Aliis Non Sibi

Submitted by Heather Cole
Submitted by Heather Cole

Submitted by Heather Cole

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. Proverbs Chapter 24:10.

Politics is not for the faint hearted. With it comes constant criticism which is good for the soul. One can learn from it and be a better person or be sharper and clearer in pursuit of one’s goals. Even amidst the negativity in the comments to the below posting that I made in response to the timing of the Article “The Gorilla and the Boy” by Jeff Cumberbatch on Sunday June 5, 2016, I have learnt a lot.

Heather June 5, 2016 at 7:49 AM #

@ Jeff, this is a strange article to write at this time. Were you in Barbados for the past week? Did you read the news on BU or the traditional media? Is this a part of the deflection? With so much going on and you chose to write about something that has no effect on Barbados?

It provided me with a reason to join the call for Freedom of Information Legislation and another perspective from which to examine the 1816 Rebellion in Barbados.

My quest is to provide information to the people of Barbados to enable them to make better decisions for their social, economic and political wellbeing. For all we know, if information was available that Emancipation was not granted there may not have been a rebellion in 1816. That rebellion occurred because the slaves thought that the Local Legislature was withholding their freedom. If information was available that the police had not taken Clement Payne into custody, the 1937 Riots may have occurred on another day. The preservation of the status quo is done through a lack of new information and the freedom to speak out. If there was freedom of information and freedom of speech, there would be no need for a Barbados Underground where almost everyone hides behind a fictitious name. In my opinion, the traditional press comes up lacking time and time again on content to politically educate the people, a void that I know I can help to fill.

If a section of the population believes that only their views are correct and balanced, it does not mean that they are right. At one point in our recent history, people were owned as property and we all now know for a fact that this could never have been right.

In 1816 an African born slave who did not fit in because he was not born into slavery. He compared slavery with the life that he had before and became a rebel with a cause. That cause was freedom. Everyone did not share his vision for freedom. We know this because an informer betrayed him. That someone was a person who lacked the strength and courage of Bussa to step forward and lead the fight for change. I will not let anyone who lacks the courage to speak out against the present administration in Barbados to deter me from doing so.

I am of good courage. I am motivated to find the strength that enabled Bussa to lead a rebellion; I am motivated by the strength that enabled Clement Payne to lead the people amidst the social economic and political turmoil that existed in the 1930’s and; I am motivated by the strength that caused Errol Barrow when others did not share his views to form his own political party.

For all that is known, each of them was faced with opposition and naysayers just as I am today. Like them giving up for me is not an option. We may not always share the same views but there is absolutely no reason why anyone should try to impede any measure in thought, word or deed that may be a catalyst for positive change in Barbados.

At the end of the day, each one of us must ask ourselves, “Do I lack the strength and courage to fight for change? Am I a Bussa or an informer? Is my role to assist in the bringing of revolutionary changes that are needed in Barbados or am I striving to retain the status quo?

I live by the mottos of my two Alma Maters “I Persevere” and ‘Aliis Non Sibi”, for others not self. I am pressing on.

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  1. Heather is vain. Some of the synonyms for this adjective: conceited, egotistical, narcissistic, self-important, overweening, full of herself.
    Incidentally, most Internet comments are made under pseudonyms. That is as true in the United States and the UK as it is in Barbados.

  2. @ Heather

    Please look into starting a chapter of Transparency International in Barbados. We sorely need one.

    • @Heather

      You have share button at the bottom of the blog. You can also share directly from Facebook.

  3. Heather the packaging of the message is often off putting. But you can only be you. What you see is what you get. we who would have lived through the defining changes which you always list very often wonder if they are the same events which we experienced. But Neuroscientists inform us that we see what we want to see and the brain is very selective of what it wants to remember. So press on you live in one of the freest countries in the world.

  4. Madame BajanFire (aka Cole/coal heat) I applaud your ability to use hypocrisy for self motivational.

    I read the blogs on Sunday too and de bro Cumberbacth tell you like a real gentleman to go quietly and read other messages if you didn’t like his.

    He could have said , “Haul yah ass. WTF do I have to write about itsy-bitsy political dirty panty every week” He did not do that, and obviously never would. But SOMEBODY (else, 1 already did) needs to tell you straight up. Yes, you are vain.

    And a hypocrite.

    If you know that you can be a a better person or be sharper and clearer in pursuit of your goals by matching wits with other intelligent people then do so.

    You cannot be continually criticizing others for their views and den come bout heh wid bull-dung “I will not let anyone who lacks the courage to speak out against the present administration in Barbados to deter me from doing so.”

    You is queen of courage all-a-sudden.

    fah real, Say what yah got to say. Get yah crew and do yah think. But you are being a complete and total vain-glorious jackass to expect that there is only your way of protest.

    But de lil hypocrisy and vanity – which in every efffing politician does got – is not a big problem because you like you is a fairly smart babe too. And I use that word most deliberately cause good looks never hurt a boy (or girl in your case) in politics.

    But chill because what does really eff up de plot is when the good looks and smarts get lost way in the vanity and hypocrisy. So don’t’ cross da line, do.

    We need peoples like you who can walk, tap-dance and chew gum while reading Cumberbacth pon dem phone.

    And who can also wait till they get home and share the effing essay dem-selves from their tablet. Dis fella David is yah publicist and agent now too. hehehe.

  5. One man’s opinion.

    There was no need to mention Jeff in this submission.

    I hate when people (1) try to manipulate others, (2) try to force a person to choose a political party or (3) to stake out a political position or (3) when their efforts fail they seek to attach a label on that person. In the schoolyard this act is accomplished by bullying and here on BU it is cyber bullying.

    The election appear distant, but it seems as if a decision has already been made to engage the “Jeffs” and “Caswells” of BU. They will either sing the tune that others want them to sing or they will be neutralised or/and discredited. You are either for ‘us’ or for ‘them’.

    I would suggest to these two gentlemen that the pseudonyms “UnionLeader” and “LegalEagle” are not taken. What about your columns? I suspect that at some stage it is “publish AND perish” if you do not toe a party line.

    Just my opinion that some are power hungry….

  6. This is so self-dramatizing it’s endearing. It’s as if a deeply boring adolescent singer-songwriter wrote some shite in his/her bedroom and then published the thoughts on an intranet to other self-dramatizing people who haven’t read a book since they left school.

    Ya heah?

  7. Chad9999

    You could really shut your stupid ass mouth. You starting to sound like frigging broken record writing a bunch shite you think sound intelligent. Two people in this forum irks me to the core; you are fastly becoming the third. Bare nonsense all the frigging time. Stupppppppppse

  8. Wow, is all of the profanity and personal attacks necessary in order to state one’s opposition to post? I think not folks. Remember, we are all in this together.

  9. @Sunshine Sunny Shine
    I’m pleased to be the third person you strongly dislike. Wouldn’t want to be someone who thinks like you.

  10. Chad99999

    You cannot think like me. You are too busy wallowing in self proclamation. I have no time for shites like you who are more interested showing off intellect.

  11. Heather

    Very few people on here spark my interest. When my sweet piece writes I read. When Bushtea pens, I listen, when David, Caswell, Artax, the Gazer, WWC and a few others articulate, I pay attention. When you produce your pieces it is worth the read. My sweet piece believes that you are not what you say you are. However, you assured me that you are not pushing any political party’s agenda. I have given you the benefit of doubt. Do not be side track by all the nonsense written by some bloggers. When a woman asserts herself she is all bad things to all self righteous men (sorry sweet piece but if that cap fits you then you have to wear it). When a man asserts himself he is the champion of a cause and a hero to many. I have nothing against Jeff Cumberbatch; nothing whatsoever. However, I just do not read his writings. I read one single thing he wrote and felt that it was not about a cause but simply about elevations. Thus, I do not know what is Jeff Cumberbatch’s cause in the context of Barbados yesterday, today and tomorrow. I just cannot see clearly what purpose he is serving and so I just do not read what he writes. To each’s own.

  12. SSS,

    How did my name get into your commentary on this piece? Are you “taking basket” for Heather?

    According to you-

    “I read ONE SINGLE thing he wrote and felt that it was not about a cause but simply about elevations”.

    Alas, this says more about you than it does about me!

  13. I keep wondering why a man of such high intellect Jeff Cumberbatch would come to this forum a forum solely designed to attract an intellect drawn out of political persuasion solidified by self interest

    • @ac

      How do you know what his forum was designed to do?

      Let the BU household flip you last comment:

      “I keep wondering why a commenter of such low intellect ac would come to this forum a forum solely designed to attract an intellect drawn out of political persuasion solidified by self interest”


  14. David you answered my question , you response shows that your level of intellect is a about ten notches lower than ac trying to hit below the belt with an aire of disdain for those with differing opinions you ought to be ashamed of yourself

  15. David i said what i had to say and it irks you because it is the truth just do a tabulation on the numerous articles on BU then read many of the comments and my assessment would be correct :political persuasion” and self interest the two leading components that drives and attracts people to this forum absent of those two components any one who dare changes course would be under heavy fire from the political avaricious who frequent this blog
    You can have the last word

    • The BU household does NOT need the last word if a picture is worth a thousand words.



  16. @Jeff Cumberbatch

    I told you, Mr Cumberbatch, that I have nothing against you. I read one single thing you wrote, and it led me to believe that you are more into gloating than you are about seeing Barbados seriously changed. That was my interpretation and if it is wrong, feel free to say so. Like Heather, I ask her point blank if she is a servant of the BLP and she said no. On that score, I started to support her writings and the cause she pushes. I have had one single encounter with you and you know what that is. I am not bridled nor am I a respecter of persons. Your writing is a-ok, but what point it is serving? Point me to the means by which we need to stroke the fire of change in Barbados in your writings and then can I clearly understand your cause and purpose.

    You are in the conversation because you were my example. The SSS is maybe offensive to some, but she is not always nasty to others. You are one of the ok others but just need to understand what is your cause. So you came up in the conversation as an example.

    Everyone on here by now knows what the SSS stand for. I have already admitted to being nasty so your last sentence is truly a compliment to my character. Thank you

    • @SSS

      Trying to understand the position you have taken. Jeff is a prolific writer, his articles can be found weekly in the Advocate (shared in this forum), he does what many on the Hill are scared to do by participating in this forum,ordinary folk. He is Chair of the FTC. He is involved if memory serves on the Anti Money Laundering Authority etc etc etc. He is making a contribution is he not?

  17. David keep up with your insulting attacks on me you are doing a great job of motivation for myself Thank you Btw i am LOL HEE HEE oh by the way i find the weave comment hilarious but wonders of whom are you speaking He Hee

  18. @ My Dearest Sunshine

    I am going to make an admission to you.

    I had a strong mother who was intelligent, erudite, motivating, supportive, loving, kind, had a great sense of humour, and taught me how to think “logically” by insisting on two things which, if i explained here, would expose who I am, (lolol) conclusively lololol

    (I would also give a paragraph for my father too but, because this is about how I perceive women, in general, all i will say to compliment that, is that he supported whatever my mother said, even after they separated)

    THis is why my foolish self all these years hence believes that “the hand that rocks the craddle rules the world” but juxtaposed against that belief is my realisation that if one, male or female, is an empty vessel, then it is impossible for that person to instill anything to their offspring. And that is not a product of an elitist upbringing, it is my life experience “an apple CANNOT fall far from a tree, UNLESS IT IS UP A HILL”

    In similar vein of equal rights for men and women, I do have some challenges when assertiveness and intellect is commingled with arrogance, despotism and autocracy whether it be man or woman.

    Ms. Cole, Heather is an interesting woman, and is an intelligent woman, and is articulate.

    But like you I interpret things on what i see, hear, experience, adduce, and subjectively interpret.

    Your misgivings about Jeff, whose “reserve” in writing is of a concern to you, are for me the indication of the depth of the man, who it is obvious, to me, is one of the most radical men in Barbados, next to Caswell and Leigh Thornhill (the Auditor General) who is capable of saying things BUT not saying things, so adroitly that the enemy hath appointed him GATEKEEPER!!

    You and I are guerilla warriors who are embarked on a jihad of sorts, our “holy” war against the enemies of our nation, be they BLP or DLP, be they administrators who are inept, be they visionless educators, or inept Prime Ministers, or corrupt business men.

    Jeff is the Trojan Horse who, while he sees the injustices, is not like Sir Hilary the Turncoat who once assuaged by the plantocracy offers and directorate positions at the Mutual, have been forever silenced, nor is he like the Nassars who now sing for the same master that he decried in his youth, to the max.

    The Way of the Warrior must be one where I can cut you down with one stroke with my Katana, shoot you with my Remington 30.07s from a bush 1000 yards away, or lull you to sleep with milk laced with a relaxant and then put a tent stake through your temple like Jael, Heber’s wife.

    Remember that the greatest ally that we have is the one within the gates.

    This announcement here WILL NOT HAMPER Jeff Cumberbatch.

    They cannot stop his rise because, AND HERE IS THE KICKER, ALL MEN & WOMEN who encounter this man see him and realise his worth.

    I will come here and rant and rave about the guns and despots and the bitters out of clitorises and we will fight side by side against AC and legion and Fumble and the worst government this cuntry has ever known BUT, at the end of the day, we are footsoldiers who, in classic Fidel Castro styling, know how to fight wars, but are not men and women of peace.

    Our hands are stained and we cannot build the Temple and habitation of our Lord.

    Jeff can, and Caswell can, and there are thousands more in Barbados who can, but choose, @ today, to fight quietly from the moho of the shadow, where light and darkness overlap.

    While there are many who are competent, like Jeff, there are those who are fearful now but will, on seeing such leaders stand up, each week to fight, are becoming emboldened, and are standing up.

    You think that that Lears Roundabout has come down by itself? that is because we BU-ians and FB faceless army is saying enough of this shyte and men like Mark Cummins and the rest are saying, wait one effing second, this is correct, no tail ent wagging the dog no more.

    I want you to watch Mia Mottley’s comments, she and they understand the power of these blogs which like a beasts having no “face” goes out to conquer in directions that they cannot control with their corn beef and biscuits strategies.

    My “problem” with Heather lies in her inability to “self-combust”, she feeds off topical issues, the emotive, whereas Jeff is able to shift at a moment’s notice, and hold his own in every sphere, showing a capacity of self determination, which Heather lacks

  19. Pieces, &?#%^. You almost made me curse there. I started to compose a response to Heather/Jeff and then saw your post. Thus I had to stop because you said what the frig was on my mind. So allow me to piggyback – a lil different, but same basic context on your excellent screed.

    First up and this bothers me. Why do smart, wonderfully well-meaning aggressive activists like SSS and Heather definitely are adopt this ‘idiotic’ perspective that their way is it and anyone else is a lackey or a part of the problem and not seeking a solution. That distresses me. On many levels.

    …. one, the fact that they have imbibed the issues and history well enough to see through the tissue of lies and self-aggrandizement of the politial how can they not read the sub-text – writ quite large mine you – under the bye-lines of people like Jeff.

    If YOU can see and understand that “…the depth of the man, who it is obvious, to me, is one of the most radical men in Barbados” and an illiterate lke me can also see that, how do these very bright folks get so caught up that they miss that. How?

    …. two, it distresses me because the activists are not drawing properly on their history and are allowing the immediacy of the internet to as you said pellucidly:

    — “My ‘problem’ with Heather lies in her inability to ‘self-combust’ “. Not inability but ABILITY to burn brightly with ill-formed thoughts and words. The net does a grave injustice to us in that regard …

    …. they also do not draw on their history to recall that in their world a fellow like William Wilberforce would be today on the edge of their harsh words and dislike too. In the sense that he was a frigging part of the establishment and although a voice eventually for abolition of slavery he was one of dem, not so. But also in every sense a type of Trojan horse as you alluded to. There are gazillion Trojans like him.

    …the third distress is that if they are so full of fervent megaphone voice and they can’t see the sub-text are they doing themselves and the cause a grave injustice with the ‘bull in china shop attitude’. It takes bullets and front line soldiers to win a war surely but if you think victory will be yours by that alone then you have already lost.

    And in that regard I end my screed with this. I appreciate and admire the strong voice of Heather and SSS but if I am critical of either of them its on the facts so when either start wid this ‘putting down women shiiittte’ then clearly they are not ready for prime time.

    You had a strong mum and I did too. Criticism is criticism on facts so they need to ease off the gender BS.

    Let’s open our minds to know that our birth day was not in fact the first day the world awoke – – contrary to popular belief.

    We are one of several who actually think of the same result but have a different plan to get there.

    That is why a 80 year old man like you and a younger illiterate like me wid stand-pipe education cud be thinking that dis is the same damn foolishness!!!

  20. One man’s opinion (and I am sticking to it)

    Let’s not confuse SSS with Heather.

    I have an opinion and I am entitled to it. SSS has her opinion and is entitled to it.

    Heather has an opinion and is entitled to it; but Heather wants to shove her opinion down the throats of others and to tell others what to do and what to write. She comes across as a bully (that’s my opinion).

    When we pen under a pseudonym in a foreign land (referring to myself) we can say what we want, but when you are sitting on a two burner stove and commenting on what goes on in the society, then one has to exercise care. There is a sermon in what you said and a sermon in what you didn’t say. Commenting or not commenting on a situation speaks volumes. Your selection of topics sends different messages to different people.

    That is why I was repulsed by Heather’s article. It seems as if she has taken it upon herself to put a label on Jeff or to silence him. I doubt if this is her own idea. Well that dog don’t hunt here and whenever I see it here, I will throw boulders at it.

  21. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 11, 2016 at 3:17 AM #







    • @GP

      Surely your last comment is intended to be provocative. SSS and Heather are very capable of defending their positions. The very fact that BU posted an article by Heather that is highly critical of Jeff rubbishes your point. What some of us have asked SSS and Heather is to put some flesh on their opinions so that others are able to appreciate their positions. It is debate 101.


  22. My last observation on this post…

    The best comment to this post was given by Brathwaithe
    “He could have said , “Haul yah ass. WTF do I have to write about itsy-bitsy political dirty panty every week”

    We may have to enter Jeff’s office, throwall of his books out of the window, and teach him a few good Bajan cuss words. The Queen’s English or a legal vocabulary or polite manners are not suitable for times like this….

  23. David June 11, 2016 at 11:02 AM #

    RE Surely your last comment is intended to be provocative.

    RE SSS and Heather are very capable of defending their positions. GOOD FOR THEM ! DID I SAY OTHERWISE? I JUST REMINDED SSS ABOUT HOW YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BEHAVE AS A BAJAN?


    RE The very fact that BU posted an article by Heather that is highly critical of Jeff rubbishes your point. What some of us have asked SSS and Heather is to put some flesh on their opinions so that others are able to appreciate their positions.

    RE It is debate 101.


  24. Looka Georgie Porgie,

    Keep youself outta me and my girlfriend Sexy Sultry Sensual business.

    I is not say nuffin gainst me girlfriend and you is not going to get me in no commess wid her.

    You tekking a 6 fuh a 9 yuh (lololol) giving you medical opinion pun tings of de heart is one ting, but you see tings bout “me heart” lef um alone you hear??

    @ SSS

    Some weeks ago dearest one, you had said, and logically so, that since one was certainly NOT going to vote out Fumbles, the Inept, then one had no other choice but, the Despot.

    For a few moments, the logic engaged me, so much so that I even joined the Wagon Train to Roebuck Street but then, when your somnambulist effect on de ole man wore off, on He who Would Follow You to The Edge of the World, I said whuloss, whu I cyan jes support despot jes so!!

    She al least gots to know that she is a “default” Prime Ministerial option!!

    A Default option , cause all over Barbados, no one is saying “Looka me, I’ll be ya Huckleberry”

    I is a practical man, Fumbles gotta go, and, since nature abhors a vacuum, even though the LoE walking bout in white, like dem womens from Havana, that did not make her “Mother Theresa Elect”.

    It is glaringly evident that Barbados needs alternatives, people who stand up to the tests that HAVE TO BE employed, Integrity, Freedom of Information and Power of Recall

    There are no free passes

    Look how that at 2016 NONE OF THEM EFFERS of the government in waiting, not one of them has published what their assets are!!

    You see how we are just waiting to get screwed?

    @ Others

    Jeff cause HC to loose face with a simple observation a few weeks ago and so …..

    Jeff Cumberbatch is a threat. He speaks softly, yet he carries a real big stick, and wid that sort of power, who needs to cuss like me and GP?

    Jeff Cumberbatch is like President Obama, the only skeleton in his closet is an unpaid ticket so many going be out to get Cumberbatch.

    He falls into the category of “Whu we going do wid he?” “Man he good at he craft man, we cant do widout he, but you know dat, he dont wear no bridle?”

    Opinions are like as*oles everyone has one, so like Gazer points out each of us going have our perspective on these issues which dont make us right or wrong, it just means that we are outspoken

  25. Piece
    Please you bringing a decent Harrisonian down to the level of the worse President the US ever had
    I dont know Jeff but I am sure that if he is married his wife is a WOMAN and not a tranny

  26. DAVID

  27. My sweet piece

    Thank you for the clarity. As I have said before, I do not read Mr Cumberbatch’s articles, except only one, and I do not have anything against him. If he is making a contribution towards exposing the wrongs and bringing a different type of perspective that can shed light upon the dark deeds and doings of the power hungry and money foolish, then that is fine with me.

    Change must be brought to bare on the political masqueraders who are fronting as honourable men but operating like ravenous wolves. The time for talk has long past. Barbados is sinking and the passive need to wake up.

  28. @ac
    I was developing a real liking for you.
    I could ignore the illogic, yardfowlism, the weave that is too tight, and even an ugly face.
    Let me tell you now… the tranny thing is a deal breaker 🙂
    You have to forgive me, someone mentioned tranny and I thought of you 🙂

    Sorry guys, I strayed away from the political talk..

  29. The gazer so what is wrong with being ugly some of the ugliest people have been great contributors to societies
    Take a look at the leader of the opposition maybe we have at least one thing in common ugliness but her looks has not stopped the blp yardfowls from disliking her even in the face of evidence
    As for you Gazer you and others are dying to see what an ac looks like. in face of non evidence many have depicted a look alike image of themselves to represent ac
    please be advise that accuracy in news is of uttermost importance and vilification constitutes the lowest level of intelligence constructed in the form of make belief

  30. Gazer that message was intended for the blp yardfowls whose best shot is to demonize but could not give a flying crap about what they think or believes makes no sense for me to get all worked up over what demons say
    let me let you in on a little secret when i first came to this forum ac was the darling and the object of attention even bush tea wanted to cuddle and offered to wash my feet ac could do no wrong
    Unfortunately to some i have made an unforgivable mistake in political leaning over the years and for that i have lost all my hard worked accreditation as a loyal member of the bU household and have been cast into the lions den awaiting my fatal demise
    However being the strong and determined person i have stood boldly and dodge every scorn bile or attempted assassination on self and have come out on the winning side for the past seven years feeling stronger and bolder than ever

  31. @ AC

    Say it aint so AC, say it aint so….

    Unless de blogmaster of Artaxerxes the Archivist par Excellence bring the proof, I ent going believe it!!

    AC, I doubt that the stars be fire, I doubt that the moon be blood, I doubt truth to be a liar, but AC I can but only doubt this egregious thing that you are saying about brother Bush Tea.

    Indeed this is a thing most nefarious….indeed the strategy behind this is more Machiavellian that even The Despot could have thought of.

    This is the most unkindest cut of all oh woe is me….oh woe, woe woe

    “Oh, what a noble mind is here o’erthrown (by this admission) the courtier’s, soldier’s, scholar’s, eye, tongue, sword, th’ expectancy and rose of the fair state, the glass of fashion and the mould of form,” brought to this unkindly place….

    Oh woe is me, PUDRYR, shall sleep no more, calamity hath befallen me in mine old age.

    Surely it was in jest, or worse, when he was drunk, or worse while he was under pain of torture, or worse, had been driven momentarily mad when transported to eh future and seen a two term DLP government.

    Say that it is not so AC, and that these words are intentioned to do Bush Tea great harm….

    Soft I must seek solace from the Blogmaster and pray that he doth remain quiet for in such silence, i dare might hope that thou hast spoken an untruth in keeping with thine leader and kin Fumble

  32. No, it wasn’t a waste of time. Quite the contrary, it’s fascinating to watch.

    I have a view, and if you don’t have that view then you, personally, phucked up bussa.

    That’s an interesting view. Infantile, but worth knowing.

  33. Why does Barbados have such an absurd proportion of its adults dependent on the public tit? Doesn’t happen elsewhere.

    Just asking. If the public tit dries up, of course, that absurd proportion will have to be weaned. Your suggestions for weaning are what?

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