Caribbean and Latin American Accidental Leaders in a Race to the Economic and Social Bottom of the Barrel

Submitted by Jerome May

Today two once great nations find themselves in the hands of men who became government leaders by default. Leaders who first occupy their current positions due to unforeseen life circumstances namely the passing away of their bosses. Interestingly share a few key similarities I would like to call-out for thought:

  1. Both are able to live in a bubble totally disconnected from the daily plight of their people with a select loyal few.
  2. Both want to talk about every insignificant challenge being faced while primary nation social and economic challenges continue to degrade.
  3. Both are hanging on to false cause and effect rational that justifies their poor leadership, management and stewardship the nation.
  4. Both are void of ideas alone with those in the bubble with them which has significantly impacted their intellectual ability to course correct their nations, instead both are prepared to put the proverbial pedal to the floor of economic and social ruin.
  5. Both are sailing toward the life distinction as one of the worst leaders in their national history.
  6. Both are willing to go down with the ship and take us all with them and will resist every attempt at early elections due to an inability to put country first and know when it’s time to step down.

It will be interesting in the months ahead to see who will win the race to the bottom. One thing is for sure along the way the people will continue to suffer, and it will get worst each day elections is not called. The rate of destruction will depend on how much the economic and social destruction gas peddle is pressed.

Their however is a bit of good news in the journey ahead as once you hit rock bottom all “those of us who survive” will only have one way to go, which is UP.

15 thoughts on “Caribbean and Latin American Accidental Leaders in a Race to the Economic and Social Bottom of the Barrel

  1. “Both are sailing toward the life distinction as one of the worst leaders in their national history.” Oh, one would have thought that ‘the life distinction’ had already been convincingly earned. Any further effort would be for the sole purpose of seeing that the title be never shared or lifted.

  2. Message received, clearly understood….the facts cannot be changed.

  3. @bimboy July 12, 2017 at 8:14 PM “Poor grammar for an intellectual discourse.Spell check would be useful here.”

    It is not an intellectual discourse. It is a partisan political screed.

  4. @ bimboy….does a grammatical error change the subject matter to such a point that you are lost in the process?You do recognize that an oratorically skilled, extremely well spoken poppet got we whe we at,don’t you?

  5. It’s the political pitchfork season. Extremism and hyperbole is the new order. I am waiting to hear how Barbados is governed like Hitler’s Germany.

  6. There is a basic flaw in the thesis being promoted via this blog…. in that …

    There are PLENTY other countries up the same shiite street as the two being referenced.
    The flaw therefore resides in deducing the common factor involved in the dramatic declines being observed….

    Here is a hint…
    Our dumb-donkeyed leaders took up valuable resources and built a monument to “the common denominator” in the middle of the damned Garrison…..

    This shiite will not only continue…but will dramatically accelerate because….

    We fight NOT against brass bowl flesh and blood like Froon and Stinkliar…, but against PRINCIPALITIES and POWERS in high places – in spiritual realms that we do not even contemplate…

    So while it is fun to cuss Froon and Trump, these are but puppets in the hands of the “common denominator”…. as are the multitude of other brass bowls currently fretting and fuming…. the world over.

    The ONLY USEFUL defence in this battle has been long detailed – it is the armour of BBE
    ….with weapons such as righteousness, selflessness, LOVE, FAITH, Patience and truth…. These weapons have been BANNED by this stupid society …leaving our donkeys defenceless….

    But not stinking Bushie …. wid de whacker….. !!!!
    Fully armed…..

  7. Bush Tea July 13, 2017 at 3:00 PM #

    Hmmm…..I am heartened to hear that all is well with the USA now Trump has been elected and the Evangelical Christians have done the laying of hands ceremony on him.

    Do you think you could arrange something similar for these two leaders Bushie?……..your duty according to BBE.

  8. As part of the island shutdown of services !!

    The Barbados Water (BWA) will be shutting down supply water to ALL
    householders from 3 :00 pm today.

    Be be forewarned

  9. @ Well Well and Consequences,

    That note on Dr. Henry Lowe (“KINGSTON, Jamaica — A drug developed by Jamaican scientist Dr Henry Lowe and his team of researchers to treat acute myeloid leukemia (AML), has been granted orphan-drug designation by the United States Food and Drug Administration ) is much appreciated.

    If you were only to know the absolute terrors and tribulations that that man received at the hands of the same “bottom of the barrel” feeders in his country you would concede that what Brother Bush Tea enunciates above HAS TO BE TRUE.

    It is impossible that so many people ALL OVER THE WORLD (but significantly or is that significuntly well represented here in Barbados in our leaders and the directors of national and economic policy could be so bent on destruction BEREFT AS THEY ARE OF VISION.

    Dr. Henry Congratulations.

    We does got to go to America to get the FAA’s and the FCC’s and the DHS’ to accord us laurels while we scvunts does be make criminals and enemies of the state in the cuntrys of our birth.

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