The Grenville Phillips Column – Getting the Story Right

Journalists have an important role to play in the management of Barbados. However, given their competitive deadlines, they may publish a story with inaccurate information. Since Solutions Barbados was formed on 1 July 2015, I informed journalists that I will never give them a terse ‘no comment’ response, but will give them as much information that I can without breaking anyone’s trust.

Last week, I responded to the various concerns about our Contract, but there was a limit on what I could report. I am now at liberty to provide additional information and will do so.

Last week, we held our Annual General Meeting and elected the officers of our Executive Committee. They are: Grenville Phillips II – President, David Waldron – First Vice-President, Lana Toussaint – Second Vice-President, Francina Bourne – Secretary, and Betty Howell – Treasurer.

During this meeting, all Candidates voted unanimously to accept our draft Constitution, which provided a mechanism for holding all Solutions Barbados candidates to a very high standard of integrity and accountability. They are Solutions Barbados candidates because they are capable of implementing our non-austerity-based policies, and they promised to do so.

If they break their promises, then they will each have to pay the Barbados dollar equivalent of US$250,000 to Walbrent College, each and every time that they break their promises. All of the money collected will be distributed to Barbadian charities, and we have been inviting charities to agree to participate for the past 3 years.

I founded Walbrent College in 2010 after returning from my first deployment to Haiti following the earthquake that reportedly killed 300,000 persons. I subsequently had a further 10 deployments to Haiti. I also dedicated the next 5 years of my life to training persons in the residential construction industry how to build safe and economical low-maintenance houses. We have trained over 1,000 persons from across the Caribbean.

The reason why US$250,000 was chosen was because this was the size of the bribe that VECO Corporation admitted paying to US politicians. VECO was involved in the construction of HMP Dodds.

The reason why the Contract is in US dollars is that should Barbados have the misfortune of electing the BLP or DLP, then our currency will likely devalue. Any Solutions Barbados elected Member of Parliament who decides to vote for devaluation should not benefit from that decision.

The issue that a few of our members wanted to review was the requirement that they could not join another political party while they were elected as Solutions Barbados candidates. They saw it as a right guaranteed under the Constitution of Barbados. Others saw it as a right that the Constitution of Barbados allowed a person to give up when joining an exclusive organisation.

After one week of discussion, the majority voted to keep the clause in place. One of our Candidates subsequently resigned, and the invaluable contribution to Solutions Barbados is much appreciated. At the same time, we also got a new Candidate, Jacqueline Alleyne-Worrell (25 years of management experience). Over the past three years, several potential candidates have stumbled at our standard of accountability. However, Barbados is too close to the brink of economic ruin to risk the Solutions Barbados policies not being properly implemented.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    There is at least a serious question as to whether that clause is legally enforceable…

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  • Do all these Solutions Barbados candidates have $250,000 US dollars to spare ?

    How rich are these candidates ?


  • NorthernObserver

    “Any Solutions Barbados elected Member of Parliament who decides to vote for devaluation should not benefit from that decision.”

    Laughable. Another one of those situations where GPII should just say US$250,000 and shut his mouth. The PARTY decided that. End of story.

    I agree with Jeff C. That clause is illegal in Canada. Politicians need to remember it is the PEOPLE who elect them, and the voters vote for a CANDIDATE. The decision to cross the floor, or sit as an independent, is the elected PERSON’s choice, not their Party.

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Grenville shouĺd go with the locking up for corruption pledge.

    Again, corruption is a crime, punishable by prison time and fines, paid directly to government/treasury to benefit the people, it’s easier to enforce once a government enforces it.

    At all times Grenville should remember, he is not a lawyer and will need guidance and advice from a reputable lawyer on constitutional law, on criminal law, etc..

    In the meantime, it will be informative to know who resigned.


  • @Jeff

    Here is the picture Grenville posted on Facebook to support the article. One must assume this is the candidate that resigned. Is the issue one of being enforceable under law or more about a group of people in the party agreeing to a code of conduct and if they renege it will negatively damage reputations going forward. We ask political parties to change and when they attempt to do so we don’t give them wiggle room?

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  • Nothing that makes sense in this shiite world is ‘legally enforceable’….

    “Legal enforceability” is nothing more than the established status quo – set up by the current villains-in-office.

    This is much like John saying that the Quakers wanted to free the slaves, but that such actions were not ‘legally enforceable’ at the time, …so they put their black donkeys to work …just like everyone else…. for three hundred years until the law allowed it…

    What could be worse than a politician seeking Bushie’s vote on the basis of some promised operating principle, only to change once receiving that vote? …like the DLP did, …and like the BLP will do shortly?

    A people ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I thought that photo was of the new candidate maybe Grenville can clarify.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Problem with ignoring constitutional laws that exists, if violations occur, the aggrieved can sue, in this case, the government gets sued and it’s the taxpayer’s will have to pay, for Grenville’s or anyone else’s cpckup…who are not familiar with existing laws.


  • All of this is misplaced symbolism similar to what has happened before

    While the psychology of victimhood is permanently expectant of deliverance from political abusers.

    Only the active presence of a guillotine can properly focus or refocus the criminal minds of politicians entrenched in a culture of abuse, not the puerile platitudes of neophytes.


  • @ David who wrote ” We ask political parties to change and when they attempt to do so we don’t give them wiggle room? ”

    We already giving Grenville wiggle room.

    We are not asking him to prove that his candidates have the resources to pay a $250,000 US dollar penalty.

    We are not asking why the penalty would be paid to a company owned by Grenville even though he said the money would then be given to various charities.

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  • millertheanunnaki

    @ NorthernObserver May 3, 2018 1:33 AM

    Can’t you ‘figure out’ yet that Grenville Mach 11 is a pure unadulterated conflicted confused person not knowing his taxation elbow from his morality arse? The rights of people as enshrined in the Constitution mean nothing to this fast ‘maturating’ dictator.

    This is the same political schizophrenic who in one long-held breath in the most non-consultative dictatorial fashion announced the abolition of all form of taxes to be replaced by a single tax of 10% on all incomes across-the-board with ‘NO’ exemptions both corporate and individual.

    Yet this same dictator-in-the-making is enticing people to vote for Solutions Barbados; and should the people choose him and his political party of managerial clowns they will be granted tax concessions against their land tax liabilities if they (only the property owning class) grow ‘Fruit Trees’ on their properties.

    How in heavens sake can you abolish a tax and still grant concessions against the very tax?

    Trust the miller!
    That guy Phillips is in the current electoral two-horse race for one and only one objective; and that is to ‘try’ to severely weaken the chances of the BLP (under MAM) from controlling the reins of government.

    Let us hear his comments on the ‘whitewashed’ report on the Barbados economy issued by the dummy for a guv of the Central Bank.

    Things are much worse with the Bajan economy and finances than are being reported by the creature of the MoF.

    Although Guv Haynes is insinuating there will be an IMF programme, shortly, in order to begin to salvage the economy you should not expect the previous (fired) guv (Deliar Worrell) to throw a final spanner in the works until after the elections.

    You,” NO”, are a man with an ‘expert way with numbers ‘which can be expressed as lies, damned lies or ‘manipulated’ statistics.

    So just take a look at the line graph on Barbados Foreign Reserves published in the Guv’s recent report and tell us what you think.

    But pay special attention to the last three ‘markers’ shown on the ‘X’ (time) axis and advise your ‘friends’ on BU what really is going on with the ‘provisional’ (p’s) and ‘estimates’ (e’s) disclaimers.

    Is it ‘cosmetic’ window-dressing or political assuaging of the stark economic truth?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I too have a problem with trapping people, even if they are politicians, into staying in a specific political party without their freedom to choose, Grenville needs to get rid of that slave master/dictator mentality he was not born with but acquired due to his environment., it will trickle down into how he relates to the population as a collective also and cause chaos, resistance and anarchy.

    He does have something to offer the island if given a seat in parliamemt, his heralded engineering skills which is badly needed at this juncture, but that is all, hope he is still not holding on to dead weight weatherhead, that diminishes his chances of getting even one seat.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David Mr Blogmaster, you offer a wide breadth of knowledge in producing topics on this blog and often you make profoundly troubling statements in your very understated style!

    The Dean and @Northern slapped down Mr Phillips in very simple terms. In sum they say the Phillips is attempting to execute a completely voidable contract…no sorry, let be get my terms accurate…the contract clause is VOID. Period.

    So Mr Blogmaster why …oh why do you hoist up high a party and its leadership as “We ask political parties to change and when they attempt to do so we don’t give them wiggle room?”

    Wiggle room?? To break the same freaking law that they loudly proclaim they are trying to reinforce??

    We ask for change, yes, We ask for real, practical, legal change! Not fancy, talk, impractical solutions and irrational perspectives.

    Greenville is smart, industrious and filled with positive energy…but he is also often unhinged from reality as all such bold leaders are won’t to be from time to time.

    We need to help him tie on his gravity boots when he has these flights of fancy rather that give him more airy puffs of wind upon which he can glide aimlessly.

    BTW, if each of his candidates are as steeped in business as he claims they are then everyone of them knows that there is no serious or legal way for him to enforce that clause …beyond it’s legal enforcecability (as the Dean so diplomatically stated) there is the practical aspect as mentioned by the other sensible Canadian @Hants: where would the candidates get such funds.

    So no Mr Blogmaster it would NOT damage anyone’s reputation…the contract clause is a nonstarter.

    All in all, the clause is a publicity Shakesperian rider: a clause written by a PR genius full of sound and fury signifying not one damn shiiittee!

    I gone.


  • Yes, Hants……….why would the US$250,000 penalty be paid to a company owned by Grenville Phillips II…….. that makes the decision as to which charity would benefit from the penalty…….

    ………rather than pay the penalty directly to the charity or charities.

    Every week Grenville Phillips II does or says something that makes me increasingly skeptical of supporting his party. His policies are too simplistic… does he expect to reverse the effects of 23 credit rating downgrades within one year……and based on the fact that ONE accountant (NOT an economist) approved SB’s economic policies.

    And his being on the “People’s Parliament” on Tuesday did not make any difference. He was out of his depth in discussing issues about corruption. This man’s solution to every problem facing Barbados is ISO 9001, which he has been unable to explain with clarity.

    Phillips II spoke about protecting whistle blowers and rewarding them up to $3M…the equivalent of “bribe money” to facilitate large projects. My question to Phillips II is how many $500M or &700M projects will be undertaken in Barbados over the next 5 years.

    It is clear that Phillips II is ignorant of legal matters…..and without a lawyer in his “camp,” I’m wondering who will be his Attorney General.

    What he should have done is to hire a consultant lawyer to represent Solutions Barbados on these issues.

    In my opinion the only other “third party” alternative is the UPP. Lynette’s social and economic policies are “workable,” especially those policies relative to international business.

    However, I’m disappointed that she included David Gill, Wendell Callender and Maria Agard in the UPP.



    In my humble opinion all of what I read here can be otherwise referred to as a “bunch of talking heads”. None of you seems to give a HOOT as to the outcome of my beloved country. You are more concerned in your pompous opinions and assertions. Yes, someone did say a country gets the government it deserves. Well if we are to judge from what we read on this blog, heaven help us with the government we get.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    Is the issue one of being enforceable under law or more about a group of people in the party agreeing to a code of conduct and if they renege it will negatively damage reputations going forward. We ask political parties to change and when they attempt to do so we don’t give them wiggle room?*

    @ David, if that is what was intended, it is alright with me. Frankly, I am not interested. But do any of them really have $500, 000 or is just a clause imposed to “terrorize” the candidate into submission? And how will it be recouped except through the courts? Enforceability will then matter… entirely.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    Nothing that makes sense in this shiite world is ‘legally enforceable’….

    “Legal enforceability” is nothing more than the established status quo – set up by the current villains-in-office*

    So does your brilliant all-knowing mind suggest hiring an enforcer to recover this penal sum once the candidate expresses the conviction of his or her conscience in a vote against SB?

    Fortunately, this is purely hypothetical and merely a figment of someone’s perverted imagination !


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service one is looking at reality.


  • Jeff is simply confirming what many of us on BU have concluded.SB=bs.QED.


  • Georgie Porgie

    “Nothing that makes sense in this shiite world is ‘legally enforceable’….

    “Legal enforceability” is nothing more than the established status quo – set up by the current villains-in-office*


  • Choose to Make Barbados Great! If You Want Change Be The Change!

    “Where there is No Vision the People Perish”…

    Really what is the Vision of B or D and their Plans for Barbados?…
    Aren’t we tired of being served Raw Sewage as being Palatable? No Solutions here only UN-Solutions Propel them Forward!

    “There is a godly option for Barbados. Vote wisely. Let our faith impact our vote”.

    “A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.”


  • Maria Agard is not contesting election 2018, she is smart enough to know that her health comes first.

    “You can count Dr Maria Agard out of the 2018 general elections.
    The incumbent Christ Church West representative was down to contest the May 24 poll on a United Progressive Party (UPP) ticket after she was given the boot by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party in November 2015.”


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    Jeff is simply confirming what many of us on BU have concluded.SB=bs.QED

    @ Gabriel, You know, of course, that I would never make that assertion


  • Always more than fantastic to be drenched in the barely imaginable wisdom of the Randomly Capitalized Bush Tea wid he sagacity. An …. he … ellipses … Exklamasnun … Also de LOL.

    Got, er, yall, bawlinn odat ilk.

    Dat de spirit, halfwit, keep it up. Tell we mo’ ‘bout why phuquewits like you turned this island to shite, and why the only answer is to take you seriously about Satan on the Garrison.

    That alone, prick, makes you a fool.

    Wunna have heah?


  • ” If they break their promises, then they will each have to pay the Barbados dollar equivalent of US$250,000 to Walbrent College, each and every time that they break their promises.”

    “each and every time that they break their promises”

    With the utmost respect to highly educated BU maguffees it is my humble minimally educated opinion that Grenville is making an illogical request of his candidates that could be construed as an attempt to confuse the electorate.

    Cost of breaking 3 promises $1.5 million Barbados dollars ? He is a idiot or wuh.


  • Long time to speak. So wait. De man got de fellas dem from all bout de place talking bout propa proposals from dat Solutions party dem. And he get a lawyer maguffy to show he blog some love real sweet so too. So how de man cud be an idiott after all dat bumbaclot feedback he generate from one total load of jobby. Yah getting me drift here. hehehehehehe.

    But heh, I dint know one thing bout Walbreant College before all this and now I does know that they train 1,000s of builders bout de region. Wha loss I now want to do a course there too and gets all my family peeps dem to get a certificate there too. And I sure aint expect to sue dat College for no type of false promise.


    Let me see. He only marry twice. Ok, dats one less than my hero. He using he company name all bot he campaign, just like my hero. He startup a university based on his name experience dat. He mekking he peoples dem do exactly as he say too. Wait he like he is a grandstanding agent of change too yah. Propa.


  • I told wunna evahsince Grenville was a joker. Miller that point about the land tax ghost I din even pick up. The Solutions candidates know they ain’t winning one shite to form a government, so are happy to sign up to that igrunt policy. One would think that if a member goes against the party’s policies they would be fired, but no a fine. I heard him recently talking about a corruption amnesty, after saying that engineers if found to have engage din corruption loses their ability to practice. Who idiot would confess to corruption then be prohibited from working whether lawyer, engineer or accountant?

    I repeat BAD POLICY is not a robust argument to justify voting to break up the “duopoly”. That thinking is the main reason why we are now in ducks’ guts. Remember duty free cars for civil servants and mortgages etc?


  • Enuff
    I can go further back to ’86 when Richie offered unlimited home repairs as a write off on income tax and David Thompson in 94 invited all and sundry to Queens Park where he was going to read an IMF letter written to Owen Arthur and Sandy in 91 countering Henry’s facts that thousands of public workers going home post election, by saying not a man going home,the economy performing like Garry Sobers..All a bunch ‘o liars worse than Ananias.


  • Georgie Porgie

    RE All a bunch ‘o liars worse than Ananias.


  • GP
    Only Sandy left standing and he barely doing so yuh lie!


  • Georgie Porgie

    if you read the account in Acts properly, you will find that Ananias.dropped down IMMEDIATELY!


  • UWI lecturer is the latest high profile person to hammer the third parties and the lack of a philosophy from which they were NOT born.


  • Tell me Barbados who are you going to Vote for…
    SOLUTIONS, B, or D?
    Leaders set High Standards.
    Refuse to Tolerate Mediocrity or Poor Performance…

    “There is a Godly Option for Barbados. Vote wisely. Let our Faith Impact our Vote.”

    The first basic ingredient of leadership is a guiding vision. The leader has a clear idea of what he wants to do – professionally and personally – and the strength to persist in the face of setbacks, even failures….Leaders, whether in the family, in business, in government, or in education, must not allow themselves to mistake intentions for accomplishments…Leadership is the willingness to accept responsibility for results…Leadership has a higher calling… a higher destiny… and a higher Path for Life… Real leaders forever need bigger and more irresistible challenges.


  • NorthernObserver

    in Schultzian terminology…I know nussing. It is PPK who is the shadow minister of metrics.
    We know there a number of significant reporting entities who either a) do not report, or b) report at the management level only, with no external audit. Hence to state the numbers provided are ‘provisional’ or ‘estimated’ is potentially the CBB’s ‘best solution’. It leaves ‘room for change’ where one is not confident as to their accuracy.

    I am not a fan of all SB policies, but respect GPII for offering himself and forming a party. In fairness, they have attempted to take aim at both parties in the duopoly, but are likely to gain more previous voters of the B’s than D’s.


  • Shoot, fire , aim! The vaunted BU brigade is firing their guns in the wrong direction and aiming at the wrong target. One would believe that SB was part of the political machinery, , the duopoly, that brought us to this fine mess. Instead of aiming their guns at the BDLP, they would prefer to come here and attack SB.

    One party, afraid that SB will spoil their 30-0 victory and the other afraid that SB will bring about the 0-30 rout by picking up a few seats. They would prefer to attack Grenville than to attack each other.

    Grenville, there is a phrase that you must become familiar with “Nobody kicks a dead dog”.

    I vehemently disagree with the following, but it is pure poetry.
    “We need to help him tie on his gravity boots when he has these flights of fancy rather that give him more airy puffs of wind upon which he can glide aimlessly.”


  • Are the elections over?
    It seems as if the candidates do not have their hearts in this election.
    Parties going through the motion but afraid of winning…


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Gazerts, are you vehemently disagreeing because the criticism was launched st the SB leader or becsuse the ‘poetry’ offered a very wrong tune?

    Are you saying – in either option above – that if the SB leader goes off in an absolute flight of fancy, as in the example clause above – which a very learned law Dean cautioned is unenforceable and thus illegal and ill conceived -, that we must simply withdraw to the corner and allow such nonsense ?

    Really! And why? Because we want change…at any cost. Thus give even the wildest proposal acceptance.


  • You neglected to say that the two established political parties have enforceable rules that are never enforced?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster , you have have made the very point that exposes SB as grossly inept, grossly negligent or mekking sport!

    They are creating UNENFORCEABLE rules. Thus in plain terms they are breaking the law or should I say they are establishing a lawless regime….as what else is a set of rules that CANT be enforced other than being illegal!

    EVERY society (and club or organization) have ENFORCEABLE, lawful rules which are imposed on the exception rather than as a norm. That’s not a crime…attempting to impose an illegal rule is a ‘crime’, however!

    In Bajan: If yah start wrong den yah gine end wrong!


  • Was it tested in Court? You know to rule to be illegal because of what again? This isn’t the point however, if members of the group agree leave them alone. The example here shows that as a group they have the capacity to resolve.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David May 4, 2018 6:44 AM

    If only Ms. Agard had heeded such advice she would not have been purloined of her real estate in her dying days by those two greedy politically-controlled lawyers who have an axe (marked anti-MAM) to grind.

    Two down; one more to go, (soon)!


  • @Miller

    During the episode the blogmaster asked a question- Is Maria Agard being advised correctly?


  • The constitution of an organisation is different to attempts to interfere with the nation’s constitution. Members of parliament represent constituencies, not political parties, and they have a legal constitutional right to reflect constituents views when voting in parliament.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    No Mr Blogmaster. No.

    You asked: “Was it tested in Court? You know [the] rule to be illegal because of what again?”

    No it was not tested. But as yiu said that is not the point.

    And I know or absolutely believe it to be illegal because SIMILIAR REGS have been deemed illegal other places…thus tge ipso facto dictum is my general rule of thumb in that regard!

    And surely you cant be serious with “…if members of the group agree leave them alone.”

    A bunch of sheep allow themselves to be conditioned to accept a blatantly unjust rule which no reasonable court would uphold and this same group of agreeing followers are asking me and fellow Bajans to elect them to LEAD us and you find that copecetate!

    In my view the example here shows that as a group they have the capacity to be obsequious…they resolved by accepting something they KNOW can’t be imposed or legally done.

    I presume you can call that a resolution…but I can only surmise therefore that they know their leader is blowing hot air and they have resolved to get around him by acquiescing now only to disobey him when they want to….go along to get along…sounds familiar to me!


  • Choose a Business man as an Alternative to a Lawyer and Make Barbados Great…

    The Trump Athletic Formula for Leadership in Turbulent Times

    Formative Experience, Mental Toughness, and Adaptability ….

    Trumps Tenacity is infectious…Early exposure to leadership made him comfortable running organizations and contributed to their self-confidence and winning mentality. Running a Government as a Business Organization requires…
    Mental toughness… Like top athletes, leaders thrive in competition, push themselves and their organizations to the edge, and stay focused on the goal regardless of the external distractions.

    Ambition and belief in ability to win makes good leaders consider difficult tasks as challenges to be mastered rather than threats to be avoided. They are also passionate about their business, the organizations they head, and people they lead. They speak about them with enthusiasm, devote most of their time to them, and willingly make minor and major sacrifices for them. Passion gives them motivation, energy and focus. Bombarded with myriad ideas, requests, and demands on their time, they stay centered on their priorities, pursuing them with unparalleled passion. Keeping a cool head means that a leader has a strong ability to stay calm and think clearly under very stressful conditions. A leader with a cool head applies logic to the situation, analyses available data, seeks expert advice, considers different options, and synthesizes a solution.

    A leader is not only about the number and intensity of their working hours; it also translates into demanding standards of behavior, extremely challenging goals, and zero tolerance for low performance and mediocrity. Mental adaptability…. At the same time, such leaders demonstrate high levels of flexibility in goal setting, strategizing, and organizing execution. The tension between toughness and mental adaptability forms the mental foundation of such focused leadership.

    Positive leadership is grounded in reality. We must confront the negativity we come across, but we shouldn’t dwell on it. We deal with it and move on. It is because we will have to overcome negativity, adversity and problems that we should be positive. “Positive leadership is not about fake positivity. It is the real stuff that makes great leaders great.” Positive leaders focus on SOLUTIONS.


  • Why must it be all or none?
    Why must it be 30-0;?

    To give one of the prongs of the BDLP a complete whitewash would ensure the sale of the remaining broken pot and pans as well as whatever silver remains in the treasury. 30-0 would be worst thing that ever happened to Barbados.

    We have already seen that our leaders have a penchant for corruption and for secrecy. We are fully aware that transparency and freedom of information is not a part of the BDLP vocabulary. Those who are aware of how corrupt the current crop of leaders are would now remain silent when their chosen ones are in office. 30-0 is a path of self destruction.

    I hope that SB can win enough seats so that the king/queen has to be decided by forming an alliance with them. Hopefully, SB would then be able to help our leaders resist corruption.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    From your brains to the ears of the divine…there should be a coalition csbinet, I have been saying that for at least 3 years, there are still too msny corrupt old men snd lawyers in the BLP line up just waiting to continue where they left off…that is what Grenville should be focused on instead of trying to become some king to implement the fsntasies in his head. ..break up the two parties instead….the better option, which will allow him to make policies when he has a seat or two.

    Ah can’t wait to see their useless yardfowls scatter.

    I am pleased to see a 23 year old in SBs group, more young people will now be aware that they can contribute because they are from this era and understand each other’s needs and dreams better than the old corrupt statos quo……and that they dont have to be old men and women set in their wicked ways, still filling up the heads of the electorate with long dead people, using them as a weapon and prop to be elected…to be able to make policies to benefit them selves and the people.

    all they will need to do is stay well away from the well known corrupt minority whites and others on the island, treat them like the pariahs they are and never allow themselves to be manipulated or trapped into corruption and thefts from and disenfranchisement of their own people, like the members of two old political parties have been for decades.

    The 20 and 30 year olds can too seek too be elected to parliament. break up the dead archaic parties.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Sorry for the errors, long night.


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  • Grenville erred only in this nonsense about “$250,000. being paid to his College to benefit charities” …. probably trying to sound impressive.
    Lotta shiite.
    The candidates could easily have been asked to sign undated letters of resignation – to be dated (and activated) if they clearly renege on COMMITMENTS which they make to voters when canvassing our support.
    It is actually the most convenient SYSTEM OF RECALL available, as it binds candidates to keep their promises – Or to seek new support for any radical changes that they may subsequently seek to implement.

    The damn DLP could NOT have gone ahead and privatised our assets – or given every shiite to Baloney ….after PROMISING during the last elections to do the opposite – NOT IF THEY HAD SUCH PROVISIONS.

    The most amazing jokers in this whole exercise are those who are NOT yardfowls (who we can excuse since that is to be expected of mendicants) BUT who yet argue for the lesser of the two Devils that have BOTH brought us to our knees…

    We seem to be incapable of conceptualising an INTELLIGENT, considered future for ourselves…. We have to settle for obviously flawed options presented by parasites.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Besides…I understand that fraud Harris is salivating at the thought of a BLP win to furnish the government with more overpriced useless vehicles from his and Leroy Leper’s platinum motors, at taxpayers expense.

    More corruption. ..the electorate’s job is to break up that scam.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    The candidates could easily have been asked to sign undated letters of resignation – to be dated (and activated) if they clearly renege on COMMITMENTS which they make to voters when canvassing our support.
    It is actually the most convenient SYSTEM OF RECALL available, as it binds candidates to keep their promises – Or to seek new support for any radical changes that they may subsequently seek to implement.

    And if they do not…what then? Is an individual or party commitment to an elector enforceable in any way?


  • ” A banking and finance student at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, Stuart was most passionate about advancing what he deemed as a currently under-developed financial system.”

    Is this candidate a millionaire ?

    How could he agree to pay a BDS $ 500,000 penalty ? This is not just a commitment to his party but to the electorate of Barbados.

    On another note I am surprised that Leroy McClean is running as an independent but I hope he wins.


  • @Hants

    Neither will win. They should be congratulated for exercising a democratic right.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    @ David, how can you be so sure. Did you bet on Trump?

    @ Bush Tea, expulsion from a political party, even if legitimate, cannot deprive a duly elected MP of his seat in the House


  • @ David,

    We should be more concerned about the simplistic reality of a penalty that ensures ” loyalty before conscience “.

    I believe the candidates know they are going to lose so they will never have to pay a penalty of $ 500,000.


  • @ Jeff
    What political party?

    The letter would be addressed to the GG and kept in trust by some kind of disciplinary committee (since Caswell refused the job as Chairman of the National Supervisory Committee).

    The resignation would be from Parliament.

    Anyone unable to make such a commitment BEFORE being elected would clearly demonstrate the ‘value’ of their election promises.

    Another good byproduct would be a LOGICAL rethink of the kind of shiite promises that these political jokers make – knowing FULL WELL that they will not, and can not, keep them…..

    …and perhaps even caus second thoughts by incompetent losers offering to take on roles for which they are hopelessly unqualified.



    We know the corrupt governments, they never want FOIA..

    “BASSETERRE – The St Kitts and Nevis parliament has given the green light to the Freedom of Information Bill that the government said is intended to usher in a “new level of openness and transparency”.


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