Thursday’s Vote

Five days to go to the 2018 General Election in Barbados and the speculation is rife who will win and the margin of the victory. The platform discussion has not ignited hope in the blogmaster that there will be significant change to how a new government will improve the lot of the people. What is certain is that the state of the economy will possibly get worse before it improves, IF it improves.

What factors will influence how the blogmaster cast his X on Thursday?

How have the key economic indicators moved since 2013?

  • international reserves
  • domestic borrowing
  • foreign borrowing
  • amount of fossil imports
  • unemployment
  • deficit
  • exports
  • imports
  • inflation
  • food bill*
  • greater sector integration

What about the crime situation since 2013?

  • murder rate
  • violence crime
  • drug related

Has the infrastructure improved since 2013?

  • state of the highways and byways
  • stadia
  • public buildings (health and safety)

Small island developing states because of the size must have an efficient waste management and policies attuned to a maintaining a pristine environment. Have we seen advancement in this space since 2013?

  • adequate number of garbage trucks
  • frequent garbage collection
  • effective public education about waste disposal
  • effective policing
  • management of sewage

  Have we observed change in the Governance model since 2013?

  • effectiveness of the working committees of parliament
  • adherence to financial rules
  • delivering justice to all citizens
  • holding public officials accountable
  • term limits
  • republican system
  • etc

Last but as important is whether the confidence of a people is higher (or lower) compared to 2013.

How can we create a more relevant regional and international outreach to sustain quality of life for citizens?

There are many other issues the blogmaster could have listed to point to the fact- if one is honest- that there has been a deterioration in the Barbados space since 2013. We can debate if the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and the 3rd parties are ready to led the country if elected. Clearly based on performance the DLP has fallen short by the simple measure if the questions posed are answered honestly.

The electorate will have to decide if despite a poor performance by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) whether it merits a third term when compared to the alternatives. Does the electorate have the capacity to logically weight the issues to inform the vote?


  • David

    Yet you persist to disregard the events of the election period thus far, which go to the character of MAM. The DLP’s decapitation strategy.

    Character issues which maybe more fundamental than all the obvious technical categories cited. Issues on which the BLP should be winning. But that is no longer the question.

    The most critical question is whether Barbados will end up in the same place, or worse, in spite of a possible BLP government.

    Events of this election period may very well be suggesting a positive answer.


  • Dentistry Whisperer (M. Pharm. D) LinkedIN

    If Jamaica can export Ackee and salt fish, why can’t Barbados ship out Pudding and souse? Not pickled pork? Barbados “sweet potato” is not available in N. America. 


  • @ David who wrote ” the speculation is rife who will win ”

    I thought it was a forgone conclusion that the BLP cannot lose.


  • @Pacha

    To state the obvious, you have a view which collides with the blogmaster and this is fine. We have given context for our position taken. If one takes a pragmatic position the considerations that should influence the vote if one compares 2013 to current are clear. If the DLP have evidence let them put it on the table, the public will decide.

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  • David
    Any comment on the absence of polls for the election?

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  • David

    It seems that we, some how, have to be mired within your political frame. We shall certainly continue a stout resistance.

    We certainly have no responsibility for what the DLP has or has not.

    What you should be doing is getting your BLP to answer the questions which have been asked of it and its leader, less we have more of this DLP under the cloak of a BLP.

    The classical duopoly.


  • @enuff

    It came up in conversation this morning.

    The Nation newspaper under a healthy and active Harold Hoyte would engage CADRES and the polls would feed public discussion leading into general election. Either the new dispensation on Fontabelle has moved away from old policy or they are broke.Others are not stepping up. Interesting.

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster, when I was a lad and even as a young-man it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that our election process afforded no more than two-terms to a government/party…then along came Owen Arthur and shattered that myth.

    The fact is however that based on the overall tone of the country, if one used your extensive list above, and the related dysfunction of the then opposition his third term was quite ‘earned’.

    If we step back beyond that unicorn moment in our system there is absolutely no reason (even Mottley’s character flaws) to contemplate for one minute “… if despite a poor performance by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) whether it merits a third term”.

    They absolute do not by ANY metric. The two and out concept works well, abysmal performance and too many examples of incompetence can also apply and surely our stagnant and regressing economy is the final straw on our backs.

    So of course “the electorate have the capacity to logically weight the issues to inform the vote”.

    This should be much more straight forward to voting Barrow out in 76 and Bree 10 years later!


  • To drift in to the nonsense of personality politics is to sink in to the smut of amorality. What is important is personal integrity, since one’s ethics are central to how one performs in office.
    What is central at this point in time is a detailed programme of the various parties; voters should not, and must not, vote for a party on the assumption they will do the right thing. We have been betrayed for the last 52 years.
    We know the DLP has failed, so anything vacuous noises from their platform about policy is just that, vacuous. But that does not mean giving the BLP a pass. We want to know what they will do that is different, from going to the IMF o reforming the criminal justice system to radical overhaul of education.
    Voters should not wait until a new government is sworn in only to experience betrayal. Of course, they can promise the moon and the stars now and give nothing like that in office.
    But at the very least we will be able to hold their feet to the fire. Failure to deliver on their promises mean they will be in office for five years at most. A breakdown in the social order may make that even a shorter period.
    We should be discussing policies, not personalities.


  • Unfortunately we operate in a time where voters have not been able to hold the feet of the politicians to the fire. We can discuss all the issues and proposals we want leading into the general election, however,what history has shown us is tat the political party will go the path it chooses to protect the status quo.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “Others are not stepping up. Interesting.” INDEED, Mr Blogmaster. Quite.

    One can understand the DLP NOT contracting any polling for public dissemination but I don’t fathom why @Enuff’s party has not blanketed the media with negative DLP poll data.

    CADRES was also once considered to be a veritable gold standard of polling here and in the region very much in the vein of Gallup or Quinnipiac University in the US.

    That said though we are now very aware that statisticians are mining social media for poll trends; are also conducting more electronic based snap polling sampling and of course are using social media habits generally to guide behavior….thus the costly phone calling methodology may be a bit ‘dated’.

    But it’s still rather strange that there is a lack of poll data around the election. Looks like a burst of last minute poll data is a-coming!


  • Bernard Codrington

    I am happy to see that there are no polls this close to Election Day. I believe they impact the behaviour of voters. Perhaps somebody has learnt something from history.
    We are not electing a Dictator so concentrating on one person’s character appears to me to be irrational. But then we are not always rational. Are we?


  • @Dee Word

    The BLP leadership is patently aware the impact a second CADRES poll had on the last general election to galvanize the DLP base. Even VoB has given Wickham a lower profile at this time given his scared (?) reputation.


  • In some countries ie France, you cannot carry to polls near to a general election


  • Bernard Codrington

    Enuff’s party are behaving rationally. Last time his party was trending for a win. The electorate stayed at home because they thought it was a foregone conclusion . The call to vote for a strong Opposition ended up in a vote for a weak government.
    Enuff please concentrate on getting the voters out. A large turnout benefits the BLP.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster, spot on @4:47PM. @Hal, you are making what can only be considered as an academic (tiring, really) argument.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to separate the personality from the party and from the policies.

    It is also irrelevant here in Barbados now to demand any specific set of policy prescriptions from the BLP for the very simply reason that when they get in and actually see the state of the affairs its likely they will have to reapportion everything.

    Of course we expect to hear policy guidelines from them but do you really expect that they will offer some far left policy guide that will shatter electoral confidence; like for example that they will present same-sex common law legislation in line with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling. Of course they have said no to this.

    So their prescriptions are standard fare and the heavy lifting re IMF and economic hardships will come later.

    There is no option to NOT elect the BLP.

    On the matter of personality and party. Can you tell the blog that Tony Blair’s larger than life personality was not instrumental in propelling his party to power after the alpha-female Margaret Thatchers flamed out at the hands of her Tory members and Major took over?

    In turn wasn’t Cameron’s persona not very utilitarian in his Tory victory over Brown.

    Of course there were many, many others factors like a surging Lib-Dem and Scottish party pressure etc etc in the UK politics but how you can attempt to divorce such alpha personalities from the success/failure of their party is beyond my comprehension.


  • Foreday Morning bands are on the decline

    ” This year 37 bands will hit the road on August 3, including 11 new ones. Last year there were 47.”

    I hope the BLP should have a plan in place to add 10 bands by Aug. 3rd.


  • @Hants

    You can add this to the basket what has declined since 2013.


  • Are-we-there-yet


    Lets suppose that polling is indeed going on and the only real difference between now and previous elections is the OKaying of the publication of those polls, Could it be that the publication of such polling results might be expected to create unwonted last-minute galvanization of lazy voters to go out and vote for the other side? ….. i.e if the polling shows the results will be closer than expected would it suit either side to publish such results now? eg…, publishing polls that show a moderate BLP win might indicate that a last-ditch effort by loyal Dems who were disposed to sit out this election might be sufficient to overtake the BLP. Alternatively, it could be that current polls might be showing a moderate win for the DLP. In such a case it might definitely not be in the DLP’s interest to publicize such a poll using the same argument above neither would it be in the BLP’s best interest to publicize that poll as they must be seen to be in the ascendancy.

    However, realistically, most posters on BU appear to have acknowledged that the DLP’s ultra poor performance in the last 10 years does not merit a win for them at this time so the likelihood of polls showing them winning is low.

    That there are no published polls at this time leads me to think that the polls (and there has to be several partisan ones in the works) are likely to be suggesting a very significant BLP victory.



  • I like how everyone is referring to my “party” like I am an insider. I am not!


  • @ David you have shown enough of a ” DECLINE” to vote the DLP out.

    Can we have a list of reasons why you should vote the blp in based on promises in their manifesto ?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Maybe so Are-We, that it’s a QED status at play.

    The fact is tho that surely all the parties (well two anyhow) have done some polling. Yes as you suggested ‘tings dred’ for the DLP but any pollster worth his education can tailor some questions to flesh out nuggets of gold and then highlight that feature set ad nauseum.

    The point being that there are practical benefits to polling and it’s certainly not necessary to report all, let’s say 20, of your query points just the greatest hits!

    I take the point that polls can adversely affect voters, after all that’s one of the reasons they are commissioned – to affect voter response – but as blogger @Bernard noted above the political machinery of a party must always drive its get out to vote process. That’s ALWAYS the key.

    I would also offer that a late poll showing a BLP victory can be used by Mia and cohorts to put further wind under the wings of their members to say: …”Yes, we have the momentum thanks to every one of you who is supporting us, but unless you go out there on Thursday and mark that X den we can still lose. My friends, be early and get all your family members who can vote to be early too.”

    She could likely add, “remember we have a tax waiver waiting for you too”. ;-). Ok.., that last sentence is just a very bad joke!

    But seriously as the blogmaster indicated a poll can and should galvanize .. (frankly to either party’s base) Are they detrimental in small island states like ours? I dont think so, at least not to a savvy, literate and aware electorate they certainly should NOT!


  • @Dee Word

    Do you want to revisit your last paragraph?


    To do so seem academic doesn’t it?


  • I have truly bought into the mantra of Mia CARES !

    Yes Mia CARES :

    • About giving income tax waivers to her father – when thousands of other Barbadians cannot do the same !

    • About hounding down young girls – for them to prove by cellphone (an illegal act) that they voted for her !

    • About getting campaign financing from any rogue around – thankfully Hugo Chavez is not around to be bombarded by her , this time !

    • About giving commercial banks million dollar 💵 tax waivers – even though the treasury is in need of all the cash it can get !

    Yes folks – Mia truly CARES !!


  • @David
    “Does the electorate have the capacity to logically weight the issues to inform the vote?”


    Plus the BLP’s unrealistic manifesto coupled with the DLP’s empty manifesto leaves nothing to work with or analyze.

    It boils down to leadership perception and generational dynamics. Will the 20+% of over 65’s turn out or will the 4-5% of new voters make the swing? Will the doubts about MAM shift that 3-4% elsewhere or will they go over to the Bees for the nail in the coffin? Will the undecideds stay home out of frustration or will they turn out and vote 3rd party?

    5 more days to go!!!!!! Time will tell. Should be fun!!

    Just observing


  • The big argument against the BLP is that their leader doesn’t have the required qualities to be the leader of the country, the PM. I haven’t heard much more than that from the DLP platform, nothing more than bashing MAM.
    In PM Stuart we (supposedly) have a leader with the necessary qualities: integrity, moral upright etc. However, under PM Stuart our country has declined significantly both socially and economically. In other words these qualities don’t translate in the country doing well, quite the contrary.
    LOL: it’s about the economy, stupid!!!


  • @Enuff
    I like how everyone is referring to my “party” like I am an insider. I am not !
    You doth protest too much….


  • Are-we-there-yet


    There are an overwhelming number of reasons to vote the DLP out.

    There are NO good reasons to keep the DLP in power.

    The 3rd parties, despite some interesting ideas, have no experience in Government. To vote them in would, most likely, lead to a worse economic and social situation in Barbados than keeping the DLP in.

    A Manifesto is not a good yardstick for grading a political party, especially one that is out of power. Consider instead, the relevant and relative experiences, breadth of qualifications, apparent honour, truthfulness, leadership abilities, community involvement, personal interactions, etc., of the average members of the party.

    Manifesto promises by an opposition party are merely an indication of strategic, time-based ideas or policies or programs that they will seriously work towards if adequate funding and other factors are right. As such, manifestos cannot realistically constitute immutable contracts except in such areas as cost or revenue-neutral changes in policies, social orientation, type of governance structures, changes in the pillars of the economy, etc.

    Small nudges of relatively insignificant factors don’t count, especially where the economy is at the nadir of its historical performance. However, in a relatively steady state economy / society where a few significant changes might improve certain aspects of the economy / society, strategically developed manifestos might be useful, but still with the caveat of the opposition party not likely to be privy to the real state of the economy

    If one uses the last 2 DLP manifestos and rate their performance vs. their manifesto promises it would even add to their failing grade.


  • Observing
    Unrealistic or unconvincing?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster, re ‘Do you want to revisit your last paragraph’. Not at this time!

    We can’t have it both way as a nation David. Either we are literate and educated and thus savvy enough to separate the Dee from the Bee or we are not.

    Let’s go with hard data for a moment. I was reading recently a study of the polling in the last US elections and some stiff is quite instructive to our situation.

    A key point affirmed was that despite general public opinion the overall polling really did NOT get it wrong. The polls certainly were right about the direction of the popular vote (she won by 2 points and she was projected to win by 3 points). Moreover although the electoral college poll showed her a winner that was also a tenuous mark based a few key battleground states…. where the state polls also showed her with SLIM majorities …in other words, a possible loser.

    Additionally in the last week of the elections it was evidenced that as many as 13% of undecided voters swung much more heavily to Trump in those three states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan).

    Oh and the poll review report also highlighted that educated voters (college degree types) are generally OVER represented in polls and that more of them were inclined to Clinton; that discrepancy was not weighted accordingly and thus some skewed under representation of blue collar support for Trump was ‘missed’.

    So here’s the Bajan deal from all that:

    1.Are we in the main NOT less divided re our political awareness between ‘educated’ and ‘blue collar’ political …due primarily to lots of detailed ole talk done about politics at rum shops, on de block and so on? Yes, I say. So we aint gine miss nutting like dat!

    2.Do you perceive that at this stage of the game that even 1 out every ten Bajan has NOT made up his or her mind about their political action? I cant fathom that. Nor can I fathom that after well over 25 plus years in public life with her ‘biting’ persona (sarcastic and otherwise) that ANY percentage of Bajans will now be turned-off by Ms Mottley’s character flaws.

    I have not reviewed a similar report after any of Barack Obama’s victories but based on those results surely most folks decided before that last week where their vote was going…I perceive the same here (unless some bomb drops). Thus the efforts as with Obama MUST be all about ‘get out the vote’.

    Frankly if the DLP can rock that machinery they still stand a chance of holding on to more seats that they should but I cant conceive how Bajans independents who see themselves as not aligned to either party would even think of staying home. Just as I expect some Dems to vote Bee…there is just too much filth. Period!

    So with all the filth flowing down the streets and from the mouths of these desperate Dees it is inconceivable to me that Bajans could still NOT “…have the capacity to logically weight the issues to inform the vote”. If so then we would all need to have craniotomies or some other form of neurological intervention!

    So no senor, no need to ‘revisit my last paragraph’ !



    So you all continue this “Catch 22” debate, over and over and over.

    Aren’t you tired of it yet?

    There is another alternative but there are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see.

    It is clear that the DLP has run Barbados into the ground. It is clear that the Leader of the BLP has questionable personal issues.

    It is insanity to keep on doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Why not give Solutions Barbados some support?


  • Cadres was out all last week conducting interviews for a poll. So I expect one to come out, maybe as early as tomorrow.


  • We will see however note that a poll can be commissioned but it does not have to be published.


  • EWB labelled the Public Workers as “an army of occupation” What would have caused a political party “The People’s Army” This sounds so regimented.


  • @ Beautiful Beige

    “” It is clear that the Leader of the BLP has questionable personal issues.”
    Really? What are those issues? Is not clear to me that they are questionable. That she’s a Mottley, her bloodline?
    Not really a problem.That she’s a lesbian? Not a problem.

    Solutions Barbados their stance re corruption is great, but I’m not convinced that their economic plans are workable. Things are so dread that I’m not prepared to take any chances. Would like to see them get 1 or 2 seats.
    The last 25 years or so, any time there was a DLP government “things bad”, the BLP comes in and the economy improves. That is my observation as an independent.


  • It is very clear that like David Ellis said most people have already made up their minds.In my opinion I think it’s obvious the Dems realize that only yard fowls will vote for them.No sensible person will vote for a party that for that past 10 years inflicted such damage to the country and its people.
    Everyday it’s obvious that the DLP is playing catch up.They released their Manifesto with an addendum.Why did they have to await the Bees manifesto to issue an addendum to cover their asses on the economy.23 downgrades and you issuing an addendum to say what on the economy.You guys are ‘not nor never will be ready’ post Barrow.You only now can talk about possibly considering goin to the IMF?Give me a break.
    Then Ashton Turney saying to the credit union vote DLP.He could only be an ass when the same DLP almost decimated the Credit Unions by taking away the concessions the BLP put in place and failed to live up to their promise to restore them.
    I heard Bobby Morris since early in the week referenced the poll that is coming and which he must have heard is unfavourble.He looked dejected when he said the only poll that’s important is the one on May 24th.
    One of the reasons why the economy rebounds under the BLP is the investor confidence in the economy when the Bees form the government.A dyed-in-the-wool Dem made that observation way back in the 80’s when he observed aloud that when the Dems in government investors are not prepared to take the risk.


  • @Independent May 19, 2018 7:00 PM

    The big argument against the BLP is that their leader doesn’t have the required qualities to be the leader of the country, the PM. I haven’t heard much more than that from the DLP platform, nothing more than bashing MAM.
    In PM Stuart we (supposedly) have a leader with the necessary qualities: integrity, moral upright etc

    You people should really refrain from writing crap that Fumbles is a man of integrity.

    None of them cannot tell the other come back…………why do you think he could not touch any of his ministers.

    Do you know of the inner deals of the Cahill project or the deal that certain people were allegedly getting US$1 million dollars………..if only you knew…….but I cannot post details here so as not to put David in trouble.

    Integrity, my big toe!


  • ” t-shirts being distributed, and contained within the folds would be . . . two Sir Grantleys and an Errol Barrow with a piece of scotch tape across”


  • fortyacresandamule

    At every election time, in most democracies around the world, is the same deadbeat story of politicians and their party loyalists extolling the virtures why they deserved to be in power…promising the moon and stars along the way. And the sheeply electorate always fall for the gimmick. We never failed to disapoint these bridge and snake oil sellers.

    The next five years, nothing changes fundamentally, and the cycle repeats itself… the classic Einstein defition of insanity.


  • Good post, Gabriel.

    I have a friend who is a small contractor. As early as 2010, he told me that all he was doing was giving people quotes they were asking for but would then tell him that they are waiting to see what is going to happen.

    He shares work with another small contractor from St Philip…the man told me my friend……”boy, I am a dem but I prefer the Bees to be in power……when the Bees in power everybody does have money in their pockets…….my party in power and I cant get work”.


  • @Gabriel

    Ashton turney has to be the biggest JA or a stupid dem.

    After all the gains the unions made under a BLP government, they sat back and without protest allowed the Stinkliar to take away all those gains and are now telling their members to vote for the DLP. He should be made to resign.

    Just think, Maxine McClean sat down in the cabinet and allow a rouge MOF to decimate the credit unions.

    What do we expect…….isn’t the DLP candidate for Bridgetown a big boy in this same credit union?


  • @Hants…..where is this happening? I have some poor people that I help out and I would like them to get some of this freeness…… would take some of the burden off of me. LOL!


  • How could a world economic system in business as usual mode, then suddenly with a strategic, calculated narrative, in an announcement that there is “an economic collapse” and “economic downturn” that literally moved Governments and the corporate world into a tailspin of fear and uncertainty, creating a movement of initiating measures “unwarranted” upon world affairs.

    What was that all about?
    A Fake agenda in pursuit of a greater Fake agenda?
    Was not the next great reveal was that of “Climate Change”?
    Was there a conspiracy among Governments?
    How did it effect the economy of Barbados?

    Since 2008, draconian measures manifested in hardship across politic, policies and governance under guise of political bombast, rhetoric and innuendo resulting in gross neglect of the maintenance of society and its institutions.

    Come May 24th, 2018, it seems that most of society is demanding change. A change that is hopeful in eliminating the instruments that limits full expression and the livelihood of every citizen, of the middle and lower income earners as well as the poor and destitute, not forgetting the small and medium size businesses, artisans et al.

    A VOTE AGAINST (any member that represents )

    Any political party that does not put its citizens first.
    Any political party that has burdened its citizens by way of unmerited laws, rules, regulations, codes and taxation, Vote against any political party that allows foreign agents of deception by way of “documents” geared at controlling this society whether be it of Government systems and procedures, corporate business or its citizenry, a vote against any political pary which does not consult, converse, or communicate by referendum or national debate to gain a National preference before engaging being a signatory to any protocol or treatise. Vote any political party that promotes non alignment to wholesome existence by way of inferior food and medicines, also which allows the dumping of unknown substances in our air space, or aligning with those who by way of mandatory vaccines seek to make our sons and daughters infertile or autistic, that allows the compulsory use of chemicals in the production of food. A vote against any political party that takes the hard earn contributions to the Government purse, misuses and abuse it or behind sealed doors sells National assets at the behest of the public or any government that at the end of its Governing period that has engaged any of the above seek your vote, the overwhelming response must be an empty checkbox.

    A VOTE FOR (any member that represents)

    A POLITICAL PARTY that has shown a willingness and a track record of service to others within the community.
    A Political Party which its collective membership is knowledgeable and has experience in management and or political affairs. A vote for the political party which presents ideals that facilitate a collective, broad-base programs, at the community level that will institute development and sustainability.

    A vote for the member of the political party which is intent on forming the next Government to correct ALL THAT IS DECLARED IN THE ABOVE PARAGRAFT.. (A VOTE AGAINST).

    A VOTE FOR the political party……
    That is intent on creating the policies, framework and platforms that empower its citizens to freely express their thoughts, opinions, ideas, innovations and cultural expressions.
    That makes the road to recovery simple that is, to create the environment that makes level the playing field of Government -citizen relationship/investment, employer-employee investment and rewards,
    That ups minimum wage to a level that creates a balance and sustainable personal economy.
    That will pursue infrastructural development to provides future employment and opportunities.
    That engages forensic audits of the misuse and abuse of public office and its resources with the intent of plugging loopholes and malfeasance.
    That being representatives of the public domain, grant freedom of information, enact integrity legislation, return free education and assist in higher educational pursuits.
    That will revise and update outdated legislation, repeal harsh and unnecessary legislation and reduce like taxation where possible.
    That will, where applicable, renegotiate deals that are not beneficial to the economy.
    That will examine the impact of interest rates and “fees” on personal economies.
    That will seek to integrate the Diaspora as a National Economic Asset.
    Above all, initiate protocols of G.E.S.A.R.A. and N.E.S.A.R.A. and implement it.

    VOTE for THE PARTY that is “voting” for you NOT against you.


  • @May 19, 2018 8:30 PM “Why not give Solutions Barbados some support?”

    This is why I won’t be supporting Solutions Barbados: Charged Persons: Only the charges and court cases of those convicted will be published. Publishing any such details of innocent and non-convicted persons will attract defamation fines. Fines will be quantified based on the loss of reputation and loss of earnings due to publication”

    This is a gross plan of attack on the freedom of the press. The press in Barbados is already too constrained by our current laws. And here is Solutions Barbados making themselves judge, jury and executioner of the press. Nope. No vote from me.

    And in addition suppose Ms. Beautiful Beige is arrested and charged, and remanded in custody, Forbidding the press from reporting this can enable bad police, bad politicians, bad judges etc. to keep people in indefinite custody, because the press for fear of being bankrupted would not be able to shed light on who has been arrested.What if it was you beautiful beige who was arrested and nobody knew? Nobody could report it?

    Those “in authority” could do whatever they wanted to you, and the press could not report on the matter. Not even your parent, spouse or children could WhatsApp a friend to say that you had been arrested, because to do so according to Solutions Barbados would be defamatory.

    Solutions Barbados needs to read their history so that they can learn that court reporting is not intended to stigmatize the accused, but rather it is designed to prevent “the authorities” from arresting, and imprisoning people while at the same time silencing any reports of any such arrests.



  • @David May 19, 2018 4:29 PM “The Nation newspaper under a healthy and active Harold Hoyte would engage CADRES and the polls would feed public discussion leading into general election. Either the new dispensation on Fontabelle has moved away from old policy or they are broke.”

    I guess that they are missing Harold.

    I am guessing too that the NSRL is impacting heavily on them.

    And a newspaper headed by a journalist is a different thing than a newspaper headed by an accountant/finance kinda person.

    Just sayin’


  • Simple…..Grenville is a joke, he is not legally trained in law, he is an engineer, I have no clue who told him he can make up his own interpretation of the law.

    He is a violations of human rights waiting to happen, all by himself…

    ya will have to have Amnesty International, all the other human rights organizations and the UN on speed dial, if by some mishap, Grenville and his gang of misfits happen to stumble into the people’s parliament, that is no joke.

    By himself, with one seat and other more seasoned politicians to rein him in, he is harmless, but not with any majority seats in parliament….too much dictator tendencies screaming to be released from his head.


  • @Fractured BLP May 19, 2018 6:43 PM “About giving income tax waivers ..when thousands of other Barbadians cannot do the same.”

    You lie.

    Didn’t the Minister of Finance, the Honourable Christopher Sinkler grant a waiver of penalties and interest to every Bajan who needed one just a year or two ago?

    Fill out a form, pay the principal, and the deed was done for everyone.


  • Simple……….it would help if you ignore the yardfowls……then they stay away as no one is taking them on.

    Just ignore them, they bring nothing of worth to the discussion. Just my take, my dear!


  • Gabriel

    Did you see Grenville on the campaign trail in a suit and tie………..this man is something else then. Why image does that send to voters when they see the rest of the cast in polo shirts and the leader dress up in suit and tie?

    And people talking about Mia’s bloodline and lineage?


  • Concern is being raised about reports of political parties footing the bill for scores of Barbadians to enter the country to vote during next Thursday’s election.

    BLP Christ Church West candidate William Duguid raised the alarm at the Silver Hill, Christ Church spot meeting.

    So yuh mean I cudda had a free vacation in Babadus ?


  • Gabriel
    Ashton Turney is all over Facebook sharing DLP public meetings and opposing Mia. However, Barbados Today promoted that story as if the man’s only interest is the Credit Union and is therefore impartial. How can Kaymar write or talk about integrity and transparency?


  • @enuff

    What is the BT agenda? Is it OSA?


  • More egg on Barbados Today face! The Credit Union distancing itself from Turney’s comments. A reputable newspaper would not have carried that story, thecway it was presented.


  • You can’t be closely associated with a financial institution and be so naked in your biase. It makes one wonder the quality of management decisions taken.



  • Vote DLP. Only party with any sense . BLP is making foolish promises


  • Does David Ellis and company understand how Rh painful it is to have to listen to 20minutes of Arthur or Straker’s Tenatry simple because it satisfies some yardstick they have to measure what is fair and balanced? Does it not matter the feelings of the listeners? Lord almighty!


  • David ellis is a gatekeeper for the DLP,in my opinion.Cast your mind back to the Moderators he hired,Ms McClean,Dr Marshall.Ms Hinds-Layne,Mr Marshall,Ms Watson ,Ms Holder,Mr Husbands Mr Jemmott,Mr Corbin,all known Dems,this could not be a coincidence,and on one occasion calling in to defend Mr Thompson for some unknown reason.I have heard callers claiming they have seen him at several DLP events which he did not dispute.He has done his upmost to keep Mr Wickham of the programme,in recent weeks.Therefore do not be surprised tht he gives these Dems like Arthur,The Trini Dem,The old returning national ,Rawle and most disturbingly this guy Straker,s Tenantry who adds nothing of value to the programme and should not speak for no more than five minutes,in my opinion.,The hyprocrite Trini Dem rants and rave every day about Ms Mottley she too needs limiting to five minutes,adds nothing to the programme and should stick to Ms Holder on Talk ya Talk DLP.


  • MIA speaks,

    “Let us dream my friends of brighter days, but the only way that dream is possible is not in our head as we sleep, but to make it real we need you to come out on Thursday and we need you to claim your destiny, we need you to create your own future, we need you to sculpt the Barbados that you want and to do that you have first to accept the first responsibility of being a Bajan and you have to vote,” Mottley said to loud applause.

    “And I am asking you to vote for the team that has plans and that has a vision. I am asking you to vote for my team because I believe that I have put together for you a group of people that reflect your dreams and your aspirations. And we have taken what you have said to us, as we have rubbed shoulders with you…we are asking you to help us to build the best Barbados together.”



    Remember TOMAS, that “out of the Blue” anomaly? Last night the island experience a sudden downpour of rain that equal a torrential episode.
    clear skies
    then this spike

    followed by a dump and excessive downpour


  • Peter Wickham a very smart move not to publish an opinion poll. Wickham you know your credibility got shattered in 2013 with your wobbly polls. You do not want to further tarnish your reputation and your career as a pollster.
    Evidence is suggesting a comfortable Democratic Labour Party victory comes Thursday.
    Analyzing your article on the swing analysis, the DLP is in jeopardy of only losing three seats, whereas the BLP has five to six seats to lose based on the data presented.
    This is a very interested elections that could go either way, but it looks like the DLP peak at the right time and the BLP ran out of steam.
    Mia Mottley and the BLP have made some glaring errors in this campaign that I believe thwarted the momentum of the party. (1) The BLP projecting her as the maximum leader with posters of her in every constituency. That is an overkill. Mia Mottley having a copy of the DLP manifesto before the DLP officially release the document. A very foolish move.The unrealistic pledges of relief within the first three months of gaining office. Barbadians are not stupid.
    A Democratic Labour Party is on the cards.
    Three love>


  • Negroman I did not know you were still in Barbados .how come you now resurface was it the disappointing performance of your Dems.You have been silent as a church mouse and now reappear talking about a DLp victory,based on what?Forget Mr Wickham tell me of five things this Government has done to merit returning to office,i think you are still in dreamlandThe Dems treatment of the civil servants ,the Unionsplus the 23 downgrades ,lack of Buses,lack of Garbage Trucks ,Bad roads,the South Coast mess,and you are telling me they will be returned to office,give me a break.


  • Let the record show that no entity stepped forward to pay for a CADRES Poll this time around. Wickham said they thought about trying to source financing but thought better of it.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Negroman

    I am wondering what svelte and cloth taste like causing IF DE DLP WINS THIS RH ELECTION de ole man going got to eat his hat.

    I doubt if what you have been saying about the posters is true I.e. Prime Minister Mottley being on every poster irrespective of the constituency

    If you are speaking of “insets” that is understandable and desirable since it links the substantive candidate to the leader PM MAM

    De ole man fears that Peter Wickham has read this one wrong notwithstanding his expertise.

    The critical thing that will decide on this election IS FUMBLES.

    He has singlehandedly diminished any currency the DLP may have had

    And though the ole man is not in the BLP control room it would have been over them to have concurrently run a 5 point derogatory campaign which focused on

    Fumbles, Stinkliar, Pornville, Bulldog Estwick and Michael Lashles

    The message directed against these 5 would have highlighted Fumbles as an unapproachable leader, Chris Stinkliar as a bungling minister of finance, Pornville as a drunken mouth giant Estwick as a two faced so called economist interested only in his pension and Michael Lashes as an uncaring nuff teets minister of transportation who, as long as he had his leased Mercedes could not care about average BAJANS having no buses

    Note dat de ole man said concurrently

    This aspect of campaigning would appeal to 80% the easily distracted Bajan electorate

    Watch and see how many BAJANS coming out pun de 24th

    And barring de invoking of the Emergency Powers Act all the ID falsification plans Fumbles and Miami Vice Johnson got plannedMia will be Prime Minister


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please


  • Are-we-there-yet


    I was wondering why the BLP has not been attacking Stuart and the Finance Minister and Estwick in a strategic, concerted manner myself about seeming misfeances publicized on BU. Unless they plan to do so tonight, tomorrow and / or Wednesday night, they would have lost a good opportunity. Mia doesn’t have to do it herself. Barney Lynch and Anthony Wood and Lovell, the funny Chairman (I forgot his first name) and perhaps Liz Thompson could carry the brunt of that attack……. and a lot of material seems to be available. I noted one of the posters here is teasing about a Toronto waterfront condominium. That could be devastating if good reliable documentation has been or could be found.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    “…Wickham said they thought about trying to source financing but thought better of it…”

    De old man is intrigued by the remark from CADRES

    It is understandable that the DLP WOULD NOT SEEK A POLL since its results would be most unflattering heheheheh euphemism for dem going get dem RH tar

    But IF IT IS TRUE THAT THE BLP DID NOT COMMISSION ONE nor did any third party OFFICIALLY do so then this might present the following interpretations

    De ole man knows that Wickham has called this wrong. And I’d go so far as to suggest that people that he unofficially polled are afraid to state what their intention is

    Why is That? Merely because CADRES has unfortunately been tainted as an informer a la Wikileaks and BAJANS are afraid of his or any polls.

    The more reasonable explanation is that it has been determined that a poll at this time “is not the wisest thing to do” given the climate of the elections locally in addition to people’s fears.

    And I concur with that since a poll can become a reagent with deleterious effects as opposed to being a non reactionary catalyst

    The 25


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Are We There Yet

    That is clearly visible in this campaign

    And de ole man agrees with you that it has been kept on hold BECAUSE THE ONSLAUGHT IS GOING TO COME TONIGHT OR TOMORROW NIGHT AND CERTAINLY THE NIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTIONS (even though that won’t be as effective as tomorrow night)

    What is going to be released IS GOING TO HAPPEN SIMULTANEOUSLY and the DLP will be taken by surprise.

    They are not going to have a comeback for it

    De ole man has a few suggestions but heheheheh dem ent axe me nuffin.

    I do hope that it achieves the objective of making sure every sure EVERY SINGLE DLP CANDIDATE LOST DEN RH DEPOSIT

    Ammmmm a feller called Robert and a British called Hal Doan like de ole man nor other people here to use dem two letters together but you dun know how much de ole man wants dem incompetents gone



    Clearly the BLP is wary and weary of using a Cadres poll considering from 2013. Mia and her strategists clearly do not want a repeat. It is interesting how Wickham has been shielded from the public by VOB. What is your view PUDRYR?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    To understand the shielding of which you speak one must understand the bajan psyche.

    Let de ole man illustrate this psyche to you by using this example

    Suppose de ole man was to announce in a loud voice “I is a lesbian- I like woman real bad” that would elicit much mirth among us red blooded males here assembled since the concept is logical

    However if I was a woman and I said that among the Bible thumpers and sanctimonious amongst us, many of us would first grimace and then there would be a barrage of Sodom and Gomorrah intonations forthcoming.

    You by now are getting the drift here aren’t You?

    The issues being debated and the arguments being levelled are various and diverse YET CENTRAL TO ALL OF THESE IS A SPECIFIC ISSUE which would muddy the waters and therefore LEST THAT HAPPEN it is strategically wise to make it a non issue by not contending AT ALL.

    If Lowdown was to dead tonight you dun know that, in the face of all the weight de man loss, it will be one ting dat kill he.

    AND THIS IS WHY HE IS BEING “SHEILDED” from any encounters with the public that expose him as he is.

    This has been a very carefully crafted encounter with the public and VOB is in one corner and CBC Reporting Lies in the other


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please WIGH my recent response


  • ” Toronto waterfront condominium.”

    Why would a Bajan politician buy a condo in Toronto knowing that Canada has a FOI and Investigative reporters waiting for a phone call ?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright,

    My Lesbian Leader is on the campaign trail today and will be every day until Election day.


  • @negroman
    Time will tell

    They don’t deserve it. But did Trump deserve his in 2016? Or Sandi in ’94? or Stuart in 2013? Or Clinton in 92?
    Time will tell

    He’s shielded because he’s biased AND a stretcher of the truth. There should be no shortage of financiers for polls (even if not national) in this cycle. Peter knows that all too well and he knows that at least two polls have been commissioned. Standard election operating procedure. What has everyone confused is that the polling isn’t fully supporting the narrative. Time will tell.

    Too bad they didn’t take your advice. Now it’s a toss up. Time will tell.

    This week will make little difference. The dice have been cast. Time will tell.

    Just observing


  • Are-we-there-yet

    Hants, re. your 6:38 pm post

    “Why would a Bajan politician buy a condo in Toronto knowing that Canada has a FOI and Investigative reporters waiting for a phone call ?” Good question! The answer might be “because the subject really aint too smart”.

    Anyhow the next 3 nights will show if there is anything to the mooted and muted rumours which, if there is any documented evidentiary truth to them, could be quite explosive and even game changing..


    The die should have been cast months ago. A strategic BLP counterattack would merely be the dotting of the “I’s” and the crossing of the “T’s”, especially as the effects of the heavy frontal attacks on Mia seem to have fizzled out except for the strongly committed DLP base.


  • A country with an economy in the pits, no confidence in the people and what is the expectation from political parties?

    Bombshell politics!


  • @ David,

    Bajans are in for a rude awakening if they think things will get better after the elections.

    Barbados is in deep shit but they can enjoy the victory fetes and crop over.

    After that a decent into financial hell.


  • spell check “descent”


  • Are-we-there-yet

    Hants re. your 8:24 pm post;

    I suspect we have now been led to the gates of Hell. The election will give us a choice of a slow painful ascent from the gates and eventually back up to normalcy or a swift and brutal entry through the gates down to the bottomless pit. Freundal’s track record suggests that he will take us downwards from the gate to the pit. There is still a chance that Mia might slowly and painfully lead us upward, imho.


    The DLP gave us “Bombshell politics on steroids” from its opening salvo until now. The BLP has not engaged in such so far. I was merely suggesting that there seemed to be some bombs that could be used on the BLP side over the next 2 days or so after which that window of opportunity closes.


  • Are-we-there-yet


    Should be “by” the BLP side rather than “on” the BLP side.


  • The BLP has done a great job pushing their “LIVE NOW” videos on You Tube.

    They obviously have You Tube savvy IT people.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Brother Hants

    You are absolutely right about the awakening which must come

    We have 3 months within which THERE MUST BE IMMEDIATE ACTIONS THAT SHOW THERE IS A RESTRUCTURING PLAN TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY else it is going to be cat piss and pepper…

    Liked by 1 person

  • Thursday’s vote is a referendum on the integrity of Barbadians. Would we fall for the razzmatazz,glitz & glamour as well as the vulgarity exhibited by opposition who will still be in the opposition comes Thursday or the stability,leadership & guidance of the government who will still be government after the general elections?
    Arrogant,conceited,haughty and self-righteous people who believe they have a right and entitlement to be leaders of Barbados are the members of that despicable organization – Barbados Labour Party.
    Noel Lynch the former Minister of Tourism said that his dogs eat better than many of the people who lived in the Bayland.
    Elizabeth Thompson insulted almost all the Black people of Barbados by saying that Prime – Minister,Freundel Stuart is a pit toilet Prime -Minister.That was the lot of almost every Black Barbadian at some period of time in this country’s history.That statement implies also that only persons from a particular social class should aspire to be the Prime – Minister of Barbados.
    I know Barbadians will do the right thing on Thursday and vote for the winning party.
    Three love


  • In this article by Barbados Today
    the former MOF alluded to wiretapping being done by a “dirty tricks division” of the Opposition in woods of a St. George plantation effecting surveillance of some members of this party and others.

    It is suspect that this surveillance is present by way of concealed operations IN PLATFORM TECHOLOGIES not in woods in St. George but by an allege offshore company based in the city.

    Another comment on another platform alluded to…””Foreign interests who are being harbored here”…
    @ 3:43 in this video.. )

    The question are..
    By who?
    How long has this company been operating here?
    Who facilitated it?

    How many of you have received “Google Alerts” alerting you of a breach of login protocols on your devices?
    How many of you has been notified that the breach originated from Cave Hill St. Michael?
    Where is the cell tower that covers the city located?
    Would you count it STRANGE that an ad to apply to UWI is affixed to the Barbados today article?
    Is this a gateway?
    How many of you have received anonymous phone calls from “distant lands” purportedly offering investment opportunities seeking confirmation of name and telephone number?

    As Mr. C.S said .. “a lot of people are asleep”…


  • Btw they are more registered dlp voters than bees
    How so interesting that Cadres has not release its current poll


  • Btw they are more registered dlp voters than bees
    How so interesting that Cadres has not release its current poll


  • Btw they are more registered dlp voters than bees
    How so interesting that Cadres has not release its current poll


  • The Dems have the silent majority.That majority will win the elections come Thursday. We are not into the glitz,glamour & razzmatazz.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with one more


  • @ 9;00 pm Live stream viewers on YouTube

    BLP… 3639


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