For the VISIONARY Claim of Good GOVERNANCE…an alternative solution

Submitted by nineofnine

governance“The construct and purpose of any legitimate government is to facilitate the needs of society, promote opportunities and generally provide and protect a well structured society with benefits for all. The National Debt is defined as “mortgages on the wealth and income of the people of a country.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1959)

Our wealth, …. our income…..then WHY is it that a GROUP of persons referred to as “GOVERNMENT” proceed to INCUR DEBT against a nation without the consultation of the people of that nation?

GOOD GOVERNANCE: CONSTRUCT Communities (11) and a Central Government (1)

Constituents of Communities/Parishes respectively establishes executive bodies and select their representatives for Central Government by way of fair elections using the RANK CHOICE VOTING SYSTEM and paper ballot only. Collectively, they, the Constituents define the needs of their Communities/Parishes as well as collectively create an oversight body of Central Government.


ESTABLISHES the terms and conditions of employment FOR their COMMUNITIES’ REPRESENTION.

  • Determine their collective representatives have impeccable records of service to others and free of any criminal records.
  • Retains the power of recall of their representative to Central Government.
  • Can demand any audit/report at anytime for community consideration or and have the same made public.
  • Call for an investigation into any matter that is deem a community or public concern.
  • By collective agreement of communities, pursue any legal actions for any corruption discovered within Central Government.
  • Conduct FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS using the Rank choice voting system and paper ballot only.


Central Governments’ core members are those elected representatives of the communities/parishes, which in turn also elects a Head of State. They are further supported by the advice and direction of professional technical Associations across the board for what ever determination is required. Central Government facilitates the petitions of the communities, provides the infrastructure to facilitate the electoral process at the community level and is responsible for the management structure for governance inclusive of Audits and Reports to the Communities. Decisions on International affairs are first put to the collective communities, and findings advanced by their representatives and debated for further debate by Central government and related Association bodies in an established timeline.


  • ESTABLISHES the terms and conditions of employment FOR membership of the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.
  • CREATE/REFORM systems of transparency for/of accounting, accountability and auditing.
  • TRANSIT/limit/share control other than vital responsibilities with the private sector. NO complete privatization or monopolies.
  • STREAMLINE SYSTEMS for ease of business, engaging less bureaucracy.
  • Compulsory audit and their reports are made public.
  • PROMOTE and FACILITATE collective community base organizations to manage their needs and requirements for sustainability of the basics, et al.
  • REFORM the political structure to manage the collective community base organizations.
  • MANDATE elections by RANK CHOICE VOTING and by paper ballot only.(no electronic base counting).
  • DISALLOW CORPORATE FINANCING of election candidates, only limited Public financing allowed.
  • ALL VITAL AREAS of government receives EQUAL funding and attention including audits and reports.
  • For and by the CONSTITUTION, all ACTS and LAWS be reviewed, repealing the OUTDATED, biases, omissions and loopholes and amending to concur with current societal experiences.
  • REVIEW and UPDATE the mandate of the POLICE FORCE.
  • Make the MILITARY more of servitude to the community and State.
  • By REFERENDUM/consensus/opinion consult the citizenry and by press conferences give reports of all meetings of an International nature. NO COMMITMENT to TREATIES et al without first obtaining approval from citizenry.
  • NO GOVERNMENT BUSINESS is deem secret, sensitive GOVERNMENT BUSINESS is release by application and record of such. REPEAL THE SECRECY ACT.
  • TAXATION must reflect fairness. Eliminate personal income tax, eliminate subsidies, tax haven facilities and breaks. Eliminate/limit concessions to offshore business apply rules and monitor. RETAIN vat on consumables (local foods excluded). Eliminate YEARLY LAND TAX, a one off tax added to any purchase of land. Your purchase IS YOUR PROPERTY.
  • ESTABLISH OUR VERY OWN CENTRAL BANK (not foreign own or controlled). PHASE OUT FOREIGN BANKS and facilitate CREDIT UNIONS, regulate all banking FOR DEVLOPMENT OF THE STATE and in our interest of the family unit.
  • ESTABLISH A COURT OF CONTRACT and DEEDS for disputes, contracts written in verb adverb and not in the correct parse syntax grammar contains much fiction and deceit, hence curbing this fraud and perjury, eliminating the interest fraud and extortion.
  • All foreign consultancies declared as advice only and decisions made only by open debate. – All AIR SPACE is declared non experimental. Permission required.
  • STIMULATE the ECONOMY via the CIRCULATION OF MONEY… stagnant money is non-beneficial.
  • Create a FOOD BANK, Restrict CHEMICAL BASE and Modified foods. Promote healthy lifestyles.
  • RETURN FREE EDUCATION, promote and facilitate innovation and business acumen and development.
  • Utilize idle Crown and Corporate lands for lower income housing and food production.
  • Pensioners and minimum wage of General workers $500. per week.
  • Cease the forfeiture of personal information as in fingerprinting and mug-shots for the benefit of employers and international data bases.
  • HAVE THE POWER TO APPOINT (Ombudsman, Ambassadors etc.)
  • Establish a new economic policy compatible to and projected for sustainable development, by gauging and enhancing current economic performance.
  • Institute measures to curb capital flight.
  • Any decisions made by the Chamber of Commerce or the Employers Federation that relates to regulations or standardization of employees must first be ratified by Central Government and Central Government must have a sitting representation on their administrative bodies.
  • Determine ALL LEGAL MATTERS OF THE JUDICARY by level and related time space TO ADJUDGE.
  • Halt needless borrowing. Any borrowing will be for Community Development purposes only.
  • RESTRAIN from imposing taxation on deposits of customers of Credit Unions and allowing the said Credit Unions room to develop their products and expansion.

The above is miniscule in concept and vision and is purpose to crate a liveable environment with benefits for all. Any of these may be incorporated into any political aspirations, need not use as intent to personal enrichment as karmic responsibility is applied.


  • Leave out the animus fellows,we are all Bimmers with strong opinions and a burning desire to see our country redeem itself,so why dont we use our energies in a more constructive fashion to address the ills of our society.

    All feel free tuh cuss muh.


  • Why Carl thank you for the update. Like others have echoed, IF, we make a din in this forum read add nothing of value you should not let the forum door hit you on the way out.

    BTW your boy Roy Morris gone through the eddoes (at the Nation).

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  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Carl MooreJanuary 24, 2017 at 11:38 AM
    “A ghost calling himself millertheanunnaki—or some such foolishness—wants to know why I’m not in “the forefront” in calling for a menu of things he wants changed.
    Why doesn’t he take off that silly mask and join me?”

    But Carl, why are you asking a ‘fool’ to join such an ‘accomplished’ go-getter as you? Your track record is there to see and marvel at. Success in all spheres of your life since 1958.

    Carl, you are a born leader so why not live up to your reputation and we will follow you in your journalistic march for FOI.

    Now don’t let down the family tradition. Your Uncle Ossie would not be too pleased to look down and see a coward hiding behind a fool called the anunnaki.

    You boast always to be a man of letters and widely read at that.
    So why not spend a little of your time researching the Sumerian culture and you might just come across a ‘lively’ ghost called miller the fool.
    Let the literary works of Sitchin and Sagan be your guide on your myopic journey to the stars.

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  • Hal Austin;

    Did you reread what wrote at 11:19 am?

    What leading journalist what?

    Did you read MillertheAnnunaki’s post above?

    Did you understand the points he made?

    Carl Moore was a leading Journalist when he was at the Nation Newspaper but he has demonstrated none of the attributes of a leading Journalist on the pages of BU since I have been an avid reader, and sometimes commentator, on various topics on this new Medium.

    Carl Moore has only tilted at the windmills of blogger anonymity on BU in a quixotic campaign that fails to recognize the truth of the rationale that most bloggers have for blogging anonymously ie. the oft demonstrated penchant by most of those in power to maliciously strike back in cowardly fashion at anyone who opposes them who does not have the protective cloak of a journalist or trade unionist or membership in the political class or great wealth or national popularity to counter such attacks.

    As MillertheAnnunaki hints, Carl Moore has never, as far as I can recall, commented on any of the gross injustices that were begging for commentary from his well credentialled journalistic pen. You know why? It is typical bajan brassbowlery, as defined by BushTea, as well as a recognition that his cover as a former eminent journalist would not protect him or his family if he mashed some powerful corns in joining that fray.

    I suspect that David could reveal that there are a number of other eminent past and present journalists who have published articles on BU but used anonymous monikers to do so when the topic they were broaching carried any hint of backlash from power brokers.

    I commend the people who comment on BU under their real names but I think that if you analyse the subjects and contents of their contributions, the likelihood of backlash and danger to most of them or their families is minimal because of their knowledge of libel laws (eg Caswell), their position in the Country which would make a backlash deriving from a BU post almost immediately seen and traceable, or the dearth of importance of the topic on which they commented.

    Most sensible people in Barbados must recognize that most of the anonymous bloggers post on topics that relate to aspects of the conduct of politicians or interactions between people of power and politicians in a small Barbados society where almost everybody knows everybody else. Politicians are in the main thin skinned and vindictive. Bloggers in Barbados cannot be measured with the same yardstick as ones in say Canada or England or the USA where a real name of someone who is not a celebrity is actually an anonymous name.

    The Carl Moore campaign says more about Carl Moore himself than about the negatives of anonymous blogging.

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  • Jethro,

    I pick my own fights.


  • @Carl Moore January 24, 2017 at 9:10 AM …One can only respect your strong defense but your argument is dishonest. During your time people were harangued, lambasted and ruined when their names were associated with critical newspaper articles. The fact that you choose to suggest otherwise is a clear indication of your intellectual dishonesty.

    “We have packages delivered to my house with white substances,” she said. She being presidential counselor Kellyann Conway talking about reactions to her recent nonsensical brouhaha with the media. People do react.

    Freedom House 2012 report: “Our Freedom of the Press index, … the report has for the past 8 years shown annual declines in the level of media freedom, a phenomenon that has affected practically every region in the world…

    “Worsening violence against the press is forcing journalists into self-censorship or exile, while continuing impunity for such crimes encourages new attacks.”

    Apart from professional journalists the lot of ‘amateur’ critics has also changed dramatically. Factoid: A mother harassed and shamed her daughter’s online rival so viciously over written words that the girl eventually killed herself.

    Yet you make your ‘alternative news’ claims. Dishonesty, because you know all this stuff.

    And your example is false news. Any cartoon display of “…faces of Members of Parliament, with human excrement Photo-shopped onto their mouths” is well-established free speech activity.

    You found it tasteless and crude and it was certainly your free-right to advocate as you did against it.

    What abuse did that cartoon do that a public figure should not accept under the slander and libel laws of the land. Dishonesty!

    Respond to @Miller. Did you speak against the drug trade in Barbados by aggressively naming those caught in the noose; did you speak aggressively against the political crooks. Do you now?

    Ahhh, you prosecute the dangerous issue of noise pollution. How satisfyingly comparable.

    And btw based on the background of some bloggers here at least one (David’s namesake) knows first-hand in Bdos that type ‘worsening violence’ chronicled by Freedom House.

    Your hypocrisy is painful to evidence!

    Those here who are “depraved” can be dismissed and by-passed so I would never sign my name for a man like yourself who displays such dishonesty of purpose; you are dangerous.

    Don’t read my posts…diminish your noise pollution.

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  • @ Vincent Haynes January 24, 2017 at 10:01 AM

    ….”Chuckle…..thanks for your response…….like Piece you have no answer to our dilemma, despite the lotta long talk”…..

    That’s your opinion, even conclusion, conviction or belief….try stepping out the box.

    IT ‘S NOT A DILEMMA, IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY.. a matter of perspective.

    Those injustices are being taken care of.
    From a book….” you thoughts are not my thoughts and your ways are not my ways”
    Deliverance has come.

    There are many who require the whole picture to grasp an understanding
    A lot of talk abound here, sadly not of the issues /content of this submission, It seems that pseudonyms / identity is more important than content / solution.

    Pressing on…

    Discouragement is an act to afflict the mental faculties and potential, distracting, on the other hand , encouragement empowers and builds onfidence, like water and sunlight to the seed.

    Pseudonyms or signatures matters not.

    try this for size…
    “Black Man” a pseudonym, “John Doe” a signature…. the African who RECEIVE the idea to design and construct a water toilet was not acknowledge, neither the pseudonym nor his name was relevant ,yet the invention you sit on it up to this day.

    All this long talk could very well be the catalyst for change, the very answers that you seek.
    striving always, passing the batons.

    a matter of perspective.


  • Vincent "Aratxerxes" Drucci

    Why do the “ghosts and anonymice” persist in responding to Carl Moore?

    Although Carl Moore mentioned that David and his anonymice “generate so much noise and so little substance,” with the help of these “ghosts and anonymice,” BU has been able to accomplish feats the Advocate and Nation News have been unable to achieve over the years.

    Could it be the journalists refuse to investigate, report and sign their names to what they write on certain issues because of fear of reprisal from groups such as politicians, drug pushers and wealthy individuals in this society?

    Take the CAHILL scam for example. The “ghosts and anonymice” were able to conduct the necessary research and present to BU, information that perhaps influenced government’s decision to scrap the WTE.

    Yet Carl Moore ADMITS “he and the SQB have little to show by way of success since 2002.”

    Fellow BU contributors, take the above facts into consideration and ask yourselves: who has “generated so much noise and so little substance,” the “anonymice” or Carl Moore.

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  • @ Vincent
    Your above is clear, correct and taken in the spirit given….

    But who in their right mind… would miss a chance to put some lashes in Ossie Moore’s cousin’s donkey ….every time he brays?
    Can you imagine how it must irk the JA to see anonymous bloggers on BU successfully doing what he has dreamed of being able to do for decades…. with nothing to show on his part…

    What probably REALLY pisses him off, is the fact that bloggers like DD, Prodigal, Piece, and Bushie do this without wanting or expecting any shiite in return – not even acknowledgement on the damn street….
    …while others, like he and Hal, have strived to push their names whenever opportunities presented …and have nothing to show for this…
    No wonder they can’t keep away… They are almost as addicted and obsessed with BU’s impact …as is our nemesis Jack (the donkey) Bormann…

    Sorry boss, but every time he raises the noise level ’bout here…..whacker in his ‘Ossie-ass’.
    ha ha ha

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  • By the way, Carl Moore requested that we should “sign” our names to our contributions; hence, I used the name Vincent Drucci to prove a point.

    Contributors such as Walter Blackman, Kammie Holder, Jeff Cumberbatch, Hal Austin, Adrian Loveridge or Caswell Franklyn, for example, are individuals known to society because of their involvement in politics, environmental issues, journalism, tourism industry and trade unionism.

    If a contributor “signs” a “legitimate” name to his/her contributions and is not known to society, does not that individual also becomes a “ghost and anonymice as well; or unless he is familiar with every individual who resides in Barbados, how does Moore know if the contributor’s “legitimate name” is not a pseudonym?

    Moore wrote: “Who would’ve thought it was so easy to get under the skin of people who exploit the protection of anonymity?”

    Who would have thought it was so EASY for “GHOSTS and ANONYMICE” TO GET UNDER THE SKIN of Carl Moore?

    This back and forth with Carl Moore deviates from the topic. Let Moore continue to fret, while we the “ghosts and anonymice” continue to focus on the topic.


  • At the mention of Walter Backman – Walter what is your view on the Opposition ‘s claim the NIS fund is in trouble?


  • nineofnine January 24, 2017 at 8:44 PM #

    Chuckle……lotta long talk……..nuff extracts…….no substance to solving issues…..still in the box.

    Yup… opininion and conclusion.


  • David,

    Wuhloss………gimme duh rules,causen ah is a nobody,dem say ah gotta become an anonymice or leff de blog….dah is true???


  • You could really “leff de blog” fuh trute, causen you duz write nuff shiite.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ 9 of 9 formerly 45

    I may have hinted at it before but you have come out blazing on a topic in 2017 the fluency of which has me wondering when or what was your epiphany in 2016?

    Having said that, and continuing to (uncharacteristically) agree with the Chadster on this topic and your take on (1) what are the elements required for change and (2) the practical mechanisms that you append to “make it so”, de ole man, mindful of Vincent s observations, and my own jaded perspectives on” being able to realistically achieve any changes in Barbados”, I would ask how do you plan to make it so?

    You actually spoke and subtly presented a mechanism to get the message out there when you said citizen engagement via smartphone.

    I ent too enthused by your posit that either of these BDLP scvunts going be party to anything that you suggest here but hope springs eternal….

    De old man had asked a few fellow BU-ians some time back, the overseas fellers, to invest in a cell phone account, one with a non traceable IMEI, to be used in a campaign for SMS orientations, but dat ent went no where.

    My point Chad is, as Vincent said, all that you say is true and doable but the gap between your (and others’) brilliant solutions espoused here seem to be “A Bridge Too Far…”


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ DavidJanuary 25, 2017 at 7:22 AM#
    “At the mention of Walter Backman – Walter what is your view on the Opposition ‘s claim the NIS fund is in trouble?”

    WB would have no choice but to agree.

    He, in his erudite and professional wisdom, alerted the BU household of the pending noose the NIS was putting around its neck as the compromised Board headed by Dr. JR allowed itself to be hoisted by the MoF’s petard of fiscal strangulation.

    Neither would he ‘pronounce’ further on the recent CLICO debacle ‘development’ which is nothing but a ruse to pull additional black-belly sheep wool over the eyes of naïve policyholders while Greenverbs continue to owe the Treasury millions in back taxes from his numerous ‘above-board’ business dealings.

    We must be wary of those so-called lettered men whose ‘revealed’ identity is a mere marketing tool for self-aggrandizement as Bush Tea rightly pointed out in the cases of Carl the attacker of soft targets Moore and Hal the hypocrite Austin.

    These are the same modern-day Judases who would be prepared to sell their souls to the political devil in true Faustian style rather than stay on the long-suffering side of Truth, Justice and Fair-play.

    We shall see how Jeff wiggles his way out of the clutches of the political devil despite he has as his backers the strong friends of the Law of economic justice and the BU household of ‘fair play and trade’ promoters.


  • Ah boy…..ah gottza fan who dus luv tuh read muh excreta,ah ain gine hear,ah did juss wanna fine effen tuh jine wunnah an becum a mice?


  • At least yuh cud tek a joke.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    What you said here recently Vincent is no different to what Brother Bush Tea or Due Diligence or Are We There Yet or The Sage Annunaki or several others have said.

    I am addicted to support anything that will advance Barbados and our citizens.

    But the question remains “you, like others before you 9 to 9, have a sound hypothesis, or what the recently departed Boo called a lot of long talk, so ……how do we execute it?”


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright wrote” I am addicted to support anything that will advance Barbados and our citizens.”

    Barbados cannot advance without ” pain &suffering “.

    Most of the you from the lower middle class to the upper class will not give up your any of your earnings and acquisitions to “spread the wealth”.

    At least you can now blame Thump as the world economy is thrown into turmoil.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright January 25, 2017 at 9:58 AM #

    I have made the point over and over again that we know what has to be done in all areas but what we suffer from in some areas is implementation deficit disorder and in the major area as you have agreed with is…….so ……how do we execute it?”

    We have always been on the same page as far as….. anything that will advance Barbados and our citizens.

    How can the MPs in all good consciece agree with a reversal of the 10% salary decrease with eloquent justification from the PM showing the time line but no such justification for a decrease in the temporary VAT increase or the temporary waste tax.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hants

    If you only knew what I have given up and still give up in pursuit of that advancement, irrespective of the pain and suffering…

    After a while Hants we, like the myth of domestic abuse, come to feel that it is normal to suffer and “if he doan beat me, he ent love me”


  • Doan have to read an spell fuh most uh wunna.


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright wrote “If you only knew what I have given up and still give up in pursuit of that advancement”

    I do believe you but you know that the majority of Bajans are not interested in what is good for the country but what they can own and possess.


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright January 25, 2017 at 8:20 AM #

    ……”@ 9 of 9 formerly 45″………

    FOR THE RECORD: For the claim of misleading statements, I (nineofnine) retains this one identity and is not associated with Chad99999 or have I in identity was formally 45.

    LET IT BE NOTED, so be it.


  • @ Vincent Haynes

    Please If you may, tell us how you would introduce these “pillars of good governance”?
    How would you persuade the political class to accept them?

    Be realistic, no lotta long talk and don’t quote from any books.


  • hahahahahahaha.

    If it were that the Honourable Blogmaster were like those other fellows at that now defunct organisation, whose name we shall not call. we could enquire of him, and be informed, if you were in fact Chad of the 5 9’s.

    Both you, and Chad, keep the same hours, insofar as you also seem to be unavailable from 9 in the morning until 1 or 2 pm. which may be as a result of your schedule heheheheheheeheh.

    But you have here denounced the Chadster and have stated categorically that you are not he.


    Having said that you may note that while you were away simple questions were posted to the effect of “who (& How), shall (we) bell the cat?”

    Would you care to elucidate?


  • @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI January 25, 2017 at 9:18 PM #

    What is important here is the discussion of my submission, to share and enlighten each other on a way forward.

    salutes puntis trianguli


  • No posts by Carl Moore for a few days. Looks like he is licking his wounds!

    Time to declare victory for the anonymice!.


  • nineofnine January 25, 2017 at 9:17 PM #

    The point has been made time and time again ad infinitum that according to the laws of our fair land only the political class can introduce and ensure abidance by the pillars of good governance.

    Note….Pillars of good governance is not to their advantage.

    The question is still on the table as to how you will get the politicos in Bim to shoot themselves in the foot?

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  • nineofnine January 25, 2017 at 9:54 PM #

    Read below… you understand why things will not change anytime soon.

    LITERALLY CALLING the Freundel Stuart administration a “hard ears” Government, economist Professor Michael Howard says failure to take advice has resulted in Barbados being faced with serious economic……/…/92860/howard-govt-advice
    Howard: Govt would not take advice
    LITERALLY CALLING the Freundel Stuart administration a “hard ears” Government, economist Professor Michael Howard says failure to take advice has resulted in Barbados…|By Nation News author


  • @ 9 of 9

    Those high science salutations and Rosicru**** big words and as you can see, even writing them does give the ole man some difficulty so just be aware that I am not “a travelling man”

    As long as the content of your message is about progress for Barbados, content which, by the way, is an iteration of Bush Tea’s 10 point plan, then all that is left to do, rather the two things left to do are

    (i).Disseminate the Content and
    (ii).Assess its Impact

    Note that i can only speak about the impact and can only join you in hoping that the “content” achieves the goal since all else is left to the Ultimate Plan of Deity.

    Digital Media and its Impact on Society rather Improved Governance in Barbados

    If i put a picture up on a vibrant Facebook site and bombarded the SMS of every citizen with say for example a particularly terrible dumping ground in Barbados, no not Cahill, some other festering sore like one of the streets in Lightfoot Lane, depending on where the street is, and the currency that it commands among the general populace, it may cause some type of response.

    So styrofoam Garbage on Accra while it might not be as potentially dangerous as a few dead dogs in Lightfoot lane, will elicit more rapid response from SSA to cleanup de tourists’ place than cleaning up po’ people dwellings.

    Look at the long and arduous campaign that Watchman has fought against MTW and the ease that Accra sargassum was accorded.

    This is why “the Content” is sometimes “beefed up” with what is seemingly distasteful BECAUSE it is the “distaste” that gets the interest and the commentary, awareness and sometimes the ridicule.

    So take for example your statement “…COMMUNITIES also…ESTABLISH the terms and conditions of employment FOR their COMMUNITIES’ REPRESENTATION…”

    That is too “decent a statement” and will only emote the cursory acknowledgement but you see the second statement that is lost in the writing??

    The statement that says “….(communities also) Retain the power of recall of their representative to Central Government…”??? that is the real message.

    Furthermore when it is being broadcast them fancy words dat you got there need to get change to something like “ef dem do scvunt and we the people ent like um, we can recall dem scvunt from parliament by signing a petition…”

    Watchman living in danger of flooding at he house all there years and Thornton de CTO isnt doing one shyte.

    Effing Watchman was to buy some old furniture and put it in he basement and divert the water into he house ground floor when um rain de next time, and flood way de bottom part of he house, all he has to do is bring de nation and de advocate dere to show dem de damage to all he expensive furniture.

    then bring pictures here on BU of his house “mash up”

    And then show pictures of of Frank Thornhill house, nice and clean, and send dem pictures to congregants at Frank Church of the Tabernacle every week saying that this is how dem Brother in Christ doing while praising GOD.

    And thereafter continue to release pictures of each room in his house, showing family heirlooms that he great grandmother give him and how he languishing over their loss.

    Bring shame and scandal pun Frank, and de rest uh dem at MTW, and show how dem sucking de woman pooch from ovah and away, every week.

    Relying on the “cuh dear, Watchman, he is a po’ man dat suffering and Frank is such a hard hearted barmament…” you get my point 9 0f 9’s?

    So once again de ole man going axe you how, after this fancy message dat you bring (some would say regurgitate) here on BU, what you plan to do to seriously implement it?

    Otherwise this is jes another waste foop….


  • @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI January 26, 2017 at 11:51 AM #

    Thank you for you insights.
    I have not looked at Bush Teas’ 10 point plan, if its a case of regurgitation, then it confirms that we ascribe to the same level of thought and synchronicity.
    I am happy that it’s not syncretic.

    A familiar saying goes, “As in Rome, do as the Romans do”, here on BU, the level of communication is very high indeed and sometimes one have to revert to the dictionary.
    Dialect especially raw is impactful, I concur though positive/negative, it reflects character.

    For your concern of what I plan to do to seriously implement it. and of others “getting the Politico to accept it ….(POGG).

    PREFERENCE will NOT be given to lewd rhetoric or choke hold maneuvers, neither by
    coup d’ etat, OR by requesting military intervention, nor by inciting riots, protests or any form of violent rebellion, BUT BY A SILENT REVOLUTION OF LIGHT.

    Workers of darkness WHO CONTINUES in the old 3D matrix of control and enslavement and corruption practices fear only one thing and that is LUMINOUS LIGHT, exposing their “actions”.

    Change comes about in this NEW TIMELINE (5D) by A SIMPLE EXERCISE OF SEEING LIGHT PERMEATING IN ALL AREAS OF DARKNESS, be it in authoritative bodies, ministries, legislative chambers, in board rooms, offices, corporate entities, associations, extending to all establishments, in agendas, in things camouflage, in contracts and even language, of the things concealed by families and friends. By it (LIGHT and love), all that we are weary of, the ills and wrongs meted out to society, the INJUSTICES and CORRUPTION will banish into oblivion.
    Individually, PLAY YOU PART, and COLLECTIVELY we become the weapons of mass destruction in obliterating the root of evil just by giving it light.

    IT MATTERS NOT whether one thinks that this “exercise” is “shyte”, It is a pillar, the foundation of which this new timeline has ordained in the advancement of the crystalline construct of consciousness, development of our latent attributes to create a better, livable world.

    WORRY NOT, MANY HAVE BEEN PREPARED to take on their new rolls for the blessing of good governance. BU is playing an integral part in the movement.

    Title is not who he is, the manifestor of that they cannot dream, He takes no name where none fits.


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