It is also about the right to dissent in a civilized manner. Genuine political opposition is a necessary attribute of democracy, tolerance, and trust in the ability of citizens to resolve differences by peaceful means. The existence of an opposition, without which politics ceases and administration takes over, is indispensable to the functioning of parliamentary political systems. If these systems are perceived as not working well – as being “seriously overloaded,” to quote a distinguished Canadian Opposition Leader, the Hon. Robert Stanfield – it may be the rights of political oppositions which are immediately and most visibly at stake, but ultimately the threat is to democratic rights and freedoms generally. The following paper is an attempt to come to grips with the challenging nature of the opposition’s role in Parliament, specifically in the Canadian context – THE OPPOSITION IN A PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM

Senator Caswell Franklyn has been scathing in his criticism of a few decisions made by the newly installed Mia Mottley government. He has expressed in the usual caustic manner his disagreement with the appointments of David Comissiong and Charles Jong as Ambassador of CARICOM and Director of Communications respectively. Caswell’s issue with the appointments is why should taxpayers have to fund the two positions. And isn’t the Government Information Service (GIS) equipped to deliver the same support.

Another story caught the eye of the blogmaster this week – a widely promoted DLP lunchtime lecture by former minister Donville Inniss was abruptly cancelled by Freundel Stuart. Although the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was rejected at the polls on the 24 May 2018, the executive of the party with Freudel Stuart as leader remains firmly in position until August when the AGM is scheduled to elect officers of the party.

The two news events reminded the blogmaster to confirm the role of an Opposition in the parliamentary democracy we strive to practice in Barbados. The following summarizes the importance of an Opposition which is to “check and prod, but ultimately to replace the government party“.

In the early life of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government many social commentators will be inclined to be less strident during the traditional “honeymoon period”. That said, it should not include the Leader of the Opposition Bishop Joseph Atherley whom the Constitution of Barbados supports in the role. In the first six weeks of the Mottley government we have had several ‘questionable’ decisions taken that merit fuller explanation. It does not mean the decisions are illegal, it has more to do with the citizenry being eternally vigilant which is the price to be paid to keep a fragile democracy alive.

A few questions have been asked about the process that led to the appointment of Atherley by the Governor General Sandra Mason. Many suspect the 30-0 result at the last poll created a lacuna and the result has given rise to a contrived opposition presence in the House of Assembly. To date Senator Caswell Franklyn in the Upper House has been more vocal in the role as ‘opposition’ compared to the Leader of the Opposition in the Lower House. It is early days but some say first impressions count!

What does all of this have to do with the cancellation of Donville Inniss’ lunch time lecture?

The DLP received the most votes in the last general election from the also-rans. In the minds of many Barbadians it is the de facto opposition voice. In the first past the post system 33, 985 votes were cast for the DLP which created a 30-0 result that will forever  haunt the party. What has piqued the interest of the blogmaster is the lack of urgency by the DLP party to embrace the role of opposition from outside the House of Assembly. A feeble attempt was made by Inniss, Estwick, De Peiza and Lashley to offer critique of the BLP’s mini budget. We understand the party needs to organize itself by having the obligatory retreats and election of officers but is there an opportunity being missed by the party to re-establish itself quickly? The nothingness coming from the party post 2018 General Election is not unlike the period when late David Thompson fell sick in the role as prime minister and Stuart again was guilty of doing nothing.

How long will the DLP continue be Missing In Action? Will another rise up to fill the vacuum?





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  1. Why is Bermuda such a success with tourists? Their (people’s) existence relies on hard currency which the tourists are very happy to spend when in that island.Haynes Darlington (M. Pharm. D)

  2. De facto opposition? In the minds of barbadians (all)? What gives you the right to make such a collective and propaganda orient statement?

    • This is not theory, it is cultural. The DLP has been part of a duopoly and as at today none of the third parties have done enough to elevate to top of mind status. They lack the party machinery, charismatic leadership, finances and compelling policies.

  3. This view of the DLP being the de facto Opposition is an appalling ignorance of our electoral system. It is based on the number of seats in our first-past-the-post system, not the number of votes. It is the same kind of illogic that Hillary Clinton was on about in a system based on an Electoral College. The popular vote is a theoretical thing in our system. What matters is the number of seats you have won.
    If the DLP lost every set by a single vote, and the UPP and Solutions Barbados did so by hundreds of votes, the end result is the same. The DLP has no greater advantage than the other parties.

  4. Stop the elementary silliness. Party machinery, charismatic leadership, finances and compelling policies do not make a group of people an Opposition.
    Where is the DLLP’s machinery? Have a look back at May 24 and see how it performed. Where is its charismatic leadership? Stuart? (Plse get your dictionary out and look at the meaning of charismatic). Finances? Come on. Compelling policies? How compelling? So much so that the voters in Barbados elected a new government that did not spell out a single policy prior to the vote.
    This emotional nonsense if not analysis.

  5. In a democracy the people have a right to be vocal or be silent
    So if the dlp choose the later option that is their right as well ss their prerogative
    So shut to hell up and leave the dlp alone.
    The people gave the blp the mandate and there is where your focus should be
    The people made their voices clear as to whom they want to hear and it was not the dlp

  6. @ David,

    The DLP should focus on rebuilding the party so they are ready in five years.

    They need to carefully select new representatives for each constituency.

    The “old guard ” should retire from active politics but can give advice when needed.

    • Yes Hants, the party enjoys presence in the political space. It calls for some transformation and like the BLP has done embrace a sensible strategy which includes a communications plan that brings it closer to the people. It became a party of silence, a government that preferred to be silent and was embarrassed at the polls. Surely it has taken some notes?

      If the blogmaster were leading the DLP a politics of inclusion would be top of mind, lure the Chrystal Austins et al from the other parties, have a caretaker leader from outside the party be a face in the short term.

  7. The lesson of the two party system was well played out in the 19th century with the Tories and Whigs; they eventually merged and the Liberals stepped up to be the other party. In the 20th century, especially post-second world war, the Labour party replaced the Liberals as the second party in the duopoly.
    Eventually in the 1990s, the SDP emerged, but failed to make an impact and they merged with the Liberals to become Liberal Democrats.
    In Barbados it was the same. We had the BLP/Conservatives, BLP/Nationalist, then the Young Turks emerged to form the DLP and the duopoly became the BLP/DLP. The NDP emerged after the internal strife in the DLP, but died a natural death. Just before his untimely death, Sir Richard was thinking of re-activating the NDP. Nothing came of it.
    So, from history, we have seen that although there will be a two-party duopoly in a first-past-the-post electoral system, it does not have to be the same two parties. It is as good a bet as any that the DLP will be out of power for a generation.
    None of those who served under Thompson/Stuart can put themselves forward as potential leaders of the DLP. It is a fantasy. And there is no objective evidence that voters preferred the BLP to the DLP. What they voted for was any party but he DLP. The parties that really lost the general election were UPP and Solutions Barbados, for all the reasons we have talked about. From the way the BLP is shaping up it looks very much like a one parliament government.

  8. @Hal
    The blogmaster’s
    “This is not theory, it is cultural. The DLP has been part of a duopoly and as at today none of the third parties have done enough to elevate to top of mind status. They lack the party machinery, charismatic leadership, finances and compelling policies.”
    is an accurate assessment of things as they stand>

    It boggles my mind that after 50 years of having the DLP in leadership or in opposition you would quibble at the statement “in the minds of many Barbadians it is the de facto opposition voice”.

    It seems unnecessary to point out that the ‘0’ in 30-0 is the number of seats won by the other opposition parties and not the number of Bajan who voted for them. This simple fact seem to have confused the oftentimes brilliant but now ‘shallow Hal’.

    You have a knack of getting his nice newly knitted nickers knotted.

    You can pontificate on the future of the DLP and on how many seats it won, but I suspect that the ghost of EWB lives in more Bajan hearts than those that consider themselves as members of other opposition parties.

    This close to an election we may consider the DLP as dead or non-existent, but given time and the correct circumstances we may see them re-emerge and push the other parties off the stage. Grenville Phillips and other party leaders are managing this period of time badly, allowing a vacuum to exist when they should be trying to take center stage as the ‘de facto opposition’.


  9. @Hal
    “It is as good a bet as any that the DLP will be out of power for a generation.”

    Hyperbole. I suspect that you had one too many pints in celebrating England’s soccer victory.

    A generation is “30 years” and the Barbadian memories last for 10 years. DLP back in office at 10 years maximum. Based on Mia’s current trajectory, a three-peat can be rule out. Three-peat being three victories in a row;

  10. Great blog. It is so in line with my thinking that I see the blogmaster is beginning to regain his clarity. Welcome back.

  11. I also see a possibility that the BLP could be a one-term government if internal and external factors combine to produce significant dissillusionment with the way the BLP is running the Government and the effects of the austerity measures on the people in general.

    Barbados does not have a history of adaptation to such measures as many of our neighbours have. How the youth react to new policies that might not be palatable and how they react to the doubters is going to be of great importance to the longevity or otherwise of this Government. They have started well under their energetic and wise leader, but the race is not necessarily won by those who are swift out of the blocks.

    The BLP needs to be able to recognize, react to and remedy the blowback on any mistakes it makes and therein might lie the rationale for its seeming attempt to blur the lines between the GIS and the BLP’s communication arm. But Festina lente might be the best way to go on that one.

    • @AWTY

      You are correct, the harsh measures that will have to be endured by the people given the state of the economy can easily make this government unpopular in the current term. However the DLP will not be able to capitalize unless it transforms by making itself relevant. Under Stuart post 24 May the party seems to accept that being in abeyance mode is a good option.

  12. The DLP will reinvent itself under NEW LEADERSHIP. The disenchantment with the last administration was numerically demonstrated at the polls. FJS was a very weak leader. The silence he exhibited as PM, and which has continued, is unlikely under new leadership. The truth is the D’s likely had as many cracks within their ranks, as the B’s have within theirs. Power has a habit of quietening internal opposition. They are not the first incumbent party to have the power go to their heads, and produce a level of almost intolerable arrogance, which results in a defeat; one which everybody could see coming, except them.

  13. But David why are the harsh measures necessary?

    We dont think that Barbadians understand that the DLP totally destroyed the economy and someone has to clean up the mess? Barbadians are fair people and as I move around…..people are saying that Mia was dealt a bad hand and it is going to take sometime to turn around things and that people need to have patience.

    Six weeks into a new administration and people are talking about a one term………..and turn to who?……….have you all been noticing the blood letting going on in George Street?

    • @Prodigal Son

      Yes there is a feeling of confidence and pride beginning to ooze back into the Bajan space. Listening to Mia in Jamaica this week brought back memories. To see how the leaders reacted to a Barbados prime minister like they did in the past was refreshing. The point is that this feel good factor will take the government so far. At the household level individuals must feel like there is hope.

  14. Prodigal do u understand what it is like to be on minium wage have two mouths to feed pay rent and have to pay other necessities to keep the household up and running then govt puts an adfitional cost of 1.45 per day on water
    Good lord have a heart

  15. Leader of the Opposition Bishop Joseph Atherley whom the Constitution of Barbados supports in the role.


    This is where we differ!!!

    Reverend Joe cannot be said to represent those in opposition to the Government.

    It is an unconstitutional collifaux!!

  16. Furthermore repeating the dam lie about past govt put barbados in debt after a while will fall on deaf years.
    Reason being that Mia bold faced on the campagain told the people she would ease their pain by putting money in their pockets the people belive Mia and that is what the people expected
    Now if Mia and the blp yardfowls think that when bajans continue to feel the pressure of those taxes that mia spin about the economy would take the pain away
    Mia has a rude awakening of another expectation
    Barbadians not going to buy all that rhetoric even the long lines at the gas station was a signal that barbadians put their pocket books first.

  17. Btw i hear that govt closing Worthing beach for two weeks in order to drain the swamp.
    I guess all that shit will now go back in the ocean. Phew
    This is the govt that had all the answers now having to use political spin and jargon to hoodwinked the people

  18. There is “too much flotsam in the river” t permit the DLP to “reconstitute itself” in such a way that the current expired cadavers of the DLP demonic bunch, come back to life.

    Before they even try it let the ole man tell them that IF THEY THOUGHT THAT DE GRANDSON’S STOOPID CARTOONS DID THEM IN, what the BLP has archived on their performance, and will AUGMENT DURING THIS AUDIT, will bury them forever.

    Nary one of them can return. They have to get new faces or plastic surgery like Kate Jenner AND name changes

    As it relates to the BLP and self imploding, it has started its tenure wrong with the firing of that Napoleon woman at the NHC, in a dictatorial way, by a man who is a Pain in the side of the new administration.

    Then, in short shrift, they append this by hiring one Bim Pay-mi Long, followed shortly afterwards with the bribing of David Come Sing A Song.

    True they cleaned up some shyte pumps but whu else dem do?

    It is evident that in their nature to effect their business via deals, and backdoor mechanisms, and unfortunately, THAT SIGNATURE MOVE, THOUGH EXPECTED, WILL BE THEIR UNDOING.

    They have an opportunity to show that “Mia Cares” with these two bugbears the Freedom of Information Act and the Integrity Commission/Integrity in Public Life Bill

    But, with certain people at the wheel, those situations we already are seeing in the news, displays a singular outcome, unilateral, system-wide, hirings of mysterious persons who are tarnished in other CARICOM MEMBER STATES and firings by less than honourable Ministers embroiled in land teifing.

    As to that third movement talk, any third party HAS to DO SOMETHING that bajans benefit from and ONCE AGAIN it is evident that the calibre of these existing parties is substandard, at best, with their best only securing 4000 votes.

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster – i saw what you did heheheheh but dat is okay cause you dun know heheheheheh

  19. This is going to be the worst Crop Over ever already the ramblings have begun over 20 bands not participating
    Then today noises coming about concerns surrounding planed events
    One beef after another
    Only three weeks and the wheels falling off Mia wagon every where u look

  20. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You said and i quote “…At the household level individuals must feel like there is hope…”

    Bajans must not “feel” that there is hope they have to be part of the motion of the river going downstream.

    Watching Chris Stinkliar passing by in his multimillion dollar launch at Port St Charles is not sufficient and then to see Mottley and her peoples riding down the coastline in pretty ferries with 30 uh dem getting Ministerial Salaries while we jes seeing dem cleaning upi big shyte bins ENT GOING LAST FOR LONG.


  21. Btw i hear that govt closing Worthing beach for two weeks in order to drain the swamp.


    Saw a multitude of signs yesterday propped up against Liz’s Beach Facility saying just that, Beach closed.

    No doubt the signs cost a pound and a crown!!!

    Guess they will be posted along the beach in the following days …. a good time to drain the swamp and let the rainy season purge it!!

    They need to either get a pipe out to sea from the Graeme Hall Sewage Plant, or … miracles of miracles, tertiary treat the effluent.

    The injection wells only put the effluent in the nearshore and defeat the entire purpose for the existence of a sewage system!!

    • The injection well are a temporary fix to allow work to be done on the lines, you know this is the reason.

  22. It is obvious that all the sewage would be heading for the water
    Sooner or later the international enviromental protection bureaucrats in tow with Ramsar international will give Barbados a visit and demand a thorough cleanup of the swamp this is inevitable and demand that the swamp can no longer be used as a dumping ground for sewage
    The dumping of sewage in the swamp is unconscienable and should never have happened
    The fact that govt is closing Worthing Beach has all the tell tale signs and markings of toxic waste being removed from the swamp and govt has been advised by the BWA authorities to closed the beach
    However rather that govt tell the people the truth they hide behind a PR stunt of indicating that the hurricane season was the reason for lowering the water levels in the swamp
    But the question should be asked how high are the water levels and should not be the levels be lowered as a prerequisite to avoid overflow periodically.
    The swamp is a living breathing organism and should be treated with respect it is part of natures way in providing a clean and natural enviroment for all of natures species human plant and animal life it collect toxins that when place in the atmosphere would be deadly to all of life
    However the swamp in its best form cannot ideally handle the massive tons of toxins from the sewer plant dump daily and would have no other option but to allow these toxins to be released in the underground soil and also in the air that we breathe
    The sewer plant problems is not only one of fixing leakage but a creation of multiple problems inside and outside of the plant all which are catastrophic to all forms of living species
    Now today the govt having no other option of getting rid of the sewage dumped in the swamp from the sewer plant is forced to release them in the sea unaware of the fact that while the sewage is being shovelled out to sea they released a deadly form of toxins which would be emitted into the atmodphere which would impact all live in the future
    Barbadains in the coming years would be infected with all forms of diseases which most likely to impact the lungs because of invasive toxins which were released in the air because of govts policies of putting the cart before the 🐎
    The sewer plant needs to be closed

  23. Where are the Kammie Holders and the foot soldiers and the bootleggers who invaded barbados to kill the WTE plant
    Where are all these voices when right before they very eyes an unconscienable act of deadly catastrophic proportions is seeping into barbados waterways along with a deadly proportion of toxins thrown in the air because of the ongoing damage to the swamp all due to govt policies which thought it to be acceptable to have sewage dump in the swamp an area designated for the purpose and protection of wild life and a swamp whose sole purpose is to protect all life
    Well sooner or later with voices closed to this deadly act barbadians would pay the ultimate prices
    Nature has no fury like a woman scorned

  24. Mariposa you can save the crocodile tears ,since when you cared about Bajans hardsip ?Probably,since May 24th as when Mr Sinckler and Mr Stuart were placing tax after tax on people I did not hear youexpressing this concern.You believe you speaking to 5 year olds?All you Dems were concern with was Party survival but you got a rude awakening and now we are seeing the Dems true colours with the infighting in George Street between Mr Inniss and others like Mr stuart.Where is all the pretence unity you were speaking about,while speaking about cliques in the BLP.In my view it was all a charade hoping to be reelected but we will soon see about that.Maraposa I am not surprised that you do not wish to speak about this since it is not about Ms motley and maybe you have not receive your brief from George Street as to how to respond ,as I know you cannot speak for yourself,poor soul.To me it seems like one man has all you Dems frightened to speak openly ,bunch of cowards ,what says you T inniss,Tick tock Fractured,or are you also afraid like Maraposa to speak?

    • The reality yet again is the denial of the DLP party surrogates mean that they are not showing the public they are willing to align to the concerns of the general public. The party has lost touch with the people as the general election showed.

      It is only an idiot who does not know that 80% of the sewage is being pumped to the injection wells and the spills over to the swamp. There is no perfect solution while the live sewage lines are being fixed to clear the blockage. The rub is that sewage was dumped in the swamp under both governments because there is no bypass built as a contingency.

  25. No sewage should be dumped in the swamp the swamp has to filter toxins from other sources so why make it all but impossible for the swamp to be overloaded with additional man mad sewer which eventually would kill the swamp
    Only an idiot without a sense and knoweldge of the purpose of the swamp would think it is acceptable to dump sewer into the swamp which can accumulate to deadly toxins and filtered into the air

  26. It is only an idiot who does not know that 80% of the sewage is being pumped to the injection wells and the spills over to the swamp. There is no perfect solution while the live sewage lines are being fixed to clear the blockage. The rub is that sewage was dumped in the swamp under both governments because there is no bypass built as a contingency.


    • @John

      You need to visit GIS Facebook and follow the interviews from the BWA personnel. The plan is for the injection wells to hold 80% of the redirect and any spillover go to the swamp. Before the wells it was all going to the swamp UNDER the DLP. We have this idiot braying about concern for the the swamp when the plan being executed today is the continuation of what the DLP approved.

      The injection wells it was explained were sunk in strategic locations to avoid contaminating water catchment areas? Also is there not a natural process that takes place when the sewage is dumped in a well?

      To fix the blockages in the live sewage lines and remove the ressure on the Bridgetown plant what would you have suggested to stop the sewage spill on the streets?

  27. The job of the swamp is to protect all living species from deadly toxins before they can be filtered into the air but it can only do so much through it filtering system known as it lungs but when the lungs get filled to capacity the remain toxins which cannot be handled becomes air borne or is disposed by way of other sources mostly soil which interacts with our drinking water system which gets into the foods that we eat
    Disrespect for the swamp has been an ongoing norm for years in barbados but in long term barbadians would reap what was sown in the swamp and it would not be good
    Also added is the high possibility of the death of the swamp then what
    Govt idea to release the sewage from the swamp might be (well)intended but what govt cannot stop are the numerous toxins which would be released into the atmosphere during the draining cycle

  28. 100% of the effluent from the sewage plant ends up in the swamp!!

    Any half an idiot with access to the 1946 Senn Report would know that!!

    There is a connection through the limestone to the swamp.

    The same paths the depression springs at Amity Lodge bubbled up from underground when GP was a boy and before remain.

    The “bypass” has been for over a decade the swamp!!!

    I believe that what has happened is that there is a realization that injection wells or no injection wells, the effluent all ends up in the swamp!!

    I have watched the levels on the guage in the channel.

    It was at ~0.77 metres above sea level (0 metres) yesterday.

    Ideally, I believe it should rise and fall with the tide.


    I have seen it do so over time BUT, it is not instantaneous.

    This suggests to me that there may be a need for dredging!!

    Alternatively, they could drain the swamp then choose the lowest tide and block the channel let the tide force its way back in underground through the limestone.

    A Spring Tide will occur in a few days.

    “Next high Spring Tide at Bridgetown, Barbados will be on Thu 12 Jul (height:0.90m 3.0ft).”

    If that coincides with heavy rains, there will probably be flooding, whether the gate is open or not.

  29. Toxins like DDT, even though it was banned way back were found in the swamp when the water was tested in 2010.

    You will find a whole list if you look at the GHNS report.


    DDT has a long half life and remains in the environment for years.

    It didn’t come from sewage!!

    What will are the various cleaning chemicals used in the households and hotels connected to the system.

  30. Lorenzo. Do not bother me about George St. I have never visited George St or in any way communicated with any one who is associated with George St
    The dlp lost is not the end of the world .
    However it is appearing that the blp win might bring an end to bajans pocket books as the ongoing cry since May 24th is Murdah
    Question..How can a blp govt sleep at night after 10years of promising better then in less than three weeks delivered BITTER
    Now go help Mia drain the political swamp she is creating at taxpayers expense as a payback for her 30-0 win she can start with chopsuey Jong and wolf in sheep clothing Commisong

  31. At least Liesalot is now sticking to what he is good at, staying in his place in the swamp, instead of using the blog to be divisive and working at destroying any unity between Caribbean people he believes they are building….

    good job..keep the exyardfowl there with you..

  32. The injection wells it was explained were sunk in strategic locations to avoid contaminating water catchment areas


    Do you understand what a water catchment area is?

    Google and you will see, “A catchment is an area where water is collected by the natural landscape. In a catchment, all rain and surface water eventually flows to a creek, river, lake or ocean, or into the groundwater system. … Healthy catchments provide: a source of clean drinking water.”

    The swamp is like a creek.

    The catchment area for the swamp is the 1,156 acres to its north, all the way up to Fort George.

    It stands to reason that as the water flows down to the sea, some collects in the wetlands, …… as in the Graeme Hall area.


    If you look at Senn, you will see there were DRINKING WATER WELLS in the catchment.

    Amity Lodge No.1 (yard), depth, 33 feet, 2 feet of water in the bottom
    Amity Lodge No.2 (cliff), depth 58 feet, 2 feet of water in the bottom

    Graeme Hall, depth 91.5 feet, 2.5 feet of water in the bottom.

    These wells extended down into the sheet water … which incidentally, was sea level.

    Graeme Hall uses its well(s) for irrigation now but when the catchment was unhealthy, prior to the development, these wells were the source of water for many in the area.

  33. To fix the blockages in the live sewage lines and remove the ressure on the Bridgetown plant what would you have suggested to stop the sewage spill on the streets?


    I would have done it right the first time and there would be none of these issues!!

    • You still have not answered the question. There was an error in building contingency into the design, we get that. How would you have managed the solution to fix it for the second time?

  34. All of the above comments remind me of contributions made by mark Adamsonng, boring, unfocused, partisan and napoleonic…let me make it clear..the last administration lost mostly because they are perceived as corrupt..social media had a heavy hand in this….secondly, EWB

  35. EWB is dead..few of the youth today really don’t care about him because they do not have that connect…may I suggest that we look to more modern heroes….thirdly, and this is most important, Accountability and how did we get back here…you bloggers loose focus easily because your subjective partisan feelings blind you to facts..

  36. All David has to do is use an empty bucket let it become filled with water continue do so on a daily basis nat intervals empty some of the water when doing so concentrate on the path or direction where the water goes
    In that exammple David water may be clean but think if it is polluted
    The injection wells cannot stave off the flow of toxins that have already accumulated because of multiple factors one which is polluted stagnant water which breeds bacteria from sewage which was dumped into the swamp
    Govt is taking a risk that cannot be easily solved
    The damage to the swamp cannot be corrected if the same process is being repeated
    Hard questions going forward must be asked
    How long can the swamp be used as a dumping ground for waste before it dies

  37. The facts are, life in Barbados had become unnecessarily harder now than 8 years ago, millions of taxpayers is missing, there is the auditor generals report and the imf damning reports on the management practices..I can go on and on but the slap in the face is the feeble to no attempt made by the last administration to defend their stewardship…man..you yard fowls sicken me

  38. How would you have managed the solution to fix it for the second time?


    As it stands it is not fixable!!

    Flawed from inception.

    Rethink necessary … need to get priorities right!!

    If all that was required was to get the sewage off the street then use the bypass … the swamp!!

    Open the gate and let it go out to sea.

    Then build a sewage outfall to get around the force main.

    But that is short term thinking!!

    For example, abandoning the force main means probably abandoning a way of connecting the two plants together.

    BTW, who drilled the wells, … a local contractor?

    The whole mess from flawed from inception, made worse by the kickback schemes!!

    • BWA working with U.S. firm to address sewage issue


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      A consulting firm from the United States is assisting Barbados, as the island seeks to address the sewage overflows affecting the South Coast. 

      The Barbados Water Authority’s (BWA) Waste Water Division (WWD) has started dye testing on the first of four proposed injection wells, designed to allow the discharge of pre-treated sewage deep underground, so remedial work can be carried out on the south coast sewerage network.

      The dye testing, requested by environmental and health authorities, will determine if the well field, located near the south coast sewerage plant, will pose any environmental threat.

      On Saturday morning, WWD personnel introduced a non-harmful fluorescent green dye into the well, and over the next few days, as explained by Water Quality Technologist with the BWA, Alex Ifill, they will monitor several “sample sites” to see if there is any dye residue.

      The sites are two springs located north and south of the plant; the Graeme Hall Swamp; and the nearshore at Worthing Beach.

      In an interview with the Barbados Government Information Service, Mr. Ifill stated: “The objective of these samples is to catch any dispersion. We’re going to inject some florescent dye into the test well here and we’re going to let it run through the ground, because you’re going over 100 feet or 125 feet down to see if this dye will emerge at any one of the sites over the next four days.

      “Each day, we will be taking samples [from the aforementioned sites] to make sure that none of the dye reappears in the water. When we finish this test, these samples will be sent overseas to Ozark Laboratory and we will get back the results in about a day and they will tell us if the dye has recirculated,” he explained.

      Ozark Underground Laboratory is a groundwater consulting firm based in Missouri in the United States that provides hydrogeological services. It has also designed, conducted and assisted with groundwater testing in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Peru.

      The Water Quality Technologist noted that once the water samples test negative for the dye, authorities will proceed with plans to commission the wells. However, if there is evidence that the dye has recirculated, they will have to “redesign their disposal option”.

      Mr. Ifill reiterated that the injection wells were a temporary solution, and stated their purpose was to “facilitate the disposal of sewage” so the WWD could install a sewage by-pass. This, he explained, would divert the flow of effluent away from the compromised section of the network, allowing the Division to carry out repairs.

      “Once the by-pass has been implemented, these wells will be closed off, capped and held in good condition in case there is a similar event; they are not to be used on a continuous basis,” he stressed. He pointed out that while a temporary by-pass had already been created near Scotiabank at Hastings, a “more comprehensive” system was to be introduced.

      The proposed injections wells are part of a $12.9 million plan announced by Minister with responsibility for Water Resource Management, Dr. David Estwick, last month. He said both the wells and by-pass systems were the “best option” of those suggested by regional and international consultants.


  39. @ Mariposa…… Exactly who is the woman scorned? Oh now I get it . Not only has she been scorned, but she has been rebuffed, rejected, repudiated, and relegated to the land of insignificance…….. Remember that most disgusting display of arrogance/disrespect flaunted in the faces of Barbadians that night at Waterford? Right there you showed where that ” sense of entitlement” of which you constantly spoke was really nestled. You have been exposed for the self centered bunch you are. A show of contrition and a public apology should mark the place where the Democratic Labour Party presents itself to Barbados post May 2018. Till then Mariposa and company should really spare us…..focus on the abatement of the infighting.

  40. Since then the present govt said the leakage was stop but did not go into detail as to how the sewage that was emiited through the manholes was being managed and by what mean and methods it was being done and sourced
    This issues goes beyond the seeping of the manholes but a cumulative interest (in mind) as to how the swamp can protect the enviroment without being compromised or completly destroyed by the daily dumping of sewage from the plant and the high enviromental and human risk to health involved

  41. The Water Quality Technologist noted that once the water samples test negative for the dye, authorities will proceed with plans to commission the wells. However, if there is evidence that the dye has recirculated, they will have to “redesign their disposal option”.


    Where does the effluent that is placed in the injection wells go?

    How does it get to the sea?

    Does it get to the sea?

  42. … and if you accept it gets to the sea, the only thing between the wells and the sea is …. the swamp!!

  43. Did we do an EIA before deciding to inject the effluent into the limestone?

    Is it acidic?

    Shades of Hyatt!!

  44. There are plenty questions which needs to asked concerning the management of the plant and its capacity to handle large volumes of sewage and resolution toward not having overflows in the street and the long term viability of the swamp being able to protect all types of species
    The value and the role the swamp plays in all life must not be compromised because of human error
    For we all would not be wiser but worst off

  45. In an interview with the Barbados Government Information Service, Mr. Ifill stated: “The objective of these samples is to catch any dispersion. We’re going to inject some florescent dye into the test well here and we’re going to let it run through the ground, because you’re going over 100 feet or 125 feet down to see if this dye will emerge at any one of the sites over the next four days.

    This is confusing.

    I would have thought that the density of the dye would determine at what level it is found.

    I assume it is the same as fresh water which is going to float on top of the sea water and brackish water in the 150 feet from sea level to the base of the coral cap..

    Even if the sewage (fresh) is injected well below sea level, it will rise as it travels through the limestone, it’s ultimate destination being sea level.

  46. Sewage Problem DEMS THEN ; DEMS NEVER EVER AGAIN . Capoosh ! 30 Love Good Riddance-Go and hide yuh all arses. The best thing Stuart do for the year is to cancel that stupid lunchtime lecture. Go and mount a platform somewhere else or better yet keep your Fugging mouth shutf. Dems told Bees in 2009 that Dem aint want to hear Bees-Bees had 14 years. Karma !

    Yuh tink we foolish – arse-old ?


  47. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/nawaz-sharif-jailed-pakistan-prime-minister-indicted-corruption-charges-panama-papers-london-flats-a8434591.html

    Former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years in prison over corruption linked to purchase of London flats
    Guilty verdict in absentia against the 68-year-old ends career of one country’s most high-profile politicians

    The court case centred on upscale London flats that the Sharifs say they bought through legitimate means, mostly in the mid-1990s.

    But the National Accountability Bureau has alleged the family has been unable to explain how it paid for them.

    How many former Politicians from the DLP regime have been indicted on corruption charges yet? Every last one must account for every single dollar in their bajan and their many overseas accounts and show how they acquired their assets or be found guilty on charges of corruption. Every right minded bajan expects each and every one to show how their ministerial pay packets have enabled them to become millionaires. And this must NOT be kicked into the long grass

  48. DDT – Banned for crop use in the U.S. since 1972, DDT is still used in many countries. DDT – also found in Agent Orange and used very extensively in Vietnam where children are still born with horrendous birth defects today – was used as a general purpose weedkiller in Barbados many years ago. How many years I do not know but I am sure records exist somewhere to show how much and for how many years. If it is being found in the swamp still then it is most likely in all bajans. Water samples from all over Barbados should be sent to the US or UK for toxicity testing

  49. Who knows John @11:23 a.m.Charles Jong,kim jong un -same difference.Nuff people with dem slanted eyes bout here,some on “official” cheneese business,but when I read of the espionage that went on recently with the theft of the US military submarine data,then I know Bdos must be like open suzie if they choose to go that route.

    The dangerous thing about that Charles Jong appointment is the scant respect shown by Mia ‘we got this’ motley to the unique and influential position that those who voted – placed her in.

    Everything raised by Caswell was first raised by Me on this site and a number of her followers and even the blog owner (or one of them) completely down played it.

    Now that Caswell picked it up (and long may he live and speak out) it has gotten legs.My query is why hasn’t the media (other than Barbados Today), spoken out on behalf of members of their fraternity,that is The Government Information Service,especially knowing as civil servants they are unable to go public.

    That too is pretty eerie and frightening if that is going to be the way things play out going forward.

    Isn’t the members of the B’dos Gov’t service also members of the Barbados Association of MEDIA WORKERS & JOURNALISTS?

    • Did you show the same concern when dem slanted people gave the MPs laptops which former disgraced Speaker of the House Michael Carrington gave permission to use?

  50. UKBajann,

    The use of DDT was banned in Barbados in the early 1960s. Apart from its use in argriculture, many homes used to use it to get rid of bed bugs.

  51. Yes David I was flabbergasted that the speaker or rather,the leadership in the last administraton accepted that ‘so-called’ gift from the chineese just so.A little research if carried out would have shown them what the chineese do with their technology on cell phones,tv and computers steupes.

    Then again with you is always ‘the other side did it’ huh.

    • No!

      It is that the ‘system’ permits those holding government to make decisions not aligned with best practice and there is no way to hold their asses accountable..

  52. Thanks Hal but that is perhaps the official date it stopped being used. It was used many years after and is found in the swamp. unfortunately it does not dissolve in water so continues to accumulate in the soil and if washed out into the sea finds its way into the coral and fish still. The things we were so cavalier about not so long ago continue to damage us and this includes bovine growth hormones still much used in bim. Is Roundup still in use and has bim sold out its seed stock to non-reproducing sterile GM seeds?

  53. David are you fuh real are you saying that Jong being on the govt payroll is a fair enough gesture by Mottley for the role he played in her election

    well wonders never cease

  54. It is obvious that torrential down pours can cause the wells to do an ineffective job bringing us back to square one and asking how more damage to the swamp be avoided
    it is apparently clear that the only solution is the relocation of the plant in order to restore natures pristine quality of air and better quality of the foods we eat
    The swamp cannot do all that it was intended if shit keeps floating in and out of its tributaries

    • @William

      The DLP leadership searching out the best of the candidates from the third parties and entice them to their side.

  55. @ David

    Thanks for your response. Like most people you still see our country being in the grips of the BLPDLP forever. This comprehensive defeat of the DLP, is a very opportune time for all third parties, to become more active. Not only those that exist but new ones as well. If the electorate , can so dramatically obliterate the DLP, it stands to reason, that it will give a well organised new/third party a hearing. You will note, that there is a school of thought, which suggests , that the people were so fed up with Stuart and company , that they were determined, that they did not even get close enough, to even form the opposition; hence the landslide, which I feel will not be repeated. I urge all third parties and indeed community based independents to start working now toward 2023 and to forget the naysayers, who believe that the country belongs to George and Roebuck Streets, although the last election clearly showed that the people don,t buy that junk!!!

    • @William

      Of course you are correct the electorate totally rejected the DLP and it is an opportunity for others to fill the void. Is there any BU writings to suggest the blogmaster disagrees? The comment about the DLP leadership scouring for talent within the ranks of third parties is a normal predatory behaviour that exist with man made systems .The same position can be adopted by third parties.

      The blogmaster would welcome credible third parties to take root in the Barbados political landscape. What we have seen so far is a start but sadly the third parties lack substance to capture the minds of the electorate.

    • @William

      If you had a chance to listen to the youngsters on the afternoon talk show yesterday you would have heard one of the bright sparks from the UPP Chrystal Austin admitting that lack of finance will make it difficult for third parties in Barbados unless there is amendment to the legislation. Will the established members of the duopoly have the appetite to make the change?

      She went on to reference the roles of minority parties in New Zealand and elsewhere. Note sure a good analogy given the diversity in the strata if those societies to feed difference in philosophies.

  56. New report is that the Worthing Beach will be closed until next weekend to facilitate an environmental exercise to lower the level of the Graeme Hall Swamp in preparation for the hurricane season. Looks they are listening to you John. Opening the sluice gate is something the former government did not do on a required basis?

  57. UKBajan,

    The official date of the ban on DDT is important since use after that date constitutes a criminal offence. But this is Barbados, a failed state. A few years ago I stayed at a hotel in St James, I think it was the Discovery, and there was a stream or an outsize gutter spewing in to the sea, just yards away from where people were bathing. I was horrified. When I raised it with hotel officials they thought I was being silly.
    Then again, this is a country that routinely imports genetically modified foods from the US without any questions. There is not even a debate in the press about GM foods.

  58. Debate in the press about GM foods, Hal? You have been away for too long Hal. All the local press is good for is selling advertising, publishing court case details and displaying photographs of last night fetes. A total waste of time if you ask me. I used to subscribe to both dailies and after realising that one of them carried the same news as the other two days later, I cancelled my subscription to that one. Short while later, I was reading international news copied verbatim three days after I read it online, cancelled that one also.

    • @Fearplay

      One person who has been relentless in highlighting the dangers posed by GM foods and in particular Monsanto is Rosemary Parkinson. The blogmaster takes the time to remember the late ROK who championed this matter as well.

  59. JOHN

  60. @ David

    I did listen to the program and was quite impressed. My problem is that the young lady who has been identified as a great talent, UPP Chrystal Austin, is being told that to make greater use of her talent, she needs to join the BLPDLP. I dont think it is fair to declare that the UPP and SB, did not bring anything of substance. I have followed their positions very closely and in many instances, they were making far more sense than the established parties.
    I remember the NDP in 1991 calling for a Contractor General and 26 years later there is still none !!!
    If we want to be impressed by crop over styled campaigns, we would continue to get the same recycled jokers all the time.
    Hopefully with the rejection of the DLP , the electorate has now turned the corner and perhaps will ignore all the glitz and look for substance.
    I also heard , on the same program, UPP Chrystal Austin, explaining the work she is doing in the constituency, which is far more progressive than anything, the other candidates from the BLPDLP , are doing or will do. I hope she does not place such talent in either of the two established parties because she will become just another wind bag.
    They are more suited to people who slash car tyres and pull guns on each other.

    • @William

      Do not disagree, the suggestion to Chrystal to join with the established parties just reflects the futility a third party gaining traction in the current situation if the legislation is not amended to address campaign financing etc.

      What next?

    • @William

      You must be listening to Chrystal Austin on Brasstacks today? She seems a little out of her depth regarding financial issues of the day but she has potential?



  62. Georgie Porgie
    July 9, 2018 9:08 AM



    You may not believe this but opening and closing the gate is a covenant the new owners found attached to the land.

    I will dig out the conveyance I found a while back!!

    The GOB is contractually bound to do this, but, lawlessness rules in Barbados!!

    Had it simply followed its obligations, we would not be having the mess we are having and have had for the past decades!!

  63. JOHN

  64. The official date of the ban on DDT is important since use after that date constitutes a criminal offence.


    We are pretty well served by the Pesticide Control Board and the fact we are an island.

    No chemical can be imported without its permission.

    Besides DDT, several other chemicals have been banned, eg Dieldrin and Aldrin which were standard herbicides in use on plantations back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Will look for the reference I remember in the Water Resources Study from 1978 and post.

  65. Georgie Porgie
    July 9, 2018 9:35 AM



    I will check but the covenant is part of the conveyance of the land from the Gun Club to the GOB.

    The Gun Club was able also to go on the GOB’s land and open the gate as necessary!!

    I will check it and see.

  66. Graeme Hall Plantation was sold to Graeme Hall Development Co. Ltd. in1945 by its owner Dudley Alleyne Clarke.

    The company in 1949 sold 28 acres 3 roods and 33 perches to the Graeme Hall Gun Club Ltd.

    This acreage contained on its eastern boundary the drainage canal down to the main road.

    The remainder of the canal to the sea, including the sluice gate, continued as part of Graeme Hall Plantation which was owned by Graeme Hall Development Co. Ltd.

    In the conveyance to the Graeme Hall Gun Club Ltd., the owner of Graeme Hall Plnatation undertook to open the sluice gate within 24 hours of being requested by the Gun Club. If this was not done the Gun Club could do it.

    There is a datum and it looks like a level in the deed which triggered the need to open the gate.

    So, looks like Graeme Hall Development Co. sold Graeme Hall to the GOB, with the covenant which was broken again and a again.

    The Gun Club probably did not dispose of its land till later, but could still go and open the gate as needed on the lands of Graeme Hall Plantation.

    The GOB acquired Graeme Hall, Warners too I believe, in the 60’s.

    You will find that the skull doggery that went on in the Government development of Graeme Hall for Housing swept aside any legal niceties such as observing covenants and other civilised things like that!!

  67. Back then there was no sewer plant
    What we have now is a swamp lwhich was caught up in bad govt decisions and political interference being tossed out to sea and totally destroyed by toxins

  68. I have refrained from this whole sewage debate in any detail.
    However I will say at the basic level, as a community, we have become very dirty and don’t seem to give a damn about how we care and or keep our surroundings.
    How can any citizen throw diapers, sanitary napkins etc in a sewage system? How can any sensible citizen
    just leave garbage along the highway and dump old appliances anywhere they choose?
    We have become s dirty lot !!!!!!!!

  69. @William Skinner July 9, 2018 11:33 AM “How can any citizen throw diapers, sanitary napkins etc in a sewage system? How can any sensible citizen.”

    Dear William: Not forgetting the sensible citizens who throw CONDOMS in a sewer system.

    But the people who run the sewer systems must run a continuing public education program. For example I did not know until recently that one should not throw dental floss into a sewer system. Image the sewer systems here and over in away that I have damaged by throwing my floss into the system. After all if I am in the bathroom the most logical thing seems to time that I should throw my used floss throw the floss down the toilet. If nobody educated me otherwise how was I supposed to know?

  70. @Hal Austin July 9, 2018 8:14 AM “The official date of the ban on DDT is important since use after that date constitutes a criminal offence. But this is Barbados, a failed state. A few years ago I stayed at a hotel in St James, I think it was the Discovery, and there was a stream or an outsize gutter spewing in to the sea, just yards away from where people were bathing.”

    St. James person here: What you likely saw next to Discovery was the “Hole” after which Holetown is named. The “Hole” is a completely natural wetland which has been there for likely hundreds of thousands of years. When Discovery was being built my dad who worked as a builder most of his life felt that the hotel should not have been build there, but capitalists wish to quickly maximise their return on investments by siting hotels directly on beaches and wetlands do not listen to elderly builders who have lived in the area for decades. And of course since the “Hole” is the natural drainage point for St. James/St. Thomas uplands, the built retaining walls are periodically damaged which of increases maintenance costs.

  71. @Hal Austin July 9, 2018 8:14 AM “a stream or an outsize gutter spewing…”

    So no the wetland was not spewing, which is a negative word.

    The wetland was doing its natural duty which is to lead water into the sea

    The wetland was doing what wetlands have always done and will always do. Nothing at all wrong with the wetland.

    But I do question the judgement of those who build on wetlands.

  72. @David July 7, 2018 4:43 PM “David July 7, 2018 4:43 PM “…lure the Chrystal Austins et al from the other parties…”

    The DLP as presently constituted is a party of slow, old fashioned, old men. I am not too sure that they love women, especially bright young women very much.

    But I am only a simpleton, so I might be wrong, wrong, wrong.

  73. Hants July 7, 2018 4:36 PM “The DLP should focus on rebuilding the party so they are ready in five years.”

    The DLP is taking a three month honeymoon first.

    Since they were unable to consummate a marriage with the electorate I am not at all sure why they need a honeymoon.

    But as I am only a simpleton, I may well be completely wrong.

  74. @Hal “It is as good a bet as any that the DLP will be out of power for a generation.”

    In thirty years time the electorate not yet born will be asking Owen who? Mia who? Freundel who? etc.

    And I hope that the named gentlemen and lady will be enjoying their well deserved retirements.

  75. @Prodigal Son July 7, 2018 10:10 PM “…people are saying that Mia was dealt a bad hand and it is going to take sometime to turn around things and that people need to have patience.”

    We are willing to be patient.

    We understand that the DLP mismanaged.

    But Mia was not dealt a bad hand.

    She was not in a casino.

    She worked long and hard to become Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. She asked for the job. She wanted the job. The job was not imposed on her.

    If an idiot like me could see that the DLP was mismanaging, I am sure that a smart woman like Mia could see that too.

    Yet still she wanted the job–it may well be the worse job in Barbados–but she asked for it. She desired it. She wanted it.

    Now she has it.

    Hit the ground running…and don’t stop.

  76. l@ooking on July 8, 2018 9:17 AM “let me make it clear..the last administration lost mostly because they are perceived as corrupt…secondly, EWB.”

    Erroll Barrow died in May 1987. Anybody who voted for the first time in Barrow’s last election, that of 1986 was born in 1969 and is now 49 years old, next election those people will be 55 year old and almost ready to retire.

    It is way past time that the DLP bury Erroll Barrow, or at least let him stay dead. Errol Barrow has no resonance with those voters aged between 18 and 50.

  77. Boy did she hit the ground running so fast that fire came flying off her feet and into the hands of taxpayers
    Hope she stop running very soon before the whole place is caught on fire and barbados bun down







  79. Now only if this govt would stop using Worthing Beach as a waste disposal depot
    That measure would be a good starting point for change

  80. @ukbajan July 8, 2018 4:32 PM “DDT – “…was used as a general purpose weedkiller in Barbados many years ago.”

    @Hal Austin July 8, 2018 5:05 PM. “Apart from its use in argriculture, many homes used to use it to get rid of bed bugs.”

    DDT is NOT, repeat NOT a herbicide. It is an insceticide. And yes it was used in all homes for killing mosquitoes and bedbugs, and very effective it was too. A couple of generations have grow up who have never seen a bedbug. And then it was discovered how dangerous DDT is

    And the buggers are back:



  81. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/is-ddt-still-being-used.html
    Is DDT Still Being Used?
    Although the pesticide [DDT] was banned in many countries, some countries in Africa, Asia, and South America needed the pesticide for mosquito control in order to reduce the risk of malaria. In 2006, WHO supported the indoor use of DDT in African countries where malaria remained a major challenge. The organization stated that the benefits of the pesticides to African countries outweighed the adverse effects it had on the environment. India and North Korea have continued the use of the pesticides for agricultural use despite the ban. Approximately 4,000 tons of DDT are produced annually for the vector control program. It is legal to manufacture DDT in the US, though it can only be exported for use in foreign nations. DDT can only be used in the US for public health emergencies, such as controlling vector disease. Today, DDT is manufactured in North Korea, India, and China. India remains the largest consumer of the product for vector control and agricultural use. China produces 4,500 metric tons of the product of which 80–90% is used to produce Dicofol, an acaricide. African countries do not use the product for agricultural purposes but countries such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, and Swaziland use it to control malaria.

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