Hypocrites and Parasites

Submitted by Heather Cole

Submitted by Heather Cole

One can argue that the state in post independent Barbados has never provided the environment to foster economic independence to the majority black population. Despite this a few black businessmen managed to gain economic independence but the majority of the black population has settled for becoming the employed and never the employers. On the other hand, the minority white population has more employers and entrepreneurs.

Except for a limited apprenticeship period early in the history of Barbados – and in poverty stricken areas like Martins Bay- the minority white population has always had economic independence and social independence. At emancipation, the blacks were given social independence; it was not economic because they were not paid reparations for the time they had spent as slaves. At independence in 1966, the island gained its political independence from Great Britain.

Herein lies the present structure of inequality of Barbados; 99% of the 5% whites have social, political and economic independence and the 95% of the black population believe that they have social and political independence. Of that 95 % less than 5% have economic independence.

There are several reasons for this. The outdated educational system in Barbados does not teach entrepreneurship, poverty among blacks, the prohibitive lending practices of the banks, limited scope of government’s business development schemes and the inability of back businessmen to receive lucrative government contracts. This article will focus on the latter.

Throughout post independent Barbados, wealthy white businessmen have played prominent role to direct the political affairs of the island. In the past they were known as white shadows. Of late, they are no longer in the shadows and their presence now looms larger than life. Even the great Errol Barrow could not shake the hold that the minority whites held after his party achieved independence in 1966. They were the landowners and therefore voters before the backs obtained the right to vote. Did this give them preferential access to the government over blacks? One wonders why this preferential relationship has continued with successive black governments and why the whites do not seek political office.

In the midst of the present economic recession on the island, it is now essential more than ever that the black population achieve economic independence. Each successive administration has offered lucrative business contracts to the white minority and very few to blacks. This has created several white business magnates who by their portfolio now cater to every need on the island, leading to a concentration of power and wealth in their hands.

The present reality is that we have a situation where a fraudulent election has produced a hypocritical government which pretends to have the best interest of the people but their actions to these minority white business men speak otherwise. This small group of business men has attached itself as a parasite to the public purse to create every scheme they can dream up. In essence government ministers are now the puppets of the whites who no longer control from the shadows. Every Minister of the elected government has compromised his position to the entire electorate of Barbados in some was as a result of his involvement with those businessmen.

Both the Prime Minister and the Attorney general have admitted that votes were bought in the 2013 election. Bizzy Williams has admitted that he has given money to finance political campaigns for both parties as well as that he made a donation to the police force. It is no wonder that the police never investigated the Cahill scam. Bizzy Williams, Bjorn Bjerkham, Cow Williams, Mark Maloney and Tempro have all found a way to achieve wealth off the backs of the black people of Barbados long after slavery has ended. They bring no genuine investment but depend on the taxpayers’ money to finance their business schemes.

The cash strapped present administration whose members have already sold themselves to the highest bidder is seeking to divest government’s assets. The Sanitation Service Authority seems to be on the list of things to sell and what has unfolded as the Garbage Crisis in Barbados is quite telling; for months the state refused to take hold of its responsibility to remove garbage and then there was the drama surrounding the infamous tipping fee that was to be paid to Mr. Williams’ disposal company and after that several mysterious garbage trucks landed at the Bridgetown port. Now that the garbage collection system has almost collapsed, in comes Mr. Williams as a knight in shining amour to announce a proposal that he is willing to manage the garbage disposal in Barbados for $60 M a year. This alone is evidence that the SAS was allowed to fail so that the government could take hold of Mr. William’s offer. It is a clear picture of collusion between the Minister Denis Lowe and Mr. Bizzy Williams.

Since Opposition Senator Abrahams was able to comment on Mr. William’s announcement, an offer must be on the table and one must wonder of its contents. No manager of the SSA or the Minister is paid $60M a year. So exactly what does this management entail? Are those green garbage trucks that did not have an owner part of the $60M deal? What will happen to the workers currently employed by government? Does this mean that Mr. Williams, in addition to garbage collection will be responsible for garbage disposal? Will his new $60 M responsibility include decision making on any future waste to energy plants in Barbados for which land has already been vested and finders fees paid?

Mr. Williams is no angel, saint or savior. There are already private waste haulers who could have done this job. Chief among them is Mr. Cherry, private waste haulers who government seems bent n victimizing. Mr. Cherry should now offer government a counter proposal to collect the garbage in Barbados.

One wonders if the outcome of government’s failure to collect garbage is a sign of things to come for the delivery of other public services for which taxpayers’ money is utilized. This brings me to the water crisis that is being experienced in the North of the island. Is the provision of tap water being allowed to fail so that a white businessman can offer to provide running water to those affected residents at let us say $300M a year?

At the end of the day there is a need for the ending of secrecy and beginning of transparency in the way the government awards contracts and other business initiatives, the tendering process must be followed. There is a need for a quota system in the awarding of government contracts. 95% of the island should receive 95 % of the contracts and the 5% who are already wealthy will not suffer if they receive 5% of the contracts. Black business men, community groups or cooperatives must be formed to present counters offers to the government in light of the proposition offered by Mr. Williams as well as for other projects. If Mr. Williams can do it off the taxpayers’ money any black business man can do it too.

If this situation persists unchallenged and unchanged, we are headed to what can only be termed as economic slavery where the government collects taxes just to pass on to this minority. To make this situation even worse, a fraudulent election means that there is no political independence of the electorate. This means that after 50 years of achieving independence, the black population is headed back to the pre emancipation period. We never had economic independence, our political independence was sold for a mess of pottage on the last election day and; social independence (our pride which some of us relinquished by giving up the right to vote for free and fair elections) which is dependent on the former also vanished on the last election day.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Chad…do you really expect Heather, an intelligent woman, will hold a long discourse with you….a pimp for a pervert like Donald Trump……you, a useless black man with no moral moorings.

    Good luck.


  • “chad999999

    Reasonable question, a reasonable ask. The problem many on this forum have is the inability to deal with issues without getting personal.

    BU likes the fact that you are provocative and as you know we rarely agree.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Ya gotta know when the people ya discourse with are useless and bring nothing to the table but their damaged minds, hatred of their own selves, hatred of their own race and centuries old hatreds of seeing their own people accumulate financial or any other wealth.,.,, their sole intent is to see their own race stagnated into infiniti…or they themselves would offer viable solutions and would not have to ask anyone else to do so.

    I have spent enough years in the US to recognize the irreversibly damaged Chads…, who lives in white majority countries, embrace the cinceot of majority white controlled wealth…even if they themselves will never accumulate wealth at that level…..for various reasons, first and foremost because they are in the minority and would have to work 50 times as hard to succeed at that level in a white majority country…… but cannot see the same control of wealth concept applied to black majority countries…..,which would enrich majority blacks like themselves……

    …….the centuries old programming was total…..and beginning to look irreversible.

    I like to spend my energy on positives.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    And to add insult to the injury of their own black people….these same damaged black men living in white controlled majority countries…would not fcking dare open their mouths not one day to protest the majority whites where they live controlling all the financial wealth and resources…, for their own people…which is the right thing to do…..

    ….these damaged men just sit on their asses and admire it and hope to emulate wealth accumulation for themselves only…… they know that what majority whites do is the right thing for THEIR PEOPLE, but these same useless black men don’t believe the same applies to their own black people…

    ….now why would any intelligent person want to continue a discourse with such obvious asses.

    Then ya have satan’s imps like John and Vincent believing the only goodd use for black people are as lab rats and slaves, because in their nasty little minds…it’s natural…, and are busily spreading that misinformation.


  • PLT
    You underestimate the Society of Friends. The Quaker community in Barbados was the first among the white community to raise their voices against slavery in the 1670s I think.

    You are out by about 13 years!!

    Dealt with that already in another thread.

    Will find it and give you the link.

    I don’t underestimate the Quakers at all!!!!

    Something that has taken me this long to figure out I could never underestimate now that I have got it.

    The real victory of the Quakers in Barbados was that they used what they understood from the Gospel to get the diverse group of Africans to work together with them as one.

    The representatives from the various tribes in Africa who, left alone in Barbados would probably have killed one another, were not the only example where the message of the Gospel worked to unify and heal the wounds inflicted by life.

    The Puritans/Parliamentarians won the first round of the Civil War in 1646.

    There were two more rounds, 1648 to 1649 and 1649 to 1651.

    Cromwell who became the Lord Protector decided to crush Ireland which he did from 1649 to 1653.

    He had at his disposal “The New Model Army” which had overcome the defeats the Parliamentarians.

    Resistance in Ireland was destroyed.

    A whole set of Irish were now added to the divided representatives from various parts of the West Coast of Africa.

    Sprinkle in some Scottish and Welsh and Barbados should have exploded in butchery based on simple hatred.

    The Irish, Welsh and Scottish hated the English and the various peoples from Africa hated one another and probably the English too.

    And yet history shows the opposite happened, hatred did not prevail,

    This diverse group of peoples worked together for the common good.

    What device known to man could possibly have created such a turnaround?

    The answer is real simple when you look at the facts and realise what it is that the Quakers believed and were willing to suffer imprisonment, whippings, death and mutilation for in their efforts to promote and share with others.

    It has to be the Message of the Gospel, easily missed by most logical clear thinking people.

    Barbados became for the Quakers a Retreat from religious persecution in England.

    To make it work, Quakers continued with slavery but their beliefs made them recognize slavery was wrong … and the facts show they did something about it!!

    It is not that Slavery existed in Barbados that should be focused on but rather that the experience led to its demise.

    Like you, I missed the reason the Retreat at HC was called the Retreat, but now I know!!

    …. too much heducation!!

    That’s why I am saying I am looking at the solution, not the problem!!


  • My strategy with Captain Hutt was to listen during class and study the chapters assigned.

    I always aced his tests!!

    I knew for instance that it was the Battle of the Nile in 1798 that made Nelson, not the Battle of Trafalgar which everyone believes and I knew that from watching Captain Hutt’s eyes light up when he described the battle.

    Yes he did a lot of reading, but he also put in commentary which I enjoyed.

    I learnt the art which I improved on at university of looking for the thread and then hanging all the relevant facts onto that thread in order.

    People may have thought I learnt by rote but I didn’t, there was a method in my madness!!

    Now, when historical matters arise I look for the thread, and by now I know most, then hang on the facts in chronological order.

    Always works …. I am no historian, just apply logic to understanding it.

    … and I drive people bananas and they call me names, the most recent one being satan’s imp!!


  • As I have said before, many people on this blog criticize the government because they know what they are against.

    Some have an agenda that does not command popular support so they have to keep it hidden.

    Others, like WWC, have no clear ideas of what they are for. It is not enough to read some history books and learn to resent white people. If your resentment does not translate into a practical program for the present and the future, you are of little use, except as a potential activist for a Revolution that someone else will have to organize.


  • David October 14, 2016 at 6:16 AM #

    I think you need to come up with an area/thread where all of Johns’ postings can be placed together.

    They are very worthwhile for posterity as he has taken the time to show source material and draw conclusions……I have always said the way forward is based on knowing about ourselves warts and all.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Chad…where is your “practical program for the present and future” dont accuse anyone of not having one if you do not have one yourself…

    It’s easy to not have any long discourse with you because you do not have the mental strength to even produce one…show me yours and I will show you mine. ..ya should have it already in draft form.

    I am waiting.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    John..lol…bpth you and Vincent are satan’s imps, yall tell lies and try to rewrite history…for every lie yall tell, there is information online to refute and show you up as liars…

    I am not the one who put the information there in it’s truthful form…so ya cant blame me when I see it online and post it to show you up…….lol

    Stop telling lies and spreading misinformation and the internet will never be able to prove the 2 of you liars.

    The truth shall set you free from a mind trapped in the 16th century.


  • Gee why don’t you just round up all of the whities, confiscate all their wealth and distribute it to whomever deserves it. Then all the black Bajens will immediately control their destiny and every thing will be OK forever more! I’m sure that those racist whities are all the cause of your problems.


  • @Vincent

    John post on BU under distress you can ask him why.


  • David October 14, 2016 at 11:37 AM #

    I do not know the goodly gentleman…….no reason why all things marked John cannot be put together.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    JR…that is always yall defense, but it does not wprk like that, because you steal something from others, dont mean they have to steal it back to get it back…not everyone are thieves, whatever is stolen, usually ends up right back in the hands of the real owners, no matter how long.

    But irony of ironies, the thieves always have to be on the lookout to see who is coming to steal from them…because they are thieves that’s why…..lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Vincent..if ya did not have such rotten ulterior motives, ya would see what’s going on with John, but the imp in you is blind…lol


  • WW&C “Show me yours, I’ll show you mine”.

    You go first, since you’re the one attacking the government every day.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    No Chad…I never challenged any poster on here to show anything, it’s the government should be asking me to show, you are not the government. …with all the big talk and challenge, you should have something to show.

    So I will take that as a no, ya just filled with big talk and hot air…like Trump.

    So who is surprised.

    Have you approached the government with any ideas..I did some years ago.

    Your turn…I told you, ya useless.


  • Well Well & Consequences


    A real life transformation ahead, the poor will wallow in poverty, the middle class will get poor, the rich will be the middle class, the mega rich will be the rich.

    A winder where that leave in the ministers in parliament who said none of that could affect Barbados.

    More big talk and hot air.


  • At the end of the day, irrespective of the historical context, and views expressed by John in particular that verge on racism, the last paragraph of Heather’s article is and will continue to be pertinent unless addressed “There is a need for a quota system in the awarding of government contracts. 95% of the island should receive 95 % of the contracts and the 5% who are already wealthy will not suffer if they receive 5% of the contracts. Black business men, community groups or cooperatives must be formed to present counters offers to the government in light of the proposition offered by Mr. Williams as well as for other projects. If Mr. Williams can do it off the taxpayers’ money any black business man can do it too.”

    The so called elite, 5% minority already have sufficient ‘wealth’ ‘riches’ ,whatever you want to call it, to last for generations. They need to sit back and allow others to profit. The recession in Barbados has seen an explosion in crime, drugs, etc which in my view are a direct result of poverty. That is not to say any increased riches to the black populace will see an instant reduction in these issues, as the population needs educating and to feel that they are a part of and have a future in the country of their birth. The greed of the 5% however is turning Barbados into South Africa and Zimbabwe and from where I sit, unless the 5% back off and allow others to profit, it will take an Idi Amin approach to make the 95% feel that there’s any justice. The Government is integral to the process. It and only it, can create a level playing field by providing education for entrepreneurs and greater competitiveness and transparency in its award of contracts. The Barbados people should also not allow themselves to be side tracked or blindsided (this debate and others is a very good example of how easily that happens) and start working with each-other – Harris, Parris, et al have set a very poor example in this regard and in my view, albeit unintentionally, have added to the status quo of the 5% being saviors to the masses – for that they should feel ashamed but that does not mean that there are no black business people in Barbados with integrity.


  • This government in its manifesto promised to award 40% of government procurements to SMES.



  • David October 14, 2016 at 11:37 AM #
    John post on BU under distress you can ask him why.

    Why what?


  • Don’t see anybody attacking the logic with facts, why would my most be under distress?


  • oops, most should be post

    I am glad I went thru the logic I did as it has clarified so much more in my mind!!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    I don’t know what is so hard about that to understand, it’s truly amazing and frightening that blacks, starting with those in parliament keep rejecting the idea and are giddily leading their own people into poverty….

    ……the 95% blacksare entitled to accumulate their own riches, just as the other 5% have done for decades, they will not be stealing from anyone…it’s their money, let them utilize the opportinities available to eradicate, if not minimize the growing levels of poverty in the black community…the quota system will work if managed properly and rotated…..it is not rocket science.

    I cant for the life of me understand why black people revel in seeing their own people in poverty, decade after decade, while a mere 5% of the population enrich themselves decade after decade…it boggles the mind and is a serious indictment on both governments and the education system.

    From yesterday I have been stunned that big hardback black men fought me on this issue, but they would say not one word to or about the 5% leeches and parasites sucking up and stealing everything with the sole intent of leaving their 95% black brothers and sisters in mind bending poverty.., this was quite an eye opener……and all of it .horribly being enabled and condoned by black governments, black leaders….eeewwww.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    I even went one step further on another thread and meant that the 95% majority needs to put pressure on both governments to muzzle those in the private business sector who believe because they employ a couple hundred bajans and have spent 30 years enriching themselves off the majority, it gives them the right to say whatever they want, that they want control of the police force to lock up people..

    ….., these little business parasites have no right determining the welfare, wellbeing or lack of or future incarceration of not one black citizen on the island, they do not have any such rights as private citizens, should not be given any such rights by government ministers and the DPP and should be put in their place with muzzles and filters.,, if Barbados had strong black governments.

    For years Peter Harris boasts he can have black citizens locked up on the island because of his corrupt alignment with DPP Leacock.., Harris.. who steals from policyholders and injured claimants and himself should be in imprison years ago, except he is also closely aligned with government ministers and politicians. ..Harris does not see himself as a savior, he sees himself as a nasty little dictator who is untouchable because he has politicians in his pocket.

    Now this pretensive wild animal Bizzy believes he is entitled to a whole taxpayer entity for free., the SSA…60 million of taxpayer’s dollars for free to do whatever pleases him AND control over the police to lock up black people, he is a private citizen and a drain on the economy, disenfranching black bajans who are entitled to contracts, for 30 years.,, he does not see himself as a savior, but as having more power than government ministers, because he pays both governments bribes.

    The people have to apply pressure on both governments to muzzle and lock up all these little business parasites who commit crimes against the people, without consequences. ..if they want to be elected or reelected….or conditions will get decidely more dangerous on the island.


  • @WW+C, I agree with you,100%.The problem is the 95% want someone to do it for them instead of doing it for themselves and herein lies the problem. Bajans have been conditioned to see their own and other Caribbean islanders as their problem, to the benefit of the 5% who have an interest in maintaining the status quo. They revel and encourage sites like ND as invariably we pick at our own to the extent of nonsense; They will, in the ,meantime, build structures for cement on Spring Garden Highway, potentially contaminating flour, cos whose gonna stop them? And the list goes on. Whose gay and whose sleeping with who takes precedence for the 95% as this pettitiness of thoughts and actions keeps the 95% conditioned and slave-like. Whether we like it or not, white privilege exists 50 years after the independence of Barbados and will continue to do so unless the masses stand up and be counted.Neither government can/will do it for you – you all need to do it for yourselves.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    You got that right Jason, only the majority 95% population can free themselves from their own self imprisonment. I too have a serious issue with their obsession of who is slerping with whom, who is gay..etc issues totally unrelated to who and what is stagnating their progress and stealing their and their children’s future.

    But we can only put the information out there.., the 95% majority have to do the rest for themselves, their children and future generations.

    They allow other people’s person lives to distract them and rob them of any positives in their own lives.

    Just watch and see the upcoming election at those political meetings, that’s all the politicians will talk about, which politician is a Buller, which is bisexual…a lot of distracting crap for shits and giggles…distract the electorate sufficiently. ….then the population will be lost for another 5 years. …robbed by the 5% for another 5 years…disgraceful trend..


  • Even if 5% of the 95% succeed in this demented scheme the 90% who did not will find a reason why that is wrong!!

    Why is it so difficult to understand that Barbados became the land we love because 100% worked to make it so!!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    John…ya back with the slavery shit again…we mean the 95% working to make it a sucess for their community,,, to enrich themselves and be independent and self-sufficient at varying levels….going forward for the next 10 generations.

    The 5% can handle themselves going forward after thiefing for 30 years..3 decades….they are fine, no one envy them anything nor want anything from them, let them keep it and enjoy it.

    …..yall are not getting anymore slaves..we will lock your lazy, greedy asses up one way or the next.


  • Chuckle……None so blind as those who WILL not see……this planet is full of them.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    What happen Vincy boy, getting scared, ya finally seeing hard work ahead for the lazy 5% on the island, ya finally seeing them having to go out in the hot sun and clean the streets and parks, go and clean black people’s homes and toilets, no one will want them cooking for them though….

    ……..they will finally have to go on construction sites and do day laborer work as opposed to pretending they are massas, finally have to clean the gutters and drains, dig wells, plant and pick cotton and peas, dig yams and potatoes, plant and harvest some sugar cane, as opposed to thinking they got slaves to do it for them…when all their illgotten gains runs out and they finally see reality starjng them in the face..

    Well they will have to survive somehow, or run from Barbados and become mediocre nobodies doing everyday work in the metropolises just to survive, survive is survive.

    Don’t worry that will build character and humble the pretense at superiority, I never heard of that killing anyone….when they broke.

    Bet ya cant see that coming for the 5%, but i can…I know that will hurt you, maybe you can then become their slave and do it all for them in sympathy and for free…build up their bank accounts again while you stay broke.

    Dont tell me the 5% cant go broke, I have seen billionaires go broke in 24 hours…ya dont have any local billionaires in Barbados, not from living off the 260,000 black people, population too small.

    How ya like that upcoming scenario Vincy boy, it’s reality, not fantasy, don’t cry.


  • Well Well & Consequences


    Vincy muh boy. ..take a good long hard look at the beginning of the end, read the comments if there are any and try really hard not to cry.



  • The AC’s must have sent John.


  • To even begin to understand why Barbados exists, or for that matter America, you need to have some understanding of European history and the effect the reformation had on people.

    Both countries exist because people in Europe, the “old world” sought a “new world” where they could practice their religious beliefs.

    In America you will find such names as New York, New Jersey, New Amsterdam etc etc. I reckon to symbolize the throwing off the old and the putting on of the new … lofty ideals, perhaps not assiduously followed.

    I remember the change to West Indian History when I was in fourth form at HC.

    We got a book by Garcia and then in fifth form, one by Parry and Sherlock.

    I still have Garcia believe it or not so let me take a look at the indexes and see how much deals with Quakers and Puritans and the Reformation.

    Not much, except when it deals with Emancipation and a few pages deal with the Quaker involvement in the abolition of the Slave Trade and Emancipation..

    The early connection is but a footnote …. a line about the Society’s foundation in 1648.

    There is a sentence about a wealthy sugar planter, Lieutenant Colonel Rous who became a Quaker.

    That happened before 1651 but no mention of that minor detail!!!

    By and large, I left HC like many of my contemporaries uneducated as to why Barbados even existed.

    The whole thrust it seemed was to indoctrinate us on Slavery and the mechanics of how it was abolished and not to educate us as to the how thinking evolved over time and eventually led to the abolition.

    So I understand why most people have difficulty with what I am saying.

    In fact, it demonstrates how difficult it is to change how you think.

    I have chosen to educate myself and in so doing get the enjoyment of learning something new.

    I wonder what History Books are available now in schools and what they have to say on why Barbados even exists.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    John ya on ya own…we already know of the falsehoods and lies, ya cant convince a fella anymore, maybe ya fellow imp Vincent, but that is all…….lol


  • For the sake of posterity all facts must be aired even if they conflict with what was deemed to be a fact until investigated and discovered to have been based on spurious assumptions and glibly accepted by those whose agenda it serves.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Exactly Vincent….that’s why google was invented…to disseminate the truth, debunk false information so we would not waste our precious time reading rubbish, there is even a filter for misinformation, saves ya reading unnecessary long winded posts….easier on the eyes.


  • From my personal experience in Bim:

    “black” businessman: sells you used 3rd rate tiles for 100 BBD

    Maloney: sells you new 1st rate tiles for 80 BBD

    Who is the crook? Who???


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Resistant…so you say, but they are people still complaining about shoddy work on their roofs from Maloney’s firm…3rd rate work….

    ….I personally wont want anything from him or work done by him, for the amount of complaints and the price gouging he is known to indulge in, charging some normal rate and overcharging others to balance out….you dont like Maloney or what, now everything will come out.


  • If our historians would only have looked more closely at European History they would have found 1648, the advent of the Quakers, was also the end of the 30 years war.

    It was also the end of the first bout in the English Civil War.

    The wars of religion had finally spread to England.

    In Europe, between 1618 and 1648, just 30 years, it is estimated that 8 million died.

    In 400 years, it is estimated that some 12 million Africans were transported in the trans Atlantic slave trade.

    God only knows how many were taken by route of the trans Sahara slave trade which had started centuries earlier.

    America and Barbados served as places where people could escape Europe and the wars.

    Barbados was important probably because of its location …. first stop on the escape route to America.


  • “The Thirty Years’ War devastated entire regions, with famine and disease resulting in high mortality in the populations of the German and Italian states, the Crown of Bohemia, and the Southern Netherlands. At the end of the century, after France had invaded the Palatinate again and the area suffered a severe winter, thousands of residents fled as refugees to Protestant England. Many went from there to North America, with passage paid by the Crown in return for a period of work in camps along the Hudson River in New York. Some of these immigrants or their descendants were the first Europeans to be granted land by the English in the Mohawk Valley of New York in 1723 west of Schenectady. Other Palatine Germans settled in Pennsylvania. Both mercenaries and soldiers in fighting armies traditionally looted or extorted tribute to get operating funds, which imposed severe hardships on the inhabitants of occupied territories. The war also bankrupted most of the combatant powers.”


    North America was first settled by refugees fleeing war torn Europe looking for a “New World”

    You will probably find that many of the refugees came right here, to Barbados even before the Quakers begun their Ministry in 1648.

    The links between America and Barbados are plain to see in the families who had property both here and in America.


  • So the earliest persons coming here after 1626/7 were not only English but also Europeans.

    Mostly Dutch I am guessing.

    That is perhaps why there is an Orange Hill Plantation in St. Peter and an Orange Hill in St. James.

    Named perhaps after the House of Orange – Nassau …. and that’s also why perhaps there is a Nassau in the Bahamas.

    Once the source of free labour from Europe dried up in 1648 another became available for a while … prisoners from the re-conquest of Ireland, 1649 to 1655.

    Sugar showed itself to be profitable and an activity that could support the island.

    Slaves from Africa then became the main source of labour.

    Jews, fleeing the Inquisition also wound up in Barbados.

    They had been expelled from England in 1290.

    They wanted to get off the continent to England like most Europeans caught in the 30 years war.

    They needed “letters of indenization” /naturalization not only to enter England but also to enter Barbados!!

    One of the ways to gain entry to England for a Jew was to come to Barbados.

    Cromwell in 1655 would eventually officially allow their readmission but given the life and death situation of the 30 years war and the confusion of the Civil War, it was much earlier that some may have entered England … and Barbados.


  • John

    These insights from you are very wortwhile and I am encouraging you to continue for the sake of posterity.


  • “If our historians would only have looke. more closely at European History…” John on October 18, 2016 at 7:57 AM.

    EUROPEAN HISTORY is riddled with LIES.

    The British, with the “Modern” Germans, were the originators of revisionist history. It was they who first began to write Blacks out of history after the “Race/Religious Wars” of the late medieval. Now look, the British will soon start teaching their children the truth: that Blacks were the original people of Britain. But please know, this is not the result of truth seeking, those truths were always known. Rather, this is them succumbing to the pressure of sources who publish the truth.

    A new GCSE history course, said to teach students that Africans arrived in Britain before the English, has caused uproar among academics. The module, which will be offered by the Oxford and Cambridge examination board (OCR) from September, was created with academics from the Black and Asian Studies Association….The course is called Migration To Britain c. 1,000 to c. 2010. Its literature states: “This course will enable students to learn how the movement of people – European, African, Asian – to and from these islands has shaped the story of this nation for thousands of years. The history of migration is the story of Britain: in 1984, Peter Fryer wrote, ‘There were Africans in Britain before the English came.'”
    The Telegraph Media Group. – 10 Jan 2016
    The Critics-

    V.S. Naipaul, the Booker and Nobel prize-winning novelist, told the Mail on Sunday: “Once again political correctness is distorting our history and the education of our children.”

    Naipaul is an Indian born on the sovereign Island of Trinidad: yet he refers to “Our history” and “Our children.” This man is obviously a pandering “Wannabe” with no knowledge of the facts. Here again: what would he know about Anthropology?

    Historian Sir Roy Strong, author of The Story Of Britain, said: “This stands history on its head, projecting back on to the past something that isn’t true.

    Strong is an 80 year-old “ART HISTORIAN”, what would he know about Anthropology?


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