ZRs Run Traffic Light

zr-fThe following video shows TWO ZRs in the right lane at the Collymore Rock roundabout. The first ZR (can you make out the number?) runs the red STOP light to go straight from the right lane. The second ZR (also in the right lane) goes straight on the green traffic light to go right (can you make out the number?). With the improvement to the River Vanstand promised by the government it is important for the PSV sector to efficiently self-regulate.



  • ZRs run traffic lights and putrid smelling, human excrement continues to flow onto our south coast streets and into our ocean water offshore. Still that was a fantastic $7,000,000 independence party we just had, even if slightly rained out at times. PM Freundel is apparently a learned master and intellectual heavyweight in the school of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” philosophy.

    No doubt Butch will be suitably impressed when he learns that his newest Sandals resort is located just a mile or so from an overflowing, non-function sewage plant spewing untreated fecal matter into a nearby nature reserve and into our crystal clear, aquamarine, south coast waters. The silver lining for him, at least Sandals is upwind and upstream – too bad for the numerous others downwind and downstream from Sandy Beach.

    Major stink
    Businessman says raw sewage still impacting south coast
    Added by Davandra Babb on December 2, 2016.
    Saved under Local News

    Raw sewage continues to flow on the roads of the south coast, and with just 14 days to go before the start of the 2016 winter tourist season, one businessman is appealing to the authorities to fix the problem once and for all.

    In an interview with Barbados TODAY, the businessman, who requested anonymity, said the problem appeared to have gone away after the Barbados Water Authority intervened recently.
    However, he said raw sewage began flowing onto the road again “with a vengeance” about two weeks later.

    More: http://www.barbadostoday.bb/2016/12/02/major-stink/


  • I have always maintained that most Bajans are color blind as they run red lights…counted five one day go through a red light…then they take forever to move on green. That said the ZRS think they can do anything they want and they do. We need cameras and plain clothes police at some of the busiest traffic light areas and a court solely to deal with traffic. Make the fines so high that they become deterrents. You either pay or jail. When law and order is allowed to be abused the entire society breaks.


  • Another life will be lost, another big wig will offer an appeasing statement and the beat shall continue. How many years now have we been bitching about this nonsense? You really think we give two hoots? Heard Sergeant Johnson during traffic reports on numerous occasions complain about the motorcycle nuisances along the highway. Never did grasp its seriousness until I saw the video posted on Facebook. In tiny ass Barbados no body knows how to locate any of these clowns. Ssame thing with the illegal guns. Till one of my own is maimed or killed I see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing.That’s the Bajan way.If the hammer is dropped on someone, the outcry will surely follow. A poor black man trying to mek a dollar. That’s the Bajan way.


  • Angela

    Penalty will not deter a man neither a woman for that matter, when his or her conscience has been aroused. And people will continue to break the traffic ordinances because of the little voice in the back of our mind which tell that once no one is looking its ok.


  • “The first ZR (can you make out the number?) runs the red STOP light to go straight from the right lane. The second ZR (also in the right lane) goes straight on the green traffic light to go right (can you make out the number?).”

    *********************************** **********************

    The first yellow van is not a “ZR,” it’s a “minis bus,” registration number B156 and its route is the Pine. The second white van, registration number ZR182, also goes to the Pine.

    With two vans plying the same route at the same time, is the reason why they engage in breaking the traffic laws so as to out maneuver each other in an effort to solicit passengers.

    These drivers break almost all the traffic laws and despite some of them being charged, fined or incarcerated, they are still able to find employment within “mini bus circle.”


  • Owners of ZR vans should appear in the dock with their employees for any traffic offences. It is the business model of the ZR owners that causes the reckless driving.
    Crews are tasked with returning revenue of about Bds$3000 a day, and anything over that is theirs. This is flawed.
    Let the secret owners face the music.


  • ZR’s should always be owner driven.There is no other way to lawfully control those demons.We have not forgotten what the mini bus culture did to magistrate Harris


  • Yes the PSVs need to self regulate. We must not lose sight of a big part of the problem by focusing only on the bad behaviour of the drivers/conductors. Why is the ministry (under Michael Lashley) over-issuing permits on Silver Sands for example (route 13)?


  • The answer is surely to put drivers on to a flat wage so there would be no incentive to hustle


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Gabriel December 2, 2016 at 10:35 AM
    “ZR’s should always be owner driven.”

    Or by any designated person(s) mentioned in the permit.

    That was the initial condition when they were first issued to supplement the then existing public transportation system in a fast growing economy and with an expanding non-agricultural workforce.

    But some low class hungry hand-to-mouth politicians saw the opportunity to advance their ‘get-rich-quick-while holding- public office’ schemes so that the likes of Shark-mouth Lashes can get a kickback for every permit issued in excess of transportation demand requirements as was done in the construction of those unoccupied matchboxes planted in the lap of the broke NHC.


  • Weston

    You sound like a real communist by suggesting that it is best to put drivers on flat wages to kill incentive. I am so glad that you have no part in running our little island or else Barbados would be liken to Haiti. Man has to hustle for his daily living and you wish to take dah away from him? Man you crazy!


  • Miller

    Shut yah so and so mout because had you the same opportunity you would probably do worse. You sound like a woman would tells her boyfriend that his best friend who happens to be male turns her stomach, and when the relationship desolved just whose hands she is in?


  • With legal beagles like Holder we wonder for the future of some of the lawyer class.Not very long ago this same lawyer talked about infringing one’s constitutional rights in respect of an issue involving a private company.It took another lawyer to correct Arthur on the fine point that one might challenge a matter of the constitution only where the state is involved.I think it was Hal Gollop who called Brasstacks and explained the law to David Ellis and the worldwide listernership of the VOB 92.9 radio.Not a peek from the man Holder in response to Gollop.
    Now a writer is challenging the said man Holder on his latest foray into the realms of rights and wrongs and one must come to the conclusion that choice of lawyer will determine the type of advice you get…….off or prison.Beware whom you engage y’all.



  • Gabriel

    Why is it that in certain cases where the police suspect a certain person of rape invoving murder that the police doesn’t ask a judge for warrent to search the suspect home without his presence to obtain a DNA sample to match that which was founded in the female’s vagina? The police have to have much more the probable cause or reasonable belief to convince a judge to issue a warrent to search a person’s home without he or she being there.


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