Al Gilkes Says NOT so ‘FAS’’

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Natalie with SK and Pummysoo

Digicel Reggae Beach Party

In a statement today, FAS Promotions Director Al Gilkes said Natalie was not booked by his company, but was brought on stage by SK.  However, Gilkes said all performers were made aware of the profanity laws of Barbados before they went on stage.

FAS Promotions booked SK among a number of Barbadian performers for the Reggae Beach Party event. While Natalie was not contracted as a performer for the event she appeared on stage as a part of SK’s act. As a matter of course for all FAS Promotions events , all performers are advised about the profanity laws of Barbados, and the liability attached to the breach of these laws, and this was done for the beach event. FAS Promotions does not condone the breach of any of the laws of Barbados, and regrets if any patrons were offended by any of the performances on Sunday, the statement said – Barbados TODAY dated 24 April, 2017


Pray tell me, Mr. Gilkes, are you trying to absolve yourself from your duties to the populace of Barbados? You are the Director of FAS Promotions, and therefore were responsible for what went on at the beach event.

Can anyone of those who are booked for a specific event bring everyone and anyone onto the stage?

Doesn’t that person have the duty of informing you that he/she will be bringing such and such a person onto the stage as part of his her act?

Methinks that you, or one or more of your security detail should have kept track of what’s going on, instead of people being confronted with such a lewd act that they were complaining about it.

Why can’t people of this country attend a show thinking that it would be fun and wholesome, without it degenerating to such a low act?

Do you think that all our people want to see – especially when they have their young scions with them – is people wukking up on each other or such like?

I don’t think that’s the way you were taught, Mr. Gilkes!

Is your statement to show that you washed your hands of what went on at the beach event – with your security detail doing nothing about it?

The lewdness must have been very revolting, if not the populace of this country wouldn’t have been so squeamish about it!

I sincerely hope that SK isn’t billed by you to perform at any of your events in Barbados again!

It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. – George Washington


  • Expose Barbados Criminals Destroying Island

    Why is this surprising AL Gilkes and his partner Freddie Hill of FAS .used to own Rolex Strip Club previously on Spring Garden Highway where they had Jamaican young girls doing prostitution every night.

    They have no morals so Natalie would fit right in.


  • “Why can’t people of this country attend a show thinking that it would be fun and wholesome, without it degenerating to such a low act?

    Do you think that all our people want to see – especially when they have their young scions with them – is people wukking up on each other or such like?”

    Obviously the author has never attended Kadooment on the streets of Barbados.

    “The lewdness must have been very revolting, if not the populace of this country wouldn’t have been so squirmish (sic) about it!”

    Neither does it appear the author attended said event, but is relying on hearsay. Don’t you just hate when that happens?


  • Even the animals on this island have more decency in their behavior. Barbados has lost its MORAL COMPASS. I AM SICK AND DISGUSTED WITH THE BEHAVIOUR OF PEOPLE. We wonder why there are young people at top Secondary schools videoing others simulating sex and then putting it on Social media and it went viral all over the world. What has happened to morals and manners? THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR ACTIONS ANYMORE, FROM THE YOUNGEST TO THE OLDEST.



  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Angela April 27, 2017 at 7:08 AM

    At which point in its Christian colonized time did Barbados ever possess a moral compass?

    From the time white ‘Christians and Jews invaded the island, decimated the indigenous population and trafficked in enslaved West Africans with the open support of the Church Barbados moral direction was set in stone.

    Black People in Barbados today are more morally steadfast than at any point in its history of slavery and colonization.

    Although the gated communities have largely replaced the former enclaves of the Bajan version of Apartheid they are no longer ‘arranged’ along ethnic lines but along social class and material possessions clearly demonstrating that being your brother’s keeper is not an moral injunction to be heeded.

    But we might just be mistaken by refusing to see morality only through the voyeuristic lens of sex and bacchanalian behaviour; human acts which have been around from the primordial days of the horny Adam & the wickedly enticing Eve.


  • Expose Barbados Criminals Destroying Island

    Let me add Freddie Promoter Hill of FAS Entertainment is an alleged well known drug dealer and Fraud man going back to when he was in Bermuda and up until now.

    Neither him or AL Glides has no scruples and they say birds of a feather flock together.


  • Expose Barbados Criminals Destroying Island


    Let me add Freddie Hill Promoter of FAS Entertainment is an alleged well known drug dealer and Fraud man going back to when he was in Bermuda and up until now.

    Neither him or AL Glikes has no scruples and they say birds of a feather flock together.


  • Miller

    Lets ignore the morality talk and deal with the fundamentals of the situation.

    It was not properly advertised as an adults only function with security to match…..error to FAS

    What is the thinking of parents to come out with children to every cock fight and wukkup….error to parents


  • What’s the big deal? She performed her song and went off stage.


  • Mr. Davis. It looks to me that you are only concern with the lady who is a known prostitute appearing on the stage. To be fair, her attire was the same type of skimpy attire that female performers usually wear on stage. I must say that female revelers wear less clothing during our Kadooment parading on the street with kite loops and wining non-stop for the pleasure of onlookers. Do you feel it is alright when young children, christian minded individuals, law enforcers have to endure such nakedness and you and others never react to such behaviour. Promoters usually contract individuals, however these paid entertainers don’t have to inform the promoter about any side acts like back-up singers or dancers.

    You should be proud of our males who put on all their clothes and only show half of their underwear.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Al Tricks trying his best to mislead the public.

    He must be a Barbados Labour Party member.


  • Behind the Scenes

    This Reggae On the Hill and other events that are promoted by Freddie Hill of FAS are used every year to smuggle drugs and female strippers from Jamaica posing as visitors.

    It is a big big racket in collusion with Immigration, Customs and bribe taking Police all working in a criminal conspiracy.

    Barbados is one of the most corrupt places.

    You also have some Politicians with their hands in the same dirty cookie jar.


  • wait is this the new version of Naked departure , Please name your sources


  • Behind the Scenes

    @ Angela Skeete

    Simple go to Corporate Affairs and find out who was listed on Rolex they took over strip club from Triple XXX on Spring Garden Highway. The strip club ran for a few years before closing down. Fact 1

    It is no secret that Freddie Hill is a local scam artist, trickster and deals in drugs. Fact 2

    Freddie Hill was doing same in Bermuda before moving back to Barbados. Fact 3


  • at CCC he must be a member of the DLP as he is not taking any blame for the situation.& blaming someone else


  • Al Tricks never admits to anything he always has a lame excuse that no one except him believes. We remember his junkets as Chairman of NCF to Trinidad carnival every year with NCF party crews. No one ever figured out how these party junkets helped Barbados. He was quoted saying Crop Over was moving from Spring Garden then turned around and said he never said it although it was a matter of record. Al Tricks and Mark Smart they broke the mould after those too were forced out the womb.


  • Bajans are some of the biggest hypocrites in the world. They sit down in ZR vans where school children are on the way to school and that nasty music about Natalie is playing loud and not a boy says anything to the driver. Now you are protesting about her presence on a stage. Mr. Abrams seems to have been enjoying it.


  • This is the performance?


  • Well that has to be the most base, classless, low-rate, pissy example of cultural expression that is even conceivable.

    That we could reach such a point after 60 years of education would suggest, as a minimum, that we immediately dismiss everyone associated with ‘education’ in Barbados as being hopelessly misguided, and embark on a national mission to identify a completely new future for our children.

    There can be no clearer sign of national failure, than that this is where we have reached as a people…..


  • “Bush Tea

    Wondered the same thing. Let us see the grade Hants the resident musical critic awards the performance.


  • When people like Lil Hitler and Abrams endorse such low-class culture (because it seems the popular thing to do) they only serve to reinforce the poor leadership we suffer and the complete lack of any interest in reaching for really HIGH standards.

    Bushie spent many hours cussing GP here on BU, but what people like him bring to the table is an unapologetic commitment to genuinely high STANDARDS in all areas. Such focus on accuracy, high endeavour, high quality, long-term-efforts, and personal refinement is a blessing to a society….. a blessing that we currently sadly lack.

    Where else will such a ‘ra-ra’ culture take us …but to a broken down country, in growing debt, leaderless, and hopeless?

    The signs are clear…
    We dumped our spouge for dub…
    We dumped Almond brand for Sandals
    We dumped BS&T for Massy
    BNB for Republic
    BL&P for EMERA
    BET for Lime
    Wendy Alleyne for Natlie?

    Life for death….


  • @ David and Bushie,

    That “performance” was just vulgar.

    Three people on a stage indulging in obscene commentary.

    The Grade for the performance is _Z


  • @Hants

    If it is one thing that rubs the BU household the wrong way is bombastic behaviour.


  • Does any one remember the dong Ride Yuh Donkey i almist hot a beating for singing that song in the house.. My oh my ! how times have change


  • Funny that Barbados Today (on line) April 27th,ran an editorial entitled “Shame on Our Reggae Promoters’ , that totally condemned Natalies appearance on stage and her performance,equating it to the promotion of prostitution, but in the same issue, ran a full page story ,Todays Woman by Marsha Hinds Layne, who endorsed her and the performance totally? I am a bit confused. Does this Editor, not edit submissions like hers that are totally ridiculous, and completely opposed to the Editorial..Oh well,, free speech, and freedom to perform “prostitution” on stage is the new normal.


  • @Yatinkiteasy

    The editorial reflects the opinion of the newsnewspaper NOT the columnist Hinds-Layne.


  • If true this is disgusting.

    “I have been hearing recently of men who do layaway,” Marshall-Harris said. “They see a 13-year-old who is developing nicely and they start giving the mother things and money until they feel she is ready and then they move in. It is a cancer in our society.”


  • @Hants

    For those who listen every now and again to the Cupid Show and his guest Miss Baystreet this was discussed. Of course we have Dee Word et al whose refrain will be that it was an everyday occurrence in times gone.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    LOL @David. Let me put it to you this way. The other day I was with my nieces and we had reason to see another young lady behaving somewhat bad. I murmured to them that she acting like a ‘skettal’.

    They laughed uproariously at me and jokingly said ‘Uncle…what’s dat. We call it ‘rat (something) now.”

    (I really don’t recall the term but it had rat as part of it).

    Now my relatives are 30 years my junior ….so I believe that indeed does make your point that “Dee Word et al whose refrain will be that it was an everyday occurrence in times gone.”LOL

    Maybe not ‘everyday’ but it surely happened!


  • @Dee Word

    Was it rat botcy?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, on the practical and more serious I would add that sexual advantage and degrading of minors is a scourge that as you know sadly predates us here.

    The fact that in our lovely and small country we have been unable to at least make more of these predators pay a harsh price for their acts is a terrible indictment of our processes.

    The term ‘layaway’ as described in the article is disgusting of course but no less is sentiment voiced in the past by fathers who were quoted as saying they have to be the first ones to ‘touch’ their girl children.

    How does a society that prides itself as so ‘christian’ focused be also so seemingly depraved at its edges…is our core also so bad that we can’t stamp out this nasty subculture of sexual advantage taken of minors!

    I was whimsical at 8:35 above, but in no way suggesting that this is in anyway a joking matter.


  • There should really be no great surprise that people who see themselves as ‘nothings’ and as ‘no-ones’ would be involved in such transactions. Bushie suspects that there are much worse examples of animal-like behaviours under the surface.

    After 400 years of slavery – with selective breeding to weed out the HUMANITY from a race, what is really surprising is that there still remains among us, pockets of decency, respect and the desire to live the lives of kings, queens and indeed, Gods…

    It only takes a casual look around to see the level of esteem in which we generally hold ourselves…. littering, pissing in public, personal grooming and language all tell a sad tale….

    But we heard this ‘mirror image’ message long ago….


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    That sounds about right. The latest jargon for the current generation.

    My Dad or Mum would have looked at me askance too had I told them about a ‘skettal’…

    I suspect they heard and knew the more base term ‘slut’ or the euphemistic ‘like a black ant going up a tree’ or such.

    But who says any of that these days!


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