Moral Rehabilitation a Prerequisite to Achieve Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle

Extracted from Andrew Simpson’s Facebook timeline.

keep_island_cleanSo many issues need to be addressed, and in so little time – worsening political, economic, environmental and societal conditions are all connected. Everything we do, affects the whole. Numerous valuable offerings grace the pages of our media. Solutions are attainable. Trusted and committed leadership, to corroborate a common vision, is needed.

Wastage and pollution are my pet peeves so promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyles is what I am most passionate about. I believe that we must do what we can, with what we have, now. Barbadians should fully embrace the idea of resource preservation and practice permaculture; converting green waste for soil remediation to improve food security, while reducing impacts of chemical fertilizers / pesticides on ground water and nearshore reefs. Such measures would save much foreign exchange; as would more renewable energy generation, recycling, etc.

A national beautification program, utilizing available ‘manpower’, crowned with a centrally located nature zone (surrounded by with affordable lodgings) and linked through gully eco-system trails to a coastline rim for hiking and biking, would greatly enhance our tourism product.

Adoption of the above values, within a super efficient cooperative framework, would positively affect employment /standard of living within a new ‘green’ entrepreneurial class; increasing GDP as we facilitate more local production and climate friendly options. Unused properties must be developed with private funds, with opportunities to invest shared as widely as is practical. Policy makers must limit public borrowing to support unnecessary spending, on luxuries we can ill afford at this time, with any deficit financing strictly reserved to facilitate project investments that have undoubted potential to repay our national debt. Less reliance on government, through adoption of basic policies that encourage cultivation of greater individual responsibility (including design of a more effective governance platform) is the key to national prosperity being obtained in a truly independent Nation.

The greatest challenge which must be overcome; in order for our island to flourish, is the moral rehabilitation of this present generation. I urge each fellow citizen to recognize the power of free will; and choose for yourselves this day, whom you will serve. We must acknowledge the poor choices we have made, often under influence; accept healing and forgiveness, and promise to live in love.

7 thoughts on “Moral Rehabilitation a Prerequisite to Achieve Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle

  1. ” . . . a centrally located nature zone (surrounded by with affordable lodgings) and linked through gully eco-system trails to a coastline rim for hiking and biking, would greatly enhance our tourism product. . . . ”

    There is a Zone 1 area of at least five square miles stretching from Lascelles all the way up to St.Thomas parish church and across from there to Lancaster and down to Trents . . . that encompasses the Sugar Museum at Portvale and almost connects with the Marine Reserve at Folkestone. It boasts a confluence of several gullies running through it, and even a small lake. Planted with fruit trees to replace the widespread wild tamarind, it would serve as a perfect habitat for monkey and bird communities and provide a unique botanical attraction for locals and tourists as well as an ideal extension of the national park system for leisure and sporting activities. I have been trying to promote this as a project to coincide and commemorate the 400th anniversary of the settlement of the island at Jamestown in 1626. Perhaps a collaboration with some of the contacts you have developed will be fruitful.

    Lee Farnum-Badley

  2. May I add to this excellent idea, the preservation of the old train line as another project of a similar nature?

  3. @ Lee/David/Ping
    Such excellent ideas are useless in the current environment.
    Pearls to swine.

    Our leaders have the uncanny ability to take excellent ideas and defile them into crass idiocy.
    Someone would come up with a $400m contract for the project, …which will then go to the highest briber. In short order the ‘excellent idea’ will become another Four Seasons, Greenland, Cotton Industry, Black belly sheep project, Pier Head project etc.

    The REAL solution is to have our best and brightest as our leaders …instead of allowing the lowest-class, greediest, and basest among us control of our national resources….

  4. @David et alia

    In answer to the question what progress have I made to promote a nature reserve and park at Jamestown, I have to admit: not enough. That’s why I’m appealing to the community for help. You might also join the chorus and say it’s early days, because the nature park idea is subsumed under a wider Quadricentennial project which I am suggesting should include a series of improvements stretching from First Street and the Holetown creek along Highway 2A up to St. James parish church. The objective being not only to build on the opportunities offered for sustainable heritage tourism but also through the optimal use of land to develop spaces for our own enjoyment, education and engagement in the famous Green Economy. I have applied to the Cooperatives Department to register a community interest society under the name Jamestown Barbados 1625, but I have had no response ! I’ll be happy to have the BU family share their views and offer their advice on the outline that I’ll submit if you will permit. It can work but only if WE want it enough.

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