The Adrian Loveridge Column – Supersonic Travel to the Caribbean a Possibility

Adrian Loveridge

Adrian Loveridge

Already nicknamed the ‘Baby Boom’ the planned introduction of a new supersonic jet could yet prove another wonderful opportunity for Barbados and the Caribbean.

Many of us will recall the golden days of British Airways delta wing Concorde arriving early morning into Grantley Adams having left Heathrow, if you allowed for the time zone difference, moments before. One day it presented a wonderful opportunity to photograph an amazing three Concorde’s on the tarmac at the same time, albeit one was an Air France aircraft, simply refuelling enroute to Habana, Cuba.

The new aircraft XB-1 will carry only 45 passengers at a speed of Mach 2.2 (1, 451 miles per hour) or around 10 per cent faster than Concorde was able to fly. The mere fact that Sir Richard Branson is one of the main supporters of this project, a partnership between his offshoot, The Spaceship Company and Boom Technologies gives at least in my mind, a greater possibility of it becoming a reality. Sir Richard has been a great supporter of the region over many years and to give his current Virgin Atlantic passengers the option of a supersonic alternative seems to make absolute sense to me.

The idea behind the involvement of the American based partner was simply put by its Chief Executive Officer and founder, Blake Scholl, who said he ‘was motivated to build a supersonic jet to make it easier to travel greater distances. I’ve got little kids and their Grandpa lives in Hong Kong, which is 18 hours away. They see him once a year and they’ll never be close. It’s because we’re basically flying in the same airplanes we were using when my grandparents were little’.

Many in the aviation world would be quick to contradict that, but in terms of flying speed Mr.Scholl is not too far removed from the truth. Sir Richard’s Spaceship Company will provide a host of other operational services to Boom Technology and in exchange, Virgin will have the option to purchase the first 10 jets.

Boom isn’t of course the only group trying to bring back supersonic travel. A company called Concorde Club says it has enough money to restore a Concorde for use in air shows and for private charters with plans to resume flights sometime in 2019.

European Airbus has filed a patent for its own supersonic jet that can supposedly fly at four times the speed of sound, and Boston based Spike Aerospace is looking to build a US$80 million supersonic plane.

With a distance of 4,200 miles from London’s Heathrow or Gatwick airport to Barbados and largely flying over water without the population concerns over sonic wave noise, we have to be a natural and logical choice above many destinations.

At 1,451 miles per hour, a flying travel time of just three hours must be of enormous appeal to a large number of well heeled British and European visitors and second home owners.

The first XB-1 prototype is expected to take flight late 2017 and be in service for passengers by 2020, so not that far away.

What can ‘we’ do, to help make this a little closer to becoming a reality?


  • Robert Mac Donald

    I admire your optimism, you ask what can be done to assist in Barbados becoming a destination of the proposed super sonic jet. One that comes easily to mind is fix your sewer and water system. The recent closing of Worthing Beach is not too good for tourism. The roads and sidewalks need to be improved so that both tourists and residents can walk and drive safely . Barbados could serve as Caribbean hub for a new supersonic jet,if LIAT was a viable airline run without political interference, it might even make money ! I really think in my opinion that Beautiful Barbados is not quite as Beautiful as it once was. It is a pity that after 50 years of self determination that it is in the condition it is! Hope it improves! Cheers!


  • Barbados will not be the same under this DLP administration.All the good candidates who came forward to represent that party are either now retired or passed on.What we have are 2-bit crooks,liars and traitors whose sole interest is to thief taxpayers money and allow themselves to be bribed by the albino class of crooks with an implant in the Central Bank.The days of confidence in government seem to be past us however we live in hope that the alternative continue to rebuild that confidence that Owen Arthur was able to command from investors.I would wish the return of the days in the late ’90s when on Saturdays 2 Concordes landed at Barbados.Elvin Sealy did his part to boost our island in those days but he is labeled a B so nothing for him and his contribution in the last 50 years despite the fact that he was given a BOAC scholarship in 1966 to celebrate Barbados Independence and that in itself says a lot about these spiteful tin pot small people who think the DLP is the last word.


  • All of this rotten vulgar depraved low life ghetto unwholesome entertainment accompanied by the use of ganja is what is destroying this little paradise that was.If I had the power and authority all these acts would be banned and all those drug mules who seem to arrive daily from Jamaica (like hurricanes from the West African coast)would be deported forthwith and the airline heavily fined forthwith also.


  • Wasn’t the Barbados Tourism Authority split into marketing and product to build the appear around the product offering? It will be difficult to sell Barbados if there overflow of sewage.


  • I would think Dr Kerry Hall would be as embarrassed as any other Bajan at the rampant disregard for matters environmental as displayed by her father’s party and perhaps her’s as well.Dont expect a peek from either Sealy,Kerry or Billy on this self inflicted blow to the tourism product.They are all in hiding along with Boyce the beerman and Lowe the con man.Nobody bothers with the silent one.He will be true to form.Silence.


  • REposted in light of the recent revelation poop water is leaking into the South Coast sea.


    Former Barbados Government Rejected Blue Flag Membership

    by David on April 2, 2008 in Blogging Edit

    We have received an email from a Barbadian who is very concerned the tap and marine water quality in and around Barbados may not be all that it is ‘cracked-up’ to be. We feel that this is a reasonable conclusion based on the information to follow on the blog. The Barbadian is very concerned that […]

    38 CommentsContinue Reading →


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Gabriel December 5, 2016 at 11:07 AM

    It was predicted the silent one in this pantomime of managerial folly would do a Rip Van Winkle (again) as soon as his 15 minutes of acting like the naked emperor in the sun were over. It’s sad that his ministerial colleagues have to follow suit.

    Would you be hearing anything in Parliament tomorrow on this most urgent state of affairs that only the government can fix? This has now turned into a national emergency with the people’s health and the country’s only working economic engine at serious risk of failure.

    Have you heard a bang representing the discharge of the last chamber of the revolver of governance these jokers have been toting around like monkeys playing Russian roulette with public sanitation and the health of the people?

    One wonders if the following pillar has collapsed bringing down the whole DLP structure of deceit, lies and patent corruption.

    “Why environmentally sound? We all have to live, move and have our being in the protection of the environment. Daily, as we interact with one another we also interact with nature. The contest with nature which characterized man’s relationship in earlier times, has now become a contract with nature in our times. A degraded and unhealthy environment is a threat to man’s very existence on this planet; and this Manifesto recognizes that important fact.”


  • Adrian

    A good wish but our infrastructure has to be rectified first…….roads,water,sewerage,garbage,health resources,civil service efficiency,opening hours…..too many a few but the most important and difficult item is to make bajans happy.


  • you can get there fast to watch the customs workers go slow


  • Based on TripAdvisor reports Buccament Hotel in St. Vincent is falling apart. This is the Harlequin/Ames hotel property. At east they have a spanking new airport to freight the tourists n.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    Wondering if this would be economically viable. A smaller number of passengers means increased ticket prices. As a hub for the Caribbean, wondering if the other airlines can get passengers out of Barbados in a time manner. Why hurry-up and then wait.


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