News Media Invited to Ask Permission to Attend Hyatt Interlocutory Hearing in Chambers

The Honourable Mr. Justice Randall Worrell

Dear Members of the Media,

As you would be aware, the hearing of my Interlocutory Application for an Interim Order suspending the grant of permission to Mr. Mark Maloney’s company pending the full hearing of my Judicial Review application, is scheduled to be held in the Chambers of Justice Randall Worrell at 9:30AM on Tuesday 25th April 2017.

Under the Constitution of Barbados, all legal proceedings are to be open to the public unless there is some special reason for excluding members of the public (inclusive of members of the news media). There is no reason why members of the news media should be excluded from the hearing tomorrow. In fact, I would welcome the idea of having members of the media present in the Judge’s Chambers tomorrow morning to hear and report upon the proceedings in this case that has such great public import.

In the circumstances, I would like to suggest that one or more manager (s) of the various media houses approach Justice Worrell for permission for representatives of the news media to attend the hearing in his Chambers tomorrow morning.

David Comissiong

72 thoughts on “News Media Invited to Ask Permission to Attend Hyatt Interlocutory Hearing in Chambers

  1. The same media that for the most part is made up of political prostitutes. The same media that allows it’s editorial stance to be regulated by the flow of advertising dollars. Were it not for BU and the other arms of social media, would John Public know about the scam that the VAT office has allowed for eons now? Should CBC send that Jenny ass we call Maurine, exactly what benefit is gleaned there? Botom line is this.Our stinking media is as guilty as the politicians in our country. Plain and simple. LONG LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA.

    • @Hamilton

      From your comment should we assume you still listen to Maureen Holder the WORST talk show host in the world?

  2. Mr. Comissiong you are fighting this battle alone and don’t expect anything positive from this injustice.
    You are inviting some of The best misfits to attend. We lose.

  3. @David….after the obituaries are finished I return to 92.9. She is the primary reason I would support divestment of that institution. Not even on college radio could she find another job. I was done when she spoke with oh so much authority about “Manning Wilkinson & Chandler” and then sought to be dismissive of the senior who offered the correction. Maureen Holder is a perfect fit for this version of the Democratic Labor Party.

  4. Minister Haughty Dick tells the same media just today that once these hotel projects come on stream expect employment for fifteen thousand bajans, bringing unemployment down to what is economically considered as zero. Response from our journalists? Apparently not one ass.

    • @Hamilton

      In essence what he seems to be saying is that Barbadians who are currently unemployed will find work at the two hotel construction sites.


  5. Tonight on DLP TV we saw the parade of the DLP brigade Staurt,Lashley,Blackett,Todd and in the backgound dressed in an ill fitting shirt with tie out of place one Kellman.
    Something must be amiss with Blackett’s seat.He is being given an extra large dose of tv exposure since the bus load of DLP supporters led by Pilgrim turned up at his constituency office a couple weeks ago.I have seen him twice on a one to one interaction sitting at a desk but his habit of having to rely on the written word is so evident.He cannot carry on a normal conversation without having it written by his permanent secretary.He must be mentally challenged or very uncomfortable in the role of politician.Such a sorrry lot.

  6. I think that Barbadians have gone pass these morons and are only waiting until Fumble get his sign from wherever and he calls the election.

    He was referencing Elijah recently.

    One thing I would like is to see some reform to our constitution and if the BLP gets a 2/3 majority…….I would be confusing them to this end.

    No longer can parties think of themselves and not the country. Like the US, there should be a set date for elections.

    Fumble Stuart with his arrogant obnoxious self has made this a neccessary reform. No more should Barbados be saddled with a leader like Fumble who is holding the country to ransom with it like being on a boat up the creek with no oars…..this man laughs at us and taunts us that he and only him can call an election as if we dont know that only the PM can call an election.

    This ridicule has to stop. He is holding this country to ransom and he does not care as long as he is PM. It is patently clear that the DLP cannot manage Barbados and will hold on only to further destroy Barbados for ourely partisan reasons. They have been the government for 9 years and the economy has gotten worse and worse and they do not to take heed to what anyone says.

    This has gone past ridiculous!

  7. CUP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Judge’s Chambers @ Nothing but a set of crooks hiding their nasty crook buying ways, , Court need to be Open to all, All of this private rulings is ways for them to hide their shame and fraud, Only in Barbados i see these land fraud crooks hiding from the people and other lawyers, These nasty so call lawyers and judges dont want the public to see what they doing and how they move with the law or move the law to the bank

  8. @ David & Hamilton Hill

    Correct me if I’m misinterpreting your comments, since, and according to a contributor, I have a major problem with “comprehension.”

    If Sealy is suggesting re: “that once these hotel projects come on stream expect employment for fifteen thousand Bajans, bringing unemployment down to what is economically considered as zero,” he seems to be also IMPLYING at least 90% of UNEMPLOYED individuals in Barbados are ARTISANS.

    Unless he is giving a cumulative total of those individuals providing construction services and those individuals who will be recruited to “staff the hotels.”

    However, these are short term projects, which will provide short-term employment for artisans. So when construction has been completed, would there be a continuation of work on other projects for these artisans?

    But, according to a friend of mine who is an employee of JADA and is currently working on the Sandals project, MAJORITY of ARTISANS on that site are NON-NATIONALS.

    And then there is a situation where majority of the bad behaved boys Kellman sent to the Sandals project for jobs, who have been threatening supervisors with violence, while telling them “de minister send me hay,” have been sent back to St. Lucy, thereby once again adding to the unemployment figures.

    Perhaps Sealy should explain what method he used to arrive at this 15,000.

  9. In essence what he seems to be saying is that Barbadians who are currently unemployed will find work at the two hotel construction sites.
    What he seems to be saying is that he is a damn idiot…. and he wants us all to know.

    The damn man talked more shiite than Dumbville, …and even Kellman.

    First he picked on Herbert, saying that he should not criticise government “because Goddards made all kinds of record profits last year…”
    What the hell??!!
    Who better to criticise a failure for a government, than a successful manager working in the SAME environment?

    Then he pulled some shiite figure of 1400 jobs to be created… Most of these will be Chinese speaking positions…. and the rest will be for labourers, porters and watchmen.

    Then he claims that unemployment will be reduced to near nothing… so is Sealy saying that after all our investments in education, job vacancies for hotel workers will provide full employment?

    He shudda never swum in that shiite at Hastings….
    The stuff got into his brain.

  10. Carson C Cadogan

    You are really a shite fuhtrute though.

    Every business man in Barbados are honest and straight forward.

    Just like every lawyer in Barbados is honest and hard working.

    Just like every politician has never taken draw backs, kick backs or profit from project deals.

    So Mark Maloney obviously has not done any wrong even if he pumped thousands of dollars of campaign funding into the DLP lap in return for every government contract that has gone his way. Ain’t nothing wrong with that since it is standard operational proceedure amongst the world of Politicians and Business persons.

    To a cunt like you it is simply business agreements, since ethics and morals have no part to play in business. Stuuuuuuupse

  11. @Carson C. Cadogan April 24, 2017 at 7:35 PM
    “Mr. Maloney is an honest and straight forward businessman with nothing to hide.”

    Carrion, if there is nothing to hide why can’t he take honest intelligent and politically untainted Bajans into his confidence and disclose the source(s) of financing for such an altruistically lofty project vital to the protection of the Bajan dollar from the dreaded devaluation and the very political survival of the ruling administration?

    A rather simple question for that astutely honourable business tycoon has to answer:
    Is the money to raise the Hyatt erection coming from overseas investors or from local fundraisers like the Lashley ‘crowd-funding’ dream to construct a brand new second hand stadium?

    As your associate in ‘yard-fowlism’ Kevin has trumpeted:
    Let construction of the Hyatt erection begins as soon as the Baloney speaking man can open his wallet and show the money to begin his towering tumescence to please the eyes of the unemployed city dwellers and visitors to the pleasure den in the sky.

  12. What about the any-day-now 3rd attempt to return the Trans Island Air (TIA) island hopper airline to our sunny Caribbean skies? Should it be renamed PIA, for Pie-In-The Sky Airways?

    [TIA] Another questionable airline plans startup in the EC

    The airline was founded in 1982 as Trans Island Air, and was rebranded by American buyer Bruce Kaufman as Trans Island Air 2000 in 2000, and at this time operated a mixed fleet including Pilatus Britten-Norman Islanders, Rockwell Aero Commanders, a DHC-6 Twin Otter and an Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante.

    The airline was subsequently closed, and remained so for several years, then re-emerged and last year, shut down, now it’s on again like a bad dream.

    TIA2000 has now apparently received an AOC (for Beech 99’s and King Air 100) to re-commence flight operations, this time scheduled services on top of charters. It was expected to be fully operational by April 2017, but has encountered several difficulties along the way, and its Chief Pilot just resigned.

    Its web-site, www(DOT), was said to be currently under design development, and was expected to launch by April 1, 2017 at the latest, but so far [April 9, 2017] is still not functional. I can see this going to be another Carib Express, British Caribbean Airlines or RedJet, three very short lived airlines in the region that just did not make ‘business’ sense before they even got started.

  13. @ David April 25, 2017 at 5:14 AM

    The new Guv is probably still rehearsing in his new acting role as the chief in the art of doctoring statistics to appease his political master.

    He is trying to perform the impossible task of finding FDI projects to replace the Hyatt and BNTCL forex cash inflows included in the 1st QTR projections.

    It would be interesting to see if clever Clevy continues with the statistical bullshitting practised by his previous boss.

    Yippee, that $300 million missing since 2013 has now been found languishing in a suspense a/c and would be reflected in the 1st qtr results to reflect a true and fair view of the fudged foreign reserves.

    The question is: Would elections be called before Crop-over or would the Dems have their last wuk-up on Spring Garden?

    Only Fumble’s consultation with the Oracle from Marchfield would confirm.

  14. @ artax…..You are spot on point. Sandals was supposed to do all sorts of miracles too,just that we found out that we were never in the equation where the benefits were concerned. The greater point for me is the fact that for years this man is allowed to make these Jack ass statements and the press just reports them without question.

  15. @ Vincent Haynes April 24, 2017 at 6:17 PM
    “The bleeding hearts in and out of academia object to Bourne being a hero or even acknowledged because of his involvement in slavery but that was the going capitalist business model of the time with many African kings making a mint from it even with the King of Opobo writing the english monarch objecting strenously to the cessation of the slave trade by england and how it would affect the countries earnings.”

    The story is still the same today except the minds of the black slaves are in chains and not their physical bodies.

    The likes of King of Opobo or even Ja Ja of Bonny still exist in the form of Ministerial reincarnation either in the form of the purple cloth or as ‘corrupted’ dictators of the Crown jewels aka taxpayers’ monies.

    How else would you explain the selling out of the black ‘sheeple’ today to the likes of Maloney by both the wolves in dog collars (priests and pastors with the title “DD”) peddling the word of some atavistic desert god or the other ministerial con artists (lying politicians) living large while feeding at the trough with the fatted calf labeled ‘made from taxpayers’ largesse’?

    “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!”

  16. Miller….this should answer your question, they are all possessed and have been for centuries by the european spirits of brainwash, lies, deceit and self-destruction, you notice it seems that black politicians are totally unable to stop selling out their own people, stop being dependent on a minority of semiliterates, it’s like they are on autopilot, it’s like they are bereft and have been for centuries of their own ideas to save themselves, save their damaged spirits……..with no recourse.

    This is now being analyzed six diffirent ways by black intellectuals to arrive at a solution to save black people from themselves.

    Ce sera toujours la même chose, à moins que les Noirs ne tue les esprits du mal européen qui résident dans leur psyché.

    “TO RETARD AND REDUCE THE AFRICAN CHILD’S TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL, there’s one thing that must happen: THAT’S THE SEPARATION OF AFRICANS FROM THEIR BASIC AFRICAN IDENTITY! When you have a positive identity, it is difficult for another person to impose a set of values on you because having a positive identity is a defense against being penetrated by alien forces. A positive identity functions to locate us in space and time (past, present, future), gives us a sense of purpose and direction, and provides us with self-knowledge, a sense of belongingness. When we say that we’re Africans, we’re not merely identifying ourselves as individuals, we indicate that we belong to a people, a culture, a nation, to a system of values, perception, behaviors, folkways, mores, etc. An identity permits us to cooperate with other people, to understand what role we must play within a particular group, to know our own interest, to provide ourselves an evaluative system, permits us to evaluate what is going on in the world. AN IDENTITY PROVIDES US WITH A DEFENSE AGAINST POSSESSION!

    I often say: WE CANNOT BE AFRICANS (INTEGRATED) AND BE SLAVES (ALIENATED) AT THE SAME TIME! We cannot be fully identified and at one with our African identity and be subordinates of another people. THE EUROPEANS, OF COURSE, RECOGNIZED THIS IMMEDIATELY! When we talk about the history of our enslavement by Europeans (in particular), we often talk about the destruction of African culture by Europeans, and the rewriting of African history as an attempt, again, of destroying African culture and personality by Europeans. We recognize that the destruction of our African culture (in whatever form and manifestation), the separation from our African identity, and the separating of us from our history by Europeans is ultimately . . . THE SEPARATION OF US FROM OUR AFRICAN IDENTITY (EUROPEANIZATION). It means, then, that a split and schism is created in the personality; when a split and schism is created in the personality, the individual is made exceedingly uncomfortable. It’s the first rule of brainwashing that when you wish to brainwash (transform) their personality, you break them from their old personality, from their old mooring, make them question (doubt) their previous culture and outlook.

    When you get them to doubt themselves, get them to reject their culture, and get them to see their past life as negative, the individual is left in a tremendous state of confusion and ambivalence. That state is painful and generally motivates the individual to seek some kind of release and seek a way out. Then it becomes the function of the brainwasher to say, “If you follow my way, if you accept my definition, if you do it the way I say do it, if you look at it the way I say look at it, if you value it the way I say value it, then you’ll feel better.” Then often the individual accepts the values and orientations of the brainwasher or brainwashing group, and then becomes a part of that group, and distant from or anti his/her intrinsic group. The splitting of the African personality by Europeans, mainly yet not exclusively, is a necessary process of inculcating into the original African personality an ALIEN/EUROPEAN PERSONALITY/SPIRIT (EUROPEANIZED AFRICAN). Consequently, creating a personality of servitude, and makes it possible for the alienated (Europeanized African) to believe the lies, to accept European distortions, to accept European self-serving and twisted realities, and to accept the stereotypes projected by Europeans.

    For instance, when you ride the subways, which can become an embarrassing event, and you listen to an excess of our youngsters use the degrading term (Nigger) again and again, so loudly, so unselfconsciously, it is much a demonstration of a people who’ve been destroyed in many ways (irrespective of all the rationalizing thereof) to talk about themselves in such historically demeaning ways. You must break the African from his/her African culture and identity for this kind of embracing of racist stereotypes to happen, and this is principally what has happened to Africans separated from their African culture and identity the world across. Nature abhors a vacuum, so when Europeans create a vacuum in the African personality by separating it from its African culture and inherent personality, there’s an attempt by the emptied African personality to suck into itself something to fill the emptiness. Therefore, when Europeans are in control of information, knowledge, definition, reality, and so forth, and project lies as truth, it would be these things that will be sucked into the emptied African personality. It would, then, be these sucked in European stereotypes, lies, perceptions, distorted and self-serving views of reality, etc., that are inculcated into the emptied African personality and would take on a life of their own, a structure and organization, and represent themselves as the personality.

    At that point, the emptied African personality becomes POSSESSED by a European spirit. When we hear the African youths speaking with the same racist stereotypes of Europeans, in a way it isn’t them who’re speaking, it’s the European spirit speaking. When they believe the lies that they cannot learn as well as or better than any other people, esp., Europeans, when they’re afraid to try, are afraid of failure or success, and otherwise, it’s an indication of the possession of them by an alien/European spirit. We talk a lot about racism but I don’t think that we’re ready to do anything of substance about it. Because doing something about it in a definitive sense means preventing and/or neutralizing the perpetrators of racism (Europeans). ULTIMATELY, IT MEANS REMOVING EUROPEANS’ ABILITY TO PERPETRATE RACISM AGAINST US ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! It isn’t about getting Europeans to “love us, to assimilate or accept us,” but getting Europeans in a position, regardless of how scandalous they’re in terms of us, that they cannot do a damn thing about it. Because we would, then, have the POWER (SELF-DETERMINATION) in of ourselves to defend ourselves against their insults, slander or other oppressive efforts.

    Unfortunately, many of us have been so emptied of our African personality and therefore, are not prepared, in the slightest, to take on this task of defeating Europeans (and others). Hence, they’ve opted for some kind of armistice, some kind of “suing for peace,” some kind of “getting along,” because they believe that is the best they and Africans can do altogether, and don’t truly believe that the African global collective can ever defeat the global system of European racism and white domination of Africans. In this sense, we’ll continue to be possessed by the introjected racist European spirit (remain alienated and self-defeating). The introjected racist European spirit will continue to speak to us saying: “you can’t succeed, you can’t run the world on your own, you’re incapable of a successful culture, you’re not technical, you’re not mathematically oriented, you can’t count money, etc., etc., etc.” This means that there’s an evil spirit possessing the African personality and it whispers to us, keeping us from attempting many things that we should boldly attempt and achieve. The emptied African personality that’s possessed by the European spirit lacks insight, clear and realistic vision of itself, of African people and of the world, and finds the extrication of itself and Africans from European (and other) servitude and subjugation impossible. THIS CAN ONLY OCCUR WHEN WE’VE BEEN SEPARATED FROM OUR AFRICAN SELVES! – Dr Amos Wilson (1988)”

  17. Carson the brainwashed negro, should read the above article…it may help reverse his confusion….then again…

  18. I remember the first day’s play in the case the Scotland District Association (SDA) brought against the PM, OSA, Minister of Health, Liz Thompson and the AG, David Simmons!!

    Mr. Frank King walked in the court, stopped dead and remarked “Dey got more people in here dan in Church pun a Sunday”

    Sam cow and de Duppy was in dey!!

    Even I was in dey too, first time I evah walk in a court of law!!!!

    So, there does seem to be precedent.

    … and yes, the record will show the SDA lost on a technicality but it won in the long haul …. by doing almost nothing!!!

    Common sense prevailed!!

  19. Full employment is achieved on the hire of fifteen thousand, albeit semi full time. How does that square with the current unemployment figures floated by this cabinet?Yet you talking shit bout DC blocking progress. Not at all. Nobody in this administration knows how to be honest. Remember our virtuous PM’s response when quizzed about the infamous CAHILL project.Thats why there is need to get the courts involved.

  20. Every useless decision made by inept, deceptive, questionable gpvernments should be presented to the courts for a decision…….

    ….,’s only the hand to mouth pot starvers would charge headlong into believing and accepting any lie told to them, sensible people make sure what they are hearing is true.

    Lying Fruendel and his Cahill scam is enough reason never to believe him or any of his ministers ever again,

  21. Start at minute 23.20 and tell me if anyone could see the PM objecting to the assertions/allegations of the Leader of the Opposition. Not once did he intervene to correct the record to say he was the first person to sign the agreement albeit unbeknownst to the Cabinet.

  22. Bright Red Cherry

    The Prime Minister was consulting God. God told be still and know that I am god. For he who remains silent does not show his guilt yet until he speaks. For it is better for a man to remain silent then for the man to speak and show the reasons why it is best keep silent.

  23. David

    Has the Prime Minister ever once denied that he signed the Heads of Terms agreement with Cahill Energy? The FULL story about Cahill Energy has not YET been told, has it?

    • The Cahill issue will obviously return during the general election for many reasons -lack of transparency and integrity in government.

  24. David

    Since last week I have been asking where is the report for the first quarter from the acting governor.

    Then I heard the lying man we have as a MOF say that the acting Governor will soon speak and he is going to have good news.

    I do not want to believe that a professional like the acting governor will allow himself to be used by the Stinkliar like Worrell to fudge numbers to mamaguy the people of Barbados.

    • @Prodigal Son

      Let us put it this way -marla and all eyes will be fixated on the acting Guv. It is up to him flush his reputation.

  25. Dare we to think the next administration will invite a Commission of Inquiry to delve the Cahill Affair,the 5 million dollar deposit in the mother’s bank account,the illegal raiding of the NIS Fund,the 4 Seasons Project,the South Coast Sewage Project,the Clico Affair,the Parris/Thompson/Dupre/CL Financial Affair,the Hard Rock/Bridgetown Port Storage Affair/the Empire Theatre/Beer Factory Affair,the Hyatt Affair/the 7 million dollar 50 year Independence Affair,the Sandals 40 year Give Away of Taxes Affair…..looks like the next 5 year term might be unproductive with all these Affairs to be looked into.

  26. That a PM could sit in the highest body in our fair land, the House of Parliament and to hear the Leader of the Opposition accused members of his cabinet of breeching the trust of Barbadians by secretly committing the country to a wreckless and dangerous project …………and say nothing while the ministers were being hauled over the coals for their deceit, speaks volumes of the man who is called Prime Minister.

    ………..And that he said nothing as the Leader of the Opposition asked him point blankly whether he knew what his ministers committed this country to when he knew that he was the first signatory to the damned thing………..speaks to his honesty, integrity and transparency.

    The man is a cold calulated liar……period!

  27. @Prodigal Son April 25, 2017 at 12:09 PM #

    I was reliably informed the first quarter report will be presented in May. Delay caused by the departure of Dr. Worrell during the first quarter.

    • Isn’t the central bank defined by a Cadre of professionals read plural?

      In an environment where information is key to infuse confidence in the market players, honour integrity and professionalism. We have the embarrassing affair having to wait for greater than one month after a quarter end.

  28. @ David April 25, 2017 at 10:37 AM

    Don’t birds of a feather flock together? If Stinkliar is the No.1 liar and Pornville is a two-bit liar and Downlowe is a three bit liar where does that place Fumble in the pod?

    This is a man who blatantly lied to a little school boy about the election date that he subsequently admitted he had written down on a piece of paper and stored away in his back pocket.

    In that year of 2012 he also promised the CLICO policyholders the return of at least the principal value of their policies. Many have died wishing and hoping for the man to keep his word.

    The same man who also made the unequivocally irrevocable commitment that there will be NO Privatization under his watch.

    Now where is Barbados today if not struck down by the raging fever of Privatization?
    At least the born-again liar Pornville would not have to worry about making another promise of a brand new QEH even in a banana republic to the Bajan electorate prone to dementia.

    Hasn’t this old queen been put on the list of ‘divestment’ as announced by the same prime breaker of promises?

    Yes, that same list promised by the same primate into Parris containing the names of those greedy investors who lost big in the Clico ponzi and about to lose even bigger with the ponzi bonds pushed by the fired doctor Deliar.

  29. Gabriel

    If they dont delve into these things to at least try to restore any semblance of trust by Barbadians into the shady dealings of the DLP ministers, their reputations will be at stake as well.

    The actions of these dems since 2008 have caused great damage to our political system. Their actions have given rise to the accusation that all politicians are the same. Because of these dems, people dont trust politicians and this distrust has given rise to these third parties.

    What damage the dems have done to our political system!

  30. May 09

    … for the acting gov.of the CB to present his report on what I am sure the MoF on CBC last night said was to cover 6 months…..did not make sense to me.

    … for the next Hyatt hearing.

  31. Vincent,

    Are you sure Sinckler said it would cover six months or is it that he does not know what a quarter is?

  32. David

    His numeracy skills maybe showing its slip……but that was what I heard and it did not make sense to me then or now.


    Would he be redoing what is already in the public domain?

  33. The only useful thing Donville Inniss has said is that he would not serve in a DLP government if Sinckler was prime minister.
    With respect, Sinckler did studies on trade, the economic equivalent to cultural studies. For the also rans.

  34. Glad to see Adriel Nitwit has big talk for the US, now I want to see the US reeling in the money launderers in Barbados that Adriel Dimwit is covering up for…lol…he knows well enough who the main drug dealers, gunrunners and money launderers are in Barbados and it’s not the poor majority population.

    “Criminal activity in Barbados is immaterial as far as the international community is concerned. Funds which may be laundered in Barbados are miniscule when measured on the scale of international laundering.”

    See more at:

  35. David

    I never called the Prime Minister liar. I said he disobeyed God and prove himself to be no different than the serpent who deceive Eve. Big Difference.

  36. Someone should really muzzle Dennis Kellman. The man is such an idiot.

    If you do not support the building of the Hyatt on the taxpayers’ land, you are a terrorist….he declared today.

    The people of Barbados are still waiting to be told and you should know as minister of housing how their lands ended up in Mark Maloney’s hands. How much did he paid for our land?

    Kellman, I can tell you that most Barbadians would deem you and your fellow party members that make up the government the terrorists.

    You dems have destroyed most of all that Barbadians hold dear, you have broken the wills of the people, your lack of governance has destroyed the economy, suffocated the economy resulting in many businesses closing or are on the brink of closing.

    Your lack of governance caused you to impose fees to go to the UWI………..for every parent who cannot afford to see their children achieve their dreams, you are the ones who are the terrorists.

    What a moron!

  37. David
    The substance of the debate. Even in a city already plastered with “tall” buildings, matters like location, design and impact on character setting are still relevant. Yet we in Barbados supporting Hyatt.

  38. quote ” Prodigal Son April 25, 2017 at 5:05 PM #

    Someone should really muzzle Dennis Kellman. The man is such an idiot.

    If you do not support the building of the Hyatt on the taxpayers’ land, you are a terrorist….he declared today.” end quote

    Did he really say that? Really? The worst sentiment to hear from someone in authority ‘if you are not with us, you are against us’.

    Brings to mind fellows marching in unison with arms held upright.

  39. @Well Well,

    But he is right when the states , quote ”Barbados is not a world financial centre and, therefore, any larger than usual financial transaction which takes place here will receive immediate attention, both here and abroad. Large-scale launderers know that the place to hide a tree is in the forest. Barbados does not fit that bill. ”unquote.

    Just look at the investment in large countries, such as football teams, large corporations, real estate (very substantial), where is the money derived?

    In fact, the source of the significant overheating of real estate in both Canada and the UK is allegedly foreign investment monies.

    Are we to believe that all of that money is nice and clean?


    To be blunt, it can easily be argued that laws to stop the laundering of money, worldwide, are ineffectual and if anything, punish those who are ‘small woods vs forests’.

    But I agree, local illegal activity and laundering is distorting the economy.

    Or holding it up? Which?

    The thing is, the worse the economy gets, the more glaring will be those illegal sources of income, as the ‘real’ businesses fold.

  40. There seems to be something amiss in St Lucy.Dennis Kellman says those not favouring the building of a stand alone 12 storey building on a narrow strip of beach in the heart of the city of Bridgetown are enemies of the State.Senator Verla DePeiza went a step further and called her fellow Bajans treasonists for daring to support the recall of the PM’s plan to deny Bajans entry into their homeland unless they were willing to be finger printed.
    Kellman goes further and can now be described as a tinpot dictator.He wants to compulsorily acquire privately owned homes to rent or sell to whom he likes.Private ownership of property is a hallowed concept of our form of governance.This idyut is now going the road of Chavez and Maduro.Barbados wake up to presence of these jackasses in parliament and kick their sorry asses out forever.

  41. Crusoe….we know everything that happens in the US happens on a much larger scale, but here is the slippery slope….all international, cross border banking transactions go through a clearing house……in the US…..there is ALWAYS a US intermediary bank involved, so any money laundering schemes originating out of Barbados, or anywhere else for that matter, can be investigated, monitored, identified….and punished by the US….

    As much as Adriel Nitwit is talking big, he has no control over that.

    Remember Panama Leaks Papers, even those slick dudes got exposed…and they are not small fry like the ones in Bim.

  42. What Adriel should do is rein in the money launderers etc that he KNOWS exist on the island….stop protecting them, as you said and we all know, they have destroyed the economy and will continue to do so, if not stopped..

  43. @Artax April 24, 2017 at 10:17 PM

    True. They need skilled workers for all these big construction projects, not unemployed unskilled persons who would botch even a chattel house.

  44. In the photo of Mary Redman, Akanie Macdoweill, and Patrick Frost the missing person is David Commisiong not Mia. If Mia wins next election prediction is Macdoweil lands a big pick not Redman who it’s impossible to satisfy. BU yardfowl backers of Redman and Frost are warned. Redman will carry-on on her same path as under Froon. A female albino white lording it over black sheeple in the year of our Lord 2017 its not 1717.

    Deplorables Redman , Ped Shepherd, Macdougwell, with their loathsome possee have held Barbados ransom for years it got worst under Froon who they simply hate. The refusal of Customs to enter BRA despite orders from their employers. The shocking union demands at CP, the threats for pay to mark exams, the ultimatums for more professional days for tenured workers who already get four months vacation won’t stop under the BLP. The schoolchildren like the unfortunates at Combermere will continue to suffer.

    Cousin commie Commsiong will continue to be the pest to frighten off investment foreign and local at his whim and fancy. Go to the courts obtain injunction after injunction. Hyatt is only the beginning if he’s successful in his nightmare case which stops thousands of poor black city dwellers from obtaining jobs. The revitalization of the economic and social life of B’town wasted because of one individual. You cant make this shite up.

    The economy will be in more trouble under Mia you are warned. Tibbits and Herbert men with money like sheep shite will mouth off but remain do-littles . Well well well.

  45. How exactly is Sam Lords and Hyatt going to create 1,000’s of jobs for Bajans when both are being constructed of precast and prestressed concrete made by Mr. Malonely’s Priconco in a mechanised factory in Barbados?

    Also how many Bajans will/can find work at Sam Lords when the accommodation housing camp for the Chinese criminals and spies is capable of housing 600 to 800 Chinese workers?

  46. Bullet Train April 25, 2017 at 9:50 PM #

    “Also how many Bajans will/can find work at Sam Lords when the accommodation housing camp for the Chinese criminals and spies is capable of housing 600 to 800 Chinese workers?”

    @ Bullet Train

    I am surprised I forgot about this inept DLP administration’s arrangements with the Chinese relative to the Sam Lord’s Castle redevelopment project.

    Richard Sealy’s comments about thousands of Barbadians being able to find jobs during the construction phase of the old Sam Lord’s Castle property, is a clear CONTRADICTION to what his junior colleague, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Irene Sandiford-Garner, disclosed during a Press Conference at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Center, on January 9, 2015.

    According to the Friday, January 9, 2015 edition of Barbados Today, Sandiford-Garner is reported to have explained since the project “is being funded through the Chinese government,” “Barbados had to ‘COMPROMISE’ on the composition of the labour force at a “the ratio of 60:40.”

  47. Artax

    And the experience in Bahamas and Jamaica has shown that when independent audits were performed on the Chinese funded projects it was recovered that is the majority of cases Chinese nationals made 80+% of the workforce on the construction site.

  48. Did not the DLP under Thompson and Stuart aided and abetted by the DLP oversight committee based within the BWU conspire with the DLP sycophants planted in VOB Brasstacks and Tell It Like It Is call in programmes,people like Tony Marshall,Maxine McClean,Steve Blackett,Harry Husbands,David Ellis,Maureen Holder push the closure of the Four Seasons Project because according to them,too few Bajans were hired to work on that project but the Chinese were there in abundance.

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