Michael Carrington’s Immoral Act Goes Unpunished

Michael Carrington,Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly

Michael Carrington,Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly

The Presidency is preeminently a place of moral leadership,” Franklin Roosevelt observed in the midst of the Depression; but that was then and this is now. What has changed? – The Moral Authority of Government

A wholesome society many will argue is built on the pillars of law and order. Barbados like many others is a society built on law and order. But is it enough to enact and enforce laws if we want to build the optimal society? What role do human values play in the quality of life we aspire to -values like  honesty, integrity, empathy, humility and the like. How are societal values modified over time to sustain the optimal society. How does a society mesh the individual values of the citizenry to honour the many. Importantly, who should be the ones responsible to codify changing values as time passes.

There was a period the citizenry acted based on norms and values influenced heavily by the world of the non secular. Today there is great haste to separate non-secular influence from how we govern. Have we been able to grow basic human values rooted in the society we have become to fill the vacuum previously  influenced by Christian values ?  Hmmmm

Through the years the BU household has posted several blogs about the weeds which have run amuck in the manicured lawns. When they were sprouts we ignored them because we were distracted by the appeal that is derived from social relativism. Underpinning the breakdown in the Bajan society has been our willingness to surrender and deprioritized Bajan values. Nowadays Barbados has become the warehouse for anything and everything.  Again we are not willing to defend a damn thing that is Bajan. Errol Walton Barrow must be a disappointed man observing from across the Rubicon.

An apt analogy which describes the potta Barbados finds itself is that of the ZR/Minibus culture. Almost three decades ago voices in the proverbial wilderness sounded the alarm to alert the authorities we needed to address issues in the sector. Because of greed and ineptness of the authorities they have mismanaged the sector and in the process exacerbated the social ills of our country. Why should we worry though, after all, we are a society first and then an economy.   If ever one wanted a definition of political rhetoric, there you have it.

Of all the immoral acts which have been perpetrated on Barbados by a public figure in Barbados in the last decade, it must be Michael Carrington’s refusal to pay an ordinary citizen his money.  He had to be ordered by the High Court to pay a 70+ year old man his money. What makes the act so egregious is the fact he is the Speaker of the House of Assembly. The fact he has not resigned is bad enough, the fact this most ignominious act was defended by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart caused every sinew in the body to go numb of all right thinking Bajans. The Michael Carrington matter now raises the issue of the moral authority of any government in the building of the optimal society.

Michael Carrington you are a cad and Barbadians everywhere should be so ashamed about what you have done to puncture the good reputation of Barbados. All the while the Leader of the Opposition is silent. The media is silent. His colleagues are unsurprisingly silent. And the PEOPLE are silent.

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104 Comments on “Michael Carrington’s Immoral Act Goes Unpunished”

  1. Well Well & Consequences February 2, 2016 at 10:15 AM #

    Alvin….I have never stolen money from a disabled man in a wheelchair, it appears you have since you defend the crook Carrington. Do you have any idea if Carrington has stolen from others, do you think it’s his first time, after all lawyers in Barbados do carry a very bad reputation, of their own making.

    Need I remind you as immoral as we all know US can get, lawyers who do what Carrington did, when caught, as he was, go to prison and cannot hold public office particularly when enabled by a president, in this case PM Stuart…..on that I will defend the US.

    PM Stuart is another dishonest person, a lawyer holding on to my money is not a difference of opinion with a client…..the lawyer is thiefing my money and refusing to release it….dude is a thief and Stuart is an enabler of thievery against clients, in this case a disabled , elderly man.


  2. Hants February 2, 2016 at 12:45 PM #

    De minster vex as wrasse whole yuh!

    “There is one, it’s a blog. It’s one of the worst, the most depraved that I have seen coming from Barbadians. Sometimes I see the media use it for reference and it’s scandal, destruction of people. The nastier it is, the more silly it is.

    “And some of the people who put things on there are totally mad. I am serious. I don’t talk about how Barbadians say that he mad, meaning that his behaviour is a little erratic. I mean certifiably, psychiatry-proven mad,” Jones said”



  3. Well Well & Consequences February 2, 2016 at 2:22 PM #

    Hants…lol Heather Cole is right, Jones as psychiatrist, just sent the whole island to beg or borrow a computer to read all about him and others….he knows there is nothing he can do legally, but did he just shut up and stop reading the blogs so often, oh no, the new psychiatrist Jones had to highlight the whole thing..

    Some of the things posted people just pass over those things that are not important and read the important stuff, but not Jones, he reads everything…lol

    Maybe if they make an effort to stop some of the things that they can control and for which they are responsible from happening….there would be no toxic information available for anyone to post…time for them to start doing what the taxpayers are paying them a salary for……


  4. Prodigal Son February 2, 2016 at 2:55 PM #

    @ Alvin Cummins February 1, 2016 at 11:06 AM #

    “Well Well, Michael Carrington “kept” money designated to be forwarded to the recipients of an estate settlement, from the recipient. Where he kept it is pertinent, because if he kept it in an Client’s account , which attorneys at law are entitled to do. If kept in this account, there is no malfeasance. Although the length of time kept may have been inordinate. He was ordered by the court to hand over the money; after the recipient requested the court to order him to do so. He did. As far as the court is concerned that is the end of the matter.

    For a man who claims to be so much in the bosom of what goes on in the DLP you are really clueless.

    The crooked lawyer did not have the man’s money, he spent it. In clients’ account my eye. If the money was is in the clients’ account, why he could not repay Mr Griffiths when ordered by the courts. You really believe that the crooked man would have procrastinated so long if he had the money. My goodness to endure the embarrassment of the Sunday Sun front page and the weeks of constant criticism?

    Why dont you ask your buddies in the dlp who put together the monies to save his sorry hide.

    For your information, the money was put together by the newly rich and those who has a vested interest in the DLP to continue feeding off the fatted calf.

    Immorality is not a crime………….the man has no morals.


  5. Prodigal Son February 2, 2016 at 3:05 PM #

    …..oops……….those who have a vested interest in the DLP.


  6. Sunshine Sunny Shine February 2, 2016 at 4:15 PM #

    God these politicians really believe that their intellectual capacity is at height that is unreachable. They really are losing what little credibility they have left. They would wish that bajans continue to remain docile, ignorant and blinded. They do not like their names being called. Well, if Jones is so upset with the blogs all he has to do is tell his government to provide the level of governance that would show their ability to do better by Barbados. Too much lies told to believe anything that comes from their mouths. Until that time, he could really shut his rip hole and do what he and his administration has being doing best i.e continuing their silence and using the fear factor bull cow approach to keep the frigten section of the Barbadian public in check.


  7. Well Well & Consequences February 2, 2016 at 5:07 PM #

    In the meantime all their rear ends will be exposed…lol


  8. Alvin Cummins February 2, 2016 at 6:37 PM #

    @Well Well’
    Wrong again!! I have NEVER made any such CLAIMS.to be in anyone’s bosom.!!! Slandering as usual.


  9. Prodigal Son February 2, 2016 at 7:43 PM #

    Look, so many things are going wrong in this country, you just cannot keep up.

    In all the nonsense that is being passed for governance the latest gimmick has galled me.

    Can you imagine that disposable gloves, toilet paper and paper towels are in scare supply at the hospital but this insensitive government who clearly has its priorities wrong, wrong, wrong………..can find money to buy reams and reams of A4 paper to print a letter signed by the Fumble which is being mailed to Barbadians….my children got theirs yesterday. They steupsed and promptly threw them away.

    I am not saying that they should not celebrate 50 years but would it not be cheaper to put out a full page ad to say what they are saing in the indivual letters. Just think how much it cost to buy so many reams of paper, the cost of the ink to print them and the cost to mail them. This is democracy gone amok. These people just do not care what we say or think……. and Stinkliar got angry recently when a reporter asked him about the cost of the launch.

    Business are crying out for their VAT returns

    Barbadians are crying out for their income tax returns

    Barbadians cannot get a proper bus service

    Barbadians cannot get a proper garbage collection service

    Barbadians cannot get proper health care at the QEH

    Barbadians cannot get a proper water service in the rural areas

    The roads are in a mess

    The Police are crying out for basic supplies

    They have imposed tuition fees on Barbadian children thus in a stroke of a budget depriving hundreds of children of an UWI education…………………..yet they can find money to promote their dlp agenda.

    I am so sick of these morons.


  10. Alvin Cummins February 2, 2016 at 10:20 PM #

    You are sick, to begin with. If you don’t think fifty years of independence; considering where we were before Independence, and where we are at this stage, then you are truly sick.

    You say Businesses are crying out for VAT returns…Pre Independence we did not even have businesses; except those controlled by the Roebuck Street merchants and the Plantations (the white people)
    You say people are crying out for their Income Tax returns…Pre Independence few people had incomes…if they were fortunate enough to find a job, the wages were so meagre they had no income tax to pay. In 1958 a Long Grade Clerk in the Civil Service worked for $120.00 per month.
    You say Barbadians cannot get a proper bus service….Pre Independence the last bus to St. George left out by the Olympic theatre; in Marhill Street at ten o’clock, If you missed that you had to walk home.People living in St. James going North had no night bus.You say Bajans can’t get a proper Garbage collection service..Pre independence garbage was collected by stuff trucks, and carts.. There was no Sanitation Service Authority. The Sanitation services office was in church village out by where the car park for the central bank is.
    You say that Bajans can’t get proper health care at the QEH. Pre Independence children suffered routinely from Marasmus; a condition due to malnutrition. There was no QEH, The buildings where the old hospital is located served the entire country.There were NO Polyclinics
    You say Bajans can’t get proper water services in rural areas. Pre independence very few people had access to water except by the standpipe in EACH VILLAGE. Villagers bathed at public baths. Everybody carried water in buckets from the standpipe.
    You say the roads are in a mess. …Pre Independence few villages even had roads, they had tracts.
    You say that they are charging tuition fees “depriving children of a UWI education. …Pre Independence all children fortunate enough to get into secondary school HAD to pay school fees; the amount was determined by the school you went to. In large, or even in small families, choices had to be made as to which child would be paid for. The rest had to go work on the plantation, for pennies a day.There was no University to go to unless you went overseas. ..Now students can go to university and government pays for it.

    If you are so sick of this country,, find another country to go to which will be better and go there, if you can get admitted.
    Be thankful for where you live, and especially after fifty years of independence, what you have.
    It MUST be celebrated because this country has confounded all the critics who predicted, before Independence, that the country would not last ten years.


  11. Well Well & Consequences February 2, 2016 at 10:29 PM #

    Alvin….what would ya’ll do without laws to claim slander and libel…..but time is longer than twine. Yardfowls before you used to spew that nonsense, long after you are gone, yardfowls will still be spewing that nonsense, it’s all yardfowls know.

    You said you were in Barbados recently, how does the condition of the roads grab ya, particularly in the Haynesville, St. James, Donville area. That is what taxpayer’s money should be doing, fixing roads or are they waiting for next year to lie to the people in those areas, as usual.

    Heard some tourists who were recently in Barbados complaining about the condition of the roads.


  12. Prodigal Son February 2, 2016 at 11:09 PM #


    I will leave you to Bush Tea and Sunshine Sunny Shine …..they have your number. Your response exposed how ignorant you are.

    I wrote of the urgent things that need addressing in this country rather than spending tens of thousands on paper and postage to further the dlp agenda and talking nonsense about what we did not have prior to independence.

    Well guess what you forgot to mention, Barbados had people who managed the country competently……..not like the morons now whom you support blindly.

    Why dont you serve God like you serve the dlp…….your reward in heaven would be secured.


  13. Prodigal Son February 2, 2016 at 11:16 PM #

    Another thing, ac, I am a Barbadian and I have a right to complain about this incompetent government. …..you don’t live here so you can shut to hell up.

    I am sick of you.


  14. Prodigal Son February 2, 2016 at 11:22 PM #

    Why am I wasting time responding to a JA who condone a dlp member who withheld his client’s monies for more than a decade and then had the gall to say that immorality is not a crime.

    That speaks to your character.


  15. Well Well & Consequences February 2, 2016 at 11:36 PM #

    Alvin…if you were progressive and positive you would know that you are really introducing negative energy to the island. The people enjoy a certain quality of life because they worked for it post slavery, none of it was given to them…..your ignorance is glaring….they do not have to be grateful for mediocrity but always strive for better and better…they do not have to accept bribery and corruption from politicians or condescending asses like you telling them they never had it better and should not complain or say anything when they see wrongdoing.

    The people’s tax dollars paid for their education and they should speak out against what makes them uncomfortable, they are no longer illiterate and lack understanding. If you can understand that, you wiĺ know you are wasting your time trying to reduce people’s intelligence level.


  16. Alvin Cummins February 3, 2016 at 8:22 AM #

    @Prodigal and Well Well,
    \As I said Prodigal, you are indeed sick. If you believe the scam perpetrated on ignorant people about a place in heaven, then you are more ignorant than I would give you credit for. I am not worried about where I go when I stop breathing.
    Well Well, You are always talking about tax dollars paying for x,y, and Z. The people’s tax dollars go to pay for the services they get, and the average person does not pay very much in tax dollars equivalent to the services they get. Slavery was abandoned in the late eighteen hundreds. We got Independence in 1966. Prior to that we were “owned” by the white people. Many of us still are “owned ” by them.You would not have been alive in the pre independence debates to know the social conditions that existed then and the negativity of those debates when elements of the society still argued against it. So don’t try to tell me who worked for it. The arguments propounded regarding bribery and corruption is based on rumour, supposition and innuendo. Bring proof, name names, produce evidence.
    So called “peoples’ intelligence level is apparently guided by the perception yard ducks attribute.


  17. Well Well & Consequences February 3, 2016 at 3:56 PM #

    “Many of us still are “owned ” by them.”

    Yes Alvin…..speak for yourself, many of you still want to be owned by white people and in the same instant, believe you own each other and actually believe their should be no more progress, but just be content with a corrupt government owned by a few whites on the island and a few crooked foreign whites…..it’s sickening Alvin……sickening….so do not blame the white people, blame yourselves…do you remember the Cowan/Cahill contract signed by your government giving away the island to a crazy white woman and her crooked advisors whose Jacob Securities company is about to be dissolved in Canada, this just recently happened, you should never forget, you were upfront trying to convince everyone and close the deal, selling out your people…shame on you…..

    You should read today’s newspapers…..your pal Leroy Parris has to repay the over 3 million dollars him and your deceased prime minister David Thompson stole from Clico policyholders….the supreme court gave a judgement just yesterday…..that is not rumor or innuendo, it is a fact…..hope you were not involved in that….as top yardfowl.


  18. Gabriel February 3, 2016 at 6:43 PM #

    Don’t waste time responding to the JA’s like Alvin.He’s what Bree referred to as a Stinking Dem,they have no love for the people of Barbados,they have no interest in the development of this country,they have no vision.They only care about feathering their nests.Look at all of them BMW’s and Mercedes Benz with Kyffin laughing all the way to the bank.These peeps are not accustomed to any thing and now they think they have the opportunity of a lifetime,they have become the most corrupt politicos in the history of Barbados.
    When I cleared my mail at the post office,I opened one of five copies sent to my household.I read a few lines,realized what it was and from whom it came,walked over to a refuse bin,tore them up and hurled them into the bin with a vengeance.Another waste of public funds.Bloody fools.They can all rot in hell.In a way I am sorry the Clico fiasco with Parris and Thomp[son did not make it to open court.We might have heard if there is truth in the story going the rounds that Thompson left 39 million dollars in real and personal estate.


  19. Alvin Cummins February 3, 2016 at 10:42 PM #

    If Kyffin Simpson died tonight, how much money in real and personal estate would he leave? How much is Sim;son’s Lear Jet worth? Mercedes for politicians, how do they compare? Are you saying that Politicians should not drive Mercedes? Are the Mercedes they drive their property or the property of the government?

    If Paul Altman died tonight, how much money would he leave in his estate?

    So petty.


  20. Gabriel February 4, 2016 at 8:56 AM #

    You prove what a JA you are once again.I did not hear Simpson nor Altman offer themselves as a representative of the people nor did they say they will not cheat,lie or steal nor did they say in 1987 that they had a plan and showed a piece of paper to the moojins of St John,a development plan for the parish,nor did they join with a leper to defraud the policyholders of Clico of their investments.You should compare Thompson with Lowe,Lashley,Boyce,Byer of the Caves notoriety,Carrington and such like 21st century hooligans,pimps,liars,charlatans and criminals.Eff off simple fella.Wuh Gaul bline yuh.


  21. Well Well & Consequences February 4, 2016 at 9:11 AM #

    Alvin is a piss poor, bottom feeding yardfolw, who does not mind Thompson or any DBLP politician stealing from Clico policyholders, as long as it makes them look rich. He condones stealing from taxpayers….39 million, where would Thompson get that money to leave in an estate unless he stole it….but, Alvin is against the sale of medical marijuana to help the economy, a bottom feeding piece of rag.


  22. Well Well & Consequences February 4, 2016 at 9:14 AM #


    U.S. legal marijuana sales were $5.4B in 2015, higher than Trump’s net worth and several times the cost of the Space Shuttle
    BY TOBIAS SALINGER NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 9:15 PM A A A

    SEPT. 15, 2015 FILE
    Marijuana plants are shown at an Illinois medical marijuana cultivation center. Legal weed sales jumped 17% last year.
    Americans spent more money on legal marijuana in 2015 than Donald Trump is worth, research revealed Monday.

    The $5.4 billion in legal pot sales outpaces the magnate and presidential candidate’s $4.5 billion net worth and dwarfs the $1.7 billion cost of NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour. And weed sales will overtake the price of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in a few years.

    Analysts from ArcView Market Research and New Frontier Data unveiled their annual report on the size of the legal pot market Monday, showing a 17% increase over 2014.

    The marijuana market researchers predict overall sales will grow to $21.8 billion by 2020 at a compound annual rate of 30%. Voters in at least seven states will consider allowing adults to get high legally this year and 86% of Americans now live in states with some form of legal marijuana use.

    Legal pot sales in U.S. outpaced The Donald’s $4.5 billion net worth.
    Legal pot sales in U.S. outpaced The Donald’s $4.5 billion net worth.
    “Many in the business and financial sector have taken a ‘wait and see’ approach to the legal cannabis industry,” the publishers wrote in an introductory letter. “The data in this report confirms what pioneer investors and entrepreneurs suspected: legalization of cannabis is one of greatest business opportunities of our time and it’s still early enough to see huge growth.”

    Yet the figures already lend themselves to fun comparisons. They may never add up to the $710 billion Americans spend each year at bars and nightclubs or the $400 billion projected overall cost of the Department of Defense’s most costly and ambitious fighter jet program.

    But the 2015 sales would buy 33 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, based on the Government Accountability Office’s estimate. And when legal weed sales grow to $12 billion in 2018, the proceeds would be more than enough to pay for the city-sized USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier currently in the works.

    Weed sales dwarf the $1.7 billion cost of NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour.
    Weed sales dwarf the $1.7 billion cost of NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour.
    One choice stat from the Euromonitor market research group cited by The Washington Post also places the figures in context. The $5.4 billion in legal weed sales last year were well above the $4.9 billion Americans spent on Doritos, Cheetos and Funyuns.


  23. millertheanunnaki February 4, 2016 at 9:23 AM #

    @ Well Well & Consequences February 4, 2016 at 9:14 AM

    Now you see why it will remain ‘illegal in the American’s backyard called the Caribbean?
    Can’t have those Jamaicans and others from the sunshine islands of premium cannabis cutting in on our legal business.

    Why can’t the nincompoops like nitwit Braffit explore the possibility of exporting hemp to China? The sea island cotton has failed why not try the high premium ‘grass’.


  24. Well Well & Consequences February 4, 2016 at 9:38 AM #

    Miller…if the nincompoop Brathwaite really wants to….nothing can stop him…the ooliticians more than likely wantvit for themselves and their corrupt business partners, they are breaking down the people’s courage and confidence from now, they know only too well how to do so.

    Jamaica now has a growing export industry, no one can stop them, they already let it be known…..politicians in Barbados care nothing about the island’s economy and the people’s financial welfare, only about their own pockets and putting on a show, talking a good game to fool the outside world..


  25. Sunshine Sunny Shine February 4, 2016 at 10:09 AM #

    Lord have mercy. Alvin Cummins. Does not cease to amaze. Imagine Alvi just confess that he does not believe in heaven, and as such does not believe in God. No wonder he can defend crooks and justify wrong doers. When you shut your eyes, Alvi, remember the words you utter. Can’t even sing nearer my God to thee. You do not believe in God. Ssssshhhh what said ass state you must be in.


  26. Sunshine Sunny Shine February 4, 2016 at 10:23 AM #


    You really think these Jackasses would give a thought to seeing marijuana a whole complete different light besides negative. These jackasses are simply determined to travel the old roads and look at the same pot holes with the same patch work solutions in the temporary mode. Development for them is a new building. Development for them is investing in a few hotels, and managing several ministries and departments. Now the shit solidly hit the fan, diversity of the economy the hand that is now rocking the cradle. Unfortunately, it is to darn late.


  27. Well Well & Consequences February 4, 2016 at 11:28 AM #

    SSS….Alvin is unsalvageable, he has already drowned himself in corruption, he’s unrepentant and unrecoverable. …that is what happens when you immerse yourself in evil and call it good. I hope he did not take too many people with him into that hole…..he’s just waiting to join his master Thompson….that alone should frighten him, but I don’t think he is capable of that human trait…lol

    Here is what is likely to happen to the jackass politicians, they may not have a choice. Do you really feel the US can keep up with the demand for medical marijuana given the many varied illnesses the drug is known for alleviating patient’s discomfort….given the annual income, the income alone can cut down the trillion dollar national debt in a few years. Those little clown leaders in Barbados could very well see receiving aid tied to production and export of medical marijuana, let the idiots stay there in their delusional cloud of pretense.

    Just wait until big pharma jumps in the ling.


  28. balance April 28, 2016 at 4:13 AM #

    “Heard some tourists who were recently in Barbados complaining about the condition of the roads.”

    Was in Fort Lauderdale and Ottawa recently and strange enough heard the persons driving me around complaining about the condition of the roads and before Hants jump on me for disparaging his homeland pleases note I did not say ‘all the roads’.



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    […] of Michael Carrington’s attempt to fleece a septuagenarian and his family from his money – Michael Carrington’s Immoral Act Goes Unpunished. BU suspects he would have mounted the back of a truck in Bush Hall and fired Carrington from the […]


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