Flow Barbados Increases Broadband Rates

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Flow (Barbados) will be increasing prices for its broadband plans. Notices in today’s Sunday Sun newspaper, as well as on the Flow website, advised customers of the new prices effective November 1, 2017. However, the newspaper notice listed only the plan new prices, not the existing prices, and the website showed the new plan prices on one page, with the existing plan prices on another.

To make it easier for consumers to compare and contrast, here are both (old and new) prices together in a simple table:


  • Barbadian consumers need to step up. Here is what people pressure resulted in Australia.


    Australian banks drop ATM fees fastFT Read next Equifax committee to review executive share sales Share on Twitter (opens new window) Share on Facebook (opens new window) Share on LinkedIn (opens new window) Save to myFT SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 by Alice Woodhouse Australian consumers will no longer face charges when using another bank’s cash point after the country’s four major banks dropped ATM withdrawal fees for domestic users amid greater regulatory scrutiny for the industry.

    CBA, the country’s largest lender which has 3,400 branded ATMs across Australia, said it would no longer charge withdrawal fees on Sunday. ANZ, Westpac and National Australia Bank followed suit, dropping the A$2 ($1.59) charged to customers of other banks for using their machines.

    Australians made 259m withdrawals from ATMs belonging to banks other than their own in 2016, according to data from the Reserve Bank of Australia, equating to around A$520m in withdrawal fees. Overseas cards will still be charged.

    The country’s Treasurer Scott Morrison told local media on Sunday that he welcomed the move and said the government is working to open banks to further competition and fairer ways for customers to have their claims heard.

    The move comes after a series of scandals in the industry ranging from poor financial advice to failure to pay out on life insurance policies that have highlighted alleged rule-breaking by Australian banks. Australia’s banking regulator has ordered an independent inquiry into CBA following a raft of scandals, including allegations of money laundering, at the lender.

    Mr Morrison on Friday gave details of draft legislation for the Banking Executive Accountability Regime to strengthen accountability in the banking system and hold banks’ senior executives to higher standards of behaviour. Under the new powers, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, the nation’s bank regulator, would be able to “more easily disqualify accountable persons” and “ensure that banks’ remuneration policies result in financial consequences for individuals”.

    CBA shares were down 0.9 per cent in afternoon trading in Sydney while NAB shares dipped 0.1 per cent. Westpac and ANZ were up 0.5 per cent and 0.2 per cent respectively. The benchmark S&P/ASX 200 was up 0.1 per cent.

    Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2017. All rights reserved. You may share using our article tools. Please don’t copy articles from FT.com and redistribute by email or post to the web. Share on Twitter (opens new window) Share on Facebook (opens new window) Share on LinkedIn (opens new window) Save to myFT Latest in Banks Equifax committee to review executive share sales US fines HSBC $175m over ‘unsound’ FX trading UK regulator weighs temporary licences for overseas groups TSB blames IT delay on likely UK interest rate rise fastFT Russian central bank says Otkritie deposit run quelled after bailout https://www.ft.com/content/50ec9553-63e0-3447-947d-e7d57fc49fb3


  • Dentistry Whisperer (M. Pharm. D) LinkedIN

    Unexpected windfall of hard money. P.M Stuart will not disclose until after his New year message on January 1st. 2018. Treat as confidential. Culpepper island will be a tax free zone and not subjected to Caricom laws. > Confidential and restricted. The Island of Culpepper to be sold to undisclosed British Subject. File #246-Gov.bb. 1.5 M €uros.



  • To pay the shareholders an adequate price we hope


  • Unexpected windfall of hard money. P.M Stuart will not disclose until after his New year message on January 1st. 2018. Treat as confidential. Culpepper island will be a tax free zone and not subjected to Caricom laws. > Confidential and restricted. The Island of Culpepper to be sold to undisclosed British Subject. File #246-Gov.bb. 1.5 M €uros.

    If true this is scandalous and should be challenged in court. one million euros are about US$1.2m, not even enough to pay civil servants salaries for a month. Are we selling our pride a nation to dodgy Brits? If so, why is a Brit buying in euros, and not pounds sterling?


  • There are several small communities with free broadband with faster speeds. This national helplessness should end


  • What is the justification for this increase? Does the FTC have any jurisdiction? How soon will the regulators legislate the retention of cell numbers when changing carriers? As soon as that happens, I’m transferring to Ozone Wireless.


  • So what? Increasing prices for services and food? Barbados is no country with a competitive market.

    You pay 1.5 USD for 1 l fuel, in other CARICOM countries 1 USD.
    You pay 3.5 USD for 1 l milk, in other CARICOM countries 1 USD.
    You pay 30,000 USD for a tiny rice bowl, in the USA you get a mid-size SUV.
    You pay 200,000 USD for a tiny concrete hut at Coverley Plantation, in the USA you get a full-size house.

    However, Barbadians want it so. They want to keep up the illusion that 2 BBD equal 1 USD. Looking at consumer prices, the value of the local currency is more between 1:5 and 1:10 than 1:2.

    The prices in the supermarket and stores do not lie, but the many local politicians, banksters, consultants, academics, pastors and commentators in the newspapers.


  • David, sometimes I think that you are going about stirring up too many hornets nests at the same time. Are you simply making work for the beekeepers? They are not enough of them around, and they don’t come cheep (like chickens counted after they are hatched)The last time I contacted the man from Jemmots Lane to deal with some black-tailed bees that had hived themselves in an old 250-gallon water tank outside the fence at the bottom of our garden, he suckered me into paying him 500 Bim dollars for poisoning them. When I argued that I could have done that myself for much less, he told me that I couldn’t get the substance that he used, nor did I have the protective equipment needed for dealing with stinging B’s. I think the moral to be learned is not to be cheap when dealing with stinging bees, for though to sting means death for the individual, if enough are will to sacrifice themselves in the cause, you will die too. Should we not remember that in the silly season that will soon to be upon us?

    I noted that you really said nothing about the uptick in the Flow charge that bypasses the FTC, or how the local banks are slipping a lot past their customers. There is another little sorry story there, but I must leave it for another rainy day.


  • A Dr. Reid sighting!

    Did you read the article posted here about how people power influenced Australian banks to drop the ATM fee? We have assessed that Barbadians are not ready to take on the banks. Have you heard a murmur about how Central Bank shafted them by allowing banks to pay. 05% interest on savings so that their (central banks) savings bond offer of 5% would be the proverbial red flag waving at the bull? If the banks are slipping a lot pass their customers what does it say about the regulator?

    Does the FTC regulate broadband?

    You must know that beekeeper Gibson is an Arthur soldier and must have spotted you as an enemy of the state?


  • An update:

    UPDATE: Flow Barbados Broadband Price Increase, Speed Increase, Contract and Non Contract Options

    by Amit Uttamchandani

    SUMMARY OF UPDATE: Prices will increase, but so will speeds. Prices will also vary based on Contract or Non-Contract. Curious about the upcoming Nov 1 price increase, I contacted a CWC/Flow employee and asked a few questions. It turns out that while prices will increase, plan speeds will also increase and there are now two sets of prices: Contract (1 Year) and Non-Contract.

    For comparison, here is a snap shot of the old plan speeds and prices:



  • Mia Mottley Suing BarbadosToday & Makes Millions From 4 Seasons

    Program Summary
    Culpepper Island is the only unspoilt offshore land area left belonging to the Independent country of Barbados (a former British colony and member of the British Commonwealth), sadly – I was informed today (May 11th 2008) that the foreign owned Crane (Luxury) Resort has ALREADY acquired the land surrounding Culpepper Island as well as the island itself – and is planning to build a footbridge from the mainland to the island and develop’ the tiny bit of real estate (Less than 1 acre in area!) into a ‘spa’ or some other nonsensical scheme for the pampered and vain.
    If this is true, this is a national shame and an outrage – to know that either the former government or the current one (which would REALLY shock me) allowed the ONLY island that Barbados has left (having destroyed the great offshore Pelican Island bird colony in the 1970’s to create a deep water harbour) – to be sold, when under international law Culpepper Island with its endangered wildlife and pre-Colombian archaeological remains – should remain a national heritage site for present and future generations of humanity (whether local residents or foreign visitors). Today I visited Culpepper Island again and found only 19 fist sized Barbados Giant Hermit Crabs left existing on the small island, and 4 different species of shore bird nesting sites.
    I also photographed land surveyor marks on the hill overlooking the Culpepper island bay, and signs posted saying “No Tresspasing, no hunting, no fishing allowed”…well I can support the no hunting, but there is no way in hell that a foreign luxury resort should be allowed to stop Barbadians from walking to the Culpepper Island Bay, exploring the lush wooded hills around it, having a pic-nic on the Culpeper Island Bay beach or fishing from the shoreline or even from the island itself.
    In Barbados there is supposed to be a law stating that NO PRIVATE BEACHES can exist in this country – and that every Barbadian must have access to any beach on this island; I await to be enlightened as to how I can be forbidden to ‘tresspass’ on the route to Culpepper yet not be denied my right under local laws to enjoy the Culpepper Island Bay beach?
    Culpepper island was enjoyed in a sustainable way for over 3,000 years by human beings – from the time of the first indigenous settlers of the island of Barbados (of whom I have found pre-Columbian artifacts on Culpepper) – right up to the present generation; and for thousands of years before that – and up to the present – by native shore bird and crustacean species who continue to live there free of introduced predators that exist on the main island.
    Prime Minister Thompson announced on Monday May 5th that the entire Eastern coastline from Skeete’s Bay north to Pico Tenerife in Barbados would be granted a greater degree of protection from further ‘development’, and while this is indeed good news, Culpepper island sits in the very next Bay to the south of the proposed protected area; I am beseeching Prime Minister Thompson to extend the zone of protection a mere 1/2 a kilometer further south to include the pristine Culpepper island with its myriad of limestone tunnels and caverns and lush surrounding wooded bay – which is fed by a freshwater spring & is itself home to a troop of Barbados Green Monkeys – a species proven to have evolved into becoming genetically unique to Barbados over a 300 years time span.

    My voice alone in this country of 270,000 persons will not save Culpepper Island, only the voices of concerned persons from around the world will save this small, but unique natural inheritance for present and as yet unborn generations of humanity.

    My only concern is that Culpepper Island and it’s surrounding Bay be protected as a unique natural heritage site and saved from any development whatsoever, and that every human being has the right to visit this beautiful vista to an unspoilt era.

    Program Details
    Write to:

    The Rt. Hon. David Thompson
    Prime Minister of Barbados
    Office of the Prime Minister
    Government Headquarters
    Bay Street St. Michael
    Barbados West Indies

    Or fax your letter to: (246) 228-4386

    For cheaper faster action you can also e-mail your letter to the Prime Minister to our 2 main daily newspapers at:
    Getting the local media involved is always helpful in applying ‘polite pressure’ on the Government.

    Thank you for helping to save Culpepper island


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