Speaker of the House Michael Carrington MUST Go!

Good to hear the crescendo of calls for Speaker of the House Michael Carrington to step down. Leading the calls is outspoken and widely respected lawyer Andrew Pilgrim QC  a former President of the Barbados Bar Association (BBA). BU assumes he was not head of the BBA when the 78 year old wheel chair bound Griffiths  filed a complaint in the matter now occupying national attention. BU understands there is a concerted effort around town to raise monies demanded by the Court Order from ‘pals’ of Carrington, we have no doubt that he will be bailed out. The political class and buddy system always close ranks.


Whether he is able to honour the court order or not the Prime Minister, Cabinet colleagues and Government are left with no choice but to ask Carrington to step down as Speaker of the House. It is a moral imperative by a government led by a man who was promoted as Mr. Integrity himself.  Until Carrington steps down no utterance  by any member of the House can be allocated moral weight.


  • ” lawdie!lawdie!BuParliament has reconvene Lawd!lawd !muh belly”


    What a monumental avoidance of commonsense.


  • David,

    Why you and that JA Prodigal….do not show respect for the Political Class? PM Stuart in the House was correct leave the Speaker to deal with his private matter. No House rules were broken.

    Did Mia Mottley disclose to the House how much money she paid
    to her female friend last week to keep her private matter out of court?

    to her female


  • fractured
    You are dealing with allegations but we are dealing with facts. The fact is that MC owed a client money, MC would not pay the client his money, the client sued MC for his money, MC did not contest the law suit by the client for his money, the judge found that MC owed the client money and instructed that MC pay his client the money claimed and owed. MC has paid or is about to pay that which was claimed and ordered by the court.


  • seems to me that the contention of this being a private matter of the Speaker will not wash. in the end I think Mia & Co will get him on contempt of parliament.


  • Grace,

    You do not respond to idiots like Fractured.

    If this were a Bee in this position, we all know how they would be on Brasstacks and BU doing the dog. Just look at the way they treated OSA and the CLICO cheque. There was no corruption there according to OSA but the dead king had a “mobile cinema” at Haggatt Hall to tell the world and people believed.

    Now we have proof that Michael Carrington, the Speaker of the commonwealth’s third oldest parliament……..an esteemed place where he is called honourable has held on to a client’s monies and property for 14 years, the proof is being discredited.

    The biggest departure from reality as being told the dems……..this was done in his private practice. You cannot want bigger hypocrites than the Dems.

    Michael Carrington held on to the man’s property and monies for 14 years. That is a FACT, Brek up Dem………..in other words Carrington has stolen a disabled man’s property……..that in itself is a crime.

    Deal with it, you idiot!


  • @Fractured BLP January 20, 2015 at 2:36 PM “PM Stuart in the House was correct leave the Speaker to deal with his private matter.”

    No. Both you and Prime Minister Stuart are wrong.

    Once a public court has issued an order the matter is no longer private.

    Michael Carrington should obey the court order as soon as possible, and our Prime Minister should use his MORAL authority to ensure the Michael obeys the court order.

    This correct course of action is as clear as day.


  • In Barbados we have a saying “you can buy land in private but you can’t work it in private.”

    This saying is often said in the case of people who have secret sexual relations…yes sex can take place in private, but once a child is born of the sexual union, the sexual act is no longer private. The result of the sexual act (the child) becomes public as the law requires parents to publicly register the birth of atheirchild.

    Once a public court is involved a matter is no longer private and I am surprised that a a lawyer of the Prime Minister’s experience would say otherwise.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Prodigal Son January 20, 2015 at 1:46 PM
    “You see why he should stay in a comatose state? No wonder my friend miller is always so scathing in his criticism of the idiot we have as a PM.”

    Now you see why I saw through the man from very early as a liar and hypocrite deserving the Right Honourable pseudo title of “Mr. Integrity from Molasses Hill”.

    From the time that man can look right into the face of an innocent schoolboy and tell him such a blatant lie about not knowing the lection date which was stored in his back pocket I knew what kind of person you guys had at the helm.

    I would not even mention the big lie told to the CLICO policyholders about the safety of their life policies and pensions and the BCC graduates about his unswerving commitment to free tertiary education.
    If that man can actually witness voter fraud and inform the highest court of the land about it but as the chief law enforcement officer refuses to do anything about it then it becomes a clear sign you guys are being led into a failed banana republic state of governance resulting in a “monumental avoidance of commonsense” and morality in public life.

    When members of Parliament can so blatantly refuse to adhere to the rulings of the Judiciary you know its time to watch out for the emergence of dictatorship where people would soon be at risk of having their heads cracked or bodies riddled with bullets.

    From what transpired in your parliament today you can expect Barbados to be seen by the rating agencies, the IMF and other international regulatory agencies as a ripening banana republic from which both investors and people planning to do business or live should not touch even with a barge pole of monumental length leading to a fall about three notches down the investment ladder spiraling further into an economic and social hellhole.
    I bet you that Barbados would soon have the unenviable position of being at the very bottom on the investment rating scale

    You watch and see what will be happening the coming months in Bim unless the current administration undergoes a Damascene moment and like Snuggle Pus do an “Exit, Stage Left” manoeuvre.

    Dear Father EWB, tomorrow please pray for Bim the land you loved and did so much for and also weep for your party you help formed and nurtured but which has now grown into a devil of lies and deceit and is a damned wicked curse on the people.

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  • Miller you are so right indeed.

    After today’s phantasmagoria …whereby ‘that which is’has been delineated to ‘that which is not’ by our pedagogue of momemuntal silence…..Parliament has been desecrated to a land of wild boys and despots no longer with clear demarcations…..a fun for all where all that is wrong can now be glissaded to right…

    Which and whatever from here on in can fall from the sky, and with any ignoble utter from ona these classical glibbers shall transform them like King Midas to golden tides of emlets or meretricious fish sides (when dey hungry)…..Banana republic indeed we reach boys….. get D passports ready.


  • .corr..so sorry wrong thread..meant for the next one


  • Simple Simon
    You surprised ‘as a lawyer of the PM’s experience’….man don’t make me laugh.What experience and what lawyer what.You ever heard him arguing a case before a High Court in Barbados,let alone the Privy Council or the now joke court called the CCJ?Never,my dear fellow.Nobody would entrust their future to this clownsellor so called.You see the poorakey dems entrust the care of Barbados to this fellow and the mess he making of it of of dem?After this poor rakey performance the dems dead for good.


  • Only in Barbados can this madness occur. It seems we have one law for the Jews and one for the Greeks. We condemn those who rob others of chains, cell phones and break into people’s house; but it seems that “BIG UP” people and criminal lawyers, insurance companies can somehow get away with crime. How can we as a society solve crime. Do we realise that the criminals on the street are watching. This country is going the way of Ancient Rome..DECAYING FROM WITHIN. May God help us.


  • Forgive me, I am not too bright, are you all saying that if the monies are not paid, that Bailiffs will show up at the steps of Parliament to present a warrant for the Speakers arrest for Contempt of Court?

    Mind you, bear in mind this is a question only, as I said, I am not very bright.

    Thanks for the answers.


  • Crusoe

    You cannot serve papers on a member of parliament in parliament or in the precincts.



  • @Caswell

    Why would the Speaker resist being serve in the precincts if it come to the Court enforcing the order?


  • "A breach of common sense is a breach of [the] rules Michael Carrington” ~ Keith "Spoony" Roach

    "A breach of common sense is a breach of school rules." ~ Keith "Spoony" Roach #UpAndOn #Cawmere


  • @Crusoe January 21, 2015 at 7:38 PM “are you all saying that if the monies are not paid, that Bailiffs will show up at the steps of Parliament to present a warrant for the Speakers arrest for Contempt of Court?”

    Parliamentarians are immune from arrest while Parliament is meeting and the Parliamentarian is present at the meeting. So “no” a bailiff can’t walk up the steps of Parliament and arrest anybody, but hey all Parliamentarians have to go home at some time (or by their outside woman) and the bailiff can arrest him or her there.


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