West Indies Cricket Dilemma

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan

roadtonowhereWhat an inept West Indies Cricket Board and a bunch of jokers for selectors on a road to nowhere. I just happen by chance while turning around in the kitchen, to hear one of the selectors say that hardly anyone was at Kensington Oval watching the cricket and that it was very disappointing.

Well, what do they expect? Bajans are very knowledgeable about their cricket and if the selectors continue not to select the best team regardless to whom they are playing, even if we qualify as a minnow like the current West Indies team; then West Indies cricket will always be at the bottom of the ladder.

How can you be playing One Day Cricket against teams like Australia and South Africa and not be playing your best players like Gayle, Russell and Simmons because of a dumb archaic rule? You are playing at home and have the advantage of calling up other players to fill the void such as opener Kraigg Brathwaite, J L.Carter or the Barbados wicket keeper S O. Dowrich who scored runs against the same Australians and yet the selectors continue to play the same team, game after game.

How can you say that you select a team for the first four games? What happens if you lose the first three, are you saying that you are not changing the team? No wonder the West Indies Cricket Board continues to do as they like because they are not accountable to anyone but themselves. One thing for sure, I know that I am one person, who is not going to watch West Indies cricket or breakup my nights rest to listen to commentary about a bunch of second rated cricketers.

I have not gone into Kensington Oval since it has been remodelled because of the poor standard of cricket, and I cannot ever see myself going to watch the West Indies, unless the high standard of cricket and cricketers that I grew up watching, return from those glory days when cricket was cricket. It is sad to see that my boycott in 1992 at Kensington Oval against the board and its selection policies improve has gone to nought.

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    • @Hants

      Will you be buying a ticket tomorrow to see the final live on Sunday? If you plan to come send us an email 🙂

  2. Repent! The end is nigh! Signs and wonders bout here! West Indies just beat SA by 100 runs! Prepare for the Rapture!

  3. Hants,

    A Russell and a Simmons would still make the team better. This new attitude I would suggest is a result of the recent wins at U 19 and WC. The shoulders don’t slump dejectedly any more but instead somebody raises his hand and says, “I can and I will.” Then the self-belief spreads. They now believe that they can win because others have done it. Previously they would have got themselves into match-winning positions and then “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” as though they just couldn’t believe that winning was their destiny. This time they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. These guys have tasted victory (some, like Bravo vicariously) and have realized how sweet it is. So the girls, they have discovered, like the guys with money but love the guys who have money and achievement to boot. Makes for a better party when you have something to celebrate. lol

    Still think Australia, though not as mighty as they think, is a better team. I am ecstatic that they will no longer be able to dismiss us as not worthy of the long trip. My prayer is that now that sledger Watson has retired and Warner has evolved into a player who trusts his bat instead, Kieron Pollard will get that annoying Starc to bowl only with the ball and not his mouth. Then I could actually enjoy a good contest.

  4. Our success in the shorter form of the game is heavily in influenced by our involvement in 20/20 cricket and the fact it seems to fit our psyche and style of play. After the tri-nations tournament the WI will climb the rankings to get closer to England and South Africa, we are well positioned in 20/20 ranking given the recent success. We will remain in the cellar of Test cricket given our state of game for years to come.


    There is enough there to inform a relevant strategy.

  5. @ Donna wrote ” So the girls, they have discovered, like the guys with money but love the guys who have money and achievement to boot.”

    I thought you were a feminist Sunday school teacher? lol

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