The Yugge Farrell Story – Rh Abuse of Political POWER and the ASYLUM!

Yugge Farrell

There is the interesting case of a Vincentian woman by the name of Yugge Farrell who was sent to the psychiatric hospitable on 5 January 2018 to undergo two weeks evaluation because she reportedly ‘cuss’ Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, the wife of Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves.

The backlink to the story- Yugge reportedly had a fling with Camillo Gonsalves, the son of the Prime Minister and the tentacles of political power appears to have exerted some influence on how Yugge Farrell’s matter is being treated by the St. Vincent court. Not only was she ferreted to the mental institution with haste, it is reported that a cocktail of drugs were administered to her without any logical basis for doing so.

The case has galvanized the support of women across the Caribbean to what they see as an injustice against a young woman whose only ‘crime’ is that she ‘cuss’ a prominent politician’s wife after giving her husband ‘piece’. Social media is plastered with several ‘muscular’ stories about the tryst gone south. The bottomline is that it appears Ralphie and the Gonsales family have seen the weight of their dynasty- whether by accident or design-  influencing how Yugge has been treated to date.

People everywhere are pleased to learn that Yugge was granted bail today and her case scheduled for 17 December 2018.

The BU household adds our ‘voice of concern’ to what seems on the surface to be a prominent family in St Vincent making life hell for the former Caribbean Top Model. We have no doubt that Ralphie and family in the wake of the wide support Yugge has been receiving will step back from this matter and hope that it fades. We hope not!

The other angle to the story which concerns BU has to do with the haste regular citizens are often carted off to mental institutions under instructions from our courts. Courts are responsible for dispensing JUSTICE. As if the stigma of being forced to enter a psychiatric institution is not enough, there are the drugs which are administered that always seem to forever alter the behaviour of the ‘victim’. It appears anyone that is charged with an anti social behaviour have to appear in our courts, our magistrates see as the only recourse available as subjecting them to a psychiatric evaluation. While on the service this is not the worse thing that can occur, why the Rh they have to administer drugs? Some one needs to investigate!

We hope that in the din being raised by the feminists groups and those with the women’s agenda, the other side of this story is not smothered read the RH abuse of the ASYLUM!

Google ‘yugge farrell’


  • Piece the Legend

    I, Piece the Legend, will attempt to discuss these topics on Barbados Underground in a different way.

    De ole man therefore going periodically try to discuss a topic in a less emotive manner AND SEE EFFING DE SHEEPLE AND PEOPLE have the mental capacity to engage.

    Let me beging by speaking about Greta Thunberg.

    “…Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist on climate change whose campaigning has gained international recognition.

    Thunberg is known for her straightforward speaking manner, both in public and to political leaders and assemblies, in which she urges immediate action to address what she describes as the climate crisis.

    Thunberg first became known for her activism in August 2018 when, at age 15, she began spending her school days outside the Swedish parliament to campaign…”

    What is the relevance of Thunberg and this article about Thunberg?

    How does a 15 year old skyrocket to being a nominee for a Nobel Laureate award?

    And what is the pertinence here?

    The pertinence lies in the representation by or absence of women here on this Yugge Farrell matter!

    This subject matter, while it speaks to the abuse of Power and corruption sorry collusion within the Vincentian judicial system, speaks moreso to the abuse of women, IN ST VINCENT, BARBADOS, THE CARIBBEAN AND THE WORLD yet it does not attract many women to the fray WHO ARE PREPARED TO DISCUSS THE UNDERLYING ISSUES AND ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN.

    But the again Thunberg in a white woman AND DEM KNOWS WHO DEM IS

    Yugge is a beautiful black woman BUT WE WOMEN WOULD TINK SHE TOO BLACK AND FOR HER SENSUALITY, she gots to pay!

    And therefore only one or two women gine say anything LEST WE OFFEND COMRADE RALPH!


  • Yugge or Jahdatta, same person.


  • Googled the name and came up on some interesting comments .. It appears that for some who is telling the story is more important than t than the story itself. They did not comment on the veracity of your story…

    “Uhm, our prime minister isn’t called Ralph Gonzales. And iirc she wasn’t sent to the mental hospital for cussing the mother, she cussed the wife. Idk why you posted from some Bajan person’s blog when St. Vincent has its own news sources you can get the information from.”

    “Yh, I left out some letters in his name. Thanks so much for that. I posted the human rights blog that brought her story to the wide”r Caribbean. Idgaf about your local newspapers. Your PM is trash. What your country did to this girl is disgusting.”

    “Actually that blog DIDN’T bring it to the wider Caribbean’s attention, it got brought to the wider Caribbean’s attention because the opposition leader brought it up in parliament many times (and even walked out at one point) and other supporters had protests both locally and internationally, with some of them protesting in front of the embassies SVG New York and Toronto and also in front of the national cruise ship berth in peak tourist season. And you should give a fuck about the papers because the one I posted is an independent one that covered the whole saga from beginning to end. My country didn’t do shit to her, her man did. Rest assured every single country has their own drama with politicians and women, it’s not exclusive to St. Vincent.”

    ‘”And still, most of us didn’t know. You have no concern about this girl. Just trying to defend your trash government’s honour. That’s sad. This blog is how I learnt about the story. Tropixs and other Caribbean blogs referred to this article in the past month bringing most ppl’s attention to it. Not your trash newspapers.

    Deal with it! That pig of a man is still your PM and his shit son is still in government. Foh!”


  • Barbados Underground never laid claim to being the first with this story. Like many in traditional and social media when Yugge tryst with Gonsalves came to public it garnered wide interest across the Caribbean.



  • Some of these jokers should thank blogs and others OUTSIDE of St. Vincent for highlighting this issue. The Yugge story is replicated across the Caribbean where powerful and prominent players abuse young people because of their less fortunate circumstances in life.


  • Have to thank yugge for learning about


  • How ironic that Ralphie came to power as a socialist, for the people and is clearly of the I am all powerful ilk.

    Typical of all the other despots that claimed to be for the people and turned out to be arrogant and only for self service.

    Quote Burnham to a colleague ”Socialism is for the masses, not the likes of you and me”.

    Replacing the colonial masters with other masters is all. Same way that the developing countries need to reject ALL colonisation.

    Accepting colonisation from the Far East over that from the West is just changing one master for another.

    Remember Errol Walton Barrow ”Friends of all, satellites of none”.

    Think on that.


  • I jus cant understand thus n there is no case towards the prime minister wife for this feminst group come on plz help her……


  • Piece the Prophet

    Every time I see this I young lady and read what those power brokers in St Vincent did with her, I am saddened.

    At one point Honourable Blogmaster I was wondering why you kept it up

    This Ralphie Saga is no different to the female mutilation saga in Barbados is it?

    But the question remains what are people going to do about it?


  • Perhaps I got the details of the female mutilation saga wrong. Did the alleged victim make a complaint? Was she frightened into silence? All I got was a lot of rumour. What did I miss?


  • Now here is a story I got from a trusted source, my brother. Once he met an acquaintance and told her she look as though she was living the good life. She knew he is not at all judgmental and so she asked him if he wanted to know why she was looking so good. She picked up her cell phone, dialed a number and low and behold an unmistakable voice quickly responded. Sweet nothings were whispered and an assignation was arranged. This took place long after rumours of manhandling” had been spread all over the island.

    I would be sorry for the first one, maybe sorry for the second but the third , fourth and fifth are damned well on their own!


  • @ Donna,

    Which woman in anti lesbian, anti lgtbq Barbados would make a complaint about this kind of activity ?

    However I don’t believe the rumour. You believe me Donna ?


  • Hants, the times they are a-changing. Most people I associate with and those with whom my son associates don’t give a rat’s botsy about lesbians and their affairs. Heck, even my father cares nothing about lesbians. Male homosexuals will find it a little more difficult because of the botsy business conjuring up unhygienic images but if you are flamboyant and unapologetic most people don’t bother you. They just enjoy the drama.

    The influence of the church is waning overall, many people do not go even to the bedroom policing churches and the remaining Anglicans have long had known homosexuals in their midst even in the choir stalls, with nary a negative whisper. We figure if God has access to the people’s bedroom whilst we would have to trespass and peep in, then He should be the one to deal with them if He is displeased.


  • Piece the Prophet

    This young lady is to be commended though

    What she has done is incredible!

    She has created an Indigenous Griot

    Leh de ole man explain what a Griot is

    “…The Griot profession has long been a part of West African culture.

    A Griot not only tells stories but is also to be the keeper of them…”

    Yugge has fashioned herself into a modern day Griot.

    She has become wise is fashioning a different response.

    If de ole man knew her I would tell her **

    I pray for her continued success.


  • @ Piece the Prophet,

    I did my usual ” research ” and Yugge Farrel the model has become Jahdatta the rapper.

    Gonzo junior and senior could regret tasting that molasses.

    I wish the young lady success.


  • Like

  • When are Barbadians going to march in support of the dead man, George Floyd.


  • Fiscal space as an economic concept has no definitive meaning. It is like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. The idea came out of the Bretton Woods organisations, part of the Washington Consensus. It is an underpinning of post-Keynesian economics.
    The reason the government has not sought to explain it is because it would have exposed the weakness of their arguments. BOSS can be described as a stream in the fiscal space concept. It is bad economic policy and forms part of the snake oil salesmanship that parades as economic policy by this government. Get Dr Greenidge (or anyone he suggests) to explain how a policy such as BOSS, which expands the government’s balance sheet, can also be its economic saviour.
    Here is a challenge: get the chairman to give you space to defend the concept and I will challenge it. Or, even better, get Dr Greenidge, the man the Cabinet praises for the idea, to explain it on BU, on a Webinar or on radio and I will oppose it.
    It is waffle, bogus, magic meant to hypnotise ordinary people..


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