The Yugge Farrell Story and the Rh Abuse of Political POWER and the ASYLUM!

Yugge Farrell

There is the interesting case of a Vincentian woman by the name of Yugge Farrell who was sent to the psychiatric hospitable on 5 January 2018 to undergo two weeks evaluation because she reportedly ‘cuss’ Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, the wife of Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves.

The backlink to the story- Yugge reportedly had a fling with Camillo Gonsalves, the son of the Prime Minister and the tentacles of political power appears to have exerted some influence on how Yugge Farrell’s matter is being treated by the St. Vincent court. Not only was she ferreted to the mental institution with haste, it is reported that a cocktail of drugs were administered to her without any logical basis for doing so.

The case has galvanized the support of women across the Caribbean to what they see as an injustice against a young woman whose only ‘crime’ is that she ‘cuss’ a prominent politician’s wife after giving her husband ‘piece’. Social media is plastered with several ‘muscular’ stories about the tryst gone south. The bottomline is that it appears Ralphie and the Gonsales family have seen the weight of their dynasty- whether by accident or design-  influencing how Yugge has been treated to date.

People everywhere are pleased to learn that Yugge was granted bail today and her case scheduled for 17 December 2018.

The BU household adds our ‘voice of concern’ to what seems on the surface to be a prominent family in St Vincent making life hell for the former Caribbean Top Model. We have no doubt that Ralphie and family in the wake of the wide support Yugge has been receiving will step back from this matter and hope that it fades. We hope not!

The other angle to the story which concerns BU has to do with the haste regular citizens are often carted off to mental institutions under instructions from our courts. Courts are responsible for dispensing JUSTICE. As if the stigma of being forced to enter a psychiatric institution is not enough, there are the drugs which are administered that always seem to forever alter the behaviour of the ‘victim’. It appears anyone that is charged with an anti social behaviour have to appear in our courts, our magistrates see as the only recourse available as subjecting them to a psychiatric evaluation. While on the service this is not the worse thing that can occur, why the Rh they have to administer drugs? Some one needs to investigate!

We hope that in the din being raised by the feminists groups and those with the women’s agenda, the other side of this story is not smothered read the RH abuse of the ASYLUM!

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  • “FYI Vincentians are simple people, I HAVE RELATIVES THERE, they are not boastful and braggart as Bajans, they LEAD very simple lives, they do not PRETEND to be WHAT THEY ARE NOT…that is BEING SIMPLE and COMFORTABLE with what they got, no matter how little.”

    “…….keeping a population poorly educated AND SIMPLEMINDED for 2 generations and continuing so they are only mentally capable of keeping one political party in power, acquiescing only to the wishes of their tormentors or be branded mentally insane and removed from the island, while consistently under siege…”

    Perhaps you came to this conclusion based on your assessment of the relatives you have living there.

    Uh lie???

    But………how does being “kept poorly educated and simpleminded,” “acquiescing only to the wishes of their tormentors or be branded mentally insane and removed from the island, while consistently under siege…”

    …….become a PROBLEM,

    ………when according to you, Vincentians are “simple and comfortable with what they got?”

    You are definitely an enigma.


  • As I mentioned previously, I am a regular visitor to SVG and have built excellent friendships with Vincentians.

    You mentioning Gonsalves “keeping a population poorly educated and simple minded” is a blatant untruth and another unfortunate comment, because I KNOW for a FACT that Vincentians are among the most educated people in the Caribbean.

    But then again……..perhaps you made that ASSUMPTION based on your ASSESSMENT of the RELATIVES you have there.

    Additionally, mentioning removing people from the island is another shiite comment.

    Known Cuban sympathizers Commissiong, David Denny and other “Cubans” had hell trying to get Cuban Raul Garcia accepted in Cuba.

    But Ralph Gonsalves is so close to the Cuban government that he could remove Vincentians from the island “willy nilly” and “export” them to Cuba…

    ……..WITHOUT drawing the attention and protests of the individual’s relatives, Opposition parties, SVG Human Rights organizations and other special interest groups.


    Honestly, there are occasions when you post “top of the shelf” contributions.

    However, I believe there are times you contribute to BU just for the sake of contributing.

    Your contributions to this topic is one of those occasions.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Dr. Artax…that comment you made makes no sense and is definitely not worth answering, try again…I repeat, this time, read very slowly.

    I will even help you along, aren’t the people of St. John swimming in poverty and have been for the lastv40 years they have been political yardfowls and supporters of the DLP government, hopefully they are not as physically or mentally abused as Vincentians, though I understand the disgusting Mara Thompson took sadistic pleasure in verbally abusing them everyday she has been their representative……and yet, and yet……………

    Well x Gonzales by 50 times + mental and physical human rights violations and abuse…..

    …….you can fill in the blanks….read slowly and digest the information, pretend it’s someone other than me wrote it.

    “I would feel real foolish if my daddy or mummy had to organize a pick for me. I would feel less than the real, real man that I am.”

    That is bad enough, but when those arrangements are made by a sitting prime minister as in the case of St. Vincent for his son to actively engage while he is still prime minister and take over to continue into new decades the environment of fear, rape of women, intimidation of the population, keepig a population poorly educated AND SIMPLEMINDED for 2 generations and continuing so they are only mentally capable of keepig one political party in power, acquiesceing only to the wishes of their tormentors or be branded mentally insane and removed from the island, while consistently under seige…then you have entered the realm of criminal physical and mental human abuse….which should now have the full attention of international human rights bodies worldwide, because it did not just start happening, it has been ongoing for years.

    And has become a matter that has to be addressed in case it is happening in varying degrees in other islands as well and no one knows….we already know the issues in Barbados, a far more enlightened society in comparison to some other islands I know, particularly since the advent of blogging…

    …although the same thing can happen at any time with a cadre of stupid political followers and yardfowls infesting there and other islands, which makes for a vulnerable population and society to be manipulated and abused by any evil government, at any given time..that has the intent.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    All you are trying to project on BU….you are not Vincentian and never will be, my connection to St. Vincentian is matriarchal and always will be…

    ..the members of the human rights group working to free Vincentians from the Gonzales tyrant are Vincentians…

    …..the people making online videos to let the world know what is happening…are Vincentians..

    ….you are not and never will be, visiting a country a couple times a year….does not make you expert at anything…..YOU ARE A VISITOR.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    So….what plans do you have to fight violations and abuse of your human rights in Barbados by Adriel Nitwit and your government IN BARBADOS? With that Bill presented parliament two days ago.

    After all you ARE Barbadian….

    We got the back of the Vincentians….you need to worry about yours and your fellow Bajans’.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service


    Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service February 1, 2018 at 8:38 AM #
    Dr. Art… glad to see ya…i thought you would be coming with a plan this morning to help us stop Adriel Nitwit from violating your human rights in Barbados, saw you mention yesterday how scared you are of the new Bill and how scared you will be to go or pass in certain areas of the island that it appears are off limits to you anyway.

    so give us your brilliant solution for dealing with your government who are hellbent on abusing their powers and your rights.

    Gonzales now has a well deserved spotlight shining on him, that will never go away, or be forgotten.


  • Shiite…… it took you FOUR contributions NOT to REPLY directly to the CONTENT of my contribution.

    Firstly, I NEVER mentioned or TRIED “to project” that I’m a Vincentian and I know I’ll never be a Vincentian. If you interpret my mentioning I know the island well…… is me projecting to be Vincentian….then so be it.

    It would be very presumptuous of me to interpret your often references to things in the USA, AS THOUGH YOU LIVE THERE………as “all you trying to project on BU” you’re an American.

    Secondly, if your “connection to St. Vincent is matriarchal” was TRUE, knowing your modus operandi, you would have MENTIONED that form the ONSET and not “MAKE UP THINGS” and CHANGING your “stories” as the “discussion” goes by. Additionally, you would NOT have to RELY on the internet and troll social media sites for information on the island……… Just call a relative.

    Thirdly, I guess that you watching UNAUTHENTICATED videos posted online by a few Vincentians MAKES YOU AN EXPERT on the island….YOU ARE JUST A BLOG TROLL.

    My friend, to ACCEPT anything as being TRUTH and FACT, WITHOUT VERIFICATION, only because it COINCIDE with your agenda..……. is LUDICROUS…… is the HEIGHT of STUPIDITY.

    It’s like a Vincentian posting a video, for example, in which he said Gonsalves raped a pig. You will troll the internet….. post the video to BU as though you have “breaking news”…… ACCUSE Gonsalves of BESTIALITY and……… be ADAMANT video is TRUE because a Vincentian MADE it…….. and that your “connection to SVG is matriarchal.”

    But I cannot be RATIONAL and OBJECTIVE in my views about the video…….. simply because I’m a VISITOR to SVG.

    SMFH!!!! You could only be a young rabbit.

    Fourthly, if this inept DLP administration REFUSES to ACCEPT advice on economic policies from ALL and SUNDRY, INCLUDING members of their DLP………and even from BU…..resulting in the prevailing economic environment in Barbados……

    ………….do you really believe if I, similarly to you, post 100 contributions of similar content to that and every topic (seems as though you have a TEMPLATE), will FORCE the government to WITHDRAW the Bill?

    My “brilliant solution (and perhaps that of sensible thinking Barbadians) for dealing with (my) government who are hell bent on abusing their powers and (my) rights”…………

    ………….will be REVEALED on ELECTION DAY…… vote has the “FINAL SAY.”

    A WORD OF ADVICE……rather than JUMPING to IMMEDIATELY RESPOND to any comment………..FOCUS on REPLYING to the CONTENT of that comment and, MOST IMPORTANTLY…….

    ………….READ your PREVIOUS contributions FIRST.

    However, let us continue focusing on Yugge’s plight……..that is much more important than this tit for tat shiite.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I REPEAT. ..cause you obviously have a problem with comprehension.
    Dr. Artax…that comment you made makes no sense and is definitely not worth answering, try again…I repeat, this time, read very slowly.

    I will not answer your idiocy, you will know when you are being stupid, because I will not reply to your comments that make no sense.

    Just consider yourself fortunate, that unlike Vincentian’s that still have a 2 year wait, you go to the polls in months…

    ……so instead of having a viable plan to fight abuse and violation of your rights, you can just vote them out this time, but what about the next gang of ministers that opt to violate your rights early in the their tenure as your leaders?..

    .that is what should concern you the most.

    Ah have to separate my comments because you and a few others on here have a problem with basic comprehension even when the comments are short…imagine if it is long with plenty to read.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    And stop wasting your time with me, out of respect for my mother’s Vincentian heritage, ancestry and existing relatives on the island, I will no longer be discussing St, Vincent with you.

    This is me locking off completely from anyone who would enable, condone and try to cover up the many years of dumbing down of a population who do not deserve being abused by a tyrannical government whose salaries they have to pay.


  • Well Well etc

    Like it or not, Artax proved that you are very inconsistent in your comments. Each time you are caught lying you change your comments to cover your tracks.

    I also agree with him that you are lying about your mother is from St. Vincent, if she was, you would have mentioned it from the beginning and you would have not insulted her and your relatives by saying the island is a backward shit hole whose people are way too simple minded.

    And Artax used your own words to prove you lied each time you responded.

    I read all of your contributions and realized you wrote several untruths and changed up your stories.

    You hate being wrong and being challenged. I have to agree that you are a liar and a fraud, but people on BU are scared of you and won’t say.

    You write one thing in one contribution and when someone points out it is rubbish, you write something else.

    Another thing, is it necessary for you to comment on every post or make multiple responses to every critic? It makes you appear as being childish.

    By the way, Artax dismissed you in his last post, yet you want it to seem as though you dismissed him.

    You need to get a life.

    I await your abuse because being the child you are you can’t help responding.

    Prove me wrong.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “I also agree with him that you are lying about your mother is from St. Vincent, if she was, you would have mentioned it from the beginning”

    Now you are lying. …I said Vincentian heritage, I said ancestry…I never said my mother WAS FROM ST. VINCENT…and even if I did, I can mention it at anytime, there is no set time to mention anything, in case you are Artax in disguise with the bug up his ass trolling me as usual..and acting like an uninformed illiterate.

    You stupid people call speaking the truth insults…….. the people of St. John are just as SIMPLEMINDED voting for the same callous, uncaring DLP political party for 50 years who have relegated them to 1950s hardships and poverty……analyze that cause ya got a lot more to hear..

    ….. in case you have not noticed, no one escapes when it is time for the truth, you obviously overlooked the fact that I am no yardfowl for anyone and have no time to cover up evil actions done by anyone….especially shitstains with titles, that other shitstains like yaself admire.

    And you really do sound like Artax in your sentence structure….now you can gloat I did answer, hope you liked the answer.

    Focus on what the DLP is doing to you in Barbados.

    The Gonzales tyrants have finally been exposed, live with it….you cannot undo it…their comeuppance is on track.

    …. focus on the shit running in the streets of Barbados which you have to drive and walk through and smell.

    So many more important topics on BU and you spent and wasted days trying to undo what I said….NEWSFLASH…it cannot be undone, will never be undone….get over it.

    Now ….through no fault of their own, SIMPLEMINDED St. John people just like the vulnerable Vincentian people….has become the topic….my relation to Barbados is patriachal….you now have new material to work with….


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Constantly referring to yasef in the 3rd person…is a sign of mental illness…lol


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    And what really gave ya away…is the lack of comprehension thing in your very first sentence while you are pretending to be someone else……lol

    Inability to comprehend basic information written in front you, has obviously been a problem throughout your life.

    How much lower can you go.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    For Artax the Thomas Lynley impersonator…

    “Pachamama February 3, 2018 at 1:11 AM #
    In addition, it has become very popular here, on BU, to blame the people of Barbados for the failures of political management by those who are said to be the leaders, party leaders.”

    That right there applies to both the people of Barbados and St. Vincent.


  • I have never read such a load of uninformed twaddle. The ordinary citizen in SVG is being sent to the scrap heap. People are starving, kids are leaving school with no jobs available. But even if there were 40% of them are unemployable because of their lack of writing, reading and mathematical skills.

    Talking about SVG without direct living there knowledge simply produces written crap. The Marxist regime is in power because they stole the last 3 elections by election fraud and bribery. The ruling family have attempted to become a dynasty, so far with some success. Much of the political filth is introduced because of the closeness of the ruling family to Maduro and the Castro, idols of the leader.

    Ms Farrell is a tragic event whereby the courts, judiciary and mental health order has been misused.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    Finally….someone with direct knowledge of the demon Gonzales…

    finally…a blogger who is sane and understands the plight of the mentally and physically abused and horribly treated people of St. Vincent.


  • Well Well and your other name Simon

    No matter how much you rant and rave, the fact remains that you are one sick, deranged bastard, a habitual liar and fraud.

    And you can’t change that.

    As the old people used to say, a carpenter always talk about his trade. For a woman that is not trained in mental health, you know a lot about mental illness. Maybe you learn it from the doctors treating you over the years.

    You really need to grow up because you behave like a spoilt brat always confrontational and ready to fight. You can’t help it.

    A real little girl.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    the movement in place to get the parasitic Gonzales off the backs and out of the lives of Vincentians will succeed, because those who have been in the shadows for years fighting those demons by themselves, now have the backing, assistance and spotlight that matters…..worldwide attention.

    in saying that, we look forward to seeing the Gonzales dragged off the island to answer for their crimes….and all those ministers in his government who support the abuse of their own people, dragged off the island right along with him..

    …worst than them have been dragged up before the ICJ on human rights abuses, Gonzales and his gang are lightweights.


  • Theophilius Gazerts 261 (not related to Theo 260)

    I hay strugglin to ketch-up, but I saw sum brekking news by Artax
    Gonsalves rape a pig:-)
    Mih belly
    Yah killing muh
    Wuh ewe say? Dah was an example!
    Wuh you mean by example
    If it aint true he shouldn’t write it
    People like me out hay
    Don’t write bovine excrement


  • Theophilius Gazerts 261 (not related to Theo 260)

    Please note that you did not mention your father’s ancestry
    Don’t even bother mentioning now,
    It would be a lie since you did not mention it before
    The jokers out in full force


  • Theophilius Gazerts 261 (not related to Theo 260)

    Now I know that I am not strong on law, economic theory, IMF, devaluation, sewage control and other matters, but I thought I could make a sensible and serious contribution here. Now that I know that Vincentian heritage is a prerequisite to make comments, I will hold my peace.

    Wait a minute, I had a Vincentian girlfriend at one time…. Does that count?


  • Theophilius Gazerts 261 (not related to Theo 260)

    I can imagine a Bajan yardfowl on a Vincetian blog lambasting their political leadership, but wanting to treat Mia and Freundel as sacred cows…


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Thomas Lynley February 3, 2018 at 10:11 AM

    Look at the other side of the debating equation to see if you can strike a balance in your conclusion.

    Would you make a similar assessment of the state of mental health of Margaret Parsons following her sexual assault claims (and others who have made similar charges) against the Gonsalves Cosa Nostra of sexual pervasion?

    The same way the old people used to say that “a carpenter always talk about his trade” so too does a sexual pervert can’t keep his or her eyes and hands off other people’s private parts especially when the pervert is in position of power over their targeted victims.

    Does the name Harvey Weinstein ring a bell in your “myopic” ears?

    Just remember that the same “old people” also said that ‘what is in the (old) goat must be also in the kiddy’ and vice versa.

    “When li’l man (Little Ralph) put on big man (Big Ralph) pants ‘´e must tek wha’ he get.”


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    Theo…lol, but while good for entertainment previously, those jokers have now become obsessed and boring, while Barbados is falling down all around them.

    man…we of African heritage feel free to talk about Africa all the time, because of our African dont be shy…as it pertains to your Caribbean heritage.

    for decades i have known my ancestry and where everyone of my relatives, both close and distant have lived throughout the Caribbean, even the ones who have been in their graves over 50 years.

    went to a funeral for a close relative 8 years go, met about 200 cousins, half were children under 12, who would be young adults now, scattered across the Caribbean, we have been fortunate to know our Caribbean heritage.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    “When li’l man (Little Ralph) put on big man (Big Ralph) pants ‘´e must tek wha’ he get.”

    good one.


  • @Theophilius Gazerts 261 (not related to Theo 260) February 3, 2018 at 11:21 AM #
    I can imagine a Bajan yardfowl on a Vincetian blog lambasting their political leadership, but wanting to treat Mia and Freundel as sacred cows…

    I wouldn’t call Mia or Freundel cows, but I know for sure that they are not sacred.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Dr. Simple Simon February 3, 2018 at 1:49 PM

    So whose udders did Fumble refer to when he said the teats of the ‘milch’ cow were sore from too much sucking by the Bajan riffraff aka hoi polloi?

    Not his deceitful lying prolifically administration? Well, that makes him a cow even if a bull(y)ing one as two Bajan ‘bull-cows’ cannot produce a taxpaying heifer.

    For MAM, well, well, the opposite of a ‘sacred bull-cow’ got to be a succulent pussy cat to be ‘eaten’ in true Chinese ‘tomboy’ style.


  • Theophilius Gazerts 261

    I googled the young lady’s name, the last story was two days ago.
    Yesterday’s news.


  • Was the story ever about Yugge Farrell or about how an ensconced political elite abuses the system for personal gain.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    To get worldwide exposure and for people to sit up and pay attention, a catalyst is always needed, Yugge was that catalyst, one of many Yugge’s abused by the government, but they managed to use lies, their status and subterfuge to cover their years of abuse of power…

    ……..they could not cover up and lie about that one even though they already lined up many more Yugges in the wings for sexual use and abuse.

    They are repulsive and hopefullyblly in 2 years Vincentians will come to the realization that they can remove themselves from being the victims of Gonzales and his gang, by removing Gonzales and his gang…

    There is a reason why he wilfully keeps the population poorly educated and only conscious enough to keep returning him to power….

    …. he should really be in prison…in a perfect world he would be imprisoned for another 50 years to live out his evil life in a dark dungeon…far away from Vincentians. .


  • Theophilius Gazerts 261

    To me it was About Yugge Farrell. Let’s not pretend that we are now learning how things are in the Caribbean. It’s the Yugge Farrells of the world who acts like the canaries in the mines….
    (Wow.. miller is rubbing off on me)..


  • This incident about Yugge Farrell is just another symptom which exposes the warts of our small insular incestuous governance setups and how they are manipulated by the elite. Dont get tie up.


  • @David

    The sunlight shone on this case should be the best disinfectant but this is the Caribbean and St.Vincent in particular so the many damsels who were ushered into the Executive Office under the guise of interviewing for a “position” should remember that “missionary” is a position too.


  • That is low Sargeant!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    This is playing out in a behemoth…people are organizing, they asked for help and I gave them a mouthful… work with.

    YOU have to organize to fight these demons in YOUR parliaments, senates and congress

    YOU cannot let them win..

    YOU pay their salaries..

    With powers given to them by the people, the leaders ALL carry the potential to be monsters, demons and sexual sadists who have no compunction about brutalizing the people for sexual gratification and self enrichment. ..they been doing it for decades, everywhere.

    “Well, that’s a good start, but there’s a VERY LONG way to go to rid ourselves of the virulent cancer that is now, and has been, prevalent in our political system.

    However, the REAL problem is: In addition to just complaining, what do we actively and constructively DO about all this political corruption in our country?

    Obviously, we MUST GET OUT THE VOTE, BIG TIME, against them

    But, we need to get a concerted, viable plan to accomplish this. I think we need to start at the local levels in each of our respective cities, towns, suburban areas, etc.

    Many of us already possess valuable educational background and/or experience in organization, motivation and operation of people and causes.

    As we all acknowledge, the present corrupt government in our country has enormous financial and political power.

    However, we have enormous numbers of people to rally to our cause, which can certainly be a tremendous force to be reckoned with.

    We must take a lesson from France of the 1700’s and use our numbers and skills to overcome our own corrupt government.

    Now, let’s be perfectly clear. I’m absolutely NOT suggesting any type of violent overthrow of our government like that in the French Revolution.

    I merely use this to illustrate how people in a country having a corrupt government can ORGANIZE to overcome such corruption.

    Many political groups already exist here with their own goals to attempt much of what we need to accomplish. So, let’s put our heads together now and organize.

    Please give me any suggestions you may have.”


  • millertheanunnaki February 3, 2018 at 2:34 PM “So whose udders did Fumble refer to when he said the teats of the ‘milch’ cow were sore from too much sucking by the Bajan riffraff aka hoi polloi?”

    Freundel seems to have forgotten that he and the rest of the political class are the principal suckers on the breasts of the over burdened taxpayers of Barbados.



  • The Yugge matter has taken wings within the Region.Federalism is a sine qua non to introduce measures to ensure good governance


  • Theophilius Gazerts 263
  • Theophilius Gazerts 263

    I detect a slight bias towards the Gonsalves..


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    The purported abuse by the Gonzales Empire of the Caribbean Sun is disturbing for all of the aforestated reasons foremost of which being the alleged administration of medication to the incarcerated Ms Farrell.

    De ole man using purported and alleged causing I dun know dat DEM now got De cunstitutional power to search siege enter and arrest anybody whom dem suspect of sedition

    I remember when dat Depizza gal talk bout sedition and rant bout how people need hanging fuh exposing letter contents or something like that a few people here commented on her ravings.

    But if we examine the emerging patterns across the Caribbean Fugge’s matter mirrors the rampant abuse of powers across the judicial, legislative and administrative sectors.

    If what it purported to have happened in St Vincent is true then one can see how this parallels the attempted murder of the Blackett fellow from the pine and the other young man who impossibly hung himself with his pants from a hook 10 feet up a wall while under police custody and the commensurate cover up.

    Interestingly Andrew Pilgrim was also Nazzim Blackett’s lawyer during the attempted murder of the latter while in police custody. I wonder what happened in that young man’s case?

    What is so sad about these proliferating matters of flagrant abuse of constitutional rights etc is the noted absence of any serious Human Rights entities, organizations that are resident in our region after all these years of glaring infractions and blatant infelicities

    We have the numerous circumstances of purported rape by the minister, both clergy and parliamentarian, human rights violations of the poor man, abuse of dominant position, and all the other international qualifying indicators yet we as a people seem to lack the collective gravitas to command similar institutional mechanisms as a means of redress.

    Don’t these exist in first world countries. Why is that we have none?

    Can it be that Only Andrew Pilgrim or David Commisiong or Afra Raymond got balls?

    Let the records show that the ole man did not say that the ombudsman and his predecessors both local and regional, seem not to have these testicular organs but appeared to suc* the bal”s of the incumbent administrations in their respective jurisdictions


  • Theophilius Gazerts 256

    Do you all truly grasp how powerful those in authority are? From the time they put their hands on you, ‘your ass is grass’ (stole that).

    One minute you are a side chick or de horner opening your big ‘mout’; the next minute you are in an institution getting psychiatric medications…

    If you getting a little piece on the side tek it and keep your frigging mout shut….


  • Thanks for this link, although Kenton has to cloak his language it confirms what those of us on the ground are fully aware.


  • Do not underestimate the influence of the political class in these small islands.

    Camillo’s wife was begged to fill FSA top post – PM

    by Admin

    Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, wife of Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves was asked to fill the temporary void when the top job at the Financial Service Authority became vacant on Jan. 31, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says. There have been questions raised about Duncan-Gonsalves filling the post of executive director of a regulatory agency over which her husband […]

    Read more of this post


  • It’s abouse of power and freedom it has been part of human history even here in American the patriot act was abouse of power against Muslim minorities.


  • Theophilius Gazerts 256

    Conspiracy Theory
    What if Yugge is just the canary in the welll. A trial run by despots to see how far they can push the limit. IF what I read on Facebook is true, it seems as if the next person to be arrested and medicated will be a Bajan….


  • The old people did not go too far in school, but they were wise enough to teach us that “what in the old goat got to be in the kiddie”


  • Or in English:

    “The fruit does not fall too far from the tree”


  • Theophilius Gazerts 270

    Unable to fin an article about “Yugge” during the month of March


  • Yugge, they are turning you invisible.
    Not a peep
    Not a squeak,
    Your fifteen minutes of shame is over…


  • Yugge,
    I have not forgotten thee
    I hope you get your day in a good court


  • Theophilius Gazerts 443

    Oh Yugge, why Gonsalves and not me
    You are etched in my memory..

    Keep Yugge alive.


  • a theory which seems to be conspiracy
    What if Yugge is just the canary in the welll.


  • Yugge
    What became of thee
    One moment on the front page
    Next moment, obscurity
    Not even a memory
    Now I have just one conclusion
    Twas a figment of my imagination
    As if you never was


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    This is truly sad.

    From a number of perspectives.

    That a female citizen could incur the wrath of a political elite that would

    1.subvert a court system

    2.reach out and incarcerate a citizen

    3.craft that said citizen is put in a mental institution

    4.craft that said party be again committed to longer care at said institution

    5.extend said probation by way of the reach of the court to a year and another court date

    Yet, scum like David Come Sing a Song wants Grensda to leave the Privy Council and subject itself to this sort of filth?


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