Barbados Union of Teachers has Lost its Way

The following is an unedited version of the article which appeared in the press last weekend.

As a practicing trade unionist, I find the stance taken by the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), with respect to its call to have a meeting with the Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, to be troubling and can only be summed up as “familiarity breeds contempt”.

President of BUT, Pedro Shepherd, publicly announced that his union would take industrial action if Minister Jones failed to meet with teachers on a particular date. Mr. Jones was a teacher and also a longstanding president of BUT. It would appear that his former union somehow believes that it should have no respect for the office of Minister of Education because the incumbent was one of them.

Mr. Jones has admitted that, as Minister, he has met with teachers in the past and in response to the union, he offered to meet after settling an agenda. That being the case, Mr. Jones has no one to blame but himself for the way teachers are now treating him.

As a former public-service trade union leader, Mr. Jones must know or ought to have known that, as a member of parliament, he has no right meeting with public officers to discuss any representations made by them, to deal with any matters related to their public office. That responsibility rest squarely on the shoulders of the Head of Department, who in this case is the Chief Education Officer (CEO).

Again the matter of familiarity breeding contempt has raised its ugly head. The current CEO, Karen Best, happens to be the immediate past president of the BUT. Any representations made by teachers or their representatives, including complaints against the Minister, should first be directed to her. Instead, teachers had been mixing business with friendship and have been bypassing all avenues open to them and improperly referring their concerns directly to the Minister.

Ministers, particularly the Education Minister, have routinely met with public officers even though such meetings are contrary to the “General Orders for the Public Service of Barbados 1970”. General Order 3.17 states:

Officers and employees who wish to make representations regarding promotion, transfer, increased emoluments or other matters related to their public office should do so through the Head of their Department or their accredited representatives and should not directly or indirectly approach a Member of Parliament. The Head of Department shall forward such representation to the appropriate authority within seven working days.

The General Orders that were previously unenforceable have been given the force of law by section 33.(2) of the Public Service Act 2007. The meeting that was proposed by BUT, where the Minister would sit down with teachers, would be highly improper as it would conflict with the General Orders. In essence, the union has ordered a strike to facilitate them breaking the rules.

The major problems in the Public Service have their genesis in politicians overreaching into areas that are outside of their responsibility, either by operation of the law or constitutional convention. Unfortunately, the lines separating politicians from civil servants have been blurred to the extent that unlawful political interference is now accepted as being the norm.

It is bad enough when BUT could mislead its membership to strike in order to force a Minister of the Crown to do the wrong thing. It is even worse when the general secretary of this country’s major union could flay Minister Donville Inniss for being completely in the right for a change.

There is no place in a modern Barbados for union leaders to call a strike at the mere drop of a hat because they know that they have it in their power to disrupt. The Public Service of Barbados would be a whole better place if those who seek to represent workers would first ground themselves in the relevant rules and procedures that directly impact on them, rather than relying on the art of bluster or mindless sabre-rattling.

Teachers by the very nature of their profession must be role models for their students. How can they explain their behaviour to their charges in this regard?

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  1. @ Caswell,

    Good article. The current Minister of Education , has in some cases , brought his ministry into disrepute by several outlandish interventions and comments. From day one he set the tone that has now resulted in the current embarrassing state of affairs. There are members of the teaching profession who in private have opposed the elevation of those who will put party before union and the profession. This is nothing new within the BUT and or the BSTU. The apologists for both the BLP and DLP will like the society to believe that these two parties are blameless. Independent thinkers know that politics have always been in the way going back to the epic battles involving Dame Elsie Payne and Errol Barrow. I know that Louis Tull as Minister of Education told a blatant lie publicly on the profession. This collapse has been long in coming and this nonsense is only the tip of the iceberg. Another putrid episode of the decadent BLP/DLP continued destruction of our island state.

    • @William

      The script is being followed to the letter.

      We have become a country gripped in a perpetual state of conflict, lurching from one crisis to the other. An election is on the arisen and it is clear now that pensions have been secured, DEM aint listening to a boy.

  2. David, we all accept that Barbados is but a fledgling democracy and has not undergone the upheaval and drastic changes of older democratic countries but yet in our brief 50 years of independence we have lurched from pillar to pillar on these same issues.

    We have not ‘become a country gripped’ by conflict in the teaching ranks. We ‘are a country’. That is to say, that there is nothing sudden about the waves battering the teaching profession.

    The commenters above validate that: Dame Elsie and the Hon Errorl Barrow go back generations. And too the fact that a current MoE was himself a teachers’ union official for many years suggests that the awareness of quarrels and conflicts are long standing.

    Countries take long to settle and to some extent we are very force-ripe: we think we are adults but in fact we are adolescents in behaviour and thinking.

    It is going to take some time (whether we like it or not) to get our act together.

    The problems of course are that we are small and we do not have the luxury of operating without the disruptive influences of other nations’ issues.

  3. @ de Dribbler
    …see why Bushie is forced to point the whacker in your direction now?
    What the hell are you saying @ 7:44…?

    Here is Bushie’s take….
    Things have always been disruptive…so nothing new.
    Jones was always an idiot…
    We are not adults (speak for yuh self boss…) but children..
    Don’t worry … be happy…

    The problem is that, being small, we cannot keep doing shiite otherwise there will be a big stink.

    Man you are MUCH to perceptive to need to have to take these MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD (since you don’t like ‘lukewarm’) positions.
    If you see a problem say so!
    If you see no problem say so!
    Shiite man!!! …yuh can’t say BOTH at the same time…..

    You KNOW that we are playing the ass and doing shiite too…. MAN JUST SAY SO.

  4. @Caswell
    There is no place in a modern Barbados for union leaders to call a strike at the mere drop of a hat because they know that they have it in their power to disrupt.
    You know that is heresy, don’t you? Right now the union leaders looking for a place to erect a stake where they can make a martyr out of you.

    On a serious note that statement is absolutely correct and I have no proof of this but I believe that a lot of investors eschew Barbados as a place to invest because of the propensity for “wild cat” industrial disruption. There must be another avenue to solve these seemingly minor molehills that become virtual Everests. One would think that Barbados which boasts of its high literacy would have found a way to avoid some of these issues but there is “book smart” and “street smart”.

    Sadly, some people have too much of the former and not enough of the latter.

  5. @ Bush Tea David et al,
    Bush Tea you are correct. All we do is make excuses for this incompetent and inept bunch. We have reached the pathetic stage where we are now using the level of mediocrity as a measuring rod. We have given up on excellence. No freedom of information act; no frigging integrity legislation; cannot manage one general hospital; cannot get a public transportation system going; cannot resolve everyday occurences at the school plant, cannot solve housing problems; cannot solve water problem; cannot effectively manage the child care board; cannot fix roads,and we can go on and on. All of the above under both the Barbados Labour Party and or the Democratic Labour Party. From Barrow to Stuart and all the rest in between: Sandiford, St. John, both Adamses, Arthur, Thompson. It will (soon) happen under Mottley who is cut from the same tree.

    • @Dee Word

      When the dust settles it is about the quality of the current state and managing the tension that goes along with it.

  6. Sargeant

    You may be right about scaring off investors. One day I went to address a group of workers who expressed an interest in joining Unity Workers Union. I told them that my role was to ensure that there was hamony workers and management, to maximise profit while ensuring that workers rights were protected. I explained that they should give of their best so that the company that puts food on their tables would be able to pay better wages.

    My message did not go down so well. The workers were accustomed to having an adversarial relationship with management and they opted to stay with their union despite initially seeking my assistance. They were used to union leaders talking tough but doing little for them but they like it so.

  7. “All of the above under both the Barbados Labour Party and or the Democratic Labour Party. From Barrow to Stuart and all the rest in between: Sandiford, St. John, both Adamses, Arthur, Thompson. It will (soon) happen under Mottley who is cut from the same tree.”

    What fascinates me about the DLP apologists you included Skins is that when the BLP is in power all their ills of omission and commission are placed squarely on their doorstep whereas when the DLP is in power the BLP is still blamed for the infelicities of the DLP.

  8. Balance
    It is only fair that the D’s be given a pass because all and sundry except the D’s themselves know that they are incompetent.On the other hand,the B’s are embarrassingly possessed of the greatest brainpower in Barbados,with almost all First Class Honours economists vying to join the party because they revel in the competitive scholarship in that party.If the B’s announce tomorrow that Rawdon Adams returning to Barbados to join the party,even Mara’s seat in jeopardy.

  9. I was making a longer point actually and cut it quite short this morn so the final comment was not as strident. But most definitely the point goes to your “you KNOW that we are playing the ass and doing shiite too”.

    The point I failed to define clearly was that we actually need a demagogue -akin to Trump with well established finances and who is very savvy- to change the system. Grenville does not have the street smarts or marketing pizazz to lead any political fray… So as much as know that folly and shiiiteee is being done we are powerless to change it as none of the current politicians want change.

    To paraphrase the blogmaster, we need to create even more tension.

    You may be one of the few adults – who is acting grown up (sometimes, loll) – because to listen to the continued union squabbles and to hear an admission from Mr Franklyn as made at 9:06AM clearly suggests that there is a lot of childish thinking in vogue!

    And by the way, I do not implore anyone to ‘not worry and be happy’. The island is in dire straights so time for concern is well past. Def-con 4, already!

    • @Dee Word

      Trump’s success so far is not only about his access to self financing. In Barbados like any other democracy we need leaders to lead. To spell-out a clear vision, and get the citizens prepared to make Barbados great again. You should watch the movie King Speaks if you have not already.

    • An interesting comment, and it is not about whether we should flog school children. This is not the point being made.

      Wendell Callender

      16 mins ·

      We live in an oral culture to the extent that we feel we can talk away every challenge. However what concerns me most is this tendency by Government Ministers to resort to pronouncements of new or intended policy without Cabinet approval. The worse scenario of this kind of behaviour was witnessed yesterday when my ally of the nineties in addressing some of the evils in the educational system, Mr. Jones, denounced corporal punishment for children within schools although it is enshrined in the Education Act which permits Principals and Senior Teachers to administer corporal punishment. To suggest that those who have been legally permitted to ‘flog’ at their discretion are criminals worthy of jailing is really going way over the top. What makes this more outlandish is that as a Minister of the Crown he has had access to Cabinet and Parliament to effect change to the relevant law for the last eight years. Ministers must understand that they are not entitled under our system of governance to give their mouths so much liberty in a public place which provides little opportunity to chance those things which they in their wisdom consider worthy of change. Facebook you asked me what I was thinking!

    • The Prime Minister has decided to back Jones. No surprises there at all. BU recalls the PM had to order a Commission of Inquiry into Alexander when Jones messed up. BU recalls the PM demoted Jones from acting as deputy PM after the Eager 11 plot was discovered. This is a big part of the problem, This DLP government makes decisions based on political rationale and nothing else. To hell with the country.

      Backing Jones

      Ruling party throws its full support behind Minister of Education

      Added by Kaymar Jordan on May 6, 2016.

      Saved under Local News, Politics


      Amid the worsening rift between him and teachers, which threatens to totally disrupt this island’s school system, the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) today threw its full support behind embattled Minister of Education Ronald Jones.

      In a press statement signed by General Secretary George Pilgrim, the General Council of the party, which is led by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, made clear where it stood in the ongoing impasse that has so far escalated to the level of a work-to-rule by teachers, with the umbrella Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) also leading calls for Jones’ dismissal.

      Minister of Education Ronald Jones and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

      Minister of Education Ronald Jones and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

      However, based on the tone and tenure of today’s statement, Jones is not going anywhere. Furthermore, the Stuart-led party is not about to be dictated to by any union, even if it means more disruption to what is currently being described by teachers as a “broken” school system.

      In fact, instead of a reprimand of any kind, the DLP today issued strong words of praise to both the minister and his team in the Ministry of Education as it poured cold water on the union’s calls for the minister’s resignation.

      “We are fully aware of the efforts of the Ministry of Education in the last eight years under the leadership of Ronald Jones and further commend the minister and the officers of the Ministry of Education in their efforts to supervise the fabric of our educational infrastructure,” the party said, as it also extended its congratulations to the entire Cabinet in whose responsibility the matter of policy rests.

      It further commended the minister and his team for having done “much work at improving the tenure of teachers, creation of post, upgrading the teaching environment, physical plant and developing constant and open dialogue with all partners.

      “We have on good record, in the past three months the union met with the minister twice and three times with ministry officials on a suite of issues. We further commend all teachers in their efforts before school, during and after hours.

      “There is no contention over the importance and role all teachers play in shaping the nation’s children.

      “The Council reiterates its full support for our Minister of Education and his Cabinet colleagues as they continue to put people first and wish for a win-win relationship to prevail in this matter,” added the statement issued by Pilgrim, who is also the Prime Minister’s principal political advisor.

      This comes as a direct slap in the face to the Pedro Shepherd-led BUT, which only yesterday had summoned teachers out of the classroom for the second time in as many weeks, but this time to a meeting in Queen’s Park, which is directly opposite the minister’s office, from where the union declared all out war against the minister over his refusal to accede to their demands for an urgent meeting to discuss pressing matters, including worrying levels of violence in schools.

      However, the DLP said while it roundly condemns “any type of violence within the school system”, its view was that there ought to be “a just process underpinned by the rule of law.

      “As a political party we firmly support the idea of due process,” the statement added.

      Referring to the ongoing impasse between the umbrella teachers’ union and the Minister of Education, the governing party made it clear that even though it accepted the union’s right to represent its constituents, it differed with the BUT’s attempt “to give the public and its constituency the impression that the Ministry of Education has somehow turned its back on teachers and their concerns.

      “We further frown upon the public shouting of request for meetings and ultimatums to our Minister and our Prime Minister. We trust that all courtesies be extended where it is most relevant,” added the statement, which comes directly on the heels of yesterday’s declaration of war by the BUT against Jones.

      Addressing about 500 of its 2,000-plus members in Queen’s Park yesterday, Shepherd also announced that effective today, this island’s teachers would be on a “work-to-rule”.

      “So as you go to school tomorrow, tell your colleagues that we are working to rule. We go in at 8:45 [a.m.] and leave at 3 [p.m.]. Do not go in before, because if something happens and you do not attend to it you are being held liable. So do not go in before 8:45 a.m.,” he pleaded with the teachers.

      “That is the call now. That will continue until the Prime Minister receives our letter and responds to it by saying, ‘I am prepared to intervene in this situation because it can only get worse if my Minister of Education continues to be the stubborn person he is,’” Shepherd had said.

      When contacted by Barbados TODAY this afternoon, the union leader confirmed that his union had in fact dispatched its letter to the Prime Minister in support of its request for a meeting with Jones.

      The union is giving Government two weeks to respond before it meets again with its members to decide on their next step in the impasse.

      In the meantime, the Ministry of Education also issued a statement today in which it strongly refuted claims made by the BUT that it had failed to meet and or communicate on issues affecting teachers.

      That statement, which was released by the Barbados Government Information Service, basically repeated much of what was said in the Senate yesterday by the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education Senator Harry Husbands, who was at pains to recall a series of meetings held between the two sides since January 5 this year, based on an agenda of 17 items of concern which the BUT had submitted for discussion.

      “Subsequently, on February 2, 2016, the Ministry proposed nine additional items for discussion [and] on February 3, 2016, the BUT confirmed its attendance at the meeting scheduled for February 5, 2016,” the ministry’s statement said.

      “On February 5, 2016, at a meeting chaired by the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, at the Ministry’s Headquarters, the METI met with the BUT and not only discussed issues but also reached consensus,” it continued.

      The ministry said several issues were discussed, including short-term study leave, term leave, a mobile technology policy, the appointment of teachers and health and safety in schools.

      It also disclosed that additional meetings were held with the BUT on April 4 to discuss the environmental issues at Lawrence T. Gay, Springer Memorial and the Lodge School; on April 11 to discuss the way forward for Lawrence T. Gay Primary; and on April 27 to discuss the issue of violence in schools, in particular student-on-teacher violence and teacher-on-student violence. Those meetings, the Ministry stated, were chaired by Husbands; the Permanent Secretary and the Chief Education Officer respectively.

      “It is against this background that the [Ministry] is refuting charges that it has not had dialogue with the BUT on issues submitted to the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation,” the statement added.

  10. Philipians 4:6-7 clearly teaches

    Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
    7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

    But the betzpaenic twit opines ” I do not implore anyone to ‘not worry and be happy’.”
    What a moron!

    Philipians 4:6-7 clearly teaches Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.
    5 Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

    If ever there was a time that HE WAS AT HAND, its now

  11. David I have no quarrel with your 6:20PM post. Yes leaders have to shape the narrative and propel the people. I cite the financing because our nation is small and incestuous. Anyone who stands up to answer the call to guide this flock knows that it will be a long haul and a difficult one.

    That person must have a strong independent source of income to support him/herself and family as he and team will be vilified, victimized and destroyed (attempts to) if he has any modicum of success.

    Actually I only saw segments of the film, never watched in entirety.

  12. The BUT recent activities have nothing to do about violence in schools or appointments. It is about the teachers in secondary school moving in droves to the BSTU. Mr. Shepherd speaking to the press said that the BUT lost all of its members from the Alma Paris school to the BSTU because they perceived the BUT of not acting on their behalf but he said it was not the BUT fault but the Ministry of Education.
    Mary Redman always travels with forms when she visits the newer secondary schools enticing members of the BUT to come over to BSTU. They are responding to her requests because a lot of them do not like working and call her at the smallest issue and she is there in a flash.
    The assistant general secretary of the BUT said that parenting is at an all-time low while teaching is at an all-time high. If this is so, how is it that the majority of the teachers in BUT are in the primary schools and it is possible for a child to go from class one to class four and cannot read or write. This is seen across Barbados every common entrance exam. That is what we should be debating in Barbados. These children then come into secondary school with these difficulties and behavioral problems follow because they are frustrated. No learning will take place in secondary school for them because the push is now on for gaining CXCs.
    Forget about all the hot air at the meetings lets fight to get our educational system back on track. The ministry, teachers, parents and all other stake holders should really meet to discuss this failing system

    the walls are NOT crashing around wunnuh NOR IS the world in such a calamitous state CAUSE I DONT LEAD NUTTIN OR THE WORLD.


    i am indeed very smart and well educated but who I DONT HATE A SOUL nor am I ARROGANT
    I just state the truth about BATZAPAENIC MORONS lol lol


  14. mr betzpaenic dribbling moron

    David has just given an example of why he walls are crashing around in Barbados
    if you rad the news report carefully you will note that my name is not mentioned as in control of the situation or a leader of any crashing.
    if you read the world news you will find that GP is not a world leader……SO HOW CAN I CAUSE any wrong thing?
    Do you talk through your shelves of Houston?

  15. dribbly



  16. quote from above ”The assistant general secretary of the BUT said that parenting is at an all-time low”


    ” while teaching is at an all-time high.”

    Wuh loss, that IS hilarious.

  17. David May 6, 2016 at 6:20 PM # @Dee Word Trump’s success so far is not only about his access to self financing. In Barbados like any other democracy we need leaders to lead.

    Important part of that being ‘access to’ …financing.. Who / how has he been financed? That is a deeper question.

    As for leaders, of course, Hitler was also a leader.

    Lead..where, is the question.

  18. Caswell i hardly agree with you but on this one i do concur,let me ask you something though are this new breed in the union properly versed in the mechanics of unionism?Someone mentioned to me that Pedro Shepherd is piss poor as a teacher and has been struggling for the longest time to obtain a degree not that one makes a man,i am of the view that they the teachers will bring them selves under scrutiny by their actions and more and more tales from school will be brought out. I do hope that they are prepared to deal with it, i am hearing of a lot sex with students and teachers being involved already being spoken off.

    • And it continues, blame blame blame. Issues will not be resolved with a blame culture in play.

    • Lt. Horatio Caine

      This is becoming a very humbling experience, first Observing and now you. It is now trending in all aspects of this society, we have people, who are ill-equipped, seeking positions to see how they can benefit. The trade union movement is no different. However, the greatest harm comes from the BUT because of the role of teachers.

      Some of the worst, ineffective teachers join BUT and aspire to leadership in that organization. They then become disruptive and in order to pacify that snarling lot, the ministry ensures that they are promoted. Some time ago, I wrote to the Public Service Commission pointing out that the only people who seem to get appointed in the Teaching Service are BUT people or DEMs, preferably both.

      These politicians/BUT people then run the education system into the ground. No real talent so membership of those two entities and nothing else to ensure their elevation to the detriment of the nation’s children.

      Sent from my iPad


  19. “Three estimates calculated after the release of the document on Wednesday put the upper limit of his cash and liquid assets at roughly $300 million.” Trump will need donations.

  20. @ Caswell
    in all aspects of this society, we have people, who are ill-equipped, seeking positions to see how they can benefit.
    This is made possible …and at least easier… because we ALSO have people who are well equipped, and who are NOT seeking meaningful positions to see how they can contribute towards ending…or at least moderating the brass bowlery….

    Don’t fool yuh self…. we DO have some HIGHLY talented and properly ‘equipped’ citizens available, but they are mostly playing the donkey…. so what do you expect?

  21. @ David, re blame

    But maybe the blame and finger pointing is going to result in ‘is you, is me’…. all of the parties involved may actually come to an epiphany that they ALL are running things incompetently.

    ‘many of’ The parents = discipline

    ‘some of’ The teachers = don’t give a xxit or do not know their tail from their elbow

    ‘the Ministry’ = needs to take things in hand and ensure that complaints get dealt with and discipline on the part of both students and teachers is adhered to and that Headteachers have the autonomy to run schools efficiently, but with accountability and ‘the buck’ stops with them…. with resulting consequences.

    Interesting comments by Horatio and Caswell, re increased scrutiny, that is a likely result and so there should be such scrutiny.

    Do teachers have a performance chart re attendance and results? But even then, that will not tell the full story as with most students doing lessons from fourth form, one cannot tell whether the teacher or lessons are effective.

    I agree with the comment that Caswell made on people without talent pushing themselves into positions and really not suited. I have seen it in the private sector as well. Smoozing while others do the work.

    In the private sector, we can always say that time longer than twine., but cannot rely on that when it comes to out students and their future.

  22. The PM back Jones ////// the PM is no fool he is very astute at reading the tea leaves and understand quite clearly the messages that are being written and sent into the agenda , Messages that have hidden agendas to disrupt ! disturb the social fabric of this country and divide the DLP party
    Do not be Fooled the PM would not be ruled and directed by such malicious and offensive agendas

    Speaking of agendas the BLP rolled out a document of “sort ” called a Covenant of Hope

    One would think that the BLP party would have achieved those covenants with full purpose and rose to a higher level sealed appreciated and approved in the minds of people in its long 14 year rule of governance
    It is indeed a telling and somewhat weird approach of admitting of failure to achieve those visions mentioned in the document during the BLP tenure of govt but are willing to start anew with principles by establishing old covenants which are at the root of good goverance if given another chance by the people

    BTW Mottley in addition needs to add to the list of covenants her willingness to show proof of her LEC a testimony that she is willing to be openly transparent with the people

    • @Crusoe

      The selection process to appoint senior teachers and other important decisions are made with a political eye. Ask Karen Best.

      They gave politicized every thing, people are just fed up!


  23. do not fool yourself many who sit behind the comfort of their computers are all part of society and refusing to make a difference are also failures ..failures to self and failures to society falling and failing to understand that stewardship and representation means action followed by full fledged responsibility
    This constant need to celebrate with loud bombas about those who lie in the political trenches and be fired upon means nothing , Sitting in the dug out and reading the score board adds upon in an exercise of futility
    Get up of your duffus lay in the trenches and be fired upon put a measure of responsibility on the score board .
    Stop talking the talk and walk the walk

    This message is for Professor Brass Bowl commonly known as Bush shit

  24. From Pudding and Souse, Saturday Sun ”…One woman wearing tights while the six-year-old was passing could not believe her ears when the child described her privates as the fattest he had ever seen. But how does that match up to the uncle telling the grandmother rude things?”


    What is going to happen when that six year old reaches school?

  25. Minister Jones takes Barbadians for fools. He not only calls for the end of corporal punishment but for those who flog children to be thrown into jail. Yet corporal punishment of errant students remains on the law books. Jones is thus calling for the imprisonment of Principals, Deputy Principals and senior teachers of schools as well as parents. Corporal punishment is not a constitutional provisional and can be removed by a simple majority of an act of parliament. Jones’ party has the majority in Parliament. Who is he trying to fool?

    • Bajan Fari

      2 hrs ·

      Good afternoon people……Outside HOTTTTT yuh…..hope wunna drink alot of water……Wunna remember when Jonesy day bout."CRACKIN SKULLS AND SHOOTING.PEOPLE ???? Now play he in de paper talkin bout people want.locking.up fuh flogging duh children ……any bet that some child get it ass cut from you were a teacher ……..sometimes you gotta really shut yuh ass and talk thru yuh mout ……WHO VOTE HE IN ?????

  26. @AC

    Since you persistently show proof that you are an ignoramus, go further and say who pick and set out the tea leaves for the PM to read

    • David

      So far none of the commenters have even come close to the reasons why Pedro Shepherd has embarked on this senseless act.

      BSTU has become more appealing to teachers and many have deserted BUT for the ranks of BSTU. In order to stem the flow, the BUT set about to show its members that it is still relevant.

      Sent from my iPad


  27. I have alway said that I like, you, Caswell Franklyn. You have a certain level of objectivity that is not so often questioned. However, I cannot help feel that you are using this opportunity to feather your nest. You are foisting Shepherd into the minds of those looking on to be nothing more than a mere noise maker and a square peg in a round hole. You strut your vast knowledge pertaining to various pieces of legislation you are familiar with, but how is that and your enlightenment pertaining to Shepherds wrong going to fix the problems of the teaching fraternity that needs a strong ministry of education to delicate the modus operandi of schools and its teachers with a fairness that is not political, bias or lacking in professional discourse? How is your revelation going to effect the minister of education who is obviously a fan for making fires bigger instead of a reasonable and meaningful resource for putting them out? Regardless if BUT is trying to score support points with members disillusioned with their leadership. I really do not see how your revelation on this is going to contribute positively to the growing dissension besides the fact that Caswell knows and Pedro don’t. The real problem here is proper direction and leadership. Without it, you will always have this usurping of authority by those given a little authority strutting their misplaced values and political loyalties.

    • @SSS
      The issue is a simple one, the legality issue raised by Caswell is it valid or not. If he stands to benefit from raising the issue so what?

  28. @the cunt AC

    Read carefully to what you wrote.

    ”do not fool yourself many who sit behind the comfort of their computers are all part of society and refusing to make a difference are also failures ..failures to self and failures to society falling and failing to understand that stewardship and representation means action followed by full fledged responsibility”

    Do you not understand yet why the only fitting description that can demonstrate the level to which you have stooped is the word cunt? I really do not bother my head these days with idiots like you and Alvin Cummins, but you continue to demonstrate that particular AC stupor that says what a few dollars in pocket could buy when it comes to loyalty. Even if you had to tell you that the Prime Minister you love so much is not exercising his astute, but his obvious pernicious stance of incredulous conduct that does very little to his image as a leader. Under his leadership, they have been several protest actions. Under his leadership, there is an increase in the vagrancy numbers. Under his leadership, there is spiralling out of control crime. Under his leadership, there has been a barrage of indirect insults to bajans who do not support is despicable idealism. Under his leadership, there have been erroneous spending. Under his leadership, there have been increased disparity and despair. Yet, you are proud to point out his powers to spot a disrupt. Woman he needs to engage the hidden agendas and those who come for bashment by showing them how broad his back is, the shrewdness of his reasoning, and why he is not just a superfluity of words.

  29. David

    I expect more from you than this, David. Caswell showed up the legality issue, which he has done. Like I said, he has an objectivity that can hardly be questioned and so in pointing out the matter from a legal standpoint is no wrong on Caswell’s part. However, I do not see the need to point out which of the two unions are now more appealing to teachers thus Shepherds effort, in this case, is to show that BUT still got muscle and some large balls even though they are operating in idiocy. I see no need for that whatsoever. Tell me, David, how is that helpful in this current impasse besides Caswell, whom I really like, showing a bit of his ego here. And yes, if he stands to benefit he benefits, but as one of the few union persons who still have some credibility left, he does not have to pelt a spanner in the wheel to do so. He is renown as he is revered. His objectivity should remain without leaning particular inferences, which can greatly influence others as this is Caswell Franklyn talking.

    • @SSS

      There is a consequence for any action. The pragmatic view of Caswell can be summarized in a simple observation, he is running a business he needs to swell his numbers to continue to be effective at what he does.

    • David & SSS

      I think that I owe both of you an explanation. The things that I have written have nothing to do with my running a business or projecting myself, even though it might have worked out so. I simply hate to see people being misled and I merely put the information out there for people to see for themselves that they are being deceived.

      You should recall that just over two weeks ago, I wrote a column that supported the BSTU’s position on SBAs. If I were trying to gain ground, I would have kept quiet allow BSTU to take the undeserved lashes that it was getting from ill-informed people.

      I pointed out that BUT is losing ground which is really the reason for this brash attempt by them to remain relevant to teachers. They’re not losing members to Unity Workers Union so that anyone could say that I was poaching their members. Mary has dibs on that.

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  30. Crusoe,

    The six year old could not have commented on her fat private parts if she wasn’t pushing them up in his face for him to see. These tights reveal everything and everything stands out like a sore….. even to my eyes that have no interest in seeing them.

  31. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine May 9, 2016 at 2:28 AM #
    Ya know in days of old children were named because of what they were expected to become
    You have to understand that AC was well named and she grew up to be what was expected of her. A C———-!

  32. David,

    There is tension and strife in the education system every day. Maybe this showdown needs to happen for matters to be fully ventilated, examined and addressed on both sides once and for all. We must endure this inconvenience in the short run if it will be beneficial in the long run.

    • @Caswell

      Thanks for the clarification.


      The worry is operating in an environment not conducive to conflict resolution.

  33. Donna

    As you would know those tights are best worn with a long shirt or with a tank top, my preference, that covers just below the private area. What women need to understand is that there are tights that conform to the shape of the private arising from a particular type of stretchy material that rides up in the creases of your leg to produce the buff. Then there is the other material, my preference also, that remains seamless and leaves the front of you looking straight. Any female who can wear tights like that in the open has no darn decency. It’s like in those days when I live in Barbados and saw some women walking around in petticoats pulled over their breast…ewwwwwwwww most discussing low down home apparel a woman can ever think about wearing. Glad is shite those things are no longer around.

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