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It has been reported that the sewage problem in Worthing is beyond the technical capabilities of the Barbados Water Authority.  The evidence suggests that that may be so.  However, it is not beyond the technical capability of Barbados. The reason why the problem is allowed to exist is essentially a management problem, and therein lies the solution.

Seeking outside assistance is the responsible thing to do, but only after properly managing the local expertise on this matter.  The problem is not a lack of technical knowledge.  But rather, the management of this knowledge.  Let me explain.

The Auditor General regularly complains about the poor management of statutory corporations, especially in their continual failure to provide audited accounts.  Can members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados complete the accounts?  Of course they can.  The main problem is that Barbados’ resources are being poorly managed.  Is the solution to deem all local accountants not sufficiently competent and invite accounting companies from the US and China to perform the audits?  Of course not.

The Caribbean Court of Justice regularly complains about the poor management of Barbados’ court system.  Can members of the Bar Association and management consultants improve the system?  Of course they can.  But our national resources are being very poorly managed.  How would members of the local Bar Association feel if the Government invited lawyers from the US and China to displace them, and show them how it should be done?

The sewage in the streets of Worthing is evidence enough of bad management.  Can Environmental Engineers in the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers solve this problem?  Of course they can, but our national resources are being very poorly managed.  The management of our public services is so far beyond redemption that not even raw sewage regularly flowing along the streets of Worthing, for over one year, can get them to improve.

In order to provide quick relief, we offered to train all Board members and Chief Executive Officers of our statutory corporations in the customer-focused ISO 9001 quality management system.  We promised them that after 2 hours of free training, they would have both the knowledge and confidence to implement the system in their organisation the following day.

Their sacrifice of 2 hours being trained was to provide almost immediate relief to their frustrated employees and the long-suffering public.  To their utter shame, not one board member or CEO attended.  Therefore, relief from sub-standard public services must be tolerated a bit more until a Solutions Barbados administration.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at

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  1. Dr. Hugh Sealy is “a professional engineer and an environmental scientist. He has managed development projects, particularly in relation to energy, integrated solid waste management, water supply, wastewater treatment and conducted numerous EIAs and environmental studies throughout the Caribbean region.”

    Clearly he is an expert in this field.

    He is living next door in Grenada.

    Why did this inept DLP administration not think about soliciting his expertise?

  2. Lawson…have you ever smelled the areas down by Sandy Lane and Divi Hotel down Sunset Crest…lordee….and that is before they remove the waste..

    So have you ever smelled it when the waste truck is removing all that solid waste from the hotels…lordee…that is tourist shit for sure. .make sure you are never in that area.

    I never checked it out, but I dont think they even have staycations…so it is definitely not local stench.

  3. One should be cautious of any thing that is written in the Nation since the nation has a need to be goaded by political lenses and has proven as of recent that their reporting on certain matters cannot be trusted

  4. Bushie. I promise myself not respond to shifty characters with two mouths. I am not afraid of intimidatory language from you or closet yardfowls
    You are smart enough to know that a serious situation like what’s happening on the South Coast cannot be solve with a 2-hour classroom training in relation to ISO-9001. This is an emergency that needs to be tackle by knowledgeable professional to see where the blockage(s) are located. We are looking at a combusionary situation of pure shit escaping if suddenly released that will bring solids unto the surface. This is a commonsense thing if shit that is on its way to the plant and a blockage occur, business hook up to the system will increase the blockage and the sewage plus household and rain water will look for an escape route – that’s why the effluent is escaping through these manholes. BTW. It is a fact that only sewage coming from the western side (Bay Street to Worthing) is being compromised.
    Bushie, this should not be a political arena to place blame, this is where everyone should come together to tackle this national problem. For your information, I have upgraded to a bulldozer instead of a whacker. I have no time to practice yardfowlism.

  5. The amount of shiite that keeps flowing from that yard-fowl into this forum on a daily basis…………

    ………….. ac = south coast sewage project.

  6. However i would prefer to listen to the relevant authorities who have a close and upfront day to day contact as to what are the problems at the plant and as to why they are taking several necessary precautions.

  7. ac

    Can you comment in the problem with the wrong pumps being ordered? Please tell me how it is BWA technical staff recommended buying 4 no. replacement pumps (same brand and model) as originally designed for the SCT plant but Barbados Tourism Inc and Minister Sealy decided to buy 4 no. completely different pumps?

    You know that after millions spent on 4 new pumps, only two have been installed and the other two have not been installed because BWA now recognises that the ones ordered are WRONG WRONG WRONG

  8. What has also been clear is after govt walk through of the affected area .The residents of that area seems satisfied with govt explanations
    However what is also clear is that the blp yardfowls that frequent Bu only interest is that of scoring cheap political points

  9. Dumb as rocks..

    Talking about some fake letter…but the shit flowing on the streets IS REAL SHIT….idiot.

  10. What really ticks me off is I rented 3 condos on the south coast for later in the winter and not one of the owners mentioned an issue, you would think they would at least mention then downplay it but no I guess the plan is to denying they heard about it or hope it is fixed. This is what piss’s tourists off being treated as suckers not by dlp or blp but hotel and apt owners

  11. lawson ya beginning to sound like HA. You didn’t know for months now there had been issues? You expekking the owners are going to be warning you?

  12. Why do you try to mislead this forum by constantly contributing lies?

    When did the “government walked through the affected area?”

    If “the residents of that area seemed satisfied with govt explanations,” why are they STILL COMPLAINING and saying the “sewage nightmare” has become worse?

    Rather than fix the sewage problem when it first surfaced, Richard Sealy down-played the issue by swimming in Worthing’s beach.

  13. @Lets us not remember

    I would suggest that if you have factual information as to your concern forward your concern to the govt official in charge of dealing with such issues
    On the othet hand if your information was sourced or given by person /s directly in contact with the problem then in all due respect you should ask them for an answer

  14. Compliments of ac on this thread alone
    ‘What has also been clear’…’what is also clear’….’The truth being’….’One thing that is factual’…’The fact being’…..’Facts are facts’
    Armed with this clarity, truth and facts…..just fix de effing issue.
    #UpDeTing #RingDeBell

  15. Artax as an individual so deep in the corrupt bowels of the opposition i would not expect you to appreciate any kind of positive news be it small or large that lends itself to the issue.

  16. observer I found out in your paper after I came back in aug, three of my kids had gotten something in the gap from the standing water that was there for days and you could not avoid walking through it, so something seemed different in the area . I feel even sorrier now for the guy net fishing in the water at the old police station pulling out 7 pounders to eat .. But this really isnt about me I would have booked anyway because I am far enough away from worthing and can drive to restaurants but it is about the people who are not aware and rent in the area affected

  17. The letter on trip advisor contents were a mischievous and blantant attempt to destry the blood line of barbados economy. Howeve the letter rivals in similarity to the photo of a house which was plastered all over social media and deemed to be owned by Sinckler
    It is hard not to recognze the desperation of the political Johnny having contents laden with angst and not seeping from that letter

  18. After all of that….the streets are still shit strewn.

    I refused to drive up the south coast, dont want shit on my tires.

    ..dont want shit on my shoes.

    Dont want to smell shit.

  19. @ David,

    Do you remember when I wrote ” Barbados is a nasty stinking place ” because of the garbage on the streets and the pissy smells in Bridgetown ?

    Now I will rephrase.

    Barbados is a nasty stinking SHITTY place.


    There are times when you have to shout.

    • @Hants

      You, Miller and a few others have been begging for the place to be powerwashed for years, we dont need a tourist or whoever to write a note. Drive around Barbados today and observe weeks of garbage in some hoods to be collected.


  20. @ ac

    What proof do you have to substantiate your accusation that I’m an “individual so deep in the corrupt bowels of the opposition?”

    I hope you’re cognizant of the fact that members the DLP have also proven to be corrupt as well.

    After all……….. how you describe the actions of a minister that outsource repairs from a statutory corporation under his “jurisdiction,” to a company and is subsequently seen driving a vehicle owned by that company, under the guise he leased it?


  21. The BLP will surely tell Barbados how they will deal with the garbage and sewerage problems when the are elected.

    We probably have to wait for elections to be called to hear from the BLP.

  22. Bro Artax your best bet would not to draw the corruption card if i were you! as of now the leader of the opposition which you dutifully swears allegiance has scurrilous allegations lodged against her in the courts some of which can be associated to corruption and wrong doings.
    If i were you i would stick to the issue at hand and not be a bon a fide defensive lap dog for the b lp

  23. Btw David does it not bother u that an unkniwn source would dip into poison pen language to sabatoge the economy . Doesnt that type of fowl even bothers you a bit

  24. ac December 12, 2017 at 4:26 PM #

    “Bro Artax your best bet would not to draw the corruption card if I were you! as of now the leader of the opposition which you dutifully swear allegiance…”

    @ ac

    Once again I’m going to ask you to please present to BU any proof you have to substantiate your accusation that I “swore allegiance to the opposition.”

  25. bro i do not have to prevent proof of any kind in reference to what i belive to be a truth of association and allegiance to the blp
    Your demonstrative actions by words on Bu is sufficient proof ,

  26. Are you implying your proof is based on the fact that I’m critical of this inept DLP administration, I have always been SUCCESSFUL in PROVING you’re a DLP yard-fowl liar and could counter your contributions?

    Well…….if that’s the case………….. then you’ll HAVE TO ASSUME 98% of the contributors to BU……… and by extension, the ever increasing number of Barbadians that are fed-up of this inept DLP administration and the nuisance of a prime minister, Freundel Stuart……….

    …………..are supporters of the BLP.

    Thank you for NOT associating me with your low life, corrupt DLP brass bowls and the thief Michael Carrington.

    I also thank you for acknowledging that I would NEVER be associated with an administration that would confer a national award on a minister for DOING HIS JOB on a project that was, for all intents and purposes…….. a failure.

    Imagine, giving Stephen Lashley a Gold Crown of Merit for “organizing” CARIFESTA, which had to reduce its entrance fees and subsequently making all the performances FREE………….. in an attempt to solicit patronage.

    Barbados has become the “laughing stock” of the Caribbean under this inept DLP administration.

    This is the legacy shameless Freundel Stuart created for himself as Prime Minister of Barbados. In other progressive countries he would be incarcerated for his actions.

  27. @ NorthernObserver

    I’m not attempting to defend the BLP…….. my aim is to expose ac for the liar and fraud she is, as she tries to defend this inept DLP administration.

    The resident yard-fowl wrote I am “telling half truths…….. the planning process began and ended with the BLP.”

    She also wrote: “Facts are facts lets deal with the initial process and procedure as to how and where the project first started and those who approved the plans.”

    How can I be accused of “telling half truths,” when I presented the evidence, this forum, which clearly proves the then Erskine Sandiford led DLP administration conceptualize the south coast sewage project.

    I once again post the information for your perusal.

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