Open Letter to the Religious Community


It is with utmost humility that I write as the Political Leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) and more importantly as Christian Believer to engage All Leaders in the Religious community together with their Congregants across the length and breadth of Barbados to stand up and be counted in this season of great distress and uncertainty for our people and country as a whole.

BIM recognizes that our beloved country is today facing the worse financial crisis in its history aided by what appears to be a severe lack of decisive management and a patriotic vision. Our National Anthem states that “God has been the people’s guide for past 300 years” but several of our current parliamentary leaders in themselves exude behaviors as though there is no respect for the “Almighty God” as is frequently demonstrated in their speech and actions. It is BIM’s goal therefore



  • @ Lawson
    The thing about actually HAVING lots of money is that no one knows better than you do, how inadequate it all really is….
    The only REAL ‘pleasure’ is in having those who do NOT have it in plenty envy your donkey.

    Privately you must be yearning deeply inside for some REAL meaning to your life…. a man of your uncharacteristically sharp wit and intellect….
    Be honest Lawson…. 🙂


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI

    Lawson is a poor ass white Canadian on a pension, he knows nothing about having real money, lol.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Brother Bush Tea

    I cannot find the words where I think it was the prophet Ezekiel who speaks of the Omnipotence of the Lord of Hosts to place flesh and sinews on rocks and bones and cause them to live.

    Indeed we both know that Jesus the Christ could have said to the fish in the sea jump into this boat with these disciples who fish without catching anything and it would have been so.

    It is also true that, even though a stick is malformed that I could take that warped stick and draw a straight line.

    My point which you know well does not belie in anyway the fact that IF IT BE HIS WILL, it will be so.

    I am however dealing with this matter in the similar vein of said Jesus the Christ and applying the concept of a verb is a doing word.

    The problem with our successive governments is that everyone of these nitwits starts of learning about what the people’s needs are AFTER THEY GET IN OFFICE.

    And, since they are not like you with a direct line to GOD, they take the better part of 2 years getting a handle on what is going on.

    Jesus the Christ could have transfigured Himself and all His disciples to wherever he was going, yet barring a few instances which the New Testament records, HE chose to walk to many a place, including Calvary.

    What is albino-centric about using a computer and locating where people live?

    What is albino centric about starting the Third Party Initiative with the practice of collaboration?

    Suppose we have 30 Pauls who were just 2 months previous Sauls?

    I guess that you will say to me that such is not to be a consideration in their representations to the average ingrunt Bajan cause everything is going to be alright.

    How is this any different to the situation that we have right now where we say “give them time, dem new?”

    Why do you use the computer Brother Bush Tea? Whu you could as well go out in the highways and hedges and on the housetops and shout your message per BBE.

    We are dealing with a stiff-necked people who cannot be swayed by mere mamby pamby words bout ammmm Integrity and Morality and all the rest of the piffle.

    They do not live it so it is relegated to being piffle.

    I will suggest that if Jesus was to be subjected to the Crucifixion @ today His would not have been a walking to the various nodes of encounter through the fold but He would have taken a car and a plane too.

    The lil yute them that need to vote have cell phones and Ipads (Chris Decimals give way many in St Michael North West) and as you see the message no longer comes by morse code and smoke signals or flashing mirrors in sunlight.

    The Electoral List is 700 pages of dot matrix paper, it must be less nowadays, but that is real trees for one day’s voting.

    It should be on a CD and furthermore when you come to vote it should show your picture so people cannot go and vote twice while using someone’s compromised ID or passport.

    In one breath I see many here complain about 4 hour waits in lines at the licensing department yet, here we are speaking about me coming by your home and saying Bushie, how you? and the kids Myrtle and Hezekiah? and how is the low water pressure issue going? you having the same issue as your neighbours?

    Well Bushie here is my solution.

    I going phase it in this way because you living on the slant and the gravity feeds will operate this way and this is whu it going cost and i going get the money from ***

    I do hope that you are not going to be having no speaking in tongues sessions? to address the diurnal needs of people?

    Unlike you Brother Bush Tea I have hope in people but I still carry my Glocks


  • Lol WW it is true I am far from insanely wealthy but live like it. Bushy you are right money is only a vehicle to use to arrive at the things that make you happy. I thought when I was young that pussy and booze make the world go round Now in my twilight years I realize I was right all along.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    Attempting this post again


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    Duplicate Comment Detected…..blah blah blah


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI

    Lawson…money, wealth riches are overrated….good luck beats them everytime.

    Look at David Rockefeller…..good riddance to him and his 101 miserably wealthy years, hated at the end, cancers all over his face….unable to carry anything with him….overrated.


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  • @ Vincent
    Do you have any coherent ORIGINAL thoughts of your own?

    Check out this quote from your reference…
    The same calculations that suggest the possibility of a future phase transition in the Higgs field also suggest that our current metastable configuration could persist, not just for billions of years but for billions of billions of billions of years. And there are other sources of consolation. Nature is constantly surprising us. Discoveries at the Large Hadron Collider or elsewhere could change the picture entirely, stabilizing what appears to be an unstable Higgs field.

    What the fella is saying in effect, is that he do not know one shiite, and he is really just writing that paper because he has been funded, and needs to show something as output.

    Obviously he had anticipated that only people like you would have bothered to even look at the catchy title ….and he CERTAINLY never contemplated that Bushie would have actually looked to see if it made sense…. 🙂

    ….anything else you want debunked…?
    ha ha ha


  • Bushie…bushie

    @ Vincent
    Do you have any coherent ORIGINAL thoughts of your own?

    Ha,ha,ha,ha…….I do as my submissions bear out……..but….you have admitted that you are the handmaiden of BBE,his mouthpiece……cuddear….to live to your age without an original thought…..wuhloss.

    Comprehension…..fails you again…….my style is to state my opinion on things or to put out things for comment,as per your reference on Dawkins.

    What the fella is saying in effect, is that he do not know one shiite,……but,but…..neither do any of us…..when you figure that out come back and talk……..I doubt that will happen though…….go play with your wacker and BBE.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI

    And politicians got the nerve to want intelligent people to take these jackholes in the churches seriously….steupss.


  • WW you can be very dim at times ………what did you expect ….it was boxing day


  • Humans are gullible as fuck

    Illuminati Evolution Hoax! ➧➧➧
    Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI

    Yep Lawson…that is me…dim…lol


  • David

    A picture post of mine is under moderation presumably due to an F… word in the script that was not intended to go…..could you delete the script.


  • There goes Vincent again…
    Trolling the internet for idiotic extreme rants from sick minds…

    Do you have any logical positions on these issues that YOU have been able to deduce after over three score years (with less than ten now due to you), exposure to Cawmere, to the Mother Country, to the plantocracy, and now to the BU class room….?

    Shiite man Vincent….
    Bombero would have chided you for lack of originality…


  • Bushie bushie

    Chuckle…..their you go again with your narrow minded view of life…… this world of ours all views must contend.

    I have tried explaining this to you several times and now must accept reluctantly that your comprehension skills do not suffer from a lack in your ability to understand but in the fact that you were born without it… apologies for crediting you with something that BBE purposefully withheld from you……o me miserum.


  • @Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI March 25, 2017 at 4:48 AM
    “And politicians got the nerve to want intelligent people to take these jackholes in the churches seriously….steupss.”

    A 41 year old is NOT A BOY.

    A 41 year old has not been a boy for a generation.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI

    When you hear the term alter bpy, one’s mind always goes to the image of a young teen, how the hell do these churches call grown men alter boys and the idiots accept that degrading and demeaning description of themselves in 2017.

    Why is the population still assisting in their own continuing degradation and victimization by the church centuries later.

    That’s the 64,000 dollar question… Simple.


  • @ WW&C
    This is a non-story.
    A simple case of an church yardfowl behaving like yardfowls do…. and of a simple-minded press who, even when the facts are obvious, are shit scared to say anything least they upset someone in authority.

    Suffice to say that like political parties in Barbados, the Church attracts hoards of brass bowls yardfowls who are prepared to behave like angela and Carson does in all situations….

    The Bishop, not being Bajan, probably does not yet grasp the brass bowlery…

    In any case, the church is irrelevant…..


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI



  • I don’t know. We have big hard back people driving ZR vans and doing all kinds of juvenile crap on our highways, as well as big persons riding about bicycles designed for primary school age children. How else can one describe these people, other than being boys? Even the news reporters, in reporting court cases , have now upgraded the age of a Youth to around 25 years.


  • Thats so tourists dont think there is a bunch of crazy men running around


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI

    The people on the island need to grow the hell up and stop wuth the immaturity already…they are not children, but mature adults, they need to act like it, the slave minded child will not work in this era for adults…..the minds of their chikdren are being destroyed daily with that crap.


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