EIA (Town Halls) Not Required for HYATT Hotel Project –say the LAWYERS

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Hyatt modelMinister of Social Care Steve Blackett wants to know why ‘town hall meetings are needed now for every project…Were there town hall meetings when they imploded the Hilton Hotel?” he asked in reference to the Opposition Barbados Labour Party…Blackett said: “What are they talking about, we are an action Government” while blaming the Opposition for the poor state of the Empire Theatre, which has been out of use for the past 24 years” – page 6 of Barbados TODAY dated February 7, 2017

Pray tell me Mr. Minister, did you not say that your Government is a “people-centred” one?

If it is, that is what such a Government does – keep the populace informed, and that’s the best way of so doing.

If you are “an action Government” why haven’t you grabbed the bull by the horns -instead of just looking at pointing fingers at the Opposition – and repaired the theatre?

You are in power almost nine years now, and you had the time so to do.

Were the Chinese the only people you could turn to?

Seeing that you are “an action Government”, why not do something relevant and show us that you are really one and beside, a “people-centred” one?

How about rectifying the situation at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), the Geriatric Hospital and Psychiatric Hospital where conditions are not conducive to the nurses working there – so much so that they are leaving for greener pastures?

Giving Hyatt permission to build a 12- or 15-storey twin-tower hotel on Browne’s beach is great action against the populace of this country!

Not knowing how high the building is to be should be reason enough to turn down the application!


  • Mighty Jane Doe

    No man can match her
    To her man is just a cur
    Take her place for a day
    You bound to say nay

    Woman has a tower
    Of sheer brute power
    Man to her is feeble
    He is just a weevil

    Man has not the gall
    To out his eyebrow all
    He can’t go the test
    To alter his breast

    Woman is no knave
    She has the will to shave
    Her body as it smarts
    Even her body parts

    She can remove all
    Her ovaries so vital
    She can do things to us
    And to her critical uterus

    Without a mere flinch
    She colours in a cinch
    With red colouring
    And go shopping

    She hates her feet
    She tries to defeat
    With 3-inch heels
    The way she feels

    She saturate her pores
    She thinks its the cures
    With sweet smells
    But it surely tells

    A jeptic in the morning
    About any complaining
    Like bad food in mud
    Or even when it’s good

    Nagging is her middle-name
    Later she is not the same
    She sags as she jogs
    Maybe she’s on grogs

    Mighty Jane Doe
    Always on the go
    In the house and kitchen
    With the kids and men

    Doing the laundry
    And all so sundry
    Hubby by the TV
    Watching hockey

    She is strong
    Her hours are long
    After all is asleep
    She snores deep

    Some say this creature
    Is a freak of nature
    That she’s not human
    She’s above any man

    But behind every Jane Doe
    A John Doe will follow
    If we leave we have a problem
    For we can’t live without them


  • @ William Skinner at 12:53 PM re ““And @Skinnier. Let me ask you this. How many books on business practice, software operations, psychology, law and even cricket did you read as a boy and young man or adult that were authored by Bajans….”

    Please suggest some. Thanks”.————–

    If you are asking for my recommendations then surely you missed the point or are being equally sarcastic. I presume the latter so good retort!!

    But I didn’t read any either during most of that period…but there are some available now I presume (excluding general literature, of course).

    @David, re “We put it to you that Ellis, Johnson are simply following the dictate/directive of senior management. In other words the road leads back to the media house and not the field worker”.

    Are there any very successful media houses anywhere where the road leads back to the ‘field worker’…other than for infectious ads and salacious stories? Of course not.

    William is piqued about lack of an apparent journalistic investigative nous by Bajan media and wants them to be brave and aggressive in all cases regardless of realities.


  • Anthony Davis;
    you ask: “Were the Chinese the only people you could turn to?”
    What’s wrong with the Chinese? How much money does the U.S. owe China? They built the Gymnasium (a gift to us) and are repairing it now. They finished the Erskine Sanford Conference Centre, when the BLP refused to do so. They are planning to assist with the National Stadium rebuilding. If they are willing to assist us with financing what is wrong with that. Didn’t your mother teach you that “you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”? Grow up!!


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