Comissiong Critiques “Barrow – Freedom Fighter”

Submitted by David Comissiong
Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow labelled the Civil Service an army of occupation.

Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow

The premiere of a film of such national significance as “Barrow- Freedom Fighter” should automatically call forth a substantive critique by such entities as the national newspapers, the University, the Barbados Film and Video Association, the various Arts societies, and/or the many independent Barbadian scholars and academics. But since it would appear that none of these entities are prepared to do their duty to our society, I will essay a step into the breach and make an effort to critique this important film.

I would like to begin by giving credit to Mrs Marcia Weekes– the Executive Producer and Director of the docu-drama. Mrs Weekes is to be complimented for having had the vision and patriotism to recognize that the commemoration of Barbados’ 50th anniversary of Independence demanded the production of a major film on the subject of our people’s struggle to attain Independence / nationhood / sovereignty / freedom. Mrs Weekes is also to be complimented  for having exhibited the will and determination to bring this project to fruition, and for striving for and achieving the very high international quality technical production standards that distinguish this new Bajan movie.

Indeed, Mrs Weekes’ contribution to the national effort to commemorate our country’s Golden Jubilee far outstripped our Government’s unimaginative staging of multiple mundane concerts, and their manifestly backward and reactionary parading of Britain’s Prince Harry at the supposedly climactic events of the year-long national commemoration.

The bad news however, is that “Barrow– Freedom Fighter” – in spite of its technical excellence– turned out to be a seriously flawed and deficient depiction of the life of the Right Excellent Errol Barrow.


Let us begin with the many omissions that marred the docu-drama.

If a movie is to do justice to the story of Errol Barrow as a “fighter” who helped pave the way to Barbados attaining Independence, then surely it must pay some attention to the several monumental battles that took place between Mr Barrow and  the other acknowledged political titans of the day, as historic contests that shaped the contours of the great man’s career. Surely , the story of Errol Barrow’s career as a statesman cannot be properly told without dwelling to some extent on his  battles with such other heavyweights as:-

  1. Sir Grantley Adams – from 1952 to 1966, on a whole range of issues pertaining to relations with the colonial Governor , constitutional advancement of the then colony of Barbados, and the contest for electoral supremacy within Barbados;
  2. Wynter Crawford and Erskine Ward – from 1965 to 1966, on the struggle waged by these powerful Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government Ministers within the Cabinet and inside the DLP itself  to determine whether Barbados should go into Independence alone or persist with the effort to establish and lead a Federation of the Eastern Caribbean into Independence; and
  3. Ernest Deighton Mottley – from 1965 to 1967, in the House of Assembly and in many a public meeting in the streets of Bridgetown over both the issue of “Independence alone or within a Federation” and the issue of whether Local Government structures (the locus of Mottley’s power) should be retained.

Regrettably, none of these major and historic Barbadian personalities of the day (with the exception of Mottley) are even mentioned by name, much less depicted,  in the movie!

And please don’t tell me that there was not enough time to cover this ground in the movie, because more than twenty minutes of the docu-drama were devoted to the trivial issue of Mr Barrow’s love of food, while another sizeable portion of the film was squandered on Mrs Margaret Knight’s apparent obsession with the fact that when she served as Barrow’s personal secretary he once took objection to the manner in which she added punctuation marks to a letter he had drafted!

Furthermore, these were not the only omissions – there were also similar gaping omissions relating to the many persons who played seminal roles in the accomplishing of several achievements that the film misleadingly attributes to Barrow alone. For example, one simply cannot do justice to the story of the establishment of “Free Secondary Education” without at least referring to the contribution of one T.T. Lewis, nor to the story of the creation of the National Insurance Scheme without mentioning the critical contribution of the great Wynter Algernon Crawford. Yet this is precisely what the movie does!


Indeed, the major flaw of “Barrow – Freedom Fighter” is that it serves to perpetuate the long debunked and discredited “Great Man” concept of history. Simply put, the movie leaves the viewer with the impression that the only person of true significance and agency during the “Barrow era” was Errol Barrow himself .

And I can give multiple examples of this. Just imagine – in a movie that purports to deal with national development in Barbados in the pre and post Independence years, there is no mention whatsoever of such close collaborators of Errol Barrow as Sir James (Cameron) Tudor or Brandford Taitt!

This is extremely unfortunate because, even while we rightfully credit Mr Barrow with being the maximum political leader who presided over this seminal period in our nation’s history, the reality is that he did not (and could not) do it alone.

There is a very great danger therefore that young impressionable Barbadians who view the movie will come away with the false impression that progress in a society is generated by the efforts of an individual “Great Leader”, rather than with an understanding that progress is the product of the commitment and actions of a multiplicity of engaged and active citizens.


And then there is the problem of the trivializing of the struggle for Independence itself! According to the movie, the real drama in the struggle for Independence revolved around the British Secretary of State for the Colonies refusing to chair the England-based Barbados Constitutional Conference unless Mr Barrow first apologized  for some comment that Barrow had allegedly made about him.

Surely, instead of focusing on this relatively trivial event, it would have been better to give viewers a sense of the long trajectory of the true struggle for Independence, ranging from the Bussa Rebellion of 1816, the People’s Uprising of 1937, the many popular (and often armed) anti-colonial rebellions that that took place throughout Africa in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, and to Mr Barrow’s own battles with the British Colonial Office during the long and tortuous struggle over the proposed Eastern Caribbean federation.

During the decade of the 1950’s the British Government made it clear that it had no intention of granting Independence to Barbados and their other Caribbean colonies in the foreseeable future. What caused the British Government to change its mind? The answer to this question is to be found in the heroic armed struggles that took place in Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Cuba, the Congo, Rhodesia and South Africa, and the fear that these revolts aroused in the British that — just like in the 1930’s — similar struggles could once again take place in the Caribbean if they did not radically speed up the timetable for Independence.

Other elements of “trivializing” are to be found in Mrs Weekes’ decision to have a pioneering movie about the “father” of Barbadian Independence not only narrated by a North American, but to also have the Errol Barrow lead character played by an actor who is also essentially North American. This was truly unbelievable.


And then there is the class issue. A large part of the movie comprises interviews done with various residents or Citizens of Barbados, but in all the interviews done, no time or space was found for a single interview with a working class Barbadian!  Apparently, while space could be found to accommodate opinions about Mr Barrow by such persons as Mrs. Ram Merchandani and Mr. and Mrs. Taan Abed, it was not found possible to ask a single ordinary working class Barbadian– not even a resident of Mr Barrow’s St John constituency– their opinion of this exceptional Barbadian.

The class issue also reared its head in the portrayals of the various members of the 1966 House of Assembly. All  but one of the MPs were portrayed as serious persons. For some reason, the only MP who was portrayed as a comical clown who indulged in belching loudly in the House of Assembly was the quintessential working class Parliamentarian LLoyd “Boy Child” Smith. Why are we in Barbados still at the stage  where we conceive of working class Barbadians as easy sources of farce and comedy?


I began this critique by giving Mrs Marcia Weekes credit for making the effort to produce a pioneering biographical movie about the great Errol Barrow, but unfortunately I have to end my critique with the conclusion that the effort was something less than successful. In my opinion there are simply too many flaws in the movie for it to qualify as a satisfying depiction of the life and record of our “Father of Independence”.

But, maybe “Barrow– Freedom Fighter” can be regarded as a valiant first attempt that will inspire other intrepid Barbadian film-makers to, as the Americans say, step up to the plate, follow Mrs Weekes’ lead, and make the effort to produce not only the definitive Errol Barrow movie, but all of the other essential local biographical docu-dramas that Barbados so desperately needs and deserves.


  • @Carl

    There is a push by actors in the traditional media to rubbish social media, that too will fail.

    You MAY have the last word.


  • WW&C

    is always looking for a handout. I am sure the prospect of Germany making unilateral transfers to Namibia is very exciting news to her.

    Problem is, the reparations project is DOA in North America and the UK. Sorry.

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  • Chuckle…..second point with merit by the Chad of 5 nines at 4.01 pm……long may it last.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Vincent Haynes December 28, 2016 at 4:06 PM

    Chad’s position will always win the day as long as blacks continue to swallow the propaganda spread by the likes of William Skinner as regurgitated below:
    “In a five-part series in the Black Star, Harewood sought to answer the following salient questions: i) Who are black people? ii) Where did black people come from? and iii) Where are black people going? In seeking to answer these questions, Harewood stated that “we are Africans that were taken from Africa by European marauders to work as slaves on the sugar plantations.”

    Not a query by the so-called black intellectuals about the role played by African tribal chiefs and the elite of their various ‘kingdoms’ in the capture and sale of their ‘own enemy’ tribes.

    The trading in slaves (captured enemies and other social misfits and undesirables) was an economic and commercial institution in western Africa however facilitated by western Europeans and Jewish merchants through the banter of mirrors to the chiefs, foreign (exotic) food and drinks and other trinkets in exchange for captured human cargo to meet the demands of the sugar and cotton plantations in the Americas.

    The black man’s case for reparations would always be undermined and weakened because of this very large role played by his ancestors in the trade in human cargo on the western African coast.

    Unless the black man and woman accept this historical fact as part of the ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ process they will always feel the weight of guilt reinforced by the brainwashing shackles of the same white man’s religion which clearly portrays them as just economic hewers of wood and social drawers of water for the same white man and his other racial competitors.

    When this mental catharsis has taken place then and only then can the black man and woman argue convincingly a justifiable case for reparations equivalent in value to the amounts paid to white slave owners for loss of their ‘black’ properties equivalent to money of the modern era and with interest compounded as in any case involving human pain and suffering both physically and psychologically.

    The white man who settled in the Americas has no absolute obligation for reparations to other races other than to the indigenous peoples of the American continent(s) and its archipelago.


  • Thank you for giving me the last word, David. I’ve ruffled enough feathers, again, for one day. I enjoyed it, too.

    Let me say as we close off another year—as I only today received the sad news of the passing of a dear friend who helped me to understand the fragility of life: Let’s make next year a better year.

    For those of us who survive to see it, let’s treat one another with more understanding and respect. Let’s disagree without being disagreeable; let’s differ without being offensive.

    Traditional and social media can co-exist, but be social, not mischievous.

    If you must hold on to your anonymity, don’t use it to snipe, insult and defame.

    To tell the truth, I don’t understand it other than in a situation like whistle-blowing. If it makes you feel safe, as ac says, so that no one will pelt rocks at your house at night or ignore you for promotion, stay anonymous. It’s a status I don’t understand; it’s claustrophobic.

    All I ask is deal with the topics under discussion; not with one another. Let’s not linger on the foibles and frailty that are the lot of all humanity.

    Let’s make wise use of this technology.

    Good luck in the new year … to those of us who make it.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Chadster….speak for thyself, you and Trump are the ones looking to rob scheme and scam the American people, but when the population gets wind of it and understand the scam fully, you will have to run and find a hole to hide, neither Barbados nor UK will be big enough for you…by that time Trump eould have deported you somewhere, anywhere…you mark my words.


  • In the midst 70’s Chalkdust sang a song in which he poked fun at Barrow,Manley and Burnham dubbed Three Blind Mice by Eric Williams.In those days the favourite boast in TnT was to repeat Williams’s mantra…”money no problem,oil don’t spoil”.Then along came Kamla to preside over the biggest budgets in the history of TNT and promptly told her Caribbean ministerial counterparts that TnT ain’t no ATM.According to her successor in office,Kalma lick out the people money and nobody can see what she did with all those millions in terms of development of the republic or diversifying the economy to lessen the reliance on fossil fuels.Lawyers for sure came off licking.Millions went in legal fees and retainers.Kamla they said worked 2 days a week and Panday say she didn’t know one day from the other on account of the habit of exercising her right arm.Now the new PM is having all kinds of problems….depleting gas,depleting oil,depressed oil prices,lack of US dollars in the economy and the latest blow for our fun loving cousins is the news that the economy has shrunk by a massive 6% in calendar 2016,the sharpest decline since 1983.


  • Barbados has now been reduced to 2 Seasons.Today I heard a band leader start the ball rolling with a discussion on the Crop Over Season.I have always considered that June 21st is the beginning of the Christmas Season….plans of purchasing stock,getting rid of old stock,consultation with media moguls on an advertising strategy and costing,choral directors choosing Carols for recitals,rehearsals,etc and hitting the ground running from September/October.Crop Over Season starts December 21st,plans and designs,musicians and calypsonians,location of tents,who,when,where etc to hit the ground running from April/May.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Carl Moore December 28, 2016 at 5:41 PM
    “If you must hold on to your anonymity, don’t use it to snipe, insult and defame.”

    By making that point you are creating the analogous conditions to argue for the propitious removal of that cloak of legally incontestable privilege given to elected politicians “to snipe, insult and defame” ordinary (and in most instances, innocent) members of the public whom these protected ‘honourable” gentlemen and ladies deliberately abuse as they see fit; sometimes grossly displaying it to one another with impunity as in the recent case of the “ka ya mudda scunt” affair and the gun-slinging incident at the OK Palmetto.

    Remove that cloak of unjustified ‘protected’ privilege and let’s have a level playing field when it comes to sniping, insulting and defamation.

    There are no political gods in this country, just servants of the people.

    “Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them.” ~Aristotle


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Poor Carl has been muzzled for so long, he thinks it’s


  • WW&C

    If for any reason I was denied permission to work in the United States, I have plenty of alternatives: UK, Canada, Barbados, Montserrat, and Grenada, to name a few.
    God bless The Donald!


  • Miller

    The elephant in the room will always be the sale of slaves by some kingdoms in Africa,as explained by Obasanjo to Comissiong when he asked for support on reparations.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    So says you Chadster…you would be too ashamed to say otherwise. And ya still can’t see the whole thing going to hell in a handbasket, but many of us who know what we know can….lol

    lol, hahaha. ..Don the Con…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Vincent…ya starting to sink to the level of Alvin….if you buy a car from a thief…ya will be arrested for buying stolen property, ya will be just as guilty as the thief and may get a heavier penalty than the thief.

    Tell me you dont have a Ph.D. cause if ya do, that shit should be banned…, it’s producing only stupid people, if ya feel ya are some plantation elite, ya just an idiot.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Vincent…this should hurt bpth you and Chadster tremendously, when something is right and just, you do not give up, only losers cannot see what is just.


  • “Now the new PM is having all kinds of problems….depleting gas,depleting oil,depressed oil prices,lack of US dollars in the economy and the latest blow for our fun loving cousins is the news that the economy has shrunk by a massive 6% in calendar 2016,the sharpest decline since 1983.”

    To attribute theses problems to a one term Kamla Bissesar Persaud regime Mr Gabriel is nothing short of disingenuous. The economic problems in Trinidad are endemic and systemic and go way back given that the PNM has governed the purported oil rich state longer than any other political party in Trinidad and Tobago Her ATM statement is nothing new and mirrors Mr Eric Williams famous one from ten leaves nought statement.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    In Trinidad. Looking through the papers one can see they have similar concerns about their economy. The vanishing Forex and the fact that their economy is built on just one leg; oil.


  • Charles
    In one term Kamla did more harm to the TnT economy and to the psyche of informed Trinis than Panday,Manning,Chambers and Williams combined.The woman under the influence of the stars,moon and what the doctor did not order,was completely out of her element or so it appears to those who assess these things.TnT has tremendous possibilities for investment in Tourism and can give a run to all the other destinations in the Caribbean.For a start it has its own airline inherited from the Brits with an excellent reputation for service and safety.It has lots of land area ripe for development and Tobago with lots of potential.The problem is that the government and the people have been so drunk on oil and gas that they have given the world the impression that they are among the most unfriendly people on earth with no regard for strangers in their midst.I don’t share the view,given my experience with them.


  • Carlos Saurez III

    Some nut wants me to abandon anonymity. Hereby, submitted for his consideration is Carlos Saurez III. I hope he is now satisfied.

    I used Carlos for use of the name ‘James Griffith’ might just put a bullseye on some poor Bajan’s back.

    Has it yet dawned on him that some of the real looking names could be as fake as the pseudonyms?

    Carlos Saurez III formerly TheGazer.


  • “Gabriel December 29, 2016 at 7:25 AM #

    In one term Kamla did more harm to the TnT economy and to the psyche of informed Trinis than Panday,Manning,Chambers and Williams combined.”

    I cannot support your view Gabriel neither would the facts.


  • Carlos,
    You miss the point. To use a pseudonym to be abusive is not only unethical, but cowardly. I used to edit a paper and any anonymous letters criticising anyone we would go back to the author and ask to use his/her full name. If they refused we will spike the letter.
    Under my editorship there was no room for cowards. Criticise, yes, but put your head above the parapet.
    Just read this blog for the people who use personal, foulmouthed abuse, and those who argue with ideas. Then look at the names of the authors. I rest my case.


  • @ Carlos Saures III
    Boss, pay Hal no mind.
    Just like Carl Moore, he is a two-bit journalist looking to make a name for himself in the absence of any other life achievements….. give them a break nuh…
    To such persons, ‘getting their name out there’ is the name of the game, so they find it hard to understand how someone can NOT be interested in accumulating such notoriety.

    It takes all types to make our world, …and to make a good blog. Some persons use their names because it is the very basis on which they make contributions.
    Adrian Loveridge, Caswell, Jeff C, Walter Blackman … these are people whose contributions are BUILT upon who they are…

    …then there are those who, if their identities are known, find that the conversations revolve around WHO they are and why they are not perfect…. rather than around the IDEAS that they wish to project…. as GP pointed out to Carl recently.

    …then they are those who want to share information that would result in personal danger if the source was known, but which, for ETHICAL reasons, need to be shared with the public.
    The CAHILL papers comes to mind….

    ….and then there is Bushie, with a big-ass whacker, levelling every shiite in the way ….and calling a spade a spade…. What does it matter the name? …shiite will be whacked anyway…
    So get over it Hal. Press on with your odyssey for name recognition …and you and your pal Carl can have a ball with wunna two liners in every print media available.
    Some speculate that, but for the ‘name’ attached, those contributions would fade into obscurity…

    …as for Bushie and his ilk…
    Frig wunna…!!!


  • Carl Moore, do not pay Bushie any mind. It is common practice here to attack any one whose has the gall to use his or her name on BU. You are a giant for my times!!

    Bushie, the MAN knew he had to free the bajan slaves; that included the red ones bout here who feel they white!!! So he had to get some brass bowls (Barrow, Tudor, all the national heroes except Sobers) and let them go to Oxford and Cambridge. You know Cammy Tudor’s greatest achievement was to become the head of some crap at one of those universities!!! Then he let them return and act like free range fowls and stir up some political stuff. Over time all of them got to feed at the trough. But the MAN continues in the shadows to RULE!!!! Why don’t you stop this brass bowlery about the giant Barrow was!!!


  • Carlos Saurez III

    A few may have abused others, but should all of us have to strip naked on BU just to identify those few?

    And, if they continue to ‘abuse’, under a Bajan name, what is the next step? A call to David to ban them or to review their posts before publishing on BU? Or perhaps have someone knock on their door and point out the error of their ways?

    BTW: Abuse can mean a million different things to different people. I feel having to read ‘ac’ or “Dompey” is cruel and unusual punishment (abuse).

    Putting one’s head above the parapet might draw targeted fire that is not friendly.


  • Carlos Saurez III

    Let’s get that full name Lemuel..


  • Bushie

    Skippah……leff out de lotta long talk an purty,purty xcuses…..simply put some of you refuse to be counted as is your right… stop cussin Carl for saying the same as I.


  • Carlos Saurez III

    I totally miss the point. It appears that prevention of abuse and sniping are just a cover for some to link political ideas and names together. I can assure you that whilst you do not consider your effort as abuse, some may see it as subtle coercion and intiimdaion.


  • Carlos Saurez III



  • Bushie, let me apologize; I did not know that you were one of those red ones around here playing you are white. I believe mullato is now the accepted term!!! Don’t be a big brass bowl like stella st john; she is yet to arrive at the fact that the mullato era has passed.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hal Austin December 29, 2016 at 7:45 AM
    “I used to edit a paper and any anonymous letters criticising anyone we would go back to the author and ask to use his/her full name. If they refused we will spike the letter.”

    Most interesting! Do you believe such a policy exists in the local print media?

    How come we are not hearing you and Carl Moore condemning the use of pseudonyms when it comes to writing a whole set of political crap? Why not call for the revealing of the true identity of the writers calling themselves Douglas Leopold Phillips and Beresford Leon Padmore or whatever digital poltergeist of a nom de plume?

    Why not criticise Douglas Leopold for revealing the personal data of Lisa Marshall stored in her work file and which runs totally against the principles enshrined in any worthwhile version of Data Protection legislation, for example, the UK version with which you are quite familiar.


  • Charles
    Kamla mistake is that she thought anything she did in Couva like the children/’s hospital that still not open ( no mortuary,no autopsy facilities,no incinerator)and the airport in the same Couva that is not functional,qualify her for legacy shout out.GDP 05-10 was us87bn and during Kamla reign of disaster it was us151bn.Other than the aforementioned self serving projects,name some others.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Reminding black people of the centuries worth of ancestral strength they possess.


  • III Saurez Carlos - TheGazer

    1) Carl Moore does not know me from Adam and I suspect the same may be said of a number of other bloggers. It makes me wonder if those who are opposed to the use of pseudonyms are interested in the identities of BU universe or just a few ‘suspects’ and not the content of their post.

    2) The use of real names would allow ‘the other media’ to more easily quantify the size of BU and to categorize its members. Currently, they do not know if BU is one blogger with 500 pseudonyms, if several users are using the same pseudonym, if pseudonyms are unique, if BU is just a front for the other party or if it is a collect of Bajans that crosses party lines.

    I am quite certain that with a statistician and a few assumptions, they can guesstimate how large BU readership is. The use of pseudonyms probably gives them a number they cannot easily digest and an inability to describe BU population.

    Don’t fall for their crap. Father forgive them for they know what they do.

    3) Carl contributions to BU are few (mainly posts against the use of pseudonyms) and it is bothersome that he wants to be in a position to take names (prisoners).


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “lemuel December 29, 2016 at 9:09 AM #
    Bushie, let me apologize; I did not know that you were one of those red ones around here playing you are white. I believe mullato is now the accepted term!!! Don’t be a big brass bowl like stella st john; she is yet to arrive at the fact that the mullato era has passed.”

    Lol…ya may want to also tell that to Vincent Haynes…the plantation elite wannabe..

    …..big hardback stupid black men like crooked David Simmons, Barney Noel ” muscle mary” Lynch, the tiefing lawyer Jackman and others who are supposed to be the leaders in a black majority country….all want to own plantations, to give them status, did any of them hore any local whites to work on those plantations in any capacity…

    They are all bad examples to future generations of young bajans, they have been rolling the gains of the people back for decades, those wannabe slave masters.


  • III Saurez Carlos - TheGazer

    A few typos there. I will not correct. He can chew on those


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Everytime Carl focues on the identity of BU bloggers, he reinforces what many said, that he was a mediocre journalist and at his current age still unable to focus on the important issues negatively affecting the island, the muzzling of the media and degradation of the island as a result.

    Weak journalists makes for a weaker country.

    What does the identity of bloggers have to do with any of that, he should be fearful to know blogger’s identities seeing as many live outside of the island which is tiny and he can so easily be found….typical bajan have everything assbackwards lol.


  • Miller,
    Simple: anything that comes out under the DLP or BLP brand is party policy. A lot of it is poorly written, but that is life.

    @ Bush tea
    I| am not looking for name recognition, as any one who knows me will testify. I simply stand by my opinions. That I am a two-bit journalist is also wrong. I am a former journalist who longs for name recognition in the Ivy – certainly not wider Barbados – and definitely not in Britain.
    I am just sorry that a forum that could be of real good has been turned in to a sniping little flea pit by lonely people.
    Even so, BU is far better than the papers and radio and television stations we have, and the cowardly academics who fear for their jobs.
    That is why we must celebrate people like Jeff Cumberbatch. He is worth a court full of QCs.


  • III Saurez Carlos - TheGazer

    Funny, but I don’t see the sniping flea pit.
    Sometime I see two ‘opponents’ squaring off and firing volleys at each other. The exchange is often illuminating. It would be silly of me to expect them to follow Marquis de Queensberry rules.

    “Cowardly academics” is just a suspicion which I would change to ‘ignorant a**h*le’ were they so foolish as to give their names.


  • Hal
    We had Ralph Gonsalves and Neville Duncan making commentary from the Hill many years ago.Ralph got put out by Tom and Neville got transferred back to Mona.Maybe there are others.Neither Ralph nor Neville spared the rod.While I enjoyed reading those two my favourite weekly contributor was Tom Clarke and his many tales of Combermere as a student and as a teacher.In addition,George Lamming is a fascinating speaker whose feature address at Carifesta 1981 is a masterpiece and which I replay from time to time.”Your Excellencies,distinguished,honest………”


  • III Saurez Carlos - TheGazer

    I retract my last sentence.


  • So, Carlos,
    Whatever the theory, we do not have free speech then? I have another spin on this, they do not say anything because they have nothing to say.
    Gabriel, you are right, both Mr Lamming and Mr Clarke made their names inspite of Barbados.
    The sniping flea pit is the foulmouthed and vulgar language. Maybe this is how we debate.
    I live in a country in which people are encouraged to speak their minds without fear or favour.


  • @ Hal
    I am not looking for name recognition,
    According to Trump, he is not a racist either.

    What you really mean is that you are not prepared to admit it.
    There is ABSOLUTELY no value in having the words ‘Hal Austin’ below a published set of ideas besides name recognition.

    Either you are putting these two words there to establish an expert reference – like Jeff or Caswell does; or they are there to CREATE a reference by broadcasting the idea that ‘Hal Austin’ is somebody of import….and to be revered in future.

    Bushie has no such interests. indeed, the most common consequence of placing some names below a blog is that many contributors may be tempted NOT to cuss or engage the ideas presented aggressively …BECAUSE of innate respect for the NAME placed below…

    Why do you think Bushie is so quick to cuss Jeff, Caswell, Vincent etc…? …it is to compensate for the many bloggers who want to cuss them, …but desist- out of respect for the PERSONS named.
    LOL, but as you know, the whacker has no such constraints… (Bushie even put a little cussing on David (BU) on occasion – but tries not to press his luck there… 🙂 )

    In the land of discussing IDEAS, there is no place for personalities -good or bad.
    So except for those with REALLY strong constitutions, it is BETTER BY FAR, to use a pseudonym and concentrate on the logic, value and relevance of the ideas submitted …. and also on the grammar, … in case Jackass Boremann is awake….


  • Bushie your reasoning is silly. I am out of any further discussion on this.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Bush Tea at 3:07 PM…Your points were well made. I would add this tidbit to your remark that “Either you are putting these two words there to establish an expert reference …or they are there to CREATE a reference by broadcasting the idea that ‘Hal Austin’ is somebody of import….and to be revered in future” …. A pseudonym also allows one not ‘articled’ and ‘expert’ in an area to offer possibly profound comments based on their varied experience or just from having an insightful eye on life successes and failures.

    As you suggest a name may cause others to dismiss their otherwise wise words because of perceptions of the poster’s wayward past (like Gazer suggested).

    The other failure I find remarkable is these journalist improbable lack of awareness that the bad manners and thuggish actions are a pervasive shadow across society generally. It is certainly not a symptom of hiding behind a false name.

    How do they theorize on the clear vindictive behaviour of a Don Trump…riding that to victory.

    How can they speak to blog anonymity and churlish behavior when daily across social media persons have been attacked relentlessly by named known enemies.

    As the blogmaster said (I believe it was him) it seems that newspapers are concerned by the ever expanding social-journalism and are catching at straws to disrupt the phenomena.

    Mr Austin’s comment that as an editor his team dismissed critical letters which did not have a verifiable author is simply fulsome prattle. That’s fundamental of any mainstream News shop. What exactly is he saying there? That they were following their basic rules.

    But did he remind us that at the same time – as noted by others- the paper would have satirical columns, columns without a byline that may have excoriated someone (truthfully of course) and those column with names that were totally fictitious…from MPs or others.

    The arguments have so little merit.


  • Bushie and dpD

    Ah dun tell wunnah…it is your right…stop the bogus reasonings


  • @ Dribbler
    LOL …. Hal knows that he is talking shiite too… so off he runs – just like in his school days…
    Anonymous blogs will be the future of ‘journalism’ and also of political transparency.

    …but we all know what Hal’s REAL concern is…
    He just wants to know who is this ‘Pachamama’ that regularly cusses him so profusely on BU.
    …so that he can dig up some dirt for ad hominem attacks.
    Remember how Carl Moore responded when GP told him his real name…?

    The solution is, (as Artax said from the very beginning,) for such soft skinned jokers as Carl and Hal to either stay off the damn blog – or get a pseudonym and come back for some licks….


  • Bushie
    Chuckle….when hard ears was sharing,yuh mussee get a double dose.

    Every contributor has a right to their opinion.


  • I will enter here like one of those angelic beings “who fear to tread…”

    @ Come and Sing Along.

    You were kind to Ms. Weekes with your comment about first essay into the breech and all that crap, the fact is that like an essay that was about the founding father, or one of them, it lacked the reasonable perspective that should have be-speckled so profound a work which would suggest that the work “did not seek to offend the status quo read DLP, with anything contentious, but was compiled to be obsequious”

    @ The Internet Detective(s)

    I will put this to you both and suggest humbly that you are both liars of the first order

    I will put this perpetual chant about declaring who you are to you both in simple terms.

    You both claim to be editors (a claim that is gainsaid by many here)

    I would challenge you both to (a) state the name of any one of the big boy drug dealers that live and breathe and operate in either of the climes you live in (b) provide for BU’s audience any article which either of you penned at any time that (i) declared aid parties to be drug lords and (ii) publicly requested sanction of any type on any such person.

    I will not wait too long for your responses which fall into the single category of “wuss”.

    You are both men who chose your “enemies” carefully and this topic of anonymity among mostly lawbiding men and women is a safe topic where wunna can show wunna selves to have balls to take on the establishment read we the anonymice

    The fact is that we Bajans, of whom you both number, live in perilous times where, depending on the topic being discoursed, it is downright folly to open your mouth and comment on a matter, WITHOUT THE PROTECTION OF A NOM DE PLUME!

    The same way wunna so called BU Detectives who canvass for the meaningless disclosure of identities here in this blog, I have called you both pussies of the superlative order who, in your substantive careers, were, and still are afraid to disclose the names of men, or women, and instances of more serious import than what my real identity is.

    I see that the old guard still tells wunna ingrunt scunt that “as ole menses who are about to die” this campaign to know who we are, to feed to wunna respective bosses for tangential lawsuits, is a waste of effing time.

    One likens it to the passtime of “fooping a ghost in Broad Street” which discerning minds of readers here know to be simply the guise for a man to expose his doggie in a public place.

    It is quite obvious that with the seeming departure of Doctor Georgie Porgie that Carl Moore feels emboldened after his medical condition was exposed to all, to come back to that same campaign of “exposing the Batman alter ego”.

    I understand his obsessive compulsive disorder syndrome and ascribe it to old age and trying to be relevant now that he has retired from the Nation. He considers it his job to destroy BU since it is obviously taking away $$ from his place of former employ

    But i would have thought better of Hal Austin, a man who sojourns in a country where if he looks to hard at one of the foot-soldiers of the Russian mafia who lives on his block, he will be eating his balls for breakfast for such a glance “doan mind he talking bout living in a free cuntry!!”


  • @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI December 29, 2016 at 8:14 PM

    Excellent contribution!!!!!



    A most excellent contribution which contains the essence of one which I was thinking of writing on the topic but couldn’t craft with anything near the clarity, wit, insight and thoroughness which you have displayed above. A super post that exposes the underlying fallacies to the unthinking calls for converting BU to an anaemic watered down Nation News rag.

    All the best for the New Year.


  • Gabriel I stand by my position. The demise of Trinidad and Tobago started under Dr Eric Williams when the country was floating in oil money and nothing useful was done with it not Kamla, Robinson, Panday or Rowley or Manning .


  • Bush Tea,
    Thanks for remembering my athleticism. When I tell the kids I used t be a school boy sprinter they laugh at me.


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