PM May Calls Snap Election: Pros and Cons

by Caribbean Trade Law and Development

The Houses of Parliament, seen across Westminster Bridge in England – Wikipedia

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister, Theresa May, has today ‘reluctantly’ announced that Britons could be going to the polls in a general election on June 8, 2017, three years shy of the due date of May 2020.

The UK has a parliamentary system of government. Since 2011, parliamentary elections are fixed for every five years pursuant to the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act. However, early general parliamentary elections may be called before the five year period, inter alia, where two-thirds of the House of Commons (including vacant seats) vote in favour of same. In the UK parliamentary system (also known as the ‘Westminster System’) and in most British-inherited parliamentary systems like those in the Caribbean, the Prime Minister is not directly elected. In practice, though, it is the person who leads the party which wins the majority of seats in the House of Commons who becomes the Prime Minister. […]

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    This is what real journalists do, they expose criminality and human interest stories to the world.

    “It’s unlikely you’ll hear of a human trafficker coming forward about their crime, but recently, one has done just that, going on the record and confessing during a filmed interview that he sold thousands of children into sex slavery and killed hundreds who he wasn’t able to sell off.

    Ross Kemp, a British investigative journalist, was able to get a hold of the child trafficker for an interview. Kemp is an award-winning journalist known for his raw documentary making that exposes situations many others would fear.

    According to the child trafficker, he admits to losing count of just how many young girls he killed. However, he estimates that it’s “somewhere between 400 and 500.”

    In the interview, it seems clear Kemp displays immense discomfort and uncontrollable emotional unease as he sits face-to-face with the man, who admits to essentially dehumanizing so many innocent children, even killing hundreds of them.

    advertisement – learn more
    Of the interview, Kemp revealed he had to fight back tears, saying he was “shocked” and “horrified” by the serial killer’s words. He said, “interviewing a guy who admits to killing 400 to 500 kids but doesn’t know exactly how many – that did make me cry.”

    The trafficker, “Mr. Kahn,” hits Kemp with extreme confessions that would make even the most fearless journalist, never mind any bystander, squirm in their seat. Kahn revealed he had “trafficked three or four thousand” young girls, or perhaps even more. With such a revelation, Kemp goes on to ask the human trafficker if he sold girls as young as nine for sex. The man admitted to selling girls who are 12.

    As for whether he ever returned children, Kahn said no. Rather, he simply killed them. Kahn said, “If they try to run away, or if there’s any trouble selling them, they are killed and buried.”

    Kahn even convinced young girls he would marry them.

    At the time of the interview, Kahn had 75 traffickers working for him, and was currently being investigated for over 25 different offenses, though he has never been tried for any of his crimes. He had been trafficking for seven years.

    “We go to poor communities, often Muslim or tribal, and look for real beauties,” Kahn said of what he looks for in a victim. “The girls are auctioned, and go to the highest bidder.”

    The full interview, below, may present some disturbing facts, but it’s the awareness that’s needed regarding the awful crimes.”””


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    And this is why one has to be careful with US and their fight against terrorism, this idiot was killed in Syria as he deerved and confirmed by everyone including US, but after his death, US still puts his name on a terror wach list so they can target and harass anyone from the Caribbean named Shane Crawford which could number thousands of men with that same name… simply saying…..well it’s not our fault, someone put your name on a terror watch ĺist”……goddamn cretins in the state department. .

    “News from the Caribbean: Friday April 21, 2017

    Back To Today’s News

    US kills Trinidadian IS fighter, then adds him to terrorism list
    Published on April 21, 2017 Email To Friend Print Version

    Shane Crawford, as seen in the Dabiq magazine (screengrab)

    By Amandla Thomas-Johnson

    LONDON, England — A Trinidadian fighter for the Islamic State group (IS) was designated a terrorist by the United States months after being killed by American forces in Syria, Middle East Eye (MEE) has learned.

    Shane Crawford was added to a list of ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorists’ (SDGT), by the US State Department at the end of March. A day after, Trinidad and Tobago also designated him a terrorist.

    Yet his mother, Joan Crawford, told MEE that her son was hit by a US drone strike in October last year and eventually “succumbed to his injuries”.

    And back in February, Trinidad and Tobago’s attorney general also appeared to confirm in an interview with the New York Times that Crawford had been killed in Syria.

    The confusion over Crawford’s death and designation as a terrorist has led a leading American human rights lawyer to question the Trump administration’s competence. A Muslim leader in Trinidad and Tobago says his government is trying to make an example out of Crawford.

    The US government and the Trinidad and Tobago government refused to answer repeated requests from MEE about Crawford’s death.

    Shayana Kadidal, a human rights lawyer at the New York-based Centre for Constitutional Rights, which has challenged terrorist designations in the past, suggested that US officials may have taken the decision to sanction Crawford after he was mentioned in the New York Times.

    “Is it possible the designation was a knee-jerk reaction to the New York Times story by whichever geniuses Trump has allowed to run counter-terrorism sanctions?”

    Kadidal also says it is possible Crawford may have already been put on a US no-fly-list, which was then shared with authorities responsible for designation.

    But Umar Abdullah, the leader of the Islamic Front of Trinidad and Tobago, which seeks to build cross-religious relationships in the Caribbean, slammed the move by the Americans.

    Abdullah accused them of using Crawford to leverage their influence on the nation, which is the largest supplier to the US of liquified natural gas.

    The designation “has nothing to do with Shane Crawford but rather he is being used as a pawn by the US administration to gain a foothold here in Trinidad and Tobago in their so-called fight against ‘terrorism'”, he told MEE.

    “Trinidad and Tobago, as I’ve said in the past, is the ‘flag bearer of Islam in the west’ and this has no doubt also been realised by the US and so has engaged and encouraged our government to take a firmer stance on issues relating to the rise and propagation of Islam here.”


  • @Vincent Haynes, you’re most welcome and thanks as well to you, David for sharing 🙂


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    lol….Obama must be laughing, he told UK they would be bumped down the queue in trade talks with US, if they brexit, they cussed him, stupid trump contracticted him, npw trump is bumping then down the queue in favor of EU…lol

    “Donald Trump has bumped Britain down the queue for a new free trade agreement after Angela Merkel convinced him he should first strike a deal with the EU, it has been claimed.

    Ms Merkel’s lobbying reportedly led to a “realisation” in Washington that a deal with the EU would benefit the US far more than one with the UK post-Brexit.

    Citing American officials, The Times reported Mr Trump was now convinced making an agreement with Europe would be easier than he had thought.”


  • Ross Kemp is not an investigative journalist, he is an actor, famously for EastEnders.


  • The U|K only has one physical border with the EU, that is the Irish border. That will be important, not because of the EU, but because of the Northern Ireland conflict.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Hal…..people do change careers you know…and Kemp has an award as an investigative journalist, do your research before contradicting. …I believe I got that story from Guardian, they rarely make those types of errors….Kemp is multi talented.see for yourself.

    Born Ross Kemp
    21 July 1964 (age 52)
    Barking, Essex, England
    Occupation Actor
    Investigative journalist
    Years active 1985–present
    Spouse(s) Rebekah Wade (m. 2002–09) (divorced)[1]
    Renee O’Brien (m. 2012)
    Children 2
    Ross Kemp (born 21 July 1964) is an English actor, author and BAFTA award-winning investigative journalist. He rose to prominence in the role of Grant Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. Since 2004, Kemp has received international recognition as an investigative journalist for his critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary series.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Dont you think it a shame Hal that you live in UK and dont know that since 2004 Kemp has been internationally recognized as an investigative journalist, that’s 13 years…..and with you being a journalist and all….it took me all of 2 seconds to find that info on Kemp, the internationally acclaimed investigative journalist.


  • Kemp is an actor who does documentaries on Sky. He is not a journalist. That is the problem with Googling.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Hal….so says you, but I do not believe you, he was an actor, it says so right there, Wikipedia does not go around making up stories that are easily verified….besides, everything you say will now have to be double checked…..and it’s even easier to check with BAFTA to confirm any investigative journalist award designation….I will leave that to you.


  • WW&C


    Trump bumps Britain down the queue ‘after Merkel lobbies for EU … › News › UK › UK Politics
    20 hours ago – Ms Merkel’s lobbying reportedly led to a “realisation” in Washington that a … In 2012 it was estimated that trade between the US and EU was …


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    I dont know what your motives are for thinking you can dumb down grown, intelligent people on BU…Hal…but ya better off trying that on your own ilk…like Carl Moore….and those prone to be dumb and backward.

    Where is your journalism award Hal…..everything you post is now suspect.

    “A previously discontinued award for campaigning and investigative journalism has been revived.

    Private Eye has announced the return of the Paul Foot Award, which was last presented in 2015.

    It was first set up in 2005 in memory of investigative journalist Paul Foot, pictured left, to run for an initial period of 10 years.

    The accolade was won by Deborah Wain, then a journalist with the Doncaster Free Press, in 2007.

    Announcing its revival, Private Eye editor Ian Hislop said: “At a time when the public is being offered the post-truth, the alternative truth and nothing like the truth, we thought it was time to revive a celebration of what defined Foot’s work and what is his continuing legacy – the great spirit of informed, eloquent, obstinate enquiry.”

    The winning entry will be awarded £5,000 at an evening awards ceremony on 20 June 2017 at BAFTA, London.

    Submissions will be accepted for material that has been published in a newspaper or magazine in the UK, or on a website, between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.

    Individual journalists, teams of journalists or entire publications may enter and entries will be considered for anything from a single piece to entire campaigns.

    Journalists are welcome to enter more than one campaign, but each campaign needs to be submitted using a separate entry form.

    More information can be found here.”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Vincent…they so deserve it, I remember they invited Obama over to UK asked his opinion on brexit and when he gave them, they called him a monkey, he should laugh his ass off…..those jackasses remind me of the wannabe journalist Hal.


  • Why won’t Hilary Beckles file his reparations case right now

    Timing could make it a mini-election issue and Corbyn / Labour has indicated it would be more amenable to consideration than Tories and so would Green Lib-Dems be accommodating

    Even if case is not considered it would be lodged to be judged in Court of Time with a future victory guaranteed one day eventually down the line


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Why are these savage white beasts and greedy animals still being honored as presidents when they themselves documented their vicious crimes against black people so very well.

    “Top stories World Canada Local Photos Quizzes Canada 150 U.S. Politics Video Weather My Topics

    Hunting down runaway slaves: The cruel ads of Andrew Jackson and ‘the master class’
    Washington Post –

    The runaway slave ad placed by Andrew Jackson ran in the “Tennessee Gazette,” on Oct. 3, 1804. The ad was published on Page 3, column 4.© Library of Congress/Tennessee Gazette The runaway slave ad placed by Andrew Jackson ran in the “Tennessee Gazette,” on Oct. 3, 1804. The ad was published on Page 3, column 4.

    “Stop the Runaway,” Andrew Jackson urged in an ad placed in the Tennessee Gazette in October 1804. The future president gave a detailed description: A “Mulatto Man Slave, about thirty years old, six feet and an inch high, stout made and active, talks sensible, stoops in his walk, and has a remarkable large foot, broad across the root of the toes — will pass for a free man …”

    Jackson, who would become the country’s seventh commander in chief in 1829, promised anyone who captured this “Mulatto Man Slave” a reward of $50, plus “reasonable” expenses paid.

    Jackson added a line that some historians find particularly cruel.

    It offered “ten dollars extra, for every hundred lashes any person will give him, to the amount of three hundred.”

    The ad was signed, “ANDREW JACKSON, Near Nashville, State of Tennessee.”

    Jackson, whose face is on the $20 bill and who President Trump paid homage to in March, owned about 150 enslaved people at The Hermitage, his estate near Nashville, when he died in 1845, according to records.

    His ad is one of thousands being catalogued by the history department at Cornell University, which launched “The Freedom on the Move” project to digitize and preserve runaway slave ads and make them more accessible to the public.

    “Our goal is to ultimately collect all the runaway ads that have survived,” said Edward E. Baptist, a Cornell history professor who is collaborating on the project with Joshua D. Rothman, at the University of Alabama, and Molly Mitchell, at the University of New Orleans.

    Baptist said the ads provide rich insights into history.

    “They are these little windows,” Baptist said. “I call them the tweets of the master class. The purpose is to alert the surveillance system that was the entire body of white people in the South to help this individual recover this human property.”

    An ad seeking Isaac, which ran in the New Orleans Daily Picayune on Jan. 15, 1851.© New Orleans Daily Picayune/Freedom on the Move An ad seeking Isaac, which ran in the New Orleans Daily Picayune on Jan. 15, 1851.

    The ads often describe in detail the runaways: their skills, missing teeth, height, weight. They give insight into how enslaved people lived and carried themselves. The ads also provide a sense of resistance and defiance, along with harsh punishments. They describe recent beatings, scars and fingers cut off. In an ad dated June 5, 1788, that ran in the Virginia Herald and Fredericksburg Advertiser, a woman named Patty, who was about 18 years old and five feet high, is described this way: “Her back appears to have been used to the whip.”

    Some ads included languages spoken beyond English: Dutch, French or African dialects. Others offered evidence that escaped slaves were literate and able to write passes.

    Teaching slaves to read and write was prohibited, especially after Nat Turner’s revolt in Southampton County, Va., in 1831, Baptist said. “There was a wave of anti-literacy laws. Slave owners knew if some men and women were literate, they could write passes to freedom.”

    An ad seeking Jane, which ran in the New Orleans Daily Picayune on March 2, 1844© New Orleans Daily Picayune/Freedom on the Move An ad seeking Jane, which ran in the New Orleans Daily Picayune on March 2, 1844
    Some ads included the ironic clause “ran away without cause.”

    “Ran away without cause,” Baptist said, “that means ‘I’m a good slaver owner; I didn’t treat her with unusual cruelty.’ It’s hard not to make connections with the history of race relations in the United States. The whites need to define themselves as the virtuous ones.”

    In many ads, the runaways were described as “mulatto,” or carrying with them “mulatto” children.

    Sometimes they were described as cunning, insolent, or “pleasant when spoken to.”

    Runaway slave ads from the New Orleans Daily Picayune. Tom: March 13, 1849.© New Orleans Daily Picayune/Freedom on the Move Runaway slave ads from the New Orleans Daily Picayune. Tom: March 13, 1849.

    The skin colors ranged from light to copper colored to “perfectly black.” An ad seeking Thomas, who was about 30 years old when he ran away, described him as “5 feet five inches high, a light bacon color, stoutly made, full face, bushy hair, has a very slight stoppage in his speech, and has been badly whipped.”

    Sometimes the ads gave hints of their hopes and aspirations — that they may have been headed for cities or nearby plantations where they had a mother or a father or a wife or husband or child.

    An ad seeking a woman named Mary.© Library of Congress An ad seeking a woman named Mary.
    A newspaper ad that appeared in July 1826, tells the story of Mary, who escaped with her baby on her back. By the time the ad appeared, four months had passed and the reward for her return was $20.

    “RANAWAY, about four months ago; the negra woman named MARY, aged about 26 to 36 years; ordinary size; having lost almost all her front teeth; her under lip is thick and hangs down,” the ad said. Mary spoke French and English with “the same facility.”

    In a few lines, the reader learns this about Mary: She had a baby, a small child six months old; “which she commonly carries with her.”

    Most likely Mary was looking for her husband. “Said negra woman is very intimate with a negro named William, belonging to Mde Gaudin; and both of them have had for a long time relations with the negro fisherman at the Bayou.”

    The ad was signed E. FORSTALL.

    Seven years before penning the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson placed an ad in the Virginia Gazette on Sept. 14, 1769, seeking “a Mulatto slave called Sandy.” Sandy, who was about 35 years old, was described by the future president as “inclining to corpulence.” His complexion was “light.” He was a shoemaker by trade and left-handed. He was also skilled at carpentry and “is something of a horse jockey.” The ad explained that Sandy was “greatly addicted to drink, and when drunk is insolent and disorderly, in his conversation he swears much, and in his behavior is artful and knavish.” Sandy apparently escaped with a white horse. He also took his shoemaking tools “and will probably endeavor to get employment that way,” the ad warned. The reward for Sandy was listed at $40.

    A man named Antoine, who used the alias William, ran away Jan. 29, 1851. Antoine was described as a “journeyman baker,” about 40 years old, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches tall, “with yellowish complexion, strong constitution, large head, big nose, thick lips, large, flat feet.” The ad alluded to the pain of Antoine’s life in captivity. He had “a large burnt scar on the chest, a piece of one ear bitten off.” He spoke both English and French. Antoine was said to have a wife in New Orleans or Lafayette. The ad promised a reward of $35 for “anyone who will bring back slave to his master.”


  • Looks like Le Pen and Macron runoff.


  • David

    yes….with Macron getting the backing of the looser camps it would appear.


  • Well Well
    We know evil at its roots
    Slaves cost $1,000 ($200,000 at today’s rate)
    Justified by treating them as sub humans with perverted religion that whites were blessed


  • 6800 B.C. The world’s first city-state emerges in Mesopotamia. Land ownership and the early stages of technology bring war—in which enemies are captured and forced to work: slavery.
    2575 B.C. Temple art celebrates the capture of slaves in battle. Egyptians capture slaves by sending special expeditions up the Nile River.
    550 B.C. The city-state of Athens uses as many as 30,000 slaves in its silver mines.
    120 A.D. Roman military campaigns capture slaves by the thousands. Some estimate the population of Rome is more than half slave.
    500 Anglo-Saxons enslave the native Britons after invading England.
    1000 Slavery is a normal practice in England’s rural, agricultural economy, as destitute workers place themselves and their families in a form of debt bondage to landowners.
    1380 In the aftermath of the Black Plague, Europe’s slave trade thrives in response to a labor shortage. Slaves pour in from all over the continent, the Middle East, and North Africa.


  • Vincent is an alt-right white troll parrot in disguise


  • Vincent is an alt-right white troll parrot in disguise

    Wuhloss….muh cover get blow…..thanks 3×5 dub st.

    Hmm….you remind me a lot of the red necks of the southern USA,especially the KKK you all have a lot in common…..just change the pigment but same thinking.

    Common sense…rational thinking….knowledge…..research…..disappeared just so….all fled to brutish beasts.


  • Hmm….you remind me a lot of the red necks of the southern USA,especially the KKK you all have a lot in common…..just change the pigment but same thinking.

    You should apply for a job defending the opposition in slavery reparations case with your slander libel and specious arguments defending the white massas

    you remind me of the mulatto / black / white dogs who would capture and trade African children for a bottle of whisky


  • 555dubstreet April 25, 2017 at 5:11 PM #

    Psst…..I hear the Klan is looking for a new top dog…..with the bag over your head and the bedsheet wrap around once you open your mouth you would be a shoe in.


  • Vince
    That is the second time you said the same KKK joke and it is still not funny
    FYI KKK hang N1993r5 now shut up like a good bwoy


  • Looks like I have to keep repeating it for you to get my meaning.


  • Chuckle….. Good for you…… Thats the difference between the hooded Klan member little one and those who have no fear of their convictions or for any one…..enjoy….haha


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