Where are the Remington 700’s?

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Remington 700's

Remington 700’s

“He had learned well the law of club and fang, and he never forewent an advantage or drew back from a foe he had started on the way to Death. He had lessoned from Spitz, and from the chief fighting dogs of the police and mail, and knew there was no middle course. He must master or be mastered; while to show mercy was a weakness. mercy did not exist in the primordial life.

It was misunderstood for fear, and such misunderstandings made for death. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, was the law; and this mandate, down out of the depths of Time, he obeyed.”

That came from The Call of the Wild by Jack London a book about a wolf which the grans read, and the ole man grafted, fascinated by the writer’s ability to capture the primordial nature of the beast, this wolf, which, being what it was, killed to survive. We, fallen Adam, kill for the sport of it.

I, being what I am, will never comprehend the mantra of gun enthusiasts that “their gun is for sports”.

A gun is to kill, or, depending on the load, to seriously incapacitate.

If you, a thief, were to enter my house, without my permission, and I woke to find you there, and I had a gun, you need to be assured that I WILL KILL YOU so do not hesitate or cogitate on my action.

Recently readers would have seen some items posted by one Wikileaks here on Barbados and there were a few followup remarks concerning that post which in summary speaks to

  1. The US government, through the US Embassy in Barbados, seeking information regarding the End User for 10 Remington 700 sniper weapons approved by one inspector Harewood of the RBPF (then working in the Office of the then Commissioner of Police)
  2. The matter of weapons that are exported from the US to third world countries, becomes more complicated since on being asked who the enduser was the information supplied turned out to be erroneous since it was stated that the weapons went to the Barbados Defence force
  3. As part of the US procedures on weapons of this type the US Embassy’s investigations ascertained that neither the Royal Barbados Defence Force, nor the Royal Barbados Police Force to whom the enquiries were being addresses, were on record stating that they did not import these weapons.”
  4. Responses to the US Embassy’s queries after 4 months of investigations were incomplete since the then Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin indicated that the investigations were ongoing.

How serious is this matter?

One should take a look at Canonical ID:10STATE2042_a which states “A previous unfavorable Blue Lantern on foreign consignee Sportsimports discovered significant discrepancies between the firearms authorized for import and those actually being imported by the company.”

The report then continues:

“This led to the revocation of the company’s import license by the Government of Barbados…”


“A letter from Sportsimports in support of the current license describes an arrangement by which Gar Inc. of St. Lucia would import and sell ammunition for a commission on behalf of Sportsimports.

If the revocation of Sportsimports’ import license still stands, this transaction may represent an attempt by Sportsimports to circumvent the laws of Barbados by selling defense articles in a third country.”

But this is not the clincher!!

“In addition, this license represents the largest quantity of ammunition exported to Gar Inc. and the first license on which foreign intermediate consignee C & A Brokers of St. Lucia appears.

None of you readers are idiots barring ** and a more recent addition called WoodYear who has words for the ole man’s drinking habits, so here is the link for your reading pleasure. They are none so blind as they who cannot see https://wikileaks.org/plusd/?qproject[]=ps&qproject[]=cc&qproject[]=fp&qproject[]=cg&q=&qftags=BB&qsort=tdesc#result

Why are we, Barbados, here at this point?

When the Rt. Hon. Errol W. Barrow in “The Path to Duty”  his address to Caricom in 1986 speaks of representing the expectations of  people and, “what is more, what we achieve, or betray, concerns not only the living, but those who are not yet born…” of whom did he speak regarding those “unborn”?

Our authorities are playing games, cowboys and indians, cops and robbers with Remington 700’s.

If these men and women who are in positions of trust are doing this, if we have the sellouts who for pottage and dinners at the home of the US ambassador(s) (it still happening now) can like Forde and Fred Gollop and the rest, sell out for the privilege of saying “I had lunch with the Ambassador” if we an have officials involved in these gun running schemes, what then can we really expect when the boys on the block in the Pine, Gaza, Bush Hall see this example of crookery in the highest chambers, corridors and assemblies on our Rock, what can we expect of them?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    More importantly, how dare they expect better behavior from the impressionable young people when they…the politicians, police, business people’s behaviors are so much worse, because they are so greedy and corrupt.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Definitely sniper rifles.


  • The local aristocrats are just plain licorish white/black mouth fowls who get invited to Foreign Embassies functions inorder to elicit info from their drunken asses.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Errata. Fred Goddard not Gollop.

    @ Wikileaks

    Did not want to hijack the other topic but there is an urgency here regarding these guns.

    You must forgive AC, her heart is in the right place because she has been informed that my posts is deleterious to the tourism image of the cuntry so she rises to disparage de ole man name.

    I understand her function like I understand that of my neighbour’s pit bulls the are to guard and to disable any their Ingrunt enough to enter his property and for that he pays them purine twice a day so she gets her pay too.

    @ Colonel Buggy

    As a military man you would know the functions of the Arms Room Officer and the Armorer as such relates to keeping an inventory on weapons under their charge.

    Tell the readers what might happen with an NCO or officer in either position if, during a state of war one weapon goes missing while they are on duty?

    Keep that thought in mind here.

    When you rotated out at any time were you issued live rounds with your weapon, what happens with both the weapon and the ammo on issuance and on retrieval at the armory? She’ll count and serial number confirmation right, plus making sure you ent got a round in the breach heheheheh

    So, while you would wish to less count the issue of the weapons, you better than anyone else knows the absolute details associated with your SLR, and what happens to your ass if you loose it.

    So you mean to tell me that we have an inspector of police, in the effing office of the commissioner of police, who authorizes the importation of 10 rifles, who does not know who the end user of these rifles is and furthermore, his supervisor the Commissioner of Police takes 4 months to investigate it and does not, as a matter of urgency, resolve the matter?

    Then you have the matter of sportsimports and you mean to tell me that you are asking the even more inane statement about “why we wetting my pants about the Remington’s?”

    Dat is why de Bible says by their effing fruits ye shall know them cause in one breath you does be here philosophizing about the evils of Barbados with such quick wit yet, on this day of April you show your real colors regarding how the most responsible level in firearms management on the island is effing up but it ent nuffin to wet you pants bout!!


  • NorthernObserver

    there is more, lets go back to 2006

    This confirms that that Sportsimports, and I believe the name is more about cars than guns, was visited and were a bone fide importer and reseller of guns. Albeit ALL the guns o the order were destined to the BDF. License 05-050018615

    Come forward to 2008, and there is another
    License 050132335
    This order is for a quantity of revolvers.
    However reference is made in the request to…”The quantity of rifles ordered by Sportsimports in the previous case was refuted by the Royal
    Barbados Police Force (RBPF) and complete end-user
    information was not provided on the license application.

    Then in 2009, we find the following

    It says…”Post was able to establish the bona fides of
    Sportsimports, however, during the investigation Post was
    informed by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) that the
    company,s fire arms import license had been revoked due to
    discrepancies concerning previous arms purchases.”

    This is the lead up to the 2010 request. Which would appear that without a valid license, Sportsimports was attempting to get around the system, by using a known gun club in St.Lucia; Gar. to import for them, in this case $128,000 worth of various ammunition.

    Then the matter posted elsewhere on BU by one Wikileaks, for the sweet rifles.

    The names of persons, apparently doing business out of Hopewell Pltn under the name of Sportsimports and/or Huzier are given, as is a tel#. Call them and ask.

    Who were the buyers of the 700’s?

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Mr Blogmaster, not attempting to nitpick on what is absolutely one of the most explosive exposés that I have read on BU but…..

    … your accompanying picture of the Remington with sound suppressor (silencer, to all and sundry) is quite provocative. That is not the standard config of the rifle.

    Silencers are illegal in many countries. I have no idea how they are regulated in Barbados but I would be shocked if there were no special licenses and certification required for importation of such devices…separate from the rifle.

    As I said not attempting to take way from the gravity of the substantive matter. Just saying, the pic is loud. Sensationally so.

    @Pieces, your detailed presentation of the facts of the sham investigation – as expressed from the leak – continues the exposure of the stark reality that we really have a number of foxes guarding the hen-house that is our nation. They often seem to pose the most danger to those they protect.

    You made a comment recently that you encourage friends to visit the site and many tell you ‘not me and that bozie’. They are using ostrich mode: If I can’t see it then its not happening. Thus this story will therefore run its course here on BU and many a fellow in Bim will be still in full ostrich mode.

    But your questions remain: For whom and what use were the weapons designated…and that is with or without silencers!!!!

    BTW, can’t a citizen submit a query to their representative to have clarification offered from the Minister responsible for Home Affairs in the House?

    Isn’t city representative Mr Bostic as a former BDF officer not also infused with the sensibilities you evoked re @Col Buggy … should persons like him as representatives of the people not be concerned about this matter…

    Unless of course they ALL already know the answers – whatever they may be – to the troubling questions…

    Foxes guarding the gullible!


  • @Dee Word

    Are you playing ignorant?

    Do you recall Cahill and the many questions asked of Lowe? How about the question of 5 million deposit at the central bank?

    The only way to get these Banana Republic officials to talk or abandon questionable projects is to leak documents to implicate them or their family. On BU at least we will have the satisfaction of puncturing their legacy read Michael Carrington.

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  • Well Well & Consequences

    Obviously the buyers of those sniper rifles are private individuals, one buyer alone would not need 10 such rifles, there are no militia groups on the island.

    The office of the then commissioner of police took bribes to lie about the rifles’ destination. The office of the then commissioner of police took bribes to cover up that lie and not investigate the issue.

    What is the current commissioner of police doing about it. And we all know the gun clubs and private people bring illegal weapons intonthe island. Was Owen Arthur’s brother not arrested for this, dont many of the minorities import guns, many illegally.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Isnt Bostic anothrr sleazy politician.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @ David at 4:54 AM re : “Are you playing ignorant? “————- You got me catspraddled. Playing ignorant about what?

    I simply highlighted that the gun image was provocative/sensational. No issue whatever – OBVIOUSLY- with the publicity and exposé.

    Mine was a very simple point for any blogger to note that the guns in question did not necessarily look exactly as shown.

    Frankly there is nothing wrong with being sensational as you do that here daily to grab the ‘passive’ public’s attention. Yet it seems to me that you actually CARE about accuracy and some basics standards. That sir was the context of the remark pertaining to the silencers.

    If I wrong bout dat and you used dat image to suggest deliberately that is exactly wha de guns look like den do pardon my ‘ingrunce’!


  • Retired Po Po Resident Beat

    People clearly the issue here is not the sporting weapons but the circumventing of the law and deliberate falsification of documents. The picture is an exaggeration.

    The COP was complicit and could not discipline the Inspector for clean hands did not exist.
    No need to wonder how the youth looking on get so conflicted.


  • are-we-there-yet

    WW&C; PUDRYR; David

    Is there enough in the public domain (i.e. in the BU files) to get some indication of what might have gone down or be actually going down on this matter?

    WW&C indicated above that OSA’s brother was arrested on a related matter? I seem to be in the fog of a deteriorating memory that recalls that incident but does not include the timing? Was it before or after the substantive CoP was sent on extended leave? Could the current acting CoP, through his reported prosecution (that seemed to be persecution at the time) of some “sports shooting” bystanders, have been tangentially working on a case of larger import and thereby be demonstrably doing his job well in the larger interests of Barbados?

    Are we now seeing the unfolding and corroboration of a number of “surmises” by PUDRYR about aspects of the case brought against the former CoP?

    Could the current revelations be part of a reasonable case for the removal of the former CoP from his position? Should the current Government be now given kudos for this?

    Are the current revelations giving us some insights into the intermingled tentacles of operations of the real power brokers in Barbados?

    Where are those Remington 700’s now and what was and is their true purpose in little Barbados?

    PUDRYR; yuh shotting!


  • Frustrated Businessman aka Republic my ass.

    You all remember who was the COP at the time right? And how long it took to get him out of office and how many people tried? After how many scandals and associated RBPF public embarrassment?

    There is no civil service accountability in this island, nor personal consequences for their corruption and ineptitude.


  • @Dee Word

    You missed the point big time but it is a minor one therefore no need to be pedantic. There is a lot of regular folk who are patently unaware about occurrences n Barbados and when BU to post we get the generalization from the traditional media that we post what we like.

    A lot occurred in Barbados under the cloak of cricket world cup 2007. Mia, Phillip Goddard, Arthur, Dottin and the lot need to fess up.


  • David
    what about Lowe’s deceased mother and her 5 million dollar bank account? It is not only import to find out which bank has those funds but also who pay in the money, what a foreign entity or a local bandit?


  • @Are-we-there-yet

    Our comments crossed, the answer to your questions can be tracked to Dottin, Mia and even Adreil Braithwaite who has access to information.


  • The COP is suing the Gov’t for wrongful dismissal, if the Gov’t has a case for dereliction of duty or other work related matters all of his should come out in the Court proceedings. Yes?? Methinks not, BTW some politicians follow the blogs to get a handle on what’s bothering people, how about an Opposition member raising this matter in the H of A? No?? What do you mean it reflects badly on the former Gov’t and the LOO’s favourite COP? And to besides the LOO family firm is representing the former COP in his lawsuit against the Gov’t.

    Can I get someone here with clean hands? Ok I get it all hands are tainted, is there a Diogenes with a lamp around? What do you mean Diogenes gave up there are no honest people in God’s little half acre.


  • An observation: we should be very concerned the poles apart discussion on BU and traditional media. Remember what they say about suppression of information and the motive.


  • Frustrated Businessman aka Republic my ass.

    David April 20, 2016 at 8:26 AM #
    @Dee Word

    A lot occurred in Barbados under the cloak of cricket world cup 2007. Mia, Phillip Goddard, Arthur, Dottin and the lot need to fess up.

    And we got an abortion of a stadium complex at Kensington which no-one wants to use and the displacement of Pickwick cricket club which used to look after the place and lend more than a bit of character and public association with the facility.

    Meanwhile UWI built their cricket clubhouse/stadium in the traditional (and millions cheaper) style that best fitted Kensington’s legacy.

    No public hearings on these matters and no accountability.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Ok David, I likely missed to what you were alluding. And indeed my point re the image was incidental and pedantic.

    Other bloggers have yet reinforced your thrust and the thrust of what BU is all about. I believe @Sargeant captures it succinctly: “Can I get someone here with clean hands?” There are none.

    We have seen this movie on loop since my birth at QEH…only difference is that we now know much better how and who makes these movies. In the movie business the folks compete to get acceptance for their flicks from the public but among themselves directors, script writers, actors are very, very close knit, not so.

    These matters are very serious but yet situations like this show us how much we are really in the ‘dark.

    Let me put it in your and @Pieces language: The world wide web (standard www) is estimated by those who know these things to be less than 10% of the engagement of activity related to internet trafffic. They say that the other 90% is conducted in the ‘dark web’.

    Nothing new to you Mr. Blogmaster, I am sure. So I am suspect you get my point here if one extrapolates that to our political life.

    …We do our thing on the www, but these ‘movie folks’ are doing their thing on the dark web!

    Maybe we can bust through…maybe!


  • are-we-there-yet

    Thanks David re. your 8:29 am post.

    One possibility coming out of that post may be that the Remington 700’s might have been intended for use at the 2007 World Cup. If so, why the discrepancies re. the ultimate end user? Were the authorities subcontracting their use to a private sector agency? If so, where are they now?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Are We There…I also wonder the same thing, the timing is right, pity the police and government ministers never tell the taxpayers the truth, while covering for the criminals who pay their bribes.

    Just information sharing, some weapons, like the above, are outfitted or can be outfitted, adjusted and calibrated for silencers, it’s optional, they do not have to come from the manufacturers…….. those silencers…..many skilled people can improvise and build an impromptu silencer for their firearm, depending on if they care whether someone hears the shot or not….

    It’s wonderful all the nasty things those in authority have been doing for decades are being exposed for the 50th anniversary of the island’s political independence, showing how that political freedom has really been misused and abused for all 50 years…….


  • @Are-we-there-yet

    What type of weapons are issued to the Police task force?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Retired Po Po Resident Beat and others

    That is precisely the point!!


    The artistic extrapolation of the Blogmaster is his right and privilege, his is the choice to put up whatever variant of the weapon that he chooses, that DOES NOT MEAN DIDDLY SQUAT IN THE CONTEXT OF MANAGEMENT OF THE POLICE FORCE BREAKING THE LAW IN SUCH AN EGREGIOUS FASHION!!

    This is the Office of “those who guard” after all!!

    This is tantamount to having a pedophile as the Head of the Child Care Board!!

    Or the Fear Trading Commission as arbiter on Telephone Regulations being compromised because they have all been provided Galaxy S7 phones free and their families are all on a free plan

    But, in hindsight, this is 100 times worst because, given that these are the “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” grouping to whom we ascribe our country’s safety from domestic insurrection, theirs is a serious responsibility to all Bajans!!


  • Frustrated Businessman aka Republic my ass.

    @ PIECE.

    Many would say the previous COP thought himself above the law. Certainly the investigations of the PSC would bear that out, hence his removal from office.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Are We There Yet and Well Well & Consequences

    You ever met a CIA operative? in Barbados?

    Do you know who the current National Intelligence Officer at the US Embassy is?

    Do you know who is complicit in the importation of Drugs, illegal weapons, money laundering, etc in Barbados?

    Take an gander through the archives.

    They set an explicit scene for you as to who the “big people” involved in those activities are.

    We are in a “pelau” with persons who apply their talent(s) in graft and deceit.

    This, like Bush Tea is often saying, and Georgie Porgie confirms, is the fallen Adam so that characteristic drives all of us.

    All you and I have to do is just give into the nature of man that is in us and IT WILL OVERPOWER this ‘higher road” that some of us here on BU, would aspire towards.

    I was going to call a few names to indicate that they are known but mine is not a desire to undermine the forces of law-biding parties.

    I have a desire to suggest to the law-breakers who are law makers and keepers of the law and law law enforcers that there is another way, a way that is righteous, and even if they are not spiritually driven, then at least do what their job description and oath of office requires them to do.

    Though, after these several years on this earth, while part of me sees that plea like Bush Tea, and the Pedantic Dribbler, as a fruitless hope, I can’t break away from that hope.

    I am not asking a man to observe the Law of “thou shalt have no other gods before me,” but, is is so hard for a policeman to observe “thou shalt not steal” or “thou shalt not commit false witness?”

    The restrictions governing the importation of U.S. Munitions List (USML) commodities are very clear and, even though I do like Mr. Dottin as a very charismatic and personable fellow, what his job prescribed as the CoP and what each Inspector or Officer of the RBPF’s job demands is that they uphold the law, and not pander to the megalomaniac desires of any despot who would seek to subjugate the Laws of Barbados for self aggrandizement and to drive MP1.

    A lot of you wonder why I have grown to hate the church and its officers and pretenders of the Faith.

    It is because that, in the face of all that is happening on this little island, AS LONG AS THE TITHE OF THEIR FOLD IS SAFEGUARDED, these scions of Satan say nothing yet they speak of GOD and what he has done for them and their followers while invoking the parts of their Holy Book “come ye apart from them” or their bastardizations of “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Piece…I believe the Embassy was trying to show the double standards the local authorities practice in Barbados and in this instance they were right to expose it. If memory serves me, between 2004-06 the local authorities claimed the US embassy brought weapons into the island without using the correct protocols. …I think the female ambassador at the time said she felt like she was “called into the pricipal’s office and reprimanded” re those weapons..yet…one or 2 years later, the same embassy can expose the office of the commissioner of police in Barbados for doing the same thing.

    Just like the DPP Charles Leacock, jumping up and down to lock up drug traffickers, he says nothing about locking up his golfing partners for drug trafficking or human trafficking or insurance fraud…so his laws for lock up only applies to a certain segment of the society, but does not apply to his business partners, friends and whom he does not think should be locked up, even if they commit murder.

    The same thing goes with the police who allowed the importation of those high powered sniper rifles through deceit and bribetaking.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    BTW… that incident re not following protocols to import weapons that the Government accused the US Embassy of, will be in the archieves of the Nation newspaper.


  • Well Well & Consequences



  • Relax everybody.

    China’s got Barbados back


    “He (PM) added that he was pleased about China’s relationship with the Barbados Defence Force, saying that the training and equipment received had done much to strengthen that organisation. “We look forward to the deepening of that relationship and expanded training opportunities from China at the military level,” Mr. Stuart stated.”


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Pieces not so much “… as a fruitless hope”. It’s just frigging hard. As the hymnal tells us we all will ‘fight, fight the good fight with all our might’.

    Just like your hero in ‘Call of the Wild’.

    BTW @David, was just reading that the Supreme Court gave leave to litigants who had sought to take lien on some $2 billion of Iran’s money in US banks. This based on legal suits against Iran’s state sponsored terrorism.

    This of course is a kindred issue about which Pres Obama is meeting the Sauds Royal family.
    Their matter has not yet reached the courts even but this ruling portends gloom for them.

    Indeed, we will hear the howls of powerful wolves battling!


  • @ Piece, take a look at the article below
    It was published last week i believe, however I paid no attention to it until reading your article.

    You and the many who have contributed towards enlightening their fellow citizens should be applauded.



  • Well Well & Consequences

    Exclaimer…Unfortunately the 2 legged beasts will never go away, always exploiting for riches or just outright stealing and then pretending they are above it all and want to arrest others for what they themselves, their grandparents and parents, have practiced for centuries.

    That fraud in the UK David Cameron comes to mind.

    Check out they putting Harriett Tubman on the 20 dollar greenback, taking off that lowlife scum Andrew Jackson, who murdered hundreds of thousands of Native Americans, he hated them and wanted to steal their land, Trail of Tears…he hated blacks and owned slaves, he himself was an orphan, could not read and write, taught himself and became US president through his brutality.

    Centuries later, most of us know with whom we are dealing.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Exclaimer

    The other day while reading an article about the Archbishop of Canterbury I came across the interesting news that “Sir Anthony Montague Browne – Winston Churchill’s one time private secretary”


    The Archbishop who preaches the Love of Jesus the Christ is himself the product of a tryst or what we would call a “Love Child” to the whit, are we not all love children?

    This little titbit that got tongues wagging all over London with its closet secrets and all inclusive policies was discovered by one little thing, a swab of the mouth of the Archbishop and hair from the comb of Sir Anthony.

    Imagine that!!! (A blogger here said that the use of more than one exclamation mark is a sin so I have sinned three times)

    One single hair and cells from your mouth and you see the pattern rather DNA of the man.

    So if we extrapolate on that what do we arrive at as it related to this SportsImport matter?

    Let me assist you and other readers with this challenge

    The Embassy of the United States lists the quantity of “product” under investigation

    “5. Details of license applications: DTC Case: 050208447 QUANTITY/COMMODITY: 800,000 Rounds of Ammunition, 9mm, .380, .40, and .45 Calibers 20,000 Rounds of Ammunition, .22 Caliber License Value: USD $128,800 ”

    800,000 rounds of ammunition!!!

    Where is the NCO Colonel Buggy?

    I want him to explain to you what 800K rounds of ammo is and to speak on whether one “stockpiles” 800K in ammunition!!! (gosh done it dun sinned again!!!)

    Now let us more along smartly.

    Having revoked Stephen Hutchinson’s rather SportsImports licence previously Inspector Harewood proceeds to grant the offender permission to import these Remington 700 FOR WHOM THE END USERS FIRST ARE ERRONEOUSLY STATED and when those parties are queried, IT IS FOUND TO BE A LIE!!!

    Then, incredibly, his boss, the Then Commissioner of Police, AFTER 4 EFFING MONTHS, writes this bullsh*t letter to the embassy saying investigations are ongoing!!!

    You starting to see the DNA element that I was referring to with Sir Montague???

    One fellah come here and say that the weapons were “spares” for SWAT TEAMS coming to CWC2007, but any gunman would know that SWAT Teams don’t do “spares”

    A next lady who seems to have a night job and does post when she get home from work say that “the weapons were fr the Regional Security Services” yet the import documents and the official response to the Embassy of the United States DDTC initiated query DO NOT SO INDICATE, so I wonder who giving Simple Simon that BS.

    So you gots a suspect importer of guns with a revoked license, importing AND on-sending large quantities of bullets to St. Lucia ALSO importing rifles, to whit ten of them, FOR WHOM THE END USER IS UNKNOWN, with and Inspector of the Royal Police Force, falsifying end user information, and the then Commissioner of Police, dissembling? on a response and taking 4 months with said “prevarication” on the investigation of an officer WHO WORKS IN HIS OFFICE!!!

    So endeth today’s lesson on how Bajan big up conspiring to destroy this little rock in the sea because we got alot of menses with small doggies and women with pudendas that want doggies, seeking ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL POWER over a population that sleepeth or is in constant Kadooment mode!!!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    Monday, July 6, 2015 Begin Time Case No. CV0719/2013 Spencer Hutchinson v. The Commissioner of Police CV0911/2014


    This is just the Court calendar of Justice Randal Worrell (an excel sheet)

    This matter against SportsImports rather Spencer Hutchinson is informative for 3 reasons

    1.It is not brought against the then Commissioner of Police, obviously
    2.The time that has elapsed is in itself interesting since Sports Imports seems to have had its license revoked 4 years? prior and it takes 3 years to get a hearing and
    3.**** which is a dragnet excerpt that is best left unsaid because of whom it will offend (but then again de ole man like he wobbling yuh, why is dat?)

    Could anyone get the Case No. CV0719/2013 to fall of a truck so that Barbados Underground could get a copy?

    I am sure that AC could use her peoples or Alvin Cummins and get this item of interest to disclose the pleadings etc., so that there is no further speculation as to that aspect of the Revocation of the License at least!!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Exclaimer


    I laugh because this makes pertinent reading (especially in light of the fact that they have cracked PGP one of the leading encryption package on the market and its interface with Blackberry)

    That aside here are some POI (points of interest)

    “Some of the weaponry was bought from the SAME SLOVAKIAN GUN STORE that was the source of firearms used in the terrorist attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris in January 2015.”

    Again I make the point that a very knowledgeable man said I was wetting my pants about, (he has been checking my Depends’) that in the face of a revocation of a license IT IS EXTREMELY SUSPECT THAT one Inspector Harewood, did permit SportsImports to import 10 Sniper Rifles to Barbados (CWC2007 my As*)


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Pieces do you and your grandson and direct family already have your safe house properly organized and route to same. Or rather I should inquire if you safeguard yourself and fam properly….rhetorical…I suspect you absolutely do!

    You speak very powerfully. Reminds me of those protagonists like a Jack Reacher or Remo Wiliams or such. But this is no frigging novel, of course!!! (kindred sinner!!!)

    BTW where are our ‘integrated’ St. Lucia folks who should be concerned about that side of this troubling tale?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Being afraid is what causes corruption to flourish uninterrupted, the corrupt lowlife feed on their victom’s fear, that is where theyy get their strength, there is a flow going right now, the corrupt people, politicians, business people/bribers….all know who they are and should be very afraid, that power to feed on fear is being systematically taken away from them..


  • Well Well & Consequences

    *victim’s fear…….


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Exclaimer

    Some time ago a remark was posted here that certain yachts in Barbados are involved in the gun running and drug trade.

    However a careful read of the US Embassy files gives an insight as to that practice and, more importantly, what is a very difficult thing to police – the catamarans, moseses, rubber dinghys, jet skis, which leave any beach in Barbados, and beach anywhere they like on their return.

    Added to that is the even more challenging issue of tracking a scuba diver who, armed with a transponder/receiver, can retrieve a “shipment” and walk up and off the Hilton Beach, in full sight of hundreds of visitors and not a man jack can see.

    Even the LIDAR solution that our BDF gents have access to, ‘tangentially’, seems to have these areas where, because of their “blindspots”, it becomes difficult to monitor a person or group involved in these activities.

    After the illegal booty is converted to cash then the nefarious schemes of money laundering occur to clean the drug money, bank some, store most of it in safes or in legal assets/commerce and then remit the rest of the money to the suppliers.

    Like JayZ, prior to managing all this musical talent, it would appear that certain of our 98% literate population seem bent on applying that literacy to the underworld of drugs and gun running,

    Some query why, like JayZ, they wont reorient their “talent” I say that, unlike JayZ, they cant.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    To The White Man Driving the White *** with registration # ****

    I called a specific officer at the *** and he gave me your name, address and a phone number

    I also sent your information to one Lupus – the Wolf

    Whatever caused you to drive down here and look in my face TWICE, once when you stopped in front my house, and the second time when you paused at the corner do your ting.

    All of us have a date with Death, so do you, so do you


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    There is fear of power and then there is a reality when we need to be AFRAID of power, Ms WW&C.

    It would be tantamount to suicide for this unknown blogger @Pieces not to have real fear of power.

    If you are moving drugs and guns you are dealing in death and you will have absolutely no compunctions about initiating a killing. None.

    We chatter and puff our chests here with words…but this blogger goes for the jugular in as cryptic and legal a way as possible but anyone who reads his stuff properly must know that he barely scratches the surface of what he says here. He has a lot of details.

    So yea, if I were in his shoes I would be frigging afraid…very afraid…not so much about my death (we all gotta go) but of those around me…

    This is serious life and death sh**….but if you want to play with words please continue.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Dribbler.

    Look at what we have come to!!

    We, honest? men and women, the Marcelle Smith’s, the upstanding citizens of Barbados now under siege in the very homes we work for, now, because of truth or standing up for things that we claim are ours, are put to rout, or to death, depending on who you offend!

    Imagine that you Dribbler, distanced by so many IP hops away in Canada, have the prescience to detect what will ensue from this single? crusade, for the poor ole man!

    And why kind sir, why is that?

    You see why ole men like Alvin Cummins and AC are such lost souls when they and Fumble and the runt Lashes at the Ministry who tout this Independence Celebration as being 50 years of so called freedom? you see why i laugh?

    Independent from what?

    Because Errol Barrow raised a flag on the Garrison 49 years ago?

    Because we going set off some fireworks on the same night and that Pyrotechnics firm that purported burn up an ole man, going get a $200K to send up money in smoke?

    Because your children and mine can recite “I pledge allegiance to my cuntry Barbados…?”

    What does that mean Dribbler when “these fields and hills beyond recall, are in no form or fashion, yours or mine, but carved up between, a few people who, because of the self appointed privilege of birth (euphemism for I name so and so and dis is my unassailable heritage) have decided “thus far and no further?”

    Go and have a chat with the Owner of Popular Supermarket, or Nassar, or Neville Rowe, or Branker, or Andrew Bynoe.

    Talk with Harold Hoyte and let him tell you about what he and the other founding members of the Nation experienced at the hands of these “fellow citizens”

    Then you understand why Owen faltered, Fumbles just plain out of it and Mia, my dear Mia, you see why this gun matter is so chillingly sad?

    It is not what these small minded men who seem unequal to the challenge, are doing my fellow sinner, it is what they are destroying.

    I weep at Edutech not because it made one woman and one Illuminated establishment so wealthy,

    I weep because, after all these years, look at how impoverished our school system is, replete with a growing number of teachers who missed their calling as wrestlers in the World Wrestling Association amazed at the rising tide of rebelling children who satiate themselves on sex instead of education.

    I will not spend a moment on this antiquated curriculum which has destroyed the critical thinking elements required for the 21st century.

    So if I fall, as fall I must, comrade, either by staged murder, or the death that is taking me more slowly, (and in greater pain), I fall doing that which I believe is right, and saying that which I believe is right.

    My plea, which may fall on deaf ears, is let us work together for a change that makes Barbados and Bajans proud of who we are and what we can accomplish.

    Send these effers home, BUT, and here is the kicker, BUT, in replacing them, let us look for men and women who love our country more.

    We CANNOT AFFORD DESPOTS, nor INCOMPETENTS, in any form or fashion since as we are seeing on April the 21st 2016, it has brought our country to its knees


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    This is my home and my land.




  • Well Well & Consequences

    Pedantic…what power. I know you are not speaking of those little fly by night mutts in Barbados, who only because of weak, greedy corrupt politicians now have money, but what power, only if the people continue to make them believe they have power.

    Trust me, they dont. You know when they realized they are powerless, when them and the yard boys and girls politicians could not remove the internet from Barbados, that was when they realized that power they thought they had, is a facade…they have CONTROL over the politicians, but the people have the POWER to put an end to that…so dont get tied up, the two are not mutually inclusive..but, the people have to wake up.

    There is one, dude from CGI Insurance, love to boast who is in his pocket and what he can do and cannot be stopped, not a lot of boasting these days….Pedantic,., that I can tell you.

    Piece…you dont have a bull pistle, one hot lash and the trespasser will be wearing the mark until end of days.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Pedantic…when I get in the mood, I call names, if I start calling the names of those involved in drug and gun running in Barbados since the 70s, many in the minority population, am sure you will stay away from BU…as Piece ssid, they have always freely driven up their speed boats, yachts and jet skis with contraband, because they know many of the blacks were like you, afraid of them, but quick to run and call the cops if it was another black doing the same thing…, misplaced fear, they feed on that….take it away and they are more afraid than you….


  • @ Piece & WWC, apologies, i’m too busy to reply to your correspondence. Things are very hectic for me right now. I’m retiring to bed.


  • I have been following this story and am wondering what became of these rifles.
    Apart from the initial inquiry and the late ineffective response, we do not know if these guns went to the authorities or to the big game hunters on the island. With this kind of sloppy paperwork, one does not have to wait and import guns in Christmas turkeys.

    One has to hope that this was sloppy paperwork and a one-time incident; not a recurring event that reached a threshold which prompted a US inquiry.


  • The guns went to the Police Task Force.

    On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 9:58 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • On rereading, I see that it is more than sloppy paperwork or even a businessman trying to be creative and continue doing business after a license was revoked.


  • Back in Tom’s Adams time , I think it was, someone called up Errol Barrow (HE) when he was in opposition, to inform him that they had seen or intercepted a communication that Tom Adams had ordered a number of Cannons for the Defence Force. We all know the outcome of those cannons.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Why would the police need to import sniper rifles through a shady company for the task force…when there is always government to government communiques and protocols to observe when new weapons are needed, how does that make sense….it drew the attention of the Embassy, so it had to be odd to them too.

    Glad to hear the mystery got solved.


  • NorthernObserver

    I feel de ole man en dun yet.
    He gine figure out the CIA bought an airline many years ago and connect de dots.


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright April 20, 2016 at 11:33 AM “Do you know who the current National Intelligence Officer at the US Embassy is?”


    Do you want to tell us who she is?


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright April 21, 2016 at 7:44 AM “A next lady who seems to have a night job.”

    Are you suggesting that I am a prostitute?

    i’ll meet you in the swing bridge at noon on Friday. I must defend my honour.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Simple Simon

    Nooooooo, lololol

    I figure 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the Hospitality sector.

    You always post around 11 like clockwork ergo the assumption


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ NorthernObserver

    To your 10 p.m. submission I do have a continuance of sorts

    “Dots and Boxes is a pencil-and-paper game for two players (sometimes more). It was first published in the 19th century by Édouard Lucas, who called it “la pipopipette”.

    It has gone by many other names, including “the game of dots”, “boxes”, “dot to dot grid”, and “pigs in a pen”

    The USofA is no saint with regard to its foreign policy, in fact certain of its administrations over the years are downright warmongers.

    Having said that we have to be realistic and accept that, as a sovereign nation, it aggressively seeks to protect its borders, and interests, both domestic and foreign, with the usual enthusiasm and alacrity of any and all sovereign powers.

    Observe how Russia is effecting the prisoner of war exchange for its own.

    Planes, ships with foreign registration, offices that are shell companies for slush funds for global operations, Prism, reverse Phoebe chips, that is par for the course.

    Intelligence gathering, by the various means, is normal, in fact critical, if one is to stay ahead of the game especially with the Commander Lins and Daniel Houghtons who have no compunction against selling secrets to the world for a fee.

    The country, like all superpowers, has its enemies, domestic and global, which many will argue it created, but with San Bernadino Incidents and McVeighs and all the other assorted kooks, the US government does what it does and has to do.

    You can understand their predicament. (and one is not asking you to sympathize, just understand)

    Their problem is ultimately one where, after investing BILLIONS in weapons of war, it is virtually impossible to turn those munitions into ploughshares and farming tools without the obvious happening to said country.

    You try it sometime. Just get up tomorrow morning and practice a nervous twitch of your right eye for an hour straight. I can guarantee you that after that hour you will find that is like a habit that you cant break.

    The difference in what we are faced with is that, without any provocation, we have members of our the very forces that are sworn to protect and serve us, engaging in this type of subterfuge.

    I wonder if these people realise what is happening around us?

    The US is slowly closing its borders to undesirables and sending back those of their prisoners with Bajan linkages, notwithstanding their residency and that may even extend to citizens by naturalization.

    The UK, similarly seeks to extricate itself from all this EU cross border pelau and, under the chapeau of its financial contributions to the Community, because it sees what is happening in its borders with “the immigrants” they too want to close their borders. (and they will, Brexit done written on the wall, “We done got enough of the Injuns and African here so you can be that we gonna keep wunna filthy A-rabs, camel lovers, and goat herders out”)

    Guess what is going to happen with Harewood’s Visa, of that of Hutchinson and even that of Commissioner Dottin?

    You think the USofA takes this shyte lightly? Why would you lie about weapons?

    Let me “connect some dots for you

    Every beach in Barbados is a drug shipment point, whether at night, or in broad daylight, when smuggled in among my flying fish catch.

    How many drug busts have there been in Barbados involving these ubiquitous points of egress? I am not talking about the Conset “harbour” St John, I am talking about the Bay Street Boys right in the shadow of the Barbados Defence Force LIDAR.

    Some more dots

    How many interdictions have their been in that spectrum over the last 5 , 10, 15, 20 years? None right? Barring the execution of the RBPF cop in St James.

    So we can assume that the vigilance competencies of the RBPF is about as close to zero as a puss* hair is to a pudenda right? Unless shaved like Michael and Stephen Lashes head but them is still ***ts

    So how many dots you have so far?

    What is the muzzle velocity of a Remington 700 (not taking into to consideration the calibre and load)? 1600 to 2800fps

    Last dot.

    How does that velocity equate to a *** while ***? (again I do not wish to estrange a faction that is very quick to see enemies where there are none.)

    So in a country where it is obvious that there is no security capabilities, and we have the highest authorities conspiring to hide end user records from the GoUSA, a country where “USA interests” exists, I do hope that you, and many here, do see the dots


  • Another source of information to understand more of the hidden aspects and ramifications of the illegal drugs trade than you get from mainstream media sources comes from the pen of Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat, a well established author, and a longtime professor of English (now professor emeritus) from the University of California, Berkley.

    WhoWhatWhyDOTorg is a reader supported website of investigative journalism dedicated to reporting on and publishing the types of stories often censored, overlooked or inadequately covered by mainstream media. Here they have excerpted the introduction to one of PD Scott’s books and published it as a series of articles:

    Deep History and the Global Drug Connection part 1

    ……………… Incidents covered by WhoWhatWhy such as the fiery death of journalist Michael Hastings and the open statements that Edward Snowden should be assassinated remind us to take nothing for granted. (To see our stories on these threats, please go here here, here, here, here, and here.)

    The essay below is by the father of “Deep Politics” analysis, Peter Dale Scott. It reminds us that, too often, it is not the wild-sounding that is the fiction — but the constant assurances that everything is a-ok, that our society operates on fundamental decency, and that we need to stay focused on the small things and leave the big problems to others.

    Below, Scott describes that phenomenon as “a great conspiracy/of organized denial.”

    Seeking to reverse this organized denial, Scott, in the book introduction that follows, posits — based on his decades of research — powerful connections between militarism, vast illegal drug operations, and America’s intelligence agencies. Sound far-fetched? So does much of history itself.



  • Looks like the Americans who we see as the regional and worlds third umpire, knows a thing or two about turning a blind eye to some shady gun deals.



  • NorthernObserver

    Le singe vert a fourni une boîte entière . En fait, il a également attiré d’autres lignes


  • Well Well & Consequences

    il y a toujours des lignes à drwan , armes et munitions est un argent faisant des affaires , d’où toutes les guerres , la mort et la destruction à travers le monde .

    Liked by 1 person

  • I have no live rounds, pyrotechnics or Remington 700’s in my possession, now, SIR!!!!


  • @ Colonel B
    …any empties…?


  • Bush Tea April 26, 2016 at 10:22 PM #
    @ Colonel B
    …any empties…?.
    All tucked away in Palmetto Street.


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