Working to Win Back Empire

The DLP continues to do an injustice to the Creative Community… and continues to favor Mark Maloney making a profit from the people’s property…. it has been just over 5 years since DLP gave Maloney this National Treasure on the eve of the last election…. it is soon time for a change!

Jim McGowan

Today the blogmaster was reminded by Jim McGowan’s Facebook post tagged to Mia Mottley that about seven years have passed since he and others attempted to win control of the derelict Empire theatre site- the objective, to ‘retrofit’  give the local Arts community a home.

The blogmaster is aware that Jim McGowan and team ploughed many hours into developing plan, negotiating loans, line of credit etc with venture capitalist agencies to arrange financing for the project. The dream was (still is) that the successful implementation of the Empire project would have served as a catalyst to boost activity in the Arts sector to the next level. Also create needed entertainment in a deserted City which is aligned to government’s objective having worked to achieved the World Heritage designation for Bridgetown. Instead the area continues to be the habitat for vermin and an embarrassment to all who have reason to be in the area.

Minister Stephen Lashley and government in their infinite wisdom gifted the facility to Mark Maloney and his backers, one of many government projects. It will be interesting after May 24, 2018 to observe how this matter develops. For sure members of the Arts community have reason to vote against the government in protest.

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  1. Another group in society pissed with government.

    One has to shake the head to observe government’s willingness to support Reggae on the Hill and other non Bajan genres in the name of tourism.

    Here was an opportunity for government to have given the local cadre of creatives a leg up. And they were working to help themselves in large measure as well.

    • @Kevin

      Do you understand what was posted? The question is why did the government not allow the property to be taken over by the Creatives. Instead it has been left idle for seven years. You are such a yardfowl.

  2. Maloney is still waiting to use pensioners money for that project as well as the Hyatt scam, it was all dependent on getting their hands on hundreds of millions of pensioners and taxpayer dollars.

    if he has no money for the small Empire project in the last 7 years, despite the billion dollars in taxpayer funded projects the ex crooks of parliament gave him, where will he get money for the 100 million dollar Hyatt project.

    both him and the Lashleys and the other ministers should be in prison…since it is obvious he has no intentions of using any of the billion dollars both him and the ex-ministers scammed from the people.

  3. All Baloney did was erecting Coverley Plantation with slave huts for 300,000 – 400,000 BBD!

    Barbados was and still is a big plantation where the taxpayer must serve self-proclaimed “construction magnates”, thanks to the black “elite” selling out the people – like African kings 300 years ago.

    What Barbados needs is a new Bussa driving out the said tormentors and inviting foreign investors who do not live at the expense of NIS and pay taxes like everybody else.

  4. What the hell..did they not have 10 YEARS to prosecute Mia and others, they were so bizzy selling out to cow and maloney, they never got it done….now

    This little runt got some nerve though, as a lawyer, he does know what prosecute means right, and that it’s not the same as multiplying 200, 000 people by 20 dollars to get 20 million dollars.

    “Lashley vows to ‘prosecute’ the Barbados Labour Party

    Article by
    Marlon Madden
    Published on
    May 1, 2018

    Minister of Culture, Sport and Youth Stephen Lashley has launched an attack on the Mia Mottley-led Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) amid growing calls for political candidates and their supporters to desist from mudslinging and violence.

    Speaking at his first political meeting since the announcement of the May 24 general election date, Lashley told Democratic Labour Party (DLP) supporters in the St James South constituency on Monday night that he was on a “fearless mission” to prosecute the BLP.

    Stating that the main Opposition party had been in a “campaign mode” for the past ten years, Lashley accused the BLP leader of not having any order, explaining that she was always quick to walk out of Parliament, “abuse the process of Parliament” and “go up and down” Barbados telling Barbadians they made a mistake in the last two general elections.

    “I have said over and over again, my mission in prosecuting the Barbados Labour Party is a very fearless mission. It is one that does not have any fear whatsoever, and we need more people in Barbados who will stand up in the face of the kinds of insults and disregard for the people of Barbados that we have seen coming from the platforms of the Barbados Labour Party and coming from their actions,” insisted Lashley.”

  5. When JODA PRODUCTIONS in the late eighties of the 20th century was calling for an ENTERTAINMENT POLICY, the party had a lack foresight and enthusiasm to move it forward. A drafted CULTURAL POLICY with AIMS and OBJESTIVES along with many PROPOSALS and PROGRAMS CLEARLY ENVISIONED and DEFINED was placed across the various Ministries including The National Cultural Foundation and The Centre of Management Studies at the UWI and the Barbados Board Of Tourism in the interest of Cultural Development both in terms of LOCAL, REGIONAL and INTERNATIONAL participation, with a binding connect to the Tourism product. That engagement would have created positive spinoffs in practically all sectors of the economy, especially to bring future cultural expressions under one National Body, harnessing maximum benefits for artistes and the Country as well as “trade” with other partners and Countries.

    One of the calls was to take another look at the Daphney Joseph-Hackett Theatre, as well as the dilapidated Empire Cinema, and yes, the call was to convert the latter into a Cultural Centre or a school for development of film productions.
    That call was placed somewhere in the chasm of the abyss thereafter to be recalled by the interests mentioned in this submitted article for purposes related to Tourism and Rum. Speculation would have it that, the intent is really to use the site for the footprint of a business High-rise for rental purposes but challenged by former proposals and related conditional prerequisites.

    What ever Politics are at play, to date , it’s still in limbo. The Daphney Joseph-Hackett Theatre has been renovated (nicely) but its use seem to be quite minimal, to further add another local theatre without engaging a meaningful program to produce the elements that culminates into theatre production will be a creation of another white elephant. Build the art-form in mass to express it, necessitating venues. On being a center (Old Empire) for film production, it has be dwarfed by the Errol Barrow Center for Creative Imagination and until there are growing pains at this locale,(EBCCI) conversion may prove futile. The concepts for the Empire is still viable with proper planning.

    Kudos to those who either with foresight or with the knowledge of the proposals and foundation laid by JODA PRODUCTIONS have embarked on manifesting those concepts which has morphed into what is now called the CULTURAL INDUSTRIES by the DLP Administration.
    Kudos to the former Chairman of the NCF (Ms. Mottley) who, during her tenure. engage the efforts of JODA PRODUCTIONS, sadly, the withdrawal of JODA from the circuit, have resulted in the diminishing of many local “live bands”, consistent entertainment options and quality productions.

  6. Wuhloss people lining up wid outstretched hands at the prospect of a new Gov’t to fund their pet projects. Last Gov’t popularized the term “fatted calf”, will this be the era of “The Golden fleece”?

  7. I saw Grenville posted an explanation to Facebook about his 250,0US fine, he should post it to BU though, he revealed some things, which makes a little sense, but some can do with a tweak.

  8. Creatives in Barbados need a champion who understands what the industry is all about and cares about driving it forward. Like most of our people, creatives appear too accepting of an uncaring government ministry. You have a voice and considerable power in your collective vote on May 24. Vote out the cold hearted Ds and their playmates the Bs and see what Solutions Barbados will do in championing the arts. As the SB nominated Minister for Culture and Creative Industries, neglect of our wonderful talented creatives will be a thing of the past.

  9. SB should have laid their Policies, Aims and Objectives before the electorate a long time ago. Should one purchase an item without first examining it? or be in a state of wonder of a “champion” not known?

    Culture is a science of grass-roots.

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