The Twelve Bajan Principles

Submitted by the Clement Payne Movement, our  objective  is  to transform  BARBADOS  into :–

David Comissiong, Clement Payne Movement

(1) a conscious, self-aware society that is possessed of a deep and profound knowledge of its History ;

(2) a nation that — in light of its history of enslavement and colonialism– consciously regards itself as a Champion of  the dignity of Black or African people and of the interconnected principles and causes of human liberty and national sovereignty, and that exerts itself to promote, defend and foster these values all over the world;

(3) a society that is consciously organized to produce the most educationally and culturally advanced national population on this earth;

(4) a country whose national education system is designed not merely to nurture academic ability, but also to develop the capabilities of the people to feed themselves, clothe themselves, construct and maintain their own homes, engage in preventative health care, express and generate their own national culture, and to exhibit self-confidence and self-reliance in both thought and deed;

(5) a society in which the nation’s financial and capital resources are focused on the establishment and maintenance of institutions and programmes of educational, scientific, artistic, sports-based, and other forms of cultural and human development (inclusive of the provision of comprehensive health, housing and nutrition facilities and mechanisms) for the mass of the population rather than on individual conspicuous consumption, and  also on supporting and financing the entrepreneurial initiatives of the people;

(6) a highly productive society that strives to make the act of work so creative, meaningful and rewarding that productive work comes to be conceived of as the Citizen’s highest activity, and the productive worker comes to be regarded as the pre-eminent social hero and national “celebrity”;

(7) a country in which the fundamental national developmental policy is centred upon the notion of Barbadians assuming the primary responsibility for establishing, owning and running the productive enterprises of their own country, and basing such productive enterprises squarely upon the advanced educational, cultural and human development that the people of Barbados attain as a national population;

(8) a society in which the fundamental parameters and principles of national and governmental policy are set, maintained, policed and enforced by a politically conscious, aware and activist mass population (that truly understands and accepts the sacred Mission that their history has bequeathed to them), and that conceives of governmental administrations as mere temporary and limited trustees of the sovereign power of the people;

(9) a nation in which the eradication and avoidance of corruption and unearned privileged treatment in both the public and private spheres are regarded as  fundamental civic duties;

(10) a society that protects and fosters all positive facets of its unique national culture, with the understanding that by so doing it is creating a source of and a foundation for national self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance, and unity;

(11) a country that subscribes to the concept of the “Permanent Revolution”, in that the people come to conceive of “development” as  autonomous or self-driven movement, inclusive of the autonomous confronting and overcoming of obstacles, contradictions or problems by themselves, for themselves, and in their own unique manner; and

(12) a society in which the people understand that nothing will be given to them on a platter, and that in order to achieve the foregoing objectives they will have to exhibit self-belief and initiative, and engage in struggle and effort —  constantly sustained by a “spiritual” faith and optimism in an ultimate destiny that will see the triumph and reign of truth , justice , brotherhood, and beauty.

18 thoughts on “The Twelve Bajan Principles

  1. Lofty principles many of which we have embarked upon . We just need to be vigilant and adjust when necessary.

  2. The Democratic Republic of Bimuba. Wondering what ‘unearned/earned privileged treatment’ consists of?

  3. Bushie is all for dreams and for having a clear vision … but according to the management gurus, such vision must be ‘SMART’,

    Time specific

    These objectives completely fail the ‘achievable’ and ‘realistic’ measures.
    It is like a fellow who just inherited a stable of broken down work-jackasses dreaming of them winning a Gold Cup in the immediate future.

    Boss, Bajans are the products of 400 years of being systematically bred, socialised, brutalised and brainwashed into being the brass bowls that we currently are.

    Slaves were bred to be physically strong, but mentally weak, mendicant and “stupidy-stupidy”… this went on and on for CENTURIES.
    There was nowhere to run – until England after the war…. (but that was too late for Hal… )

    We now have what we have… a pathetic collection of former slaves, who still see themselves as slaves – and who actually RESENT any thoughts that they deserve better.

    The CURRENT vision of the Clement Payne Movement SHOULD be, (instead of that lotta shiite that is more suited for REAL REAL people) focused on just getting the brass bowls to WAKE UP and smell the damn coffee.

    The traitor Sir Cave Hilary started the process with gusto … but was soon captured by the enemy – who took him to a high hill and offered to make him lord of every thing that he could see…
    instead of telling them to kiss his a … oops… Bushie means “get thee behind me…”
    the man took the bait… and we back to square one…

    Why don’t you fill the vacancy? ….Man Come-and-sing-a-song…
    Renounce the lawyer shiite and become a bushman skippa…. Bushie suspects that you will be given a D9 Caterpillar – not a little shiite whacker like Bushie…

    LOL if David C stops being a lawyer, then the percentage of crooked lawyers will jump to 99.992%
    ha ha ha
    Bushie laugh – because the minister of fine ants cannot make head nor tail of that comment…
    ha ha ha ha

  4. Bushie

    If we were ever so-called we would want to be a Christian like you. We find all the rest igrunt slaves to foolishness. All of them!

    That is however more difficult than getting a camel through a needle’s eye. LOL

    Of course, your analysis is spot on, except.

    Maybe the specter of economic oblivion will jolt the still sleeping Afrikan within the Bajan to wake up and shake off the yoke of the last 500 years in this not so strange land.

    The Koran talks about a people, not the imposter Jews, being enslaved in such a strange land for 400 years.

    Of course, there is no evidence that the so-called Jews where in any strange land for 400 years. That has always been a provable lie. Kemet’s history is clear on this matter. A lie made up by the people who enslave Afrikan peoples in these here same islands. Thus the Jewish Synagogue of Satan in Barbados.

    Maybe we could start by burning the bible, most school books, most libraries.

    Maybe we can start by making it a national requirement for leaders to pass a different litmus test. A test consistent with the stated goal in the plan outlined above.

    Not the one that the 11-boys like Walter Blackman seeks. The one the duopoly locates centrally. That mindset and those reluctant to give it up should die for us to live as a free people.

  5. The Significance of the number 12.

    12 Principles, 12 DNA strands, 12 helixes.

    Though these concepts are of worthy note, the ultimate expression of human potential and development as an entity, a community, a nation or a global collective, lies in having the knowledge and understanding of WHAT MAN IS. which is concealed in the 12.
    REAL HISTORY has been withheld, it is imperative to assert that governance is an operative principle WITHIN.

    Mankind was never “designed” to be governed WITHOUT (externally) by a government.

    1.Historians in presenting their “recorded facts” are mostly interpretations/perspectives of experiences in the passage of time some designed to warp a future understanding, misguide hindsight by intent of that which is fact… in contrast, periods of history is recorded in time by those OF the time as a learning experience in their DNA, WHICH IS PASSED UNTO THEIR OFFSPRING. Governments has colluded to keep mankind subjugated by restricting their true expression of their 12 Stand DNA and 12 helixes by TOXINS found in food and water and well as quite recently in the air. Mankind has been operating on 2.
    HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF is a false narrative designed to keep you in the matrix.

    ” a nation that — in light of its history of enslavement and colonialism– consciously regards itself as a Champion of the dignity of Black or African people …”
    There is NOTHING to be proud of having being a people of enslavement and colonialism. Other ethnicities have experience the same, Had the Africans had gunpowder, history would have told a different story, though it is trying to resurface in pockets among defenseless peoples.
    Speak out about that.
    “a society that is consciously organized to produce the most educationally and culturally advanced national population on this earth..” if that education is…. other than the design to produce subservient graduates. Many a successful entrepreneur has no credentials.
    Concur. but look what is at work here, now at UWI. HOW MANY are being disenfranchised.
    speak to that.
    Concur, that is why we should gauge persons/entities by not what they say but by what they do. As a signatory to the UN and by extension its subsidiaries requests should be granted once valid reasons are submitted.
    Productivity comes when reward is justifiable, not under stress and duress, while watching employers lavish from their sweat and tears, rendering false narratives to support corruption and expansion.
    “Putting it squarely” is boxing it with no room for.. out of the box scenarios. Maritime Law states that ..anything within a box cannot be considered.
    Any National Governmental Policy MUST BE the reverberating voice of its electorate, not one that is devised by a selected few. It MUST contain that which the country requires.
    Of Policing, why is the gathering of fingerprints by the Certificate of Character for the BIOMETRIC SYSTEM still being allowed? Is this not an illegal forfeiture of ones personal property?….
    Speak to that.
    Integrity, cannot be compromised, its found in strength.
    Concur… lets start by outlawing Copyright. Born out of Hollywood to extort more than its fair share of the value of cultural and intellectual property.
    Why if I produced a piece of “cultural property” and SOLD it to you, having given up/relinquish my rights/ownership of that property to you, why then should I demand a royalty when you use the said property? if so then if you purchase a car, you too should pay royalties whenever you drive it, if a fridge,.. when you open it , a CD, A BOOK, a stove, garments….it is extortion.
    Speak to that.
    Any revolution (not by any means violent or unlawful) is never about self BUT FOR THE PEOPLE who suffer under the cloak of deception, camouflage agendas and corrupt practices. Fear not for that revolution has long begun, it is for those who know of their doings find their recluse in hidden caves still such time their are required or speak out….and
    Light is added to LIGHT that the crossbeams soften the lines and shadows……..

    enlightening comrade DC

  6. Is there the opportunity to merge number 4 with 5?

    There is a gap in education as it relates to the proper functioning of a technical vocational framework.

  7. “and that in order to achieve the foregoing objectives they will have to exhibit self-belief and initiative, and engage in struggle and effort —”

    I think all the struggles and struggling has already been paid, centuries worth of dues …and then some more post slavery, post independence, decades worth of dues paid in struggles and loss, disenfranchment and viciousness under a minority population enabled and condoned by dumb governments. ..for 51 years.

    This is not the day, age or era for majority Black populations to be struggling under anyone, because of anyone or for anything.

    The days of Black struggles and struggling should now be a thing of the past with our current era of enlightenment and growing mental strength. …..the struggles of yesterday should have paved the way for a smooth transition to future success devoid of struggles…..

    ….the struggling is long over, let the success manifest.

    …..there should be no eternal struggling for our children and grandchildren, it is becoming just an ugly a word as racism, racists, white supremacy and slavery currently are to those who can see worldwide..

    We already have something to work with that is growing strength by strength.

  8. On reflection, a better formulation of the SECOND PRINCIPLE would be :– (2) a nation that — in light of its history of experiencing , resisting, and surviving the most horrendous forms of enslavement and colonialism– consciously regards itself as a Champion of  the dignity of Black or African people and of the interconnected principles and causes of human liberty and national sovereignty, and that exerts itself to promote, defend and foster these values all over the world;

  9. @ DC
    in light of its history of experiencing , resisting, and surviving the most horrendous forms of enslavement and colonialism
    Boss….Take out the word ‘resisting’, and focus on principles 1 and 2, and you have Bushie’s 100% support.

    Furthermore, if you could achieve ONLY 25% success in this regard – then you AUTOMATICALLY become the most influential figure in Bajan history …. EVER.

    Additionally, if you should achieve even 20% success (get 1/5 of Bajans to come to RECOGNISE their true self-worth) then you don’t even have to bother about the other principles – because NUMEROUS other previously ASLEEP brass bowls will awaken and take up the mantle….

    You tend to dream TOO big sometimes…

    Start your lecture series SERIOUSLY … start POLISHING the brass bowls.
    Take your principled stands …. raise funds, form alliances, stage protests against political and other shiite…

    You may even be better at this – than Sir Cave had the potential to be… (but if Bushie says why, John will call him racist… 🙂 )

  10. @David Comissiong

    You had access to a wide audience when you were a moderator on the VoB talk show, what happened? This is an exellent avenue to educate and stoke good conversations.

  11. ` Take out the word ‘resisting’,

    Bushman….you just had to find and point out the one flaw that i was willing to overlook, only because of the small clusters of centuries old Black resistance that were very effective from time to time, but failed miserably overall, because of house negros, the worse enemies of the Black race.

  12. When you properly examine the history of Barbados, and recognize that it was on this little island that the British constructed the core of their colonial white supremacy power structure— not only perfecting their system of slavery-based production before transplanting it to larger territories such as Jamaica and South Carolina, but also establishing their St Ann’s fort and using Barbados as the Southern Caribbean location for the British Imperial army ( troops that were periodically shipped from Barbados to West Africa to destroy indigenous African nations and establish British rule in Africa )— one has to give credit to our ancestors for the extent to which they were able to resist. The reality is that they were up against a power structure much more formidable than any other Caribbean people had to face.

    DAVID– I have tried to get radio time on both CBC and Starcom– even offering to pay for it– and they were both unwilling. So I understand the games that are played.

    Recently the suggestion was made of going the route of an internet radio station. We will see.

    • That is strange because new station manager David Ellis has been on the radio pushing the message that once you pay the air time is available.

  13. When you properly examine the history of Barbados,
    Technically, you are correct. …..the odds were overwhelming.

    However when you properly examine the history of the WORLD, you will find that MANY peoples faced even greater challenges and – far from responding like poodles and laying down on their backs with their asses exposed to the bullies, REAL PEOPLE choose instead, to even die WITH THEIR DIGNITY – rather than to, not only live in shame, but ADOPT the very character and attitudes of the bullies and animals that terrorised them…. a kind of long-term Stockholm Syndrome.

    Your standards for interpreting the term ‘resisting’, in Bushie’s humble opinion, begs review.

    Forget the traditional media outlets…. those days are over.
    Social media is EVERYTHING …. ask Ayisha…. indeed, hire a YOUNG media consultant to guide your social media outlets.

    Share your ideas with David on a regular basis, (he does wonders – believe it!!) and start your own blog – You will be SHOCKED at the responses you will get (most negative, but that is a CLEAR sign that you are on the right track).

    In any event, Bushie will be sure to pass the whacker over any of your outputs from time to time…

    • Agree with you Bush Tea, he has a brand. He is received has intelligent by the audience even if some do not agree with his views.

  14. @ Pacha
    If we were ever so-called we would want to be a Christian like you. We find all the rest igrunt slaves to foolishness. All of them!
    Like stinking Bushie??!!

    Boss, if you are ever ‘called’ you will make the ‘Saul – Paul’ transformation look like ordinary metamorphosis.
    You don’t seem to get it… Bushie ain’t no fancy christian boss…
    Bushie is a little shiitehound who got adopted…. FULL STOP.
    No big brain, no airs, no high expectations… like you and Jeff C

    Bushie cannot even UNDERSTAND dem Christians…. far less claim to be one…
    How the hell can someone be a ‘christian’ and poor as shiite? ….when God RICH?
    How can you be a christian and always sick? …. when God heals?
    …and how can someone be a ‘christian’… and keep on DOING THE same shiite – when the RESULTS demonstrate – over and over – that God ain’t paying them no mind?

    Not stinking Bushie.

    Fortunately, Bushie’s donkey got adopted; a whacker was presented; and the bushman has been ‘licking cork’ ever since….. sweet as shiite boss…
    Cup runneth over….
    CLEARLY goodness and mercy follows the Bushman all the days of his (sweet) life…
    …and who don’t like um could lump um
    …cause NOT A BOY can touch BBE’s anointed…

    ha ha ha
    Not even Enuff.

    As man though Pacha…
    If you see a REAL bright flash ….and even go blind for a while –
    DON’T panic…
    Matters fixing…

    We will change your blogging name from Pachamamma to Whackamamma…
    ha ha ha

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