Whose Life Sinckler?

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Minster Chris Sinckler in October 2013 informed parliament during a no confidence motion brought against him that his life had been threatened – see Barbados Today report. BU is surprised there has been little public reaction to this startling revelation.  A threat to kill anyone is a serious matter and if it involves a minister of the crown more so.  Anyone observing Minister Sinckler since the announcement has hardly observed trepidation on his part as he moves around Barbados.

If BU had the authority to commission an investigation into this matter we would consider it money well spent. For a second time in 24 hours  when opining about the action of a leading political figure we hesitate to call Sinckler a liar. Sinckler, the government and the police owe it to Barbadians to bring closure to this matter. Barbadians do not threaten our politicians. We do not even throw eggs or tomatoes in their direction when they upset us. There was that one time we marched for naught.

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  1. David Thompson 2008 budget:
    “Under normal circumstances, we should be and indeed there would be justification for our increasing bus fares, even to school children. However, we have agreed that even more critical than the financial impact is the social impact of a disorderly school bus system that exposes our children to vices best avoided. Effective the start of the next school year in September 2008 school children in uniform or with student identification cards will be permitted to travel free on Transport Board buses. Thus a school trip
    that may once have cost 2 dollars because it involved taking two different buses to get to school will now be free. Parents will also have to worry less about the cost of sending their children to school. This facility will provide a $400.00 per year
    minimum benefit for a child who has to take only one bus to school and $750.00 per year minimum for a child who has to take two buses to get to school. I want to make it clear how this government feels: If there is no improvement in the compliance by PSV’s with the law and traffic regulations during the intervening period, at the point of
    introducing the new service, we will ban school children from travelling on PSV’s by law.”
    Can someone please tell me, was Chris Sinckler being overly theatrical and hence again lied to Barbadians when he indicated that school children were being ‘ferried’ in and out of Barbados for the purposes of prostitution?



  3. George,
    I nearly ran off the road when I heard that liar saying that school children were being lifted out of Barbados for prostitution was the reason for the free bus fares. And taking them off the minibuses would stop this? According to David, this man is a liar!

  4. 2Islandgal246
    DWL, fuh truth, the only difference between the two is that Stinkliar is a mulatto and the fake interpreter is black. I now looking at the idiot on my TV. A big head illiterate jackass


    DUL-ENIS DULLMAN-(Kellman)–doubull DULL


  6. Man, no – when somebody tell me that MOF say that school children being ferried out of Barbados was the reason for free bus fare, I thought they was mekking sport. I can’t believe he so say fuh trute. Lord help us all. So they was leaving the island on the minibuses? If they find out they going by plane we gine get free trips on government coast guard boats?

  7. Speaking for myself,I don’t listen to any DLP members of Parliament.They are all liars and impostors.ALL of them.None of them will come into my home on TV either.They can all go to hell.Swine!

  8. Stinkiliar do not have to decriminalize marijuana, Michael Lashley controls the trade already. Cant open the market for others to compete, the price will go down,

  9. @ Bag Juice | 06/01/2014 at 11:17 pm |

    Sinkliar stupidly revealed why the marijuana business will remain illegal in Bim (at least for the time being).
    Decriminalization would more than likely take the very large profits and risks premiums out of the trade resulting in a significant drop in the selling price of the weed that grows without too much production effort. This would only result in less money available to bribe officials and finance contributions to the electoral coffers of the pols.

    Imagine you have a case of the AG expressing concern that the people about to be laid off might find themselves under the influence and control of the drug barons in Bim.
    How the hell does he know about drug barons and why isn’t he doing something about it instead of going after ‘small-fry’ drug users or cultivators of the weed to make it look as if the country is winning the war on marijuana?

  10. @ David
    Don’t give up you right to be WRONG brother, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward life. And as Abraham Maslow once said:” If the only TOOL you have is a HAMMER, you tend to see every problem as a NAIL.” Tunnel vision and narrow – mindedness permeates the very essence of this Blog, Simple Simon. Need I say more brother? Just read the BS these intellectuals giants with their analytical eyes have been spewing about the DLP.

  11. You have to question the validity of what some people are trying to push down your throat. When their haven’t a positive word to say against the persons whom their may have an issue with.

  12. The tearing down of national – character,serves no better purpose than to poison collective will of the masses people.

  13. I sat and imagined paying $2 for a zr ride to St. Lucia as the MOF eloquently elaborated on the reason for free bus fare, then like the African pastor who thought he could walk on water, I realized that minivans don’t float. Oh well, at least he is consistent. After all, lying does require you to have a good memory. Oh shoot, I now realize he ain’t even good at lying either. Sigh.

  14. These are different times than those your mother lived in. Politicians cant lie to people in 2013 and expect them to forget and ignore it like they did in times long past. This is not to say that threats againsta the life of an individual should not be taken seriously, but it is to say that you indirectly threatened their lives and livelihoods by lying to them. Now you will have to accept the more direct reaction they are providing you with.
    Your fault!

  15. This Minister of Finance is an abject and total FAILURE. The PM is also looking like a FAILURE by continuing to repose confidence in a FAILED Minister of Finance.

    And to think Thompson’s parting gift to Barbadians before going to fiddlers green was to hang this idiot Sinckler around our necks.

  16. Coming up with a new plan after eliminating all the rest is not the difficult part, even a blind squirrel will eventually find an acorn. The problem is going to be the same as in the past five years; IMPLEMENTATION. The private sector trust is long-gone and wallets firmly shut tight. Sandals took over Casaurina after the unfathomable (to Butch) experience of dealing with our TCPO BS at Paradise which was consequently abandoned, if that didn’t send off alarm bells then and now I don’t know what would. It is just too difficult to get anything done in this country, especially with the rest of the Caribbean welcoming development with open arms and cooperative civil servants.

  17. Everybody wid eyes to hear and ears to see already kno dat Chris mudda shudda name he Lienal, but I feel that he meant the country like Sin George, Sin Joseph, Sin Thomas, and de rest o dem parishes dat behind God back like Sin John and Sin Farlip.
    Yuh know how dem Sin Michael people dus refer to anywhere dat got more grass dan concrete as de country, dah is how I tink he mean.
    But yuh neva kno wid DEM, he cud really mean in and outta Buhbaydus.

    Doan fuhget dat couple munts back, wunna PM was pompasetting bout how gine long like normal and de prophets of doom and gloom get duh beaks brek.

    Adonijah like did on pon sumthing yuh. One fuh Dem and anudder nex wun fuh we.
    One weh life continuing as normal fuh DEM and anudder weh evabody else sucking grabble salt.
    One weh school children getting ferried in and out of de country on PSVs and de next weh people waiting in de country fuh hours to get a bus.
    One weh police could overhear people plotting to shoot MPs and doan do nutton and de next wun weh duh does be like ants in a sugar bowl when de hear dat sumbody got a spliff in duh back pocket.

  18. I voted for these people! I mean I actually voted for these people. What the f….k was I thinking. You talk for two hours and all that you can tell the whole of Barbados in and out is nothing. Where the ass is that silent clown we got for a prime minister. I mean I completely dislike the bandits in the BLP but Geez on Bread…what brand of nitwits do we have in control of the government. And Sinckler of all the excuses you could find for free bus fares was that school children were being airlifted for prostitution. Please provide the proof because that is the most stupid ass excuse or a lie I have ever heard. Ok I will be gullible. So u are saying that the free bus fares and rides on the transport board buses was stopping the free movement of school children from being airlifted from engaging in prostitution. Since the free bus fares has this stop them. What type of ‘Kubba’ could you be.

  19. Can someone plse explain to me why we have such high unemployment when there is so much land going to waste in such a small island?
    The Clico portfolio, which should have been sold ages ago, and that owned/managed by the BAMC?
    Are we collectively nuts? Why are we importing carrots from Canada?

  20. @ Hal

    The carrots from Cda are cleaner and sweeter don’t taste like kerosene oil and much prettier in the salad as the colour is bright orange and not pale orange.

    Being accustomed to the local carrots I prefer them because I like the freshness of our soil. We are catering to the taste of our society and not to our aged community.

  21. @ Brief
    Are they genetically modified? We obviously pay for what we get. That should reduce the current account deficit.

  22. The measures offered to generate foreign exchange should be discussed in its entirety by the opposition and the rest of us.

    The local spending in supermarkets mainly continue to be sustainable for our economy, however the foreign exchange is the major problem.

    I shall get back to that.

  23. Everday CHRIS SINCKLER DAY on BU .tomorow the same few stragellers going be repeating the same ole datribe… i have gotten use to it…… Chris came out with an upbeat and positive mood yesterday something that caught the BLP yardfowls by surprise now as usual repeat and POOP like long winded gas bags the same story. in the meanwhile the BLP leadership is being humiliated by OSA and most of the BLP yardfowls agree LOL

  24. Brief, school de boy because he obviously does not know that in some instances it’s cheaper to import than to produce your own. And I perfer to eat carrots that are genetically modified than those that are loaded with kerosene oil. Even though the both of them are potentially cancer causing agents.

  25. This financial and fiscal crisis was always beyond the very limited talents of Chris Sinckler. In fact Sinckler ably supported by the Cabinet and GOCB helped to make the crisis worst by playing politics instead of practicing prudent financial and economic management.

    So ok, wunna get re-elected, now what? How is growth going to occur when the sponsor of these magical projects, the GOB, is brek?

  26. For the past week the PM has been personally going door-to-door in the private sector seeking input on ‘projects for which decisions and action are outstanding in the civil service’. It is ironic that most of them are in his office. Flock of morons that couldn’t collectively run a rumshop, far less a country.

  27. Mark Fenty

    If you want to know my sex I can safely tell you it comes without balls….Put that in your pipe wid a lil weed and smoke on it

  28. Sunshine Sunny Shine
    My apology darling, no impertinence intended on my part. Don’t worry yourself. It was just a simple mistake sugar.

  29. Adriel Braithwaite should be more concerned about the laid off employees falling under the influence of the PORN trade, his buddy and compadre PORNVILLE.

    Does Sinckler not know that children being prostituted in/out of Barbados is tantamount to HUMAN TRAFFICKING, therefore he should have had an investigation initiated instead of only now telling the population about these events of which he seems to have vast knowledge…..just like Brathwaite and Stuart knew/saw the vote buying during elections and did not start an investigation or report it to the police…..how much more incompetent are these asses willing to show the world they are i wonder..

  30. Frustrated Businessman
    So you’re saying that the government is totally as fault for the current state of affair in Barbados? And that the private – sector is suffering because of the ill – conceived policies of the current administration? Now, shouldn’t the private – sector bear some kind of responsibility for this economic – cesspool we now find ourselves in as well ? A conscientious private -sector would have foresaw such a happenstance. One would have thought.

  31. Back in Time Jack | 07/01/2014 at 7:55 am |

    This Minister of Finance is an abject and total FAILURE. The PM is also looking like a FAILURE by continuing to repose confidence in a FAILED Minister of Finance…And to think Thompson’s parting gift to Barbadians before going to fiddlers green was to hang this idiot Sinckler around our necks…”


    That last part was PRICELESS BITJ!

    THOMPY apparently left us with a form of REVERSE poetic justice! Call it PAYBACK for all those years in the wilderness – without the kinda’ support that would have given him the REINS OF POWER long ago, allowing him to make his HISTORICAL MARK but instead the CRUEL HAND OF FATE dealt him prostate cancer in the PRIME of his life, robbing him of the GLORY that had eschewed others but that he was certain was his to carve out as a LIVING LEGACY.


    Now THOMPY’s Party is in the doldrums of the Bermuda Triangle where TITANIC vessels disappear into the abyss of ATLANTIS without leaving a trace!


    My wife voted DLP (Feb. 2013) because that she felt loyalty based on her past LOVE for “THE DIPPER”! But clearly, this current SHIP of marauding mariners epitomizes the “SOULS” of the dead men on the ship in the tale of the “RHYME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER” where as BITJ wonderfully opines that now the GREAT NATION OF BARBADOS has an “ALBATROSS” around its neck and as the ship sails into the mist of the ether – it looks like we are DOOMED” to fall off the edge of the world!


    I spoiled my VOTE in February because standing in Foundation School Hall I was appalled at the baseless choices I was confronted with given the slate of candidates and the “NOVICES” that I realize would be running this great country – and given that I hadn’t voted in over 20 years because of foreign domicility – it was a no-brainer to just write some CRAP on the BALLOT and put it in the box and exit my old school.

    As usual, I was proven RIGHT AGAIN (not that I didn’t say so or would have told you so – as some outcomes are just OBVIOUS) LOL but folks were caught up in the moment and as we all know – TRIBAL BLACK POLITICS is not only as spectator sport but it is DAMN injurious to one’s HEALTH if not careful – CHECK THE AMOUNT OF DEAD PRESIDENTS (oh sorry Prime Ministers) LOL who have all gone belly up in office! The question is – WHO’S NEXT?

    My final thought!


  32. Well Well
    And you’re gullible enough to believe that this kind of immorality has intensified since the DLP tenure. This kinda stuff have been ocurring in Barbados since the 1970’s. Take from a man who has had the privileged to have heard, this kinda of unguarded discourse. As a lad who used to associate with law -enforcement in Barbados.

  33. Mark, in 2008 I asked two ministers how they intended to deal with the civil service issue of lack of private sector and foreign investor facilitation since Owen Arthur seemed to be the only person capable of directing (or threatening) them toward any tangible result. I was told ‘Thompson says hands off the civil service, we will not micro-manage this gov’t’. My response was: ‘you have a big surprise coming my friend, Bajan culture is all about micro-managing and history has proven there is no other way to get the job done’.

    My prediction has come to pass. The civil service is the unsolvable problem; the current gov’t’s inability to get a grasp of the civil service is what has us in this mess. You can blame who you like for that fact but it seems ridiculous to me to fire the gardener when the company goes bust; all management responsibility begins and ends at the top. There is not a single cabinet member who can offer private sector investors and developers assurances of action and facilitation who is able to get results within his own ministry. That is how untenable the current situation is, what you are seeing on the street is the manifestation of that fact.

  34. Hal Austin | 07/01/2014 at 9:35 am |
    “Can someone plse explain to me why we have such high unemployment when there is so much land going to waste in such a small island?
    The Clico portfolio, which should have been sold ages ago, and that owned/managed by the BAMC? Are we collectively nuts? Why are we importing carrots from Canada?”


    Yes we are NUTS! We have had our cerebral cortex white-washed with DISINFO and self-deprecating propaganda that says that our foreparents endured SLAVERY but we are an educated MASS of enlightened souls, so we don’t need to endure boiling hot sun to eek out a living!

    But then HAL – most of us accept that based on the form of thinking and indoctrination that says we believe that if it comes from ABROAD, its gotta’ be better, right?


    When the SOUL of a people have been systematically rubbed away by years of SELF_HATE, loathing our heritage and yet thinking we are better than everyone else have resulted in the phenomenon you now see!

    So the GUYANESE are coming in to show us how it should be done. They RENT a plot of land and plant a CROP of MELONS where in a couple of months they can reap the crop and pocket a cool $30K+! And they make sure that the $$$$$ is changed into FX and sent home to their bank accounts and to their families!

    Hal you know the MAXIM (you live in the Queens country) – WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, PEOPLE PERISH! C’mon man!

    Some of us who live in cold climes, appreciate GOOD QUALITY “organically” GROWN kitchen garden food! That’s why we have Council Allotments or for those who are blessed to have a 100ft back yard can plant in the SPRING and reap throughout the summer – FREEZING & BOTTLING our own produce as well as giving away to family, friends & foes! LOL!

    No wonder we make sure and use that spare GUEST bedroom to plant some CANNABIS* in pots for MEDICINAL USE and SELF-MEDICATION as we value growing our own FOOD as well as our own MEDICINE!


    So there you have it brother!

  35. ANON

    They (we by extension) are doomed and the sad truth is they don’t even know it yet.

    “We have plenty of confidence in this Country, but we are a little short of good men to place our Confidence in” – Will Rogers

  36. The present Minister of Finance is doing just perfect.
    Just last week Friday Sinckler (so upset about the pending job loses) he was seen up at the Sandy Lane golf clubhouse with Lady Lloyd-Webber just after noon having a few bottles of veuve clicquot rose champagne, Grade-A pink scottish salmon on french fine biscuits, a 56 day aged 14oz scottish rib eye beef-steak and cappuccino crème brulee dessert.

  37. That is why he so OVERWEIGHT and BLOATED
    Should not wear a suit –Does not need it—the fat should keep him warm enough, his crotch mussee smell like a hundred expired cockroaches
    .He and the DLP reminds one of the West Indies cricket team

  38. I feel for CHRIS SINCLAIR – he must be the most hated man in BARBADOS!

    How does this guy sleep at nite?

    He’s got to be careful that all this NEGATIVE KINETIC ENERGY that permeates the atmosphere does not make him terminally sick!

    When LEADERS are loved by their people – their well-being is ROBUST but when STRESS play a pivotal factor – its repercussions can be lethal!

    HELL, Michigan has frozen over today – an ominous sign that anything is possible!

    CHRIS boy, maybe time to RESIGN and take a vacation in Hawaii!

  39. @Just Asking
    An inventory of principles, values and convictions, which governs your thinking is in order guy. Man it seem as though you’re off the deep end with your last comment. Are you following doctor’s orders? And have you been taking your antipsychotic medication? I am concern friend!

  40. Mark Fenty
    You sure than you aint Carson Cadagon under a another name.
    You sound a like Carson Cadogan who flew the flag for the DLP on this blog
    Given propensity for given a name with forename and surname
    Mark Fenty could well be Carson Cadogan,Your writings are the same.

    As such therefore, we know where you stand-Mark Fenty/Carson Ca-dog -an

    I think that my last comment was off the deep end , it tells me that BU is tame
    You ever read ac’s comment

    and when I check back old BU posts as I do when I have time, there is a woman called Bonny Peppa. Do a search back in the past and see.

    Mark Fenty ! you soft !!!–like a pussy

  41. “He sleeps in a Hammock
    Pass by his house and see”

    Just asking…… there isn’t a hammock strong and big enough ! LOLL

  42. Mark Fenty | 07/01/2014 at 4:04 pm |
    “Anon, Chris Sinclair probably sleeps likes a new born baby at night. No thanks to you!”

    If POLITICIANS had to wait on people like me to get into ELECTED office – they would be collecting UNEMPLOYMENT!

    If Sinclair sleep well at nite – then it shows that “COCKROACHES” have eaten out his conscience because how can so many people HATE you and it have no EFFECT on you especially when the fundamental argument is going against you!

    IT’S TIME FOR HIM TO RESIGN! He has lost the confidence of too many of the ELECTORATE!

  43. islandgal246 | 07/01/2014 at 4:41 pm |

    “He sleeps in a Hammock
    Pass by his house and see”

    Just asking…… there isn’t a hammock strong and big enough ! LOLL

    Just asking…… there isn’t a hammock strong and big enough ! LOLL

    From a distance , the Hammock appears to be made from metal netting
    so it might be barely able to hold the strain

  44. Mark Fenty | 07/01/2014 at 12:57 pm |
    Well Well
    And you’re gullible enough to believe that this kind of immorality has intensified since the DLP tenure. This kinda stuff have been ocurring in Barbados since the 1970′s.

    Mark if you have been reading my posts since Saturday you will see that i have first hand knowledge of all the nasty goings in the DLP/BLP since the 70s-80s, calling names like Lionel Craig, Billie Millier and Hugh Brathwaite.

    Unfortunately for Miller I witnessed her telling someone whom she did not even know to kiss her ass last Saturday, embarrassing herself, Barbados, the locals and tourists who were present while pretending to be a useless dame when people like myself who know the truth about these wannabes knows she is nothing more than a lower class of GHETTO RAT and has always been…problem is on the island they have this charade where they award these kinds of lowlifes with titles for all the corruption they practised for 30-40 years, while treating whom they believe to be lower class (the same voters they depend on) with disdain and contempt….I will give you stories to make your hair curl about the scum politicians on the island, some of whom are still very much alive.

  45. Well Well | 07/01/2014 at 5:53 pm |

    What you want ? Saints to run the government.?

    Man go and come again. Yuh talking crap. Governments are so supposed to run the country and be judged byt hteir performance. All this foolish talk about this body in the next is Stupid and uncalled for.
    What you want ?
    Somebody who dont curse, who dont foop, who dont poop , who dont eat, who dont shit
    Hello ! They are human
    When you get on a plane , do you worry if the pilot wears a dress at home , quarrels with a woman, curse his brother, swear at somebody or or or

    What is your concern when you get on a Plane/Bus/Train ?

  46. Well Well, where is Dr. Don Blackman now? Since you have this so called first hand knowledge of these old fogies. The man was an inspiration to say the least.

  47. Well Well, is obviously living in an unreal world with his unreal expectations. But don’t worry youself…. he is in for a rude awakening or a reality check.

  48. All this talk and nothing changes.

    Almost a year since the last elections.

    Next elections is mid year 2018.

    Same PM, Same MoF, Same Governor of the Central Bank, The endl result is the same old, same old. Higher unemployment, And dey getting paid well.

    The only change is in the unemployment rate. And the governor will have figures soon that says different..

    And to know that they can sleep in peace at night in little Barbados where everybody knows where you live if they want to.

  49. Georgie, that’s obviously an understaement because I do remembered: fighting cocks, setting bird traps, pitching marbles, dressing in my best cloths with all four on the street, stealing the Whiteman Sugar Cane, stealing other people mangoes, during mango season, going to the Globe, Rocky, Plaza, and the Empire on Sunday evenings, talking to a girl for hours as she looks through the window, and beating up the country men before the late bus etc.

  50. JUST ASKING | 07/01/2014 at 6:45 pm |
    Well Well | 07/01/2014 at 5:53 pm |

    What you want ? Saints to run the government.?

    No, Just Asking, just the politicians who PROMISED they will manage the country with a certain amount of dignity, transparency, ethics and morality, not saints, but certainly not criminals, thieves, liars and ghetto rats, women beaters, traitors who sell the island and it’s people to the highest bidders, etc, etc………..should i go on? you can tell me when to stop.

  51. Mark Fenty……yes, I am glad you pointed out Don Blackman who tried to do the right thing by the Transport Board and was banished from Barbados by his fellow politicians who were so steeped in corruption they did not need his type of interruptions to make the transport system feasible or viable, of course the country got the politicians they wanted and they ran it right into the ground, hope you and Just Asking Shit is happy to see the lowest level that the politicians have sunk and carried the island right along with them……hope you also enjoy the next phase.

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