A Heather Cole Column – Forward Ever, Backward Never!

In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope and it was the winter of despair we had everything before us, we had nothing before us we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the other way.”

All these things seem to encapsulate Barbados now.  Having a change of government does not mean that the problems facing the island will instantaneously disappear.  The era of Fruendel Stuart did indeed shock us who were adults prior to 2009 and what occurred was not the Barbados that we had grown to know.  Our winter of despair is upon us as the IMF has not only knocked at our door, but it has entered where we dwell setting conditions under which we must live.   It is still a season of darkness as stifling taxation is still upon us.  It is the age of foolishness as our wanton youth have lost the discipline associated with growing up under strict parentage in Barbados.  For most, it was the worst of times as all they could see was that we were going the other way, backwards.

Yet now, we are in another season, a season of light in which we will aspire to create the best of times.  For having learned the hard way, this season is our age of wisdom in which we will make decisions, even complex decisions to correct the past.  This season is now our spring of hope to go forward and lay a new foundation for Barbados that entails all that we dreamed of and more.  We must build a new foundation for Barbados not only for economic prosperity but to redefine ourselves as a people.

What Dickens did not say is that in the worst of times, the vision for the best of times is formed.  We now have a golden opportunity to build a new Barbados.  It cannot always remain a dream to have one Barbados and not two; where governance is steady and pragmatic not chaotic; where laws are not discriminatory; where the place of our birth or where we live determine our place in society and where there is generational wealth for all not only the rich. We can dismantle the stranglehold of the old colonial vanguard with its discriminatory laws, its limitations for wealth creation for the poor and its stagnant education system.

After finding ourselves at the crossroads, twice in 88 years, it makes one wonder if we have not learned that economic success is the key to our well-being.  However, it was the politics of the post-independence era that failed us this time.  Does this mean that we can only adequately plan for 30 year spans or that each generation will have a fundamental crisis at hand?  One thing that we must realize is that even in our darkest hour, there is an opportunity, but we must have the capabilities to discern it.

On the 4 corners of our foundation must underlie values that our success depends upon, namely Integrity, Accountability, Leadership, Equality and Justice.  Political service must be viewed as a sacred trust that the people have in those who govern them, never expecting betrayal.  However, on the other side of that trust must be the highest levels discipline in our workforce both public and private and; now more so than ever to execute the rebuilding of Barbados.

We need a new model to create and redistribute wealth.  The present model with a few minority business men owning all the wealth is to the detriment of Barbados.  With their billions of dollars earned off the backs of the tax payers, none of them have offered to rescue the economy and prevent the country from undergoing the harsh conditionalities that will be brought by the IMF.  A national bank is required, so too the further growth or expansion of the credit unions, building of cooperatives in every industry and other means.  The working class must transform their vision from owning a piece of the rock to owning a business on the rock.  Government also has a role to play in the creation of an enabling environment that all may prosper.

There must be a business plan for Barbados which not only includes financial targets to manage our debt but targets for investment, investing in our workforce, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, transforming our public transportation system, creating a sustainable environment, transforming our educational system, renovating and expanding our healthcare system, transforming the delivery of social services, revolutionizing all aspects of housing, removing poverty from the landscape, ultimately the creation of a new constitution, empowerment of the people, the power of recall for politicians, a well-regulated court system, access to and affordability of technology and transforming our communities to redefine the people.  Finally, we must not forget to build the bridge that has been missing for over 300 years, the bridge to Africa to reconnect to our distant past.

We must all arise and build not only economically or politically but socially as well.  Society and the family structure is in turmoil.  We have persons who came to age in the last decade that know more about feting and with more time on their hands than is rational.  Some of them do not know the last time they saw the inside of a church, read a bible or even had guidance from a family member.  We have a big problem if these are to be the elders of the next generation.  We have seriously missed the opportunity to shape their minds and someone else has shaped it in lawlessness. One thing that I have learned from Hitler is that the youth must be a focal part of any political agenda.   I lament that in the country’s darkest hour that there are people feting away.  Is the revenue to be earned form Corp Over and its activities more meaningful than preventing societal decay?  Where is the church?

We must put a political, social and economic system in place that not only survives turmoil in the next 30 years but the next 100 years and beyond.  To achieve revolutionary changes in Barbados, the task for the present government is not to reshape the country in its present mold but to rebuild Barbados on a new foundation.  To achieve this, we need the best in every field metaphorically, the best surveyors, architects, builders and building materials.  We also need visionaries, leaders and legal minds to achieve this massive feat which is to produce not another gem but a metropolis in the Caribbean.

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  1. @ Ms. Cole.

    You just do it differently I guess, you try to be “correct” and not offend people with what you are saying BUT THERE IS REALLY NO TIME FOR THAT.

    Barbados has on average 2 killings a week and NEITHER THE BLP NOR THE DLP have a solution for that

    In fact, the very invitations to Parliament of the Drug Dealers suggest that “they have arrived” and are part of the landscape.

    And if you doubt me see if you will ever hear Dale Smiley Teets of Edmund Hinkson or Ralph Thorne or any of them open their mouths AND SAY BOUNTY’s name.

    We dont have the time for these luxuries and niceties cause the rest of those black entrepreneurs that you are seeking to empower are either being killed or are being seduced by the drug culture and the easy money it affords.

    I dont mind the Freedom Criers and the Johns of the island because WHEN ALL THE KILLING STARTS DEM DOES BE UP IN THE HEIGHTS safe and secure from the AK47s bless their ingrunt souls holding up dem sanky and singing SHALL WE GATHER BY THE RIVER in alto or bass or whatever


  2. If I had a lots of $$ in commercial banks I would withdraw it too!!

    They are corrupt and have billions to launder!!

    I am just dealing with the “redistribution of wealth” which Heather Cole, the author (authoress) and Hal Austin raised!!

  3. John,
    All the evidence is that in societies in which wealth is more evenly distributed the society is more prosperous. Do you prefer a society like the US in which about 45 per cent of the citizens do not have any health insurance?




  5. However Heather goes on this tangent about wealth distribution
    Have Heather eyes been closed to the past weeks events wherby Mia handed over massive wealth to the wealthy in the form of tax waivers and in so doing pass the bill to the poor
    How can anyone in good conscience does not see that act as unconscienable and unreasonable
    Or is it a matter of who is doing the giving and those that are receiving that makes a difference as to how the wealth is distributed
    I cry for barbadians who are struggling to make ends meet and through no fault of their own has to pay the wealthy tax cheaters bill
    Go figure so much for wealth distrubition

  6. pieceuhderockyeahright July 18, 2018 8:59 PM
    “The issue here is empowering Blacks who are entrepreneurs NOT VIA YOUR FUTURISTIC DESIGN OF CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT GOOBLEDEE GOOK but the more proximate investment via local private sector people like you who have money but hate said black people SORRY DELUDE YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER with this pie in the sky concept.”

    You seem to know a lot about me Mr. Piece as you described as a person who has lots of money. People with lots of money do not drive a twenty one year old car and live in a home that was generously offered rent free. …Yes Mr. Peace my family have always been Entrepreneurs, we know how it is to build, and that we did and now that company employs over 700 people and runs on the prototype that my spouse put in place before he was pushed out of that company after 31 years so as to make room for the Director and his offspring.

    Yes Mr. Peace we know how it is to have someone take away ones livelihood and cause a ripple effect that devastated our lives.

    Yes Mr. Peace we know how it is to start over in our fifties in a sinking economy. We know how it is to be locked out of that business because of Collusion between a Dictator with power and influence Colluding with the Land Lord because we were in arrears of rent which we were paying but they sought the opportune time to put us out of business. Yes Mr. Peace we know how it is to have your possessions confiscated and sold for little of the value by that same Land Lord.

    Yes Mr. Peace know how it is that yet again after two years of no income to start over again with the help of family and create a totally new concept and fight for survival again on the south coast while sewage flowed on the streets. And yes all along we know how it is to try to survive because we are mindful of the fact that those who you say that we hate we struggle every day to make sure they are paid at the end of the week even if we do not take a Salary ourselves..

    And yes Mr. Peace we know how it is to be homeless being put out of our home with a knock on the door in the early morning without prior warning and told by a court martial you have to leave this premises today and for the following 3 days pack our belongings to be stored while shopping for himself and taking what he wanted of our possessions.

    And yes Mr. Peace that is about me now about you…Like most on BU you wear Colour glasses and hence you see everything in White against Black. You Mr. Piece because you have never been an Entrepreneur do not know how it is Take Risk and not knowing what the result would be. That is why you can call my proposal, “NOT VIA YOUR FUTURISTIC DESIGN OF CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT GOOBLEDEE GOOK”, because you have never had Vision to even entertain New Ideas that could possibly just possibly save a nation from the brink of the Abyss. Your only dreams are wet dreams if that is at possible now with the Ole Man because of his meds and Yes Mr. Peace that is the Language you entertain and deserve!!


  7. John,
    All the evidence is that in societies in which wealth is more evenly distributed the society is more prosperous. Do you prefer a society like the US in which about 45 per cent of the citizens do not have any health insurance?


    There is a difference between wealth and riches!!

    If wealth is measured by riches there will never be an even distribution because riches create envy!!

    I used to love England and Europe where I studied … brought back wonderful memories.

    I once figured after spending 2 weeks camping as a student in Spain I would like to live there!!

    Because of my Sephardic Jewish ancestry I could probably get to there .. or Portugal … with ease!!

    Now I would not even consider going even for a holiday.

    I was offered an all expenses paid trip to England in 2016 which I refused because I just don’t like the place any more!!

    I am not sure I agree with you on prosperity.

    How many Oprahs exist outside of the US … or Lebron Jameses … or Tom Bradys or Taylor Swifts.

    Why do so many people leave Central America and cross Mexico, avoid applying for asylum, and make their way to the US?

    Why do they send their children unaccompanied and risk their lives?

    Like it or not, the US is the place of choice for many people who abandon their countries.

    I think it is because of the prosperity …. certainly not the health insurance … or health care!!

  8. I have said that looking to the wealthy for wealth distrubition is like chasing windmills
    The wealthy would forever stand their ground to protect their interest
    While the poor indulge at high cost what the wealthy produce
    If the poor wants the playing field to be level.They must be a unified bonding of trust among each other
    Bajans are among the biggest consumers for wealthy products which in effect transfers their spending power into riches for the wealthy
    The question which needs to be answered what mental guage can convince bajans that wealth is generated in their hands daily but they give it all back to wealthy

  9. question
    Why do so many people leave Central America and cross Mexico, avoid applying for asylum, and make their way to the US?

    Why do they send their children unaccompanied and risk their lives?














  10. If you give everybody the same today by the morning everybody will be unequal. People that know how to create wealth create wealth that is what they do to the Exclusion sometimes of family, friends and entertainment. Another man may just want to enjoy his family, friends and entertainment. Another man may have invested unwisely and lost nearly everything. Are you going to have another redistribution where the man at the bottom may have and the man at the top may lose his labour? If you do it another time the man that knows how to create wealth may move to other pastures. And in this iteration they would none to create wealth and there will be Poverty and misery. The same way people are Unequal in wealth they are also Unequal in Ability, they are Unequal in Tenacity, they are Unequal in Vision, they are Unequal in Education, they are Unequal in Problem Solving. When like all Leftist that desire Equal Outcome how are you going to have them equal in these intangibles? It is not just about money. Your thinking and your belief system has led you All wrong again including Ms. Cole.

    Your Philosophy has been born out of GREED…FUELED by the Desire to TAKE WHAT IS NOT YOURS!! THIEVERY has been around a Long Time MURDER to get Gain an Equally Long Time. Agitators like you spew this talk so they may get while proclaiming they are doing it for the people. In your Eyes the End (REDISTRIBUTION) justifies the means (Thievery, Murder, and Plunder). Those thoughts and those ideas have been well formulated, tried and implemented in many parts of the world this is nothing New under the sun and if you institute it in Barbados it will have the same results as they had all over the world. They did it in Zimbabwe, they did in Uganda, they did it in South America, they did it in the Caribbean, they did it in Asia, they did it in Eastern Europe and it has ALWAYS FAILED.

    What makes you think it is going to Succeed in Barbados?

    Heather Cole July 18, 2018 10:54 PM “It is not about communism or socialism, or racism or confiscating land.”

    Wrong Ms. Cole your Conversation is the very Back Bone of Communism, Socialism, Racism or and Confiscating land!! Shame, Shame on those trying to Pull Wool over the Eyes of Bajan’s while pretending to care…Sounds All too familiar!!


  11. I however will endorse wages that are equal to cost of living
    These govt applied wage control mostly favours and protect the rich formed out legislation component that employers carry most of the burden and the mimuim wage protects the employee from job losses
    But how about when the employee wage cannot meet the high cost of living
    There needs to be balance that can rotate within a plausible frameword equal to how much an employee earns and to high rising cost within the economies

  12. @ Freedom Crier

    I hear you …

    I hear your pain…

    I see you…

    And you are who I thought you were

    Let me see how I can put this to you differently so that you understand where I am coming from…

    This can be a long dissertation or some bullet points but me fears that the bullet points will do a disservice to my position so I propose to bread this up in palatable parts.


    I am not a racist I too have white friends. It is just that I can count them on one hand BECAUSE whites rarely are capable of being friends TOO MUCH BAGGAGE.

    You need to be honest here as it relates to the enfranchisement issues for blacks IN A COUNTRY THAT IS 95% BLACK in that company that you were displaced from…

    Once you can answer that question honestly then you start to see where I am coming from as it relates to my statement about “whites and quasi whites” which when I wrote it I was “shown” you.

    You and John cannot understand the backstory that we blacks have Freedom Crier BUT MAYBE JUST MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW you might get a modicum of understanding of where 90% of us live our lives CONDEMNED NEVER TO RISE cause we were born with a pigmentation other than yours.

    WE BLACKS AND WHITES HAVE TO ENGAGE Freedom Crier or we will die.

    Answer that 1st question and let me see if you are open to discuss this…

  13. As an investor in one of the large Barbados banks, Scotiabank, I encourage all Bajans to withdraw their money from the bank and do whatever with it. It’s time the large Canadian banking industry not only Barbados but the caribbean to pack up and leave. This will improve my investment bottom line at Scotiabank, stop all un-necessary corruption losses.

    The question then to ask, what is Barbados and the Caribbean going to do for a banking industry. Any one with any common sense, this is a limited commodity in Barbados, are going to do, credit unions are just another social enterprise which your continually complaining about.

    Just another jackass suggestion by an ignorant socialist movement.

  14. John,

    You are obviously not familiar with the history and sociology of poverty. The history of Quakerism is one of great philanthropy – the Cadburys (chocolate), Barclays (of bank fame), Jordan’s (cereals) etc – have a look at the history of Bourneville; further, what differentiates or one of the key differentiators of US capitalism from UK capitalism is the level of philanthropy (Bill Gates, Warren Butter, and before them Ford Foundation (which, by the way, was one led by a man of Bajan heritage), the Rockefeller Foundation, etc. In the UK we have some well known family foundations (Guinness, which provides housing, and numerous others, some of which operate in Barbados with drug addicts). Remember the library in Barbados was donated by a charity funded by a businessman.
    Name a single charity funded by the wealthy in Barbados. Just one? I am not talking about the perversity of banks sponsoring Kadooment either. It is a state of psychology. I will give you another example: a few years ago I wanted to send some books to Barbados and approached a Bermuda-domiciled bank which had branches in the UK and Barbados.
    The UK branches agreed to pay for the shipment, but the Barbados branch had to agree as the books were coming to Barbados. All they had to say was something like: this is great, we will be glad to identify with such charity.
    Would you believe the bone dead PR woman said no. Finally, with the assistance of Herbie Yearwood, the books were sent to the Israel Lovell Foundation.
    The US is ahead of the UK, but in the UK you can make charitable donations direct from pay roll. The Inland Revenue provides for this.
    The idea of poverty eradication is key to liberal democracy – not only socialism as some idiot is claiming.

  15. pieceuhderockyeahright July 19, 2018 10:03 AM…


    Freedom Crier BUT MAYBE JUST MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW you might get a modicum of understanding of where 90% of us live our lives CONDEMNED NEVER TO RISE cause we were born with a pigmentation other than yours.”

    @ Mr. Piece…That same Company you are talking about had a black Director and Equal Shareholder and who sold his shares a few years before he died.

    And as for the so called white director’s, one is Chinese and the others are not white that is like saying a white Hispanic.

    Neither I nor my spouse was born rich, we each were brought up under very humble circumstances so were those who presently own that Company. Unfortunately the Director conveniently forgets his roots because he is swimming in greed and conveniently overlooks that my spouse made him a very Rich man. He also seeks to rewrite the Company’s History that only he was responsible for its success. No wonder his initials are AH!!

    In the present climate in Barbados as it has been for some time, because of the Knocks that businessmen get from e.g. those on BU, Black Business men keep their heads below the Radar.

    If there nothing else I can do for you go in Piece, your Level of Judgement is Coloured by the Bias of the Glasses you wear!!


  16. @ Wily E Coyote

    Now let me see if I have this correct

    The financial expert and consultant Wily E Coyote seems, in our conjoint senility, to have so conveniently forgotten the homegrown Barbados National Bank ‘Now deceased” and its replacement RBTT.

    So the financial expert and consultant Wily E Coyote seems, in our conjoint senility, to be saying that “ONLY CANADIAN BANKS know how to invest and know how to effect transactions with the correspondent banks in NYC”.

    So the financial expert and consultant Wily E Coyote, in our conjoint senility, additionally, seems to be saying that the Caribbean Development Bank’s Fitch, Moody’s and S&P rating is in fact a lie and that nothing local or Caribbean can operate at this international level.

    I put it to you kind sir that, LIKE THE COMMENTS OF THE LEADER OF THE NOW DEFUNCT DLP, you are suggesting that anything bajan is an “ignorant socialist movement” and is to be avoided

    IT IT MY FERVERENT PRAYER THAT MIA does not return to vomit like you when she is seeking expertise to develop and promulgate our indigenous talent…

  17. Heather Cole:

    “One thing that I have learned from Hitler is that the youth must be a focal part of any political agenda.”

    One of the many things I have learned from reading about Hitler is that the Hitler Youth were insanely keen on shoveling the corpses of children into ovens.

    “BU Dave” can delete my responses to you as much as he wants, but in the end you’re going to have to deal with it. Otherwise, Heather “one thing I learned from Hitler” Cole is going to go viral on the social media you seem to hold in such high regard. It’s such a breathtakingly stupid thing to say, and you could have made the same point without sounding so breathtakingly stupid.

    Unless, that is, you are an actual fascist. In which case, may your misbegotten god forgive you.

  18. @ Freedom Crier

    It is interesting to hear what you are saying regarding this dynasty that has been depicted as the Entrepreneurial Dream a la Barbados.

    One notes that has gone through the same “memory denuding” that is purported to have accompanied the Nation publishing company and the legal battles of the now deceased Trevor Job Clarke.

    While it is no consolation to you at this the twilight of your years, the fact is that there are a class of people WHO YOU HAVE MADE THEM WHO THEY ARE and who, ONCE THEY HAVE ASCENDED TO THE HEIGHTS, they WILL KILL YOU.

    And while I am not privy to the innards of this DALLAS in real life with its JR and your AH one can be sure that he would have a version as to why it was seemly to destroy you and your husband.

    Believe me, de ole man knows these stories well.

    I will not seek to beat a dead horse, rather I will make a posit that Barbados, WHILE IT CONSUMES MUCH FOREIGN CURRENCY, does not create anything and by extension, the specific wealth that results from that “creation” is next kin to zilch.

    Let me explain this with an example of what i mean.

    There is a company in the BIDC compound at the National Airport that is a producer of specialist glass/microscopes, forgive me if i forget its name, I AM AN OLE MAN. hheheheheh

    That is what I wish focus on as it relates to “Wealth Creation”, it is the “otherness” of this type of enterprise that I would wish to highlight.

    And in so doing I would wish to underscore that the manufacturer IS ALONE cause none of the officers at the BIDC who would steal Patrice’s aunt’s jam making bottles, nor the Minister of Innovation NOR Stinkliar, nor the previous enabling Minister in the BLP/Arthur administration COULD TEIF HIS IDEAS.

    Cause he is a white man, but MIA and DALE and FUMBLES and CRIS & Adriel Brafwith WILL TEIF yours or mine. Bless dem dear souls and their Integrity Legislation.

    Now here is the thing that I will ask you and the said John who also shared his own story, what do either of you recommend as just one single idea that can help the 95% of us to realize our truncated dreams?

    You might be down and out in many ways but SINCE BOTH OF YOU FOLLOW JESUS THE CHRIST, all I would ask of either of you is even as you languish in your own Garden of Gethsemane, GIVE, THE OPERATIVE VERB BEING GIVE, an idea that seeks to address the problems WE ARE FACING.

    This is the same question that “John” has asked Ms. Cole here what is your suggestion in this regard?

    When you and I are in veritable foxholes, FACING A COMMON ENEMY, pelting lead at our position, we dont give one badword bout colour, Freedom Crier.

    That is where we are @ today, with an emboldened enemy “likking shot” in broad daylight because of territory and executing their targets in Swan Street or the bus stand and if you are diving by in your 21 year car on the public road, that bullet going kill you or me, cause it ent got no name pun it.

    Keep “Giving” until you run out of gifts and then double down and give more because that is the Christ that we serve…

    But the ole man gone Biblical now and we dun know that this is going to be called “a Jesus Moment” by she who is now become “LIKE UNTO GOD…”

  19. Hal Austin July 19, 2018 12:08 PM

    “The idea of poverty eradication is key to liberal democracy – not only socialism as some idiot is claiming”…

    You cannot eradicate Poverty by Taxation you Create More of it and if you thought that Socialism is good wait to the Two other Parts of the Austerity Budget cuts in!!

    Socialism does not give a Hoot about people it see them as useful idiots to pervert democracy for its own ends. It promises so many things to the population which can only be fulfilled by first taking the money from the population in the form of Duties, Taxes, NIS Levies, VAT and the list is endless and the size of government keeps growing. So you not only have to pay the Salary, wages and Taxes for 20% of the working Population but you also have to pay for the running the Government.

    Hal you really do not know of the Local philanthropic environment in Barbados nor do you have the right to make public the names of those organizations…Remember the old lady up at Kendall Hill who got put out of her House, didn’t she get a house in a very short while to live (one small example). They are many people that come together and work behind the scenes and they are many Charitable NGO in Barbados.

    It is praiseworthy to pull your own pocket to help another but it to deplorable pull from another pocket to do so!! One is the Great Commandment to love others as we do ourselves while the other is the Counterfeit as in Socialism’s Version i.e. by the Government robbing peter to help Paul while taking a Cut for them!!

    Jesus was Not a Socialist!! You need to be Charitable by your own efforts…


  20. @Piecederock

    Wily is not saying that Canadian banks are the where all and be all, just that as an investor I’d like to see Scotiabank get out of the Caribbean so my bottom line as an investor improves. BNB, Hmmmm what can we say about that lost entity thanks to the BLP. RBTT, fully owned Canadian Bank that is in worse shape financially wise in the Caribbean than Scotiabank. Barbados has trouble operating their own central bank without taxing the banking system for security deposits from a level of 5% up to 20% to pay their worthless civil servants and give them a raise under MIA. It’s time for the forgien banks to pull out of Barbados corruption and leave the country to their socialistic CREDIT UNIONS devices. See how well your FSC deals with the future issues.

  21. @Piece

    By the way the CDB is not a Real Bank but an AID agency fully supported by monies loaned from first world countries. Thier RATING by Moody’s and S&P is a direct result that the forgien operators of CDB insist on integrity, non-corrupt loan management. This is why Barbados typically only takes advantage of 20% of the CDB approved loans as the other 80% are put into the corrupt designation by CDB and not utilized.

  22. There is a difference between the poverty of ideas and participatory democracy. I take it when Sinckler set up an email address and appealed to the public for economic ideas, well in to the third term of the failed DLP government, that too was participatory democracy?

  23. Malcolm Myers, what is so wrong with having a political agenda for the youth? Does or did not Barbados have the young Democrats? Does the Barbados Labour Party not have a youth arm? Were you opposed to the 13 year old who spoke on the BLP platform.
    Hitler’s agenda was twisted. The central message was the same as the Catholics when they said to give them a child at 5 and he will belong to that religion forever. It is about training minds. You have misinterpreted what I wrote.

  24. Hal participatory democracy has to mean more in Barbados than voting every 5 years. The councils set up by the DEMS were a sham that achieved nothing. While the constituency councils are a start, real teeth to this will be the power of recall and referendums.

  25. Heather (“one thing that I have learned from Hitler”) Cole:

    “Malcolm Myers, what is so wrong with having a political agenda for the youth?”

    The Hitler Youth, that you “learned” from? Are you out of your fucking mind?

    Heather Cole for absolutely ever: “One thing that I have learned from Hitler”.

  26. Heather,
    Legislation to recall members of parliament alone cannot define participatory democracy. What we do know it that it will change the nature of our democracy. Members of parliament are elected under our system as representatives of their constituents, not to represent any political party. What about the new tier of local government that we have heard so much about?
    In a working constituency system, the MP would be in regular contact with constituents (some have weekly meetings report back on what goes on in parliament, and taking the concerns of constituents to parliament).
    Who is going to make the decision to re-call an MP? Constituents? Rival MPs? Will it be based on their attendance records? Or, simply, a change of mind by voters?
    To return to the substantive issue, a party that has won a general election after ten years and over 50 days in to that new administration, should not be appealing to the general public for key ideas, under some bogus claim of participatory democracy, they should have a packed programme of action to keep them fully engaged for the full term of a first parliament.
    What we are getting is a lot of inflated PR, with the prime minister speaking on all the key issues. Whose decision was it to appoint Mr Commissiong as Caricom ambassador? Was it the prime minister or the foreign minister? Why was it the prime minister leading the debate on integrity legislation and not the attorney general, when integrity legislation would be the crown of his legislative programme if not in the first term, then in the early days of the first term.
    Why is the prime minister leading discussions on the private sector when she has a minister for the Social Partnership? In all this cloud of waffle we are still not given key details about the appointment of key consultants, about the new board at the CBC and the chairmanship of the FSC, and lots more. Is Rawdon Adams going to be the next governor of the central bank, or is there a bigger job waiting for him?
    In the meantime, nothing is said about the central bank as it is, so we may assume the new government is happy with the way it is functioning. Nothing is said about the gross incompetence at the NIS, so we may assume the new government is happy with the way that is functioning.
    And the Chinese are continuing to parade their wares as usual, this time they extend it to the QEH. May we now assume that Chinese medicine is now officially recognised in Barbados? What about Cuban trained doctors?


    I worked in the 1980’s for a large American firm here with 1,100 plus employees.

    The Plant Manager was an American and there was a Chinese Operations Manager but all of the other managers were local black males and females.

    In fact, I don’t think I can remember many, if any, “white” Bajans!!

  28. When Intel was in the Sherbourne Building John, were any of its “directors” black bajans in the 1980?

    You always like to throw in a red herring of such an inconsequential nature that it only confirms to me, for one, your unwillingness and disposition to engage AS EQUALS.

    The topic at hand once again is leveling the Bajan Playing field and creating opportunities for our youth, IN A POPULATION THAT IS PREDOMINANTLY BLACK and one that has traditionally not sought to empower said blacks to create anything.

    We want to get you opinion as to what you see as a mechanism to shift our flailing economy from consumer oriented endeavours that consume FOREX to indigenous initiatives that generate FOREX.

    I know that this is hard for your Quaker descendant self to help the slaves in a way other than thumping on the Bible and telling us about Milk and Honey in the after life but could you at least try…

  29. RE Freedom Crier July 19, 2018 1:10 PM

  30. When Intel was in the Sherbourne Building John, were any of its “directors” black bajans in the 1980?


    I will check the Corporate Registry and see who the directors were!!!

    You can too … look up Intel Barbados Ltd. …. and see if you get a surprise!!

    Don’t wait on me …. you might have to eat your hat!!

  31. When Intel was in the Sherbourne Building John, were any of its “directors” black bajans in the 1980?


    You can’t even get the name right, … you know I going to enjoy this!!


    Sherbourne became the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford whatever!!!

    It remains the name of an old Quaker Plantation in St. John, just past Mount Tabor.

  32. @ John

    I thought you were the Quaker guy and was confused because of the differences.

    There is another commentator here called John who speaks on other topics (please confirm whether that is you)

    It just goes to show that “there is more than one dog called Bob” (no insult intended)

    As is the ole man’s wont i did a search on your credentials at https://www.schooldigger.com/go/CA/schools/1443001695/school.aspx and found that your school has one of the highest rankings among several hundreds actually over 1,000

    Now de ole man is not busying up in your business or is that “bizzying up”? but for me this is second nature and therefore i find it somewhat incredible to know that the Government of Barbados has hired a Sovereign Debt Manager that comes 1,000th in 1600 firms.

    But maybe the metric that was used with the GoB was called Kickback see the issue of White Hoax

    Commendations are due causing West Indians do not make it to the Lists that you have without being exceptional

    So de ole man will watch more closely what you are suggesting as tan option to empower the 95% Bajans who are needful of an alternative outreach

  33. It is Mark St. John who taught at Cupertino.

    This is him speaking.

    “I started out as an engineer, then I moved into finance and accounting. My first jobs were as a power systems engineer, and at my last job I was head of worldwide accounting and finance for Intel,”

    … and if you look at the picture of him in the link you will see you do not know what you are talking about!!

    My only connection to High Schools in the US is to Stuyvesant High School in New York … my father went there.

  34. @ David, I thought Pieceof the rock was bad but there a man cursing me on BU. He had the audacity to use abusive language here because I wrote the truth and he did not like.
    I hope he knows that I will not let him stop me.

  35. @Hal I see it differently. The things that we faulted Fruendel Stuart on Ms. Mottley was taken up. Fruendel Stuart did nothing of the things the present Prime Minister is doing and we called him out for not
    having any leadership skills or having the desire to communicate with the people of Barbados.
    Ms Mottley is doing the exact opposite and just what some people are looking for and on the other side of the coin some have difficulty with it. I see as her setting the tone of operations.

    Personally I prefer to have a charging bull because some action will occur. It is her prerogative to decide on who is most suitable to function in the best interest of the country in leadership positions. The former PM did the same. This does not mean that her Ministers are not being given the opportunity to operate in a participatory democracy. Hal it is early days yet. I also see nothing wrong with asking for solutions and advice. BU gave Mr. Stuart tons of advice which he never took.

  36. Heather,

    A prime minister (or president) taking all the key decisions is usually called a dictator. Do you see symptoms of this emerging in Barbados, a mild, if popular form of autocracy? Check out Trumpism? or Erdogan? Or any of those former Soviet states for good examples?
    Comparing anyone with the Stuart administration is disingenuous. The Stuart DLP government was simply the worst in our history since adult suffrage. Implicit in electing a new government, by 30/0, is a plea for a radical reform, a rescuing, not only of the economy, but the soul of the nation. After nearly two months there are no signs of progress. What we are getting if PR waffle – this is Chinese communication, bogus.
    Here is a challenge: have a look at the nearly 200 countries affiliated to the United Nations and see how their economies are performing, then look at their forms of government. Then come back and tell the blog what you have found and give an explanation for this difference.

  37. The main problem in Barbados is the disconnect between the majority of its wealth and the majority of its people. The wealth as a result feels no obligation to act in the interest of the country. The wealth in Barbados is mostly about how to extract more from the small population while contributing as little as possible to improve the country.

  38. I can’t remember who the newly appointed minister of health is but when will that person rectify this wrong and SIGNOFF on the importation of mefical msrijusna instead of sitting back eaiting for the greedy few on the island to exploit it and make a bad situation much worse. .

    Mis should nit have to pressure this person nir the blogs should not have to pressure Mia to fix this…..there are other lawyers, msny lawyers in thd AGs office besides the AG and they should have all been already on this…it’s been nearly 2 months, do something.

    “Having written to the Ministry of Health in January 2016, seeking a licence to allow a pharmacist to “import, produce and supply” marijuana for medical purposes based on a prescription obtained from a doctor in Canada, the attorney told a panel discussion on ganja in May 2016 the laws of Barbados had made provisions for marijuana to be used on a permit granted by the minister.

    “It [marijuana] can be used for veterinary purposes, there’s permission for it to be used in hospital administered by nurses. So the issue of possession is a problem but not so if the minister sanctions it,” he told the panel discussion organized by the University of the West Indies, and at which consultant psychiatrist Dr Ermine Belle had said while she could not ignore the associated negatives, it was also time for the country to embrace new methods of medical treatment.

    A seemingly bitter Trotman repeated that position last night, telling the gathering he was in possession of an import licence for cannabis, which he said was signed by Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Anton Best as the representative for the Minister of Health, and a civil servant working in the drug service, whom he did not name.

    “Barbados has signed onto the conventions [to make marijuana illegal] but for medical and scientific purposes marijuana could be used. We tried in this country to get doctors [to prescribe it for us]. We showed them the laws and the problem was that doctors felt as if they issued a prescription for marijuana their colleagues would look down upon them,” he said.”

  39. ….and SIGN OFF on the importation of MEDICAL MARIJUANA instead of sitting back waiting for the greedy few on the island, who have no right to be involved with this plant or any financial benefits derived from it…..to exploit it and make a bad situation much worse. .

  40. @ Hal
    The concept of the prime minister as “first among equals”(Primus inter pares) has now been replaced by the “Maximum Leader” syndrome. In all fairness to Stuart, he used to leave the ministers to defend their ministries and decisions in public. Many said that was because he had a very slender majority. Eric Williams perfected it to an art and Trinidad never recovered !
    The shadows lengthen…..watch the delivery.

  41. @ Georgie Porgie
    Quite the opposite. This is pure test cricket not Twenty 20. We can’t swipe this ball out of the oval. We are in a five day test series of five tests. Remember: Before the Gales took over ?
    So on many evenings Lance Gibbs will be bowling and the shadows will lengthen ; the batsman has to watch the delivery before he hit it(Gabby)
    “ She tell me hit it…. you used to brag before…….
    But when ah went forward for off break it was googly
    If you could handle me , hit it and let me see…….
    Somebody gone get stumped before the day out
    Series now start…..,

  42. Hal Austin
    July 20, 2018 4:28 AM
    A prime minister (or president) taking all the key decisions is usually called a dictator. Do you see symptoms of this emerging in Barbados, a mild, if popular form of autocracy? Check out Trumpism? or Erdogan?”

    You omitted that when Obama was president he said all he needed was a Pen and a Phone, did you consider him a dictator? And when Trump enforces the Laws that are already on the books, do you consider him a dictator?

    Leadership is important it may not be the only form of Government after Israel crossed the rover Jordan they were ruled by Judges but they also had many prophets. Since no one in the world wants to be ruled by Judges anymore we have to settle for Dictators, Prime Misters, Presidents and other forms of leadership even in your work place. Every form of leadership that manifest itself in a leader can either be good or bad…It has always been up to us the people to choose what kind of leader we will follow. This is also True in the Spiritual Realm.

    You say “have a look at the nearly 200 countries affiliated to the United Nations and see how their economies are performing, then look at their forms of government.”

    Barbados is affiliated so what is your point? The UN don’t Own any Countries or do they Manage a Country.


  43. It is Mark St. John who taught at Cupertino.
    This is him speaking.
    “I started out as an engineer, then I moved into finance and accounting. My first jobs were as a power systems engineer, and at my last job I was head of worldwide accounting and finance for Intel,”


    Do you see what STEM does for you?

    You can move seamlessly into other disciplines and operate at the highest levels.

  44. @ William Skinner July 20, 2018 8:52 AM

    @ Georgie Porgie
    Quite the opposite. This is pure test cricket not Twenty 20. We can’t swipe this ball out of the oval. I AGREE WITH YOU SIR

    RE the batsman has to watch the delivery before he hit it TRUE A VIRTUE NOW LACKING IN BOTH CRICKET AND IN OUR NATIONAL LIFE……..EVERY BODY LIKE THEY SWIPING
    indeed Somebody gwine get stumped before the day out

    “ But when ah went forward for off break it was googly” SEEING THAT A GOOGLY IS ESSENTIALLY AN OFF BREAK bowled by a legbreak or chinaman bowler LOL


  46. @ Freedom Crier July 19, 2018 12:17 PM
    “Neither I nor my spouse was born rich, we each were brought up under very humble circumstances so were those who presently own that Company. Unfortunately the Director conveniently forgets his roots because he is swimming in greed and conveniently overlooks that my spouse made him a very Rich man. He also seeks to rewrite the Company’s History that only he was responsible for its success. No wonder
    his initials are AH!!”

    How come you are always extolling the international benefits of Capitalism and how it can work wonders in lifting the poor out of their poverty but refuses to condemn Chefette for not leaving the confined economic shores of Barbados?

    Did you or your rejected and now down-in-the-dumps spouse ever worked hard in pursuing the goal of making Chefette, at least, a regional brand name in the fast food chain?

    If that top of the Bajan fast food chain business- of which you and your dispossessed spouse were the backbone- cannot spread its wings overseas, what does that make it other than a spoilt socialist feeding in true parasitic fashion off the skin and bones of a captive market called Barbados?

    So Freedom Crier, the friendly socialist in personal business dealings, you need to cry your heart out in trying to convince Chefette to spread their fried chicken wings and to set up some NCDs dispensing outlets in some offshore jurisdictions in order to earn more forex.

    In that way they would be justified in seeking a work permit for a non-national to be the handyman for its Barbados operations.

  47. William,

    I was once told by a very senior Barbadian politician that ministers were not tutored when taking up office. I asked because in the UK (remember the Westminster/Whitehall model) ministers and senior public officers (including members of the Royal family) are given private tutorials on key issues – and this has been going on since the 1960s. They do not operate in total ignorance.
    This is a function that senior lecturers at UWI, central bank and NIS staff can easily do as a public service. We have ministers who may have paper qualifications, but no experience taking high office. The end result is that the people suffer. Talk is cheap and Bajans, especially lawyers, know about everything. Where is the vision? Where is the roadmap to recovery? Plse provide evidence of the many wrongs the DLP committed in office and how the BLP would reverse them. Some of us know PR nonsense when we see it, but where is the beef.
    We are already seeing signs of an autocracy at work. There will be tears before bed time.

  48. Georgie Porgie

    Don’t forget that Gabby has poetic license….he could sing on any topic but I hear he is a good cricketer..so give him a little break. Everybody deserves a long hop from time to time. Bat and pad brother ..bat and pad , Lance Gibbs bowling and outside getting dark. Already ah hearing appeals fuh light.

  49. ok MR SKINNER, SIR

  50. The clichéd “elephant in the room” here, obviously, is that a regular contributor to Barbados Underground, Heather Cole, has suggested the Hitler Youth as a model for Barbados government policy.

    The historical and moral illiteracy can only take your breath away.

  51. @ Michael Myers
    Obviously Ms. Cole was carried away by her own literary exuberance!!
    Don’t worry I once was told by a young white guy, that Hitler was a great motivator…….. oh well it’s Friday and we must fire one at least ……

  52. Propaganda and Children During the Hitler Years

    (Typically, the horrors of Nazi propaganda are viewed in an adult context. Examining the propaganda that targeted children can provide students with an immediacy that, hopefully, will help them understand that prejudice is not something that is inborn; it is something that must be carefully taught.)

    No single target of nazification took higher priority than Germany’s young. By 1937, 97% of all teachers belonged to the National Socialist Teachers’ Union. Every member of this union had to submit an ancestry table in triplicate with official documents of proof. Courses and textbooks in Nazi schools reflected the aims of Hitler. Of the topics that teachers were required to treat, the most important was racial theory and, by extension, the Jewish problem. In The National Socialist Essence of Education, a German educator wrote that mathematics was “Aryan spiritual property; .. an expression of the nordic fighting spirit, of the nordic struggle for the supremacy of the world…”[1] An example of racial propaganda in a math problem is the following: “The Jews are aliens in Germany–in 1933 there were 66,060,000 inhabitants in the German Reich, of whom 499,682 were Jews. What is the per cent of aliens?”[2]

    In the course of my discussion, I shall first describe the Jewish problem within the Nazi curriculum as it appears in Die Judenfrage im Unterricht (The Jewish Question in Classroom Instruction) and then comment upon the following propaganda picture books that targeted young children: Trau keinem Fuchs auf gr?ner Heid und keinem Jud bei seinem Eid (Don’t Trust A Fox in A Green Meadow Or the Oath of A Jew); Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom); and Der Pudelmopsdachelpinscher (The Poodle-Pug-Dachshund-Pincher).

    In the introduction to Die Judenfrage im Unterricht, which was published in 1937 by Der St?rmer, Julius Streicher made the following statement: “The National Socialist state requires its teachers to teach German children racial theory. For the German people, racial theory means the Jewish problem.”[3] The teacher’s manual on the Jewish problem maintains that German children have an inborn aversion to Jews that is intensified by references made to Jews in the newspapers, conversations, and songs sung by members of the SA and HJ. Intermarriage between Germans and Jews is portrayed as unnatural because it does not follow the Nazi perversion of the natural biological order, which does not allow for intermixing. Storks mate with storks; swallows mate with swallows, etc. The Nuremberg Laws are depicted as a return to the natural order that God intended, and the Jew is thus shown as a threat to God’s order.

    From this point, the projection of the Jew as an enemy of the German people is a quick and easy step. He is conveyed as an infiltrator, who, upon gaining entry into German society, has usurped the political and economic power of Germany and focused his attention upon the destruction of the German people. Because the Jew is deemed such a threat to German society, the Nuremberg Laws are viewed as a justifiable means of self-defense. In order to make the status of the Jew as a deadly enemy of everything German as concrete as possible to German children, the teacher’s guide suggests that pictures of Jews (which, of course, are ugly or distorted) be posted on the board next to pictures of the ideal German type. From the visual differences, other differences are inferred. “The Jews walk differently than we do. They have flat feet. They have longer arms than we do. They speak differently than we do.”[4]

    Read More @


  53. The Success of Socialist Propaganda Indoctrination… Imagine how we are witnessing the Indoctrination of the Youth right up through School, to Colleges and Universities programmed in the Socialist Doctrine and we see the fruit of these teaching where they are Violently Anti-Free Speech in Support Socialism because they want a Free Ride and Entitlements off the backs of those who Produce… In Reality they have no Concept that Socialism/Communism has Killed Millions!!

    Indoctrinating Youth
    Shaping the Future: Indoctrinating Youth
    “These boys and girls enter our organizations [at] ten years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the Hitler Youth, where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete National Socialists, they go to Labor Service and are smoothed out there for another six, seven months . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] will take care of that.”
    —Adolf Hitler (1938)

    Read More @


  54. Forgive me Freedom Crier for interrupting your train of thought to a veritable “intellectual Auschwitz”.

    But de ole man would again ask you that question for the second time Freedom Crier.

    What would you suggest as active engagement programs for our errant youth here in Barbados as opposed as opposed to those in the motherland?

  55. pieceuhderockyeahright July 20, 2018 7:22 PM

    “What would you suggest as active engagement programs for our errant youth here in Barbados as opposed as opposed to those in the motherland?”

    Mr. Peace my Motherland is Barbados…Born and Raised and probably will die here…Even got ma spot choose out…

    My thoughts recently have been in the Direction for Barbados Improvements trying to see where I could contribute to the bettering our Nation.

    One thing I know is that Barbadian are Gifted Musically…We have a few renowned Classical Musicians, Steel Pan Musicians, Singers etc…We may concentrate not only Academically but in the Arts as well. I am speaking from personal experience that my understanding was not given to what was taught in books at school and actually the first Books I ever read from cover to cover several times were the scriptures which I taught to the youth and then to adults. Then my Knowledge and understanding grew in unimaginable ways.

    Unfortunately there were not much in the way of the Creative Arts taught at school except for Drama which I was not very good at acting…Thankfully I did Like English and enjoyed writing Compositions.

    I always had an ear for music and could hold a note bordering on Classical…I was fortunate to be fine-tuned by an Elderly Bajan lady who taught me that there are three most important thing in music, the message, the message and the message and once you can get that across and people can feel it to their Souls that was what was important.

    I Know we each have been given Talents and Abilities, no one has been left out and with developing mine whenever I wanted to excel in a particular area say the Creative Arts and Crafts I would always go to the Master Artist Himself and ask for Direction. I enjoyed many different avenues of Creativity, from making Christmas decorations some I used to fish with my toes at Worthing (Sand dollars) and string them with Ribbons and Bows…Also Bearded Fig Tree Vines from the Gullies that were made into Angels with Trumpets. Then there Wreaths made of Straw and wrapped in Ribbons and Bows…Bows were Always my Signature, even on Sea Fans where I decorated the Restaurants at Sam Lords Castle for many years. I used to decorate the Company I spoke of before but that was taken away and given to others which was a pattern too often repeated … So as they say when one door closes another opens. So I went to the Management at Sam lords taking with me some samples of my Barbadian Homemade decorations and was Hired…I also decorated the Crane and other hotels on the West Coast. And those who would accompany me in my decorating adventures were the youth and few adults…Of times as much as a team of eighteen persons who looked forward to the Adventure because there was always a picnic at lunch time and some pocket change for Christmas treats..

    I have never had formal training but had a Natural eye for Beauty and a Desire to be the best at the things attempted. One of my latent talents come in my forties where I started Painting, mostly Foliage and Flowers, then I developed a love for Classical Barbados between 1890 and 1920. As I painted these images which was from photographs the History of Barbados came alive for me as I was emerged in that moment of time.

    In my youthful days I taught Women Homemaking classes from Cooking, Flower Arranging again using Dried Palms and Foliage and other skills and the goal of teaching them these things was that they could beautify their homes and could support themselves by earning extra income.

    I also have a wide variety of Books that teach Crafts, Cooking Etc. But although having these Books always did my own thing. The thing with a creative mind is that there is no end to creativity, and the modern approach to using the Internet is faster and more in depth…

    Most youth nowadays have internet access where they can learn any skill and gain any knowledge. Children nowadays with the Internet have such an advantage compared to what we had with the finest teachers in the world teaching the classes that you need to learn. For instance Khans Academy who is supported by a Philanthropic organization takes you from primary math right through to first year university math step by step. They have had over a hundred Million people visiting the site and learning. If every Government school was to use a large screen TV we would have the best teachers in the world in our class rooms. And our present teachers would just need to give class exercises and individual attention to each student. If you have never heard about Khans Academy please look it up it would blow your mind of the Possibilities.

    But to answer your question Directly. Churches and School need to pay more attention in Character Building, for example teaching the Scriptures. And in Schools Especially, have class periods to develop Skills, from Technical Drawing, Creative Writing, Debating Societies, hands on Creativity Classes whither Pottery, Dress Making or Otherwise. By exposing the youth to so many different things you are really teaching them how to learn, build character and to think for themselves.

    Academic learning although important is not for everyone no matter what Mr. Beckles says. As I mentioned what is important for all to learn is how to learn, build character and to think for themselves…That is what the Goal of teaching should be!

    In Conclusion what I can tell you is as long as you have a Desire you can Achieve anything…You cannot give someone a desire however you can Motivate them to want to excel in the things they Love.


  56. @William Skinner
    @ Michael Myers
    “Obviously Ms. Cole was carried away by her own literary exuberance!!

    Excellent call by MM. Whether in ignorance or in exuberance, we have to hold their feet to the fire when outrageous statements are made.

  57. @ Freedom Crier

    You said in your summary and I quote an excerpt of that summary “…By exposing the youth to so many different things you are really teaching them how to learn, build character and to think for themselves…”

    I agree with such a strategy IN THE OPTIMAL SETTING but @ today, with 2 murders a week, we are not in that optimal setting and I wondered what would you recommend as a strategy to bring these errant youth back?

    Let me share with you what was shared with me and what I now share freely cause of my “come to Jesus Moment”

    @ today there are 3 options that will work.

    1.Find them jobs that are congruent to their interests in the technology dat does got them walking pun de road staring at the face of a smart phone.

    2.Create Incentivized Options that are funded by PPP initiatives.

    3.Reverse the Brainwashing.

    THe mighty united states of america has an incident of mass violence once a month and there are stabbings every single hour.

    So let de ole man tell you what will change this anywhere in the world.

    We have to package What we want to teach these kids in the tinsel that they are accustomed watching. AS TV shows and Reality Shows.

    THe same way that we have the Bachelorette and the other wufless meet me and foop me filth suffusing the airwaves and seducing viewers, we have to package ethics and dialogue and tolerance and conflict resolution and all the rest of these things like GAMESHOWS – the X Factor, and America’s got Talent, with all the pertinent celebrity game show hosts and incentivize the shows to produce the outcomes that we want the youth to aspire to.

    De ole man was harbouring that for a long time but IT IS NOT FOR ME TO KEEP ANY LONGER, dere ent enuff time left in my Come to Jesus experience.

    Nary one of wunna can tell me that it cannot work cause said packaging works every single day around us VIA THE VARIOUS MEDIA, promoting filth.

    I was hoping to speak to Rihanna Fenty about it and Oprah Winfrey but my schedule is too booked right now (a bit of evity)

    But I will tell you what, get the right players on board and this will favourably impact the various issues that we are having per tolerance and engagement with otherness across the face of this earth.

    Very few of us See the Face of GOD in things around us ” the What God Hath Wrought” that is universal and empirical and therefore many “look but see not and listen but hear not.”

    De ole man expects that the local pundits will have a field day with this concept by de ole black man in barbados our turd world cuntry

    But mark my words, De Ole man expects that places like the USA and UK with entities like the NRA (National Rifle Association and the OFA (that Is the Obama NGO thing with immense pockets of Federal and State grants will like like it.

    They and all the other philanthropies that are grappling with this violence thing, WILL GRAB HOLD OF IT and will run with it. As they do with so many other things that de ole man has conduited into this sphere

    It is a 15 to 20 year rollout which suffuses the media with positive messages that we want our youth to have.

    Oh by the way de ole man got blueprints for all 3 tings heheheheheh cause GOD does that, gives you complete plans.

    “Go to the ant thou sluggard consider her ways and be wise.”

  58. Mr. Peace thank you for sharing…the Ole Man is a gifted writer with years of experience, why not pen an Article with your ideas and present them in an Editorial that as you said they “WILL GRAB HOLD OF IT and will run with it”. That’s a Start and may the seeds that are sewn may take root and bring forth much fruit, because if you hoard these ideas all will be lost. Make sure also that you pass on this knowledge to de Grandson and he will help with his very Creative Cartoons that could be the visual aids that will help you get your message across. When you go the way of the earth as most of us are in Transit now waiting for the coming flight, De Grandson can carry on your legacy and build on the inheritance of your values bequeathed him. The moral principles that we teach our posterity are their most valuable inheritance and are what will last for generations.

    Meanwhile we should remember that by teaching correct Principles people govern themselves…The Scriptures need to be once again taught in our schools as that Sir is a Sure Foundation on which to build otherwise lawlessness will abound.

    As you rightly said…“Go to the ant thou sluggard consider her ways and be wise.” I wish you God Speed in your endeavors!


  59. @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    ” However, Prime Minister Mia Mottley today made it clear that whatever decision was taken would not be driven by what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deemed necessary, but what was “good” for Barbados.

    She said the Social Partnership and the public would get an opportunity to share their thoughts on what public corporations Government should keep, privatize, or share ownership of.”


  60. Watching the transformation of BY
    The disappearance of Bushie and piece having a “come to Jesus moment”, the mergence of Lorenzo and T.Innis shows how the God of bloggers tries to maintain balance.

  61. pieceuhderockyeahright July 19, 2018 2:05 AM ===whatever the People take from the Banks the credit union will put it right back under their name in the same bank, there are no Bajan Banks in Barbados.

  62. BU Fambly member Heather Cole, on July 17, 2018, teaches us what she learned from Adolf Hitler and the Hitlerjugend.

    “One thing that I have learned from Hitler is that the youth must be a focal part of any political agenda.”

    The historical illiteracy makes your eyes bleed.

  63. RE The historical illiteracy makes your eyes bleed.


  64. Georgie!

    BIT OF DALTONISM (VERY RARE IN GIRLS) but otherwise 20-20.


  65. BU Fambly member Heather Cole, on July 17, 2018, teaches us what she learned from Adolf Hitler and the Hitlerjugend.

    “One thing that I have learned from Hitler is that the youth must be a focal part of any political agenda.”

    The historical and moral illiteracy makes your eyes bleed.

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