of the Creative Arts taught at school except for Drama which I was not very good at acting…Thankfully I did Like English and enjoyed writing Compositions.

    I always had an ear for music and could hold a note bordering on Classical…I was fortunate to be fine-tuned by an Elderly Bajan lady who taught me that there are three most important thing in music, the message, the message and the message and once you can get that across and people can feel it to their Souls that was what was important.

    I Know we each have been given Talents and Abilities, no one has been left out and with developing mine whenever I wanted to excel in a particular area say the Creative Arts and Crafts I would always go to the Master Artist Himself and ask for Direction. I enjoyed many different avenues of Creativity, from making Christmas decorations some I used to fish with my toes at Worthing (Sand dollars) and string them with Ribbons and Bows…Also Bearded Fig Tree Vines from the Gullies that were made into Angels with Trumpets. Then there Wreaths made of Straw and wrapped in Ribbons and Bows…Bows were Always my Signature, even on Sea Fans where I decorated the Restaurants at Sam Lords Castle for many years. I used to decorate the Company I spoke of before but that was taken away and given to others which was a pattern too often repeated … So as they say when one door closes another opens. So I went to the Management at Sam lords taking with me some samples of my Barbadian Homemade decorations and was Hired…I also decorated the Crane and other hotels on the West Coast. And those who would accompany me in my decorating adventures were the youth and few adults…Of times as much as a team of eighteen persons who looked forward to the Adventure because there was always a picnic at lunch time and some pocket change for Christmas treats..

    I have never had formal training but had a Natural eye for Beauty and a Desire to be the best at the things attempted. One of my latent talents come in my forties where I started Painting, mostly Foliage and Flowers, then I developed a love for Classical Barbados between 1890 and 1920. As I painted these images which was from photographs the History of Barbados came alive for me as I was emerged in that moment of time.

    In my youthful days I taught Women Homemaking classes from Cooking, Flower Arranging again using Dried Palms and Foliage and other skills and the goal of teaching them these things was that they could beautify their homes and could support themselves by earning extra income.

    I also have a wide variety of Books that teach Crafts, Cooking Etc. But although having these Books always did my own thing. The thing with a creative mind is that there is no end to creativity, and the modern approach to using the Internet is faster and more in depth…

    Most youth nowadays have internet access where they can learn any skill and gain any knowledge. Children nowadays with the Internet have such an advantage compared to what we had with the finest teachers in the world teaching the classes that you need to learn. For instance Khans Academy who is supported by a Philanthropic organization takes you from primary math right through to first year university math step by step. They have had over a hundred Million people visiting the site and learning. If every Government school was to use a large screen TV we would have the best teachers in the world in our class rooms. And our present teachers would just need to give class exercises and individual attention to each student. If you have never heard about Khans Academy please look it up it would blow your mind of the Possibilities.

    But to answer your question Directly. Churches and School need to pay more attention in Character Building, for example teaching the Scriptures. And in Schools Especially, have class periods to develop Skills, from Technical Drawing, Creative Writing, Debating Societies, hands on Creativity Classes whither Pottery, Dress Making or Otherwise. By exposing the youth to so many different things you are really teaching them how to learn, build character and to think for themselves.

    Academic learning although important is not for everyone no matter what Mr. Beckles says. As I mentioned what is important for all to learn is how to learn, build character and to think for themselves…That is what the Goal of teaching should be!

    In Conclusion what I can tell you is as long as you have a Desire you can Achieve anything…You cannot give someone a desire however you can Motivate them to want to excel in the things they Love.


  • Is that you FC? Where is a crocodile when you need one?
    Bad joke.
    Greetings to all of BU


  • Sorry Theo were you the lil fish I just Peed on?


  • 🙂


  • @William Skinner
    @ Michael Myers
    “Obviously Ms. Cole was carried away by her own literary exuberance!!

    Excellent call by MM. Whether in ignorance or in exuberance, we have to hold their feet to the fire when outrageous statements are made.


  • @ Freedom Crier

    You said in your summary and I quote an excerpt of that summary “…By exposing the youth to so many different things you are really teaching them how to learn, build character and to think for themselves…”

    I agree with such a strategy IN THE OPTIMAL SETTING but @ today, with 2 murders a week, we are not in that optimal setting and I wondered what would you recommend as a strategy to bring these errant youth back?

    Let me share with you what was shared with me and what I now share freely cause of my “come to Jesus Moment”

    @ today there are 3 options that will work.

    1.Find them jobs that are congruent to their interests in the technology dat does got them walking pun de road staring at the face of a smart phone.

    2.Create Incentivized Options that are funded by PPP initiatives.

    3.Reverse the Brainwashing.

    THe mighty united states of america has an incident of mass violence once a month and there are stabbings every single hour.

    So let de ole man tell you what will change this anywhere in the world.

    We have to package What we want to teach these kids in the tinsel that they are accustomed watching. AS TV shows and Reality Shows.

    THe same way that we have the Bachelorette and the other wufless meet me and foop me filth suffusing the airwaves and seducing viewers, we have to package ethics and dialogue and tolerance and conflict resolution and all the rest of these things like GAMESHOWS – the X Factor, and America’s got Talent, with all the pertinent celebrity game show hosts and incentivize the shows to produce the outcomes that we want the youth to aspire to.

    De ole man was harbouring that for a long time but IT IS NOT FOR ME TO KEEP ANY LONGER, dere ent enuff time left in my Come to Jesus experience.

    Nary one of wunna can tell me that it cannot work cause said packaging works every single day around us VIA THE VARIOUS MEDIA, promoting filth.

    I was hoping to speak to Rihanna Fenty about it and Oprah Winfrey but my schedule is too booked right now (a bit of evity)

    But I will tell you what, get the right players on board and this will favourably impact the various issues that we are having per tolerance and engagement with otherness across the face of this earth.

    Very few of us See the Face of GOD in things around us ” the What God Hath Wrought” that is universal and empirical and therefore many “look but see not and listen but hear not.”

    De ole man expects that the local pundits will have a field day with this concept by de ole black man in barbados our turd world cuntry

    But mark my words, De Ole man expects that places like the USA and UK with entities like the NRA (National Rifle Association and the OFA (that Is the Obama NGO thing with immense pockets of Federal and State grants will like like it.

    They and all the other philanthropies that are grappling with this violence thing, WILL GRAB HOLD OF IT and will run with it. As they do with so many other things that de ole man has conduited into this sphere

    It is a 15 to 20 year rollout which suffuses the media with positive messages that we want our youth to have.

    Oh by the way de ole man got blueprints for all 3 tings heheheheheh cause GOD does that, gives you complete plans.

    “Go to the ant thou sluggard consider her ways and be wise.”


  • Mr. Peace thank you for sharing…the Ole Man is a gifted writer with years of experience, why not pen an Article with your ideas and present them in an Editorial that as you said they “WILL GRAB HOLD OF IT and will run with it”. That’s a Start and may the seeds that are sewn may take root and bring forth much fruit, because if you hoard these ideas all will be lost. Make sure also that you pass on this knowledge to de Grandson and he will help with his very Creative Cartoons that could be the visual aids that will help you get your message across. When you go the way of the earth as most of us are in Transit now waiting for the coming flight, De Grandson can carry on your legacy and build on the inheritance of your values bequeathed him. The moral principles that we teach our posterity are their most valuable inheritance and are what will last for generations.

    Meanwhile we should remember that by teaching correct Principles people govern themselves…The Scriptures need to be once again taught in our schools as that Sir is a Sure Foundation on which to build otherwise lawlessness will abound.

    As you rightly said…“Go to the ant thou sluggard consider her ways and be wise.” I wish you God Speed in your endeavors!


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    ” However, Prime Minister Mia Mottley today made it clear that whatever decision was taken would not be driven by what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deemed necessary, but what was “good” for Barbados.

    She said the Social Partnership and the public would get an opportunity to share their thoughts on what public corporations Government should keep, privatize, or share ownership of.”



  • Watching the transformation of BY
    The disappearance of Bushie and piece having a “come to Jesus moment”, the mergence of Lorenzo and T.Innis shows how the God of bloggers tries to maintain balance.


  • *emergence


  • pieceuhderockyeahright July 19, 2018 2:05 AM ===whatever the People take from the Banks the credit union will put it right back under their name in the same bank, there are no Bajan Banks in Barbados.


  • BU Fambly member Heather Cole, on July 17, 2018, teaches us what she learned from Adolf Hitler and the Hitlerjugend.

    “One thing that I have learned from Hitler is that the youth must be a focal part of any political agenda.”

    The historical illiteracy makes your eyes bleed.


  • RE The historical illiteracy makes your eyes bleed.



  • de pedantic goats dribblet


    BIT OF DALTONISM (VERY RARE IN GIRLS) but otherwise 20-20.



  • de pedantic goats dribblet

    BU Fambly member Heather Cole, on July 17, 2018, teaches us what she learned from Adolf Hitler and the Hitlerjugend.

    “One thing that I have learned from Hitler is that the youth must be a focal part of any political agenda.”

    The historical and moral illiteracy makes your eyes bleed.


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