Controversial ABC Coverley Vs ABC Belle Junction

No location has attracted more conversation – and criticism – than that of the protrusion on the ABC highway at Coverley. One suspects that the name Mark Maloney associated with the controversial project is responsible for a lot of the chatter. The blogmaster does not mean to trivialize the issues raised by the leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley relating to written objections by government agencies responsible for the regulating of the highways and byways of Barbados.

Our concern is about the equitable application of the law so that John Citizen is satisfied all citizens are correct in the expectation there isn’t two Barbadoses. Against this perspective the blogmaster has been asking what is the difference in the protrusion on the ABC Highway at the Belle junction compared to Coverley. The only difference the blogmaster is able to discern is the absence of vegetation at the Belle.

The BU household values the characteristic of fairness. We hasten to state there is no brief for Mark Maloney in our household. The following pictures serves to illustrate why there is a need to be fair in how the relevant government authorities have acted in the matter of the Coverley/ABC junction.

ABC/Belle Junction

ABC/Belle junction (1)

CoverleyABC junction

Coverley/ABC junction (1)


50 thoughts on “Controversial ABC Coverley Vs ABC Belle Junction

  1. The only significant difference is the sightline(vegetation on merge island) at the Coverly intersection is somewhat blocked for the merging traffic. This is significant in that traffic approaching the intersection cannot fully evaluate the traffic waiting to enter and merging onto the highway. If the vegetation is removed from the Coverly merge island it would appear the design of both merge intersections is basically identical.

  2. I have driven that Belle roundabout and there is more than enough space, no protuding extension to the right of you or wall on the left to impede navigation when driving a medium to large size vehicle….making that spot Belle as both T&P and MTW said within the legal requirements for that roundabout, in comparision, it is clear that Maloney’s illegal structure is another death waiting to happen.

    And why have the authorities still not ripped up Maloney’s illegal structure at Coverley, are they waiting for another death to unfairly charge the person if they live.

  3. @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service

    WTF you talking about, the topic is an intersection and not roundabout. Get with the program and leave the shit for the toilet.

  4. I assume the principals of the development have this matter before the Court of Justice because the appropriate department of Government is supposed to have ordered its removal.Otherwise it would have been bulldozed as occurred to Singh’s house at Maxwell way back in the 60/70’s.

  5. “South Korean court jails former president Park for 24 years“.
    One day coming soon. We live with eternal hope. MAM, over to you.

  6. Wily not so, you fraud unmasked….the Maloney whatever, island roundabout whatever…….IT IS AN ILLEGAL PROTRUSION AND OBSTRUCTION…try getting roundabout that.

    The shit is you ordinary, nobodies fir minorities believing you can do as you like on the island and get away with it. ..those days are coming to an end.

  7. The writer has clearly defined the comparisons between the areas in this topic, and has articulated why in their opinion one is more dangerous than the other. That’s most important, now, whether they mis-spoke, or inadvertently used the wrong terminology is irrelevant. I’m sure the loss of that woman’s son and her subsequently charged with someone else’s crime don’t mean squat be it a cart road or a rass hole free way. Is it because the writer has consistently called for the reining in of the small few who seems to always get away with murder, literally, that they are talking shit or should leave it for the toilet? There is that silly little game played by Bajans, we are very adept at it, attack the messenger.

  8. That is what the not so Wilies and frauds cannot now deal with…the dumb ministers who enabled them have been exposed and crimes like building illegal islands and obstructions to kill bajans and creating scams like Hyatt to tief from the public…will soon be a thing of the past.

    Everywhere countries are working on getting rid of their low life criminals in public office and in the business sector, Barbados should be no different…clean up the stink and stench that is giving the island a rotten name,

  9. Correct Wily.

    In both cases the highway verge has been prevented from doing the job it was designed to do.

    Just like the erection of concrete bases to put up adopt-a-Km signs has prevented the highway verge from doing its job.

  10. This issue has become a political football and a case of white or near white vs black/poor vs privileged and a cause célèbre for people with an axe to grind.

    I have driven by this area several times and I never felt that it was dangerous, however if I was exiting from the Villages I may have a differing opinion as my sightline for incoming traffic may be obstructed by the vegetation present in the triangular area and I agree that this vegetation should be removed or scaled back to such an extent that it doesn’t present a problem for an exiting driver.
    As to the accident, if as reported the driver drove into the triangular area it is simply a case of “careless driving” it is unfortunate that a life was lost but careless driving is more or less the norm on local roads just observe the daily interactions on the highway or at any of the roundabouts.

    In the last few months there have been several vehicular accidents leading to deaths in Barbados what were the causes? One of these deaths occurred on the highway close to the area of this accident what caused it? Was it driver error? Excessive speed? Pedestrian error or act of God?

    I suspect that people know the answer to some of these questions but they have an attitude of que sera, sera.

  11. The illegal obstruction and protrusion as DEFINED by the authorities is a a clear danger to motorists, no amount of twisting words can change that, a caring government would have made sure it was removed years ago.

    Another reason this government should not see reelection.

    Some time ago bizzy jumped out in the newspapers because he wanted the dude from Jose y Jose locked up because according to him, you cannot break the law in Barbados and what the guy from Jose did, according to bizzy was illegal.

    So how the F Maloney breaking the island’s laws by erecting illegal structures and dangerous protrusions to cause loss of lives is so different…or is so much better…answer that you hypocrites.

    More the reason to put minorities in their place and continually expose the disgusting house negros who help them break the island’s laws without consequences.

  12. Two (presumed) wrongs do not make a right.

    The opinions, feelings, sentiments or wishes of lay persons is irrelevant. There are written, objective road engineering standards which should be followed. I assume (and this is where problems may lie) that these standards are part of the laws of Barbados with regard to the planning, design and building of roads and other public works .

    The Chief Technical Officer and the Deputy Chief Technical Officer of the Ministry of Transport and Works have expressed concern about the junction at Coverley. They have put their concerns in writing and communicated the same to the Chief Town Planner. This is a matter of fact not hearsay. To date I am not aware of any conflicting opinion by any other technical officer of Government to the opinions of the Transport and Works officials.

    Why hasn’t the Coverley junction been rebuilt to the presumed satisfaction i.e. in accordance with road engineering design standards of the officials of the Ministry of Transport and Works?


    Is it that the two officers of the Ministry of Transport and Works have been shown to be ignorant of, or unable to interpret the engineering design standards.


    That the application of such engineering standards is NOT mandatory in Barbados?


  13. Exactly Sargeant.

    There should be NO OBSTRUCTIONS in highway run-off areas.

    No lamp posts, no concrete signs, no palm trees, no concrete protrusions, no lawn maintenance vehicles, no coconut vendors.

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING capable of bringing a vehicle travelling at 80 Km/hr to a dead stop.

    Regardless of who put them there.

    If you travel from the airport to MIle & 1/4 you would be shocked at the amount of ‘official’ obstructions.

  14. Well let’s make it easy for all who think people like Maloney should get away with breaking laws, when the authorities remove the dangerous obstruction he built at the Coverley entrance, then he can petitition the authorities to remove all the “official” obstructions he thinks or knows are illegal….since it’s starting to sound as though because Maloney thinks “officials” have “illegal” obstructions in place, he had some right or entitlement to build one or more to kill people too…..

    One way or the other this shit of a few believing they are above the law, can do anything illegal and commit crimes at will while everyone else has to go to prison….. must end

  15. @ Ping Pong
    Look Boss…. you know the answer….

    Can a brass bowl ‘poppet’ give instructions to the chairman of the board of the holding company …that owns his Parliament?

    Can a slave – who has been bribed and paid for, INSTRUCT his master to do something?

    Skipper – it would be easier to change the LAWS to accommodate the wishes of the master and Chief puppeteer.
    It would not surprise Bushie to learn that this was the approach being taken….

  16. Why is it that people cannot realise that the Coverley triangle is far more dangerous than the Belle Junction.
    Look at the Coverley Junction and you will see the triangle is filled with various foliage that is blocking the view of vehicles on the straight and my cause the driver to swerve and due to the single lane traffic might caused the driver to dive head on into oncoming traffic. Also no reflective signage giving the driver early notification of that obstacle.

    However, the Belle Junction is two-way going east with a clear view of traffic existing with dual signage stating one going left and the other going straight.

    This obstacle need dressing back another 10 to 15 feet. Stop the rhetoric and deal with the issues.

  17. @ Ping Pong

    Some person’s with authority at MTW, OK the Coverley entrance. I have seen the same underhand action of allowing an ex-pat to build an illegal private road in and across a watercourse at Clarkes Rd St James.

  18. And those cretins who unofficially approved the Maloney death trap should be fired, whether they work at T&P, MTW or as government ministers, let them go work for Maloney at his and his master’s companies, see how long they last as long as they are not good little slaves.

  19. @ Tell me Why who wrote “Look at the Coverley Junction and you will see the triangle is filled with various foliage that is blocking the view of vehicles on the straight” .

    They could replace the ” foliage ” with gravel or sand and ensure a clear view for all drivers.

    They could also install road reflectors.


  20. We have several issues at play here:

    There is one of a standard approach to highway design because the protrusion at Belle is the same as Coverley.

    There is the communication made public that key government agencies/officers deem the construction illegal.

    There is whether the contractor has any rights under the law to have ignored the above.

  21. And there is no time like the present to deal with these issues that have been obviously deliberately ignored by this uncaring of the people’s feelings and the island’s laws …government for years.

    why dont this government want to deal with these issues that were ongoing long before the child’s death.

    how can they expect an electorate to reelect them if they ignore important issues such as these.

    There is no trying to argue that the protrusion is safe and should be there, there is no reason for motorists to feel unsafe because of some idiot’s ego trying to show he controls lowly government ministers and is above the law.

    “BRSA joins calls to remove structure at entrance to Villages at Coverley

    Article by
    Marlon Madden Published on
    April 5, 2018
    Mr Stuart, take down this wall!
    This is the strong message being sent to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in his capacity as the minister responsible for town planning, and the Town & Country Planning Division regarding the structure at the entrance to the Villages at Coverley along the Adams section of the ABC Highway.

    The latest to join the chorus of criticism is the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA), which is throwing its support behind the African Heritage Foundation (AHF), which has set out on a mission to have the “illegal” construction removed.

    “If no permission was given for that protrusion, why was the developer allowed to put it up? Why was it allowed?” BRSA President Sharmane Roland-Bowen asked.

    “No one should be above the law. We need to look at our principles and standards that we are setting. Why are we allowing persons of wealth to be above the law and above the safety of Barbadians and road users?” she added.

    The extension has long been a bone of contention between Mark Maloney, the Villages developer, and Town & Country Planning, which argued that it was dangerous.’

  22. And it would be wonderful to see this at the head of the list causing the useless government to lose the election because of the nasty stunt one of the malicious ministers pulled pushing the file in front of the government selected DPP to charge the mother in a bid to absolve Maloney, that is what happens when you are too stupid for your own or anyone else’s good.

    The protusion and obstruction at Coverley entrance is still there and it’s still illegal.

  23. @David
    There is one of a standard approach to highway design because the protrusion at Belle is the same as Coverley.
    There is the communication made public that key government agencies/officers deem the construction illegal.
    They are the same except for the foliage but the bureaucrats deem one illegal and they haven’t had to make a judgement on the other. Remove the foliage and show them both to an unbiased observer and they won’t be able to tell the difference but this is Barbados and emotion always seem to override reason.

  24. @ Sargeant,

    If the “Coverly” structure is illegal it could be removed and “safety of the intersection improved.


  25. Sargeant and Hants:
    Moving the foliage and replacing with gravel will not solve the problem. Firstly, Coverley is a single carriage and any error can be fatal. However, the Belle junction is a double carriage way with a clear view of the turn-off and the exist. Stop the excuses and do the right thing. Place the junction further within the Coverley premises.

    • @Tell me Why

      What happens if two cars are travelling side by side on the Belle stretch? Stop finding excused for double standards.

      If a civic minded citizen rents a power saw from Rent-a-tool and cut the foliage down, who will bring charges? – the government or management of Coverley. The incident would have occurred in the road reserve afterall.

  26. @Enuff

    Enough with those succinct remarks, tell me what’s wrong with it and why there is more than one. Did someone screw up twice or did they screw up multiple times?

  27. It’s really very simple. Maloney is above the law. He gets whatever he wants from this crooked bunch, including unlimited protection. The individual in charge of Planning is an inept, ineffectual waste of time and space, exactly the sort of weakling a man like Maloney can wind round his little finger, and does.

    Stuart is personally responsible for the ridiculous and embarrassing circus we are now witnessing on the election front and the continuing slide into economic oblivion. At the very least, his tenure of the highest office in the land should forever be associated with the worst period in Barbados’ post independence history. At best, he and a number of his crooked colleagues and ‘pals’ should face the law courts as soon as possible after the election.

  28. Sargeant

    Calm down. I simply said that design was not the sole determining factor. I ain’t no engineer, at the end of the day the structure illegal and should be RH removed.

    • @enuff

      You are directing your ire at who? The TP for not acting? The citizenry for not exerting the advocacy required and which the democracy affords? It cant be the offender!

  29. I have used that turn off into and out of the Belle many times, never had problems with line of sight or navigation, so obviously those two islands are nothing alike, there is no wall or dangerous turn to cause loss control, no protrusion long ènough to have to ride up on, the road is wide enough for a large SUV or truck to maneuver….with space left over ….there is no comparison.

  30. All the Maloney supporters who have no problem aiding in his illegal actions against bajans because he has no respect for ministers whom he bribes and authorities on the island…..when the illegal structure is finally removed, all yall gotta do is go rebuild it….no need to make a fuss.

  31. David: Where in my submission can you find any double standard. I keep stating that it should be removed. You should be looking at Hants and Sergeant who are defending Coverley obstruction.

  32. @TMW
    Where did you get the idea that I was defending any obstruction? I said if the shrubbery and the trees were removed from Coverley it would mirror the junction at the Belle.

  33. The main problem with this blog is the presumption that non-experts are equipped to pass judgement on a matter on which experts have already made authoritative reports and mandated legally enforceable corrective actions which have been studiously ignored with no apparent punitive or corrective action taken.

    Two pictures of the Coverly junction contrasted with two similar pictures of the Belle junction cannot be a sufficient basis to definitively conclude that one junction is properly designed while the other’s design is improper or inadequate. They could give some basis for arguably concluding that one is better than the other from a layman’s standpoint but cannot be definitive.

    The problem might not be the design per se as related to what can be seen in two dimensional pictures but rather the actual dimensions of the roads and the implementation of several aspects of the design including the offending foliage and scaling of the entrance and exits for a “high” speed single carriageway road as contrasted with a divided carriageway 2 lane road.

    Why wunnah tink dat de qualified Government Road Engineers here don’t have a clue? Dee real problem here is dat, after de government agencies had condemned the Coverly design de big man refused to take the corrective action indicated and nobody couldn’t take any action against him.

    This blog, despite the initial protestation, is merely some sort of straw man whose unwitting effect would appear to be to take some flak off of the Coverly developer. The facts in the public domain says uneeringly that the two designs are different despite whatever the four pictures may purport to show.

  34. ……. ,, the two designs could not be the same as if they were and only related to the shrubbery it should have been an easy correction to remove that shrubbery. Instead, the shrubbery remains there to this day. Surely this could only be that someone is making a point that the two designs are the same and the government engineers and CTP were wrong in not approving the Coverly design, and perhaps that his design could not have been responsible for any accidents, fatal or otherwise, at the junction.

    • Whether one takes a position for or against the blog it serves to satisfy the same objective, position the Coverley matter at the top of the pile for public discussion.

  35. David
    I ain’t condemning Maloney at all. I am, however, questioning the robustness of determining the suitability of the design of the Coverley entrance based purely on its similarity to the one at the Belle. As usual the laymen are trivialising professional opinions, transport engineering in this case, by comparing the difference in foilage as if it’s a painting. The entrance was opposed long before the silly season. One of our biggest problems in Buhbaduss is that everyone feels he/she is an expert on everything.

    • @enuff

      Are you sure? The problem is that we don’t have credible opinions information coming from the professionals. Of late we have had BAPE making noises. These Association of Professionals are as effective as their leaders.

  36. @Enuff
    As usual the laymen are trivialising professional opinions
    Isn’t that what BU is about? The home of second guessers, Monday morning quarterbacks, one or two psychos and a quack or two? (don’t ask me to name them). The problem with the professionals is that most of them are compromised and their opinions can be bought, politicised or emotionally manipulated.

    BTW can you tell us your profession so we know which of your opinions we can treat as gospel?

  37. Sargeant

    In this instance the opposite has actually happened, with the action of the professionals indicating that they have not been compromised. Regarding my sermons, you are free to put me in the quack category.

  38. I wonder if the offshore financial industry in Barbados uses a new Cuba clause, saying that an international trust or IBC will automatically relocate if the DLP wins a 3rd term.

    However the damage is already done. Sagicore left. FCIB will be sold very soon. The Canadians start to leave Barbados, other partners will follow.

    Which country will fill the gap? The Guyanese, the new Saudi Arabians of the Caribbean, will take over most of the Canadian and local business from 2020 on. Very soon, Barbadian children will learn Hindi as new second language in school and will learn to love the Guyanese way of live. Many bright Barbadians already emigrated to Guyana in search for a better future.

  39. In 1978 a BLP minister Lindsay Bolden said the speed limit of 30 mph was a “joke” and upped it to 60 kph.Observe that with the proliferation of vehicles on the roads and highways there have been a significant increase in serious accidents unfortunately including that same Minister himself.It would appear to me that it would make sense to have a relook at this 80 kph because it is contributing to madness on the roads.Daily I encounter mad persons driving on public roads named highways 1-7 like they are on Bushy Park circuit. There is no need for 80 kph.Where there are jersey barriers the limit should be 60 kph.Where there are no jersey barriers the limit should be 45 kph.There is too much madness on our roads and the truckers,busmen and the young brigade are some of the biggest offenders.

  40. The track between Walcott and Niles is good enough for 160 kph. However, the quality of the asphalt is quite poor and most of Barbadian drivers too slow.

  41. Have you all really looked at the stupidity at Warrens roundabout? I am referring to the entrance and exit to H&B Hardware and Williams Industries etc. There is a one way lane to enter below the roundabout but it is forbidden to use that same road to exit, that is so much safer than the roundabout. At the roundabout one has to risk life and limb to exit. Bizzy has asked the town planning dept for permission to allow traffic to exit the road below the round about yet they keep refusing. I can’t for the life of me understand why this is so. My heart is in my mouth whenever I have to enter and exit from the roundabout, a scene to many accidents. It is so much easier to use the road below. The planners do care if their decisions make sense or not and are not interested in making our roads and highways safe.

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