Alienating the Junk Food Industry

The Barbados Advocate editorial of yesterday addressed a controversial position taken by Dr. Trevor Hassell regarding the addiction of our people to junk food especially the youth. What are the whys and wherefores we need to debate to save the health our people?
– Barbados Underground

trevorhassellAs much as we understand the authenticity of his call and, indeed, largely sympathise with it, we fear that Sir Trevor Hassell is in for the fight of his life if he hopes, as he urged recently, for “an end to the promotion and advertising of junk foods in schools and an end to junk food sponsorship and support for school activities as well as family and sporting events in this country.” Sir Trevor made these comments at a recent symposium attended by senior students and teachers of the nation’s leading secondary schools. As reported in the Barbados Advocate of last Sunday under the banner headline “Ban Them”, he urged that the marketing and promotion in schools and the consumption of energy-dense nutrient-poor products, sugar sweetened beverages and fast food to school children interfere with the formation of healthy dietary habits. There ought not to be substantial public dissent to this view.

However, any purported ban of these products is likely to face stiff opposition on more fronts than one. The purveyors of these products will query their corporate right to commercial enterprise within our economic system; some citizens will bristle at this purported infringement of their natural civic right and autonomy to consume any product so long as its ingestion is not previously prohibited by law; and, doubtless, there will be some who will blame their current economic misfortune for their unhealthy mode of consumption, even though any credible empirical analysis is likely to reveal that fast food is more expensive than a healthy diet, certainly per unit of nutrition and provided one is prepared to take the time to locate these items.

This debate is by no means a new one. When, more than two years ago, New York City attempted to place limits on the sales of jumbo sugary sodas or sweet drinks as we would have it, this initiative was struck down by the state’s highest court on the ground that the state’s health officials had exceeded the scope of their regulatory authority and that its complexity and reach into the everyday lives of millions made it a fit subject for regulation by the city government itself.

Commenting on the ruling in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Amy Fairchild observed, ‘…the ban is not about attacking individual choice but rather about limiting damage. If we see supersize drinks not in terms of the individual’s freedom to be foolish but instead as a kind of pollution that is super-concentrated in impoverished neighbourhoods, limits on drink size become a far different regulatory measure”.

We concede too that Sir Trevor’s proposal will depend significantly on the political will of the governing administration to implement it at a policy level. Given its struggles on the economic front and the minor electoral advantage, if any at all, to be gained from the implementation of the guideline, this much ids doubtful.

It remains though, in our opinion, a veritable catch-22. It is almost inarguable that these eating habits contribute massively to the near pandemic of chronic non-communicable diseases in our nation, a pandemic that draws greatly on our scarce resources for healthcare. The equation would seem simple enough, but then the state regulation personal choice is not all easy.


  • My view is that increasing public awareness is the key…..all purveyors of these types of food should be made to balance their adds with the latest medical studies on the side effects of the ingredients as is done with tobacco.

    Likewise for alcoholic beverages and when marijuana is legalised….it has been proven that banning a substance only increases the price,attracts the criminal element and escalates sales.

    Will any of our govts take this commonsense approach……..I doubt it.

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  • We have always found Professor Hassell as a decent person who has overtime advocated for the protection of the health of the population at large.

    However, more radical measures are needed to confront this American cultural penetration.

    We could tax the preparers of these foods out of business.

    We can charge them the social costs imposed on our society

    We can make their foods illegal

    We can determine that fried foods are toxic and treat them as such.

    We can make the price of unhealthy oils prohibitively high

    We could let people know that when they get diseases associated with unhealthy eating 100% of the cost will be borne personally, or they will have to face the consequences including death.

    We should reduce the size of the QEH and polyclinics and turn them into institutions for alternative modalities.

    On the positive side

    We can promote a generalize healthy lifestyles agenda that would have made David Thompson proud. Healthy ways of eating, preparing, growing foods.

    We can promote veganism, vegetarianism and have a wide range of these items available in every community.

    We could teach people, in school, and from age 5 how to manage their own health care.

    And so on


  • Here is the problem.

    Last week a popular radio personality whose pet name is Salt was asked about Monsanto, he was clueless who or what the company represents. Now there is your problem.



  • David October 8, 2016 at 2:05 PM #

    Not a problem…..increasing public awareness……he can be taught or change him.


  • @Vincent

    Agree but the ignorance by a leading radio personality in 2016 shows the challenge to overcome.


  • David October 8, 2016 at 2:13 PM #

    You are correct….I recall in my distant youth we were able to discuss the different happenings around the world……todays younger generation is very knowledgeable on style,music and art primarily.


  • @Vincent

    Is it not ironic we have thousands who walk to promote cancer awareness BUT are so indifferent to the debate about genetically modified foods and Monsanto? Have you ever heard minister Estwick mention the word in public? And he is a medical doctor.


  • David October 8, 2016 at 2:38 PM #

    I cannot recall when so little public awareness was done by any administration.


  • Have to admit Vincent that with Benn and Paul members of parliament on the government side their lack of leadership in that Chamber is disappointing when debating agriculture matters.



  • Listed at no 17 of 20 nations comprising The World’s Fattest is……Barbados!In the Americas,Barbados is no 3 behind Panama and the USA and followed by Canada and Chile.The rise of NCD’s in Barbados like in Samoa is the American style cheap fast food alternative to a formerly sensible diet and we know who lead the way in Barbados praised by the retard of Sen Lucy.The corpulence of some passengers on Hawaiian Airlines has driven an airline to go to the extreme trouble of weighing passengers and baggage and making them pay for excess weight.Two such affected passengers have appealed to the DOT.

    Meanwhile America Samoa battle an estimated 95% obesity rate linked to a combination of genetics and the American fast food type diet…


  • David
    Barbadians have to admit that with few well known exceptions our Black Parliamentarians have let down black Bajans big time.This present cabinet seem to be convinced that the way to future prosperity in Barbados is continuing to enrich the whites at the expense of a stable 21st Century society.In this Information Age the shaving cream will soon hit the fan.If the police cannot get the gun violence under control,it is only a matter of time the Jungle Justice will spread..the stupid JA’s.


  • David October 8, 2016 at 3:05 PM #

    I always recall my brief stint with the the USDA in Albany,all the top individuals were former&current farmers crop&animal or vets who were employed to advise fellow farmers…..they and their forerunners wrote the books that were being used……have we seen any of this leadership from Cave Hill,MoAg or the BAS?

    Ag. will not move in my lifetime…..we are too small to do willy nilly farming… exists for everyone to get involved with all different types of farming but it must be a collaborative effort…….note aqua/hydroponics type farming.

    We need a rethink in Ag. along the lines of my AIRBNB suggestion for tourism,we must educate and carry everyone with us.


  • Minister Estwick threatened to resign when he was fired from economic affairs mnistry and given the lowly agriculture ministry by Thompson who was on his death’s bed. He was told to use the opportunity to use his intellect/intelligence to take agriculture to another level.You decide if he has made the cut.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    In defense of Salt..
    I thought my son was deficient of knowledge, but one day we got into a conversation and where I was skimming the surface, he was very deep.
    Don’t know salt’s age but it could be: different generation, different interests, more information on topics that are not on our radar.
    Excellent by Gabriel and Vincent


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “You decide if he has made the cut.”

    “PEstwick” was so angry that he was given the agricultural ministry, he cussed and threw a fit…but look at him, a BIG FAILURE with the water authority portfolio. ..he should have stayed and made a success of Agriculture…stupid little man.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Estwick actually looked at the Agriculture ministry as a stepdown on his way to nowhere….he blighted his own way forward…find more intelligent people to vote for.


  • Excuse me for repeating ad nauseam this comment by Denis the corrupt low when he was made minister responsible for water.When Estwick glibly talked about a RAPID RESPONSE TEAM yesterday like if he had just split the atom according to Frank Walcott,when he Estwick mentioned the team I recalled the arrogant ball head focker low saying when a pipe burses they will have this rapid response team too.That was in 2008.lets see if this medical doctor who has to constantly pause for breath,a condition GP is better able to describe from a distance in North America but which I will think is shortness of breath and which says heart condition,which says overweight,which says lack of discipline and a few more things,methinks it’s only a matter of time that the water woes will still be with us as a political talking point next election.
    And now as the pastor of Bay Street would rudely instruct the no nonsense Anglican cleric,some say the best candidate for Bishop in the early 70’s, Canon G Andrew Hatch of Brasstacks fame,of Chaplain to Parliament fame,whom Barrow fired after a serious prayer by the Canon in the House and which asked for divine intervention to be rid of that meddlesome government,the pastor would say ……Let us pray….but lo and behold Stuart became Prime Minister endorsed by the pastor’s constituency.But looka we crosses nih!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol…Gabriel…that is probably their new buzzword, they saw online or in some movie recently…that word been around in the US fpr 25 years…lol…goddamn copiers, not an original or unique thought in any of their empty heads…lol

    All the government ministers and politicians should watch CNN Africa, they need to know their history, their true culture….they are all clueless, empty vessels carrying the island to nowhere.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David October 8, 2016 at 2:05 PM re “Last week a popular radio personality whose pet name is Salt was asked about Monsanto, he was clueless who or what the company represents. Now there is your problem.”

    The problem is deep and widespread. It is somewhat generational.

    As you know there is the perception that the millennials (those younger that 35 roughly) were a significant voting block in US. Some wise person was trying to impress on one such group that voting for a third party candidate was a dangerous game as in some states it could actually shift the winner to an unintended result and thus that protest vote proves more damaging than useful.

    The person tried to explain that concept by citing Ralph Nader and how votes for him shifted the election results markedly in another election.

    The millennials were…Ralph Who, now?

    It’s one thing to be savvy with the latest tech device but often many of the youth act as if life and protest and awareness of world issues started just 30 years ago. Your Monsanto ‘salt’ man may be one of them.

    I wonder if he knows the cool movie ‘Salt’. Really good thriller. If he can associate that with his alias then I would cut him some slack. LOLL.


  • @Dee Word

    You are a Jolie fan eh?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Actually no, you know. Not fan that I would opt to see her movies per se because of her

    I just like that genre of movie. The Bourne or Jack Reacher type of thing. So Salt was right down that lane.

    But she is good at what she does, I would add. Absolutely no difficulty in watching her in Salt or any of her Egyptian treasure hunt movies either.


  • School meals programs should be used to teach children to eat healthy.

    Unfortunately Barbados can’t afford one.

    Bad eating habits are ingrained in parents because the majority can’t afford to buy healthy food.


  • @Hants

    Yes but eating junk food is more of a lifestyle behavior in 2016.



  • Sooner or later, free health care will be overwhelmed by the unhealthy eating habits of many Bajans, myself at times included

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

    Rather than be faced with the prospect of a new hospital which we can’t afford why not just think and act as though there is a tomorrow and the money will run out, ….. and it is worth living in a healthy body that is able to contribute to the rebuilding of a good Barbados!!


  • Hants October 8, 2016 at 5:17 PM #

    Our era used to eat nuff ground provisions.



    The following was submitted by Bentley a little while ago.

    There is also ample evidence in addition to this article that shows the dangers of consuming refined sugar (along with other refined carbohydrates). Sugar is also highly addictive, something the sugar industry has known for years. I have been saying for many years (since before 1992) that Barbados needs to get out of sugar production and instead concentrate agriculture on producing nutritious food for our people in order to reduce the astronomical incidence of chronic, non-communicable diseases and also to significantly lower our very high food import bill.


    Study details sugar industry attempt to shape science


  • Public debate of an issue like statutory or regulatory restrictions on junk food is futile.
    As long as jurisprudence in this country is a branch of British and North American jurisprudence, the debate will be settled elsewhere.
    That is a shame. The health costs arising from current use of junk food are probably prohibitive.That is, they are so great they are likely to interfere with, and then block the process of economic development. Why would any sensible people need to look outside the country for guidance on what is to be done?







  • We have legions of nutrition researchers with much greater expertise than the GP on this thread telling us about the link between junk food and rising health care costs.
    And we have our own diets and medical histories to reflect on. Who do we believe? No contest.




    YES YOU have Your own diets and medical histories to reflect on AND YOUR DIET WHAT EVER IT IS MUST ABIDE BY THE BASIC METABOLISM CITED ABOVE



  • COULD YOU PLEASE LIST THE NAMES OF THE legions of nutrition researchers with much greater expertise than the GP on this thread SO THAT GP CAN GO LEARN FROM THEM


  • Chad99999

    The concept of democracy is seriously threaten when government finds itself in the business of regulating what the people can and cannot put in their mouth. Listen! The entire idea behind the concept of democracy is predicated upon the ability of the people to choose , and if the people choose to eat healthy, or do otherwise the choice should be theirs as far ad I am concerned. And I know the argument will be that the consumption of junk food is going the impact healthcare in Barbado in a negatively, but some are going the stop short of mentioning those foods that Barbadians already consume- which elevates insulin levels and ultimately leads to diabetes and other conditions- which already impacted the Healthcare system in Barbados negatively for donkey years.


  • Hants October 9, 2016 at 8:55 AM #

    50th Anniversary celebrations with Remy Martin Mount Gay rum,no longer the rum of Bim,not even a bajan brew master.


  • @ Vincent Haynes,

    You mean distiller not brew master. lol


  • Hants October 9, 2016 at 10:22 AM #

    Chuckle….I stand corrected….tks


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    So after so many years of making rum, have we lost/transferred that expertise?


  • Anonymouse – TheGazer October 9, 2016 at 10:39 AM #

    We have lost the majority of the things and values that we had 50 years ago.

    This 50th celebration with the monstrosity being erected at the Garrison will be quite hollow……hopefully someone will tell the emperor that he is naked.


  • Somebody explain to me how with all of those acres including the CLICOs 2000 plus in St.John out of production and no funds allocated to bring them back,we are going to guarantee this molasses supply.

    I recall the days when we had factories allocated to special production of molasses,syrup and fine sugar……..we have presently one sugar factory on its last lap that is expected to produce sugar and molasses from phantom canes?…….or will they use river tamarind?


  • Politicians firing a “grog”.

    Which reminds me of a story about a young up and comer who as part of his audition was invited to the home of a top rep of the Party to “vet’ him as it were. The wife brought out a top drawer Cognac and as they prepared to sip it the young turk put the glass to his head and drained it all in one gulp. When the wife approached to refill the glass the rep said “mabel bring out de rum we have a rum man here”.


  • Everyday I try to eat 2 or 3 things which i have grown myself. Yesterday and today and maybe tomorrow as well I had a nice black eyed pea soup. A single chicken breast was enough to make 3 servings. I added some yam, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach, corn dumplings, onion, and some herbs. Grew the pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach and marjoram myself.

    Very good. Very cheap. At most $3 BDS per serving. Real, real poor people food.

    No restaurant in Barbados can produce food at $3 BDS per serving.

    But we do have to take the time to cook at home. We find the time to post nonsense on Facebook, Snapchat, Barbados Underground etc. but can’t find time to cook?

    We find the time to drive or walk or take the ZR van to fast food restaurants and yet can’t find time to cook. The soup above only took less than hour to prepare and cook. Not counting the time the peas were soaking overnight as I slept.


  • It is actually faster and cheaper to cook and eat at home rather than trek to the fast food places.

    Make a very low sugar coconut bread this evening. grew the coconut myself. The loaf should last me for the week.


  • I don’t call them the junk food industry as there is nothing particularly industrious that they are doing.

    I call them the fried grease merchants.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The stench emanating from all the scum…this one has been known for decades.

    The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell

    (Robert Morrow) For years, the Clintons have gone to great lengths to pretend to be something they are not: a family. To this day, Bill often refers to Hillary as his “wife”, despite the fact he has been kicked out of her house a long time ago. And Hillary refers to Bill as her “husband”, despite the fact that Hillary knew Bill was sexually unhinged from the day she “married” Bill on Oct. 11, 1975.

    In the 1992 campaign Bill’s aide Betsy Wright had a list of a whopping 26 women who were potential “bimbo eruptions” who might come forward and say they had had sex with wild Bill. In Clinton terms these were all nuts, sluts & liars. In reality, these were just the tip of the iceberg of the women who Bill Clinton has had sex with.

    Bill and Hillary had a dysfunctional 1970’s “open marriage” from Day One. A longtime friend of the Clintons who went to their “wedding” says she was “totally floored” when she pushed open the bathroom door and saw “Bill passionately kissing a young woman. He was fondling her breasts. I was so shocked I just closed the door quickly and quietly. They never knew I saw them.”

    For 40 years, Bill has had sex with (or tried to have sex with) hundreds of women from all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and races. Very attractive women, ugly women, horny women, even unwilling women. The Rolling Stones are not the only ones who like brown sugar. Bill has had perhaps a dozen long term girlfriends who he has cheated with for decades.

    Bill also has a long history of rape and sexual assault. In 1999 Capitol Hill Blue published an important article titled “Juanita isn’t the only one: Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual violence against women dates back some 30 years” by Daniel Harris and Theresa Hampton.

    The secret shame of the Clintons
    I had to walk the reader through a sampling of the dysfunctional relationship of the Clintons and the often criminal intimidation tactics they have used to cover up this chaos. This context is important for understanding that the Clintons have not had much sex even in the early years of their “marriage”…

    “C’mon, Bill put your d*** up. You can’t **** her here.” – Hillary to Bill at a political event.

    “What the **** do you think you’re doing? I know who that w**** is. I know what she’s here for. Get her out of here.” – Hillary referring to one of Bill’s girlfriends.

    “These women are all trash. Nobody’s going to believe them.” – Hillary

    “I need to be ****ed more than twice a year!” – Hillary to Bill, 1980’s

    So, if Hillary was not having sex with Bill Clinton, then who was she having sex with? Answer: Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, and a string of lesbian lovers. Hillary, like a string of other prominent politicians (Obama, GHW Bush, George W. Bush, Rick Perry, probably Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon too) is bisexual.

    Larry Nichols, a longtime close aide to Bill, swears that Hillary and Webb had an affair. Larry says Hillary interrupted a meeting of Bill and his advisors in 1978. Hillary said “Bill, what are you doing?” Bill replied “Hill, I’m gonna run for governor!” Hillary immediately replied “I gotta get in Rose … I’m gonna f*** Hubbell.”

    Hillary was probably referring to making partner at Rose Law firm because she was already an associate at that time.

    Chelsea Clinton in fact bears a striking resemblance to Webb Hubbell. She has very big lower lips and a weak chin … just like Hubbell. Bill has thin lips and a strong chin. The resemblance of Chelsea and Hubbell is most pronounced in pictures of Chelsea as a young teenager.

    Before and after plastic surgery pictures of Chelsea…

    Here is a comparison photo of Chelsea and Hubbell…

    In summer 1979 Bill found out that Hillary was pregnant by reading about it in the newspaper Arkansas Gazette which covered the press conference of Hillary’s doctor, not by being told by Hillary. One of Bill’s donor friends told this amazing anecdote to author Edward Klein. In what other “family” in America does the so-called “wife” (Hillary) hold a press conference to announce her pregnancy and not even tell her “husband” (Bill) that she is pregnant with what is presumed to be their first child?
    Unless, of course, the child is not Bill’s seed.

    When Bill left the presidency in Jan, 2001, he pardoned everyone else, including Marc Rich and big time drug dealers– but not Webb Hubbell.

    Hillary and Bill were fond of saying that sex is mentioned over 500 times in the 473-page Starr Report, while Whitewater is not often mentioned. In Webb Hubbell’s 332-page book Webb uses the word “Hillary” 396 times. Webb says that he and Vince were “mesmerized” by Hillary and that “Bill wasn’t much of a presence in our lives.”

    Hillary and Hubbell appear to be sending subtle messages involving Chelsea and their relationship to each other in their respective books. Hillary, in her book It Takes a Village, says that “a burly ex-football player” gave her advice on how to hold Chelsea as a baby: “Think of a baby like a football and hold it tight.” Hillary is probably referring to Hubbell who played as an offensive tackle for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Hillary may have seen burly Hubbell as a father figure similar to her dad Hugh Rodham, a tough guy Navy drill instructor who played football at Penn State.

    In the 1980 Arkansas governor’s race, Hillary, who had had baby Chelsea on 2/27/80, who had been so active before in Bill’s political maneuvers, withdrew from campaigning as Bill’s political fortunes were going down the tubes.

    On the night Bill lost the 1980 Arkansas’s governor’s race, Webb says he and Vince were watching Hillary on TV and “I think both of us wanted to wrap her in our arms and comfort her.” (Hey, isn’t that Bill’s job – in theory?)

    When Bill was elected president in 1992, Hillary tried to make Bill promise to appoint Hubbell to the U.S. Supreme Court if a vacancy occurred. Hillary had ordered Bill to give Webb an interim appointment as the chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court: “Well goddam it Bill he’s my friend, you can appoint him by law, so do it!” – said Hillary according to L.D. Brown. Webb got the Arkansas Supreme Court appointment.

    After Bill was elected President in 1992, Hillary made sure that Hubbell was placed in the #3 spot at the Justice Department.

    In his book Friends in High Places, Hubbell makes a special point of mentioning Chelsea when he says how successful he felt looking out at her from the living room of his big house in the summer:

    “On summer evenings, I could sip a drink in my big living room and look out at children- including the Fosters’ and the Clintons’, when Chelsea got big enough- bouncing happily on a trampoline in the shade of my big oak trees. Such a scene made me feel successful.”

    My take: that is a subtle “shout out” from Hubbell to Hillary and Chelsea. Just as Hillary’s comment on “a burly football player” who told her to hold the baby like a football was a nod to Hubbell.

    The fact that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell – and she is – is one of the Clinton’s most shameful secrets. This fact is so discrediting to the notion of Hillary as some sort of innocent victim of Bill’s decades long epic and blatant philandering. The Clintons for decades have tried to cover up who they actually are. “Husband and wife” as they tell us with a straight face today? Bill? A husband of Hillary? Bill is not even the biological father of Chelsea.

    Bill and Hillary are extremely embarrassed about and sensitive about this issue and it is not because they care about Chelsea’s feelings. Bill would not behave like he has for 30 years if he cared about Chelsea’s feelings. When the Monica Lewinsky affair busted wide open, Chelsea had to be taken to the Stanford infirmary.

    In 2007 I had a talk with Karen Tumulty, then a reporter for TIME. I called her to discuss the Clintons’ terror campaigns and why the media should cover this basic issue: Tumulty’s response was we are not going to re-litigate the 1990’s. Then I said well you know Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton.

    Tumulty’s response was a pregnant pause and she did not even lift a finger to challenge me on that bold assertion. Also, based on Susan Estrich’s public comments about the Clintons not having secrets anymore, I am convinced Estrich, Tumulty and scores of other journalists and political insiders know that Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton is the biological father of Chelsea. It is one of the Clintons’ ugliest secrets.

    In 2012 I asked a well known Republican political operative who has spent a lot of time at high levels in GOP politics “How long have you known that Webb Hubbell was the biological father of Chelsea Clinton?” He said he had known that since 1992. I said why didn’t the Republicans use that as an issue in 1992? Reply: he wasn’t running the 1992 presidential campaign.

    The Clintons have been in the national eye for 25 years and I have never seen this precious little nugget about Chelsea’s lineage reported in the MSM. And don’t me tell its because kids are not fair game in political discourse. Politicians use kids and glowing wives as testimony for their fitness all the time. I remember a Clinton video from the 1992 campaign will Hillary just gushing about Bill saying he’s the kind of guy who just makes you feel happy all the time.

    In 1989 Bill wanted to divorce Hillary and marry one of his girlfriends Mary Jo Jenkins, but Hillary would not let him, according to author Carl Bernstein.

    At the same time Bill was conducting cavity probes of Monica Lewinsky with cigars in 1996, Hillary was telling TIME that the Clintons were hoping to have another child. My response, they have never had one in the first place…

    Terry McAuliffe, a key Clinton insider and #1 fundraiser makes a point in his book What a Party! of gratuitously describing Chelsea as resembling Bill in a receiving line at a New Year’s Eve party on 12/31/99: “The mother-daughter resemblance was strong, now that Chelsea was a poised, beautiful young woman, but then you looked over at the President and saw Chelsea’s strong resemblance to him as well.” I am not buying it. That just tells me the Clintons have enlisted McAuliffe in the cover up about Chelsea and whence she came.

    Vince Foster, like McAuliffe & any Clinton insider, would have been highly acute to this topic and worried about the fallout that any revelation about Chelsea being the daughter of Hubbell would have.

    In early 1993 Webb Hubbell was given the #3 spot, associate attorney general, at the Justice and it was subject to Senate confirmation. Vince Foster knew a Senate confirmation of Hubbell was dangerous because certain embarrassing facts about Hubbell and Hillary might come out in the process. Carl Bernstein in his book A Woman in Charge gets close to this, “Foster vaguely repeated his fear that the confirmation process would hurt Hillary. He seemed to know something that Nussbaum didn’t


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Oops..wrong blog.


  • Corruption – The Link Between Sugar, Trans Fat, and Vaccines

    I grew up in the 1960s, inundated by commercials for margarines made from hydrogenated vegetable oils that “promised” those margarines would keep my cholesterol levels low and protect me from heart disease. Yet in 2015, nearly 50 years later, in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence of the harm they do, especially to the circulatory system and the heart, the Food and Drug Administration announced that artificial trans fats of the very sort that made up a good percentage of those margarines were no longer “generally recognized as safe,” and food manufacturers would have three years to remove these substances from their products atogether.

    How did this happen? How could we get the science so wrong that it was actuallybackward, and how did it take us 50 years to figure it out?


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