The George Brathwaite Column – Stuart’s Abysmal Communication

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

“Not the gun but the word is the symbol of authority.” – Charles Lindblom, former American political scientist and economist.

Public discussion and debate are essential in a social democracy such as Barbados. Indeed, effective political language and communication are healthy for good governance, especially in the context where there is a contest of alternative policies and programmes by competing political parties. There is a held view in Political Science that, “politics without communication is like having blood without veins and arteries: it’s not really going anywhere.” Surely, Barbadians are prompted to ask what is the logic or intent of Prime Minister Stuart’s abysmal communication style?

PM Stuart’s intrinsic disinclination to engage the nation is problematic, and the lack of substance coming from the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is taking Barbados nowhere favourable. While the policy orientations of the Ministers of Cabinet may have flowed from manifesto promises or to address Barbados’ systemic shortcomings, their discursive practices – contextually constructed phenomena reflecting their power positions – have singed the local landscape by being roguish and shambolic.

The fact is, policy-making is a constant discursive struggle in which strategic communication is a prerequisite for national solutions. Political language fused into broader communication dynamics happens to be one of the main tools of policymaking. Strategic political communication refers to a multiplicity of techniques that reach out to audiences to build and maintain relationships and, to coordinate activities that can mobilise supporters and rally the nation. This type of communication helps to persuade and/or convince the audience to actively support the efforts being articulated.

However, one must not fall into the trap of thinking that political communication and propaganda are one and the same thing. Propaganda is ‘systematic strategic mass communication conveyed by an organisation’ such as our political parties, to ‘shape perceptions and manipulate the cognitions of a specific audience’ so as to achieve the goal of directing ‘the audience’s behaviour to achieve a response that furthers the political objectives’ of the organisation. It is not necessarily framed in or for the national interest, nor is it conducive to encouraging constructive criticism.

By their definitions, political communication and propaganda can be informative. However, strategic communication will be inclusionary, but propaganda will not engender deliberation and participation. Propaganda does not tolerate discussion and by its very nature, it rejects contradiction and discussion. The propagandist posturing evident in Barbados, is precisely the way Stuart and the DLP function. They have resorted more to propaganda than on fixing the problems which occurred under Stuart’s stewardship.

On the verge of what is expected to be a stubbornly fought general election, the language of politics will become more divisive, and increasingly unclear and conflicting. Numerous Barbadians have become aware that PM Stuart often reveals a greater propensity to scuttle national consensus-building than inspire through competent and transformational leadership. Stuart’s limited communication reveals that he can be utterly dismissive, thus producing disruptive national outcomes.

Popular discourse indicates that Barbadians in droves are ready to again express dissatisfaction with the current DLP Government. This displeasure goes beyond the previously held marches of protest and disgust. There are Barbadians hopeful of solace and are gravitating towards the inspiration of the Leader of the Opposition and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). To a lesser extent, small portions of the Barbados society are also drawn to emergent political entities. Noteworthy, is that the ‘third’ political parties have no relevant or proven track record of performing and delivering in the national interest, although all things are possible.

The next prime minister must seal a by far better deal for all Barbadians. Urgently required is an empathetic leader that will talk, can inspire, and that will prioritise the needs of Barbados. That leader must communicate a clear vision arising from nothing short of ‘rubbing shoulders’ with the electorate and listening to the expectations and complaints of the nation. Barbadians are craving for truthful information.

Admittedly, PM Stuart means well, but he has been ineffective on leadership. He does not seek to motivate and enhance national performances or even productivity. Strategic and effective political communication has escaped his attention. Indiscipline within his Cabinet divulges the validity of that sentiment. Furthermore, when there is necessity to inform Barbadians about the state’s priorities and the ills affecting society, or the means for achieving national goals, Stuart is frequently mute.

Freundel Stuart’s breastplate overly relies on serendipity, while this conundrum, is amplified by an ongoing mismatch between Stuart’s DLP as the key speakers and Barbadians as the listeners. There is definite gross misunderstanding between the expectations of the governed and the objectives of the governing.

PM Stuart, invariably, buckles when it comes to utilising and maximising soft power. Soft power arises from factors such as consideration for traditions, drawing on local political culture, and inculcating the dominant values that would have emerged in the post-independence period. Stuart’s resistance to local value systems and attributes that were essential in guiding Barbados’ local practices and policies since 1966, regularly scuttles his ability to obtain the DLP’s vision of ‘continuing on the pathways to progress’.

Stuart’s woeful stance, has redirected the DLP to becoming more autocratic while relishing on secrecy, coercion, and of course, propaganda. Why hasn’t Stuart seized the moment and the DLP utilise strategic communication and stakeholder deliberation as means for igniting national reforms in governance? With strategic communication and the use of soft power, PM Stuart could have achieved many positive things for Barbados.

Surely, Barbadians are being short-changed by a combination of extended periods of silence, stealthy behaviour, and disorderliness from PM Stuart and his Ministers. The hiatus in governance continues to widen due to the paltry efforts at communicating with the public. For example, it is true that Barbados ought to soon have a Teaching Service Commission. Yet, the teachers have not had adequate input into the constitutive elements of this innovation. The void is likely to throw out another set of avoidable controversies for the DLP.

Stuart’s refusal to use soft power, also fosters resentment on taxation. The DLP is unlikely to overcome Barbadians’ rejection of the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL). The Finance Minister tersely pushed the NSRL up by 400 % from its original 2 %, but last week, he idly boasted that the tax was raking in more than expected since implementation. Sinckler’s brag was followed by the lukewarm defence of Minister Inniss, and retreat by Stuart. Surely, the $50 million in revenues are intended to enhance benefits for the people. With the credibility of the DLP near rock-bottom, how does one explain the authoritarian disdain?

Today, Barbadians still need to understand where the country’s economy lurks. How many more sacrifices will be necessary to stop the entire country from falling over the cliff? Secrecy and surprise are normally essential weapons of war, but these are undermining Barbados’ social democracy. There can be no war among ourselves. Acting Governor of the Central Bank, Cleviston Haynes interestingly stated more than a year ago that: “We must bring new energy and bold strategies to the challenges which we all face. The real enemy is not each other, but unemployment, poverty and the need to renew our confidence in the Barbados economy.”

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a political consultant. Email:


  • We will refrain from reading much of you this week

    We have argued before that it is a misnomer to call Barbados a ‘social democracy’. In this we accept ours as a minority view.

    You present as a political scientist. A senior advisor to MAM. Whether admitted or not.

    And we have referred to your own political science literature for our determination.

    A literature which more properly defines the system at work in Barbados as an ‘elected dictatorship’

    On the one hand, we have a DLP government which nobody wants but in spite of that there is almost no means by which it can be removed, short of an election. And this has been the status quo for up to five years.

    On the other hand, the dictators-in-wait, your BLP, has no real opposition to this status quo because it provides protections when you become the elected dictators.

    What is so social about this? What is democratic about it? For it is both anti-social and undemocratic.

    Nowhere in the annuls of world history has there been a worst abuser of popular notions about democracy than the United States – mere propaganda.

    We all know that the USA was never interested in democracy, per se

    But the propaganda value of talking shiite about ‘democracy’, like the rasssouuul people who talk about Christianity, has a certain intoxication effect on the 90% of idiots who lack the courage to propose the dispatch of such purveyors of jobby.

    These continuing attempts at following the well-worn sayings by the Americans cannot avoid the further consolidation of the national death spiral.


  • Any form of corruption is corruption. If it walks and acts like a duck it must be a duck. Family name and their influence also is a indicator to pressure. Makes one wonder how all this was factored into MaM accreditation to the Bar


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    This is what both slimy, corrupt political parties should be concerned about….13 years is a very short time.

    “2.6M in Caribbean can be in poverty by 2030
    The World Bank estimates that without climate-informed development in Latin America and the Caribbean, another 2.6 million people in the region could slide into extreme poverty by 2030. This would be due largely to the health impact of climate change and the effect of warmer temperatures on worker productivity.

    This was disclosed yesterday at the opening of the International Climate Change Conference in the Caribbean, by UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) Executive Director Diane Quarless. The conference was held at Trinidad Hilton, St Ann’s.

    Quarless said climate change is real and after visits to Barbuda, Dominica, Anguilla and St Maarten, in preparation for ECLAC’s damage and loss assessment missions, she said the devastation, dislocation and misery brought by Hurricanes Irma and Maria were simply mind-boggling and heart-wrenching.

    “Their homes, lives and livelihoods reduced to rubble. I still have in my mind’s eye huge trees from Dominica’s natural forests, stripped of their bark, branches and leaves by the fiercely rushing waters of rivers in spate creating an incredible log jam in the heart of Roseau. Cars carried by wind and water over bridges and roads, reduced to scrap metal. It is hard to comprehend the force of nature that could create these phenomena.”

    Quarless said the conference this week is aimed at raising the level of public awareness across the subregion and beyond regarding the work currently being undertaken in the Caribbean to tackle climate change head on, to address key related issues such as the impact of climate change on sustainable development, and the need to explore innovative sources of climate financing to meet the cost of adaptation across the subregion. She said the conference is also therefore timely and urgent.

    She said climate change is also expected to increase the intensity and frequency of droughts in the Caribbean, and there is a need to enhance the capacity to deal with the challenge if there are to ensure food security for people of the subregion.

    Quarless said ECLAC has undertaken substantive research and focused economic assessments of the challenge which climate change poses to the economies of the Caribbean, providing a framework completed with data, parameters and other measures that can be used to inform economic policy dialogue in responding to the challenge over the medium term.”


  • @ Fractured BLP and Barbados Underground (David)

    Under normal conditions I would perhaps allow the blatant lies and defamation spouted by this so-called Fractured BLP to go unchallenged. However, your wiskedness and ad hominem attack on me in a personal and nasty way suggest that I should put you in your place.
    Clearly, I am not the one to shy away from attacks on my integrity.
    Apart from addressing your piece by specifically naming me – George Brathwaite – you proceeded to claim my support for Mia Mottley; that is not contested and perhaps the only truthful thing said. We all have our choices and preferences. I have never tested nor do I care who is the most loved or the most hated person in the BLP. I am more concerned with who can best get the job done for Barbados. It is not my fault that you carry a chip on your shoulder and a low sense of esteem.
    More pertinent, is the nasty invective indicating that: “You have to promote MAM because in 1998 she broke the rules – as Minister of Education – to ensure you got a Commonwealth scholarship to New Zealand to pursue your PH.d knowing full you did not satisfy all the conditions to get that scholarship.”
    For the record, I did not apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship in 1998. Moreover, when I did apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship, not only was Mia Mottley not the Minister of Education, but the individual who was Minister at the time never even knew that I had applied (at least certainly not from me). Furthermore, there was a wide, cross-section of persons from both the public and private sectors who formed that selection panel. Like all other persons, I was invited for an interview and I also know that I performed admirably. This would have come on top of the fact that contrary to your statement, I met the full criteria and qualifications having already graduated with a First Class Honours BSc degree in Political Science, and by that time added the Master of Philosophy in Political Science.
    Indeed, I was selected for New Zealand, and due to an error arising from the Ministry of Education and no fault of mine, that opportunity went to the wayside. The persevering person that I am, I applied at the UWI and was accepted. I also applied and was accepted to Nottingham University and to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. My final decision was the selection of Newcastle because I was immediately offered teaching there, I had a supervisor who previously taught me at York University in Canada, and received a scholarship from Newcastle.
    Clearly, your blatant and most sordid lies are there to defame and debase my efforts. I am thankful to the Barbadian people, and to all those who helped me along the way. I do my part to inspire and help others. In relation to Mr. Stuart and the current administration, had their performances dictated otherwise, it would have been dishonest for me to write anything untrue. However, I invite you, rather than deal with the personalities to re-examine governance, examine the issues of the day, and demonstrate where I have put anything erroneous. You are entitled to your opinions but you are not entitled to cowardly malign me.
    I would hope David understand that I do not mind being fair game for critique, but I shall not tolerate defamatory statements from the likes of a Fractured BLP or anyone else. Do have a great day and go back to your self-pitying.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    @ George Brathwaite

    @ Pachamama at 8 : 54 AM

    The words ” Social Democracy” mean different things to different people. In our Caribbean context they mean a mixed economy model where governments do not interfere with the production of goods and services but only busy themselves with an equitable distribution of these goods and services. Equitable does not mean equal. Capital and Labour coexist. The mix is determined by debate and whatever mix conduce to productivity and growth.

    So whether democracy is an elected dictatorship or an elected oligarchy depends on the lens through which we look.

    @ GB all communications are framed to communicate what the speaker wants to convey. Communication is never ever neutral. WE communicate to influence people to our way of thinking.


  • @ Bernard Codrington

    I agree with your take on ‘social democracy’; quite accurate. In relation to communication, there is no dispute however, you must be cognisant of the difference between strategic political communication and propaganda. They engender different responses to communication.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    @ George Brathwaite at 10 : 13 AM

    I had hoped that by now you would have learned that there are certain interventions on the BU blog to which you should give no consequence. Despite what you have said about Mr. Stewart ,he is a master at this. And it works. Please take a leaf out of his book.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Lol…..Fractured, damaged, dishonest Yardfowl…that is what happens when ya like to tell lies, ya get properly put in ya place.


  • @ BC

    Thanks for the advice, but I am a Bajan and I will defend me when individuals blatantly lie in efforts to defame. But thanks. My only regret is that I do not know the individual personally because then I would confront them with a good bajan cussing. It is not beyond those who think!


  • Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim.

    Why do commentators insist on referring to Fumble’s pathetic governance, management, communication and leadership failings as a style?

    If I bought a saw today, showed up for a new carpentry job tomorrow and failed every standard expected of a carpenter, would my lack of ability be called a style?

    Of course not; I’d be out in the street on my ass where Fumble and his fools should be.

    The man is an over-educated, under-achieving, commercial failure of a lawyer who was thrust into a job he could not do.

    His cabinet tried to oust him and, failing that, carry on their own ‘business’ of destroying this country by excluding him.


  • re George C. Brathwaite October 10, 2017 at 10:42 AM #

    basically you are obviously an ass licking bull shitter who purveys your bullshit in the press on a weekly basis
    now shut up and sit down and go to your corner YA jackass

    re Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim. October 10, 2017 at 10:43 AM #
    you used too many words to describe Fumble Sir.


  • His right hon FJS is an excellent communicator. .only speaks when he has the facts . Unlike Mam who speaks only in terms of rubbing shoulders and hit midday marches
    What has Mam said or done with any effective communication that would give the country any Hope . Hope which she has laid out in her doctrine called Covenant of Hope.
    When is Mam going to rise abive ground and speaks to the issues if country interest. Instead of allowing duffus like George Braithwaite and Charles Herbert to lead the charge these two useless militarist buffoons


  • Bernard Codrington.

    FB at 10 :43 AM

    If you turned up at my house with only a saw and no other tool,and held the saw like cricket bat , I would know that you are a fraud.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    “The man is an over-educated, under-achieving, commercial failure of a lawyer who was thrust into a job he could not do.

    His cabinet tried to oust him and, failing that, carry on their own ‘business’ of destroying this country by excluding him.”

    And that is exactly what’s going to happen….the overly MISeducated Fruendel and his band of clowns will be kicked to the curb.

    A pity the corrupt ministers cannot join Dean Del Mastro at his current residence….., yet.


  • Bernard Codrington

    You know not about what you speak, write.

    No wonder Georgie Porgie Brathwaite would find agreement with you.

    It is impossible to state that Caribbean governments have not busied themselves with the production of goods and services. They have done nothing else.

    For there are and have been an endless list of state interventions in markets to provide all kinds of goods and services, from the cradle to the grave. Some of which we agree with.

    Some here see us as Communists.

    We may list organizations like the BMC to the IDC to the QEH, even CBC. They could be a thousand more attempts by successive governments to provide such goods and services, some social!

    Codrington, have we ever given you the impression that the distinction between equal and equity should be drawn to our attention?

    We have been also well aware, for all our lives, that the basic problem with capitalism is about distribution. While capitalism is very good at producing wealth it is terrible at equitable distribution, a given.

    Since you presume that equitable distribution was the primary occupation of successive governments of Barbados, the Caribbean, let us look at the evidence they have provided. Or even capitalism, generally, or social democracy, which is your stand-in.

    It will not be our contention that post independence Barbados has not made significant strides. However, when we look at resource ownership little progress has been made.

    Moreover we would not be surprised if an examination of the indicators will show a consolidation of wealth into fewer and fewer hands, mostly foreign hands as well. Representing the reverse of your misguided contention.

    The point of productivity and growth is quite quaint. The general trajectory in academia and elsewhere is that endless growth is a thing of the past. This has been settled knowledge for 30 years. Is your thinking anachronistic, like Porgie’s?

    These notions were always informed by the assumption of an endless supply of natural resources. We now know well that Mother Earth is incapable of supplying capitalism’s, social democracy’s insatiable appetite.

    On all three substantive points we find your thinking lacking the sophistication, critical insight, necessary to even consider an approach towards a surrender.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    Gentle folks of BU

    Shall we return to the subject of effective communications and its role in educating the public on governance,responsibilities and acceptable deliverables?
    In the new reality,what is reasonable for the electorate to expect from the new administration in the second quarter of 2018?


  • @ The real GEORGIE PORGIE

    We were not referring to you

    In your absence your moniker was resigned by us to make fun of a fool.

    Now that you are back, the proper correction will be made.

    Our humble apologies.


  • Bernard Codrington

    You started talking shiite and now want to run away. NO!


  • George,
    You have nothing to apologise for.

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  • Mention of Fools applies solely to the blp operatives who want to run buck shot over tge country and electorate by presenting Mam whose accreditation is now in question.Speaking of dirty laundry!


  • Halton Austin

    Yuh ugly cunt hole

    Has anybody here required an apology from anybody else?

    You have no relevance here, jack ass


  • angela Skeete October 10, 2017 at 10:56 AM #

    “His right hon FJS is an excellent communicator. .only speaks when he has the facts.”

    Angela Skeete

    I this the reason why Stuart (and members of his Cabinet) speak only in DLP controlled forums such as the lunchtime lectures, constituency branch meetings and annual conferences, where all they say is believed by ass licking yard-fowls, such as you?

    Then excellence of his communication skills is unquestionable.

    But if “he has the facts,” then he should not be afraid to communicate them to the general public, while expecting to be questioned in the process.


  • George,
    The point has been made. This is the calibre of person you are dealing with. Don’t let them scare you, but don’t let them drag you down in their cesspits.

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  • @Fracutred BLP

    You are a liar, comments deleted. Take this as the first and only warning.


  • I am amazed at the pervasive influence of feminist ideology in Barbados.

    GB believes the Maximum Leader MUST be ” empathetic” and use ” soft power” (which presumably means persuasion, leadership, high ethics and high expectations) to achieve change.

    In other words, we want feminine values to prevail. Manliness is abolished.

    God help us all.


  • Has Sinckler explained why the PM has advised that he is in the dark about the collection of NSRL to date? Has the PM advised the discrepancy in the growth number shared by Sinckler and that of Justin Robinson? Isn’t a leader suppose to step up to when there is muddled communication? The ability to communicate onbehalf of the team is a key trait of a good leader. When it comes to a leader who communicates effectively Stuart is not that person. In this regard Bernard made a non point.

    Let the point be also made that Owen Arthur was no great communicator as leader either.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    @ David at 12:23 PM

    Using the term “communication” in the engineering sense, the transmitters and the receivers must be on the same wave length.


  • Bernard Codrington

    Should be reminded that in the Caribbean context, as elsewhere, social democracy means everything from the parliamentary democracy of Blairite labour parties to the co-operative republic of Forbes Burnham to the opportunistic coalition of revolutionary Marxists and petit bourgeois elements (in Grenada’s People’s Tevolutionary Government.)


  • @George Brathwaite “their discursive practices – contextually constructed phenomena reflecting their power positions – have singed the local landscape by being roguish and shambolic.”


    Methinks that the pot is calling the kettle black.

    I studied English up to university level–an elite foreign university too—lolll!!!–but I have no idea what George is saying here.


  • @Bernard Codrington. October 10, 2017 at 11:11 AM “In the new reality,what is reasonable for the electorate to expect from the new administration in the second quarter of 2018?”

    Move maternity leave from 12 weeks, where it has been since 1967, to 26 weeks.


  • Simple Simon

    Let us try to help, having not read the original

    Unlike you, we know how these idiots like to think they can think

    To be ‘discursive’ means to deviate from some subject

    ‘Contextually constructed phenomena’ have to do with questions arising within certain circumstances.

    Issues of ‘power relationships’ suggest relative positions as perceived – government/opposition

    ‘Roguish and shambolic’ suggests that his perceived opponents, the DLP, are less worthy than the BLP. A lack of sophistication.

    In summary, George ‘The Political Pimp’ Brathwaite is saying that the DLP does not want to talk about the things the BLP deem to be ‘of moment’ and are insisting to resist all attempts by Mia to so do.

    Jesus Christ George, was all that shiite necessary?

    Yuh hurt muh brain.


  • @had99999 October 10, 2017 at 12:17 PM “GB believes the Maximum Leader MUST be ” empathetic” and use ” soft power” (which presumably means persuasion, leadership, high ethics and high expectations) to achieve change. In other words, we want feminine values to prevail. Manliness is abolished.”

    So if persuasion, leadership, high ethics and high expectations are feminine values, what then is manliness?


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    …will never stop George Brathwaite from being exposed about his attempt to acquire a Commonwealth scholarship to New Zealand 🇳🇿 under questionable circumstances….with the assistance of MAM….

    see what happens when fractured yardfowls cant keep lies straight….this morning ya swore he got a commonwealth scholarship and Ph.D from NZ….now ya say he ..attempted…to get the commonwealth scholarship…

    i am saying that to say this, Fruendel can only communicate with liars like himself, hence he only communicates with his lying yardfowls and followers, while totally ignoring the majority population who elected him…

    but….there are not enough yardfowls and followers to reelect him, the same majority voters he failed to communicate with, have the numbers to vote him and his thugs out.

    Both governments are useless, lack communication skills except when talking down to their yardfowls, they tell too many lies to the majority population, keep to many secrets from the majority population and take too many bribes from local and foreign minorities….neither government has a good track record.


  • George ‘The Political Pimp’ Brathwaite

    You don’t be ashamed for Mia log on and see her senior political adviser, propagandists, getting all of these political licks in yuh crutch, doah.


  • Facts matter not haltruths and political rhetoric. .i take note that if the PM makes a statement he speaks truth and factually.The disconnect which the blp so often make reference is simply a political ploy to disengage and disrupt any interest which the populace shows towards the PM. His outstanding dialogue which he made clear chapter and verse verbatim in which he underscore and highlited the unions distrubing intrepretation of meetings held between him and unions tells a man whose insight to detail is long term and outstanding .
    enuff said.


  • I am told that when one has to raise ones voice or revert to profanity in order to prove a point, one has already lost the argument. It seems as if a lot of arguments have been lost in this discussion.


  • Fearplay,

    The obscenity if the direct result of poor moderation. If the moderator was to tell offenders that they could disagree without being vulgar, that young people may be reading the blog, it will change. There is silence, so the verbal thugs continue. They have nothing of substance to say. Do you notice the most vulgar are the anonymous ones (even if you are yourself)?
    If your neighbours, grand children, colleagues, former colleagues, church members who read BU and knew who they were, they would be too ashamed to continue.


  • Halton Austin

    We care not about hiding the truth from young people.

    Or properly defining you, as we often do, using any of our linguistic resources.

    No wonder you have been run off the other blog

    For you cannot help, but to be, a concomitant female rabbit.


  • Angela Skeete

    Seems as though you conveniently forgot that Stuart engaged in spewing “half truths and political rhetoric” when he said he DID NOT KNOW anything about the CAHILL project.

    Barbados Underground and certain contributors PROVED Stuart did NOT “speak truth and factually” by PRESENTING a CAHILL document (signed by Stuart), which he subsequently ADMITTED signing.

    However, to be fair to you and Stuart, your comment re: “dialogue which he made clear chapter and verse verbatim,” may be considered CORRECT……

    ………..especially when one takes into consideration that he ALWAYS uses quotes in “clear chapter and verse verbatim,” from Galileo or any other Greek philosopher, Chaucer and Shakespeare.

    In other words, Freundel Stuart CANNOT MISQUOTE those guys.


  • Hal

    Pachamama is retired now and living in the USA.
    He used to work here for PAHO. At that time, he would have been much more vulnerable to a public attack.


  • He is also mentally demented and vulgar. At e these the best we can get to hold public office?


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Chadster….ah knew ya got ya fraudulent tail thrown out the US….lol


  • Halton Austin

    We see you teaming up with your old bulling friend, again.

    Yuh old buller yuh

    You both must know we don’t give a brassbowl about these fictitious senses of decency.

    Hal Austin, why not go and peep under the queen’s skirt

    And tell her to remove the word ‘fucking’ from her dictionary

    Or tell her to stop running drugs throughout the world, Now these are real indecencies.


  • “He????”

    I remember reading that “Pachamama” or “Mother Earth,” is an ancient goddess of fertility, worshiped by the Incas, Peruvians and ethnic groups of the Andean regions in South America.

    Why would a man use that name?


  • Halton Austin

    Yuh ugly fecker!


  • WW&C

    You are wrong. Still living in the same city. And it’s not in the Caribbean or anywhere else in the Third World.

    I have high standards.


  • Artaz

    For the same reason Grandma is one newspaper we read everyday.

    Because, She is our God. Not like the male gods wunna sing praises to. Singing how sweet those male gods are. That is about bulling.

    In any event Chad has already admitted that he is a buller, maybe you too.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    pity ya cant get over ya daddy being from third world Barbados, it got ya damaged to ya very soul.


  • Pacha

    I know where to find you to deal with you. Remember.


  • Hmmmmm…..

    And people who prefer to be addressed by a female name, are characterized as “bullers.”

    But if is this the level BU has descended to……. then count me out of the discussion.


  • Artax

    Yes you are an idiot.

    Don’t known the differences between a moniker and a name.


  • Artax,

    At a time when we should be exchanging ideas about developing our country, we give louts a free pass to be abusive and contemptuous on BU. It speaks a lot about who we really are.

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  • Halton Austin

    Developing what country what. Barbados cannot avoid its fate, idiot.

    You have spent ten years misleading this blog with your neoliberal bullshiiit

    Up to now you lack basic knowledge about anything. Don’t even know the branches of philosophy.

    You never had anything to offer, only looking for local gossip. A typical English/Bajan madman

    You have never accepted that you are a derriere

    And now it is you to seek high ground.


  • Hal

    Pacha still doesn’t know that Logic is a branch of philosophy.

    And he held senior teaching and administrative positions at the University of Guyana before taking up a cushy job with the PanAmerican Health Organization.



  • Chad,
    The University of Guyana is not a proper university. It is worse than the US universities in the Caribbean. In fact it should lose its university status. It is about as good as a community college in the US or a college of higher education in the UK. I am not surprised that he knows nothing about philosophy. His knowledge comes from good old Google. He is bogus. A big fish in a small pond.
    His name should be passed on to |Homeland Security, given his pro-Jihadists views. He is a threat to US national security.


  • It also explains his anti-Barbados rhetoric which some silly people go along with. We must clear the swamp, get rid of the fifth columnists. They hate Barbados because we are a small island but have higher and better living standards than most of them. Look at the most obnoxious of our trade union leaders.


  • @ Hal Austin

    Not that it really matters to anyone………….. I do not read or respond to any contributions by “Pachamama.”

    I read those two because they were directed to me. But I will revert to my usual routine.


    Merriam-Webster, Collins English Dictionary, The Free Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Macmillan, Cambridge Dictionary, Your Dictionary.Com, Vocabulary.Com, Wiktionary all define the word “moniker” as a “name” or “nickname.”

    Techopedia defines the word “moniker” as a nickname, pseudonym, cognomen or NAME.

    Then the people who provide these sources must also be categorized as “idiots” as well.

    However, if one wants to “nick-pick” and differentiate between “moniker” and “name,” my original observation stands.

    Why would a male want to use a “female moniker,” unless…………….?



  • Oh gawd the fishbowl overflowing


  • Halton Austin

    What an idiot.

    Take this then

    The fate of the world is sealed. And any critical thinker cannot avoid confronting the obvious forces at work. Fools rush in were angels dare not ………………

    Only your misplaced nostalgia will be left.

    If it were possible for you to understand we would have explained. Maybe you’ll prefer to read about this in the useless FT.

    Halton Austin, you have not been here for nearly 50 years, except occasional visits


  • Well, we don’t know what Artax is. What it means. Whether male or female.

    Maybe both?

    But we are not as ignorant as to think Artax is a person’s name. For us its a moniker, that’s all

    Can you be the type of person worthy of development? Or even a sensible conversation? These simplistic dictionary definitions cannot cover all circumstances.

    There are many monikers here. One person is called Bush Tea. Is that tea male of female? Is that his name? Does he think of Bush Tea as his name? Why would somebody use a moniker of something we normally drink?

    What we do know is that more than one person has used this moniker (Pachamama), on this very computer. Are all those people male or female or are some of them male and some female?

    And there are others. Another person’s moniker use to be ‘Plantations’ was that person a male or female or was that being used to highlight an issue cared about by ‘Plantations’.

    Lord, when are you going to come and kill these many idiots, on here.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    A blind man in a dark room with a black


  • He said once he had all of the information on the taxes collected he would address the issue.

    “THE MINISTER CAN SAY WHAT HE FEELS LIKE SAYING, but I don’t have all of the data on the performance for the first quarter and when I get it I will speak on it,” the Prime Minister said.


    Woe to the credibility of the bombastic Chris Sinckler.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Art….as much as we are joking, this is so serious, those two are obviously not on the same page.

    Let’s see the fall out.


  • Dear David;

    Can you please make these emotional lil’ boys, chad, hal, pacha and artax behave themselves?

    As soon as the female teachers leave the blog room, to look after the reception class these class 1 boys start to misbehave themselves.

    behave wunnaselves nuh or i gine havta share some lashes.


  • We all understand how Chris Sinckler operates………how he plays politics, like a blood sport.

    He has never understood the difference between party politics and governing.

    It is quite obvious that Sinckler was so ashamed that under his “stewardship” he received his 20th downgrade…………so to mass the embarrassment, he got out of the blocks early, hoping he thought to impress Fumble.

    Now Fumble come back from his yearly gaunt and catspraddle the liar.

    A liar lying to another liar……..”wunnah mekking God laugh.”

    No wonder we cannot hear a word out of David Estwick…….is he really going to go out on the campaign trail and ask people to vote for this dlp again?

    I heard the crooked Michael Carrington addressing a dlp meeting last Sunday……..this man has no principles at all.


  • Simple Simon

    Will the little girls know their place, go to the girls’ room and play so the adult men can have their arguments without being rudely interrupted.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Chadster……….today is International Day of the Girl… go suck some eggs.

    BTW….buckle up buttercup.


  • Good morning Pachamadman hope you take your meds today


  • @Chad99999 October 10, 2017 at 9:52 PM “adult men”

    Adult men?

    Hard ears lil’ boys more like it.



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