Re-emergence of Potholes|Leading From the FRONT

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Official Car

Those of us who experienced the Barbados of the 70s and 80s participated in the transformation of an agrarian economy to service based. We can debate if successive governments have erred by deprioritizing agriculture and manufacturing by giving the international business/offshore sector pride of place to pay the bills. What is irrefutable is that Barbados by any definition moved the economic needle indicator in the right direction- the middleclass segment grew and in the process Barbados achieved model status as a small Black developing island state. In the last decade Barbados has emphatically answered the question ‘what is cyclical’?.

The pride many Barbadians felt until recent has deflated from our bosoms once swollen with pride largely because of profligate consumption expenditure habits coupled with a lazy approach to national productivity.

One of the many criticisms the Barbados Underground blog has had to suffer from its detractors is that we focus too much on the negative. In our defence, we promote the view that is encapsulated in BU’s motto,  “for the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do”. Barbados is a small island and the inhabitants are related, loyal to the school tie or participate in an activity which work to influence how decisions are taken on the island.

Au contraire, the BU household sees our spotting of the light on the underbelly of Bajan society as positive. Sustaining a democratic system of government is a serious business that calls for eternal vigilance by some like the BU household who are impervious to RH.

No biase, no bullshit!

In recent years what has been the source of embarrassment to members of the BU household has been the deterioration of our infrastructure. The most visible is the road network. It is not about the odd pothole which can be dodged as they appear. It is about multiple potholes tactically located to ensure tyres, rims, life and limb are constantly under threat for those who dare to drive to venture out.

Bajans understand that the current financial state of the country must translate to efficient allocation of the national budget. What the BU household does not understand is the inability of the political directorate to publicly demonstrate by decisions and actions that they want to lead the country. How can you ask Barbadians to tighten their belts until the bellies of many touch their backs, yet from the prime minister down the line want to drive Mercedes, travel first class on the taxpayers dime, attend every conference, wear $1,000 Italian suits to list a few. Good leaders understand that the best way to change the mindset of people they lead is to act in ways that emotionally resonate. For example, suppose Stuart announced tomorrow he will sell the two luxury vehicles he has office is allocated and instead travel about the 2×3 island in a Toyota Corolla or Suzuki Vitara?  And we do not want to hear any BS about the PM’s vehicle must be bulletproof. What about the members of the Cabinet donating their allowance to the Alma Parris School to continue the work of catering to special needs children? By these two acts alone many disengaged Barbadians will be tempted to ‘up de ting’.

The job of wanting to serve in public office is soaked in a commitment of being selfless.


  • @Chad99999 October 10, 2017 at 4:19 PM “The cultural distance between Caribbean blacks and most Africans is HUGE. We always get involved in ugly workplace disputes.”

    I am sorry for you. Almost.

    This may have been your experience, but it has not been mine. But then again I’ve never got involved in an ugly workplace disputes. But then again I don’t do ugly. Some of my relatives have married out,including to Africans and my observation is that those marriages are no better or no worse than the marriages of those who have married in.

    But you are a strange bird…and if I worked with you I too might have become involved in ugly workplace disputes.

    With you.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Simple…the brainwash and self hatred is still real today, were even worse in those days post slavery, while a few clinged to their African identities, those house negros filled with self hatred, but with undying love for an evil massa who hated them, rejected then and still reject today their African identities, therefore they have no identity to pass on to their offspring and future generations….so unfortunately, the behavior is manifesting and dangerously so in the youngsters, it’s manifesting in a bunch of old ass men on BU… the youngsters dont really stand a chance, if they continue to be miseducated.

    I would be very surprised if the name “m’douya”..still exists in Barbadod today, another African identity maliciously wiped out, I very vaguely remember African names through out the Caribbean, particularly in the French isles, but was too young to hold on to any definitive memories.

    That same female’s children are crazy like loons in UK…..something like how Hal acts,.they are fast approaching old age and have no identity…hope things are better for their children and grandchildren and they are smart enough to seek out their identities, particularly with the advent of the internet and many research tools at their fingertips, especially genetic DNA testing.

    We see it right here on BU…Vincent trying to make up a false identity for the majority Black population on the island because he is not comfortable with his own, he has none…so he thinks the Black population should hold on to what he dreams up for them……..the madmess of a diseased mind.

    ….Hal is out to sea cause he cannot even understand who or what he is……let alone where his ancestors originated, he is more than likely too afraid to find out.

    The clown Bizzy don’t see Black people in Barbados according to him and hates that there is a majority Black population because all he wants to see is his pockets filled with money off their backs, so in his mind, it’s better they don’t identify with a Black or an African heritage…..then there is the vile parasite, his other half Cow…..who still sees the majority Black population as slaves….with himself as massa….

    ….the majority population is still exposed on a daily basis to this level of evil and nastiness…so it remains alive……their real identities under constant threat……as long as they continue to work for these minority beasts interacting with them daily, the day they stop giving their labor and isolate the minority wild animal, , the changes will start….

    …… many of them have you heard talking about Guineaman and their African culture in the last 30 years, those who did have passed on and the memories wiped out, only some like yourself still remember. The day the island finally gets a Black government that knows itself…they will criminalize that repugnant behavior and practice of trying to destroy the identiy of the majority Black population.

    Like one bajan female, who actually lives in Germany now said some years ago with much anger…her skin is dark and lovely, like midnight, I aint no African, my ancestors did not come from no Africa, I am bajan…..she has no identity and dont want her true one because she cannot identify, but can identify with the most brutal of savages in Germany. …

    ….dont know why so many of them think they are German, that is one for the psychiatrists….it must be a hitler thing….mind you, they are still finding the bones of Africans carbon dated many, many thousands of years old in Germany, si there is proof that AFRICANS populated Germany eons ago, but still, it’s a mystery that the descendants of slaves for the most part can’t identify with their Motherland….

    …..they dont even identify as being indigenous to the Caribbean BEFORE europeans arrived….which would be more practical and believeable….like my bloodlines…..that memory too has also been wiped clean , but can be revived with genetic testing, you then know of you are indigenous Amerindian ancestry to some degree..


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Just to show you how people don’t know who they are, their true identities…I was shocked to see a total reincarnation of a Blackfoot Indian walking the streets of Barbados not long ago….and I can see in his face, he don’t even know he is the original American with African features, straight black hair…he more than likely would identify with a Guyanese heritage. …I was so shocked to see him, he caught me staring, never seen one before in the Caribbean….seen many in US, but am sure there are many more of them still scattered across the Caribbean.

    I have seen the original Amerindians indigenous to Caribbean, North, Central and South Americas in Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia and the French isles, there are still many of them, whole communities in Guyana and Trinidad….and they have an identity, they know who they are and are not embarrassed by their heritage….they know that it’s the African female who carries the gene that produced them…..many, many thousands of years ago.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Ya should know by now Chadster is a dummy…I have worked with Africans in corporate settings in US….there is no problem with them….the problems lie deep within the damaged psyche of Chadster, it’s a bajan thing for him, he dont know how to interact with others…inferiority complex…..he tells ya straight, he views the Caribbean as third world and beneath him…..ashamed of his heritage.


  • Your right about the african women .when they found eve her jawbone was of an unusual enormous size which you seem to have inherited


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Lawson…..which hole did you crawl out of …don’t tell me like Chadster and MoneyB, you have completely lost ya moorings too.

    My boyfriend is meeting ya dimwit boyfriend today, but he is afraid of a press conference meeting, making up excuses about travelling to PA…

    ….. ah see he backed down from taking the Mensa test, that he challenged Tillerson to….don’t know what he was thinking.,..he knows he is too damn stupid to take a Mensa…..and of course he will blame Obama for unfair Mensa rules as the reason for not taking the test…, lol, hahaha. .


  • @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger. October 11, 2017 at 5:05 AM “I would be very surprised if the name “m’douya”still exists in Barbados today.

    Her great grand children are my first cousins so no, we are not dead yet. And even though I do not remember her myself, my elder siblings, most of whom are still alive and well do remember her. And according to them she was most definitely an African woman.

    Some of us have not forgotten.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Very good Simple….you know your identity, not many Caribbean people, particularly Bajans, can say they do….they are still wandering blindly and lost all over the place.


  • Let us pray that the two machines to filter sargassum seaweed from the beaches are being maintained by the NCC.


  • Lawson,
    That is Glaswegian humour.


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