The Philip Nicholls Story – The Perils of a Legal Partnership


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As my troubles at Cottle Catford resulted from the failure of my former partners to honour their agreement, the toll on me was only too evident to my close friends. Several of them, especially those  who were not attorneys , were incredulous as to what was transpiring in our legal system, as no one doubted that money was owed. However it was my friend Yvette Lemonias Seale who first said to me “Philip I hope you are chronicling these happenings to write about them.”

These are the opening lines of the book titled More Binding Than Marriage by Philip Nicholls. Posting this blog is not an attempt to win sales for Philip Nicholls who has had to suffer shame since his charge, it is about being fair. BU’s single purpose is the pursuit of truth!

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  1. Say the word Lawyer quickly and it sounds like LIAR! Too many Bajan lawyers are behaving wusser than criminals! It is a poor reflection on the Lawyers who are honest and professional.

    I received the Amazon order from a friend and sent it out to more than 50 contacts many of whom are HC grads. At least 80% of the Bajan lawyers, who I forwarded it to, replied stating that they support Phillip or have sympathy with his plight.

    Please be aware that Lawyers that could become EXPOSED for their devious actions are unlikely to come here and support PN. When the “game” could be up the cockroaches will scamper!

    If the M Lodge guys involved watch out! I am a lil surprised that Phillip has had the time to write this as some these powerful fellas likely to put him away like Stokes/ Pele P etc. If I were he, I would not shower without my extended clip Glock!

    PN has to be admired for having the brass balls to expose dem!

  2. No I don’t. What I do know is that in the case of one particular lawyer, his actions were easy to figure out.

    He was either using client’s money or had a friendly banker or both and it was plain to see.

  3. Any masonic brother will tell you and all you who have silly ideas of the M Lodge that you will leave your nastiness at the entrance to the lodge and if you have learnt anything during the ceremony,you would leave your nastiness at the exit.Masonic Lodges are not a cover for unlawful acts.That is not to say that some Masons are not without sin and if the shoe fits any names mentioned on this thread,they are impostors,not Masons.

    • @Gabby
      One would hope that the Masons are Do-gooders! My grandfather, Uncle and nephew were Masons, all totally independent of each other in time and country. I never joined because I would not like all of the mumbo jumbo talk and actions unless I were briefed fully upfront as to what exactly I am committing to. The Masons tend to take in people who believe in any religion, which suggests to me that they want people who may be easily indoctrinated since the hierarchy are the only ones that have the critical info/ secrets. How do I know that the basis is not Luciferian? Maybe repugnant in some serious attributes?

      Anyway my mother and her siblings were orphaned in single digits( her father had been a Mason) these orphans supposedly benefited from that association and indeed a buggy allegedly appeared every week or so with food ie yams,veg etc.

      It is alleged that senior Police and members of the Judiciary are Masons. Some might argue that in certain well planned murders that the perps are protected but I dont have proof so????

  4. Masons do not boast of their charity but they contribute as part of their ceremony.As I said before there are many misguided pronouncements made of the brethren and which none will respond to.Your reference to murders is one such worn out old wives’ tale.

  5. MoneyB….funny enough, those attorneys whom I spoke to agrees with Nicholl’s book. People are ordering the book. I do not think anyone of them would dare touch that dude….his Dad, I understand, was at one time head of CDB….he would have even more information to share. Don’t think they want that tub of worms spilling out…at all….at all.

  6. I am beginning to think there are lawyers on the island who have become fedup and disillusioned with the legal system, some of their fellow attorneys and the way the judiciary has been compromised, we will see if as a collective, they are motivated enough to push for change and against the way things are done presently….I know for sure present clients as well as potential clients would be more than happy instead of being bombarded when they call a lawyer’s name, researching for their own safety, only to hear “he en no good, or she en no good, ya gine get rob or, ya gine get sell out.”

    • WW
      My understanding is that the RE Registry process is totally antiquated, Policing is non existant etc. Serious reform has long be required.

  7. Last I heard Vernon Smith had filed suit against the Chief Justice regarding his problem with the Bar Association.It must have been sorted because he was in court yesterday according to Barbados Today,representing his client Parris’s private company Branlee Consulting Services.I admire Smith’s tenacity, a man 85 years old,still working hardisass for his daily bread.No doubt he donates his NIS pension to charity.

  8. MoneyB…….No one is willing to take that first step toward reform, most prefer things continue to degrade to already unsustainable levels… one cares enough, dont you see the rubbish the politician’s yardfowls get on here spouting….making thinks work better and in step with 21st processes is not part of any agenda.

    Instead of the PM sit down with all players, as is his job and push reforms in all sectors, he is busy every week bowing and scraping to tourists, who will come anyway, I thought he had a minister of tourism for that job…….their priorities are all screwed, to say the least.

  9. I believe there are 4 institutions in Barbados which bajans tend to hold in low esteem based on the reputation of a few of their membership.The police,the legal fraternity,the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party.They all have only to change the rot at the top to turnaround this state of affairs.

  10. Pardon my ignorance on this issue, but why do clients have to leave hundreds of thousands of dollars with their lawyers? If A is buying a property from B, why must a lawyer hold all the money?

  11. WW&C
    The irony of Stuart’s kowtowing to the tourisses everyweek is that this is the same man that say he don’t like whites back in 06 when he was trying to wrest leadership of the DLP from Thompson and was playing to the mass base of the party.

  12. Lol……..Gabriel, you are the 2nd or 3rd person to point out that, point is Sealy, as minister of tourism, is being paid for that job, so why is Stuart up front and jumping out every week to personally meet and greet tourists.

    As PM holding more than one portfolio, he should have more than enough to keep him busy, but much prefers to play the part of host to tourists while many sectors are being blatantly neglected…’s mind boggling.

  13. Fly
    The same thiefing went on in the UK until they changed the system and you can’t do that anymore.All Barristers and Solicitors must contribute to a fund which is used to fund any infelicities and further if you tamper with a client’s funds,you are liable to imprisonment and/or disbarment.You won’t get the likes of Stuart and Brathwaite carrying such legislation to parliament.That’s why we need to change the governance of Barbados to include folk of the temperament of Caswell and former senator Frances Chandler tp pass laws to stop the rot that has overtaken Barbados compliments of the corrupt dems and more significantly to lock up their asses like the Caymanian courts just locked up for 7 years the former thiefing CEO of their version of the NIS.The leper days coming to an end soon and he promises to carry Mara.

  14. Fly…….it is one of the procedures in conveyances that I believe should be changed, since they found it necessary to change attorneys receiving client’s checks for insurance claims since too many attorneys realized that since the check was in their name, they would and could ignore the client completely, hold on to the money for decades, being greedy behind the interest, some never gave the clients their compensation…..since no one penalized, locked up or disbarred enough of them for those criminal acts, they continued until that procedure was stopped.

    For some reason, they left attorneys doing conveyances to handle client’s money and the disaster continues. I personally believe that they should not be allowed to hold large amounts in an account to which they alone have access…..recipe for disaster, as we continue to see.

  15. In the USA they use ‘escrow agents’ I believe, to safeguard funds in legal deals. I believe that banks provide a similar service. It essentially says “I don’t trust my lawyer”.

  16. Gabriel ”They all have only to change the rot at the top to turnaround this state of affairs.”

    Incorrect. Because corruption is endemic and big business big in it too. How you think all the big up contracts get awarded? People also get ahead in life in many companies and partnerships (ha ha) by lies and back scratching.

    You might think that is normal, but I do not.

    THAT is the issue with today’s Barbados. Not by merit, but by who ya know.

    Barbados has the leaders it deserves, because it IS so.

    There are many good people, but they live and survive ‘in spite of’ not ‘because’ of the situation.

    But the Bimas, five bedroom houses and money galore to spend, does not come just so.

    Tax dodgers, corrupt business, corrupt….

    And you pretending it is only the leaders? Lol.

    As for this thing ya all discussing.

    I was always shaking my head, at supposed ‘learned’ men, running an organisation like the BCA as little fighting boys. Shameful.

    One who is a pompous ass. Cannot stand the moron. Letters does not mean responsible nor nice.

    The fellow who wrote the book, well, I do not know him personally, always felt he seemed nice enough. But can commiserate knowing that this place aint easy.

    There was one practice where a man tief a million and head up North.

    Can tell you, IF I had that money, it would not have been mine. Or he and I would have had a ‘civil’ discussion’, end of which the money would have been in my account shortly thereafter.

    Problem is , a fellow would drive your car away with your keys IF YOU LET HIM.

    Bottom LIne is THIS.

    Barbados is corrupt as heck now and you all can dress it up how you want. THAT is the issue.

    Everything is a rip off, cost of house building, prices in the supermarket, who gets a job.

    It is just going down.

    Good for Dr. GP.

    He got out before it spiraled out of control.

  17. Why is the DPP not investigating these types of crimes….it’s not like he is not aware, victims have been calling his office and writing the police for decades. What will it take for them to do something about these types of perpetrators. It’s easy for them to stop everyone from talking about it and posting comments online…….by doing something about the people who see clients as victims, who see taxpayers as victims……..stop giving people the ammunition they need to expose everything and it will all go away.

  18. That’s why people tend to call or write the police first, as I know it, the police are supposed to consult with the DPP, who makes the decision on whether a file should be opened and an investigation started, he is the prosecutor. …..

    These civil servants are being paid by taxpayers to protect them from criminal elements and criminal acts, but all they seem to be interested in is prosecuting slander, libel, defamation and marijuana, it does not add up….they do not seem interested in prosecuting each other.

  19. Let me expand on that….the DPP does not seem to be interested in prosecuting or investigating business people who are considered “elite” and untouchable, officers of the court, lawyers, who are accused etc.

    He now finds himself going after “close to criminal libel” which he knows and admits to being unable to prosecute, but is totally ignoring prosecutable criminal complaints…..and the same taxpayers have to pay him a monthly salary.

  20. I have seen him David, on more than one occasion. Sad that he still collects a salary from the taxpayers, while unable to protect the taxpayers from those with whom he rubs shoulders.

  21. The legal profession is not one I would recommend for anyone. Naturally, drinking starts in university. US lawyers working in these environments are paid and promoted based on performance using billable hours, it is a balancing and juggling act….ironically, paralegals do all the dirty and heavy work through billable hours….yet it’s the lawyers have the most stress.

    With those outside the US….it’s the greed associated with havig the biggest house, the latest car and keeping up the appearances of wealth to draw from a small pool of clients…..not worth the health risks either.

  22. Hants……Michael Springer’s review re Nicholl’s book is being called into serious question on…..there are now very detailed reviews on Cottle Catford and lawyers in general.

    Amused… may want to have a read. It will only get worse, playing in the big leagues now….lol

  23. Yeah David, really, Amazon don’t care who, his and others when the book is read, will effectively cancel out Michael Springer review, remember, this is big league….and if they are not satisfied with the way the book is promoted, as long as it’s truthful, more information will be given.

    Remember, the review Springer gave did not help 3 people, he did not go indepth as to why not, simply said he would not waste time reading, no whys or why the author could be lying.

    Knox on the other hand, explained the relationship between his family and the law firm….he stopped short of naming the government minister involved, he outlined thievery and skulduggery…..I am sure there will be lots more to come. Big leagues remember.

  24. Crusoe
    All the rot can stop if the PM had balls.That office is the most powerful in this country.All the necessary tools are within his domain.FOI,Whisteblower,Tax Act,Banking Act,Police Act,Electoral and Boundaries Act,but it will all come down to the ‘enforcement act’.This PM betrayed the trust of most bajans when he donned his medical hat and declared Lazarus Parris free of leper and as if to confirm that you may not rely on his (PM’s)judgement,he affirmed Parris is his friend.One wondered if Parris was his lender of last resort.

    • @Gabriel

      How do you respond to Wendell Calender’s view espressed in his book Prime Ministers of Barbados pointing out that Fruendel Stuart ‘silent/hand off stye’ style of should be accepted for what it is, another style.

      On 7 February 2016 at 15:24, Barbados Underground wrote:


  25. David
    I respond thus:In all my professional training and in all my interaction with work colleagues,I have never met seen a description nor encountered such a style of leadership.It’s definitely oxymoronic.It’s like shooting pool with rope.

  26. I remember a book written by Austin “Tom” Clarke called “The Prime Minister” about Barbados.

    Looked for it on Amazon but could not find it so googled it.

    Seems it is available on

    It was published in 1977 and seem to remember hearing it was banned in Barbados.

    It was a fictional tale but I understood it was all about Barbados and Errol Barrow.

  27. @ Gabriel February 7, 2016 at 12:35 PM #
    “I have never met seen a description nor encountered such a style of leadership. It’s definitely oxymoronic. It’s like shooting pool with rope.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Gabriel. What the PM displays cannot be classed as a “leadership style”. He behaves more like a senior civil servant who ‘manages’ in a reactive way only when his juniors foul up. A crisis is the testing ground for true leadership to come to the fore.

    How can a true leader be that supremely brave as to align himself unabashedly with Leroi Parris the archenemy of pensioners and policyholders? Isn’t this analogous to Churchill shaking hands and wining and dining with Hitler after that famous pep talk to the British people in 1940?

    As can be seen Barbados is saddled with a captain of a four engine aircraft going through a period of economic turbulence with three out of commission and with the same captain blissfully hiding away in the cockpit with the occasional trip to the refreshment bar and the toilet to ease the discomfort caused by the ‘noise’ from his panicking passengers while his crew (Cabinet) are forced take the full onslaught of abuse.

    Fumble is not leadership material; just a pure lucky ‘bastard’ with his political wheel of fortune.
    Just look and see what saved his sorry ass in 2015. A tremendous fall in the price of oil.

    But fortunately the Russian roulette gun has one bullet and six chambers with five already ‘spent’.
    His printer’s devil of a governor at the Central Bank cannot ‘print’ foreign currency and later this year he will be forced to face his waterloo and tell his Bajan subjects those darn evil people in the credit rating agencies and IMF “made me do it”.

  28. John…I believe that is what Clarke got into trouble for back then, now that you mentioned it. I knew it was something got him in trouble with the government.

  29. @ Well Well & Consequences February 7, 2016 at 2:08 PM

    I am a bit surprised at the reaction taken by BU regular contributors with the revelations of Philip Nicholls’s sour grapes of ‘tell-it-all’ confessions.

    Where was he when poor Plantation Deeds and now Violet C Beckles was bearing his soul about the ‘crookery’ and skullduggery taking place in that profession which Jesus is alleged to have condemned 2,000 years ago?

  30. Tom was General Mnager of CBC from ’75-’77.Tom Adams became PM in ’76 .If Clarke “got into trouble” on account of the book,who would have got him into trouble?The Rev Lionel Lipps?

  31. @ millertheanunnaki February 7, 2016 at 2:39 PM

    Poor Plantation Deeds. He really was ‘baring his soul’ instead of “bearing” it to the BU audience.
    A lot of it would have been carted away by the fraternity of legalized crooks.

  32. Some folk are not satisfied with their lot in life and make a move on.Sometimes it is for the better,sometimes for the worse.Stuart was a teacher in good standing at a secondary school and was a pastor at his local church,the Church of God in Marchfield.He was respected in his community and to those beyond who associated with him.Many of them are still of the view that he is a decent fellow.But in the same breath they say he decided to become a political wannabe.Big mistake.He is not of the temperament nor the ability.They say history will not absolve him.He is the classic failure,a man with one eye, out of his depth and leading a set of blind followers.

  33. Miller…lol, you know people never care about others until they are forced to walk a mile in their shoes.

    This is how it had to play out, the exposure had to come from within, remember those who commiserated with Deeds were called liars, told to bring proof, they had no evidence. Remember AC, Alvin and Carson, unless you agreed with what their masters do and say, you are lying.

    You better believe this is just the beginning for how it will all eventually play out…..they have ignored what others said for a long time, ignored warnings…I was given my business on more than one occasion….I will read the book and wait on Act 2…..whichever form it takes….the do-do is coming from more than one front, which means it’s likely to merge and spatter, very soon…lol

    After nearly 3 years, for me, many more for you and others, read David et al warning that something should be done, instead yardfowls were strategically placed to spread propoganda, just look how well that worked out. ….I will just sit back and enjoy the outcome.

    • The sad part is that many of the yardfowls are NOT even significantly compensated ie dem dont really share in de loot/ blendser/ moolah.

  34. Lol……MoneyB, that is because they are retarded, they just want to identify with any cult like organization, follow any idiot and regurgitate all the nonsense….we clearly see them on here contradicting everything, just because they could, with no common sense, intelligence or sense of direction.

    They should be made to dig ditches for bread and water, just look at what is coming down because of them all.

  35. MoneyBrain February 7, 2016 at 3:28 PM #

    The sad part is that many of the yardfowls are NOT even significantly compensated ie dem dont really share in de loot/ blendser/ moolah.

    …. and then again, some are part of the racket, in fact their very survival requires their participation!!

    That’s sad too!!

    • John
      No doubt that many do depend on partaking as racketeers, naturally I was speaking of those that are blind converts to party politics.

  36. @MB and John,

    The problem is, that to get ahead now in BIM, you HAVE to be part of the system, else you get left in the dust.

    THAT is what you are both ignoring, that the problem is endemic. And that is and will be the undoing of BIM.

    How many now do work for politicos unpaid, hoping / knowing that when their ‘lot’ get in, they will receive contracts well in excess of that work.

    Racket indeed.

    And yet some walk around as if they are oh so moral, critical and full of it.

    And then the hangers-on, the so-called ‘experts’ who receive large sums to consult and who are just talking-heads without any real business acumen or serious logical thinking.

    We could go into THAT one in more detail, surely?

    Each day I get more and more disgusted with the state of affairs.

  37. John….if and when you read Nicholls’ book, you will see just how bad situations can get when they are not exposed and nipped in the bud….had Nichollls done so earlier, much earlier, not only would he have minimized 13+ years and counting of misery to himself, but the lawyers named in his book would not have had such a long run and would not now be still so destructive to their clients and other litigants.

    His not exposing them long ago also caused and is still causing untold misery to others as well as to himself……some would call that karma, he is making amends but paid a heavy price in the interim.

    Many people will now have to be very vigilant because not only do these lawyers still have many clients but they are still heavily involved with each other, still “hold papers” for each other and still act as plaintiff and defense attorneys in the same case, while still work7ng closely together against the plaintiffs. The Chief Justice needs to put a stop to this conflict between these known lawyers.

  38. Just finish reading Philip Nicholls book. Great insight into the workings of Barbados Justice System. Many of us over here “in away” have been complaining of the time and money it costs to get anything done down there, especially when it comes to land cases. Please tell me that the CJ will do something to cure this problem. I have been waiting since 1982, still waiting….

  39. I am afraid you will have to wait some more Yvonne.The new CJ is doing a bit of talking and nothing is happening to give you or the country any hope of improvement in the justice system of Barbados.Join the long list M’am.

  40. Condolences to Philip Nicholls also who lost one of his teenaged daughter’s in a traffic accident at St. Lucy on Friday.

    The lost of a young life is the hardest thing that a human being has to bear.

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