When the sewage breach on the South Coast first surfaced social media was accused of being irresponsible by giving it maximum airplay. Two ministers – John Boyce and Richard Sealy – felt motivated to jump smackdab in the affected area. Subsequent events have graphically illustrated that there was validity in concerns expressed at this relatively early juncture.

Further, it is reported that leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley sent an offline request to the prime minister two years ago to request a meeting, the objetive to discuss how a potential crisis could have been averted. In true bonehead style the request was ignored-  history is replete with narratives to support the political polarization that characterizes how backwater locales manage the affairs of state.

If there is one learning that should be taken away by ALL Barbadians is that there is benefit to working together in the national interest. If we cannot collaborate when the national issue is under threat then the question must be asked – why spend millions to educate ourselves?

The following videos were posted to Facebook and shared by Barbados Underground in the public’s interest.



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  1. This matter is so serous it deserves a press conference to address the nation by vested parties, prime minister, ministers responsible, Future Trust, BCCI, Private Sector Agency and others. We have to show some leadership Barbados.

  2. We were there on Worthing Beach Dec 2016 when those two bone heads did their swim in the poop. After 1 1/2 years of obsvucating on the issue by the politicians, this beautiful island has lost many hundreds of thousands of tourist dollars that will never return .after 20 consecutive years of annual trips to B’dos, we are in Antigua this spring . Not sure if we will ever come back. We feel betrayed by the same ones that said come to beautiful barbados….to those politicians and bureaucrats, give all of us a reason to believe you will fix the sewage mess. The great people of barbados deserve better . We have a choice and they don’t besides a strong vote against those who are in charge .

  3. the people of barbados (POB) sit down and let two igrunt gov’t Ministers lie, deceive and fool wunna that everything was A.O.K down south coast even though the residents and concerned folk went on social media telling wunna that down dey was full of S*** and that the sewage problem was actually a very big problem indeed. That sewage has affected the sea, land and air like a cancer plaguing the body. Whatever pollutants (contaminants) spread during that time already done contaminate the sea, fish and what ever other organisms depend on good healthy clean water to survive. The dichotomy we are facing is that we don’t want people (foreigners) to read in the media that barbados going through any problems so the people of barbados will say nothing so as not to kick up any fuss or disturb any of the gov’t Ministers. So because two gov’t ministers tell we it didn’t no problem, we bajans play hush hush when in actual fact we could have PROTESTED a bit more action from the GOB, and maybe caused some SOCIAL UNREST as some workers did get sick (gastro) from the mess. Surprised that none of the union bosses got involved. Anyway that sewerage issue done gone long time and the south coast (sewerage coast) WILL take a tumble. By now whatever bacteria that is passed on in stool (EXCUSE ME?! I mean human waste, errr human excrement, effluent) has already gone through the system, as it was not properly taken care of to begin with. Most likely it was pumped right back into the water supply. My educated guess is that it has already mutated or festered AND passed onto to whatever species of fish that does be in the water. I not too sharp on the biology or ecology but I don’t think we eat none of the fish, or drink any of the water. I don’t wan’t to be an alarmist but I could definitely be wrong on this one. Luckily “BRAND BARBADOS” is safe as this did not cause any foolishness to happen. I doubt any tourist reading the advisory or blogs should be concerned/worried about this problem as the west coast remained in pristine condition throughout this ordeal. POB 0 – GOB 1.

  4. When someone posts anything on social media, all it does really is to alert other human beings that something is happening in the world, be it a cause, event, breaking news or unusual phenomena. It was quite normal to find these postings online as it did warrant someone else’s attention. People are still becoming accustomed to the uses of the new technology so I don’t hold the grudge that the country’s reputation was being tarnished during that time. Unless it is something absolutely grotesque OR forbidden by societal norms, values, traditions, etc, no social media post does bother me. We are all adults here. The human beings managing this country did not see this as any big emergency so they let the effluent run its course [back in the sea water, back down the drains and out by chicken barn]. It is not normal for feces to run in the beach water so I am a bit surprised it took so long for disaster management to take place. I heard more being done to safeguard “Brand Barbados” with lots of chatter about the negativity being put on social media to tarnish the island’s reputation. I think the concerned folk just put it ‘out there’ for those who manage the country to see that effluent was indeed in people back yards and inside their houses. I think they wanted those human beings who manage the country to fix the problem urgently and with more alacrity. During the time of the build up I was furious with all the foolish rebuttals from the Dems. Now I find it ironic to see their cute faces on the same social media platforms promoting their team as though social media is some wonder to behold. From 2016-2018, the south coast problem happened under their admin and I will never forget. (Maybe history’s page will tell a different tale?) So I am eagerly looking forward to the outcome of the election. BTW, can anyone say for certain that the problem has been fixed on the South Coast? I wouldn’t like to think that a future administration has to come in and carefully handle this problem.

  5. ….can anyone say for certain that the problem has been fixed on the South Coast?

    You ent hear? They telling us now they can’t START to fix the underlying problem with the broken down sewage system until they get these glorified suck wells (AKA injection wells) built to pump the sewage in, and they won’t be ready until June. Only after they can pump the sewage into the wells will they be able to drain the lines and start trying to affect a full repair of the system. In the meantime driving by Massy at Rendezvous the air smells ripe although the puddles of sewage water in the road have dimininshed somewhat. Driving by the old Scotia Bank on higway 7 just past Graeme Hall you can see and smell the big puddle of sewage water that is usually there at the side of the road, and there is still sewage leaking out onto the road and smelling up the place down by KFC/Lanterns Mall.


    • @Green Monkey

      Why is it taking so long to complete the wells? Especially with so much riding on them doing the job to allo proper detection?

  6. Mummy when those people come on the plane and they are all white but when they go home they are brown. Is it the sun? No dear they swim on the south coast

  7. lol..and you are got your share of bajan brown stuff coated on your skin to take back to Canada too right?

    ya just could not help yaself Lawson.

  8. Does this issue have the potential to break the back of the government 23 days from general election? Suspect the Opposition will not touch it unless forced.

  9. @ David who asked “Why is it taking so long to complete the wells?

    There probably is a very good reason. Ask Joy Ann Haig. lol

    • @Hants

      She has been unusually silent of late, there is on so much spin you can do before you get dizzy.

  10. @ David’

    If the Sewage problem does not ” break the back of the government ” nothing will.

  11. May Day! May Day! May Day!

    Not the traditional Labour holiday but the sounds of distress coming from the hapless residents of Worthing/Hastings who have been held hostage by an invasion of watery sewage over the past few months. Every evening on the local idiot box I saw spokespersons from the BWA touting one fix after another. The most recent “fix” that I know of was the digging of three wells to alleviate the issue and those wells were supposed to fix the problem. After one well was supposedly dug I heard that they had to perform tests to see whether this proposed “fix” would work, so far, the “tests” appear to be ongoing but there may be other fixes in the pipeline (pun not intended).

    I take my hat off to the folks and businesses that have weathered this deluge of crappy water, they must have the patience of Job, for my part during my most recent visit I avoided that area like the plague, I didn’t even go to a funeral at Hawthorne that I wanted to attend. If there was a single issue that one should vote against the current Gov’t this would be it, I don’t understand how they could be so cavalier with the health and economy of the island.

    I could blame the bureaucrats/engineers at the BWA who are in over their heads, but the buck stops at the Gov’t and it has been found wanting.

    • @Sargeant

      May Day indeed!

      One senses in the gut- to reference Pacha- that the South Coast is about to blow its wad.

  12. You will not hear Joy Ann on this topic again………..one of my friends who work in the MOH told me that they were appalled that those technocrats in the BWA like the engineers who knew what was going on would not come out and address the problems but was sending Joy Ann out there to embarrass herself daily as she was clearly out of her depth trying to answer engineering questions.

    Dont you see that not even Pat Inniss comes to the public anymore? This alone should be the death nail in Fumble’s coffin.

  13. I am so ashamed right now.

    We have two friends from the UK who are coming to this region for the first time after wanting to visit since the 80’s when we met in the UK. They are so anxious about coming, they told me they have gotten jabs just to be safe. They will be staying on the south coast and we have had to tell them not to worry as they will be above the affected area………now this???

  14. Prodigals we came 22 people many first timers I am not sure they will return anytime soon. I think the toilet paper floating at the grocery store or condoms washed up along the boardwalk. I cannot believe how people have accepted this as normal and complicit with the government in not being upfront with visitors. But the most astonishing thing to me is that chicken barn is to reopen in this mess I guess if people are willing to walk through sewage to get to kfc or Massey it just might fill up

  15. Lawson..you would have to be sadomasochistic, to know this last year and to still bring 22 people into that shitshow…I would never speak to you again had you not found a way to avoid the south coast, we beat that subject to death on here last year..

    I mean, you could have changed hotel or guest house reservations and gotten back at least a percentage of your deposit and move to the west coast, there are so many safe, clean places to stay on the island still.

    I guess you will return to south coast next year again.

    • @Hants

      The question to ask the BWA officials is if there was the opportunity to be proactve. Why wait until there is an overflow of embarrassing levels. Nip in in the bud?

  16. It wasn’t my idea plans were made without my knowledge till it was too late but I honestly believed that they were going to have it fixed by now. now It is not an issue on the resort but when you venture out it’s disgusting Is this what it’s like in India

  17. you really believe that the same government who has done as little as possible for their salaries for 10 years were going to fix a sewage mess they created by neglecting to do maintenance on it for 10 years…

    ….looks like you are getting too much free weed to smoke in Canada, good one too, from BC no doubt.

    what are you asking me about India, ask ya girlfriend Wynne.

  18. What exactly do you mean by a “DYKE”?

    There is a proposal of a “BERM” built around Graeme Hall Swamp to prevent overflow onto the South Coast.

    True true fact!!!

    It is in the professional engineer’s report from 2010 commissioned by the GHNS?

    Where would you put the “DYKE”?

  19. I am not an engineer, but pray tell me… If the lines to the sewerage plant are clear of all debris and its the plant that is non functional, would it make sense to extend the end lines way out to sea, use pumps to push the effluent out ( temporarily) while either upgrading or completely build a new plant and reconnect on completion? For the time that this has been ongoing, surely it would have been completed or at lease near completion. the only draw-back would be some environmental pollution at sea and waste ending up on the shores of other islands…maybe. That simple?

  20. I know that the DLP is a morally corrupt party and has gone past being incompetent.

    I knew they did not have a clue how to govern but I had a little faith in Pat Inniss…..I thought that she would still have had some clout to get money to fix the problem but alas …….look where we are now…….a dont carish PM who has done nothing to solve this problem and he thinks he can win a third term?

    But where is David Estwick in all of this….this man does not care about the people of Barbados at all.

    Does he go to work at all? Word on the street is that when Estwick was in one of his drunken states he has been telling people to vote for John King……..dont know how true.

    To be honest I did not even imagine that this sewage mess would still be a problem in May 2018…….when my friends booked their holiday in 2017….we told them dont worry the problem would be gone by the time they arrived…………sad to say they arrive tomorrow and the problem has gotten worse.

    What a government………so Stephen Lashley, you go right ahead and prosecute Mia Mottley! JA!

  21. @Lawson

    At your next weekly meeting please take John aside and explain what you meant when you used the “D word”

  22. Lawson…do you remember the story as a child where this little Dutch kid, stuck his finger in a dyke to prevent the whole of Holland from flooding, maybe you can try that, it might work..

    One dude on the south coast with his beach chair business, built a dam out of sand to prevent the shit water from flowing into the sea and ruining his livelihood at Accra beach.


    you will note no one in the government you are waiting for to clean up the sewage even thought of that solution with their limited intellect and lack of creativity, but a brilliant beach worker did…so a dyke might not be such a bad idea after all.

  23. Lol WW I was standing right there as they took that picture and interviewed a bajan couple it was bad his little wall wasn’t going to last long. What you had described was wynnes and her girlfriends hallowe’en costume last year but where a finger once could suffice a fist is now needed

  24. Lawson..that was cold..lol

    A tempory fix by a thinking man, instead of the idiot Boyce sending out workers from MTW to help make it a more permanent fix, he is claiming it will work, like if he is the one thought of it….limited intellect without even a temporay fix in his head.

  25. The sewage system breakdown, and the response to it is very sad . Accra beach and the boardwalk are in normal times such a great location to enjoy a stroll & sea bath. A public space that all can enjoy. It’s difficult to understand the thinking or lack thereof behind the response to this national emergency, and the money must be found without delay to provide a permanent and complete fix to the leaks. Bad as it is now there is much worse yet to come. Far from going away this problem will continue to snowball taking the South coast tourism revenues down the drain along with the putrid runoff. Really hope and pray that whoever forms the next government makes fixing the sewage system a top priority.

  26. The sewage CRISIS will get RESOLVED after the next hurricane hit Barbados.

    There will be a lot of foreign aid to help in “reconstruction.


    Part of my Contribution to my Fellow Barbadians is to Bring Awareness of a System of Governance that is taking the Wind out of our Sails… As a Matter of Fact it is Causing this Island to be Strangled into Economic Slavery.


    I have brought some Serious Matters that Affect us All to TRY to Raise Awareness of the Root Cause of All our ills which Result in the Issues that have a Strangle Hold on Our Nation …

    It is by no means an Easy Topic…The Adversary does not want people to Awaken to the Terrible Rippling Effects of his Ideology that are all part of the nefarious age-old plan. Instituting Failed Socialist Policies is the name of the game. These are the means to win, because the object is never to be successful in solving problems. Instead the object is to sow continuous discord, foment confusion, erupt dissatisfaction, and promote grievances between the citizenry, in order to get gain from the tyranny of Socialist Governments oppression.

    Everyone Recognizes the Degeneration on Every Level of Existence in Barbados and we all kept busy discussing the Issues however No One Addresses the Root cause.



    “There are only two means by which men can deal with one another: guns or logic, Force or Persuasion. Those who know that they cannot win by means of logic have always resorted to guns.”

    For this reason (among others), decent and peace-loving people everywhere should be alarmed at the emergence of “progressive” authoritarians in our midst. You know them when you see them: ambitious, power-seeking zealots who are full of plans for the lives of others; ivory-tower barbarians who busy their small minds with shutting down other opinions; witless activists who demand to live at the expense of others; and fanatic regulators, bureaucrats and busybodies who enjoy pushing other people around.


  29. When Mia stated we needed to shut down key areas on the South Coast and fix the damn problem she was scoffed at as usual because we have become so political polarized. We have to focus on the issues!

  30. Surely Bush Tea have taught we, David, dat it all part o de “spiritual realm”?

    De shite on de steets, OBVIOUSLY, because of Ephesians. If we demolish that monument tuh Satan, everything will be copacetic.

  31. Looks like she is about to blow.

    “There has been no ease in the overflow of sewage on the island’s south coast.
    In a statement issued this evening, the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) warned that “recurring overflows, primarily in the Hastings, Rendezvous and Worthing, Christ Church areas indicate that the breach in the sewer line is worsening.”

    As part of a temporary measure, the BWA said its Wastewater Division has erected a sand bag barrier to contain overflows near the Rockley Beach facility.
    “This has minimized the drift of waste water onto the beach as septic tanks to address part of this issue will soon be installed, “ the BWA said.”

  32. John May 2, 2018 1:42 PM

    I see the Quakers are about to drop, or at least reduce, all references to God in the new edition of Quaker Faith and Practice.

  33. I know no Quakers. I note that Hal Austin seems to have made it the mission of his adult life to cultivate the world’s most ridiculous moustache.

    It got ma Bawlinn o dat ilk.

  34. A bunch of Johnnies and a Prime Minister that is too self absorbed to give two wuk ups and squeeze pooch about a sewage a crisis. I sorry is ass I was not home and he decided to come on any one of the family properties. I would welcome him with a topsy fill of piss from head to toe. And, to think they are a bunch of nitwits singing he and Chris Sinckler praises just because they pay off a few bills for them or get the son or daughter a job. Does not take much to buy off ignorant is shite Bajans.



    We can Each Can Do Our Part in Making Barbados Better. Now More Than Ever Barbadians Need to Support Each Other…

    Business on the South Coast are Dying…That is No Laughing Matter, Now more than ever they Need the Support of those who Really Care. They are those who Recognize that Deliberate Neglect and Decay Caused this problem in the first place and who Clearly See the Disastrous Ripple Effect it is Causing to our Tourist Industry including Locals Businesses on the South Coast!

    So are we going to be Part of the Demise or are we going to do Our Part in helping in such a Situation by our Continued Patronage to those Businesses on the South Coast of Barbados? Are we going to Extend a Helping Hand by our Continued Support or are we Going to Stand by and Watch those that are in the Hospitality Business see their Demise?

    Are we Going to be the Kind of Bajan’s that Says, “In this Situation I can help” and do so by Extending a Life Line to those who have been there to Fill their Needs in Better Times!

    We can Each Can Do Our Part in Making Barbados Better. Now More Than Ever Barbadians Need to Support Each Other…

    Thanks to All those for their Continual Patronage in these Very Challenging times. Remember that “We are there to Serve You to the Best of Our Ability!”


  36. Hal Austin
    May 2, 2018 1:51 PM

    John May 2, 2018 1:42 PM
    I see the Quakers are about to drop, or at least reduce, all references to God in the new edition of Quaker Faith and Practice.


    I formed the impression in my reading of their history that they had no doctrine, unlike the mainstream churches …. Roman Catholic, C of E etc.

  37. Just to say that it is surprising to hear of a new edition when my understanding was there was no edition!!

  38. John May 2, 2018 2:43 PM

    About 1000 Quakers will be meeting this weekend to discuss the issue. I am also told that there is a Professor of Quaker Studies at a British university.

  39. As part of a temporary measure, the BWA said its Wastewater Division has erected a sand bag barrier to contain overflows near the Rockley Beach facility.


    Sand bag barrier, berm or …. dyke!!!

    I guess the idea is the same.

    Sandbags are often used in the reinforcement of levees.

    So we now may have four highly technical terms in play in Barbados.

  40. I am a bit baffled regarding the pump opposite the Bank in Worthing by that hotel that is being renovated. Is that sewage water coming from the pipes and being directed by sand bags into the gutter? Where does this gutter run-off goes? Hope it is not channeled through the same sewage system? If you seal all those sewage covers, don’t you feel that the sewage water will escape through the weakest link(s)? Also, those iron grills are not solid, thus, the leakage.
    We also have to realise that this is our country and everyone must be concerned regarding this national problem smacked within our Tourist Season. I have doubts about the reliability of these retainer wells which might collect more sea/swamp water due to the closeness of the sea and our land below sea level.

    • Did Boyce not say the sandbagging is a temporary fix and septic tanks will be put in place?

  41. The mind boggling apathy and stupidity of some Bajans is shocking.


    • @Hants

      This recent breach is likely the final straw. Bajans are embarrassed and have made up their minds.

      Where is Estwick?

  42. @ David,

    I am waiting to see the BLP manifesto which should have a paragraph stating

    ” WITHIN 30 DAYS WE WILL CONTAIN THE SEWAGE LEAKS and will ensure that the Sewage Treatment Plants are

    functioning effectivelyin 120 DAYS.

    • @Hants

      Such a promise is not possible. What the BLP is on record as saying is that businesses in the worse affected areas be closed and work begin to stabilize those areas. The injection wells idea is taking long to implement. The country needs to hear Estwick and Stuart. This is a crisis!

  43. @ David who wrote ” The country needs to hear Estwick and Stuart ”

    What do you expect to hear other than more spin ? The sewage pipe didn’t bust last night.

    They have had at least 2 years to fix the problem and it will not be their problem 23 days from now. lol

  44. Just had a great wonderful time on jammin sorry to say we won’t be back to you get your act together and clean up this place

  45. You have to love the fact that shit flowing and the people responsible are not embarrassed.
    Out there campaigning and showing their face,
    Those are some big balls.

  46. I would love to put Hal and John in a room. Soft music and candlelight dinner.
    A hole lot of quaking and shaking….

  47. I am a bit baffled regarding the pump opposite the Bank in Worthing by that hotel that is being renovated.


    If you look at the pump, there is a pipe run along the sidewalk to the Restaurant at the corner, … is it called “The

    I think that is the output.

    It then crosses the road under the steel plates in the corner and looks as though it ends up on the Bridge and goes into the channel leading to the sluice gate.

    This channel appears on old maps as “The Stream”.

    My guess (and it is only a guess) is that the stretch from the Bank in Worthing to the corner is blocked, collapsed or whatever and the pump allows the sewage coming from the Bridgetown side to be put directly into the swamp.

    I have not looked at what happens to the pipe after the Bridge … it is possible it may run up the cartroad to the plant .. will need to look see.

    Sealing the manholes may have put a larger load on the pump than it can move so the mess ends up around the pump and is sandbagged, dyked, bermed, leveed to prevent it spilling onto the road.

    That is a guess, I will need to look closer as clearly things have changed since my last detailed look.

  48. Prodigal
    Did you see that fellow that say he had a fall and damaged nuff ligaments.Denis Lowe looks like how David Thompson looked when Evelyn Greaves dragged him to Pickerings to formally get that Project off the ground.Incidentally,it still grounded and the investors in court.
    That man Denis Lowe look he ready to leave this world.The man face look sallow and his upper lip is swollen big.The man was forced to come out with the “St Michael crew” which could only muster 3 including Stuart and not counting the city man.Stuart make a serious miscalculation and called the election at a time to coincide with the 1st Quarter Central Bank Report,a disaster by any and all standards.If he had Hartley Henry or Peter Wickham or George Belle to advise him they would never allow the fool to so delay the election date that it would coincide with the Q1 Bank Report,11 Plus Examination, CXC. Cape and UWI upcoming exams.Even BIM saying the Dems in worth debating.Wuhloss!

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  50. John. I read your submission and I have an observation. Since the construction of Sandals, all this sewage problem started. The same way various business were cut off from the system. Why Sandals can’t be temporarily cut-off. Also all businesses connection to the sewage grill should be measured and priced according

    • If there was not the embarrassing sewage overflow would the BWA have bothered to share info about the screwliftpump breaking down?

  51. Sewage woes on the South Coast were there long before Sandals was constructed.

    Check 2010 GHNS report occasioned by the failing sewage plant.

  52. First it was “Wells” now it is Septic Tanks, not any tank mind you but high class “Fibreglass Tanks” presumably to hold the high- class excreta that is flowing through the streets on the South Coast. But first they have to get “quotations”, “then the money”. This whole saga reads like a dystopian novel set in a third world country but perhaps Barbados is on the verge of becoming that turd world country.

    This collection of bozos should appear in face paint next time they appear before the cameras, they couldn’t even manage a snow cone cart on Kadooment day. Soon to appear at GAIA “Welcome to Smelly Barbados”.

  53. David
    I have no respect for that unqualified-for-the-position JA they call a GM at BWA neither for that dribbling old duffer for a chairman who should have been sent home long ago with his huge gold medallion for a chain looking like a thug from the hood. He should be about saving his breath to cool his porridge and reminiscing of the good ole days at the Upanon college with Harold de mene.

  54. @David
    For the same reason we drink the water?
    The US Embassy warned its personnel about drinking the water and the BWA/Gov’t dismissed the claims, given all that’s gone on where does your faith lie?

    Remember when visitors to Mexico were warned of Montezuma’s revenge? The Barbados one-step or Barbados belly (one step from the bathroom) may not be too far off.

  55. JOHN: Yesterday I gave my observations on two subjects regarding issues on the South Coast. I mentioned at 2.49 p.m about the pump in Worthings that spewing water into the gutter which is visible to the eyes. I stated that this water running into the gutter and maybe finding its way into the sewage system. You gave an engineering perspective that this pump is connected to a pipe and finds its way into the swamp. That is part of the two problems. Water in the gutter contained by sand bags and the major one of sewage going into the swamp.
    I said that the construction of Sandals might be another problem based on capacity along with various renovated properties which is overwhelming the system… What is needed are five pipes strategically placed to take the sewage far out to sea Barbadians are eating to much grease and stooling too much. We use over two gallons to flush a glassful of urine; We use another two gallons to flush less than a pound of stool; We use over a gallon of water two wash two plates and glasses. That’s why we have so much watery sewage running into our streets. If we don’t be careful we will have to go back to the pit toilet and throw the solids to cane plants as fertiliser and wash our utensils in a bucket of water. Wanna goin’ to wait fuh Bushie tell wha to do.

  56. Don’t discount the full moon, 29th April!!

    I’ll see if I can take a look over the weekend and see what’s what.

  57. @ David,

    The reason the sewage problem is not fixed is patently obvious. Government has no money and can’t borrow any.

    $500 million in debt.

  58. @ David,

    It will be the MIA and the BLP problem. They will have to DISCONNECT the illegal systems, repair the sewer pipes and rebuild the Sewerage system.

    The enormity of the problems facing Barbados is staggering.

  59. The beaches were deserted yesterday when I passed, Accra to Miami, Seaweed.

    There remains the sewage problem but what I saw yesterday was predominantly seaweed.

    At the time of the Crane Beach Chair noise, the seaweed problem was there.

    Suspect the discoloration will clear up in a few days …. but if it doesn’t ………….!!!!

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