Student on Teacher Violence – The Revenge Factor

There has been the usual chatter this week in response to yet another incident of student on teacher violence at a secondary school. Whether it is the slashing of tyres of a teacher, spitting on a teacher, pushing a teacher down a flight of stairs, refusing to pick up the wrapper, the bottomline is that teachers and other actors in the education system must lead. All we hear from the Minister responsible Ronald Jones, talk show puppets like Peter Wickham, union officials et al is the inflammatory rhetoric.

Has the time come for us to select a minister of education who is intimately familiar with raising children? Should we give credence to a talk show host who is devoid of the concept of the personal commitment humankind should have to procreation?   Has the time come to thank Jones for his service and to give another person with a different skillset a chance to ‘stabilize’ the education system? All agree – even the minister responsible – that we have a serious problem to solve. And by his mouthings he appears to be clueless about how to constructively engage the issues. BU recalls Jones’ directive a couple years ago that mobile devices MUST not be brought to the school complex. A directive which was largely ignored. BU recalls that Jones was negligent in how he managed the Alexandra mess. He sat on a report for months until the matter escalated and resulted in scarce public dollars having to be approved by the prime minister to band aide the matter in a PR exercise. Several more cases can be cited to support the ineffectiveness of the ministry of education under Jones’ leadership. The exodus of experienced teachers is another that in large part is as a result of poor management and the political appointment of Karen Best as chief education officer.

Any good parent will tell you the responsibility of parenting is serious business. It calls for relationship building with the offspring –  nurturing and fostering respect, creating an environment to motivate them to give of their best, being honest with them and encouraging them to be sensibly curious, the list is long. Are we happy the same approach required of that is good parents within the home is being translated to the school system? BU respectfully suggest NO!

The BU household watched the following video of the well know Mac Fingall. Some things we will not agree with him and this is to be expected. This is a man who has walked the talk in his role as a teacher at the Lodge School and as a social activist in the community. His involvement in the Lodge School movement to reinstate it as a preferred learning institution as well as the success of the athletics program under his leadership is the stuff folkore is made. As a country many of the social ills which afflict our little country can be tracked to weak leadership. The good news is that our small size allows us to create an action plan to pull it back over a three to five year period. The bad news is that we need to get the political directorate to agree. The great irony exposed by our system of government is that the political class has become the albatross around the necks of its citizens. Has the time come for the citizenry to exact a pound of flesh like Shylock? He too was incensed when Antonio spat on him, physically abused him …

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102 Comments on “Student on Teacher Violence – The Revenge Factor”

  1. Well Well & Consequences April 21, 2016 at 8:44 AM #

    This is what I call a real story….the outcome is priceless.

    Kudos to the father for starting to understand his role in his son’s life. Kudos to his sister for knowing her role as the extended family, what a difference it would make if parents and families understood their role better.


  2. Negroman April 21, 2016 at 10:51 AM #

    I honestly hope that our school children continue to stand up for their fundamental rights as children & human beings. Yes respect is due to the elders and those in authorities and indeed children must behave and recognize that adults are there to guide and try to chart the correct paths to their future.
    However,adults in authorities not only in the teaching service but in the wider spectrum of the work force once they have that authority abuse occurs.Police officers ill-treating and mistreating members of the public is a case in point as well as the abuses of our children by members of the teaching profession. I do not even want to mention the horrible way young junior workers both in the public and private sectors are treated by the so-called seniors at their work places.
    I am an adult and parent of two children,I always tell my children to stand up for what you believe in but be respectful in doing so.I tell them do not be timid or afraid to express your views on matters that they consider to be critical importance to them.In other words,I instilled in them never be a wimp because wimps are not respected and are usually push around and taken advantage off.
    Principals,teachers & others in the teaching profession historically took advantage of vulnerable school children especially those from the lower strata of the society and those they consider with no pedigree.
    I salute those school children who are prepare to stand up and defend their rights and integrity. I hope that is extended to the wider society.
    NB: The abuse of persons in police custody also needs to highlighted.


  3. millertheanunnaki April 21, 2016 at 11:27 AM #

    @ Negroman April 21, 2016 at 10:51 AM

    First let my express my sincere agreement with you in your well-presented post above.
    It definitely shows a quantum leap in your intellectual maturity.

    Now, only if you were to perform a similar miracle by stop posting your rabid racist remarks and see the world- not in black and white- but through the spectrum of the rainbow. All people- from black to white to Chinese to Indians- are all the descendants of one family tree; blessed with the same potential to do good and cursed with the ability to do evil. The white man would eventually pay for his past evil deeds just like the black man is paying for his past deeds.

    Now go and be a racist no more!
    Your payment to Karma should be one of directing your blinded robotic sidekick(s), ac the DLP yard-fowl(s), to an enlightened path of commonsense with the hope of finding the capacity to think for themselves.


  4. ac April 21, 2016 at 12:48 PM #

    The escalating of problems coming from this issue of teacher and child arises with persons who have the propensity to prejudge without having being informed about all the circumstances
    Most time is seems that people rush to judgement based on hearsay or perceptions generated by other stories of similarity which disadvantage both parties in the centre of the dispute
    Conclusions based on similarties or hearsay serves no positive purposes other than to cultivate toxicity in an already hostile enviroment


  5. chad99999 April 21, 2016 at 2:20 PM #

    Bajans like Negroman are a terrible burden on our society.
    It should be obvious that in a crowded classroom, we cannot have 30 or 40 kids “standing up for themselves.” The teacher should be in charge and that’s the end of it. Look into a Japanese or Korean classroom, and you will see how efficient instruction can be when children “know their place” and do not challenge the authority of the teacher or the rules of the school. Then look into an American classroom, and you will probably see turbulence or chaos.
    In Trinidad and Jamaica, the descent into hell is already occurring. Students are becoming little gangsters, and when they are not beating up or even killing other students they are threatening or assaulting teachers. Just what we need in the Caribbean.


  6. Bush Tea April 21, 2016 at 2:56 PM #

    Chad continues to be a light in the darkness of ignorance and brass bowlery…..


  7. TheGazer April 21, 2016 at 5:41 PM #

    @Bushie &c had10k-1
    I would admit that chad hits a right note very now and then, but would not go far as to claim he is ‘a light in the darkness’. He is the blind squirrel that find a nut every now and then 🙂



  8. Simple Simon April 21, 2016 at 11:36 PM #

    @millertheanunnaki April 21, 2016 at 6:53 AM “Certainly you were not a mother at 8 years? ”


    Are you not inadvertently exposing to the world the dysfunctional household you were ‘raised’ in?


    Where were your socially prescriptive mummy & daddy? … gone overseas to clean white people houses?



  9. Donna April 22, 2016 at 5:17 AM #

    Rights only have to be stood up for when they are being trampled. My son’s form teacher treats her children with love and respect and they respond accordingly. I cannot criticize ANYTHING she does in my son’s hearing. She is RIGHT in everything and if she EVER makes a mistake she will be forgiven without a thought. He TRUSTS her totally and does not want to disappoint her. The whole class is settling down because of her influence. She owns them as HER children. She stands up for them LIKE A MOTHER. She chastises them when necessary. But she always listens and treats them fairly. All she had to do to make them straighten up was to threaten to give them to another form teacher. They BEGGED her to stay. I told my son not to worry because she wasn’t going anywhere. They were a difficult class. They were labeled as the worst by all the other teachers. She called them good children who needed some guidance. She asked to keep them for another year. Gradually my son’s complaints for the children’s bad behavior dwindled into nothing.

    NOW THAT’S A REAL TEACHER! May God bless that rose!

    I have heard it said that when adults try to correct school children on the street they “wash them in cuss.” Well up to this week I corrected some Garrison School children and received AN APOLOGY.

    “I’m sorry, ma’am. My mouth isn’t good.”

    ” Well, it sure looks good to me,” I replied with a smile. ” I can see no reason why it shouldn’t speak as well as it looks!” The young man then offered to help with my bags. Then I heard another person in another group who let loose a “Jesus Christ.”

    “Young man,” I asked “What did Jesus Christ do to you that you are misusing His name like that. I have done it myself but I find it is a bad habit so I do it no more. You are not bad children but you need to watch your language.”

    The group of young men paused and listened. Nobody disrespected me. And there was NO MORE swearing in my presence.

    There was also a young man cleaning his shoes with water and his hands. I asked him why he was doing that and offered him some wipes which he took gladly and thanked me for them. He seemed SURPRISED that I would even care.

    I have NEVER been cussed by ANY school child on the street.

    When I taught I had a habit of calling all the children sweet names. All day long they would come up to me one by one to see which name I would come up with and if I would run out of names.

    They never tired of hearing me label them things like honey bunny, sweet pea, sweetie pie, honey child etc. I picked that habit up from Mrs. St. John, Elsie Payne’s sister.

    I have been told by many persons, a deacon at a retreat house I took a youth group to for a weekend, a priest or few at my church, parents and teachers that I have the gift and the responsibility to work with children. People I do not know just assume that I am a teacher. It’s uncanny!

    If you need to bully your class into submission then you are in the wrong profession. The problem probably lies with YOU. FIRM BUT FAIR wins out every time. I learnt that from Elsie Payne. That’s what EARNS the respect of the children. They will not continue to challenge you when they see that demonstrated and life will be as enjoyable as my son’s class now is. By the way, his love and respect for the teacher has translated into him getting great marks and coming first in that subject. The others are trying their best to catch up so as not to disappoint her.

    Bushie, it is obvious you were not a BORN teacher. Also in this instance you are myopic and descending into the BRASS BOWLERY you so despise.


  10. Donna April 22, 2016 at 5:20 AM #

    Gotta love that Simple Simon.


  11. Donna April 22, 2016 at 5:33 AM #

    The problem with the teaching service is that they let ANYBODY into it. They take our future and place it into the hands of people some of whom DO NOT EVEN LIKE CHILDREN. When they find someone who has a natural affinity for the job they let them go, even in the face of reports of that affinity, based on LIFO. That is how I got out of teaching during the Structural Adjustment Erskine Sandiford period. In my place they left a square peg who actually TOLD me she DID NOT LIKE CHILDREN. She had taught for ONE TERM more than I had. The other teachers would have preferred me to stay but ……. I have ALWAYS wanted to return but instead I fulfilled my calling in the Church. I still dream of having my own school amongst many other things that involve children. All in good time.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Donna April 22, 2016 at 5:37 AM #

    Did you DREAM of teaching, Bushie? Do you have an overwhelming love of children? Do you ENJOY being in their company? if the answer to any of those question is no then that is the explanation for your need of THE BIG STICK!

    That’s all. You may have the last word because we all know you are too stubborn to change your opinion no matter what.


  13. Donna April 22, 2016 at 5:41 AM #


    I answer you softly as you are probably a younger person.

    Using Japan and Korea as examples is as bad as using the US of A. Too far east will always be west, honey bunny. Didn’t anybody teach you geography?


  14. Donna April 22, 2016 at 5:51 AM #

    Forgot to mention – that girl who told me she did not like children so many years ago IS STILL TEACHING!

    How many more?


  15. pieceuhderockyeahright April 22, 2016 at 6:52 AM #

    @ Donna,

    It is good to see you back.

    You said something that is very interesting “…form teacher treats her children with love and respect and they respond accordingly…”

    I used to teach, still do in a manner of speaking, at the church

    Children are like sponges, they such up everything that you exude.

    So, mindful of that characteristic of absorbing what is around us, it is important that we are aware of who we appoint as teachers.

    That is a law of nature, did you know that during a time when our planet produces more oxygen, that dragonflies grow (15%0 bigger?

    We are for the most par, products of our environment, and very few escape the gaza mentalities of some of our homes and schools.

    You went on to speak of Brother Bush Tea and his factual representation per BrassBowls

    Bush Tea has the amazing ability to fast forward past yours and Simple Simon’s idylliec vision of lovely respectful children to the rubber hits the road side of thing.

    Nice mannerly literate chilrun are is reading well, the whole PARA DIGIM (yes my dear I spelt that the same way the Minister of Edukashun Ronald WeJonesing pronounced it recently) that brings us back to nice mannerly citizens who, unfortunately cant do diddly squat with all those manners. but yes sah no sah massah mentalities

    What good is manners when we cannot produce anything and are like Stephen Lashley, the epitome of manners and sensibilities but a brass bowl as such relates to managing his appointed Ministry.

    It is good to see you back but let us be truthful as it relates to the real state of affairs and as opposed to saying how mannerly those kids were with you tell me truthfully what have you seen as their output and contribution to the national grid, as students that benefited from US 236M in Edutech against the less expensive education that was afforded you in our “corporal punishment, old fashioned” days?

    It is to the nuance that Brother Bushie speaks the “by their works ye shall know them” L.C.F that defines how we have applied what we learnt.

    Yes please, thank you…kindly


  16. Donna April 22, 2016 at 8:11 AM #

    Bushie believes that there is only ONE WAY to keep order in a classroom. I suggest that there is another way. This way takes more time and effort initially but bears longer lasting fruit than the BIG STICK. I have given detailed examples of unreasonable teachers. The children have NO RESPECT FOR THEM. These are the teachers who I know the children would like to take a swing at in turns. The teacher who treats them with respect is in NO SUCH DANGER. That is the BORN TEACHER. She goes to bed with those children in her mind and wakes up with those children in her mind. She crawled out of her bed after an operation and e-mailed those children to assure them that she was ok and she SENT THEM YOUTUBE VIDEOS FOR REVISION. She returned to work before the recommended time because she has a mission in mind. If any child disrespected her the others would jump on that child. She does not use a big stick and she respects the children’s rights.

    The reason why we have not seen the return on our investment is because we have refused to move with the times. The old system served its purpose and needs a major overhaul.

    I referred to manners in the context of showing how different people can get different responses from children. We were after all discussing disrespect and violence against teachers. That makes it relevant.

    Brother Bushie is HUMAN and not INFALLIBLE. He sees past some of my views and I SEE PAST SOME OF HIS!

    By the way would not teaching children to accept unfairness meekly and without question from the AUTHORITIES /TEACHERS not train them to have the yes sir, no sir mentality of which you speak. Wouldn’t it be better to allow them their protest as long as it is done appropriately. Wouldn’t it be more productive to show how to stand up for your rights and solve problems peacefully?
    You are going around in illogical circles trying to defend Bushie’s argument when you don’t even seem to know what his argument was.

    Unlike Brother Bushie, I don’t know everything. LOL. But I do know children. That is my calling. That is my passion.

    Yes please, thank you… kindly


  17. Well Well & Consequences April 22, 2016 at 9:20 AM #

    Donna…you have exposed another problem, the children think the adults dont care, not a good feeling if you put yourself in their shoes. It’s amazing how children react when they feel they are being listened to and their opinions respected, the transformation is immediate.

    All the talk about beating children to discipline them, have you noticed that the beatmongers only wish it on the government school children, never on the kids in private schools, who also have their challenges, but are handled so much differently, some may say it’s because they are private schools, but the teachers are also mostly Bajan and equally skilled, so they must be doing something different that they do not have to resort to abuse to handle a child with personality challenges.

    The private schools do encourage more parent participation, yes, but they are so much better at understanding the child, what the child needs and applying the correct remedies to challenging situations.

    All my children are products of private schooling, so I know some of the teachers in public schools need more training.

    In saying that…I also know that there also exists and have for many decades, gems for teachers in the public system.


  18. Well Well & Consequences April 22, 2016 at 9:27 AM #

    BTW…children can display phenomenal love for teachers, they are quite capable, but thyy are also capable of hatred, if they are disappointed.

    Teachers need to remember that and work harder at extracting that love. Some home situations may make that difficult because at the end of the day many children have challenging home situations and are trying to navigate through pressures and stress at home and school without any prior experience, just like the teachers, a balance must be found to benefit both parties.


  19. Bush Tea April 22, 2016 at 10:01 AM #

    @ Donna
    Wait bozie … you get ‘read’ outta de church or wuh? …yuh very acid with Bushie…

    The Bushman barely commended Chad for shining a global light on what has been a personalized and parochial discussion ..and you gone ballistic on Bushie…. ?
    …AND SO VERY WRONG at that….

    A national education system is not designed around personalized child development, …it CANNOT BE…. we could not afford it…
    It is designed to identify and develop specific talents among children, and to channel those talents towards national development.

    Ours is MUCH too limited in scope …. foolishly mainly focused on academic talents (which are best at producing brass bowls)… And with some of the biggest idiots in charge of it; and with a system that promotes the most useless and unproductive to the top; we would have to be REALLY slow to be expecting anything other than what we are getting…
    Of course one of the obvious challenges to the system is that of parents who are always ‘pushing themselves into the system’ ….insisting that THEIR IDEA of what it should focus on – should reign.

    Chad’s input presents a PRAGMATIC look at the overall system, and a reminder of what the overall goal is intended to be…

    Parents have the right and the DUTY to instill their own moral standards into their children and they have NO real basis for expecting teachers (some who are confirmed ‘child-haters’)… to do so….

    Finally, while you may rant and rave about the need for teachers to be loving, caring and kind, you should be aware that this world of ours comes with ALL TYPES, and if your children are only exposed to loving, caring teachers …then when they are released into the real world of wolves, dogs and politicians they will be clueless bait….

    Some of Bushie’s BEST LESSONS in life came from ‘haters’ including a few teachers …who inspired the bushman to succeed – just to prove their donkeys wrong….

    The ‘goody-two-shoe’ utopia that you desire in a school is misguided ..and not even desirable, if school is intended to be a nursery for REAL LIFE.

    @ Piece
    Thanks for the back stop there buddy, but Donna is just being a great mother… It is all about that phenomenal BBE design ..where mothers will defend their children (and their man if he is lucky) against the Devil herself.

    Men generally have the ability to be more pragmatic about their children….. but a mother’s love is a special force all by itself…. 🙂
    …sorry for you if you think that logic ..or even overall community interests can overcome THAT wall…

    It is one of the reasons why BBE’s manual highly recommends that leadership positions be best held by men. If a woman has to choose between a whole national education system – and her son – what do you think she will choose…?
    It is also why a man with a GOOD woman on his side is unbeatable…

    @ D
    You and Bushie still tight Donna ….even though you have NO IDEA about the Bushman’s real nature…. LOL ha ha ha


  20. Well Well & Consequences April 22, 2016 at 10:16 AM #

    Bushman…now that children realize in 2016, they are only being used and churned out as deveolpmental machines, to enrich a few of your brassbowl minorities on the island, including the big stick wielding faikures for ministers, what you think will be/is their reaction….and they are being beaten, disrespected, abused and have their rights violated to achieve this development just as were the big stick leaders, wielders, teachers were etc…..ya get my drift, ya see the cycle that continues uninterrupted.

    Now I will finish read your post. I am sure it’s mind-tingling.


  21. Donna April 22, 2016 at 10:45 AM #

    National goals are always high on my agenda. We belong to a society and we can only thrive if society thrives with us. My problem has more to do with what our methods are producing than my son. Believe me my son and I will conquer. I am more resourceful than many of the parents with respect to that. My son therefore was trained from home and is not waiting on an uncouth teacher to train him. He will be an asset to society because he knows it is in his best interest to be so. It’s the rest of them I am worried about.

    Your point is taken about the bad teachers. I myself got my best marks out of spite for such a one. However, a child should also be taught, in the “nursery for life”, that problem people should not be allowed to remain problems. They should straighten up or be removed. Right now with the bad teachers around the people are still clueless bait for the politicians so what exactly is your point? You beat them into submission and present them to the politician wolves like sheeple. Teachers could not be removed. So politicians cannot be removed.

    I have already warned my son that, knowing all that I have taught him, if he still gets in stupid trouble with the Law that my money will not be spent on any good-for-nothing lawyer. I have told him that I will be the first visitor at Dodds’ gate whenever it is opened. I also told him that he should not expect me to tell lies to cover up for him. He knows I mean it. So you can take your damned SEXIST claptrap about women not being good leaders because of emotion and love of son trumping societal welfare and stuff it where the sun or Chad’s light doesn’t shine.

    As for your read out of church comment – we don’t do that. I am an ANGLICAN. I could cuss yuh tail today and prepare my Sunday School lesson right after.


  22. Donna April 22, 2016 at 10:50 AM #

    Well Well,

    Exactly! For the enrichment of the few. Not national goals at all. And that is the elephant in the room.


  23. Donna April 22, 2016 at 10:59 AM #

    And as an Anglican we do not take the Bible as some of you do. So that BBE manual woman in her place claptrap has LONG gone through the eddoes! It’s called ENLIGHTENMENT. It is the only reason I remain in the folds of the ANGLICAN church. It does not still maintain that the earth is flat. Or that the earth was created in six days 6000 years ago. And pretty soon we will have to accept that some homosexuals were BORN that way. Scientific evidence suggests it. We cannot refute it. The evidence of our own eyes confirms it. The young people in my Sunday School class have no problem with it. When the dinosaurs die out I will have to adjust to the inherited discomfort and will do so and leave the judgment to God. Still say I am not pragmatic?


  24. Bush Tea April 22, 2016 at 11:11 AM #

    LOL @ Donna
    You know that you and Well Well are among the few females that have the ability to cause the bushman to break his norm of never arguing with women children or AC…

    Your role as a mother to your son is to teach him that there are good and bad people everywhere – including school. You should protect him when he is too young to protect himself (primary school?) and you should encourage and support him IN LEARNING TO PROTECT HIMSELF during secondary school. Your only business at school should be to assess how your support at home is working (PTA meetings) and to see if you can contribute to the overall good of the school.
    As a mother, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS TELLING TEACHERS HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS…. that is for others to do…

    When your son goes to university will you move in with him on Campus too? will you be there when he gets married…and REALLY starts to see hell?

    As a mother your job is to develop an independent human grown-up ….not to grow a child to old age.

    …and now just like you want to tell teachers how to behave, you want to tell BBE how to organize his design? Wunna women is something else… LOL


  25. Donna April 22, 2016 at 11:52 AM #

    Poor Bushie, you still haven’t a clue how deeply I think. I have not since primary school intervened in my son’s relationship with his teachers. I have taken him to the next stage of dealing with it himself. This was because he told me that he was ready to do that. I have restrained myself from my natural protective instinct and have NEVER gone to the school EXCEPT for PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES. Poor Bushie, I took him to martial arts and cringed as he was kicked and punched at, hit with sticks and grappled to the floor. I watched him pummeled in his first competition against an older, taller, more experienced fighter whose champion swimmer arms beat him to the floor. I bought him protective gear and trusted Sifu to know what he was doing. I did not interfere. That was to give him a fighting chance against the bullies.

    But I maintain that as a taxpayer I do have a RIGHT to demand certain standards of teachers as they demand certain standards from me. When I was a teacher I accepted that. Who the hell do you and they think they are that they can do as they like with my child? Heck, I cannot even do what I like with my child. Would they not report me if my child came to school with excessive bruising? Why the hell then should somebody who knows nothing about how my child came to be here be allowed to bruise up my child at their pleasure? If I verbally abuse my child the CCB should come for me but a teacher can call him whatsoever their husband called them last night? If the teachers and the ministry are all the brass bowls you call them should we then have nothing to say about that?

    As for me telling BBE anything ,no sir! It is he who is telling me! If he hasn’t got through to you yet it is because he is getting poor reception.

    As for marriage, I have told him that I will not be living with him as he thinks he wants me to so he can take care of me. We have discussed nurses and cameras and daycare and homes.. I have told him that his wife and children must displace me somewhat if his marriage is to work. I make him watch Divorce Court so he can see all the problems and think about solutions.

    I prepare my son for everything and let him go in stages. He is going to be a MAN.

    You think I am waiting on you to provide ME with a brain? I had a much better source!


  26. Donna April 22, 2016 at 12:03 PM #

    By the way Bushie, I have never tried to steer my son towards university. The BBE put him here for a purpose and has given him what he needs. My son will find his own way career wise just as this weekend he will choose his own subjects for next year. I have told him to do the research if he doesn’t know what the subject entails. How’s that for a molly coddler.

    And I’m supposed to be impressed by your amazing abilities to see things? You get an’ F’ for your last effort. You don’t see me. Not even close!


  27. Well Well & Consequences April 22, 2016 at 12:44 PM #

    “As a mother, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS TELLING TEACHERS HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS…. that is for others to do…”

    The Bushman….the “others” are not doing their jobs, they have no problem solving skills and because of that, look what Mary Redman is doing today, letting loose thousands of teenage and elementary age kids on the streets, to prove she could and the jackass big stick wielders in the ministry of education cannot stop her, unless they resort to “crack heads and shoot people” because they have no other skills….remember the cycle.

    That leaves the parents with the necessay skills to make an intervemtion….all roads lead to nonfunctional government ministers.


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