Property Matters – Pay Day?

by AfraRaymond

The JCC has become dormant by today’s standards, with only two items posted to its website for 2016. I was therefore very interested in their 27th July Press Conference to protest the high levels of State debt to its members. At a time of apparent crisis for the construction industry, one would think that the […]

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Every now and again I will read the Afra column as I try to glean by proxy the mechanics that drive this champion in a country where drive bys and kidnappings and extrajudicial killings and prosecutors get killed when people get offended.

    I read his articles and assimilate their contents in anticipation of the day when Barbados Underground either gets new management or closes down.

    People DO NOT REALLY understand or appreciate the importance of this Blog as it relates to National Development and the responsibility of the Fourth Estate, particularly in light of the abdication of out established media houses read sellouts

    In Tron’s list of agencies to be closed he lists the Office of Public Counsel.

    Readers should take a gander of their site at

    It is a blank page.

    This, while not a surprise to many of us, speaks to a fundamental practice in our system where the very organizations that are ostensibly established and staffed to assist the public are, by these virtual and visual confirmations, just shells established by the status quo to placate us, the feeble, dumb and sleeping sheeple.

    The JCC in Afra Raymond’s article notwithstanding their mandate has seemingly become an appendage of the very entities that they were established to police just like the Fear Trading Commission was under Ronald Toppin of the Barbados Labour Party.

    I have no idea what it is now under the direction of our noble colleague Jeff Cumberbatch.

    One can expect Chad 45 to comment on its efficacy though since, in addition to keeping tabs on the status of women, Chad 99999 seems to monitor Mr Cumberbatch s exploits.

    Long live Social Commentary sites in Barbados and love live BU, in its current manifestation!!!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    I have noticed the track records of all of these people ensconced in these entities, particularly the leaders if governments are to act like they will be in these positions forever, live forever…etc

    They all completely missed the part were they are supposed to leave competent and efficiently running agencies, companies, governments and countries for the next generations and future generations…BEFORE they leave the earth.

    They may not have noticed, since they are ALL so self-absorbed, but even the coconut trees are leaving the Caribbean.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    And this is what one of the british commenters think.

    “The Caribbean is full of lazy incompetent and corrupt people.
    It seems their farmers are as bad as their politicians, businessmen and bankers.”


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