PURE Beach = PURE Fantasy

Compiled by Due Diligence
Artist rendering of Pure Beach Resort & Spa

Artist rendering of Pure Beach Resort & Spa

It being close to three years since the name PURE Beach Resort & Spa has come up, DD has not thought of it until recently after reading the story Counting on Hyatt.

The first five paragraphs are below.

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding the Hyatt hotel project and the possibility of there being further tourism delay, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy remains optimistic that Barbados will be able to boost its overall room stock by another 2,000-plus rooms by 2019, based on a planned investment of $2 billion.”

Addressing the opening of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s State of the Industry Conference (SOTIC) here last night, Sealy issued the same projections that were given by the Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Tourism  Investment Inc (BTI), Stuart Layne, early last month, while listing the proposed Hyatt in Bay Street among projects to be completed by 2018.

“Our objective, basically, is to add at least one or two new products to the inventory –– in other words, one or two hotels every single year commencing in 2015 –– all the way through to 2019 and beyond; to increase the Government’s receipts to about $2 billion [and] to employ an additional 7,500 persons directly and about 16,000 persons indirectly. So you are looking at [close to] 24,000 persons that we are looking to have in the sector or in ancillary development over the next ten years,” said Layne in making the August 5 announcement.

At the time, Layne did not go into details, but he made mention of several projects, including Sandals Casuarina, which he said was working to have an additional 220 rooms by November next year; Hyatt in Bay Street and Wyndham in St Philip, which were to be completed by 2018, providing an additional 640 rooms; a private sector development that would start in Foul Bay, St Philip later this year, providing 309 rooms; and Sandals Beaches and “other planned developments” that were to commence in 2017, providing an additional 400 and 150 rooms respectively.”

“Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy remains optimistic that Barbados will be able to boost its overall room stock by another 2,000-plus rooms by 2019, based on a planned investment of $2 billion.”

2,000 rooms – investment of $2 billion = $ 1 million per room?

According to CAIPO, Ecoterra (Barbados) Ltd apparently the owner/parent/developer of Pure Beach Resort & Spa, was incorporated on July 14, 2008.


Number: 30761

Category: Company

Date Registered / Incorporated: 14 July 2008

PURE Beach Resort & Spa, the private sector development proposed for Foul Bay, St Philip, was being been promoted as far back as 2009.

To great hoopla, the official ground breaking of PURE Beach Resort & Spa was held on October 11, 2011, with Hon. Adriel Brathwaite (Attorney General) as featured speaker.

A letter dated April 24, 2013, from the Management Team, PURE Beach Resort and Spa Inc. to the “Founding Members” started with:

The recent update letter was sent to all Founding Members to address the current status of PURE project. As stated, while we face challenges, PURE remains an attractive and viable development project as we pursue institutional financing from several sources that will aid in completion of the project.

To date, systemic delay in the approval process and interruption in Ras al-Khaimah (RAK) Sovereign Fundfinancing process has caused PURE project to fall behind the original schedule. Also, continuous flow of funding for PURE project was interrupted when the RAK funding was made known as many of our Joint Venture Partners (JVP) in charge of sale of PURE Units stopped their sales activities in anticipation of full project funding.

Read full ‘’Founding Members’’ Letter

By July 2013 it had leaked that PURE Beach Resort was reported to be having “funding challenges”.

Read full $500M snag: Luxury St. Philip tourism/residential project delayed by financial problems article

On December 16, 2013 this story appeared in the Nation.

Read full Hunt for funds article.

But now, almost three years later, in September 2016 Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Tourism  Investment Inc (BTI), Stuart Layne are still including this private sector development at Foul Bay in their “optimistic” (or is that concocted) projections.

Posing as a potential buyer of one of the fractional ownership units of PURE Beach Resort. on September 21, 2016, DD went to the Pure Beach Resort & Spa Toronto (Markham) business address to enquire about the status of the project and to ask for sales brochures or other information.

There was no one representing PB at the shared office; but another person, who was somewhat familiar with the PB project, did speak to me.

There were no sales brochures or other printed material available..

When I asked about Ecoterra International Corp, and Directors Gary Walker and Mark Purai, he said Walker and Purai are no longer involved, and that Ecoterra is not operating.

He said that the person heading PURE Beach is Sang Park, who was was out of the country – in Europe or China – looking for money to fund the project. Park was the MC in the video (above) of the groundbreaking ceremony.

The website of the New Brunswick Securities Commission contains a 2008 Settlement Agreement in the matter of Sang H. Park. Under the Agreement Sang Park was banned from participating in capital markets for ten years. for failure to provide sufficient information to New Brunswick residents who were investing in, or who were considering investing in, the securities he was promoting.

BUT, he is permitted by GOB to sell foreign investors a piece uh de rock, i.e. PURE Beach Resort and Spa.

The person DD spoke to, who said he was an original investor, did not not recommend buying into PB, unless he is prepared the to wait a long time to get my money back.  He said that PB would pay me 8% interest for a loan (to build the project).

Based on his due diligence, DD believes that the only shovels that will be turned for this project at Foul Bay, are those used by Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite and the PURE Beach team at the 2011 groundbreaking ceremony.

The owners/promoters/developers of PURE Beach did not have money to build it when they came to Barbados in 2008 (when Barbados sovereign risk was investment grade), nor in 2011 when they broke ground, and do not have it now.  Surely after several downgrades, including the September 23, 2016, S&P downgrade, they will not be able to find the funding, even from Barbados’ usual source of project funding,China.

Who do Sealy and Layne think they they are kidding with their lists of “planned developments”?  IMF?  CDB? Moody’s? S&P? Foreign Investors?

They are only kidding themselves, and the voters of who are looking for the jobs in the “planned developments” that will never happen.

It is time for Sealy (or Brathwaite, or Stuart) to come clean and tell the truth – that PURE Beach Resort & Spa is not going to happen.

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22 Comments on “PURE Beach = PURE Fantasy”

  1. Well Well & Consequences September 25, 2016 at 6:39 PM #

    Fraud as usual, lies as usual, misinformation and deceit as usual to the public,..from government ministers and their lackeys.

    The hardest thing to find worldwide, is venture capital…unless you are really plugged in to the top tier investors….and that has been happening in North America since 2012.

    All these pie in the sky hotel building scams…..are just that.

    One or 2 maybe viable…but a long list of them…..ha-ha…those are preelection fantasies and empty promises.


  2. Old Baje September 25, 2016 at 6:39 PM #

    Neither will Hyatt. All BS.


  3. Anthony Davis September 25, 2016 at 7:19 PM #

    It also struck me as being odd as that project would be just as bad as the Hyatt one. The supposed height of the buildings – nine stories – would block the view of the ocean when one is travelling through Foul Bay, and the Beach beneath the hotel would be lost to the indigenous people, and those tourists who stay at other hotels. One would also no longer be allowed to walk down to the promontory. A lady who lives in Foul Bay wrote a very good letter about it, and I also wrote one.


  4. Heather September 25, 2016 at 7:36 PM #

    It seems that all fraudlent foreign and local investors can fool the Ministers in the present DLP Administration.


  5. Exclaimer September 25, 2016 at 7:38 PM #

    A resort community that will benefit and bring together both tourists and the local community! This is pie in the sky nonense.

    I felt very uncomfortable watching this video. Someting did not feel right.

    Why was an invitation made to the Attorney General and not to a lower ranking politician or a civil servant? People will be quite rightly suspicious.

    The role of the Attorney General in the UK is as followed:


    The Attorney General is chief legal adviser to the Crown and has a number of independent public interest functions, as well as overseeing the Law Officers’ departments. These are:

    the Crown Prosecution Service
    the Serious Fraud Office
    Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
    the Government Legal Department

    Other responsibilities include:

    acting as principal legal adviser on questions of EU and international law, human rights and devolution issues
    referring unduly lenient sentences to the Court of Appeal
    bringing proceedings for contempt of court
    intervening in certain proceedings to protect charities
    dealing with questions of law arising on government Bills
    legal aspects of all major international and domestic litigation involving the government

    The Attorney General also holds the separate office of Advocate General for Northern Ireland. The Advocate General for Scotland has specific responsibility for Scottish law matters. (ref: gov.uk)


  6. David September 25, 2016 at 7:46 PM #


    The reason AG Brathwaite was invited to the groundbreaking for this stillborn project is because he is the MP for St. Philip South the proposed location for the resort.


  7. bajans September 25, 2016 at 7:59 PM #

    Lord have mercy. First Cahill, then the DelMastro salvaged solar plant, then the Hyatt, and the on-going Sang Park nonsense. Barbados is a laughing stock.


  8. Bush Tea September 25, 2016 at 8:28 PM #

    @ Heather
    It seems that all fraudlent foreign and local investors can fool the Ministers in the present DLP Administration.
    it is probably more likely that the fraudulent tendencies are originating from the common denominator – the Ministers in the DLP administration….


  9. millertheannunaki September 25, 2016 at 8:31 PM #

    @ David September 25, 2016 at 7:46 PM

    According to your explanation then you should soon see ( in a few weeks according to Inniss) Jeffrey Bostic sitting on top an excavator turning similar sod to mark the commencement of construction of the Hyatt Tower of Babylonia in the City of Dreams.


  10. David September 25, 2016 at 8:43 PM #


    You know how this works, the MP is from the government side.


  11. Timothy Joseph September 25, 2016 at 9:09 PM #



  12. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI September 25, 2016 at 10:25 PM #

    @ Super Sleuth Due Diligence

    I was here reading the Pure Bitch foolishness and was saying that this fellow Abundant Life Lane is featuring in a very lot of scams and is only bringing shame to the name of the Lord that he claims to serve.

    $2 billion is a lot of scam.

    Second point Due Diligence

    I was thinking about those silicon faces from Mission Impossible and a disguise when you went into the Pure Bitch lace in dem investment HQ and was imagining you in a suit wid a false moustache and grey beard and ting.

    You got to be careful with these exposees and dese crooks no, not that fellow Sang for his Supper who in de video but the other fellow Adriel Nitwit.

    You see how dem criminals does use de shovels to bury the people of Barbados with this jobby? Steupseee

    Finally DD.

    Whu de ole man do you dat you incriminating me heah???

    “BUT, he is permitted by GOB to sell foreign investors a piece uh de rock, i.e. PURE Beach Resort and Spa…”

    Sell a piece uh de Rock??? Man dat hurt me my man hurt me badly cause now readers blish to believe dat de ole man in (1) part of Pure Bitch Resort to which in, if you axe AC she may call me a son od a beatch a la Duterte styling and (2) remembering that this is Bullbados this sale of a “piece of de Rock” is defamatory and it got to stop.

    I going have a word with Adriel Nitwit tomorrow while he and he DLP colleagues continue planning Whu to do wid Barbados Underground in general, de Honourable Blogmaster and de Bajans Need Change Posters In particular as it “undermines the institutions of the law in Barbados”

    You got any extra disguises that you cud lend de ole man causing ef I turn up deah as meself he liable tuh give me a lash wid dat shovel dat all uh dem seems to got driving round with in dem Mercedes Benz car trunks… only Stinkliar got a Q7 Audi heheheheh


  13. Well Well & Consequences September 26, 2016 at 5:50 AM #

    Under FOI (freedom of information), as DD was able to access in Canada…Bajans should be able to access information on whether these “big” hotel projects…being sold to the people as certainties by government ministers, are not just scams to fool taxpayers, launder money and steal from the treasury and pension fund.


  14. mitchlans September 26, 2016 at 8:18 AM #

    Why, oh why, oh why does the Nation not have the balls to publish a story on this (and so much more) with the evidence? Are Bajans all still like a group of slaves at the far end of the cane field, bitching with each other and then as soon as massa appears, they all shut up, smile and tell him all is well and we so grateful for whatever we get. This is the 21st century for fack’s sake! Enough of this bending over to take more. We already at 6.30. Can’t bend no further. Time to straighten up and turn the tables. Expose the lies, corruption, secrecy, fraud, deceit, nepotism and the rest. Once the exposure starts, it will be impossible to stop and the clean up will begin in earnest. The rats will scamper and all will know that the games are over.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI September 26, 2016 at 3:51 PM #

    @ Mitchlans

    There are 3 thing about “exposure” that you should be aware of.

    “Who is in the know”

    That is, how many of us know and/or, have access to that which is to be potentially shared.

    If for example nuff people have access to a confidential document then a body can tek a chance, but, if i am the only secretary with access to the document, when they are publicized, i am risking my job

    AND it is always the BAJAN feeling that “A DOG THAT CAN BRING A BONE WILL CARRY ONE” read people do not reward whistleblowers in Barbados as conscientious citizens they are seen as people to be watched and NOT TRUSTED.

    “What is known”

    If i know that you are a Reverend and got an Affair with Sister Headley, even though you are so sanctimonious and always preaching bout fidelity, you may not be as aggressive in your prosecution of a matter to find out who I am as when you have an affair with Sister headley’s 14 year grandaughter or grandson.

    People have some serious dirt on some citizens in barbados like how the successive Attorneys General know who are the real drug lords in Barbados, and which of the IBCs and local companies are regularly transporting money to Miami or which restaurants are solely there as money laundering entities, things like that.

    Now tell me, which body you know that has that sort of information of the terminate with extreme prejudice nature that you see here on the blogs of Barbados Underground “exposing” these facts?

    Which brings me to Item 3.

    Who are you?

    What is your character?

    Are you a real real man or a character, like me, who hides behind these nom de plumes (and unsuccessfully so)

    Do you love country, or community, or family, or are you driven by principles that are more important than you love life itself?

    or like me, as is oft mentioned by my fellow nom de plumes here, are you a frighten man/woman who jes want to get a berry and live out your years and secure an income which will not require you to be begging pun Broad Street?

    I would hazard that the longtime residents here on BU, particularly the Honourable Blogmaster, will tell you that your impassioned cry is not any different from many who have been here long before you or me.

    Tell me something Mitchlans?

    Just for the ole man’s edification.

    Tell me why we should really continue to seek to “expose the lies, corruption, secrecy, fraud, deceit, nepotism and the rest?”

    Upon what basis do you believe that ” …once the exposure starts, it will be impossible to stop and the clean up will begin in earnest…?”

    Forgive this question Mitchlans cause as i read this site today and did a review of our country’s papers, and was thinking of the situation that I find myself in on this Piece of the Rock, that caused the rumblings in de ole head

    I am in such a state of mind where “…[my] judgment! [thou] art fled to brutish beasts,” … my resolve falters like “a heart lost in a coffin” with these DLP brutes…

    I would seek to hear some reasoned thought from anyone, words that give a purpose to this meaningless pendulum-like motion as we move between tribe DLP, to tribe BLP.

    I hoped for some reason or “pause till [hopefully your or another’s reasonings might cause] it [to] come back to me.”


  16. NorthernObserver September 26, 2016 at 5:31 PM #

    Congrats on another fine piece of research.
    All good until the final 3 sentences.
    Politicos do as politicos do. Don,t care where they are located, they ALL want your vote. As the famous song went….and the men are ALL the same….I see politicians in the same vein. So do not expect any admission which could even be vaguely interpreted as failure. It is up to the voters to determine what is accurate or possible and what is not.


  17. Alvin Cummins September 27, 2016 at 7:19 PM #

    Fraud; like Four Seasons..conceptualized by the Pembertons and sold by the Pembertons until the scam was foisted on to the Government of the last administration; passed on to the present administration. Fraud; like the Harlequin “adventures”, Fraud like the Villa Nova (internal) Hotel, Pembertons again, Another private venture,’ rescued’ by the purchase by CLICO, The Harlequin Development that was to take place at Arrowsmith, in St. Philip. Like the purchase of Sam Lords, by CLICO to save the Grants’ money, until this was ‘rescued’ by The Judicial Manager and foisted on to the Government (present), and on it goes. Will the Hyatt become Another private venture that becomes a millstone around the neck of Government? Pure Resorts began many years ago, (check and find out how long ago.
    When Apes Hill was conceptualized it was projected that over a billion dollars was going to be invested in the project; to include land at Bath intended to contain luxury Beach bungalows. That part of the project was still-born, but Apes Hill Golf course moved on. I remember writing the Editor of the Nation a letter and questioning who was underwriting the project. Of course no answer was forthcoming.
    So, let us continue the questioning.I forgot yo mention the proposed Hotel Development that was to take place at NorthPoint.WhAT ABOUT THAT?


  18. David September 27, 2016 at 9:06 PM #


    Isn’t this why we booted the BLP out of office?

    Do you know elders in any society are meant to demonstrate leadership?


  19. Due Diligence September 28, 2016 at 1:35 PM #

    Alvin Cummins September 27, 2016 at 7:19 PM #

    “Pure Resorts began many years ago, (check and find out how long ago.”

    Alvin – See above

    “PURE Beach Resort & Spa, the private sector development proposed for Foul Bay, St Philip, was being been promoted as far back as 2009.”

    The project was endorsed by GOB when to great hoopla, the official ground breaking of PURE Beach Resort & Spa was held on October 11, 2011, featuring the Hon. Adriel Brathwaite (Attorney General) as featured speaker.


  20. Alvin Cummins September 29, 2016 at 4:42 PM #

    If it was being “promoted” in 2009, plans would have been in the works long BEFORE 2009.


  21. Canadian ordered to pay US$3.1 million in costs in claim against GOB September 29, 2016 at 11:47 PM #



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