Open Letter to the Religious Community


It is with utmost humility that I write as the Political Leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) and more importantly as Christian Believer to engage All Leaders in the Religious community together with their Congregants across the length and breadth of Barbados to stand up and be counted in this season of great distress and uncertainty for our people and country as a whole.

BIM recognizes that our beloved country is today facing the worse financial crisis in its history aided by what appears to be a severe lack of decisive management and a patriotic vision. Our National Anthem states that “God has been the people’s guide for past 300 years” but several of our current parliamentary leaders in themselves exude behaviors as though there is no respect for the “Almighty God” as is frequently demonstrated in their speech and actions. It is BIM’s goal therefore


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  1. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    You got to be out of your minds, Keep God out of the Fraud of Parties and the crimes,
    God Watching. Save it for CHURCH this is not Church,

    If you all cared about God and Church you would not be telling so many lies and covering up The Truth that have Barbados in this mess , More like you are dealing with the Devil.

    I know We telling Truth that you all dont want to hear about, the Massive Land Fraud and PONZI or you all would join or work with the CUP , Until then All can go to Hell.

  2. Are some of us able to comprehend that Barbados has a large religious constituency and by engaging with them there is the possibility of being able to penetrate with a message? We live in a democracy and all views perspectives must contend. This is what defines freedom of expression.

  3. The church is the last of all places to find integrity! for the church has washed only the outside of their vessel while the inside is covered in filth. and grime
    There is nothing wrong with going about seeking the church support in political adventure but placing the church as the golden leader and standard bearer of morals is denying the truth

  4. Maybe if they will all leave out the fantasy that is the church/religion and embrace reality….then they will all see a way forward, it will not happen as long as they continue to embrace the centuries old mindwash, we will see only regression…..all this centuries old man made crap has run it’s course.

  5. We already have charlatans Doctors of Divinity,or Divide -it -up, like Durant and Lowe high in the political arena , and where have they got us? A stone throw outside the doors of Hell.
    I still have a big problem with those lyrics in our National Anthem which you have quoted, about the Lord being the people’s guide for the past 300 years, when for more than half of that period , the ancestors of 95 % of us Barbadians were enslaved and considered lower in status to the precious Kentucky Mules and big breed Great House hounds. Looks like that part,and some others of the National Anthem could be sung with gusto, by the Williams’ Mayers, Challenors, Sealy’s, Piles and Goddards et al.

  6. David March 22, 2017 at 8:39 PM #
    A great majority of the worshipers in the mainline churches, Anglican, Moravian,etc are over 59 years of age, and quite a few are wheel chair bound and are supported by walking sticks,etc.
    This group of people ,according to one of the DLP’s chief spokesmen , Carson C Cadogan, has nothing to offer his ruling party. And that presumably, includes an “X”

  7. Your point Honourable Blogmaster is valid re: the venue and it leverage.

    I am looking at it in light of the format of the document.

    Let me explain.

    I like many others am trying to gauge this B.I.M. ting.

    I have heard Grenville II and Lynette and well I was and am not impressed.

    De ole man looking for something to leverage and you understand what i mean.

    De DLP fellers out but I cant support Mugabe not with what de ole man know.

    So a feller looking.

    Dey do that BNTCL thing and jes like David Come Sing A Long dem ent even come back to look at dem submission which sats to me that (a) they dont have the HR to spread or (b) they are cut from the same sanctimonious cloth of Come Sing A Song or (c) they dont understand how internet campaigns are run.

    I would then query the length of a letter to the Religious Community that is 3 pages of rambling rose.

    BNTCL needed verbosity but this outreach to the Church, irrespective of its tentacles, it is not properly composed.

    Go through it and pick out the sentences that say “who, what, where why when and how” (de way mottley does construct all of her speeches using those words and that format dat meks people tink she brilliant.

    Can you find this easily?

    It is all over the place. They need a communications specialist.

    • Until the third parties rollout a slate of candidates and begin to share key messages they will continue to struggle with traction.

      At this point if an election was be called tomorrow the BLP DLP remain thhe choices for the electorate.

  8. The letter mentions the “vast degradation in morality” and “churches must at this time consolidate to become the moral compass”. But, in practice, morals have always been subjective or convenient. For example, if Mr Jones stole a sugar cane from a sugar cane plantation (SCP). And Mr Smith told Mr Jones that he was wrong to do so and the Bible says stealing is wrong. Mr Jones would usually justify the theft of the sugar cane by replying that the SCP had plenty of sugar canes and it would not miss one or two sugar canes.

  9. The elephant in the room is not the Christian faith, but other religions, some of which are keen to keep a low profile until the time is right.
    I have said before that the New Barbadians are potentially the real danger and unless we are proactive we will find ourselves prisoners in our own home.
    It is a demographic thing. Young people who are now in their teens will be much older and more demanding in 20 years time. It is then that things will kick off.
    Unless we act now, we will find ourselves like Britain victims of our own liberal open door policies.

  10. I will continue to encourage participatory and deliberative democracy; however, given the contents of this letter, and other things now ascribed to BIM, there is no way that it can get my realistic support. BIM must do the same self-searching that it appears so condemnatory to claim against others. Long live the tenet of democracy and my love of country.

  11. George,

    Is patriotism now replacing reason? I have raised the falsity of deliberative democracy before. Majoritarianism is not democracy.

  12. @ Hal Austin

    I could not disagree with you more. Perhaps rather than chase the terms, a rereading of said terms to draw out intenet and meanings at inception would be helpful. But as usual, to each their own. Keep well.

  13. Looking at everything through the lenses of religion and politics is destructive, they may all want to try looking at life thriugh reality and get a much better perspective to move forward. .

    Religion and politictics have been other people’s fantasies and have worked for them for thousands of years…but it can work no more.

  14. I once bought a Methodist church from the Pentecostal people put in a staircase from a jewish synagogue to a third floor loft used to bring all my catholic girlfriends there for gymnastics so speaking as one of the damned now is not the time to turn to the church for advise except if it is how to run a business. Hire more cops ,hire more garbage men hire more farmers fire more politicians.

  15. Well Well, I agree with you. These people are still stuck in the past. Barbados is NOT:” today facing the worse financial crisis in its history aided by what appears to be a severe lack of decisive management and a patriotic vision. “…This is a lot of rubbish (as you say) led by a group who obviously believe there really is a physical “heaven”. They are not realists, and refuse to accept that people of today do not believe their “alternative facts
    “dont forget your tithing”. Why should one tithe? Another bunch of charlatans..Seventh day perhaps?

  16. Whether its Mormon or Israelite or whatever the church runs on donations call it what you want. This why your in trouble not seeing the forest for the trees, caught up in a word instead of the idea. You pay, I pay. just in case there is everlasting life even snake handlers have to donate a rattler or water moccasin.

  17. “Under this collaboration BIM will seek to deploy spiritual principals as its mandate for managing the affairs of the country and will advance every cause to work with the church to address the ills currently plaguing us as a people.”

    @ BIM

    Seeking “to deploy spiritual principals as its mandate for managing the affairs of the country and will advance every cause to work with the church to address the ills currently plaguing us as a people,” may be a “step” in the right direction, especially if one adheres to Christian values.

    However, you must take into CONSIDERATION and RESPECT the fact Barbados is a democracy and there are also many Barbadians who DO NOT BELIEVE in any religious sect. As such, they may interpret BIM’s suggestion as essentially promoting a dictatorship based specifically on YOUR religious beliefs, while trying to FORCE Christianity on them.

    Additionally, as it relates to your comment re: “Barbados was once known to produce the very best academic minds which were privy to have graced some of the most hallowed halls throughout the world.” “These persons were shaped in the dynamic of the understanding of the word of God and social responsibility (Love of Country and Fellowman) whilst in the pursuit of academic accomplishment.”

    You must bear in mind the education system has created a generation of “THINKERS” who are not prepared to READILY ACCEPT religion, WITHOUT QUESTION, as was done years ago by the older generation. Perhaps rather than blame society, you should ask where has the church gone wrong.

    Religion has undergone significant, dynamic changes as seen with religious men/women self appointing themselves as “prophet, apostle, bishop” and acquiring academic qualifications such as doctorates. The “meeting hall” has been replaced by multi-million dollar “mega churches” outfitted with the latest technology and equipment. Sermons of the “prosperity gospel” are now being preached, while encouraging the congregation, through fear, to tithe in hope of receiving riches.

    Prophet Apostle Senator Dr. David Durant, Errington Massiah, Guy Hewitt and Joseph Atherley are examples of reverends involved in politics.

    Recall a few years ago the goodly Durant told Barbadians Thompson would not die under his watch, as was spoken to him by God. We subsequently had to refer to Thompson as “the late prime minister.” Durant has also demonstrated that, for the past 9 years, he is prepared to place party ahead of Christianity, by going into the Senate to endorse lies told by his fellow politicians.

    Prior to the 2013 elections, PM Stuart told Barbadians the state would continue to fund tertiary level education and there would not be any retrenchment of public sector employees, which was endorsed by Durant, Hewitt and Massiah. However, a few months after the elections, there was a reversal of Stuart’s “promises” and Durant went to the Senate to endorse and justify those untruths.

    Ironically, DLP members David Estwick and Donville Inniss have been repeatedly making comments criticizing the “wrongs” committed by their party. DLP Senator Dr. David Durant remains silent.

    Under such circumstances, BIM will have a “hard job” trying to convince the skeptics and unbelievers.

  18. The only real problem with BIM’s letter is that it is addressed to a useless church that has long been compromised with brass bowlery.

    It is clearly too much to expect that BU regulars would appreciate any message that speaks to putting RIGHTEOUSNESS as a national priority, since most here are fully converted to the albino-centric dogma of materialism and self-centredness.

    The FACTS are, however, that we live in a spiritual realm, where laws that very few here understand, drive reality. Any move therefore, that seeks to respect and synchronise with these spiritual realities DESERVES serious consideration….. ESPECIALLY in an environment where NOTHING seems to be working according to the albino-centric methodology.

    BIM is therefore on a sound track to look BEYOND the materialistic greed that drives us brass bowls, but Bushie suspects that like all wisdom at this time, they are casting pearls at brass bowl swine.
    Of course it escapes us all that, as pointed out in the letter, back when our ‘ignorant’ parents respected such spiritual principles, we were seen to be ‘punching above our weight class’….. while now that we have PhDs coming out of our donkeys, we ain’t saying shiite….

    • @Bush Tea

      Bim is trying to occupy a vacant public space and as you stated; rightly so there is no credible individual or entity currently anchoring this kind of narrative in Barbados,the Durants and Bairds do no count. What we have is cultural and ethical relativism.

  19. “However, you must take into CONSIDERATION and RESPECT the fact Barbados is a democracy and there are also many Barbadians who DO NOT BELIEVE in any religious sect. As such, they may interpret BIM’s suggestion as essentially promoting a dictatorship based specifically on YOUR religious beliefs, while trying to FORCE Christianity on them.”

    Art…and they would be right, I am yet to hear, meet or read of any religious leader who does not have a warped and twisted mind or a mind that is totally out of sync with reality.

    They all follow a script handed to them, none if them have original ideas that benefits majority black populations.

  20. That is why it is so destructive to try to marry religion and politics, instead of using reality on the ground to drive good governance and good intent, the BIM party should allow everyone to follow their individual religious dogma…… and focus instead on cleaning up the nasty mess created by DBLP parasites in the last 50 years.

  21. ……..instead they should be using reality on the ground to drive good governance and good intent, the BIM party should just allow everyone to follow their individual religious dogma…

  22. @ WW&C
    You should really stick with those things that you understand …or where your broom can take you. There is EVERY reason why politics and religion should be intertwined…. not least of which, is that the REALLY important rules that drive success in this world are SPIRITUAL in nature.
    The way that we organise our society, therefore should be grounded in concepts that RESPECT these spiritual realities.

    The FACT that the current church leaders are a bunch of brass bowl idiots and albino-centric mendicants only speaks to the TOTAL breakdown of national perspective. The albino-centric shiite has overtaken EVERYTHING… including the church. This however, DOES NOT take away from the VITAL importance of the country having sound spiritual GROUNDINGS. We will NEVER move in that direction by the stupid logic of throwing away BOTH the baby and the nasty, albino-centric, bathwater.
    …..ya mean we do not possess the collective intelligence to identify a baby from stinking shiite-water and to separate the two…?

    Artax is saying that since he can actually smell the nasty water, and see bits of poop in it, then every thing has to go….Baby and all…

    BIM is right. But it is not the ‘church’ that needs to be called out, but those (few?) remaining Bajans who appreciate the damn baby, and who can be convinced to pour off the shiite water and replace it with clean, scented, sterilised warm water.
    Of course to do this we may have to first clean up the baby with disinfectant (lock up some of the ff’ers, embarrass the many compliant thieving supporters, and SEEK OUT AND RECRUIT true talents to lead…)…… Sackcloth and ashes…!!!
    After this cleansing, you can be assured that the damn baby would start growing up in a healthy, productive way – and the shiite place would again learn to punch above its weight class.

    The alternative is to continue on the path to Hell….worshiping the trident at the Garrison.

  23. Bushie

    Generations of philosophers have tried to separate spirituality from religion, with little success.

    Given those circumstances, what do you mean by spiritual concepts within politics?

  24. Bushman…that is exactly where marrying religion and politics has taken you…to burying a pitchfork at the garrison….ya cant rail against it then accept it in the same breath….all politicians have a god story to fool the vpters, they learbed that scam from their slave masters, where ya think they git it from……..they even planted Durant in the senate to talk an everlasting roll of shit.

    What ya can say is, politicians should look at spirituality in a different light, not as manmade but applied logically and intelligently in its natural state..,, not from some white man’s book of lies.

    That’s where my broom takes me Bushman.

  25. WW&C

    Good going and we actually agree on this subject…….Politics&Religion have abused the populi over the centuries but they like it so.

    ….in the name of winning elections parties have backraised each other to detriment of the country.

    ….in the name of God everything has been promised in the hereafter once you do his biddings as interpreted by the various bushmen over millenia again to the retardation of mankinds development.

    Bushie time you start whacking yourself.

  26. Vincent Haynes @ 11:09 AM.

    I love the poster. The Guy that authentic Christians follow fed the hungry and cared for the poor. He dealt with the real problems and concerns of the marginalized.

  27. Kinda hard to stand up when the political class are standing on our necks, and with their hands deep in our pockets.

  28. @David March 22, 2017 at 8:39 PM “Are some of us able to comprehend that Barbados has a large religious constituency and by engaging with them there is the possibility of being able to penetrate with a message? We live in a democracy and all views perspectives must contend. This is what defines freedom of expression.”

    True dat David, but still…

    even those of us who are religious, even those of us who are Christians are more than a little leery when the capitalist class and/or the political class and/or religious class (aren’t they all the same thing?) start telling us what is good for us. They have phuc>ed us up before and I am in no doubt that they are all looking for opportunities to phuc> us up some more.

    Neither the political class nor the capitalist class nor the religious class have been our friends for the past near 400 years.

    Those people have mostly looked our for themselves, their kin, their class, their party members and their co-religionists.

  29. We should never forget that for most of Barbados’ history the CHRISTIAN CHURCH WAS THE ENEMY of the majority of people. The Christian church upheld the capitalists and the politicians in the brutality inflicted on the majority of our ancestors.

    So that even those of us who are Christians do not have the same trust, and the same confidence, and the same faith in the Christian God, and the Christian as do those white people who benefitted from being Christians.

    Our relationship with the Christian Church, and with the Abrahamic/Christian/Islamic/Rasta God will forever be conflicted, especially as according to the writings that same God didn’t seem to like black people or women very much., and if you were/are both black and female he had/has no use for you at all.

    And God knows this to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  30. @Tony Trotman March 23, 2017 at 3:45 AM “The letter mentions the “vast degradation in morality”

    I put it to any thinking person that Barbados in 2017 is morally superior to Barbados in:


    If your premise is wrong, then you conclusion is bound to be wrong.

    If you start looking back in Barbados’s history for a morally superior place you won’t find it and you are bound therefore to reach the wrong conclusion.

    Acknowledge that Barbados has always been a morally nasty place, then maybe we can move forward from that profound TRUTH.

    What’s up Africa satirist Ikenna Azuike looks at Kenya’s prophecies and whether people rely on them more than the weather channel, or their local bookmakers.|By BBC News

  32. We did not come here on the Mayflower to this the promised land.

    We did not come here looking for a safe haven and and found escape from religious persecution.

    We did nor grow fabulously wealthy when we arrived here.

    In spite of generations of hard labour, the majority of our people still do not have assets worth $100,000 thousand USD, or the same $100,000 to leave to our children.

  33. The original religion of the African people, however, was animism (the worship of spirits), and there is no doubt that most of the slaves were animists. The Islamic religion has been growing in Africa, but so has Christianity.

  34. @BIM. “BIM recognizes that our beloved country is today facing the worse financial crisis in its history”

    Ask yourself if financially you would rather be in the Barbados of:


    And come back with an honest answer.

    Please those don’t belittle the sufferings of those other Bajans, some of whom born in 1917 are still alive to bear witness.

  35. @Hal Austin March 23, 2017 at 3:57 AM “Unless we act now, we will find ourselves like Britain victims of our own liberal open door policies.”

    Dear Hal: The British have spent hundreds of years victimizing other peoples. They are the past masters of brutality. The rest of the world has learned from the British. Maybe the chickens have come home to roost.

    Wasn’t a a British man born and raised in Kent who committed the brutality in London yesterday?


  36. Dear Hal: Didn’t the British during most of Barbados’ history commit the following atrocities against our fore-parents:

    Forcible migration
    Forcible separation of children from their parents
    Denied people the right to marriage and family life
    Denied the right to practice their religion
    Denied the right to speak their languages
    Denied the right to practice their culture
    Denied people the right to own land?
    Denied people the right to make a living even by petty vending?

    So what is it again that you want us to be afraid of? Which people are the monsters?

  37. @lawson March 23, 2017 at 6:10 AM “in times like this we must turn to the church ……and dont forget your tithing>”

    Seriously lawson?

    You expect me to pay 25% of my income to the government and to give 10% to the church too?


  38. “We are people who formerly were Africans who were kidnapped and brought to America.Our forefathers weren’t the Pilgrims.We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock.THE ROCK LANDED ON US”…..Malcolm X.That immortal rock,imbedded in our culture and song.

  39. @Artax March 23, 2017 at 6:53 AM “Recall a few years ago the goodly Durant told Barbadians Thompson would not die under his watch.”

    When he said that, that was when I decided not to vote for the DLP. Durant boy you lost your party a vote there.

    Because you are not a physician.

    Because the statistical data of the survival rates for pancreatic cancer said otherwise.

    And because if I have to believe a pastor, or scientific facts, I choose to go with the scientific facts.

    So yes you lost your beloved party a vote there.

  40. V@incent Haynes March 23, 2017 at 2:51 PM “The original religion of the African people, however, was animism (the worship of spirits)”

    Dear Vincent: All religions involve the worship of spirits, that is why they are called religions.


  41. SS that was me being sarcastic, just like why do you go to a priest for marriage counseling, when you are at most peril some people cry out for god to help I guess things on the island are worse than I thought ,

  42. Durant is a jackass pretending he got a pipeline to the white man’s dead god.

  43. @Hal Austin March 23, 2017 at 3:57 AM “Unless we act now, we will find ourselves like Britain victims of our own liberal open door policies.”

    And the when in the 1950’s and 60’s we tried to get a little pick in Britain because work was plentiful there, and if there is one thing we Bajans know how to do it is to work hard, the British didn’t even want us there, they though that because they had mistreated us that we were the enemy, and they talked about “rivers of blood” and they started taking in brown people rather that the historically mis-treated black people.

    So who are the enemies of the British people now?

    i know that it ain’t me nor mine.

  44. @ Pacha
    Generations of philosophers have tried to separate spirituality from religion, with little success. Given those circumstances, what do you mean by spiritual concepts within politics?
    Boss, generations of experts have tried to unravel a myriad of complexities of life, and yet today, few (you probably included) have any IDEA of what the true purpose and meaning of life is….

    Spirituality is the underlying REALITY of existence….. It is what REALLY IS!!!
    Within that realm, exists a much more limited space -which we call ‘life on Earth’. That limited space is defined by a time-bound, material, entropy-cursed, set of rules and regulations which CLEARLY shout out that it was specifically designed to accomplish a particular objective, within a specified timeframe.

    “Spirituality” is therefore a view of existence that goes BEYOND the obvious physical constraints that we can naturally sense, and which seeks to interact with the much broader underlying bedrock of reality.

    Case in point:
    The natural instinct of our materialistic world is to selfishly grab as much as we can from whomever we can, and at whatever cost to others that may be incurred.

    A more spiritual (and diametrically opposite) instinct would be to seek to enhance the COLLECTIVE good by sharing whatever we have, with those who have less that we do, in the aim of advancing the general social wellbeing of everyone.

    We can (and currently do) base our politics on the former, instinctive, albino-centric greed and selfishness by operating a “we and them” political divide; by encouraging and expanding a situation where the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer; (and we add these up together and divide to get a ‘mean’, which we then falsely use to measure “national wealth”.

    Pray tell Bushie why it would be ‘criminal’ to put in place a POLITICAL system whose philosophical moorings was based on co-operatively building up the COLLECTIVE social development ….rather than the failed shiite which we currently pursue?

    Bushie could also look at Justice, Health, Education etc …to show that the benefits of adopting a SPIRITUAL foundation for our politics, rather than the natural instincts of brass bowls (even well-meaning, but clueless ones like Vincent) makes much more sense than following the ways of those albino-centric countries whose predisposition to jungle-like cut-throat survival is many times more developed than Black Bajan Brass Bowls…(BBBBs)…. and who, even so, are ALSO well on their way to catastrophic failure themselves….

  45. Does ANYBODY take this idiot Tea tool even slightly seriously? What a mind-bending tool.

  46. @ Pacha….. Give it a rest…
    Anyone who takes Lawson seriously on the topic of religion is well below ‘Simple’…..
    Lawson knows as much about religion and spirituality, as Stinkliar does about decimals and fine ants…..

  47. There are some sick people about. It is cowardly and fraudulent to pose as someone else, but then again imitation is the best form of flattery.

  48. For those of you who expect me to tithe, this is how I plan to divide up my money:

    25% government
    10% church
    35% Mrs. Simple Simon
    35% Baby girl Simple Simon
    35% Baby Boy Simple Simon
    35% Me-Mr. Simple Simon

    Wait!!! my old parents,I am supposed to honour them. I’ll have to redo my math, or put them in the alms house.

  49. Simple Simon

    My point is that “in practice, morals have always been subjective or convenient”. Therefore, the conclusions reached when making moral comparisons with a past and present Barbados will vary from person to person. Mr Jones (see my previous post) may conclude that the rise in burglaries reflects a decline of moral standards. In other words, burglary is wrong but it’s “ok” to continue stealing crops, fruits, livestock or building materials from the outside of a person’s home.

  50. “The churches must at this time consolidate to become the moral compass that once
    steered us away from suffering the ill-fated destinies similar to many other nations that
    have forsaken the edicts of God.”

    Pure fiction! #anotherclueless3rdparty

  51. “Spirituality is the underlying REALITY of existence….. It is what REALLY IS!!!
    Within that realm, exists a much more limited space -which we call ‘life on Earth’. That limited space is defined by a time-bound, material, entropy-cursed, set of rules and regulations which CLEARLY shout out that it was specifically designed to accomplish a particular objective, within a specified timeframe.

    “Spirituality” is therefore a view of existence that goes BEYOND the obvious physical constraints that we can naturally sense, and which seeks to interact with the much broader underlying bedrock of reality.”

    This is the reality which escapes these earth bound priests, reverends, churches, politicians, it is way beyond and above their irrational thoughts and centuries of brainwash….they will not understand any of it in this lifetime and maybe npt even the next, it will move likely take another 3 generations, 75 years, before all that shit is washed out of their heads and that’s only providing another more destructive slave like system complete with an even more deceptive and equally contradicting bible is not created for their weak, willing and accepting minds.

  52. @ WW&C
    .they will not understand any of it in this lifetime and maybe not even the next, it will more likely take another 3 generations
    Unfortunately, you are perfectly correct.
    HOWEVER, Bushie only has a whacker. So the TRUTH have to be put out there …even if it falls by the wayside and dies for lack of nurture.

    Even if the good grass is scarce, weak, struggling and feeble, The whacker gotta whack…
    Yuh cannot leave the damn wicked weeds in peace ..else yuh will end up with a forest …complete with cow-itch, snakes, and all kinda shiite plimplers…

    Right now all we gotta worry about is a couple AC slugs and the occasional Boremann effort, which a whacker can handle. But if we allow things to get out of hand, then we may need a bobcat …or even a D9 caterpillar, to deal with the muck.

    So even if NO ONE gets it, Bushie will be throwing those seeds out there that CAN produce the fruit which we all really want.
    BUP was the first casualty – killed by inertia and general brass bowlery from Caswell, so if this BIM ‘bam’ don’t catch root, it wont be for lack of Bushie’s sowing….. 🙂

  53. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    It would appear that my submissions are going to the trashcan

    so between your filtering and the other fellows doing the pico -w for the remote ssh things getting really hot

    But I tell wunna fellows that I doan come to you in the name of no bare foot man but in the Name of the Living Hosts and unlike David Durant the impostor (not apostle) of god (note the lower case) HE SHALT NOT SUFFER MY FOOT TO BE MOVED yeah HE THAT KEEPETH ISRAEL SHALL NEITHER SUFFER NOR SLEEP.

    @ Bush Tea

    I am a likkle hesitant with these Christian tings cause I too know the fellers like Durant who have sold out to Mammon rather not sold out, for such presupposes that he was on the side of the Living GOD before.

    Having said that, because of what you have said I have some pause in my spirit.

    I read the letter again and hindsight being 20/20 found that while the letter is long winded (much like de ole man ramblings) the writer is BOLD insofar as he spoke and did not recant from The Lord.

    Now here is a thing Bush Tea.

    I be a velly bad fellah in dis life and have to do alot of Atonement for many sins but even a a backsliding, cussbird fellah, I still pray that He WILL BE MERCIFUL.

    But this fellow Holder ent shirk so I going watch this and see where it is going.

    I going hit post and see whu ging on wid BU filters dem causing…

    You do know that there is more than one way to get rid of a poster lololol

    Say you post at 10 a.m. and your post goes into the trash when it is retrieved at 3 p.m AND POSTED, it still may be slotted at the 10 a.m slot but there may be 50 posts since yours and not a feller ent see whu you post.

    De ole man does tink bout inconsequential things like that heheheheheheh

    Not to say that the Honourable Blogmaster would do something like that intentionally

    This politics thing does make strange bedfellows look how Vincent on my case because i got so much to say bout Mugabe

  54. @ Neil Holder

    I heah sitting down wid de Glocks pun me lap waiting CAUSE DEM GOING COME.

    Here is some advice to B.I.M as it relates to “Voter Management”.

    A lot of what I will be saying is just plain common sense but in Brassbowl Land or Barbados, common sense is not so common

    You need to know your boxes, like Artaxerxes who was able to quote the results from the G.E’s for the last 3-4 years for Danny Gill, you have to have that information at your fingertips.

    Getting that information, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, having it verified in what is just short of a year, is a significant task because it means that you either

    (a) have the information illegally from the Census Department as the DLP has (the BLP too) or

    (b) you have the augmented list from the Barbados Water Authority that was collected under the guise of improving the Water Meter Services.

    Dem (BWA and the DLP) must be tink dat we foolish when they come and ask (i) who the house belong to and (ii) how many people in the house (iii) and what is dem name and age and salary (iv) and who is the cat father.

    Anyways, you need to get this information so that you are on a level playing field with dem fellers who using government confidential information illegally

    What all of you need is atomic “House Occupant” information i.e. Name, DOB, Sex, Address, Eligibility information, Constituency where they are to Vote, etc. (other info as well but this part is critical)

    The more critical issue is how you are going to get it rapidly.

    Neither Mugabe, nor David Estwick, nor Pigrim, is going to give it to you but if all of wunna Third Parties agree to “collaborate on a specific structured mobilization” this will do a few things.

    (a).All uh wunna got to start pulling together from NOW and stop this territorial shite hound foolishness BECAUSE THAT WILL WEAKEN YOU ALL.

    The face that you show the public must be one of UNITY, when any one of you third party denizens win, you are breaking the DLP/BLP duopoly

    (b).The “collaboration” for this purpose will be finite. Let de ole man explain dat word finite.

    While you all work and collate a central database, with all of the names like the BLP and the DLP have, what you will NOT DO is to share your intimate voter details.

    So, if you in the course of your mini-censii, learn that Jane Doe has a medical condition you WILL NOT share it with the other political party since that is your “People Centric Profile”.

    (c).The mere fact that wunna bring wunna selves together for this finite engagement is quite a herculean task in itself BUT, and here is the greater benefit, IT WILL CAUSE BOTH THE DLP AND BLP TO S*IT their pants.

    What this is is a “finite collaboration to access voter intelligence” which none of you have now, at least not to the degree of the DLP and the BLP, AS A PARTY!!

    They have coterminous data YOU DO NOT and if you gents/ladies can bring off this collaboration, “they” do not know what else you are capable of doing as the Third Initiative.

    (d).Wunna need a RDMS (Relational Database Management Systems) AS WELL AS A RDM Ombudsman, a trusted party who has a vested interest in the Third Party being successful.

    After wunna meet and sign the particulars, approach Former Prime Minister The Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur to be your RBM Ombudsman.

    Offer him full access to conjoint information for his constituency for who ever he designates. He WILL more than likely be willing to take this position to “hold the PLATFORM”

    I only going tell wunna SOME of the strategy here causing de fellers watching but this is not a “can be done thing” as much as it is a “when do we start thing”

    PM Arthur understands the issues with (a) the inept incumbents but more importantly (b) he also understands that, WHEN they loose, that the Despot Mugabe Wins.

    This is NOT an OPTION

  55. But will the 3rd parties listen to you Piece, that this is now their only option to break up DBLP blighted hold on parliament, will they see and recognize reality and combine their efforts for the greater good instead of spouting individual religious crap that no one cares about, believes in or trusts anymore.

  56. @ Piece
    Thank you for having a re-read of the letter. You are indeed a man among men to be able to take a new perspective into consideration and to reassess your conclusions.

    Your advice @ 2:14 AM (Boss try and get some sleep yuh!!!) presupposes that BIM is so desperately anxious to come to political power, that they now need to master all of the typical albino-centric, Machiavellian tactics used by those who have led us into our present perdition.

    Consider, for example, the hypothetical situation where BIM is consisted of a group of already successful, highly intelligent, financially secure, and socially well-adjusted individuals who really DO NOT WANT (or need) TO DELVE into the cesspool of local politics, …BUT who, now seeing the dire situation of the thousands of clueless brass bowls that constitute their FAMILIES and FRIENDS, have decided to make themselves AVAILABLE as an alternative choice for a way forward for Barbados.

    Tell Bushie again why they need to resort to nasty, deceitful and gutter-like tactics???

    Boss, that approach is NEEDED by the jackass clowns and bottom-dwellers that have comprised our political class in the past and currently….

    Do you HONESTLY think that if Bushie could somehow have been persuaded to become involved in the politics of this world…. that the millionaire, ‘know-it-all’ (according to Hants 🙂 ), adopted, HAPPY-AS DONKEY, Bushman would run around from house to house begging brass bowls for their support …while promising to satisfy their petty albino-centric desires..??

    ….and apparently not stinking Caswell either!!! 🙂
    Whose loss is that skippa…?

    The MORAL of that story is that when you see candidates being dressed up in their Machiavellian best and exploiting all the bribery, polling, high-powered advertising, and such tactics, you can pretty much rest assured that you are being sold well-packaged shiite.

    Good products need VERY little promotion and glitz….

    As Frustrated Businessman constantly says…. No worthwhile, COMPETENT Barbadian will subject themselves and their families to the cesspool of nastiness that constitutes local politics.

    Perhaps we may now have a better understanding of why Grenville’s candidates are NOT interested in behaving like the typical political class…. or why BIM is moved to talk about SPIRITUAL values and ethics ….. although they have targeted the wrong audience via the shiite churches we have…

  57. Piece

    Chuckle….Bozie look like you ain gine mek elections if yu duz brek up yuh nite rest workin out how to stop the duoply from gettin in.


    Spiritual values what………another word for a man made crutch for fellas like you to try and bamboozle idiots with……you and your ilk have done so well that you have created the said brassbowls running this country that you like to decry….take a real serious look in the mirror sometime.

  58. Bushman I am smart enough to not let religion get in the way of me and my money, the only religion that has said something recently that made sense was when the jehovahs said dont take blood transfusions, everybody thought they were crazy till the hep c and aids hit. No its snake handling for me

  59. @ Bushie who wrote ” ‘know-it-all’ (according to Hants 🙂 ),”

    a ‘know-it-all” describes a person who thinks he knows it all and has negative connotations.

    That is different from what I have said about you.

    “Bushie knows everything.” is a kinder gentler “description of an adopted son of a BBE.

    BU is a free blog. I reserve the right to write shiite .

  60. Thanks for the clarification Hants.

    There IS a difference between ‘knowing everything’ and “being able to get answers to anything…”.
    In the latter case, one just needs to ASK of the source….. and it WILL be given.

  61. @ Lawson
    The thing about actually HAVING lots of money is that no one knows better than you do, how inadequate it all really is….
    The only REAL ‘pleasure’ is in having those who do NOT have it in plenty envy your donkey.

    Privately you must be yearning deeply inside for some REAL meaning to your life…. a man of your uncharacteristically sharp wit and intellect….
    Be honest Lawson…. 🙂

  62. Lawson is a poor ass white Canadian on a pension, he knows nothing about having real money, lol.

  63. @ Brother Bush Tea

    I cannot find the words where I think it was the prophet Ezekiel who speaks of the Omnipotence of the Lord of Hosts to place flesh and sinews on rocks and bones and cause them to live.

    Indeed we both know that Jesus the Christ could have said to the fish in the sea jump into this boat with these disciples who fish without catching anything and it would have been so.

    It is also true that, even though a stick is malformed that I could take that warped stick and draw a straight line.

    My point which you know well does not belie in anyway the fact that IF IT BE HIS WILL, it will be so.

    I am however dealing with this matter in the similar vein of said Jesus the Christ and applying the concept of a verb is a doing word.

    The problem with our successive governments is that everyone of these nitwits starts of learning about what the people’s needs are AFTER THEY GET IN OFFICE.

    And, since they are not like you with a direct line to GOD, they take the better part of 2 years getting a handle on what is going on.

    Jesus the Christ could have transfigured Himself and all His disciples to wherever he was going, yet barring a few instances which the New Testament records, HE chose to walk to many a place, including Calvary.

    What is albino-centric about using a computer and locating where people live?

    What is albino centric about starting the Third Party Initiative with the practice of collaboration?

    Suppose we have 30 Pauls who were just 2 months previous Sauls?

    I guess that you will say to me that such is not to be a consideration in their representations to the average ingrunt Bajan cause everything is going to be alright.

    How is this any different to the situation that we have right now where we say “give them time, dem new?”

    Why do you use the computer Brother Bush Tea? Whu you could as well go out in the highways and hedges and on the housetops and shout your message per BBE.

    We are dealing with a stiff-necked people who cannot be swayed by mere mamby pamby words bout ammmm Integrity and Morality and all the rest of the piffle.

    They do not live it so it is relegated to being piffle.

    I will suggest that if Jesus was to be subjected to the Crucifixion @ today His would not have been a walking to the various nodes of encounter through the fold but He would have taken a car and a plane too.

    The lil yute them that need to vote have cell phones and Ipads (Chris Decimals give way many in St Michael North West) and as you see the message no longer comes by morse code and smoke signals or flashing mirrors in sunlight.

    The Electoral List is 700 pages of dot matrix paper, it must be less nowadays, but that is real trees for one day’s voting.

    It should be on a CD and furthermore when you come to vote it should show your picture so people cannot go and vote twice while using someone’s compromised ID or passport.

    In one breath I see many here complain about 4 hour waits in lines at the licensing department yet, here we are speaking about me coming by your home and saying Bushie, how you? and the kids Myrtle and Hezekiah? and how is the low water pressure issue going? you having the same issue as your neighbours?

    Well Bushie here is my solution.

    I going phase it in this way because you living on the slant and the gravity feeds will operate this way and this is whu it going cost and i going get the money from ***

    I do hope that you are not going to be having no speaking in tongues sessions? to address the diurnal needs of people?

    Unlike you Brother Bush Tea I have hope in people but I still carry my Glocks

  64. Lol WW it is true I am far from insanely wealthy but live like it. Bushy you are right money is only a vehicle to use to arrive at the things that make you happy. I thought when I was young that pussy and booze make the world go round Now in my twilight years I realize I was right all along.

  65. Lawson…money, wealth riches are overrated….good luck beats them everytime.

    Look at David Rockefeller…..good riddance to him and his 101 miserably wealthy years, hated at the end, cancers all over his face….unable to carry anything with him….overrated.

  66. @ Vincent
    Do you have any coherent ORIGINAL thoughts of your own?

    Check out this quote from your reference…
    The same calculations that suggest the possibility of a future phase transition in the Higgs field also suggest that our current metastable configuration could persist, not just for billions of years but for billions of billions of billions of years. And there are other sources of consolation. Nature is constantly surprising us. Discoveries at the Large Hadron Collider or elsewhere could change the picture entirely, stabilizing what appears to be an unstable Higgs field.

    What the fella is saying in effect, is that he do not know one shiite, and he is really just writing that paper because he has been funded, and needs to show something as output.

    Obviously he had anticipated that only people like you would have bothered to even look at the catchy title ….and he CERTAINLY never contemplated that Bushie would have actually looked to see if it made sense…. 🙂

    ….anything else you want debunked…?
    ha ha ha

  67. Bushie…bushie

    @ Vincent
    Do you have any coherent ORIGINAL thoughts of your own?

    Ha,ha,ha,ha…….I do as my submissions bear out……..but….you have admitted that you are the handmaiden of BBE,his mouthpiece……cuddear….to live to your age without an original thought…..wuhloss.

    Comprehension…..fails you again…….my style is to state my opinion on things or to put out things for comment,as per your reference on Dawkins.

    What the fella is saying in effect, is that he do not know one shiite,……but,but…..neither do any of us…..when you figure that out come back and talk……..I doubt that will happen though…….go play with your wacker and BBE.

  68. David

    A picture post of mine is under moderation presumably due to an F… word in the script that was not intended to go…..could you delete the script.

  69. There goes Vincent again…
    Trolling the internet for idiotic extreme rants from sick minds…

    Do you have any logical positions on these issues that YOU have been able to deduce after over three score years (with less than ten now due to you), exposure to Cawmere, to the Mother Country, to the plantocracy, and now to the BU class room….?

    Shiite man Vincent….
    Bombero would have chided you for lack of originality…

  70. Bushie bushie

    Chuckle…..their you go again with your narrow minded view of life…… this world of ours all views must contend.

    I have tried explaining this to you several times and now must accept reluctantly that your comprehension skills do not suffer from a lack in your ability to understand but in the fact that you were born without it… apologies for crediting you with something that BBE purposefully withheld from you……o me miserum.

  71. When you hear the term alter bpy, one’s mind always goes to the image of a young teen, how the hell do these churches call grown men alter boys and the idiots accept that degrading and demeaning description of themselves in 2017.

    Why is the population still assisting in their own continuing degradation and victimization by the church centuries later.

    That’s the 64,000 dollar question… Simple.

  72. @ WW&C
    This is a non-story.
    A simple case of an church yardfowl behaving like yardfowls do…. and of a simple-minded press who, even when the facts are obvious, are shit scared to say anything least they upset someone in authority.

    Suffice to say that like political parties in Barbados, the Church attracts hoards of brass bowls yardfowls who are prepared to behave like angela and Carson does in all situations….

    The Bishop, not being Bajan, probably does not yet grasp the brass bowlery…

    In any case, the church is irrelevant…..

  73. I don’t know. We have big hard back people driving ZR vans and doing all kinds of juvenile crap on our highways, as well as big persons riding about bicycles designed for primary school age children. How else can one describe these people, other than being boys? Even the news reporters, in reporting court cases , have now upgraded the age of a Youth to around 25 years.

  74. The people on the island need to grow the hell up and stop wuth the immaturity already…they are not children, but mature adults, they need to act like it, the slave minded child will not work in this era for adults…..the minds of their chikdren are being destroyed daily with that crap.

  75. Did you know the most popular of the Mystery Religions in the ancient world was the cult of Demeter and Kore in Eleusis, Greece?

    (Click picture for quick read.)
    Did You Know? The Most Popular Of The Ancient Mystery Religion Cults—Demeter and Kore in Eleusis
    The mystery religions of the ancient world are a fascinating subject. While most worship in public temples at the time focused more on action than emotion, any…

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