Please Remove the Word "Democratic" from the Name of the DLP!

Submitted by DAVID A. COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement

So, the would-be “Emperor” of Barbados has finally deigned to set a date for General Elections after subjecting our country to a seven and a half week demonstration of utter contempt for our system of governance — the system of Parliamentary Democracy.

Barbados — as Mr Freundel Stuart well knows is a Parliamentary Democracy.

The Constitution of Barbados makes it clear that Parliament (comprised of the House of Assembly and the Senate) is the fundamental institution around which the office of Prime Minister and of every other cabinet Minister revolves.

Section 64 of our Constitution makes this clear when it asserts that “the Cabinet shall be …..charged with the general direction and control of the government of Barbados and shall be collectively responsible therefor to Parliament”.

As does Section 65 of the Constitution which establishes that the very existence  of the Prime Minister is based solely on him being the person who — in the judgment of the Governor General — is best able to command the confidence of a majority of the members of the House of Assembly.

So, in light of the foregoing, how was it possible for Mr Stuart, his Cabinet colleagues, or our newly appointed Governor General for that matter, to consider it permissible to rule over Barbados for an extensive seven and a half weeks after the dissolution of Parliament, without setting a date for or decreeing a General Election to establish a new Parliament ?

Who — in the absence of a functioning Parliament — was Mr Stuart and his fellow Democratic Labour Party ministers accountable to over the past seven and a half weeks?

A proper respect and regard for the principles of Parliamentary Democracy would have impelled Mr Stuart, his Cabinet colleagues, and our Governor General to recognize that where a governmental administration has permitted the life of Parliament to run its full course and to be dissolved, that they were under a duty (established by the Constitution and owed to us, the people of Barbados) to IMMEDIATELY set a date and issue writs for a General Election.

In other words, the period of time during which the country was required to operate without a functioning Parliament should be kept to a minimum, and–after the dissolution of Parliament– the Citizens should NOT be kept in a state of prolonged suspense over when new and critical General Elections will be held ! No doubt the Governor General has a discretion in all of this, but her discretion should always be exercised in the best interest of us the Citizens of the country and in keeping with the nation’s fundamental interest not to be deprived of a functioning Parliament for any extensive period of time.

That Messers Stuart and company (and seemingly our Governor General as well) did NOT appreciate this, and instead, subjected our country to seven and a half weeks of unaccountable Cabinet rule was unconscionable!

Mr Stuart, his Cabinet colleagues, and indeed their party — the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) — thoroughly discredited themselves over the past seven and a half weeks in the eyes of all right thinking Citizens who believe in the tenets of Parliamentary Democracy.

Indeed, their contempt for democracy has become so obvious and offensive that perhaps they should now do the decent thing and remove the word “Democratic” from the name of their political party!

ONWARD  TO  GENERAL  ELECTIONS fellow Citizens, and let us ensure we elect thirty Members of Parliament who understand what DEMOCRACY entails and who truly appreciate that we — the people of Barbados — are the real and permanent owners of the country, and that the temporary political administrators that we vote into office are merely there to serve us and must always be accountable to us.




  • Old ideas that were ‘not’ implemented. Even more relevant now.


  • Let me make it clear…
    Not a fan of the BDLP (BLP or DLP)


  • Why do we place so much on manifestos when there is a position taken that it is not even a social contract. It is just words on paper that political parties pick and chose from to suit expediency.


  • Why campaign? That is just hot air warming the summer night. Some words make us laugh and others even even tug at our hearts, but they are not binding.
    Why don’t each party just put up 30 names on Monday. People go out and vote Tuesday.


  • TheoGazert is not related to TheoGazerts (-: diifferent last names 🙂
    Boys and girls, always remember this:
    When scratch grain is thrown in the yard, the free range chickens hop the fence and run for some.
    Have a Great Day
    Brabados first.


  • ac

    We have seen policies from Solutions Barbados, Barbados Integrity Movement, United Progressive Party…..

    ……….and even from “Natlee.”

    ………ironically, I have not SEEN, READ or HEARD any of the DLP’s MPs, operatives and yard-fowls announced the DLP policy solutions EITHER……

    The only things I am constantly hearing from the DLP are your plans to attack, shame and destroy Mia Mottley and asking the BLP to present solutions…….

    ……………and since this EXCITES the party faithful……it seems as though this is your “campaign strategy” as well.

    Could you please “tell” this forum, WITHOUT your USUAL broad generalized statements……..

    ………..with only THIRTY-SIX (36) Transport Board buses AVAILABLE for operation per day, what are the DLP’s plans for public transport?

    “Tell” us, Angela, ac, Mariposa, Cox-Skeete……….

    ……………what are the Democratic Labour Party’s plans for Barbados?


  • TheoGazerts

    I have put many ideas up, and they certainly didn’t include transparency and integrity legislation because both are givens and neither one is fresh or new. The characteristics you are seeking.


  • I made my exit but I had to return..
    Boys and girls remember this “If anyone distribute one or two hard copies of a manifesto, then it is nothing more than a cheap political gimmick. But be wise don’t tell them about the internet, FB or their own web pages, just tell them you cannot read”.

    But we don’t have to worry, those hard copies were given to people who wouldn’t say a word if all of the pages were blank. I doubt if you were one of those…

    Mi belly
    Yah killing ma
    I gun dead


  • Stupse man go bake yuh Sunday pork do!!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David Mr Blogmaster, to echo one of your famous bloggers, ‘tarry with me awhile here.

    You said above “Why do we place so much on manifestos when there is a position taken that it is not even a social contract. It is just words on paper…”

    Previously you drew attention (in context) to the remark that (DLP) politics is about personalities.

    So my tarry is to ask: if their words are not to be taken as too much and if we should eschew favoring the bold personalities what then is the draw to any one politician or party of politicians?

    How else can we determine what they project for the future (real not fantasy) unless they offer plans in a manifesto?

    I suspect your real question is: why do we allow politicians to make promises and do not hold them harshly responsible when they fail to implement them; or conversely why have we elected novice people who have no freaking idea how to implement the programs they so easily present to buy our votes??


  • @DpD
    I have reached the limit of my contributions for today. However, before I go

    It would be interesting if, at some time, you went to “Bar and BL Politics” and fashion a response (polite and gentlemanly), that draws Walter from his self imposed exile.
    You are allowed just one try…


  • Are-we-there-yet

    Observing; You said above at 8:07 am

    ” “@awty
    ” My vote should then closely and strategically discriminate between the choices that are being offered by the BLP and the newer Parties”

    We both await those choices!”

    It seems that you and a number of other posters on this blog believe totally in the manifestos of Bajan political parties. An astute follower or our current situation like you know full well that Manifestos are easily discarded when new Governments achieve power and then use the excuse “we en fine nuh money in de treasury to do whuh we proposed therefore we gine have to change tack fuh now and implement we promises over a longer time frame”

    I give relatively little credence to manifestos as a primary indicator of competence to manage change and indeed progress in Barbados unless the country is in a reasonably stable period when most manifesto promises can be easily achieved. We don’ have dat luxury now.

    The greater concern that will determine how Barbados progresses from May 24th is if we think that the current DLP management, given its track record of absymal failure in practically all its economic programmes over the past 8 years or so, should be given a new mandate to continue to add to that negative track record or if a new Government could do much better. Other yardsticks, in addition to manifestos should be brought to bear by the individual in making his/her choices.


  • @Dee Word

    Isn’t this the same exact thing some have been railing against on the blog for a decade and some? The lack of citizen advocacy and exploiting the democracy we hold so dear to hold the various players in our way of governing accountable?


  • Are-we-there-yet

    I forgot to add earlier that a manifesto by a DLP whose parliamentary leadership is essentially unchanged from the leadership which presided over the numerous mistakes that were made between 2011 and 2018, would not be worth what paddy shot at. If what they are doing now is changing the leadership and putting in different faces to fill important cabinet posts prior to putting forward a new manifesto or plans for a new way forward, I would, fwliw, look at the new DLP more seriously.

    A new DLP, minus the abject failures headed by the current PM, is imho the only way for them to retain sufficient credibility to be a serious factor in the coming elections.


  • Are-we-there-yet

    …. and they should have been making overt moves towards that end long ago. That strategy will not work so close to the elections.


  • “Old ideas that were ‘not’ implemented. Even more relevant now.” As they were in their 2008 and 2013 manifestos and they lost the election, they could not have implemented anything. Are you suggesting that there aren’t policies that were in previous manifestos that aren’t even more relevant now, how then do you promote transparency and integrity? You contradicting yaself.



    I shudder to think what info. there could be out there about Mia & the Bees that would cause its disclosure ” so unpalatable and hard for Bajans to digest ”

    Oh shhotssss

    I forgot :

    • No LEC but pompasetting as lawyer !

    • George Payne filing Court documents that Mia is a crook…… yet he is prepared to be led by the same ….,,CROOK !

    • Wire tapping !

    • Voter – fraud !!

    • Canuoan tapes !!


  • If that is the list of unpalatables, wunna in deep doo doo cuz the state of the economy alone is more unpalatable than all them combined. Where the Pegasus tapes? lol


  • I don’t understand why CBC persists in titling these wild boys as the Hon dis and dat Minister of Culture for example.Parliament is no more,an election has been called,there are no more ministers,all constituency seats are now vacant and up for grabs so I believe it is a stupidity to keep harping on x,Minister of y.Its bullshoite.


  • Fractured Fowl…I hope yall cleared everything out of the people’s parliament, it will now need to be fumigated and exorcized of yall and all the spirits of the centuries old dead demons… for a fresh start..


  • Gabriel April 29, 2018 1:07 PM

    They are ministers until May 25, or such time as a new government is formed. The nation cannot have a vacuum where government should be.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Gazets, I am distressed…are you actually and boldly saying that I do not ALWAYS compile my oosts in a “polite and gentlemanly” manner… oh woe to me.🤣

    But fah real, I try hard not to be impolite or ungetlemanly….of course every blue moon I slip and label someone ‘silly’ or ‘freaking ridiculous’ but that’s not too bad.

    Anyhow, Walter will be back soon no doubt. He is like Chris Gayle, bold, brassy and absolutely freaking brilliant…so whatever missteps he may make, you just can’t keep a good man down for too long!


  • One should notice how the bees are trying very hard to distance themselves from the FACT the blp has no answer for the economy
    Their tired old regurgitation if crticism ad nauseum has worn thin.
    Now going into the home stretch it is a matter if do or die
    And the question remains as an open and relevant recurring theme
    How will the blp transform the economy by lowering taxes and advancing a formula of voodo economic
    Maybe Gabriel and Lorenzo the mouth of the South can answer these pertinent questions
    Hi bros not too much time left the dlp horse has finally left the stable fit and ready to go.
    Btw i think the blp horse came out of th e paddock too early became longwinded and has slowed down to a crawl
    Dems now dems again. Glory


  • Politickin Pearlie

    ”so unpalatable and hard for Bajans to digest”

    Not yet Freundel. Not yet dear heart. Ah beg yuh pon dis blessed fifth Sunday of Easter. Steady yuh han. Keep yuh powder dry. Cause when ya drop dah dunnamite ya got nuffa dem gine get bellyhurt!

    Wunna tek it light. Just now, every time Bajans hear de word “BLP” dem gine want to vomit! Murda! Ah gone!


  • Bajans want to vomit NOW….after experiencing 10 years of DLP.

    Maybe the electorate really should break up both old dying political parties into a coalition government…since it is agreed they are both vomit inducing repugnant…after 60 years.


  • Pearlie that is your solution to the country,s problem,dropping dynamite?Get lost JA.This is alright for George Street for the yardfowls but Bajans want to know the Dems plans going forward,not jokes.Another thing you think only the Dems got dynamite well the Bees have as well so watch out,as it will be tit for tat.Remember the PM claimed he knew nothing of Cahill until it was shown his signature was the first on the Document,so we all have skeletons in the closet so do not get carried away pearlie.By the way where is Dr Estwick and Dr lowe?


  • You are spot Pearlie

    They called fuh the elections !

    Well the date set !

    Mia has until May 23, 2018 to produce:

    • Her ” law ” degree & LEC and REVEAL to Barbadians why OSA relieved her of the duties of Attorney General of Barbados !

    • The photo of the ballot the young voter in St. Michael Notth East gave to her as proof of voting for her in the General Elections 2013 !

    • The reasons why she is seen in compromising photos with young women in Canuoan on her 50th birthday !

    At least in the UK & USA political aspirants are removed from the political office – for much less !!

    Barbadians deserves much better !’


  • Yeah…Fractured thiefing money and property from a wheelchair bound senior citizen, no politician in US and uk could be so dishonest and not go to prison and fired as speaker of the house .


  • NorthernObserver

    I agree fully we haven’t heard BLP plans. In that vein, neither have I heard the DLP plans.
    The REAL fact is non partisan… does one know what to believe when the island’s greatest source of financing, beyond printing new money, the NIS, still hasn’t filed a SINGLE annual report in the past 10 years (while their website doesn’t show it anymore, the last filed Report could even predate 2008 by a year or two).
    In fact half plus, of the Statutory groups are behind on reporting. Half the websites are inoperable.
    This is like throwing darts in the dark.
    I am truly stunned, that regardless of the group forming the Government, our public and publicly funded organizations could be so derelict in their reporting responsibilities.


  • Well well

    You gone !!

    Imagine wid your ” massive crowd ” at East Coast yesterday !

    Mia Mottley told those gathered that in her opinion the crowd yesterday was not big enough to ensure a BLP victory . Therefore, the Bees have to find a way to keep the Dems home on Election Day .

    Imagine that for a BLP that was calling fuh General Elections…….all along !!!

    Well you & Mia have another thought coming !!!

    You better believe that !!!


  • NO over the last ten years the dlp has forward and implement plans for the economy
    Where have u been living under a rock
    The only plan the blp has forward to the barbadian populace were longwinded crticism.
    The blp called for an election date and what has they offered the voter in return a long bus ride to the east coast
    Could that be the new and improved alternative ride to vote buying


  • Dont involve Fractured and being Played..all the politicians are friends and bosom buddies, it’s only you stupid yardfowls are enemies with each other, cause you are way too dumb to know when ya free.



    “Over 660 temporary workers have been appointed to the Public Service of Barbados within the past six months and more than 300 appointments are expected to follow shortly.”


  • This is dishonest and unethical.


  • @ David,

    I am a fisherman and I just cast a live sprat and you on pon it like a bonito. lol

    The trade unions have been fighting for years to appoint temporary workers who deserve to be appointed.

    In life timing is everything. lol

    I mis timed an opportunity last year to see a live show of my favourite female on earth. lol


  • “dishonest and unethical” are not in the vocabulary of some politicians.

    Remember when the gutters used to get cleaned by an army of occupation ?


  • @Hants

    Bear in mind the economy has shrunk and the discussion in the last few years has been about printing money to pay public servants. Further the talk is not about how many have to go home. The decision to appoint should be left to a government with a mandate:


  • @ David,

    This is just politics.


  • David “dushonest and unethical”

    Yuh meaning just like the time OSA accused Mia of having dirty hands with the blp treasury monies.
    Yuh see everytime a blp mole sticks its head from underground dirt falls in its face


  • NorthernObserver April 29, 2018 6:09 PM

    “@Mariposa: I agree fully we haven’t heard BLP plans. In that vein, neither have I heard the DLP plans.”



    This was Mariposa’s response to your comment: “NO over the last ten years the dlp has forward and implement plans for the economy…”

    She is correct………….but I won’t venture so far to ask “Where have u been living under a rock…..”

    In January 2010, the DLP introduced the “Medium Term Fiscal Strategy (MTFS) 2010 – 2014.”

    They presented their “Medium Term Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) 2013-2020” at the National Economic Consultation on June 27, 2013.

    On September 10, 2013, they published their “Barbados Growth & Development Strategy 2013-2020.”

    Former Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Delisle Worrell admitted those “strategies” FAILED to achieve the desired objectives.

    In 2014 the DEMS introduced the controversial Municipal Solid Waste Tax, which was repealed in June 2015.

    They also introduced a $25 “tipping fee” on waste haulers in 2015, which caused them to protest, while some littered indiscriminately. On June 2, 2015, Denis Lowe admitted that private garbage collectors had grounds to protest the controversial $25 tipping fee.

    This inept DLP administration made a commitment to pay any shortfall in the annual guaranteed amounts of waste taken to the (“Bizzy” Williams owned) Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre, Inc.

    According to the 2015 Auditor General’s report, due to shortfalls in three consecutive years, from January 2011 to December 2013, Government would have been charged approximately $5,017,637, exclusive of VAT, for failing to deliver the agreed 360,000 tonnes annually and 24,000 tonnes monthly to the solid waste management facility.

    Additionally, the report outlined that spanning the months from May to October 2015, there were already six monthly shortfalls in the waste delivered to the facility, resulting in Government being charged by the contractor approximately $5.46 million, VAT exclusive.

    Barbados has been the “recipient” of a whopping 23 CREDIT RATING DOWNGRADES…….surpassing any amount recorded by any other Caribbean island……and was # 11 on the list of countries with the highest debt to GDP ratios…… at 108.9%.

    In December 2017 they brought the much touted “Barbados Sustainable Recovery Plan 2018,” claiming it was approved and endorsed by the Social Partnership (Barbados Private Sector Association, Congress of Trade Unions & Staff Associations of Barbados, and Barbados Workers Union).

    However, in a strongly-worded statement, BWU General Secretary Toni Moore dismissed repeated claims by Sinckler and Government officials that the BSRP had the full backing of the union as being UNTRUE, and cautioned Barbadians to be “weary of those who have mastered the Machiavellian art of paltering where lies are told by telling the truth” while publicly declaring that all was definitely not well within the tripartite body.

    And Chairman of the Private Sector Association said the plan was “a long list of unprioritised objectives that have to still be prioritised and implementation plans still have to be developed” if Barbados is to recover from the economic malaise it is in.

    These are the results of the Chris Sinckler and “Jester Ince” combination in the Ministry of Finance…….and, according to Mariposa, the “plans for the economy the DLP has put forward and implement over the past 10 years.”


  • Excellent, Artax……you are goooood!


  • NorthernObserver

    I saw the ‘ac’ reply, but haven’t the time nor interest to pen all you covered. Thank you.

    When your track record isn’t good, and the treasury cupboards are bare, prohibiting promissory goodies, you gotta talk shiite? And Bajans love a lil shiite talk. With the advent of you tube, watching the pre-election speeches from 2013 are my “comedy hour”. Bare sport.


  • When your track record isn’t good, and the treasury cupboards are bare, prohibiting promissory goodies, you gotta talk shiite? And Bajans love a lil shiite talk.
    Another great understatement from NorthernO

    Boss Bajans love a LOTTA shiite…. not a ‘lil’..
    …and not just shiite leaders with shiite talk…
    Just check out our South Coast to see the LITERAL truth…

    A people ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve.


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