Thursday’s Vote

Five days to go to the 2018 General Election in Barbados and the speculation is rife who will win and the margin of the victory. The platform discussion has not ignited hope in the blogmaster that there will be significant change to how a new government will improve the lot of the people. What is certain is that the state of the economy will possibly get worse before it improves, IF it improves.

What factors will influence how the blogmaster cast his X on Thursday?

How have the key economic indicators moved since 2013?

  • international reserves
  • domestic borrowing
  • foreign borrowing
  • amount of fossil imports
  • unemployment
  • deficit
  • exports
  • imports
  • inflation
  • food bill*
  • greater sector integration

What about the crime situation since 2013?

  • murder rate
  • violence crime
  • drug related

Has the infrastructure improved since 2013?

  • state of the highways and byways
  • stadia
  • public buildings (health and safety)

Small island developing states because of the size must have an efficient waste management and policies attuned to a maintaining a pristine environment. Have we seen advancement in this space since 2013?

  • adequate number of garbage trucks
  • frequent garbage collection
  • effective public education about waste disposal
  • effective policing
  • management of sewage

  Have we observed change in the Governance model since 2013?

  • effectiveness of the working committees of parliament
  • adherence to financial rules
  • delivering justice to all citizens
  • holding public officials accountable
  • term limits
  • republican system
  • etc

Last but as important is whether the confidence of a people is higher (or lower) compared to 2013.

How can we create a more relevant regional and international outreach to sustain quality of life for citizens?

There are many other issues the blogmaster could have listed to point to the fact- if one is honest- that there has been a deterioration in the Barbados space since 2013. We can debate if the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and the 3rd parties are ready to led the country if elected. Clearly based on performance the DLP has fallen short by the simple measure if the questions posed are answered honestly.

The electorate will have to decide if despite a poor performance by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) whether it merits a third term when compared to the alternatives. Does the electorate have the capacity to logically weight the issues to inform the vote?


  • A country with an economy in the pits, no confidence in the people and what is the expectation from political parties?

    Bombshell politics!


  • @ David,

    Bajans are in for a rude awakening if they think things will get better after the elections.

    Barbados is in deep shit but they can enjoy the victory fetes and crop over.

    After that a decent into financial hell.


  • spell check “descent”


  • Are-we-there-yet

    Hants re. your 8:24 pm post;

    I suspect we have now been led to the gates of Hell. The election will give us a choice of a slow painful ascent from the gates and eventually back up to normalcy or a swift and brutal entry through the gates down to the bottomless pit. Freundal’s track record suggests that he will take us downwards from the gate to the pit. There is still a chance that Mia might slowly and painfully lead us upward, imho.


    The DLP gave us “Bombshell politics on steroids” from its opening salvo until now. The BLP has not engaged in such so far. I was merely suggesting that there seemed to be some bombs that could be used on the BLP side over the next 2 days or so after which that window of opportunity closes.


  • Are-we-there-yet


    Should be “by” the BLP side rather than “on” the BLP side.


  • The BLP has done a great job pushing their “LIVE NOW” videos on You Tube.

    They obviously have You Tube savvy IT people.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Brother Hants

    You are absolutely right about the awakening which must come

    We have 3 months within which THERE MUST BE IMMEDIATE ACTIONS THAT SHOW THERE IS A RESTRUCTURING PLAN TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY else it is going to be cat piss and pepper…

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  • Thursday’s vote is a referendum on the integrity of Barbadians. Would we fall for the razzmatazz,glitz & glamour as well as the vulgarity exhibited by opposition who will still be in the opposition comes Thursday or the stability,leadership & guidance of the government who will still be government after the general elections?
    Arrogant,conceited,haughty and self-righteous people who believe they have a right and entitlement to be leaders of Barbados are the members of that despicable organization – Barbados Labour Party.
    Noel Lynch the former Minister of Tourism said that his dogs eat better than many of the people who lived in the Bayland.
    Elizabeth Thompson insulted almost all the Black people of Barbados by saying that Prime – Minister,Freundel Stuart is a pit toilet Prime -Minister.That was the lot of almost every Black Barbadian at some period of time in this country’s history.That statement implies also that only persons from a particular social class should aspire to be the Prime – Minister of Barbados.
    I know Barbadians will do the right thing on Thursday and vote for the winning party.
    Three love


  • In this article by Barbados Today
    the former MOF alluded to wiretapping being done by a “dirty tricks division” of the Opposition in woods of a St. George plantation effecting surveillance of some members of this party and others.

    It is suspect that this surveillance is present by way of concealed operations IN PLATFORM TECHOLOGIES not in woods in St. George but by an allege offshore company based in the city.

    Another comment on another platform alluded to…””Foreign interests who are being harbored here”…
    @ 3:43 in this video.. )

    The question are..
    By who?
    How long has this company been operating here?
    Who facilitated it?

    How many of you have received “Google Alerts” alerting you of a breach of login protocols on your devices?
    How many of you has been notified that the breach originated from Cave Hill St. Michael?
    Where is the cell tower that covers the city located?
    Would you count it STRANGE that an ad to apply to UWI is affixed to the Barbados today article?
    Is this a gateway?
    How many of you have received anonymous phone calls from “distant lands” purportedly offering investment opportunities seeking confirmation of name and telephone number?

    As Mr. C.S said .. “a lot of people are asleep”…


  • Btw they are more registered dlp voters than bees
    How so interesting that Cadres has not release its current poll


  • Btw they are more registered dlp voters than bees
    How so interesting that Cadres has not release its current poll


  • Btw they are more registered dlp voters than bees
    How so interesting that Cadres has not release its current poll


  • The Dems have the silent majority.That majority will win the elections come Thursday. We are not into the glitz,glamour & razzmatazz.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with one more


  • @ 9;00 pm Live stream viewers on YouTube

    BLP… 3639


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