New Fuel Prices Do Not Add Up!

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The new July 1 retail fuel prices are not adding up. Having read about them here and here, and having looked back at my own historical fuel price data, as well as the text of PM Mottley’s mini-budget speech, I will argue that something is not adding up, and here it is:

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40 thoughts on “New Fuel Prices Do Not Add Up!

  1. Well de ole man guess that Mia’s agents Lorenzo of Enuff will come here and say cuhdear give she a chance, it is ONLY a month and she got to learn to count like Stinkliar did

    Leh me see whu de grandson send pun dat one for Lorenzo of Enuff


    I tell de ingrunt swine dat when de cumulative effect of tis reduction is added up to the “po’ black INGRUNT VOTERS” um is going be nuff more BUT de ole man need to STFU

  2. Look what is barbados becoming govt policies forcing people to stand on long lines to save a dime
    What next bread lines.
    This govt in one month times have shown the world how their draconian policies driven by high taxation have barbadians seeking alternatives measure so not to be caught up in a whirpool of high taxation that have been placed around their necks
    The pictures of the gas lines says it all
    Now all await Mia PR response .But wait a minute she has the bully pulpit at Caricom to guve another sweet mout speech
    Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words

  3. Your Royal Majesty Mia all await your response
    I do remeber you once saying that barbados was like Haiti but never thought that what you said would be revealed in puctures because of your draconian policies
    Mam hope while you are in Jamauca rubbing shoulders with the rich you would take a peep at the newspaper and see how your home grown policies of high taxation on its first day of implementation has drove the poor people in huge numbers to buy gas at a lower prices before midnight
    Mam is this your plan for barbadians which you once referred as another Haiti
    A picture is indeed worth a thousand words

  4. too many cars on the island maybe this will get some off the road and get people using public transit..

  5. Keep dreaming lawson. Yuh mean after ten years of blp yardfowls trash talking public transportation yuh got the nerve to tell people to park and ride the same unreliable
    bus service wunna criticized
    Negro get out of here go tell Mia to get her PR machine up and running because one of the wheels starting to fall of the wagon and the icing melting off the cake

  6. maripoa I thought if you wanted to blind a bajan you put him behind a wind shield now I know if you put him behind a dlp banner it works just as well.. WW I think you believe I am a black man from that nude picture I sent ya but in all honesty I misplayed a grounder playing baseball last week.

  7. Theo that quote from ford is strange as he attacked all his workers under paid them and was cruel to his own son.

  8. its to remind you and your ilk just where you are and always will be in the pecking order no matter who is in power. its the same all over the world the bulk middle class has to pay for everyone else.

  9. Trying to understand the logic behind the decision of hundreds of motorists joining long queues in gas stations last evening to save five or six dollars.

  10. What nerve! five or six dollat saving

    Is enough to buy a loaf of bread
    However the message sent by those long lines send a profound statement which says the bajan populace not joining hands with govt to travel a long and hard road to pay down debt
    Mia should have read the optics since her voice was hard and loud against past govt policies when levys of any kind were implemented
    Now she is the one wearing the heavy crown and her expectations of placing heavier taxes on the people she should have known would leave in bitter taste in the populace mouth
    Hope she takes note of the messages sent to govt by those who waited in line for hours to make a saving

  11. The article makes clear:

    “I have a possible explanation. Had the status quo remained (no Fuel Tax, Road Tax remains), we would have seen a price increase anyway. Recall that Government adjusts prices during the first week or two of every month. So what we are seeing is basically two price changes (both increases). The addition of the Fuel Tax by the Government, as well as the monthly price change..”

    The crazies are at it again.

    • @enuff

      If the government is as transparent as promised it would make public the calculation how the monthly increase on fuel at the pump is applied.

  12. I thought this new fuel levy replaced the Vehicle Road License/Registration Fee/Levy …… and to be used for upkeeping our road system??? So why do fisherman and boat owners have to pay it?? We planning on paving the sea??

  13. Yeap this heavy laden taxes was throw into the peoples face without full transparency . Now the populace has awakened to this bait and switch plan and requiring answers
    It is becoming as clear as daylight that Mia and her band of twenty odd ministers have used a switcheroo made up of deceit and lies that now have the populace running around like lost souls looking for cheap gas
    Unfortunately there is no viable opposition to confront these vodoo economist which is now barbados govt
    We shall wait and see how much more lies the Blp machinery has in its PR arsenal to fool the people

    • The lack of transparency of how the monthly increase is calculated was brought forward from the last government.

      Poor you.

  14. @ ks,

    You could send an email to the Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy and suggest fishermen get a rebate on the fuel they purchase for their boats.

  15. Well my golly !

    1 month on after the General Elections 2018 and bedlam have broken out !

    • Wicked fuel ⛽️ tax !

    • Unilaterally defaulting on government loans !

    • George Payne given one acting stint of PM – for 3 days only !

    • British citizens crying foul over Mia’s Travel Tax !

    • South Coast Sewage mess getting worst – 5 weeks after the ‘ FIX – IT – NOW ‘ government in office !

    • IMF here tomorrow – 15,000 public officers to be axed – if Dr. Delisle Worrell gets his way !

    John King 👑 was correct when he sang :

    ” Tighten your belt I say

    Tighten it from today

    As of midnight tonight

    Tighten your belt real tight

    Cause Mia’s taxes gine mek yuh $hite ! ”

    Well after all 30 Ministers have to paid !

    Tax write offs for Mia’s friends & family must be recouped !

    • And through it all the DLP has announced no changes to the party to respond to the shellacking at the polls. Same crap narrative you coming with.

  16. Both governments never paid for the roads ‘LAND” to charge anyone road tax, roads are free to travel, ABC never paid for 80 million$$ from March of 1985 when cut, We boycott the last 6 years saving over 74000 bds$$ by walk and bus, More Fraud to come,

  17. @ Fractured BLP July 1, 2018 6:26 PM

    Fcukuptured DLP, since that 30-love demolition job you seem to have contracted the worst case of dementia ever recorded by Dr. Alzheimer based on the work of Dr. Parkinson.

    Have you forgotten that MAM -now the Madam PM- still does not possess an LEC and is nothing but a fraud pretending to be a PM?

    Now that she is PM why not make her post haste an EX-PM like the completely fast-disappeared Fumble Stuart by revealing your well concealed time-bomb of tapes recorded in Canuan or wherever?

    Now what would your much anticipated tapes reveal other than Her/His Madam PM is not only a pussycat eater but also a history maker in more ways than one?

    Isn’t she a real darling of history making by not only becoming the first She/He P M but also sweeping the draught board clean by ‘eating’ every single DLP She/She man and He/He woman to death in one fell swoop of a 30 shot electoral nuclear bomb, despite OSA’s protestations and complete consternation?

    For now the poor wo-man doesn’t have to have the LEC to be the real Primus inter Pares and not have to be a ‘created’ primate of a bosom pal called the estimable Gentleman Greenverbs Parris.

  18. @Fractured BLP July 1, 2018 6:26 PM “15,000 public officers to be axed – if Dr. Delisle Worrell gets his way.”

    Is the Prime Minister under any obligation to listen to an elderly former central Bank governor?

  19. Yes indeed a first for every thing including a first PM to ever defaulted on barbados debt
    Yes indeed a first PM to ever transfer millions of dollars in taxwrite offs to the wealthy
    Yes indeed a first PM that place unconscionable taxes in three weeks around the necks of taxpayers
    Yes indeed a first that had the populace trying to beat a midnight deadline before the sweet pill became bitter

  20. @Mariposa July 1, 2018 6:11 AM “drove the poor people in huge numbers to buy gas at a lower prices before midnight.”

    People have been doing this since the energy crisis of 1973. At the time of the 1973 energy crisis Mia was 7 years old. I remember waking up before dawn to join one of those long foolish gas lines. Until I got older and a lot wiser and decided to ditch the expense and hassle of owning a private vehicle.

    I’ve never worried about gas prices since then.

  21. At the time of the 1973 energy crisis, which began about October–so correction Mia was 8, not 7–the Democratic Labour Party led by our beloved Erroll Barrow was in office, having won 18 seats in the September election.

    I have had to say it on this blog before and I will say it again, if wunna want to tell lies at least have the decency to wait until we old people who lived the history have died.

    We might be in the departure lounge, but we ain’t dead yet.

  22. @Mariposa July 1, 2018 7:40 PM “first PM to ever transfer millions of dollars in taxwrite offs to the wealthy.”

    Did not David Thompson, as one of his first acts, not give the Barbados Turf Club a $19 million tax write off?

    Did not Chris Sinkler grant a tax amnesty to “whosoever will may come” two or three years ago?

  23. But in any event our beloved Errol Barrow was the Prime Minister of Barbados at the time of the 1973 energy crisis wih its long gas lines, and its privileged pump.

    I was there in those long lines.

  24. I would really love to meet Mariposa’s English teachers, or even better still, her parents.

  25. Stop comparing apples with oranges. The comparison of the oil crisis does not fit into the heavy implementation of forceable heavy.taxation brought forward to barbadians in order to pay barbados debt
    The oil crisis impacted people world wide rich and poor and was indeed a major cause of inconvenience for people world wide resulting in long lines because of gas shortages
    So SS dont come here with your simpleminded theory / explanation about long lines at gas stations during world wide gas shortages and apply them in similarty to Mia potent policies for tackling debt
    The long and short of what happened yesterday was a populace trying to save money in avoidence of a draconian tax meant to remove money from their pockets

  26. I told you all before May 24. My Word of Wisdom did not take long to manifest did it? What are you going to do now?

  27. @ KS

    You said and I quote “…So why do fisherman and boat owners have to pay it?? We planning on paving the sea??…”

    ROTFLMAO I hope i got that young people thing right

    Have you ever Read Yeats?

    part of his poem goes

    “…But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
    I have spread my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams…

    You must be careful how you make these comments and about whom you make these comments for unawares you are treading on the dreams of “the saviour” (intentional common “s” for saviour)

  28. The blogmaster was disappointed Minister William Duguid did not admit he misled the public when he told them an option was to park their vehicles if the road tax had expired before July 1, while at the same time neglecting to advise that the road tax still had to be paid. Clearly he misled the public, he should have apologized and left the PR spin at the door.

  29. Lies and more lies will be uttered out of the mouth of this deceptive govt in order to coverup their stinking policies which has left the public reeling in disgust and confusion

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